By D.virtue

Gabrielle’s eyes narrowed in suspicious as did Nebula’s.

“ You agree with me? Why? Just the other day you were coming on to Lord Xena
like a woman in heat.”

“ Yes, I do agree with you, and yes I would love the attention of My Lord once
again, but I won’t try to pull them apart, but I will be around just in case
I’m needed , or wanted.”

“ I see. Anyway where is the little beauty?” Shatara asked already knowing.

“ She returned to camp, she was tired.” Gabrielle answered still watching the

“ Oh I see, well I guess I shall return to my castle, it has been a long day.”
Shatara said as she turned and headed off , but just before she was to far
along she called over her shoulder, “ Lord Xena sure knows how to drain a
person, I never knew she was such a talker, not that we talked that much, but
then we did have other things on our minds. Bye pirate, Bye little one. “
Shatara then disappeared into the night, leaving Gabrielle and Nebula staring
after her with knitted brows as to her meaning.

Shatara went to Diana’s tent as oppose to returning to her castle. Diana was
asleep already and from what Shatara could tell she was having a dream.

“ Hmmm...I wonder what your dreaming about little beauty? Well let’s see,
maybe I can make it more interesting. Shatara then waved her hands over Diana
as she said a chant and soon she was watching Diana’s dream in Diana’s mind.

“ Consort tonight is the night, are you ready for me?”

“ Xena I....I’m a little nervous about this.”

“ It’s ok, I understand, and I will be as gentle as I can....this time, but I
have to tell you I’m usually not.”

“ Xena....I don’t know?”

“ Come on now Consort, this is not the time to back out, I have waited to long
for this day. I am to worked up to tolerate you denying me.”

“ I’m not, I’m just nervous, that’s all.”

“ That’s ok kitten.”

Shatara then watched Xena first caress and then make love to Diana one way,
and then turning Diana over onto her belly with a few pillows placed under her
hips to lift them up, Shatara watched Xena lay atop of Diana and although
Shatara was surprised that Xena did not put a Phallus on she then realized
that Lord Xena had developed new skills, so she watched as Xena begun to claim

“ Relax Consort, let me in.”

“ Gods! it hurts Xena!”

“ I know but only for a few minutes, once I’m in it’ll ease, and after a bit
you’ll come to relax enough to enjoy it.”

“ OWWWWW!!!!!! GODS!!!!! HAAA!!”

Shatara heard Diana scream as Xena finally begun to slip inside of the woman.
But then....Xena stopped pushing and Shatara was curious as to why, then she
heard Xena.


“ What??!!”

Shatara heard the crying woman ask.

“ A Shield. Just like your other shield Consort.”

“ NO!!! It can’t be, Gods No!!!”

Shatara heard Diana scream. She also saw the desire in Xena’s eyes become a
flame of sheer hunger, and downright want. She knew what Xena was thinking,
it had always been one of Xena’s favorite things, to be the first to claim and
take the gifts of those who either willing gave them to her or those she took.
Shatara thought it was unusual for a woman to have a maidenhead there, but
then again she knew Diana was different.

“ Thank the Gods kitten! I literally get to claim you in more ways than one.”

“ Xena no! I can’t handle this one, not yet PLEASE?”

“Consort, don’t do this to me.”

“ I don’t want to Xena but I know it’s really going to hurt now.”

“Consort don’t deny me, I need and want you, please?”

Shatara saw Diana shivering, and she figured it was from fear, she thought
maybe Diana would not go through with it after all and a smile came to her
mouth. But soon it left, for a while.

“ I’ll do it however you want kitten, fast or slow, just tell me, but don’t
deny me.”

“ I don’t know.”

“ If I do it fast kitten it will hurt for a while afterwards, if I do it slow
it will hurt during, but not as much afterwards.”

Shatara saw Diana bury her head in one of the pillows that was left for her
head, and then she heard Diana say with fear in her voice.

“ You decide.”

Then she buried her head once again. Shatara then swallowed hard herself at
hearing the words, and seeing the utter joy jump into Xena’s eyes.

“ I’ll do it fast for you, you know I usually like to feel everything, but
this I know is hard for you kitten, so I’ll forgo that for now until your
better use to this.”

Shatara then saw Diana’s muscle tense, obviously readying for the pain she new
would follow, but Xena begun to whisper comforting words to her as she
prepared herself and Diana, by laying flat against Diana she was going to use
her body to hold Diana down, as she knew what Diana was about to feel would
surely feel quite painful no matter how gentle she would be. Shatara then saw
Xena tense her own muscles, only it was more like a panther that was about to
strike, then.....just as Xena was about to take Diana, Shatara whispered a
chant and then Xena thrusted smoothly and quickly through Diana’s shield.

Shatara reveled in what followed. Diana screamed so loud she was sure the
nondream world had heard her. Suddenly Shatara was standing back in the tent
in her own self watching! Diana suddenly awoke with a scream in her that did
wake the camp.

“ NO!!!”

Diana sat bold upright in her bed shaking violently at what she had been
dreaming, perspiration dripping from her brow and covering her body so much
that the sleeping gown she was wearing was soaked.

Shatara took the opportunity to leave before Diana realize she was there.
Diana was soon converged on by the Guards outside the tent flaps as well as
Miki, and Gabrielle and Nebula and Eponin and Solari.

“ Your highness what happened are you ok??!!”

Diana couldn’t think straight at the moment she was too shooken up by the
dream, Gabrielle saw that Diana needed to be alone for a moment to collect
herself, so she asked everyone to leave.

“ But Princess, Lord Xena must know if something is going on with Her
highness, she would be very angry if she were not told?” Miki said informing
Gabrielle of the consequences of not telling Lord Xena.

Gabrielle looked at Diana and then at Miki and then at everyone in the room,
and although she did not want Xena to know about this, seeing how it was about
Xena and whatever was going on, she knew she had to be told.

“ Ok, fine tell her, let her know that her highness is stressed about

Just as Gabrielle had finished and Miki was bowing Diana came out of her

“ NO!! Lord Xena is not to know about anything! I’m fine! Now leave me! I want
to talk to Gabrielle and Nebula!”

“ But your highness?” Miki Begun.

“ You have my orders Miki, follow them!” Diana demanded.

“ Yes your Highness.” Miki said bowing low and then turning on her heels and
leaving the tent.

“ Diana that was a bit harsh don’t you think? Especially with what all of us
has been through, and especially her and you.” Gabrielle stated with some
disappointment in her voice.

“ I’ll apologize later, right now I need to ask if your going to be here for a

“ Yes, as long as you want, plus I want to see more of this land.”

“ Good, Nebula, tommorrow, you and I will start the contruction on the
farthest city and work our way inward, Then we can show Gabrielle the Amazon
land we thought would be perfect for a new tribe of Amazons if Gabrielle wants

“ Me? “ Gabrielle asked in stun surprise.

“ Yes you, you are the Amazon princess, therefore with Ephiny’s permission,
you could have new lands for the Amazons to go and grow on.”

“ Yes. “ Gabrielle answered.

“ Good, now I want to go over some things, and then I will turn back in, you
two can go back to bed. By the way Gabrielle, where are you sleeping?”

“ Oh, with Nebula, I thought it might be a little distracting to sleep here,
especially when Our Lord is here.” Gabrielle said with a blush coming to her

“ I understand that, that’s fine, Nebula, watch out for my sister, otherwise
you and I will have a problem.” Diana stated.

“ I will Diana.”

“ Good, well I’ll see you two tomorrow, Good night.”

Gabrielle and Nebula stood for a moment longer looking at each other and then
back at Diana trying to decide whether they should leave without discussing
what was going on with Diana. Finally when Diana insisted and said she was
fine, the two women left.

Diana went over some of the designs and reports and other things for a while,
and then finally when she felt she couldn’t keep her eyes open a moment longer
she crawled back into bed and went to sleep.

The next day Diana kept herself busy with helping with some of the building as
well as supervising. Meals were brought out to the work sites, and water was
available anytime for the workers, Diana was feeling relaxed and in her
element doing the day, and she had completely let the dream she had had last
night fade from her mind.

When the sun had set and the moon was now lighting the night sky one of the
servants went to Diana. She waited for Diana to finish talking with one of the
engineers, and then Diana turned her attention on the servant.

“ Yes Claris? What is it?”

“ Your Highness, Our Lord wishes your company this night.”

Diana’s breath caught for a moment and then she asked....” When?”

“ Now Your Highness, Our Lord seemed a bit agitated, she told me to find you
and send you to her, within the candlemark, otherwise I would be punished.
It’s been just about three quarters of one now Your Highness.” The servant
said informing Diana of the crucialness of the time.

“ I see, I’ll go now Claris, tell Nebula and Princess Gabrielle that I will
return tomorrow, Nebula’s in charge.”

“ Yes Your Highness.”

Diana then turned and as she walked towards a private area where she could use
the traveller, she thought about what awaited her, finally finding the area
was private she stood for a moment just holding the traveller, and looking at
it, then she tossed it out and stepped through.

Diana went up the staircase and to her’s and Xena’s chambers. Opening the door
she stepped inside and then walking to the bedchamber door she stood outside
it for a few minutes. Then she opened it and stepped inside and stood by the
door as she located Xena standing by one of the windows of the room.

“ Diana. Where have you been? I told you we need to keep a scheduled time for
a while until your ready?” Xena scolded gently.

“ I know, I got busy with the project and before I knew it, it was late. I’m

Diana lowered her eyes towards the end of her explanation so as not to let
Xena see the truth. But Xena, knowing Diana all to well, turned and facing
Diana she said in a firm voice.

“ Come here Consort.”

Diana looked back up and chewing her lips she walked over to where Xena stood.
Xena looked into Diana’s eyes, but Diana started to lower them, only to have
her chin caught and raised back up so that their eyes met once again.

“ Your having second thoughts aren’t you?” Xena asked pointedly.

“ No.” Diana lied.

Xena lifted Diana’s chin up further as a scowl came to her face.

“ Why are you LYING to me CONSORT?!”

“ I’m not Xena.” Diana argued back, while trying to free her chin so that Xena
would not see what was really going on.

“ You are! I don’t appreciate being lied to Consort you know that! You have
never lied to me before, why are you now? Is what I’m asking so much? Is it
that you have no desire to get to know me after all? Is that what this is
about Consort?” Xena said accusingly and for a purpose.

“ No! That’s not it, Of course I want to get to know you, everything about
you, I admit I thought I did already, but now that I see I don’t, I want to
know the woman I am bonded with for life. It’s just this is so new for me, and
it makes me nervous.”

“ Nervous or scared?” Xena challenged.

Diana looked away, only to have Xena shake her head so that she looked back .
Diana again chewed her lip and then answered.

“ Both I guess.”

Xena took a deep calming breath and then she let go of Diana’s chin.

“ Go on back Diana, I’ll talk to you later.” Xena said as she turned away from
Diana to look back out the window.

Diana once again felt the wall trying to go up, at least that’s the way Xena
wanted her to feel, but she didn’t know she was being manipulated, all she
knew was Xena wanted and needed her and she was denying her mate.

“ Xena? Love? I want to stay with you, please don’t send me away?”

Xena cut her eyes to look at Diana and with a stoic expression, she stated

“ Consort, if you stay it will mean that you are willing and ready to see this
through, you will come here every night at the setting of the sun, this is
where you will stay until the next morning, I won’t hear anymore about you not
wanting to do this, I’m giving you the chance to backout now, I won’t tolerate
it later AT ALL, if I get the slightest HINT that your thinking about backing
out after this, I’m not going to be very ....NICE. Do you understand me?”

“ Yes.” Diana said simply.

“ Are you sure? Because I’m telling you now, stay and I will expect you every
night....ON TIME, if your late one time, I will come and get you, and it will
be a little painful for you to sit down for a while, and I will still have
you. So be sure Consort for this is the last chance you have to not go any
further with me.”

“ May I ask you a question Xena?” Diana said as she moved her hair from her

“ What?”

“ If I decided not to do all of this after all....what would you do?”

“ What are you asking me Diana?”

“ I’m asking whether you woud turn to someone else.”

“ Your asking me if I will turn to Shatara.” Xena elaborated.

Diana lowered her eyes once again against the penetrating glare Xena was now
rendering on her.

“ No. I wouldn’t, I told you that I would not bed another person for my own
purposes, although I don’t know what will happen as a result of that need
going unfulfilled, I guess I will have to find otherways to ease my need,
battle usually did it for me in the past, until afterwards and then it was
greater than ever. But it doesn’t matter whatever happens I will take care of
what I have too.” Xena said injecting a lot of guilt at Diana.

Diana stood looking as guilty as if she really did have a reason.But then she
turned and headed for the door without saying anything. Xena saw her direction
and she put a scrowl on her face once again and turned back around to look out
the window with her arms crossed over her chest in anger.

Diana made it to the door and closed it. Xena thought she had left through it
so after a few minutes of cursing to herself she whirled around and stopped in
her tracks staring in stunned surprise at what she saw.

Diana had only closed the door and then had stripped out of her clothes and
was standing with her arms clasped behind her back. She had a small smile on
her face. Xena’s brows knitted for a moment.

“ Xena I am here for you, forgive me, I shouldn’t be acting like this, it’s
not like me to be afraid of things, no matter what.” Diana said as she begun
walking towards the bed.

Xena tracked Diana’s movements as she herself moved towards the bed. Diana
stopped at the bed and turned to face Xena as Xena came to stand in front of
her. Diana saw the tenderness in Xena’s eyes, and the love and she kept her
hands behind her until Xena took her in her arms, and getting close to her
lips, Xena whispered.

“ I love you so much Diana, I was so worried.” Xena confessed.

“ I know, but I am here for you...always.”

“ I believe you kitten.” Xena said without doubt for the first time.

She then pulled Diana into her and kissed Diana first with gentleness and
tenderness, and soon it turned to one of passion. Diana had now wrapped her
arms around Xena’s neck and was ardenly kissing Xena with just as much
passion. Xena then lowered them to the bed as she crawled over top of Diana.

Diana now laid back on the bed and Xena laid on top of her as she caressed
Diana’s body with her hands, and Diana caressed Xena’s back and shoulders.

“ I thought you left kitten.” Xena whispered as she begun to make love to
Diana’s body.

“ I know love, but I will be here for you.” Diana said huskily.

“ Mmmm.....I love you soooo...much......kitten.”
Xena moaned as she went between kissing Diana’s sweet lips to telling Diana
how much she loved her.

Xena ran her hands between hers and Diana’s body as she slid down to the soft
downy hairs of Diana’s flower, once there, Xena reveled in the readiness she
found, and with a husky voice of her own she said, “ just turn me
on to no end Consort, I just want to take you again and again and
again....GODS YOUR so damn luscious!”

Diana shivered at Xena’s exclamation, and Xena slid her revelling fingers into
Diana’s flower where she slowly built up a sensual rhythm, that had Diana
moaning in ecstasy and Diana then slid her hand between the two of them and
she then into Xena’s Jewel and built up to the same rhythm as Xena was doing
within her.

Xena gasped at the entrance, but then she begun a more vigorous pace which
soon brought them to the brink and then they soon fell over into their
ecstasy. While Diana was trying to catch her breath, Xena rolled off of Diana
and then after positioning some pillows she gently rolled Diana over onto her
belly where she then begun to caress along Diana’s back and down her spine.

Diana shivered at the touches as Xena continued to caress Diana until she was
once again kneading on Diana’s behind. Xena rolled over on top of Diana once
again and this time she kissed Diana’s ears and neck and shoulders, as she
slid one of her hands down between them once again, this time she used one of
her fingers that had been the object of Diana’s ecstasy, to now enter into
Diana’s virginal gate.

Diana tensed at the initial contact of pressure against her, and once again
Xena whispered words of encouragement into Diana’s ear, as she nipped at
Diana’s lobe and neck and other areas, trying to get Diana to relax.

“ Let me in Consort, think about us, think how wonderful it will be to know my
love completely, and I do love you kitten.” Xena purred.

Diana let her heart listen to Xena’s words, and she begun to relax, after a
few more moments Xena’s strong finger begun to slip through the giving gate,
and Diana’s breathing begun to become quite rapid, but Xena soothe her and
told her to breath the way she had told her once before. Diana did what Xena
told her and then burying her head in a pillow once again to contain the
scream that was threating, she let it out into the pillow when Xena’s strong
digit finally slip into her.

Xena shuddered once again at her entrance, and once again she released.
Xena saw the trembling Diana’s body was doing as a result of the discomfort,
and she whispered to Diana as she then flexed her finger and saw Diana tense
once again and she heard her shreiking into the pillow.

“ It’s ok Consort, I know it’s very uncomfortable, but this has to be done,
otherwise it will really hurt , and then there is the possibility of injury,
although you would heal, I still don’t want to subject you to that.” Xena
spoke tenderly to Diana, as she explained what she was doing within Diana.

Xena then flexed her finger once again, and again Diana tried to move her body
away subconsciously, as she continued to scream into the pillow. Xena
continued to flex and unflex her finger for a while and Diana continued to use
the pillow to muffle her cries.

Finally after a few candlemarks of working on Diana, Xena finally removed
herself from just within the gate of Diana’s virginal orifice. Once she had
Diana let out a gasp at the removal and Xena rolled off of Diana, and Diana
rolled over onto her side and once again she curled into a ball. Xena curled
around Diana’s body and held her as Diana wept. Once again Xena hummed a song
to Diana, soon Diana quieted and slipped into Morpheus’s arms.

When Xena was sure Diana was asleep, she eased out of the bed and as she went
into the sitting room she ran her finger under her nose and the scent of
flowers assailed Xena’s senses.

“ Hmmm.... kitten you are just so amazing.” Xena praised as she closed the
door to the bedchamber and scanning the room she headed for the other balcony,
once there she found Shatara waiting for her.

“ What are you doing here Shatara?” Xena questioned with a raise of her brow.

“ I wanted to see you again My Lord.”

“ Why?”

“ Because...”

“ Because is not an answer Shatara, why did you want to see me?” Xena asked

“ I thought maybe your little beauty would back out and I would see a bit of
My Lord and all of her magnificient temper.” Shatara stated candidly.

“ Hmm... I knew there was a reason for your coming here. What makes you think
I still have such a temper?”

“ I can’t imagine you don’t My Lord, at least not from what I use to
experience from you, and I’ve seen the punishment you handed out. I remember
those who died by your sword without you sparing a second thought of them when
they displeased you, I also remember, that very sword at my own throat and
the things I had to do to convince you not to strike me down. I literally
shiver at the memory. But I thrill at what you made me were pure
and raw then. By Ares you were power.” Shatara spouted proudly.

Xena let a knowing smirk cross her face as she looked at Shatara out the
corner of her eyes.

“ And now you think I’ve changed?”

“ No, I think your more in control of your temper now, as well as your
emotions.But I still see that fire in your eyes, especially when your little
beauty doesn’t do something you’ve told her to do. I saw how you handled her
when she was beginning to doubt again, classic, you made her feel guilty, and
then you waited for that to sink in and when she came back you told her in no
uncertain terms what would happen to her if she dared to back out later.”

“ So.”

“ So you know as well as I do My Lord that she was still going to go through
with this because of what the alternative is. She doesn’t want to deal with an
angry mate who happens to be You My Lord. “

“ Who would?”

“ have a point, But do you think she will honestly go through with
this when it counts? “

“ What do you think Shatara?” Xena asked turning the question back around.

“ Ah....not this time My Lord, I think I will plead ignorance to that
question, which I have to admit I really don’t know, so far your little beauty
has surprised me a couple of times, so I’m not sure what the answer is to
that.” Shatara explained trying to appease Xena.

“ Uh-huh? Ok I’ll let it go for now Shatara. But now I think it’s time for you
to go before Diana wakes up and misses me.”

“ As you wish, but I will be around if you need me?”

“ I’m sure you will. Now go.” Xena ordered as she turned and went back into
the chamber and went back to her bedchamber.

Shatara left out the door she had entered, and Xena got back in bed and curled

back around Diana and pulled her close to her body and Diana moaned at being
moved, but Xena smiled and held her until she stopped her struggling, if
that’s what you would call it.

The next morning Xena had awaken and dressed and was out taking care of some
of her duties as a Ruler, When Diana awoke she moved slowly, but she made it
up and out of the chamber, although when she meant up with Xena later that
morning she was not all that anxious to sit.

“ Morning Consort, how are you feeling?” Xena asked as she handed a scroll of
orders to the soldier, who bowed and then left the chamber.

“ Hmm...take a guess.” Diana said dubiously.

“ uncomfortable I would say?”

“ You’d say correctly, although I would use another word.” Diana eased down
onto the sofa that was in the chamber and rather than sit up she stretched her
legs out on it to prevent having most of her weight squarely on her
uncomfortable backside. Xena smirked and then said,” come here kitten.”

“ No Xena, I just got semi -comfortable. “ Diana complain.

“ I know, but I want you to come over here and sit, I want to hold you
kitten.” Xena explained.

“ Well then come over here, that way we both get what we want and I still stay
comfortable. Besides, you should cater to me, I’m the one who’s sore?” Diana
said reminding Xena.

“ my little kitten telling me she’s helpless to her pain?” Xena

“ Oh...ok, your going to tease me, well thanks a lot Xena!” Diana said
offended as she turned away from Xena.

Xena swallowed and then holding in a sigh, she stood up and walked over to the
pouting young woman.

“ I’m sorry kitten.” Xena told Diana while she stood looking down at her.

Diana didn’t answer but turned further over onto her side. Xena then sat down
on the edge of the wide couch and placing her hand on Diana’s arm she started
to apologize, until Diana snatched her arm away and suddenly sat up and then
stood up and said in a biting tone.

“ I have to get back! We’re almost done and I want to make sure nothing goes
wrong, so if you don’t mind My Lord, I’ll see you later?”

“ I do mind, what is this attitude of yours about, I was just teasing you?”

“ Well maybe I don’t feel like being teased Xena, have you thought about that?
I am quite uncomfortable, and yet all I get from you is teasing, well I don’t
appreciate it and I won’t put up with it! “ Diana scolded.

“ Are you through?” Xena said trying to be patient with the frustrated young

“ No! One more thing....I want that bitch to stay away from you, I won’t have
some woman in heat waiting around for you to decide to bed her. I am the only
woman you will bed, and if I have to make that point another way Xena...I
will. I won’t go through all of this only to have her get what she wants from
you!” Diana said resentfully.

“ Calm down.” Xena said casually.

“ Don’t tell me to calm down! I won’t you to understand what I am telling

Xena then stood and stormed over towards Diana, who then backed up a step or
two before she was against the table. Xena came to tower over her as she
averted her eyes from Xena’s now flashing ones. As she held the edge of the
table with her hands, slightly trembling by the drawn out silence and the
intense gaze Xena was rendering on her for her outburst.

After a few more long moments Xena brought her hand up to Diana’s chin and
lifted it up with a jerk so that Diana was now looking her in the eyes.

“ For one thing Consort, I don’t control where Shatara what’s to go, she is
NOT my Consort, for two, I’ve told you about swearing, for three, I’m not in
any dilemna about bedding Shatara, I’ve already told you and her that, and it
is the last time I expect to hear that. Four, if you ever raise your voice to
me again little girl I will hurt you, I am not someone you can speak anyway
you choose to, you will give me that respect or I wll take it , one way or the
other. Five, I was only teasing the woman I loved because I thought it would
help you to relax, I’m sorry if it was poor timing, I won’t tease you again,
and six, you will go through this, because it’s what I expect from you and
because you have given ME, Your Bonded Mate Your Word. Do I make myself

Diana tried to hold back the tears and the emotions she was feeling and when
she couldn’t she lowered her eyes. Xena let go of her chin and Diana leaned
into Xena and buried her head in Xena’s arms as they folded around her.

Xena held the sobbing woman whom she knew was just feeling very emotional
about the course they were on, Xena realized it was fear that made Diana react
the way she was, not fear of losing her to another person, but fear that she
would not be able to meet Xena’s expectations when the time came.

“ I’m sorry Xena, I....I don’t know why I’m so emotional lately.” Diana
whimpered into Xena’s skin.

“’s ok, I do.” Xena whispered.

Diana wrapped her arms around Xena’s waist and let the anxiety melt from her.
After a few minutes Diana quieted and then said in a lighter tone of voice.

“ Xena I don’t really mind you teasing me, I know your just trying to help.”
Lifting her head from Xena’s chest to look into Xena’s eyes.

Xena smiled and then kissed Diana’s forehead and whispered in a gentle tone.

“ I’m happy to hear that kitten, because I really do like teasing you, your
just so cute when you blush.”

“ would say that.” Diana said as she leaned back against the table
away from Xena.

Xena stood for a few minutes more and just studied Diana.

“ Are you ok now?”

“ Yes, I feel like my emotions are all running rampant, I don’t really know

“ It’s because you have a lot of things going on, your developing that new
land, your trying to meet my needs, in discovering another part of myself, and
you have Shatara not making that easy. It’s a lot to deal with kitten, your
use to focusing on one major task at a time, your use to delegating others or
having your sisters and the other Chosen handle other major task, but now your
trying to handle all of it yourself. I know I haven’t helped by adding my
needs to your load, but the way I see it kitten is I come first and then
everything else, including your project, do you agree with that?”

Diana lowered her eyes for a moment to think about her answer and then she
looked back up into Xena’s eyes and answered, “ Yes, you are my priority as I
am yours.”

“ Good answer kitten.” Xena teased and then pulled Diana up to her and kissed

“ Hmmm....I do love your kisses Xena.” Diana purred as she then pushed Xena
back with her hand.

“ What are you doing?” Xena asked as she took a few steps back to maintain her

Diana didn’t say anything she just pushed Xena again and once again Xena took
a few steps back.

“ D.i.a.n.a..” Xena said rolling her name as she warned Diana.

Diana cocked her head and pushed Xena again, this time a little harder to
where Xena took more than a few steps to maintain her balance, and Diana took
advantage she launched herself at Xena and came down on Xena as they landed on
the rug covered area of the floor back by the sofa.

“ D.I.A.N.A.??!! URGHH!” Xena howled as she caught Diana and they flew to the

Diana begun to strip Xena of her leathers rapidly and efficiently. Once she
had she begun to ravish Xena.

“ AHHH! Consort?!” Xena shouted as Diana then claimed her mouth with a
passionate , heat seeking kiss, that left Xena speechless. Diana blazed a
trail. She sucked on Xena’s neck , and when Xena tried to touch Diana, her
hands were knocked away, as Xena continued to try to touch her consort, Diana
continued to swat her hands away.

Finally Diana bit into Xena’s neck and Xena’s hands flew to the ground and dug
into the rug covered floor. Diana then let her hand slide down Xena’s tight
abdomen, and into her downy hairs, where she found Xena to be a ready and
willing lover.

“ C.O.N.S.O.R.T....???” Xena moaned as her control was fading.

Diana bit further into Xena’s neck and once again Xena went silent as her grip
of the rug was so tight that her knuckles were blanching. Diana caressed over
Xena’s peak and then she rubbed it firmly, and Xena’s hips were moving and
her body was trembling from the intense sensation that was pounding through
her, she had only felt the sensation after battle.

“ Y..O..U...D.O.N.’T...K.N.O.W...W.H.A.T...Y.O.U.R...D.O.I.N.G..” Xena managed
to say through her ragged breathing.

Diana then slid her fingers into Xena’s Jewel and took her with all the
passion she was feeling, and all the emotions she was experiencing. Xena’s
body was Diana’s prisoner and Diana was the Guard, with four fingers deep
inside Xena, Diana sent a thought to Xena.

“ I don’t want to wait Xena, I want to see who this other Xena is and I refuse
to wait any longer, your right, I have so many things going on and I plan on
taking care of one of them RIGHT NOW, and you love.... are MY PRIORITY! So to
tell me I don’t know what I am doing, well I think I do, I’m sure I’m on the
right track right now, I’ve seen glimpses when you were in battlelust, so
let’s go Conqueror, show me, show me who you are, TRUST ME, as I trust you

Diana then stopped her thrusting into Xena’s jewel as she waited for Xena to
answer her quest. Xena laid with her heart pounding out of her chest and tears
rolling down her cheeks.

“ I love you kitten.” Xena said through a tight throat.

“ I love you too... So is that a yes?” Diana thought at Xena.”

Her own heart beating wildly.

“ Yes.” Xena said through clenched teeth.

Diana’s breathing became rapid once again and then she applied more pressure
on Xena’s neck and Xena’s eyes lit and Diana’s own eyes lit as well to match
her love’s.

Diana resumed her lusty thrusting into Xena’s jewel and allowed her own body
to feel the emotions that Xena was feeling. Xena once again tried to touch
Diana, but again Diana refused her and Xena struggled to get control of the
situation, but Diana was maintaining the control and Xena was rapidly reaching
her peak, Xena decided to settle for what she could get and that was using one
of her hands she grabbed a handful of Diana’s hair and begun to try and lift
Diana off of her neck so that she could get her’s, but Diana only bit more and
Xena’s body was trembling continuiously as she felt herself sliding over into
her Darkside.

Just as Xena peaked and howled her ecstasy, Diana sucked on Xena’s neck and
Xena shook to her core at the sensation, and the meaning behind it. Diana
released in empathy to Xena’s intense release, and then she suddenly let go of
Xena’s neck!

“ G.O.D.S!!!!” Xena shouted as she threw Diana off of her. Diana curled and
rolled but just as she was about to come to her feet Xena was flying at her
with a wild look in her eyes.

“ X.E.N.A??!!!” Diana screamed just as she was taken up into the air and they
both landed on the table.

Xena was now atop Diana and looking at her with a hunger Diana didn’t remember
ever seeing.

“ You wanted to see, well let me show you Consort, I hope you don’t change
your mind, because it won’t stop me, I’ll have you this day, I will claim you
as I did before.”

Xena then went to her knees and in once motion she flipped Diana over onto her
stomach and ripped her clothes off of her. Diana was now trembling as Xena
was, both for different yet the same reasons.

Xena jumped off of the table and pulled Diana by her feet to the edge of the
table. Diana however didn’t want to be on the edge as she knew what Xena had
planned , but by struggling against Xena it only made Xena more determined,
she grabbed Diana by the back of her thighs and with the strength of her
fingers she let them dig into the muscle just at the juncture of Diana’s
behind and thigh.

Diana yelped at the pain and strangely enough a stimulation that sent shivers
up her spine. Diana shook from the sensation. Xena trembled at what she saw
and she gave Diana a final yank and Diana was on the edge of the table with
Xena laying over her . Xena now begun biting and sucking on Diana’s soft
neck . Diana was delirious from all of the ravishing Xena was putting on her.

Xena slid her hand down between her body and Diana’s and she entered into
Diana’s flower with one swift smooth stroke and Diana gasped, and then panted
as Xena begun to thrust into her with her long strong fingers, Xena was racing
Diana to the top and just as Diana was about to arrive. Xena removed her
fingers as quickly as she had inserted them and ignoring Diana’s whimpering
and pleads Xena placed one finger against her gate once again and this time
she pushed without the soothing words, she ignored Diana’s groans, and pleads,
she continued to push until she slipped inside and Diana caught her scream
with her fist as Xena pumped and flexed her finger within Diana.

Diana continued to scream onto her fist, then Xena slipped another finger
through the gate and Diana now bit on her fist to contain the multiple
emotions she was feeling. Xena continued to slip fingers in and Diana was
shaking almost uncontrollably as Xena pumped into her just inside the gate.

Then Xena removed her fingers and forming a phallus she dipped into Diana’s
flower and thrusted with unchained passion into her, once again Diana was on
the fast track, but again Xena would deny her the release she sought.

Diana whimpered and Xena laid a swat to her behind! Diana yelped, and tears
were forming to fall, but Xena finally spoke in a low creamy voice.

“ Don’t let them fall Consort, otherwise I’ll make this more painful than it
already will be.”

Diana gripped the edge of the table as she tried to still her emotions, but
Xena was not allowing her to still them, she wanted Diana out of control.
After hearing Xena’s proclamation that it was going to be painful Diana
renewed her efforts to get loose, she wanted it to take place somewhere else,
but she didn’t know whether Xena would allow her to get there, and she didn’t
even know if she wanted to get there at the moment, she was on fire, while at
the same time scared, and Xena sensed it all and fed on it.

Diana pushed against the table trying to lift her body up off of the surface,
and Xena used her hand to push her back down upon it.

“ Stay there.” Xena growled at Diana. Diana stiffened from the tone, and then
when Xena caressed her along her back the shiver followed.

“ I’m going to thoroughly enjoy claiming you once again but this time Consort,
I’ll be the first and only one to take this untapped land. OOOO....just the
thought excites me.” Xena huskily whispered.

Diana shuddered and then she knew for sure she didn’t want it to happen in the
chamber where they were. So she waited until Xena started to lay back down on
her and suddenly she brought her elbow up and connected to Xena’s chest, just
enough to cause Xena to stumble backwards!

Diana came off of the table and grabbing Xena’s breast Dagger up off of the
floor she raced out the door, Xena recovered quickly enough and she raced
after the streaking woman. Diana made it to the staircase, but rather than
taking the stairs the way she had before, only to have Xena cut her off, Diana
flipped up so she was high on the staircase. Diana ignored the pain in her
backside, and just kept going.

She landed just as Xena came around the corner in time to see her flip up.
Xena stood watching Diana as Diana watched her. Xena’s eyes were a dark
Sapphire, and Diana didn’t recognize the gaze, but she did see the love also
dancing in them.

Diana then saw Xena’s eyes change and she recognized it for what it was, but
just as Diana recognized it, Xena Moved!

“ Ayiyiyiyiyiyiyi!!”

Diana was startled by the warcry as she had always been, one would have
thought she was use to it by now, but as it went she wasn’t. Just as Xena was
landing in front of Diana, the startled woman snapped out of the shock in time
to move!

Diana shot around the landing woman and flew towards their chamber, her hair
flying wildly behind her, servants and guards and soldiers alike dove out of
the way of the two women.

Just as Diana was coming around the final corner that would take them to their
chamber she called ahead.


The Sentry opened the door just as Diana flew through and Xena flew in after
her. Neither woman stopped until they were in the bedchamber and while Diana
was nearly spent from the excessive adrenalin that was pumping through her ,
Xena stood watching and studying the young woman.

Both women licked their lips, but it was all Xena needed to get her moving,
she stalked towards Diana as Diana backpedalled towards the bed. She stopped
just as her thighs touched it.

Diana held her hands up to tell Xena to calm down, but Xena simply shook her
head and continued to stalk forward. Diana’s breathing was rapid and becoming
ragged as Xena’s own breathing was ragged.

“ Get on the bed Consort.” Xena ordered narrowing her eyes.

Diana trembled by the order, but she crawled up on the bed backwards as Xena
tracked her. Diana backed up on the bed on her knees, as she watched Xena.
Despite her fear, she was turned on like she had never been before.

“ Gods she beautiful!” Diana thought to herself.

Xena’s hair was as wild looking as Diana’s, and with the feralled look on her
face she looked downright deadly. Diana shivered by the look and sat back on
her heels and stared in awe at the approaching woman.

Xena shook her head again, but this time she used her fingers and motioning in
a circular pattern she told Diana her intentions. Diana reached for a pillow,
and was about to put it on the bed where Xena had placed them before, but then
she threw it at Xena and once again she started to move.

But....this time Xena was ready for it, and her, and so she ducked the pillow
and grabbed Diana by her feet. Diana tried to kick out but Xena was now in the
haze of her passion and her grip was like a vice on Diana’s ankles, so much so
that Diana yelped at the pain.

“ Let go! “ Diana ordered.

Xena simply looked over her brows and with one yank she had not only brought
Diana to her, but also flipped her over onto her belly, and was holding the
struggling woman down without much effort.

Xena was pleased at the height of the bed, she was able to stand up and have
the bed come up to her waist, as a matter of fact all of the furtinure was
made for Xena’s height and specifically built to her specifications.

Xena leaned over Diana and once again forming the phallus, she thrusted it
into Diana’s flower and set a deep rapid rhythm, that had Diana pushing back
against her for even deeper penetration.

“ Ahhh...haaa...hahaa....haa...haa....haa...haaa.....” Diana panted as Xena
thrusted into her again and again.

Xena moaned and then when she felt Diana’s core quiver against the tip of the
phallus, she pulled out and Diana groaned and whimpered at the painful lost,
considering she was on the edge.

Xena had one thing on her mind and that was claiming Diana. She put the flesh
phallus against Diana’s gate, and Diana went still as a board. Xena smirked. A
carnal gleam was dressing her expression.

Xena pushed against her, and Diana tried to move away. Xena wrapped one of her
arms around Diana’s waist and held her in place. She then pushed again, and
slowly but steadily she begun to make the muscles give to her will.

Diana in the meantime was screaming to the heavens and she begged and pleaded
for Xena to stop, but Xena was to far, and even though Diana was begging her
to give her a moment, she didn’t really want Xena to stop, she wanted to get
the initial deflowering over again.

Xena was panting and moaning and behaving as if she were drugged by the Jobind
juice. She held Diana against her as she continued to force the gate to bow to
her will.

Finally.....when Xena slipped through the first part of the tight muscle, she
was just entering through the final when she touched it. Her brows knitting
for a moment and Diana went still also.

“ What is that?” Xena said huskily, as she pushed against it once again, and
seeing Diana jerk at the contact, it dawn on both of them at the same time.
And both exclaimed at the sametime for Different reasons.


“ GODS NO!! “
Diana then renewed her efforts at getting free of Xena’s now vice grip, even
though Diana had had a dream about this very thing, she thought it was just
that, because she was never told about having a Maidhead there, so let the
dream go. But Now here it was as real as her other Maidenhead.

“ No. Consort, I’m not letting you go. I told you, I’m going to make my claim
on you once again...Gods You just excite me to my very core, you constantly
amaze me....MMMMMm....” Xena shudder as she rolled her head provocatively.

“ Please Xena? Please I had no Idea, I’m not ready for this, I need time to
adjust to this...Please?!”

“ just relax Consort, the worst part is almost over with.” Xena growled at the
struggling woman.

Xena then laid on top of Diana’s back and she slowly begun to push against her
once again, this time she was pushing on another shield. Diana tried to use
her hands to push Xena back, but instead Xena grabbed them in her hand and
stretched them out above her head.

“ I know Consort, but this is too much for me to back off.”

Xena felt the shield start to give way to her, and she shivered in
anticipation. A scream came from Diana’s very soul once again, and despite her
trying to move her hips away Xena held her firmly against her body.

Diana’s nails dug into Xena’s hand as Xena continued to enter her virginal
Shaking and trembling, with perspiration pouring from both of their brows due
to all of the hormonal and excessive adrenalin racing through them, as well as
fear and pain on Diana’s side of things. They shook in unison.

Diana gritted her teeth between her earth shattering screams. People outside
the palace as well as those within, were sure Xena was torturing the young
woman for some misdeed and they fully expected Xena to call for the healer

Suddenly as Xena was pushing, the shield gave way and Xena slid in. Diana
couldn’t scream now. All of the power within her and all of the emotional
things that were happening all at the same time, as well as the acute and
intense pain all culmilated into one large knot, that froze the scream in her

All she could do was shake violently as Xena shook with ecstasy . She then
begun to pump into Diana’s newly unlocked gate with such lustiness that Xena
was making soulful type sounds that were coming from her very core.

Xena laid flat against Diana and holding her hips close to her after letting
go of Diana’s wrist ,she kissed Diana on her neck and ears. She then slid her
hands down to Diana’s flower, once there she slipped it into her and made them
form into another Phallus.

Diana was quickly brought to delirum as a result of the sensations of being
filled in such ways. Diana’s passion despite the pain was now cresting because
of it and the twin fillings and in the feeling. She moved her hips against
Xena’s and Xena let a loving smile cross her face. She let go of Diana’s hips
and waited to see if Diana was going to try and get loose, when Xena heard
Diana’s moans of pleasure she realized she had no intentions and was actually
enjoying it as much as she was.

Xena brought her now free hand up to Diana’s hair and she grabbed a handful
once again and turning Diana’s head to her she claimed Diana’s lips in a
heated show of her passion. When Xena finally broke the kiss Diana fell to the
bed gasping for air, as Xena continued to take them to the top of the

After a bit, both Diana and Xena jumped over into the mouth of bliss, they
floated in it for hours on end,and whenever they would come around, Xena
would start in again, she took Diana many, many times throughout the night.,
and finally their bodies showing their effort, perspiration drenched the both
of them. Finally after candlemarks, and multiple orgasms, the two women
collapse,with Xena still buried deep inside of the trembling young woman.

Three days went by , until finally Xena came around. She looked at the still
unconscious woman underneath her and a shiver ran up her spine at the

“ Ahh...Kitten thank you, thank you, thank you...I love you so much. Xena
purred into the unconscious woman’s ear.

Xena kissed Diana’s ear and cheek and then she slowly removed herself from
within Diana. Diana groaned in her deep sleep. Xena kissed her again and with
shakey and weaken legs Xena used her arms to pull herself onto the bed
completely, and then she reached over and using that same strength she lifted
Diana onto the bed and laid her down so that she was on her belly.

Xena then called for one of the servants and when she came into the room she
was told what Xena wanted.

The servant returned within a few minutes with everything Xena had told her to
bring, including the liquid that would return her strength. The servant was
dismissed and Xena placed a drop of the liquid on her tongue, and after a few
minutes she could feel her strength returning. She tested her legs and when
she found them to be working she then lifted Diana up once more and took her
to the bath, once there she begun to clean her and Diana up.

She cleaned herself first and then she begun to clean Diana. Xena washed Diana
up with the gentlest of touch, as if Diana was the most precious and fragile
jewel in the world, and to Xena..... she was.

After Xena had Cleaned Diana from head to toe, and dried and oiled Diana, she
then carried Diana back into the bed chamber and after having the servant put
fresh linen on the bed she laid Diana down once again and rolled her to her

Xena knew that Diana would be uncomfortable for a bit, she just wasn’t sure
how long, considering Diana’s body’s make up, and how fast she healed from
injury. So Xena stayed around the chamber and worked from there as she waited
for Diana to awake. Finally after two more days Diana aroused.

She groaned at any movement her legs or hips or body in general made. Xena
moved to the bed and sitting down she begun to caress Diana’s hair, as she
helped Diana to refocus on her surroundings.

“ Mmm...Xena?” Diana called in a strained whisper of a voice.

“ Yes kitten, don’t move around right now, you need to rest for a few days.”

“ What happened? My throat really hurts?” Diana asked trying to remember, but
finding things were still quite blurry to her.

“ You don’t remember?” Xena asked in wonder.

“ I know.....something, but right now I just can’t think clearly.” Diana
explained as she continued to try and remember.

Finally after a while Diana started to remember and as she did she realized
why she was so sore.

“ Wow I can’t believe I actually went through with it?” Diana said amazed at

“ Yes you did, but you not only went through with it, you started it, I just
finished it Consort. Xena stated matter-of-factly.

“ I started it?” Diana asked stunned.

“ Yes, you attacked me, you tore my clothes off of me and then you tackled me,
you did this.”

Xena said showing the fiercely blushing young woman the mark she left on her

“ I...I did that? For Zeus sake I must have been out of my mind.”

“ No, actually you were well within, you told me that you were going to
eliminate one of the stressors from you shoulders by taking care of one of
them now, and since I am your priority you decided you woud pull my other side
out, and that’s what you did. I was quite...well let’s just say, I was the one
who was having a hard time focusing. You also did this.” Xena then showed
Diana the mark to her chest where Diana had elbowed her.

“ Gods Xena! I’m sorry, I’m glad you will heal, otherwise I would feel bad
that I left such marks on you. By the way, why did I do that?”

“ Because you wanted to get here so that My Claiming of you could and would
take place in our chamber. I will tell you I was completely caught off guard
by your behavior, I had planned on taking you in the other palace.”

“ Hmmm...I thought about that, but then I thought it was best to learn about
you here, that way we go there knowing one another. The way two people are
suppose to know. By the there anything else I need to know?”

“Yes, but they can wait....for now. I still have control over them.”

“ What? What are they Xena? I don’t think I can take anymore surprises like

“ we’ll learn one another as we go kitten.”

“ But Xena?”

“ Enough, right now let’s just deal with this part of me.” Xena said ending
the conversation.

“ How do you feel?”

“ Like I’ve been split down the middle.” Diana stated honestly.

“ hahaha....well that’ll pass soon enough, and then you’ll find yourself
enjoying it as much as I do.”

“ Hm....if you say so.” Diana said as she laid her head on the pillow.

Xena smiled and then told Diana again her feelings.

“ Diana, you will never fully know just how much I love you, you have taken
another step with me in my never ending journey, first by coming to me on your
own, then giving up your life there to come back here with me, then bonding
with me, and now this, I am so deeply touched...” Xena ended her confession
sooner than she had meant to due to the emormous lump that was forming in her

“ Well love, I actually had no choice but to come to you back then....if I
hadn’t, you would have dogged my steps everyday, for only the Gods know how
long, and as far as coming back here with you from my time, there really
wasn’t any choice to be made, if I stayed I would have my sisters, but no one
else, all of My ex-chosen, were now just that, I needed you as much as you
needed me. The bonding, could I refuse such a wonderful offer,
especially after that.... dance, I probably would have said yes to you if you
had asked me to bed Ares at that point...hahaha...And as far as this is
concerned ...well again I didn’t have any choice. Either I want to know you ,
or I don’t, and I choose to know the person whom I’m to spend the rest of my
life with.” Diana said breaking it down for Xena just so she would understand
how and why things happened.

“ So....are you saying that my threats or the thought of my threats were what
brought us to this point?” Xena asked with curiosity.

“ No....what I’m saying is that we both had our reasons for doing what we did,
but when all is said and done it all comes down to three simple words.....I
LOVE YOU. those words hold all that I am in them, when I look in your eyes I
see the return sentiment, I discovered also that I am the only person who can
hurt you, not that I like when it happens, but I honestly believe there has
been no other person in your life that has been able to touch you so deeply as
to be able to cause hurt to show in those radiate eyes. NOT EVEN Shatara.”

“ Your right kitten, we both had our reasons, but it does come down to those
three the one that describes our relationship.”

“ What’s that?” Diana asked knitting her brows in wonder.

“ CONTROL, I control you my sweet little nourishment.” Xena’s eyes lighting up
at her statement.

Diana pinched her lips together, and then she said with a pouting tone. “ You
had to go there didn’t you?”

“ Yes. Just wanted to make sure we’re clear about who’s who.” Xena said with a

“ Well I guess we”

Xena then bent down and kissed Diana as she laid herself on her back she then
pulled Diana over to her and Diana laid on her side resting her head on Xena’s
shoulder. Xena then hummed another song and this time Diana hummed it with

Meanwhile, back on the new land, Shatara had seen the whole encounter and when
Xena claimed Diana, Diana was not the only person to scream, Shatara screamed
to the skies in anger.

“ YOU BITCH!!! I can’t believe you did it! Once again you have surprised me by
not doing what I expected you too. I will have Xena, even if I have to destroy
you, or her. She belongs to me, DAMNIT! You weren’t suppose to do it! I
thought the spell I had put on you would have surely caused you to back out of
this, especially after being able to feel the pain of your dream. DAMN! DAMN!
Shatara ranted in her castle.

“ Wow, did you hear that Nebula?” Gabrielle asked as she looked in the
direction the bloodcurling scream came from.

“ Yes, I think the dead heard it too.”

“ What do you think it’s about?”

“ I don’t know, but since it came from that direction, and the only thing up
there is Shatara’s castle, I figure it has to do with Lord Xena, Diana, and
Shatara, and I think we’re all about to get caught up in it, and soon.” Nebula
stated somberly.

Gabrielle looked at her with concern and then at Miki and Solari, and Eponin.
Meanwhile back at the palace with Xena and Diana, Xena was up and working
around the chamber with her Advisors coming in and out of the sitting room to
get orders and to have documents signed. While Diana laid in bed and listened,
and thought about what she could be doing, instead of lying on her belly
recouperating from her’s and Xena’s arden lovemaking.

Xena happened to come into the chamber just as Diana was deep in thought, and
she stood by the door watching for a few minutes before she made her presence

“ A-hem.” Xena said clearing her throat.

“ Oh, Xena, I didn’t hear you come back in, is everything alright?”

“ Well no wonder, I don’t think you would have heard a legion of soldiers
fully armed with the deep thought you were in, and yes everything is fine.
Now....what were you thinking so hard about? As if I didn’t know.”

“ Ha, I was just thinking about getting up and going back to the site to do
some work?” Diana half asked and half stated.

“ I don’t think so, at least not just yet, you need to rest Consort.”

“ I’m fine, I just need to get up and move around, otherwise I will go stir
crazy just lying here doing nothing.” Diana whined.

“ Of course your fine, but you need to give your body a chance to adjust to
the change.”

“ But Xena....I’m bored.”

“Diana if your that bored I can have some of your work brought to you, some
of the scrolls and documents if you want?”

“ No, it’s not the same.” Diana said pouting.

“ Well you can handle your other duty as a Ruler over the people?”

“ What’s that?”

“You are one of my Advisors, and your also in training to become a Magistrate,
you can take care of one of those duties?”

“ Yes, I could, but I don’t want to right now. Xena I want to go there and see
how things are coming along?”

“ No, and if you keep complaining, I’ll put you over my knee and give you
something else to think about. It’s only for a few days kitten, besides, since
when have you not liked being in our bed?”

“ Since everytime you get out of it.” Diana stated trying to contain a smile.

Xena smirked, and then said in a conciliatory tone.” Ok kitten, if I get back
in there with you, what do I get out of it? And Will I have to put up with
your pouting, or complaining?”

“ No, I promise.” Diana assured.

“ Ok, but that still does not answer my other question, what do I get out of

“ I don’t know.”

“ Hmm...well I can think of a few things we can do while you ....adjust.” Xena
said with a gleam in her eyes.

Diana’s own eyes gazed at her in confusion. Xena then went back into the other
room and told her Advisors that she would call for them later. Xena then
returned to the bedchamber and stripped out of her leathers and put on a robe.
She then picked up a tray of food that had meats, and breads, and fruits, and
cream for the fruit and many other foods as well as a container of mixed
fruits drink. She returned to the bed and sat down on it with her long legs
stretched out before her. She placed the tray and drink on the table next to
the bed.

Diana rolled onto her side facing Xena and she continued to gaze at Xena
wondering what she had in mind, especially considering she wasn’t quite up to
another round of lovemaking in either of the two forms.

Xena saw the look of wonder in her Consorts eyes and rather than answer her
directly she let her actions speak for her. She took a sip of the fruited
drink and then she dipped her finger into it and then ran it over Diana’s
lips and then she slowly slipped it into Diana’s mouth. Diana closed her mouth
around it and sucked on it, taking the fruit from the sweet finger of her

Xena watched Diana and she felt Diana’s mouth and tongue on her finger and she
let Diana taste it for a bit longer and then she pulled it out. Diana tried to
follow it but Xena went into her Conqueror mode, she decided to make it a game
of control, Xena actually liked the idea of Diana being everything to her,
including a slave if she desired her to be, but only to her. A smirk came to
her face and she looked down at Diana and smiled. Diana smiled up at Xena
thinking she knew what Xena was smiling about, but little did Diana know it
but Xena was about to test her.

“ Are you hungry kitten?”

“ Actually I’m famished, I haven’t been eating that well lately because of
everything.” Diana stated honestly.

“ I know and I told you we would talk about it later.” Xena then picked up a
strawberry and brought it to Diana’s lips. Diana was about to use her hand to
take the fruit but Xena shook her head just as Diana was about to touch it.

“ Only your mouth kitten.”

“ But Xena?” Diana started to protest.

“ Your mouth only or I leave and attend to duties of the Royal house and you
eat alone.” Xena warned.

Diana nodded her head and Xena then brought the fruit back to her mouth and
holding it to Diana, she took a bite of it. Xena then said, “ don’t swallow
until I tell you to kitten.”

Diana chewed the fruit slowly waiting for Xena to do whatever she was going to
do next. Xena dipped her finger in one of the creams and then brought it to
Diana’s mouth.

“ Open.” Xena ordered.

Diana did as she was told and Xena slipped her cream covered finger into
Diana’s mouth, once again Diana sucked on it.

“ You may swallow after each time you receive the cream kitten.”

Diana did as Xena told her, and she swallowed the berry and cream after Xena
removed her finger. Xena watched Diana as she ate the fruit and cream, she
then broke off a piece of meat and brought it to Diana’s mouth. Diana reached
for it with her mouth but Xena moved it away and raised a brow at Diana.

Diana stopped reaching and waited. Xena then moved the meat towards Diana
slowly testing to see if Diana would reach for it, when she didn’t Xena
rewarded her with it, as well as her finger for Diana to delight in.

Removing her finger Xena then told Diana to swallow. She then broke off a
piece of bread and dipping it in the gravy lightly, she then brought it to
Diana slowly once again, Diana forgetting the rules begun to reach for it with
her mouth once again.

Xena pulled it away and her hand away and ate it, she continued to eat for a
few moments as Diana watched her and wondered. Xena watched Diana and waited
for her. Finally after a few minutes Diana lowered her eyes. Xena smiled a
satisfied smile.

She picked up another piece of bread and once again dipped it lightly in the
gravy, she slowly brought it to Diana and Diana raised her eyes to watch the
bread come towards her, Xena slowly brought it to her and this time Diana did
not move towards it, but instead waited.

Xena fed the bread to Diana along with letting Diana have her finger for a
moment, she then slipped it from Diana and continued to feed Diana rewarding
her with what she desired or punishing her by withholding it, whatever Xena
thought was appropriate.

Xena ended the provocative game with the fruit. She picked up a strawberry and
put it to Diana’s mouth, Diana took a bite of the berry and started to chew,
but Xena shook her head and Diana let the berry sit on her tongue in her
mouth, Xena then dipped her finger into the cream and bringing it to Diana’s
mouth she slipped it in and Diana sucked the cream from it, while at the same
time she caressed Xena’s finger with her tongue.

Xena raised her brow slightly at Diana, but she did not say anything, she then
pulled her finger out and Diana chewed the berry up and mixed it with the
cream and swallowed. Xena watched Diana eat the fruit and she continued to
feed Diana the fruits and cream.

After Xena had fed Diana what she wanted her to have, Diana laid her head down
on the pillow with one of her arms folded under her head while she laid on her
side. Xena then positioned herself so that she was now lying on her side
facing Diana.

Xena brought her hand up to Diana’s lips and once again she traced them with
her fingers, Diana brought her own hand up to Xena’s mouth and she begun to
trace the outline of Xena’s mouth.

Xena parted her lips a bit and Diana slipped her finger inside, Xena then
slipped her own into Diana’s and both women caressed the other’s with their
tongue, they gazed at each other the whole time and then Xena pulled her
finger from Diana’s mouth and when Diana tried to do the same thing, Xena held
it in her mouth with her teeth.

Diana knitted her brow, but Xena simply shook her head. She then ran her hand
over Diana’s chin and down her neck and she continued on that trek until she
arrived at Diana’s breast.

Xena continued to watch Diana throughout all of her caressing and testing,
without speaking much. Xena saw Diana’s breathing had increased in rate, she
felt her heart also increase it’s beat.

Xena was enjoying the game and she wanted to get as much from it as possible,
so she then traced a pattern on Diana’s breast and as she did she moved closer
and closer to the taut peaks that were saluting her, when Diana raised her
chest to achieve more contact from Xena’s stimulating touch, Xena pulled her
hand back, released Diana’s finger from her mouth and raising a brow at Diana
she rolled over onto her back and put her arms behind her head.

Diana feeling the lost and being confused by the action, raised up on her
elbow, to look at Xena in wonder and Xena simply cut her eyes over at her and
raising a questioning brow at Diana as if to ask her what she wanted, Diana
searched Xena’s face and eyes and then she decided to try and take over.

So she brought her hand up intending to touch Xena’s face but Xena caught her
wrist and holding it firmly she moved it away from her face. Diana looked at
Xena’s hand gripping her wrist and then back at Xena, she was perplexed by
Xena’s actions, but then she realized Xena was still playing her game of
Control, so once she realized it she then relaxed her arm and lowered her eyes
and laid back down on her side the way she had been only moments before.

Xena watched her out the corner of her eyes and once Diana had laid down Xena
rolled over onto her side once again and raised up on her elbow once again.
She cocked her head at Diana and then she begun to draw once again on Diana’s
breast, this time Diana laid still and just allowed the sensations to caress

Diana tentatively brought her hand up to touch Xena’s neck, and getting close
but not quite touching she looked into Xena’s eyes for consent and Xena gazed
at her for a moment and then she gave a slight nod of her head. Diana gave a
small smile and then let her fingers touch lightly on Xena’s neck, she then
caressed her way down to Xena’s breast and imitating Xena’s actions she
watched Xena.

Xena finally moved to Diana’s taut peaks and running her fingernails over
them, Diana shivered from the provocative caress, Xena then studied her
Consort as Diana returned the caress upon Xena’s own taut peaks. Xena also
shivered but she maintained her eye contact with Diana, not wanting to allow
Diana to slip from the trance she had her in.

Xena then took one of the peaks in her fingers and begun to squeeze it.

“ Haaa...!” Diana gasped at the sensation, and she too then squeezed one of
Xena’s peaks., Xena pinched harder and Diana mimicked her. Rolling the peak in
her fingers and pulling at the same time Diana was losing her control and her
eyes were becoming heavily lidded.

Xena was better at controlling herself when it came to foreplay, and most of
the time during their lovemaking. Diana continued to mimic Xena’s actions, but
she was rapidly declining into one big piece of clay in Xena’s hands.

Xena saw Diana was trying to keep up, but Xena knew how to use Diana’s
strength against her, so she turned up her seduction. She scooted herself down
so that she could take Diana’s mouth in a wet and passionate kiss. Diana
melted into Xena and squeezing Xena’s nipple out of reaction to the shivering
her body was doing, Xena gasped at the inadvertent stimulation, but she
continued to kiss Diana.

Xena then let go off Diana’s mouth and kissed her way to Diana’s neck, where
she licked at the soft flesh and then kissed and sucked on it as the
goosebumps appeared. She then kissed her way to Diana’s breast and then her
taut peak, where she flicked her tongue over the ready tip.

Diana almost came off of the bed at the erotic touch. Xena smirked and leaning
back to look at Diana who only blushed, and hoped Xena would not stop as a
result of her reaction. Xena saw the concern look and with a slight
acknowledgement of understanding, she then returned to what she was doing.

Diana let out the breath she was holding and tried to ready herself for the
next erotic touch so that she would not do it again, but of course Xena had no
interest in letting Diana get use to her touches, so rather than doing the
same thing to the other peak, she slowly sucked the one into her mouth and ran
her tongue and teeth over it as she did it. Diana shuddered from the sensation
and Xena felt the vibration on her teeth from the taut peak she held within
her mouth.

She bared her teeth while holding the peak so as to allow the excitment that
had filled her lungs out through her teeth. She then bit down on the tip and
Diana once again squeezed Xena’s peak purely out of reaction to the jarring
trembling her body was doing. Xena drank from the now producing peak and while
she did Diana was rapidly reaching her own peak.

“ X.e.n.a.....?” Diana called shakily.

Xena continued what she was doing without answering Diana, instead she let go
of the other peak and slid her hand down along Diana’s belly, Diana followed
with her own hand to Xena’s jewel, once there they both slipped inside.

Diana let Xena set the pace and rhythm, and she mimicked her. Xena slipped
three fingers deep inside of Diana, and Diana returned the number and then
when Xena slipped a fourth inside of her, her breath caught in her throat as
she shook her head to clear it enough to also slip a fourth inside of Xena’s

Xena continued to drink from Diana’s nipple, while pumping ardent into Diana,
and Diana within her. Soon the two were balancing on the edge and when Xena
gave her approval they both fell over into their ecstasies.



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