By D.virtue

“ For a walk.” Diana said as she stood looking at the door.

“ Are you coming back or will I have to come and find you?” Xena asked.

Diana looked back at Xena and seeing the hurt shining, she turned back around
and answered.

“ Yes.” Diana then opened the door and walked out.

Xena stood where she was and just stared after Diana. Diana went back to the
Inn not expecting to run into anyone, but when she got there she went to the
Dining hall and sat at her table once again, this time she refused any food or
drink but instead just sat there thinking about what she was going to do, and
how Xena tried to pretend like she didn’t know what she was talking about.

“ Hello Di.” Came a deep baritone voice.

Diana startled, and then focused her eyes on the person who stood in front of
her table.

“ Gerard? “

“ Yes, have you forgotten me so quickly?” Gerard teased.

“ No. I mean no, how could I?” Diana said bringing her spirits up.

“ So, everything ok with you?”

“ Yes, why?”

“ Oh, no reason, I was just thinking about the way you suddenly left earlier
today.” Gerard said reminding Diana of her hasty departure.

“ Oh, yes, well I went to go check something out.”

“ And?”

“ And what?”

“ Did you find out what you were looking for?”

“ Yes I did. Anyway, I don’t really feel like talking about that right now,
tell me about what’s been going on back in the other time. How are all of my
sisters doing, and you guys? Are the companies still growing?” Diana asked
listing her questions so that it would keep Gerard talking about what she

“ Everyone and everything is fine, we all just miss you.” Gerard said
answering all of Diana’s questions with one sentence.

“ I see.”

“ So tell me what you found out about your Xena?”

Diana gave Gerard a look of agitation, but then let it go.

“ Di, I’m not here to upset you, all I want to do is love you.” Gerard then
moved to the other side of the table to sit right next to Diana.

Diana looked at him with confusion and then asked. “ What are you doing?”

Gerard took Diana’s hand in his and kissed the pulse area of her wrist. Then
he looked deep into her eyes and started to lean forward to kiss Diana’s lips.
Diana leaned back and said, “ I can’t, I love Xena.”

Gerard looked at Diana and then said, “ I know, but it’s obvious to even me
that she doesn’t take your relationship serious, I mean I’m new here and yet
the first thing I hear about is how Lord Xena is messing around with some
OTHER woman. Diana when you were with us you never had to worry about that, we
were dedicated to you and only you. You deserve better.” Gerard said with

Diana sat listening to him and although she agreed with him that she deserved
to be the only one in Xena’s life, she was not about to let Gerard know he was
right and she certainly was not about to let Shatara have her.

“ Gerard, what’s going on between Xena and me is our business, just like it
was when we were together.”

“ I can appreciate that Di, but I’m not asking for you to tell me anything
about the two of you and your relationship, I didn’t come here for that, I
came to see how you were doing, but to be told what I heard just really
bothered me and I had to find out if you were ok.” Gerard said evenly, hoping
that Diana was not seeing anything more than what he was putting out to her.

“ Gerard I know your just trying to help, and I really do appreciate it,
especially now, but I......” Diana was then cut off by Gerard.

“ Diana don’t shut me out, at least let me help you through this, ok? I mean
we were close for a longtime, I don’t see how you can just shut me out and not
let me help you through this, I still love you as much as I have always loved
you.” Gerard said as he smiled at Diana and she smiled back and begun to relax
little by little.

As the evening passed, Diana and Gerard were talking like it was old times,
although something at the back of Diana’s mind kept nipping at her, she put it
off to it being about Xena. Diana and Gerard left the Inn and was talking and
laughing as she showed him around the town.

When they had arrived back at the Inn Diana was about to say goodbye when
Gerard suddenly grabbed her and kissed her passionately. Diana tried to push
back at first but then she gave it up and just let Gerard kiss her. What Diana
didn’t realize was because of the lateness of the hour, Xena had come out
looking for her.

Xena had arrived in the town a candlemark ago and had gone to the Inn
initiately, but was told that Diana had left a while ago with some guy. Xena
tried to hold her temper thinking that maybe it was just one of the villagers
who wanted to either show Diana something or ask her to help him with
something, but when Xena was returning back to the Inn to check it once more
she came upon Diana and Gerard.

Xena’s eyes went black, she stormed over to where the two were and she hissed,

What in Tartartus is going on?!!”

Diana startled away from Gerard and stuttered. “’s not
what you think. “

“ Really?!! And just what do you think I should think, seeing my Consort
kissing some man?!! Xena asked sharply as she grabbed Diana by her chin and
pulled her to her.

“ Xe...Xena....this is Gerard, you know he was one of My Chosen?” Diana said
trying to explain, but then realizing by telling Xena that, that it was
actually about to make things worst.

“ GERARD?!!! FROM THERE?!! Xena shouted as she spun around to see the man.
What are you doing here?! Xena hissed with daggers flying from her eyes.

“ I came here to see Diana, I’m moving here.” Gerard said without flinching.

“ Your...Your moving here??” Xena echoed not sure she heard right.

“ Yes, and isn’t it something, I ran into Di? I wasn’t sure if I would find
her, but as luck would have it, I did.” Gerard said as he pulled Diana back to

Flames flew into Xena’s eyes, but she wasn’t in the move to talk to him, she
had other things she needed to get cleared up first. Diana stared at Gerard
slightly surprised that he was being so bold, and Xena glared at both of them
and then she snatched Diana out of his arms.

“ Diana I want you to get on my horse and wait for me. RIGHT NOW!” Xena said
through her teeth.

“ Xena, nothing happened.” Diana said hoping Xena wasn’t planning on doing
something to her.

Xena gave Diana a hard look and Diana didn’t say anything else, she just
turned and walked over to where Xena had her horse tied to and jumped up in
the saddle and waited.

“ And you, obviously your not a man of your word? You guys swore to not come
after Diana anymore, but you are.” Xena sneered.

“ I never promised any such thing, the others did, but you never saw my lips
form to make any such oath, in fact, if you remember it was me who told them
not to allow Diana to be taken by you. Ms Xena!” Gerard sneered back with just
as much contempt.

“ Well Gerard..... I suggest you go back and forget about Diana, She is mine
for LIFE, and you know as well as I do, that that’s a lot longer than the
normal lifetime.”

“ HaH!! You think she didn’t feel anything just now? I know you know better
than that, I plan on getting her back!”

“ Is that right?! Well let me lay it out for you Gerard in the language of
your time. Diana is not only my Consort but my BONDED MATE, MY SPOUSE!” Xena
said derisively.

“ WHAT??!! Your telling me that you two are MARRIED?” Gerard said stunned.

“ Yes. So before you think about trying to take ANYTHING from me, you better
think about THAT!” Xena then turned and strided away from Gerard leaving him
standing in the middle of the road with his mouth dropped open.

Xena jumped up into the saddle behind Diana and set out for the palace.

“ Xena?”

“ Save it!” Xena said tightly.

They arrived back at the palace and Xena jumped from the saddle, Diana
hesitated for a moment looking at the anger in Xena’s eyes, and then she slid
down from the saddle and Xena turned and they strided into the palace and went
straight to their chamber. Once there Xena told the guards not to disturb
them. Then she and Diana strided inside. Once the door closed Xena whipped
around and begun scolding Diana.

“ What in Tartartus did you think you were doing?!! Is that why you left, to
go meet him?!!”

“ Xena I didn’t go to meet him! I didn’t even know he was here, it came as a
complete surprise to me as much as it was to you.” Diana explained.

“ Is that right? Then why were you kissing him?!

“ I wasn’t kissing him, he was kissing me!”

“ Oh, yeah right! That’s why I saw you were trying to push him away from you
right?!” Xena accused.

Diana inhaled sharply into her nose and then turning away, she thought about a
response to Xena’s accusation.

“ Well?!!” Xena asked impatiently.

Diana then whirled back around and finally shot back!

“ You Have Some Nerve! It wasn’t me rolling around with somebody else. HE
KISSED ME! You on the other hand went to HER. YOU chose to be with her. Xena I
did not know he was here and I told him how I felt about you, he was one of
the one’s who told me that you were up there with her, I thought you were back
at the other palace, but NO! all along you’ve been going to see her, your the
one who lied and deceived me! Xena I may not be able to beat you in a fight,
but I can tell you this, It’s going to be a long time before I will willing be
bedded by you, if you take me, then it will be against my will. You Owe me an
apology and I won’t settle for anything less, I have not broken our vows, I
FOR ONE HAPPEN to take them very serious, unlike you! Obviously!” Diana then
turned and stormed out of the sitting room patio doors and went to stand

Xena stood with her lips pinched tightly together as she stood trying to
maintain her control as she listen to Diana accuse her of something she had
not done, and then make the threat of withholding her affections from her was
just something she was not going to tolerate, even if what Diana said had been
true! When Diana stormed out to the patio, Xena took a few moments to calm her
raging temper before she went out to confront Diana. After a moment or so she
turned and stormed out onto the patio.

“ For your information Consort! I was not with her, I was at the palace in
Greece taking care of what I told you I was going to do! “

“ Xena I saw YOU!” Diana shouted.

“ Don’t raise your voice to me Consort! You forget who your talking to! And as
far as what you think you saw you obviously saw wrong!”

Diana started to speak with a raised voice again but then stopped at the look
Xena was giving her.

“ Fine, I won’t raise my voice, but I know what I saw.”

“ Diana I was not up there with her, I wasn’t even here.” Xena said with a
more controlled tone of voice.

Diana just looked at her like she couldn’t believe Xena was standing there
telling her what she knew was a lie, or thought to be a lie.

“ Whatever you say Xena, just remember what I said. “ Diana said flatly as she
turned and headed for the doorway to go back inside, but Xena caught her arm
and speaking through clenched teeth she stated matter-of-factly.

“ Consort I have not lied to you and I will not tolerate you withholding your
affections from me when I know the truth and have told you. I will have you
whenever I choose to, is that clear?”

Diana was breathing somewhat hard but she then spoke through her own teeth. “
Whatever you say Lord Xena.” Diana said sarcastically.

“ DON”T GO THERE Consort!” Xena hissed when she heard the sarcasm. “ I’m
trying to be patient, but little girl your pushing it.”

“ I’m pushing it?! Diana screamed, as she glared at Xena and then jerked her
arm free of Xena’s loose grip. Then she pushed Xena backwards to where she
tripped over one of the reclining chairs to where Xena ended up sitting on it.
Diana then went and stood over the shocked woman. “Your the one who’s pushing
it!” Diana yelled at Xena and then she turned and ran towards the door.

Xena’s warrior side now came to bare, she jumped from the chair and flew after
Diana. Diana had just gotten to the bedchambers and opened the door seeing how
she had stopped running and was just sulkingly entering the room. Suddenly she
heard Xena and turning she saw what she could only describe as a vision, Xena
had her teeth bared and her eyes were slitted, her hair flying behind her as
she tackled Diana and sent the two of them flying so far backwards that they
landed on the bed across the room.

“ XE.....??!!!!” Was the only thing Diana got out before she was tackled.

Xena landed on top of Diana and was holding her down without effort as Diana
struggled to get up.

“ How dare you call me a liar. How dare you disrespect me in such a fashion. I
won’t allow it Consort, and you should know that. “ Xena seethe deceivingly
calm. While gazing dangerously at Diana. Who’s eyes now showed the fear she

“ X.e.n.a..? “

Xena suddenly sneered and lifted herself up and in one smooth move she had
Diana laying trapped across her lap.

“ XENA ! NO! PLEASE?!” Diana pleaded as she realized what Xena was planning.

Suddenly Xena flipped Diana’s skirt and Diana’s behind was open to the
punishment Xena had in store. Xena begun laying swat after painful swat onto
Diana’s reddening behind, as Diana screamed out in complete pain and true
frustration, she actually begun to think that maybe she was wrong about what
she thought she saw, but at the moment she was struggling to get loose from
Xena’s vice like hold, but with each lay of Xena’s hand upon her behind Diana
was losing that struggle.

Xena didn’t say anything, she just continued to punish Diana as Diana
continued to scream from the sheer pain that was now shooting through her
spine. When Xena finally finished she had laid over 150 full strength swats to
Diana behind.
She then lifted Diana up to stand but her backside was so painful that all she
could do was go to her knees and cried from the duel pain in her backside and
also in her heart.

Xena stood up and strided over to the door to leave, but just before she
opened it she glared back over at Diana and stated in a promising tone of
voice, “ I will punish you daily for every day you withhold yourself from me,
I will not take you against your will, I love you, but I won’t allow you to
think of me as a liar, I have not lied to you. I was at the palace doing what
I told you I was going there to do. I don’t know what you saw, but it was not
me, and I will not allow you to withhold yourself from me and expect me to
accept it.” Xena then opened the door and walked out leaving it open, but just
as she was heading for the sitting room door to exit the chamber one of the
guards was just about to knock .

“ My Lord, I was just getting ready to come and give you this.”

“ What is it? Xena asked sharply, of the trembling sentry, who was trembling
because of the death screams he had heard coming from the chamber.

Xena took the note and read it out loud as she turned back into the room and
walked over to the middle of the room.

“ Lord Xena, I have to admit you took me completely by surprise with what you
told me, it is absolutely amazing to me, but I wanted to let you know that I
will have her back even if....” Xena then stopped reading out loud and just
read the rest to herself. After she finished she had flames in her eyes.

“ Guard! Send Lt. Miki to me...NOW! Dancea get my weapons!” Xena commanded as
she turned and went back into the bedchamber, where she saw Diana had made it
onto the bed and was now lying on her belly with her head buried in her pillow
still crying.

Dancea ran into the room and begun to assist Xena with her armor and weapons.
Xena looked over at Diana and she thought about asking her for her help but
then she thought maybe Diana would be too upset and refuse, not that she
wanted her to fight, but because of what was about to happen she wanted Diana
at her side.

“ Leave me Dancea.” Xena said dismissing Dancea once she had helped her on
with her armor and weapons.

Xena walked over to the dresser and reaching inside she pulled out a silver
container. She then walked over to Diana and at first she just stood looking
down at her Consort as she continued to sob. Xena then sat down in an all
business like matter and opening the container she flipped Diana’s skirt up
once again.

Diana stiffened at the gesture, but Xena proceeded as if she hadn’t noticed.
She then begun to apply the cream to Diana’s reddened backside. Diana sobbed
harder and pleaded for Xena to stop, and when she went to put her hands behind
her to stop Xena, Xena simply caught her wrist and moved them out of her way.

When Xena had finished she simply got up cleaned her hands and turned and
wrote a note for Diana and left it on the table, then she left. Diana laid
there for a few minutes and then she noticed that the pain was subsiding, and
slowly she moved to her knees and then her behind and finally she stoodup.
Once she was standing she sighed a sigh of relief that the pain was gone, she
then thought about why Xena had done it, but then she thought what did it
matter Xena was wrong for doing it in the first place.

Diana then heard Gabrielle’s voice talking in raised tones out in the corridor
outside of Xena and her chamber.

“ Now what is that about? Diana asked of herself.

Diana went to open the door to the chamber to see everyone rushing around.

“ Something is wrong. Gabrielle?! Gabrielle?!!” Diana called as Gabrielle
looked over at Diana when she heard her name.

“ Oh! Diana, why aren’t you with Xena?”

“ What are you talking about?”

“ There’s been an attack in one of the villages.”

“ One of THESE Villages??!! Diana said in stunned amazement.

“ Yes. Xena went with some of her soldiers to check it out, she sent Miki back
to the other palace to tell the war advisors what was happening and to
prepare themselves just in case what is happening here starts to spill over to

“ Why did Xena have to go? Why didn’t she just send the soldiers?”

“ Because this attack was too precision, as if someone was sending a message
to Xena herself.”

“ What are you talking about Gabrielle?” Diana asked with concern registering
in her eyes.

“ This is only what was told to me by one of the soldiers who happened to be
passing by the village, he said he was heading to the town, but he saw an army
of soldiers riding into it and they captured and chained every woman and left
the threat that if any of the men wanted to see the women again then they had
better overthrow Xena the Conqueror, otherwise they would never see any of the
women again.”

“ Your not serious? Somebody actually attacked and took ALL of the women?
Girls and ladies?”

“ ALL. Diana I think this is going to get a lot worst before it gets better,
I’m scared.” Gabrielle admitted.

“ I know, but right now we have to focus and go and find Xena so we can help
her. Gabrielle I want you to send Ludmilla and Dancea to find Ephiny and
Nebula. Have Ephiny call up the Amazons, and have Nebula call up her pirates.
Xena has already sent someone to tell the advisors to prepare things at the
other palace. Gabrielle you remember what Xena and I said, if things start to
go bad you are to run, go to Xena’s hometown, ok?” Diana asked as she looked
deep into Gabrielle’s eyes.

“ Yes. I love you Diana.” Gabrielle then hugged Diana and they embraced each
other for a moment, then Diana broke the embrace and said, Gabrielle I love
you so very much, I could not ask for a better sister, I love you, and Xena
loves you.”

“ I know, if we should get separated, will you tell Xena I love her?”

“ Of course I will. Now we have to get going.”

“ Ok, Xena was last seen in Theasolain.”

“Oh, ok, I’ll see you in a little while, you and the Amazons.” Diana said as
she and Gabrielle prepared to split up, but then One of the Royal soldiers ran
up to them.

“ Your Majesty! I bring news from our Lord.”

“ What is it?”

“ Our Lord said that another two towns has been attacked and that the men from
the other two are headed this way, she’s heading after the attacking army with
her army She said for you to get out of here before the men from the towns get
here. She said they are out for blood and she didn’t want you or anyone being
caught here. So I am to escort you away from here using the traveller.”

“ Do you honestly think I will leave Xena out there to fight some army from
who knows where, all by herself, while I escape?” Diana then grabbed the
soldier by his armor and told him what her plans were. “ I am going to help My
Lord, My Mate, and you will do the same. But before I leave I will take care
of these men who are on their way here. I will not allow ANYONE to destroy
what I have built. I will speak with these men, but if they get unruly I will
strike them down MYSELF!” Diana hissed as she abruptly let go of the soldier.

“ Yes your Majesty, I will fight by your side.”

“ Fine, now, Gabrielle go and do what I have told you to do, get Dancea and
Ludmilla out there to locate Nebula and Ephiny. “

“ Ok. “ Gabrielle said as she turned to go but then she heard Diana call back
to her.

“ Gabrielle remember what your suppose to do if things change?”

“ I remember.”

“ Ok, go.” Diana ordered as she then turned and ran back inside and changed
rapidly into her sisters leather and armor, and grabbed her staff, and headed
out, but then stopped and turned and seeing Xena’s other sword she picked it
up and put it into her sheath on her back, she then turned grabbed a black
cloak and her and the Soldier ran out of the chamber and down to the front

Diana mounted a Black Warhorse, and she called up a half of the soldiers that
Xena had not taken with her. She and the 50 thousand soldiers headed into the
town of Gabrielle to head off the men who were coming, she had sent word ahead
for the guards to let no one enter the city.

When Diana and the soldiers arrived outside the city they saw the men from
the other towns had gathered outside the city and were throwing stones an
other things up at the guards, while the guards tried to avoid being hit by
any of the flying stones. Diana had ordered that none of the men were to be

Diana called for the Royal horns to sound to get the men’s attention. Once
they had, Diana rode her horse a little closer to the crowd of men and when
they turned they thought they saw a Goddess sitting astride a mighty horse.
Then they heard Diana’s voice.

“ Men of Xenadia! You know who I am?”

“ Yes we do, your the Consort to that Bitch Xena!” One of the men shouted.”

Diana’s eyes narrowed as she jumped from her horse and strided towards the
man, as she did she brought her staff and extended it so that it was ready.
She walked upon the man who had spoken so disrespectfully of Xena, as he stood
wide eyed as he stared at the woman bearing down on him.

Diana came to stop in front of the man, he was about her height, and had some
muscles to himself. Diana glared at the man and then she grabbed him by the
throat and lifted him up off of the ground. She held him there as she spoke.

“ How dare you speak of Your Ruler in such a fashion! How dare you speak of My
Mate in such a fashion, and How dare You lead these men here to attack My
Town! I will not tolerate anyone, destroying anything that I have had built!
This land was a gift to Our Ruler from ME, and I will kill each and everyone
of you if you don’t turn around and go home!” Diana hissed as she leveled her
gaze on each of the men who were gathered.

The man in Diana’s hand was gasping for air, but Diana paid him no attention,
she continued in her speech. “ Lord Xena has done so much for each and
everyone of you, and now when things look bad you turn on her, SHE is your
best protection against this army!”

“ Your Majesty, if it were not for her we would still have our wives and
daughters and mothers. The leader of the army that attacked my village told us
that if we ever wanted to see them again then we had better get rid of Lord
Xena. What were we suppose to do? Just wait around and have our love ones

“ Uh....” the man gasped as he started to black out.

Diana looked at him and then dropped him down to his feet, she then walked
over to the other man who had spoken and the crowd of men made way for her.
The man flinched as Diana came near, but then Diana stopped and her gaze

She then said in a tender tone, “ No, of course not, but this is not the
answer, besides the fact that I would kill all of you if any of you touched
Xena, but outside of that, the army that has taken your women, is obviously
trying to start a civil war so that his army could overrun the land and he
take it over, and then what? What will you have? Some killer who uses women as
his shield, and probably would use any of you as well to get you to obey him.
Is that what you want? “

“ Lord Xena is a killer herself and she was a tyrant as well.” The man pointed
out, as if Diana had forgotten.

“ I know who Lord Xena WAS, yes she still kills, but now it is as a punishment
for crimes against The Realm, and only after the accused has had a fair trial,
Lord Xena has changed and you all know it, you’ve seen it, you’ve experienced
it, you’ve tasted the generousity that is within her. You all have homes, each
and everyone of you, there is no homeless, those who are not as well off still
have the basic necessities, shelter, food, clothing and education for all of
your children. “ Diana listed.

The men started mumbling among themselves in agreement with Diana and then the
man whom Diana was speaking to suddenly spoke again.

“ Yeah, your right she has changed. But that’s because of you, your the one
who built this land for her, your the one who made sure we all had homes and
lands and things, if you hadn’t came into her life as well as our own then
Lord Xena would still be the tyrant she use to be!”

“ Your right about the fact that she would still be a tyrant, but your wrong
about who’s idea this was for the shelter for all. It was Xena’s. She thought
it would be the best way for a new land to grow, where all were guarantee at
least the basic in life. So if you want to thank anyone, I suggest you thank

“ How?” The man asked more calmer than when Diana first appoached him.

“ By standing with her against our common enemy.”

“ If we choose not to, what then?” One of the men asked.

Diana looked over at him and then leveling her gaze she said with conviction
and promise. “ That’s fine if you choose not to fight by her side, I don’t
have a problem with that. “

“ Good.” the same man said.

“ But! Don’t let me hear your fighting against us, otherwise it will be looked
upon as treason and I will personally execute any and all who stand with our
enemy and against The Realm of Xena The Conqueror.” Diana sneered as she then
turned on her heels and stride back to her warhorse and jumped up into the
saddle and called back to the men.

“ What is your choice?”

“ We stand with the Realm! Came the cry from the crowd as they raised their
fist in

the air in support of Xena The Conqueror.

“ Good, now go home and behave yourselves, The Conqueror will get your
families back. Trust Us.”

The men bowed and then they slowly filtered away and headed back for their
homes. The soldiers that were with Diana cheered for her . Diana gazed around
at the soldiers and then with a determined gaze she sounded the call to head
out to meet up with Xena.

Diana then headed in the direction that the army was heading which was towards
the palace, she bypassed the palace and went to one of the towns south of it.
There she expected to head off the army before they could attack it.

“ Captain, send word to the town to have All females taken to the palace where
they can be protected, also send a messager to each and every town that has
not been attacked and have the same thing done. I’m sure that Xena has already
done it, but just in case. Then I want you to report back to me, is that

“ Yes Your Majesty.”

“ Good. Oh, Captain, also have a message sent to Princess Gabrielle and let
her know where I am, and what’s going on.”

“ Yes your Majesty, I’ll have the messages sent out right away.” The Captain
then turned and went to carry out Diana’s orders.

When she returned she informed Diana that her orders were carried out and that
the messagers were to report back about whatever they found out.

“ Your Majesty, I have to tell you, I honestly don’t think Lord Xena would
like the idea that your in the line of sight of this Warlord, I know she has
spoke about the fact that you were not a warrior any longer but Her Consort.”

“ Kiara, I know what your saying and I would normally agree with you, but this
is different , this Warlord whoever he is, is more dangerous then any we have
face, or should I say she has faced. I will not sit back and allow her to be
hurt or worst if I know I can help with my battle skills. Do you understand?”

Kiara smiled and then said in a confident voice. “ Yes Your Majesty, I
understand, and I would like to ride at your right side into this battle?”

“ I would like that as well Kiara, thank you.”

The next few candlemarks were spent on preparations and feeding the soldiers.
Messagers showed up throughout the wait with word about Gabrielle and the
Amazons and how they were on their way, also that Nebula and her Pirates as
well as an Army from her homeland of Sumaria were on their way as well. Then
the messager that was sent to find Xena and her army arrived back with a
message that Xena was not happy with where Diana was position, and that she
didn’t think she would make it there before the army, but that she would
engage them before they arrived to the place where Diana waited.

“ Xena..... Don’t go up against them alone.” Diana thought to herself at the
message. Then she turned to the messager and told him and the other messager’s
to find the other’s and meet her and Xena outside the town of Laris where
Xena would engage the army of this warlord. She then told the messager that
located Xena that he was to go back and tell Xena that she was on her way to
Laris .

The Messager then spoke and said, “ Lord Xena told me to tell you that you
were under no circumstances to come to Laris, she would handle things there,
and that that this war would end there . “

Diana sat thinking about what the messager had said for about a moment and
then she stood up and said, “ Instead of going back to Lord Xena to tell her
we’re on our way, we’ll just meet her there.”

“ But your Majesty?!” Kiara exclaimed after hearing the order from Lord Xena.

“ Kiara I told you, we’re going.” Diana said firmly.

“ Yes your Majesty.”

“ Good now order everyone to mount up we’re moving out, NOW!

“ Yes Your Majesty. Mount up!”

Diana and her 50 thousand soldiers headed out with their supplies and things
that they needed. While they were on their way they evacuated all of the
cities they came to of the women if there were any there. Diana had read Xena
correctly, she had already sent messagers ahead to evacuate the female, but
the towns where the messager had not made it to, Diana reasoned that the
aggressing army was between the towns that had not been evacuated and the
one’s that had.

When Diana had sent scouts out ahead of the major army to locate any trouble
so that they could report back any signs of the army before they came upon it
unexpectedly. Diana’s army was coming from the east , Gabrielle and the
Amazons and Nebula were coming from the south and Xena’s army was coming from
the west of Laris.

While Diana was talking with Kiara about their plan of attack, one of the
scout groups came back and the lead rider came and bowed and said, “ Your
Majesty, we have located the army.”

“ Which army Remac? There are a total of five armies out here, be a little
more specific. Hmmmm?”

“ Yes Your Majesty, forgive me.”

“ Fine now which army?”

“ It was the enemy army, it was being lead by a man. “

“ How large was his army?”

“ Massive. looked like it was over 1 million soldiers, and they were all
highly trained from what we could tell.”

“ Really? Over a million, huh? Kiara.... how many soldiers did Xena take with
her ?”

“ Only 500 thousand.”

“ Hmm.... that means if All of the Amazons were brought then that would bring
another 100 thousand, plus Nebula’s pirates and her Army from her homeland,
would probably be another 200 thousand, plus the 50 I have here. Hmmm 850
thousand....hmmm....” Diana calculated as she thought about what she wanted to

“ Your Majesty, with Lord Xena and yourself I think we can handle this?”

“ Hm....” Diana said as she looked at Kiara and then around at her soldiers.

After a few moments she turned back to Kiara.

“ No! it doesn’t make sense to lose anyone because of arrogants, No, instead
Kiara I want you to go to Xena’s Palace in Greece and bring 1 million more of
Xena’s army here and send a million more to the palace here. Go. We’ll wait,
it should only take you a matter of an hour to get all of them here using the

“ Yes your Majesty.” Kiara said as she was dismissed and headed off and
throwing the traveller ahead of her she disappeared into it.

Meanwhile, Diana decided it would be prudent to get out of sight considering
that they were sorely outnumbered, so she turned to the callers and had them
announce her new orders until the rest of the army arrived.

Diana’s army hid in the terrain and waited for the rest of the army to arrive.
After about an hour and a half, Kiara and the rest of the army finally
arrived. Diana and the others came out and Diana smiled at Kiara and asked her
if she had filled them in as to what was going on?

“ Yes Your Majesty.”

“ Good, let’s go. Diana and her enlarged army now headed out once again but
this time they were more ready for what lay ahead of them. Remac lead Diana
and her army to the outer edge of where the army was located, when they got
there they found the army battling against another army.

“ Your Majesty! Look!” Remac called over his shoulder just as Diana came upon
his side.

Diana saw the battle and she immediatley scanned the field of Battle looking
for the leader of the opposing army, suddenly she heard Xena before she saw

“ Aiyiyiyiyiya!!!”

“ Xena’s war cry !” Diana exclaimed she already knew it was their army by the
uniforms, but she wanted to locate Xena before it got even more crowded,
finally she did.

“ There’s Lord Xena, that’s our target to get to Xena and destroy all of the
army that fights against us!!” Diana called as she then had the horns sounded
and they charged down the hill heading for the battle.

Both Xena and the Opposing leader and the soldiers who were fighting seemed to
stop for a split second and then went back to battle, but now they were
fighting more fiercely.

Diana and her army charged into the fray and Diana kicked and cutdown all who
were in her way of getting to Xena. Diana’s and Xena’s armies were battling
with fury, Diana finally flipped from her horse and landing on the opposite
side of Xena with rows of soldiers between them mostly of the opposing army,
both Xena and Diana fought to get to the otherside to each other.

“ Diana! I’m coming!” Xena called.

“ I’ll meet you halfway Xena!” Diana called back.

“Diana?!” Came a third call.

“ Gerard?! Are you ok?!”

“ No! I’m surrounded by an army that wants to kill us all! Gerard spoke
deceivingly, but Xena heard him and called back to Diana to tell her that he
was the aggressing army, but her voice was overshadowed by the sound of more
horns, this time it was the Amazons with Gabrielle and Ephiny and Nebula and
her army all leading the charge into the fray of warriors.

“ Gabrielle, Ephiny, Nebula, I’m over here east of you and Xena is west of you
right now, and there is a guy here who is near Xena from what it sounded like!
We have to get there to help them!!” Diana shouted to the leaders of the other

“ Ok, we’re on our way!” Came the call back from Ephiny.

Diana and the other women leader’s were taking out great numbers of the
opposing army with Xena and Diana taking out the most. Diana still had not
unsheath her sword but was using her staff, and at the moment she had it as a
wooden staff, and she was knocking soldier after soldier out as was Gabrielle
with her staff. Ephiny , Nebula and Xena had their swords and were bring down
for good any who came against them, Xena also used her Chakram also as she
sliced through one soldier with her sword and another with the Chakram.

The man Xena was initially fighting when Diana saw her turned out to not be
the leader but just one of the soldier’s who had some skill. Every now and
then soldiers from the women’s side were being injured and some were killed,
but overall they were winning.

Suddenly their came a different horn, this one was an ominious sound. They all
heard it, but it was Diana from her side who was able to see who it was.

“ XENA!! BEHIND YOU!! Diana screamed as she saw a whole new line of soldiers
dressed the same way that the opposing army was dressed, Diana reasoned there
must be 2 million more soldier’s.

“ By the Gods!” Gabrielle gasped as did Ephiny and Nebula.

“ Gabreille!! Remember what Xena and I told you?!!

“ YES!!” Gabrielle replied back.

“ DO IT!! Came Xena’s voice over the clash of swords and other weapons.

“ But?!!” Gabrielle begun.

“ NOW GABRIELLE!!” Diana and Xena said in unison, they saw what was about to
happen, especially Xena.

“Ephiny Your Princess!! “ Xena Shouted.

“ I got her Xena!” Ephiny called back as she rode her horse towards Gabrielle
just as the new army headed down to join the battle, she grabbed Gabrielle off
of the ground and rode like the wind out of the fray and throwing one of the
travellers ahead of them they disappeared into it and was gone.

“ Xena! I’m coming! Diana called as she saw the army engage into the fray and
Xena was now completely surrounded by the opposing army. Diana then turned her
staff into a double bladed weapon and she pulled her sword from it’s home for
the first time since the battle and now she fought like a woman possessed as
did Xena, the two could feel each other’s energy and Nebula who was rejoined
by Ephiny within moments they both saw the two women trying to get to each
other as they tried to get to either one of them.

The batlle was bloody, and Diana was not touched by any sword or weapon nor
was Xena, Diana had cut down over 10 thousand soldiers with only a hint of
perspiration starting to form on her brow, Xena had taken out double that and
was still going strong.

Finally after over candlemarks of battle a lot of both their armies were down
either from injury or death, but Xena and Diana had even the numbers by that
time, and now they were within moments of reaching each other when suddenly An
arrow was shot towards Xena and she caught it with her Chakram holding hand
but that left her open for a moment, a moment to long when suddenly she let
out a funny sound and when Diana looked over at her she saw the confused look
on Xena’s face as Xena then looked up at Diana and cocking her head a little
Diana broke the gaze for a moment and in what seemed like slow motion her eyes
saw the blade of a funny looking sword protruding out of Xena’s chest.

“ N.O!!!!!!!! “

Diana screamed as she saw Xena sink to her knees and blood poured from her
chest. Diana focused on Xena’s eyes and saw her gaze cast one of love.

“ XENA?!!” Diana screamed just as a soldier headed to strike Xena so as to cut
her head off, but Diana saw him and with fire blazing from her eyes she echoed
Xena’s warcry! “ Ayiyiyiyiyiyiya!!!! and jumped into the air and as she came
down on the side in front of Xena She blocked the downward stoke and quickly
disarming the man she bared her teeth at him and sneered.

“ Your going to die sooooo....very painfully....” Diana purred as her
fingernails extended out into deadly blades, she immediately begun a serious
of slashes at the man and as she did she cut different parts of his body off.

The warriors who had stopped fighting when Xena was wounded, now stood
watching in awe as Diana literally cut the man to pieces, until there was
nothing left of him but a bloody pile of small slivers of flesh. Diana covered
in blood then rapidly turned and went to her knees and leaning Xena against
her she first tested to see what the blade was by scratching it to see if any
of the metal would come off, when it didn’t Diana realized it was covered with
the same material as Xena’s dagger.

“ GODS!!! NO!! Diana screamed as she realized the situation. “ Xena? Xena? Can
you hear me? Diana tried calling her and then She decided to pull the sword
from her. “ This is going to hurt love.”

Diana pulled the sword out and she only heard a faint groan from Xena, she
then positioned herself so that Xena was now laying over her lap and Diana
remembered the cream that was put in Xena’s weapon belt and she immediately
searched for it and opening it she dug out some of the cream and begun to
administer to Xena’s chest wound. After she had finished she then tried to
reach Xena, but having not been successful with her mouth she decided to use
her mind.

“ Xena? Can you hear me?”

“ Kitten.” Xena answered weakly with her mind.

“ Gods! Xena you can’t die.”

“ kitten, didn’t I tell you to stay away from here?” Xena asked with weakening

“ Never mind that Xena, you can’t leave me, I wouldn’t know what to do.” Diana
said as her face showed her pain.

“ You would live kitten.” Xena said simply.

“ NO!! Xena..... if you leave me, I swear I will follow you!” Diana stated
with an oath.

“ NO! Xena shouted with her mind. You can’t, you have to stay here and look
out for the people, especially Gabrielle, how do you think she woud feel?”
Xena asked with some strength.

“ Xena don’t die on me, please? Please? Please, I’ll do anything, anything you
say, just don’t leave me. You can’t leave, I’ve just gotten use to having a
family.” Diana said trying to be strong.

“ Diana.....I don’t know if I will live or not, right now I am about to go
unconscious, but before that happens two things I need you to know.”

“ What?”

“ I love you kitten with all that is me, and I did not bed Shatara I swear

Diana cried both in her mind and also outward where as everyone stood
watching, no one noticed the figure making his way to where Diana and Xena
were, but as he did, Diana continued to talk to Xena with her mind.

“ I believe you Xena, I’m sorry I thought you had, please forgive me?”

“ I do. Now the other thing is Gerard, he was the one who was leading this
army. He wants you back and this was his plan to kill me and have you so
heartbroken that you turn to him for comfort. Don’t!”

“ I’ll kill him Xena.” Diana said simply with her mind.

Xena heard the emotionless response and she knew what Diana was planning.

“ kitten, you mustn’t let on that you know it was he who led this army,
otherwise no telling what he would do. Promise me.”

“ I promise, I won’t let on, right now.” Diana said readily. “ Xena the
bleeding has stopped and the wound is healing, I think your going to be
alright.” Diana said as she watched the wound.

“ I don’t know kitten, it’s going to be close, but remember always, that I
love you and I’ll always be here with you.....” Xena said as she finally ran
out of strength and succumbed to her wound.

“ Xena? Xena?! Please don’t be dead? Please. Diana cried as she looked at
Xena’s chest to see if it rose or fell the least littlest bit. Then she
checked Xena’s pulse at her neck and found a very faint pulse but it was
enough for the moment.

“ AH! Xena ok, ok, your alive.” Diana exclaimed as she felt it .

“ Suddenly Gerard was standing by Diana, and Ephiny and Nebula were standing
back behind him.

“ Is.... is.... is she dead? Gerard asked, as if he cared.

Diana heard the false sentiment, but she held her temper and instead simply
said , “ No.” She didn’t look up at him at that moment, probably because of
the look of death she had in her eyes.

“ You! You! Pick her up and take her to the healer’s back at the castle.” A
man called to the opposing army.

They walked over and started to take Xena away from Diana, but Diana’s nails
came out and Gerard seeing them knew he had to talk Diana down.

“ Di, I think it is better if we do what he says, otherwise they may just kill
her and your friends.” Gerard said as he gave a tilt of his head for the
soldiers to grab Diana’s two companions.

Diana looked up at the soldiers who now held Ephiny and Nebula and then she
looked at Gerard, and finally she looked back at the man who had given the

“ Swear she won’t be hurt any further!”

“ I swear, as long as you do what your told and don’t try anything?”

“ Fine! “ Diana said flatly as the soldiers moved in cautiously to lift Xena.

“ BE CAREFUL WITH HER!” Diana warned.

The soldiers bowed their heads in acknowledgement and then took Xena away, but
what Diana didn’t know was that they were taken Xena to the dungeon of a
castle that was conjured up by Discord, niece of Ares.

Meanwhile, Gerard continued to pretend as though he had nothing to do with the

“ Diana I am so sorry that she was hurt, I’m sure the healers will take care
of her.”

“ They better. By the way I want my friends to be let go, all of them.” Diana
stated as she stood up and played the game right along with Gerard.

“ Diana I’m sure the leader of this army wouldn’t have a problem with letting
all of the rest of these people go, I think he is happy with the fact that he
has their Ruler.” Gerard stated hiding a grin.

“ Good. “ Diana replied and then turned to Ephiny and Nebula and told them to
take Xena’s army and themselves away, back to the palace, but stand ready,
just in case.”

“ Diana we won’t leave you here by yourself! “ Ephiny and Nebula both
protested in unison.

“ You’ll do as I’ve commanded! “ Diana said sharply.

“ Yes, Your Highness. “

The two women looked at Diana and saw she meant what she was saying and then
they looked at the man who appeared to be leading the opposing army, and
seeing him give a nod of his head the two women turned and mounted their

The call went out to Xena’s groups of soldiers to mount up and withdrawal.
Diana stood watching the massive armies disengage, as the wounded and the dead
soldiers of Xena’s Army were taken with Ephiny and Nebula.

The battle had been lost this day due to the critical wounding of The Ruler.
But Diana swore to herself that the war was not over. Meanwhile the man who
spoke as the leader of the army then walked up to Diana and gazing at her he
then made an offer to her.

“ Considering you have withdrawn your army, I will allow you to be a guest,
rather than a prisoner in my castle.”

“ Castle, the one up on the hill?!” Diana asked through her teeth.

“ There’s another castle? Hmm..... I didn’t know that, well makes no
difference, it’s not the one I’m speaking of, my castle is a few days ride
west of here.”

Diana looked at him suspiciously, but held her tongue. Then she turned to

“ What are you doing here Gerard?”

“ I was captured back in the first village. I had gone there to check out the
possibility of living there, rather than the city where I saw you again.”

“ Why?”

“ Because after what I heard about how Lord Xena was messing around on you, I
knew I couldn’t stay that close to the Palace and not be tempted to go there
and give her a piece of my mind.” Gerard said tightly.

“ I see, how unfortunate for you that your timing was so bad. How is it that
they captured you and left the other men of the village?”

“ For that reason, I wasn’t from that village or any of them so he thought
maybe I would be of some value to his army.” Gerard said trying to show the
logic behind the armies actions.

“ Hm... well lucky for me, right, your here?” Diana said with a look of
dubiousness in her eyes that Gerard misread as affection.

“ Yes, I guess it is. “ Gerard answered back. Then turned his attention to the

“ Terson, what will happen to the warrior woman?”

“ We can talk about that later, right now I want to get back to my castle and
celebrate this glorious victory.” Terson said as he turned and went and
mounted his horse.

Gerard turned to Diana and asked, “ Do you want to ride with me? Seeing how
you have no horse?”

Diana didn’t say anything for a moment and then after meditating in her mind
to keep calm she stated simply , “ Ok.”

They all mounted up and were soon on the move.

“Where is Xena?”

“ She’s with the healers, remember?” Gerard said as he steered the horse with
Diana in front.

“ I know she’s with them but where are they? Do you know?”

“ Yes, they took her back to the castle.”

“ But that’s such a long ride ! “ Diana exclaimed as she thought about the
jarring Xena must have gone through.

“ Diana if you do what he says, I think he will be less in clined to hurt you,
or her, if she isn’t already dead?” Gerard said with a grin lighting his face.

“ NO! she’s not dead, I would feel that! She’s going to be ok, I know it!”

“ I hope your right.” Gerard replied.

“ I know I am.” Diana reponded, and then spoke under her breath. “ She has to
be alright.”

The army made it to the castle and while it did not look anything like
Shatara, just the fact that it was a castle that appeared out of nowhere Diana
remained suspicious that Shatara was behind this, although she couldn’t figure
out why she would want to see Xena hurt or possibly worse, but she had her
suspicious, and as soon as she had a chance she was going to find out.

Meanwhile Diana and Gerard and Terson and the Lt’s all dismounted and strolled
into the castle to the dining hall that was setup and waiting for the victors
to return.
When they entered the hall they were greeted with applauses and slaps to the
back and congratulations at the capture of Xena The Conqueror. Diana sneered
at the revelers, but she held her tongue.

Terson took the seat for the leader, and Gerard and Diana were instructed to
sit by him and his Lt’s sat on the otherside.

“ Let the entertainment begin! Terson called.

Diana watched for a moment, the juggler’s and dancers, and then she turned her
attention to the only thing that she wanted.

“ I want to go see Lord Xena.”

“ No. “ Terson replied.

“ Why not? Have you done something to her?” Diana accused, hoping to bate him
just so that she would have the excuse to kill him and Gerard.

“ No, I gave you my word I would not hurt her, and she has not been hurt.”

“ Fine, then let me go and see for myself.” Diana insisted.

Gerard saw the slightest glimer of Diana’s nails starting to show, and he knew
that if Diana was not allowed to see Xena she would probably lose it and
cutdown everyone in the dining hall, except for him, but he needed Terson to
play the role as the leader and him a captured man who just happened to have
battle skills.

“ Terson, I think it would not do any harm for her Majesty to see Lord Xena,
as long as Her highness gave her word that she would not try to escape with
her?” Gerard stated as he turned the question part to Diana.

“ Fine whatever.” Diana responded curtly.

Gerard smiled at her and she tried to keep from feeling ill at what she knew
he was thinking, so instead she gave a quick smile and then refocused her
attention on Terson.

“ Hm... well I guess it will be alright for her to see her, since she’s given
her word. I’ve heard that you are very committed to your word and you are not
one to break it? Therefore you have permission to see her.”

“ Good, I want to go now.”

“ Now, but I wanted you to enjoy my hospitality?” Terson said hoping to delay
Diana’s departure.

“ I will enjoy it more by seeing Lord Xena.”

“ Ok, Guards escort Her Majesty to Lord X.E.N.A.’S..... cell.”

“ CELL?!! I thought you said she was taken to the healers?!” Diana said
jumping to her feet and Gerard going to his to prevent Diana from striking
down the man.

“ Di, she was taken to the healers, but she is a prisoner of war and you know
as well as anyone that irregardless of what has happened to an enemy, one can
not treat an enemy any differently than other prisoners of war are treated,
except for the fact that because of who she is, I’m sure Terson has put her in
a cell by herself?” Gerard said trying to calm Diana as he asked Terson
discreetly if he had done what he had been told to do with the Conqueror.

“ Yes, she is alone. Now if you want to see her, I suggest you go now?” Terson
stated trying to hide his fear. But Diana saw it as if it were the sun itself.

Diana glared at the man for a moment longer and then she turned and strided
towards the door with the guards escorting her to the cell. Meanwhile Gerard
turned to Terson and they spoke freely for a while about the job Terson was
doing and how he had to every now an then reprimand Gerard for something, just
to keep Diana from suspecting he was in with Terson and his army.

“ Lord Gerard, your plan is working exactly as you said it would, especially
after you stuck that sword Ares gave you into The Conqueror’s back, the look
of surprise on her face was priceless.” Terson praised as he laughed at Xena’s
critical injury.

“ Yes, it did go pretty much like I planned, but I have to admit I was not
expecting such a massive army, and especially with Diana leading it. I thought
you told me that Xena didn’t allow for Diana to fight as a warrior?”

“ She didn’t, I suspect that Lady Diana took it upon herself to ride.”

“ Well, I guess it still worked out, at least Xena is near death and Diana is
here with me, and eventually I hope to make her marry me.” Gerard said as a
smile broke out across his face. Terson just grinned back wickedly in return.

The two men continued to plot while Diana in the meantime had been taken to a
cell at the end of a corridor, and down a steep set of stairs.

“ She’s kept way down here?!” Diana asked with contempt.

“ Yes, Your Majesty.” One of the guards said with surprising respect.

Diana turned to look at him and he made a slight bow as Diana saw the
tenderness and gentleness in his eyes. She turned back around so as not to
give suspicion to the other guards, but she decided she would see what he was
about as time went on to see if he would help her and Xena later.

They arrived at the cell and the guards opened the door and Diana went inside,
and then turned and said, “ I want to be alone with her.”


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