By D.virtue

Xena entered with her guards, all stood to render their respect, and bowed as
she passed to take her seat upon the magnificient, yet comfortable looking

“ My Lord... Welcome once again to Xenadia.” Advisor Jasper said in greeting
The Conqueror.

“ Thank you Advisor Jasper, Now, what’s on the agenda for today?” Xena
acknowledged and then dove into the work of Ruling.

“ My Lord, some of the few kingdoms left that you have not Conquerored, have
heard tale of the wonderful land, recently developed by your Consort as a gift
to you, and they have sent Emissaries to the land to see the glorious land of
Xenadia.” The Advisor stated, thereby explaining who the other peopel were in
the chamber.

“ Is that right? So you have come here just to see the land? Is that what you
want me to believe?” Xena pointedly asked.

“ Lord Xena, I am Emissary Terugia, I am from the kingdom of the Khans.”

“ You look to be from the kingdom of Chin, a kingdom that I now Rule.” Xena
stated matter-of-factly, at noticing the characteristic features of the

“ Lord Conqueror, while you are correct in my appearance, I am from an
outcasted tribe, so when you and your army invaded and Conquerored the land of
Chin, My Lord had already been casted out, and he and his family escaped along
with some of the people, to another land where My Lord Khan built his kingdom,
and it is on behalf of him that I am here to offer an alliance with your
Realm, and My Lord’s.”

“ Why would I be interested in an alliance with an outcasted Ruler and his

“ Because it is to your best interest to accept. My Lord Khan was very happy
to hear that your army not only invaded and destroyed those who had cast him
and his family out of their homeland, but then you became the Ruler of the
land, he was quite impressed with your armies effiicient and skill, and then
when he was even more pleased to find out that it was a woman who defeated the
Kingdom of Chin. He built an army out of those who had escaped, as well as
from surrounding areas of the land they had escaped to. My Lord Khans kingdom
is the most powerful Kingdom on that side of the sea. He knows your Kingdom is
the most powerful on this side of the sea.”

“ So exactly what does he want?” Xena asked point blank.

“ He wants to build an alliance with you, so that we can each learn from one

“ Learn what?”

“ Whatever there is to learn. It is obvious to My Lord that you obviously
possess knowledge that he would like to have and I know My Lord has knowledge
that would be useful to you as well.”

“ And just how does your lord suggest we exchange this information?”

“ My Lord would like to send some of his soldiers over here to work with your
soldiers, as well as some other Emissaries like myself to speak to you and
your Advisors.”

“ And I suppose your Lord wants me to send some of my soldiers to your land
for the same reason?” Xena asked suspiciously.

“ Yes Lord Conqueror, it would only be fair.”

“ I see.” Xena simply said as the hairs on the back of her neck were now
standing up.

“ Then may I return and inform My Lord that there is an agreement?” Emissary
Terugia asked thinking his mission was a success.

“ Emissary Terugia, I’m sure your Lord would understand my cautiousness,
considering the importance of taking time to think about such an alliance.”

“ Yes Lord Conqueror, But I don’t see the need to be cautious with the
greatness of having two of the most powerful kingdoms one from each side of
the sea as allies, It would allow the two of you to Conqueror the other seas

“ Hmmm...while that is a very tempting thought, I still must take the time to
think about this.”

“ I understand Lord Conqueror, but I must tell you My Lord Khan thought you
would be hesitate in accepting.”

“ And why would he think that?” Xena asked with narrowed eyes.

“ He has heard as others around the sea have heard that you have taken a mate,
and it is because of her that you no longer have the fire and desire to
Conqueror. My Lord has heard that she controls your behavior these days and
that she does not have the stomach for your appetite for blood?”

“ While it is true I have taken a mate, It is not true that she controls me,
but rather I control her, and all others around me. She does not like the act
of war and the death and destruction of it, but she understands that if I must
make war against an enemy I will and she will have to deal with it, which she
has done and is capable of doing again.”

“ I understand. I will return and tell My Lord your answer is to think about
his offer?”

“ Yes. But while you are here you will continue to be treated as a Royal
guest, and when you return to your land, take back my appreciation of your
thoughtfulness.” Xena said diplomatically.

“ I will be honored to take the appreciation to My Lord. Thank you for hearing
My Lord’s words, Lord Conqueror.”

Xena bowed her head slightly in both acknowledgement and dismissal of the

“ Who next Advisor Jasper? Xena asked wondering what the next Emissary wanted.

“ It is Emissary Yinsana. From the Kingdom of the Pyramids.”

“ Lord Conqueror, I bring greeting from My Queen Hatchepsut.” Yinsana bowed
and then after being bid to rise she stood up.

“ You may return the greeting to your Queen. Now, what is it that your Queen
wants of me?”

“ She wishes an alliance with you as well.”

“ Hmm...why?”

“ I’m sorry Lord Conqueror?” The Emissary asked in confusion.

“ Why would your Queen want an alliance with My Kingdom, especially
considering that I already rule the Kingdom of the Pyramids?”

“ Well Lord Conqueror, it is to the understanding of My Queen that you Rule
the Kingdom of Rome, not the Pyramids.”

“ I see how she could be confused, but the fact is, I rule the Kingdom of the
pyramids by way of the fact that it was conquerored by Rome, and when I
conquerored Rome I therefore inherited and Conquerored Your Queens Kingdom.”
Xena explained with patiences.

“ While it is true that you do have some say so in the governing of the land,
it is My Queens belief that she Rules with independence, since you have not
directly Conquerored the land personally, therefore she believes you will
grant her the right to reclaim the land completely and Rule it as it’s only
Sovereign .”

“ Why would she believe such a thing? I have no intentions of giving any of My
Provinces away, and just because I have not Directly Conqueror the land, does
not mean that I don’t already own it, or can take it at my whim, I suggest you
inform your Queen that she rules semiindependently for now because of my
approval of how she has fought to become the Pharoah of that land. But, make
no mistake, I will destroy her if she dares to believe she is the Sovereign
Ruler of any part of My Realm, I have no patiences for such thinking and I
will allow no concessions for such. The Kingdom of the pyramids belong to ME
and my Realm, as does Rome.” Xena stated showing her command and power in full

“ I will return with your message Lord Conqueror.”

“ Good, you do that.” Xena said curtly, as the Emissary bowed and stepped

Xena then looked at her advisors and said to Jasper.

“ Make sure the Emissaries are treated accordingly until their return trip

“ Yes My Lord, as you wish.”

“ Good . Now, is there anything else that needs my attention?”

“ No My Lord.”

“ Good, I want to go for a walk to see more of this land, I will return

“ Shall I call for your guards to go with you?”

“ I will take a few.”

“ Is there anything you would like me to tell Lady Diana?”

“ No, I’ve already told her my plans.”

“ Oh, ok, My Lord.

Xena then stood and stretched after having sat for such a longtime. She
strided out of the Throne Room, and headed out of the palace with 6 of her
Royal guards escorting her.

Xena headed straight to Shatara’s castle. Once there, she told her guards to
await for her outside. She then went inside and locating Shatara, she
stealthily strided over to her.

“ Sooo...?” Xena called from behind Shatara.

“ MY LORD??!! Your here?!” Shatara exclaimed excitedly.

“ Yes, I came to see how you were doing, and how your chin was.” Xena said
taunting the woman.

“ I’m doing well, my jaw is a lot better, it still hurts at times depending on
what I eat, but it’ll soon pass and I will be back as good as new. And how is
the little beauty doing?”

“ Excellent, although she’s resting right now.”

“ Really? This early in the afternoon? Is she so fragile that she has to take
a nap?”

“ wish, no she just had an active day a few days ago and she
is recovering from it.” Xena said with a wink of her eye.

Shatara blushed and then said after clearing her throat, “ I see, you claimed
her again so soon?”

“ Yes, and she was magnificient.” Xena purred as she remembered how into it
Diana had gotten.

“ Well, so now she’s use to it so soon?” Shatara said disappointedly.

“ Not quite, but she’s getting there. Now enough about My Consort and my love

“ Ok, I have some news for you.”

“ Oh? What type of news?”

“ Well actually it was a vision.” Shatara lied as she turned away to go and
get a drink for Lord Xena, thereby preventing Xena from seeing the lie.

“ Really? So what was this vision?”

“ Well it wasn’t clear it sort of was in parts, but what I did see was war
between your army and another. And your Consort was fighting by your side in
this one. She’s going to have a problem with your reasonings.”

“ Are you telling me she will fight against me and my army for this other

“ No, I’m telling you she will add to your already heavy plate with her
constant arguing with you about how wrong you are to go into this battle.”

“ Why will she be against my fighting against another army?”

“ Because she knows the person you will be battling, and she has feelings for
the person and she does not want anything to happen to the person considering
her feelings for them.” Shatara said as she handed the drink to Xena.

“ Who is this person?!” Xena asked with a narrowed gaze.

“ That I do not know, but I can tell you she will meet the person soon, and it
will be the start of great arguments between the two of you, you will even
punish her for her disobedience.” Shatara said with a slight smile coming to
her face.

Xena leveled her gaze on Shatara and then she said, “ If I find out you have
put a spell on My Consort Shatara, I will be back here to PUNISH YOU!” Xena
warned as she turned and strided for the door.

“ My Lord, please don’t be angry with me. I give you my word I have not and
have no intention of putting any type of spell on the little beauty, I only
told you what I saw in a vision.”

“ Hmm....ok fine.” Xena said as her face softened and then she turned to
continue her trek to the door.

“ My Lord, one more thing.” Shatara called as Xena opened the door of the

“ What?”

“ You must be careful in this battle, you will be up against a formible foe,
who has as much to gain as you have to lose. The person wants your most
precious Hycinath, and their willing to destroy whatever stands in the way, or
at least try, you must watch yourself, you will be gravely injured in this
battle, and death will be near

“ How? Will I be so gravely injured?”

“ I don’t know, but I do know it will happen during the battle and you will be
imprisoned by the leader if you live.”

“ Are you telling me I am going to lose My Realm to this warrior?”

“ I don’t know, possibly.”

“ Why are you talking to me in riddles?”

“ Because it is how the vision appeared to me. I only related the vision to

“ What about Diana?”

“ What about her?”

“ Will she be harmed?”

“ I don’t know, I know she is captured, but my vision did not show me what
happens to her afterwards.”

“ How long will I be inprisoned?”

“Not long, either you will die from your injury, or survive and escape.

“ When?”

“ Soon. A meeting will take place that will set things in motion.”

Xena smirked at the information and she thought she knew what meeting Shatara
spoke of, seeing that she had just had a meeting with one of the most Ruthless
leaders Emissary other than herself , from across the sea.

“ I see. Thank you Shatara, I appreciate the warning.”

“ So much so that you will gift me with a kiss?” Shatara asked submissively.

Xena raised a brow and then she nodded her head. Shatara attacked Xena’s lips
with such passion that Xena had been pushed up against the frame of the door.
Finally she broke the kiss and lifting the young womans chin up, she said, “
Now I have to go and take care of this fire with My already sore Consort.
Thanks.” Xena finished with a light slap to Shatara’s cheek and then she
turned and strided out the door. Xena was not really on fire for Shatara, but
she did enjoy the kiss.

Once the door had closed Xena stopped and looking back at the door, she
thought to herself, “ Hmmm...Shatara what are you up to?” Xena then file the
thought and turned back around and strided away from the castle.

“ Very good My Dear!” Came a deep voice behind Shatara.

“ Ares. So you like that huh?”

“ You learned very well from Xena, tell just enough to let the other person
draw their own conclusion.”

“ Yes, I’ve always admired Xena for that, she defeated many armies by doing

“ Yes, and now you have successfully used it on her.”

“ Ares don’t forget, I don’t want to lose Xena?”

“ I know, I don’t want to lose her either, but I wouldn’t let it bother you if
something did go wrong.Remember, acts of man, a God can change, but acts of
another God can not be changed.” Ares explained.

“ So even if Xena was accidently killed , you could bring her back?”

“ Yes, but she would not have any memory except what I chose for her to have.”

“ What do you mean?”

“ I mean that when a person dies, us Gods can erase their memories if we
choose to bring them back.”

“ Any part of it?”

“ Yes.”

“ So you could erase the little beauty completely out of Lord Xena’s memory?”

“ Yes.”

“ Can you make up memories for the person?”

“ No, Zeus has set limits to this, it was meant to take away the pain of the
death from the person, especially if it were a violent death. Anyway, I can
make her remember all or none or somewhere in between.”

“ Well that’s wonderful, hopefully we won’t need to go to that step.”

“ Yeah, hopefully. Anyway, the young man is almost there with his plan, he
should be arriving in the next few days, and then all we need to do is wait
for the meeting, and then, everything will be set in motion.”

” You don’t think Xena suspects anything do you?”

“ Well if she does, she’s keeping it close to her chest.” Ares stated matter-

“ Hmm....yes, she’s good about things like that also.”

“ Yes she is, but we can’t think like that right now, you have to stay focused
on the goal, and that is to get the object of Xena’s affection out of her life
for good, and then Xena will be ours, My ultimate Ruler once again, and your
lover.” Ares glowed as he thought about having Xena back in his fold.

Meanwhile Xena had made it back to her first Palace over in Greece and she
went to talk with her War Advisors about making sure they were prepared for

“ Draco, I want you to divide my army up, I want some of my soldiers sent to
the new land within the week.” Xena ordered.

“ As you wish My Lord, but what’s going on?”

“ Never mind, just have my army divided up half is to standby to be sent there
and half will stay here, make sure each of the Captains have a traveller and
they only use it when the order is given.”

“ When will that be?”

“ I’ll send a messager here with the order, I want them ready when I call for
them. “

“ My Lord Xena, you realize you have over 4 million soldiers, with half of
those given to you by Lady Diana?”

“ I know how many soldiers I have down to the trainee’s. Just make sure you
send those that I have told you, and have the rest stand ready.

“Yes my Lord.”

Xena then went to the Armory and spoke with the weapons master. She wanted to
make sure that the weapons were still well maintained as she was sure they
were, but just to be on the safe side. Afterwards she called a meeting of all
of her Captains along with the War advisors and told them to hold inspections
of their respective units for the next week, daily, and for those who do not
meet standard they are to be sent to the punishers chamber for failing to
maintain their readiness.

“ I want drills on every level done, from one on one battle to that of fire
containment and extinguishing, also I want the healers put through their
drills, to make sure they remember how to work in difficult situations, It has
been a long time since their skills in any adverse situation was put into
action, and I want them to be perfect, just like I expect all of my people to
be. Anyway, get on it.”

“ Yes My Lord, All will be ready as you expect.”

“ It better be, otherwise I’ll have your heads on a stick outside my palace
walls.” Xena warned .

Then Xena dismissed everyone except Draco and told him he would handle things
there at that palace and she would handle things at the other, and he was to
send her a message if there was any problems.

Draco bowed and then was dismissed. Xena then left to return to the other
palace. Even though she did not believe everything the way Shatara had told
her, she did believe that war was about to break out and she would be at odds
with Diana once again, but the question is why would they be at odds? this was
one of the main part of the puzzle that really bothered Xena, despite the fact
that she was also told she would be gravely injured.

Xena went straight to her’s and Diana’s chambers to go and speak with Diana.
Once she arrived she found Gabrielle was still there, as well as Ephiny who
was there visiting.

“ Hello ladies.” Xena said greeting the trio.

“ Xena! I’ve missed you. “ Diana exclaimed when she saw Xena.

Xena smiled at the warm greeting from Diana and then Gabrielle and Ephiny both
greeted her. Xena walked over to where Diana was now sitting and with a
questioning brow she asked Diana, “ So I take it you ....feel better....Xena
said with hidden meaning only meant for Diana to understand.

“ Yes, a lot! Now how about a kiss? I haven’t seen you in what seems like

Xena smiled and went to greet her love. Diana stood and Xena wrapped her arms
around her waist and looking into the smiling eyes of Diana she found it hard
to believe that soon those eyes would look upon her with anger, and possible

Diana noticed the gaze and saw the fear and confusion in Xena’s eyes.

“ Xena? what is it? Are you ok?” Diana said now with concern registering in
her voice and eyes.

“ I’m fine kitten,I just have some things on my mind.” Xena said reassuringly
as she kissed Diana.

“ Mmm....I love when you do that.” Diana purred after Xena broke their

“ I love when you let me.” Xena returned with a gleam in her eyes.

“ Hahahaha, as if I could stop you?”

“ You couldn’t, but thank you for not trying.”

Diana smirked and then said, have a seat, I’ll make you a plate, I’m sure you
have not eaten all day?” Diana asked already knowing the answer.

Xena’s silence answered her question.

“ Uhhuh, and you get on me when I miss a meal when we’re apart.” Diana
chastised as she made a plate for Xena, and pour a goblet of wine.

“ ok, I’ll eat if you give it to me the way I like?” Xena said with a wink of
her eye.

“ Ok, here we go, I think it’s time we left Ephiny?” Gabrielle stated as she
went to stand.

“ No, don’t leave.” Xena ordered, to the surprise of everyone, especially
Diana who was ready for some activity after being stuck in their chamber the
whole day, and most of that in the bed, although Diana felt a lot better now
than she did when Xena first left, she still had some soreness, but it wasn’t
as bad as the first time.

“Xena I thought you were in the mood for ....well you know?”

“ I was, I mean I am, but it has to wait for the moment I need to talk to you
about some things, and Gabrielle and Ephiny this will affect the Amazons as
well I would think.”

“ What is it Xena?” Diana asked more concern now with every passing moment.

“ Well I went to see someone.” Xena said casting her gaze to Diana to see her

“ Who?” Diana asked with knitted brows.

“ Does it matter?” Xena asked raising a brow.

“ Probably not, I just wanted to know.” Diana said with a shrug, but kept her
gaze on Xena.

“ Shatara.” Xena stated flatly.

“ SHATARA??!! Why did you go to see her?!” Diana gasped.

“ Because I wanted to see how she was doing, especially after the strike you
leveled on her.” Xena said trying to taunt Diana playfully about her strength.

“ Not funny. I told you how I feel about that, and yet you still see a need to
go to see her, I don’t understand it.” Diana said with some resentment
sounding in her tone, then she eased out of Xena’s arms and went to sit on one
of the chairs at the table they were sitting on prior to Xena arriving.

Xena watched her for a moment, and then she took on a thoughtful gaze, as she
thought about Diana’s feelings.

“ I needed to go, and I found out some things that affects us all.”

“ What?” Gabrielle asked as she noticed Diana was now sitting not looking at

“ Shatara told me that a war was going to breakout.”

“ Between who?” Ephiny asked.

“ Between My Realm and some unknown Kingdom’s.”

“ When?”

“ Soon.”

“ And how does dear Shatara know these things? Does she have the gift of
sight?” Diana drawled.

“ Yes. Anyway, she said that the leader of this army will even be a challenge
to my skills.”

Diana then got over her disappointment and focused on what Xena was saying.

“ How is that possible? You are the greatest warrior.” Diana said with a bit
of a smirk to her lips.

Xena saw it and smiled at her.

“ Thank you kitten. “ Then she went to sit by Diana.

“ I don’t know how it’s possible, but I know that Shatara’s visions are always

“ So what can we do to help Lord Xena?” Ephiny asked offering the help of the
Amazons once again.

“ Thank you, I’m not sure just yet, but I do know that if this battle is lost
then this warrior may then try to ravish the land, I mean it is the logical
thing to do, if your not planning to stay here and live, but if you are then
this warrior will try to lay claim to the land. But that’s only if I lose.”
Xena stated matter-of-factly.

“ You mean if WE lose.” Diana corrected.

Xena squeezed Diana’s thigh and then turned to the others and said, “ If we
lose this battle.”

They all smiled, and then Xena got down to the business of what she had
already done, and what she wanted Gabrielle to do should anything go wrong.

“ Ok, now as far as if I see the tide is turning against us, Gabrielle, I want
you to go to my homeland and stay there.”

“ But Xena I won’t leave Diana, or you, or the Amazons.”

“ You’ll do as your told Princess Gabrielle.” Ephiny chided in at Gabrielle,
who then looked at her and saw the concern registered.

“ But...but what about all of you?” Gabrielle asked with anxienty showing in
her eyes.

“ Gabrielle, sis, if the tides start to turn against us, then it means that
Xena, Myself and Ephiny have all either been defeated one way .....or

“ Your saying there’s the possibly of someone dying among you three?”
Gabrielle asked with wide eyes.

“ Yes.” Diana said honestly.

“ But that’s not possible, at least not with the two of you.” Gabrielle stated
as she pointed to Xena and Diana.

“ Normally you would be right, but the fact that I was told that this warrior
will be a challenge even to me, tells me that the possibility is there. Xena
answered, already knowing the outcome to a point.

“ Anyway, you are to go there, you’ll stay with my mother until you hear from
one of us. Gabrielle I don’t want you travelling anywhere when you get there,
there’s no telling where this warrior will turn up, and if I know such warlord
types, and I do. Then they will be looking for slaves and .....” Xena paused
for a moment for Gabrielle to understand what she was saying.

“ And bed warmers, right?” Gabrielle finished for her.

“ Yes, and I know none of us want that to happen to you.”

“ but it’s ok that it happens to you guys?”

“ Gabrielle we are use to using our bodies to gain the advantage, but only
when we have to, you would not survive being raped and beaten if you were to
refuse.” Xena stated with a sharpness.

Gabrielle’s eyes locked on Xena’s and then with moisture coming to her eyes
she lowered her eyes. Diana covered Gabrielle’s hand with her own and Ephiny
covered Diana’s and finally Xena covered all as they gazed at each other, all
with the thoughtful gaze of mortality filling the stillness of the night.

“ Diana, if something happens that finds us separated, don’t worry about me, I
want you to see to Ephiny and Gabrielle.”

“ Hah! Like I’m really going to not see after you, I can understand sending
Gabrielle out of harms way, but I will NOT leave you.” Diana stated with

Xena saw the steady gaze and she knew that even if she ordered Diana to leave
her, she wouldn’t.

“ Fine, but just make sure their safe.”

“ I will.” Diana said with a smile.

“ Wait, wait aminute Xena....are you trying to tell me that Shatara told you
something was going to happen to you?” Diana asked levelling her gaze on Xena.

“ No, I’m just saying I want you to look out for the others.” Xena lied.

“ Hmmm.....ok, as long as that’s it.” Diana conceded as she studied Xena for a
moment longer.

“ Ok, now Diana, because of this warriors possible capabilities I think it
would be wise if you and I carried the medicine for certain types of wounds?”
Xena said covertly for Diana’s understanding only.

“ I agree, just in case.”

The four women planned way into the night and into the next day. Xena informed
the three other women that they were not to tell anyone else the plans that
they had made except for Ephiny who was to inform her Amazons of the necessary
information. They all agreed and then Ephiny and Gabrielle went to the new
Amazon land to alert them to what would be happening sometime soon.

Meanwhile Xena told Diana that she had to go back to the other palace to check
on things but she would be back within the week. Diana smiled at her.

“ Well how about if I come with you, then we won’t have to miss each other so

“ If you came with me, I wouldn’t get anything done, but you know that. I
really think it’s better if you stay here and prepare everyone on this side
that way if something happens before I get back you’ll be ready? I pretty much
have everything prepared the same way as I have it prepared back there, but I
need you to oversee it just to keep things on the right path?”

“ Hmmm.....well, when you put it like that, what can I say love but, your wish
is my command.” Diana said as she bowed low to Xena.

“ Ok, ok, I know what you could do to show your appreciation?” Xena said with
a gleam of desire shining in her eyes.

“ Are you willing?” Xena asked.”

“ I.....ok, yes.” Diana finally said as she suddenly found herself being
pulled to the bed.

“ You want to make love? That’ll take days Xena.” Diana said somewhat confused
by Xena’s actions, considering how important it was for her to get back to the
other palace. Not that Diana was not willing, but she recognized the severity
of the situation, as she knew Xena did too.

“ Something like that, actually I want you to pleasure me.” Xena stated with
that same desire shining.

Diana smirked and then asked out of curiosity.

“Why didn’t we just stay over there?”

“ Because I want you as well.” Xena purred as she stripped Diana out of her
clothes and then allowed Diana to do the same to her.

The two women kissed for what seemd like eternity, and then they both begun to
ravish each other, finally making their way to each others pleasure peaks with
Xena over top of Diana, they feasted. When the two were exhausted and filled
they both collasped to the bed and slept for a bit.

When Xena awoke a few candlemarks later, she cleaned up and dressed, then she
wrote Diana a note, and placing a light kiss to her forehead she left their
room and went back to the other palace to handle things there.

Diana awoke a candlemark later and stretching she felt for Xena, but instead
her hand landed on the note.

“ Kitten, I have gone to the palace, I will see you later in the week so don’t
worry. Diana, I also want you to know that I treasure our time together, if it
were within my power to just be with you all day and night I would do it
without a second thought, I love you as I have loved no one, including
Shatara, you fill my every need and desire, you please me in all that you do,
and I am so very proud of you, I thank the Gods for bringing you into my life,
as well as the fates, I want you to know that I have no doubts that we were
meant to be together, and should anything ever happen I will never leave you.
Diana never doubt my love and honor of you, I have found a light that shines
so brightly because of you and Gabrielle, but mainly because of you, thank you
for loving me, despite my temper, I only lose it with you because I want you
to be safe so I won’t ever lose half of my soul.....Anyway, enough of this, I
love you and I will see you later. Xena”

Diana now had tears running down her face, but she couldn’t decide if they
were because of the joy she felt from reading Xena’s words or the fear that
was nipping at the back of her mind. Diana shook off the fear thing and let
the joy claim her.

The next few days were spent preparing things for war. Diana after numerous
meeting with the Advisors and captains and servants and healers and everyone
else, she finally had some time for herself, she decided to go into the town
and eat at the Embassy INN, of course Royal guards went with her, but she
didn’t mind she wanted to see how the people outside the palace were faring
with the threat of war hanging over their heads.

The people were told they were not to talk about the upcoming situation
because of the possiblitiy of a spy being within ear shot. So when Diana
arrived in town she was happy to see that the people were going on with their
lives as if there were nothing going on, although all of the children had been
moved onto Amazon land, along with the elderly, and the cowards who did not
want to lose their riches because of the upcoming war.

Diana made her way to the Inn and went inside and was greeted with the respect
she deserved for whom she was. She was shown to her table and after ordering
she begun to scan the dining hall. The people within the hall were wealthy
mostly, although there were those farmers who wanted to do something special
for their spouse came to spend a months wages on the dining. Diana smiled at
the gestures and then as she was lookin about she heard a voice out at the
entrance of the Inn.

“ Yes sir, I’ll have one of the servants show you to your table.”

“ Thank you.”

Diana’s gazed locked on the doorway waiting to see who the voice belong too,
although she thought she already knew. After a few minutes of waiting holding
her breath, the faceless voice stepped into view.

“ By The Gods!” Diana exclaimed, as she stared at the figure in the doorway.

She treked the figure to the chair that was pulled out and taken by the

“ Thank you.”

“ You quite welcome sir.” The servant said coyly.

The man smirked at the behavior and then placed his order. As he sat there
waiting for his meal he sensed someone watching him. He casually scanned the
room and when he came to the corner of the room his mouth curled into a wide
grin, as he saw the woman with her mouth agape and her eyes wide in obvious

Diana realized after a moment that she was staring and that her mouth was
open, she immediately snapped her mouth close and forced herself to blink.
Then her mouth started to open again as the ghost from her past strided
towards her.

“Diana? DIANA!!!!” The man shouted as he lifted Diana out of her chair and
hugged her to his body, and then lifting her up higher in the air as if she
were a toy doll, he then brought her down to eye level and looking deep into
her eyes he placed a passionate kiss to her lips.

Diana’s body immediately begun to tighten, and he felt his own doing the same.
He realized he was still connected to her as she was to him. Diana moaned into
his mouth and then she realized what she was doing and she pushed herself away
from him.

“ Gerard? What are you doing here?”

“ I came to see you.”

“ Why?”

“ What do you mean why? I missed you, we all have, your sisters send their
love as do the others.” Gerard lied as he and Diana sat down.

“ Well I miss them also, and when you go back give them my love also.” Diana
said assuming that was the plan.

“ I’m not going back.”

“ What? What do you mean, you have to.”

“ Why? I thought I would keep you company? Are you happy?”

“ Yes, very.”

“ So you and the warrior are still together?”

“ Yes.”

“ I see. Don’t you ever miss being with a man?”

“ No. Xena gives me everything I could ever want or need.” Diana said with
love shining in her eyes at the mention of Xena.

“ Gerard saw it and wanting to gag at the thought he instead flashed a quick
smile and then went on.

“ Hmm, that is interesting that you would say you two are still together.”

“ Why, what makes you think we aren’t?”

“ Hmmm...I guess it was just a rumor I heard since I’ve been in town the last
couple of days?”

“ You’ve been here for a few days?”

“ Yes, I came here with a group of settlers, they told me they knew of this
wonderful new land that was Discovered just recently.”

“ Did they tell you who discovered it?”

“ No. But whoever developed it, they should go live in our time, they would
make a fortune. This place is it’s more than that, it’s
fabulous, magnificient!” Gerard exclaimed as he continued to look around.

“ Thank you.” Diana said simply.

“ You? You did this?”

“ Yes.” Diana said with a shy smile.

“ I should have known, even the detail is there, well Di, you’ve done a
wonderous job here, you’ll have to tell me how it came to be one day?’

“ I will. So back to what you were saying , you said you heard something?”

“ Oh, yes.” Gerard said as he pretended to be distracted by the art work of
the Inn, when in fact he was listening intently to Diana’s tones.

“ I had heard from one of the villagers who told me about this place, that The
Conqueror had been seen going up to some castle on the land visiting with a

“ Ok, so why does that make you think we’re not together anymore?” Diana asked
with no change in her tone.

“ Oh, I guess you two have an understanding or something?”

“ Why do you say that?”

“ Well Di, I don’t know, maybe it’s because the villager said that a lot of
the people have been told stories that she is up there bedding this woman?”

“ Hahahaha, bedding, now how would they come to even think that.” Diana said
with a sarcastic type laugh.

“ Because the man over there said he saw the two together yesterday and the
day before that, and also he thinks that she may be there again right now, or
at least heading there.”

Diana followed Gerards line of site and then she looked at him with some
suspicious as to what he was hoping for to happen between them. Finally Diana
said, “ Is that right? He claims to have saw Lord Xena and that woman
physically making out?”

“ Yes, that’s what he claims.”

“ Well we’ll see about that won’t we!” Diana hissed as she stood and strided
over to the man’s table.

“ Excuse me, but are you the man who claims to have seen Lord Xena with
another woman up in some castle?”

“ Yes ma-am, I saw it with my own two eyes, they were wild to, Lord Xena has a
jewel to her chest one on each breast three colors, I was too far to see the
colors but I know they were different.

Diana’s mouth dropped open, and then she closed it and without turning around
to say anything to Gerard she left the Inn and headed for the castle, she
wasn’t sure if she believed what she had been told, but for some reason she
had to see for herself.

Diana arrived at the castle and gliding up to the door and knocking, she
waited for an answer, and when she did not get one she tried the handle and
found the door unlocked, she then opened it quietly and went inside.

Stepping slowly further into the room she heard sounds coming from one of the
rooms off to her right. Diana strided toward the room and as she got closer
she realized the sounds were that of two people in passion.

Diana’s heart was now pounding wildly in her chest as she came closer to the
room. Diana came to stand just outside the door, as she stood listening for a
moment then she decided to just take a look, if she was wrong, well it would
be no harm, but if she was right....well she didn’t want to think that far
ahead, she would just deal with opening the door first.

Diana slowly turned the handle on the chamber door and pushing it open
slightly she peeked around the door and to her utter shock and horror, she
saw her worst fear. There on a large bed laid Xena with Shatara kissing her
way down Xena’s long nude body, and Xena was caressing Shatara’s breast as
Shatara went southward. Both were moaning their pleasure.

Diana didn’t know what to say, she eased the door closed and with tears
falling freely from her hurt eyes, she left the castle quickly and returned to
the palace. When Diana arrived back at the palace some of the Advisors wanted
to have an audience with her to speak on the final preparations. Diana put
them off with a wave of her hand and she ran up the staircase to her’s and
Xena’s chamber and once there she fell upon the sofa and cried for a while,
and then after letting the pain cover her, she became angry.

Diana stayed in their chamber thinking how to confront Xena about what she had
seen earlier in the day. By evening, Ludmilla had brought evening meal, which
Diana saw was enough for two people.

“ Ludmilla, it will just be myself for evening meal.” Diana informed the

“ Oh, Lord Xena told me to bring enough for the two of you.” Ludmilla said
with a smile.

“ She’s here?” Diana asked.

“ Yes, she just arrived about a candlemark ago, she should be here any

“ I see. Ludmilla that will be all for tonight, if I need you I’ll call for
you.” Diana said dismissing the servant for the evening.

“ As you wish your Majesty .” Ludmilla replied as she bowed and was dismissed.

Diana turned to the trays of food and just as she was about to pick up one of
the trays to dump it, Xena strided in the room.

“ Hey kitten.” Xena called.

Diana set the tray back on the table and picking up a berry from one of the
trays, she turned around and with a flat expression she replied back.

“ hi.”

Diana then sat down on the chair that was right behind her and just watched
the expressions run across Xena’s face.

“ What’s going on Diana? Is everything alright here?” Xena asked with concern
tainting her voice.

“ If you mean, is all of the plans in place and ready? Yes.” Diana said
emotionless. as she continued to study Xena.

Xena saw the intense study, she became annoyed by Diana’s behavior, especially
considering that Diana was not only being rude, she was also neglecting her
duty as a Consort and mate, she had yet to welcome her home.

“ What’s going on Diana?” Xena asked as she strolled over towards the table,
while removing her cloak and tossing it across the chair by the door.

“ What makes you think something is going on Xena?” Diana said with an
attitude starting to reflect in her voice.

“ Because of THAT, your being rude and I’m hearing an attitude in your tone,
and you still have not greeted me yet.” Xena stated with irritation in her

“ I don’t think I’m being rude Love, you must be in the afterglow of things
and your just hearing things.” Diana drawled.

“ Afterglow? Ok, what’s going on, why are you acting so distant?”

“ Distant? Hmmm.....really? I hadn’t noticed. Anyway, what have you been up to
today?” Diana asked dubiously.

“ Just making sure things were in order and ready.” Xena said answering the
question, while at the same time studying Diana.

“ Hmm....I see, did you see anyone in particular today?” Diana continued.

“ No.” Xena answered simply so that she could see where the conversation was

“ Really? How do you feel Xena? Relaxed? Energized?”

Xena narrowed her gaze and she was now standing near Diana.

“ I was, but now I’m starting to get a little upset.”

“ Why? I’m just asking how my honest and trustworthy love’s day was?”

“ STOP IT! “ Xena shouted as she finally lost her patiences for Diana’s

Xena sat in the chair across from Diana and glaring in her eyes she asked

“ What’s going on Diana?!”

“ I don’t know what your talking about Xena.” Diana said feigning
indifferences, as she turned her gaze on the food and picked up a roll and
focusing on it as Xena watched her in disbelief. Diana tore a piece of the
bread and was about to pop it into her mouth when Xena grabbed her arm with a
vice like grip and held it as she bored into Diana’s eyes.

“ Ow....your hurting my arm Xena.” Diana said flinching at the grip.

“ Answer me Consort!” Xena said dismissing Diana’s discomfort.

“ Fine! You want to know what’s bugging me Xena?!! You! Your what’s bugging
me!!” Diana spat out.

“ Xena flinched at the words and was so surprised by them that she let go of
Diana’s arm and just sat there with knitted brows as she stared at Diana.

Diana immediately brought her arm to her chest and jumping up out of the chair
she continued on her tirade.

“ Why Xena?! Why did you do it?!”

“ What?” Xena asked defensively.

“ Oh, yeah try to pretend like you don’t know what I’m talking about?!” Diana
said accusingly.

Xena pinched her lips together, and then she slowly rose from the chair that
she had just sat on.

“ What are you talking about?” Xena asked smoothly, as she strided over to
where Diana was now glaring at her.

Diana maintained the gaze with Xena as she continued.

“ Ok, you want me to spell it out for you Xena?!”

“ Spill it!”

“ Fine! What were you doing up at the castle with Shatara?!”

“ What?!” Xena said with confusion in her eyes, and then her face took on a
thoughtful look and soon an enlightenment look.

“ Oh, Diana I just went to see if she had anymore information for me. Is that
what this is all about?” Xena asked with a sign of premature relief.

“ And that’s all?” Diana asked still glaring at Xena.

“ Yes.”

“ Why are you lying to me??!! They told me they saw you and her making out!”
Diana yelled.

“ What?!! Xena exclaimed with horror registering on her face. “ What are you
talking about, I have not been with her?!”

“ Stop lying to me! Your just making it worst!” Diana yelled.

“ Diana I am not lying to you. Who told you they saw Shatara and I making out?
I’ll have their tongue torn from their very throats for such a lie.”

“ Why? “

“ Why?! Because it’s a lie!”

“ Is it?”

“ Yes!”

“Well the people who told me, weren’t the only ones who saw you two together.”

“ Who else?”

“ ME!”

“ What?” Xena asked somewhat taken back by the accusation coming from Diana.

“ You heard me. I saw you, I saw you on the bed, both of you were naked, she
was on top of you kissing her way down. Did she please you Xena? Did you enjoy
being with her? Did you reach ecstasy the same way you reach ecstasy with me?
Was it worth the risk? Was it worth lying to me, deceiving me? Did you even
think about your vows to me? I don’t think so! Well Xena I hope it was worth
it, I am more hurt than the first time when you took Aphrodite, at least then
there was a legitimate reason, you did it for the sole purpose of getting me
back in your life, but this.....this was about having someone from your past,
being with her for the sole purpose of lust. I can’t believe you did this
Xena.” Diana expressed as tears rolled down her cheeks.

Diana then turned and headed for the door. Xena stood in shock, and then when
she saw where Diana was heading she choked out.

“ Why are you going?!”


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