By D.virtue

“ I.....I, don’t know what to do.” Gabrielle admitted.

Questra lifted Gabrielle’s chin and looking her deep in the eyes she said, “
I’m sorry to hear that, but if you figure something out I’ll be in town at the
Inn there.” Questra then let go of Gabrielle’s chin and turning her attention
to Xena and the remaining guest she made her apologies for interrupting, and
gave her appreciation of the hospitality Xena and Diana had shown her.

She then bowed her head slightly and then turning to leave she gave Gabrielle
another gaze and seeing Gabrielle trying to think of something to say to her
to keep her from leaving, Questra turned and strided out the dining hall and
went to pack her things to move to the Inn in town where Callisto had gone.

Gabrielle stood watching after her as she went and then holding herself she
stood trying to keep from crying in front of the whole dining hall. Diana once
again tried to get up and again Xena stopped her.

“ Xena?”

“ A hug is not what she needs right now, she needs to go and talk to her as
well as Ephiny.” Xena informed Diana.

Gabrielle finally turned around to face Xena and Diana.

“ I don’t know what to do.”

Diana was near tears for her sister and she had to swallow a few times to keep
herself from losing it. Xena answered Gabrielle’s Question.

“ Go and talk to them, you have to be honest with them.”

“ But I was.”

“ weren’t Gabrielle, you misled one and mistreated the other, and
that hurt both women.”

“ But I ......” Gabrielle said trying to say something.

“ Lord Xena may I?” Nebula said offering her two dinars.

Xena nodded her head and Nebula nodded back.

“ Gabrielle, I know how your feeling. You’ve only been in love two maybe three
times, if you count the feelings you had toward Diana when you two first met,
but either way that time and the time you were in love with someone else at
this table, it was a one-sided thing, both loved you, but not the way you
would have liked, and now there are four women vying for your attention, two
of which are still at this table, just more stunned and somewhat hurt that
they were not told, but there are two others who are hurt to their hearts,
both love you, but while you care about Queen Ephiny and possibly love her,
you weren’t sure if she was the one, but having been friends for so long, it
seemed a natural development to take it to another level, and that’s what
Ephiny wanted to do. When you told her there was a possibility that the two of
you could get together, you meant that , At the time right?”

“ Yes.”

But then, as life usually does, unexpected things happen, and this situation
is not that usual. A stranger comes along, and before you know it, your swept
off of your feet and flying in the clouds, your only focus is this new person
in your life, I believe her appearance had a lot to do with drawing you to

Gabrielle nodded.

“ Yes, but it’s not her appearance that has stolen your heart, it’s who she
is right?”

“ Yes.”

“ Who is she Gabrielle?” Diana finally was allowed to ask a question of her
own sister.

Gabrielle slid into the chair by Nebula and looking at the table she collected
her thoughts and then she lifted her eyes and spoke.

“ She’s the most wonderful person, she tells me poetry, and stories, she tells
me about places I have never been, she’s told me about her past, and the fact
that she is a well known and honored warrior in her lands. She’s funny, she’s
smart, she so wise, she’s told me about the oracles of Delphi, She’s gentle,
yet strong, she’s beautiful, everytime she’s around me I get these butterfly
type feelings in my stomach, I find I am speechless when she looks at me in
certain ways, I also know what you’ve been saying all this time Diana, about
the thrills that run through you when Xena touches or anything. It’s like
waves of energy that starts in all of your extremities, and they all collide
in your chest and spine and then crash in your belly?”

“ Right?”

“ Right.” Gabrielle repeated. “ I don’t want to lose her. What do I do?”
Gabrielle asked looking to Xena and Diana for guidance.

“ Go and talk to her, tell her exactly what you’ve told us.”

“ Hmm....You think she’ll forgive me?”

“ I don’t know, that’s up to her...and you to convince her too. You also need
to go and speak with Ephiny, you really hurt her.” Xena said making sure
Gabrielle didn’t forget about her friend. “ And Gabrielle I think you owe two
other people an apology as well?” Xena said gesturing to Atalanta and Shatara.

Gabrielle nodded her head in understanding and rising up out of her chair she
went to sit to where she could see both women. Taking a few deep breaths
Gabrielle then looked at the two women, who were now sitting looking at her.

“ Atalanta, Shatara, you both are dear friends to me, and I know of your
feelings for me, and although I didn’t pursue them, I didn’t reject them
either, and therefore I misled you two as well, I’m new to this love thing,
not that excuses what I’ve done, but I hope it will help to explain it. I
truly enjoy your friendships, and I hope I haven’t ruined that, but if you
feel you can’t be my friend any longer because of what I’ve done....I......I
will understand, although I will admit, I would miss you both. I hope you can
find it in your hearts to forgive me?” But if not, I just want you both to
know I am truly sorry.” Gabrielle then lowered her eyes trying to hold back
the tears that was threatening while Diana let her roll.

Atalanta stood up and walked around to where Gabrielle sat and squadding down
to come eye level with her she then said, “ I forgive you Gabrielle, and I
would never want to lose your friendship.” She then kissed Gabrielle on the
forehead and Gabrielle lost it, she leaned into her and hugged her, as
Atlanata held Gabrielle. Then Atalanta went and sat back down in her chair and
Shatara stood up and went and sat in the chair next to Gabrielle.

“ Gabrielle, I just discovered you as a friend, and although I am disappointed
that things won’t workout for us, I would never want to lose your friendship
either. I forgive you.”

Gabrielle again wrapped her arms around the neck of her friend and cried. Then
Xena chimed in.

“ Gabrielle, I think you really need to go and speak to Questra and then
Ephiny before they leave?”

“ Yes, your right. Can Diana come with me?”

“ No.”

“ You do need to do this on your own sis, but know whatever happens, I’ll be
here for you, we all will.”

“ Okay.” Gabrielle said as she stood and somewhat reluctantly she headed out
of the hall to go and find Questra and then Ephiny. She found Questra in her
room packing up the last of her things.

Gabrielle knocked on the door and waited until she heard Questra’s musical
voice tell her to come in. Gabrielle walked in and went to the bedchamber and
pushing the door open a little more she stood in the doorway watching
Questra’s agile hands and fingers fold and then store her clothes in the pack.

“ What is it Gabrielle?” Questra said without looking at the door.

“ I don’t know how you do that?” Gabrielle said trying to break the ice.

“ I memorized your scent Gabrielle.” Questra stated matter-of-factly.

Gabrielle slightly blushed at the statement, and then she nervously begun to
move her hands while she tried to tell Questra what she wanted. Questra tried
to be patient with her, but soon she stopped packing and stood straight up to
her full height and crossing her arms over her chest she asked Gabrielle

“ What is it you wanted Gabrielle?”

Gabrielle stopped her nervous movements of her hands and looking up into
Questra’s eyes she said honestly.

“ I don’t want you to leave.”

“ Why shouldn’t I Gabrielle?”

“ Because I’m sorry.”

“ I’m sure you are, but Gabrielle that doesn’t help how you made me feel, I
felt like a stranger trying to buy attention from someone who claimed that
they were mine already. It hurt. And then for you not to be honest with me,
well....Gabrielle, I can’t abide with someone who will be dishonest,
especially in situations that involve the heart. It’s not right t play with
other people’s feelings, I would never do that to you, and I thought I could
trust you to not do it to me? But I see I was wrong.”

Gabrielle let the tears roll down her face but she moved closer to Questra
and then said in a contrite voice.

“ I am so very sorry, please give me another chance, I promise I won’t let you
down, I don’t want to lose you, I feel at peace when we’re together. I’m new
at love especially returned love.”

“ Gabrielle the only thing I ask is that you are honest and faithful,
everything else will fall into place if those to thing exist. Just be honest
with me!”

“ I’m trying.” Gabrielle said frustrated that she was not getting through to

“ Then tell me what was going on down there?”

Gabrielle looked up at Questra and then she told her.

“ Ephiny, Atalanta and Shatara all wanted me to be with them, Ephiny was the
only one I seriously thought about, the other two, I didn’t want to hurt their
feelings so I didn’t reject their benign attention. But I still ended up
misleading them because of that. “

“ And what of Queen Ephiny? How do you feel about her?” Questra asked as she
sat down on the bed without taking her eyes off of Gabrielle.

“ She was the only one of the three I had seriously thought about being with,
she once asked me if I could see myself with her and I told her possibly, but
I would have to see how things went between us.”

“ Did you ever tell her you loved her?”

“ No, I mean I’ve told her I loved her as my dearest friend, but never as
anything more.”

“ Really?”

“ Yes.”

“ Has she ever had you?”

“ No.”

“ Has she ever touched you in ANY intimate way?”

“ Other than a kiss to my forehead and once on my lips, no.”

“ What lead to the kiss on the lips?”

“ Excitement over the success of this land.”

“ Hmmm....If I forgive you, and take you back, will I have to worry about you

“ No.”

Questra narrowed her gaze and then she said, “ Gabrielle before I give you my
answer, I want you to know something.”

“ What?”

“ I know Lord Xena punishes Lady Diana when she gets out of line, or out of

“ Yes.”

“ Well, most warriors do the same thing, and I am no different, I expect you
to do as I tell you, I don’t expect for you to question me, unless you believe
in your heart that I maybe making an error. Whenever I am around, I expect to
be your focus, as you will be mine. Be honest with me, and faithful and you
won’t have to suffer being punished by me. I am not as moody as Lord Xena, but
I can be just as mean. I don’t expect for you to come and live with me, unless
we get bonded, but I do expect you to visit as often as I say so, as I will
visit you often. I am the type to get jealous, but I will ask you for your
side of the story before I decide whether you need to be punished. If you are
unfaithful after I tell you my answer, I won’t dismiss you, instead I will put
a tighter rein on you. Do you still want to be with me bard?”

“ May I ask you a question?”

“ Always?”

“ What would you use to punish me?”

“ Whatever is necessary to get my point across. Why?”

“ You would use a whip on me?”

“ If necessary, but I wouldn’t use it to scar you, just let you feel the sting
of it.”

“ I see.”

“ Gabrielle, no matter what relationship you get into there is always
punishment, it’s just a matter to what degree, and who your dealing with. So
again I ask you do you still want to be with me, and abide by my rules?”

“ Yes.”

“ I’m pleased with your answer, but you still have to make this up to me?”

“ How?”

“ take off your clothes.”

“ Now?”

“ Now Gabrielle.”

Gabrielle removed her clothes and stood nude before Questra’s gaze.

“ You have a beautiful body Gabrielle, I would never do anything to it to scar
or leave any permanent marks. I want you to go and lay upon the bed on your
stomach, with your head resting on your arms on the pillow. Go.”

Gabrielle moved to the bed and laid down as she was told.

“ Gabrielle?”

“ yes.”

“ I’m going to whip you, but it will be with a leather strap, this is only to
move us past this whole dishonesty and unfaithfulness, so that we’ll start
with nothing between us, ok?”

“ yes.” Gabrielle said as she then turned her head and buried it in her arms
into the pillow.

“ Ten.” Questra said telling Gabrielle the number she would lay on her.


The strap landed across Gabrielle’s behind, and Gabrielle screamed into the
pillow, although it was still loud enough for some parts of the Palace to
hear. Diana and Xena heard it and Diana was trying to get to her feet to go
and see after her sister, she didn’t know who was hurting her, but she was
determined to return the pain in kind.

But Xena held Diana to her as Diana struggled to get loose.

“ Xena let go?!!”

“ Be still!”

“ No! One of them is hurting my sister!!”

“ Questra is punishing Gabrielle.”

“ What?!! She has no right to strike My sister!!” Diana hissed as she tried to
plant her feet on the ground to get better leverage to stand up.

“ I said be still Consort! I won’t say it again.” Xena warned.

Diana looked back at her and then seeing the warning in Xena’s eyes she
stopped her struggling, but then she stated in an contemptible tone.

“ She’s wrong for doing that to Gabrielle, and your wrong for not letting me
go and stop her.”

Xena licked her lips, she was determined to be patient with Diana, despite
Diana not understanding. What was happening.

“ Consort, Questra has every right to punish Gabrielle for what she has done,
just like I would punish you if you had done it, just like others would punish
their mates had they done the same thing, you should know better than anyone,
that once the person is punished it allows for people to move forward in their
lives without dwelling on some past misdeed.”

“ But Gabrielle’s not use to being punished?”

“ True, but seeing how she has chosen to go into a relationship with a
warrior, it is something she will have to get use to.”

‘ Xena I can’t let her scar Gabrielle, her mother will never forgive me.”
Diana said with tears forming in her eyes as she thought of the disappointment
Gabrielle’s parents would have in their eyes for her at seeing Gabrielle
marked for life.

“ I don’t think Questra will do that?”

“ But you don’t know that?”

“ No I don’t know. Ok, kitten, if it will make you feel better I will go and
speak with Questra?”

“ It will. Thank you.”

“ Your welcome.”

“ Can I go?”

“ No.”

“ Why?”

“ Because Gabrielle will more than likely be very emotional, and if I know
you, which I do, you’ll lose your temper and I will have to rein you in and
I’ll probably end up punishing you. So, to save all of that, you are not
allowed to go with me, come near the chamber, or send anyone near the chamber
to listen. Clear? Good. Now give me a kiss.” Xena stated and asked without
waiting for any type of response, not that she was expecting any in the first

“ Fine. But it’s not fair, she is my sister.”

“ Exactly. Now give.”

Diana leaned back and Xena claimed her lips and for long moments, then she
broke the kiss and rising out of the chair she strided out of the dining hall
and left Diana trying to compose herself , while the others smiled at her.

Xena arrived at the chamber and after she heard Questra say all done, Xena
knocked on the door.

“ I’ll be right back Gabrielle.”

Questra went to the door and opened it.

“ Lord Xena.”

“ Am I disturbing you?”

“ No, not really, I just finished punishing Gabrielle.” Questra stated
honestly and without reservation.

Xena acknowledged her right and then said, “ I understand.”

“ Please come in Lord Xena?”

“ Thank you. Is she alright?”

“ She’ll be fine. May I see her?”

“ Of Course. This way.” Questra said as she showed Xena into the bedchamber.

Xena located Gabrielle on the bed still shaking from the punishment, but
covered by one of the blankets. Xena walked over to the bed and without saying
anything she lifted the blanket back and looked at the punished area. She then
smiled and recovering Gabrielle, she turned to Questra and with relief in her

“ I am very pleased to find you know what your doing with a leather strap. I
was concerned that you would scar or mark her by accident permanently.”

“ I understand your concern, but I have no intentions of marking or scarring
Gabrielle for life or for any long period of time. At least not in this
context of things.”

Xena gave a grateful smile and then said, “well then I will leave you to
attend to Gabrielle.”

“ Thank you for not interfering. I know it was not your idea to initially come
up here, but her sisters. To which I fully expected to see her instead of

“ She wanted to come, but I didn’t think it was a good idea, especially seeing
how protective she is of her family. I was afraid she would get into

“ She’s a handful huh?”

“ And then some. But that’s what keeps me on my toes.”

“ I’m sure she does, she must considering how often you have to take a strap
to her?”

“ She’s a very stubborn person, who doesn’t like to be told what to do,
despite it being the way it has always been. She’s very passionate about her
family, and friends and would do anything to protect them from pain,
irregardless of the reason.”

“ I’d wager she would even have offered to take Gabrielle’s punishment for

“ You would win that wager.”

” I understand her passion, I too would do the same, but you understand why I
would have refused to allow her to take the punishment?”

“ I do, you had to move past all of the hurt, and the only way to really do
that is to punish and then let it go. As a warrior and a Ruler I out of all
people realize this.”

“ I knew you would.”

“ Well, I will let you get back to her, this was the first time she has ever
been punished.”

“ I could tell.”

“ Very well then.” Xena said as she turned and headed for the door.

“ Lord Xena?”

“ Yes.”

“ I won’t ever hurt her, just to hurt her, and I won’t scar or mark her.”

“ I’m pleased to hear you say so, although I sort of already knew that. I
believe you have her best interest at heart and because of that reason, I will
not interfere in your relationship.”

“ What about her sister?”

“ Well, their sisters, but I will make sure to let her know the limits.”

“ I couldn’t expect anymore. Thank you.”

“ Your welcome. Will you be staying?”

“ Yes.”

“ Good.” Xena then turned back around and strided out the door.

She made it to the staircase before she ran into Diana.

“ What are you doing?”

“ I....I “

“ You weren’t just on your way to Questra’s chamber were you Consort?” Xena
asked with her eyes narrowing.

“ Well....yes Xena I was, it was taking you so long.”

“ Didn’t I tell you I would handle things?” Xena said as she grabbed Diana’s
ear and pulled her to her.

“ Owww.... yes, but I was worried.”

“ About what?”

“ I...I don’t really know what, but I know I was worried.”

“ well it was irrational of you to worry, and it was disobedient of you to
head for that chamber. So, I guess I will have to punish you.”

“ Aw but Xena, I didn’t get close to the chamber, and I didn’t send anyone, so
technically I didn’t disobey you?”

“ Nice try. Come on, I have just the punishment for you.” Xena said as she
pulled Diana by her ear to their chamber, where once there she took Diana so
many times that she had Diana promising her all kinds of things if she would
only stop to let her rest.

Diana laid across the bed exhausted, while Xena stretched and felt

“ AH! delicious kitten.” Xena purred in Diana’s sensitive ear and a shiver ran
down Diana’s spine in response.

Then Xena dressed in her Royal robes after cleaning up and went to hold court
while Diana recuperated. Meanwhile, back in Questra’s chamber Gabrielle had
awaken from the sleep she had drifted off into.

“ How do you feel Gabrielle?” Questra asked as she held Gabrielle’s head in
her lab and was stroking her hair.

“ Fine except my behind feels like it is on fire.”

“ It’s going to feel like that for a few days, and then the redness will
disappear a few days after that.”

“ Will I be able to sit down?”

“ Yes, of course. But it will be quite painful. But if your good, then I may
put something on your bottom to take away the pain?”

“ When?”

“ When I decide.”

“ Okay.”

Questra then laid Gabrielle’s head on the pillow and slid down on the bed and
laid on her back and pulled Gabrielle over onto her. Gabrielle’s body
immediately flushed as a result.

Questra begun kissing Gabrielle and then she moved to Gabrielle’s neck and
down to her breast, where she sucked hard, until she heard Gabrielle begin to
plead with her for more.

Questra ran her hands along Gabrielle’s hips and then slipped on around front
of Gabrielle’s thigh and sliding upwards she slipped into the slickness of
Gabrielle’s nether lips. Once there her touch was firm but gentle, she found
Gabrielle’s peak and begun squeezing and pinching and pulling at it.

Gabrielle was gyrating her hips against the firm touches and Questra smiled
into Gabrielle’s breast and begun rubbing the peak. Gabrielle was moaning and
her breathing was erratic, and her heartbeat was pounding out of her chest.

Questra slid down to the entrance of Gabrielle’s chaste area and lifting her
head from Gabrielle’s breast she spread her thighs thus spreading Gabrielle’s
more,she then slid back up on the bed so that she was looking Gabrielle in the

Questra then slid a finger into Gabrielle’s chaste gate and Gabrielle’s breath
caught in her throat. Questra watched every reaction and allowed her body to
react to it. She pushed further into Gabrielle and Gabrielle’s muscles begun
to strain against the strong finger, then Questra pushed further and Gabrielle
was panting by now. Then Questra touched it. Gabrielle’s Maiden Head. She
pushed against it just enough to tell Gabrielle that it was back.

“ OWWW.....” Gabrielle groaned.

“ Do you know what that is Gabrielle?”

“ I’m not sure?”

“ It’s your Maiden Head.”

“ What?! How?”

“ Lord Xena obviously has some special gifts. She didn’t want you to not be
able to give a gift to whomever you chose to fall in love with.”

Gabrielle laid her head on Questra’s shoulder and once again she cried at the
love she had for Xena, her sister, Questra and all of her friends and family.

“ Your such an adorable bard. I love you Gabrielle, and I hope one day we will
bond as Xena and Diana has.”

“ I feel the same way Questra.” Gabrielle said through her tears as she raised
up her head enough to look her in the eyes.

“ Really?”

“ Really, I love you, I know that now. I didn’t understand everything that I
was feeling within myself, the butterfly stomach, the speechlessness, whenever
you look at me a certain way, the desire to want to please you, and make you
happy. The draw I feel towards you is amazing. The thrill you send through me
with your touch or a smile or gesture. Your poems touch me deeply. There are
so many things that I could only dream of in someone, and you have meant all
of them and then some. I do love you Questra, please don’t ever leave me?”

“ I won’t, no matter where I go, you are my home Gabrielle, remember that. I
will always be faithful to you, and Honest without a doubt. I just want to
love and make you happy the way you make me happy when we’re together.”

Gabrielle smiled and then somewhat timidly she slid her hand down into
Questra’s soft hairs and Questra raised a brow at her and Gabrielle bit her
lips as she gained more confident in what she was doing. When she rubbed her

against Questra’s clit, Questra closed her eyes and moaned. Gabrielle smiled
as a result and then she became braver in her touch, she caressed the peak for
a bit, and then when Questra said in a tight voice.

“ Down.”

Gabrielle assumed she meant for her to move her hand further. so that what she
did, she slipped one finger into Questra and heard Questra tell her more.
Gabrielle continued slipping fingers inside until she didn’t hear Questra
order more.

Gabrielle now had four fingers inside of Questra’s opening. then Questra took
over and pulling her finger away from Gabrielle’s Maiden Head she begin
pumping into Gabrielle’s chaste Domain.

Gabrielle lost her concentration for a few minutes until she felt Questra
moving against her fingers, and then she met the rhythm Questra had set and
soon the two were thrusting into one another, only Questra made sure not to go
to far as to break her word to Xena.

Soon both women were calling the other’s name. Diana and Xena both heard it
and Diana wasn’t sure how she was feeling about it, she was happy, and yet sad
in a way. Xena on the other hand smiled and continued to dole out the
punishment to those who deserved it.

Later after the two women recovered, Questra begun nipping at different parts
of Gabrielle’s body and at times she would suck on some part. Gabrielle
squirmed away when she could, only to have Questra pull her back and continue.
Soon Questra was taking Gabrielle again.

Gabrielle’s orgasms were body shaking, and Questra thrilled by them and
released from seeing them, and most of the times feeling them next to her
Afterwards the two women laid in each others arms just caressing one another.

“ Questra?”

“ Yes my Bard?”

“ I have to leave and go talk to someone. If that’s ok with you?”

“ Who?”

“ Ephiny?”

“ Why?”

“ I need to work things out with her.”

Gabrielle raised up on her elbow and looked Questra in the eyes.

“ Trust me.”

“ I do Gabrielle. You may go.”

“ Your not mad?”

“ No, actually I was expecting it, you should go and speak with her. She was
very hurt.”

“ I know.”

“ But I will admit, I am pleased that you came to me first, rather than go to
her, it showed me what your priority was. I know you two have been friends for
quite a while, and I would hate to think that I was the cause of that ending.
Go and talk to her, but don’t do anything that you think will disappointment,

“ Yes. I won’t, I promise.” Gabrielle said relieved that Questra understood.

Gabrielle started to move t get up but Questra caught her and bringing her
back to her se stated in factual tones.

“ Never leave or enter anywhere where I am without properly saying goodbye or
hello, if you know what I mean?”

“ I think so?” Gabrielle said as she leaned down and kissed Questra.

Questra then pulled back and with a smile she said, “ Just like that. Now go.
I’ll be around when you return.”

Gabrielle eased out of the bed and gingerly went and cleaned up. Then she
headed to see Ephiny.

“ Where is Queen Ephiny?” Gabrielle asked of one of the Amazons.

“ She is in her residence Princess.”

“ Thank you.” Gabrielle said then turned and went to Ephiny’s.

Gabrielle located Ephiny in the atrium to her bedchamber looking out the

“ Ephiny?”

Ephiny turned and looked at Gabrielle, somewhat surprised to see her.

“ Gabrielle? What are you doing here?”

“ I came to talk to you.”

“ Really?” Ephiny said as she turned and headed into her bedchambers leaving
the door open for Gabrielle if she wanted to follow.

Gabrielle walked into the chamber and closed the door and then walking to
where she could stand facing Ephiny, she once again begin to move her hands

“ Why are you nervous Gabrielle?”

“ Because I don’t know how to say this without hurting my dearest friend?”

“ Say it straight.”

“ Okay. Ephiny I know I hurt you badly, but you have to know I did not do it
on purpose?”

“ Really?”

“ Yes Really. Ephiny when I told you there was a possibility that we could get
together, I meant that at the time, I thought of nothing but that for weeks
after you asked me. I think you are a wonderful person, and anyone would be
proud to have you as a constant in their lives.”

“ Gabrielle don’t patronize me.”

“ I’m not, or at least I’m not trying to, I’m just trying to explain what’s
going on.”

“ What is going on Gabrielle?”

“ Ephiny Questra showed up out of no where and before I knew what happened I
was in love with her. I didn’t plan on anything like this happening, But
Ephiny dear friend please understand I can’t do anything about how I feel, for
to do so would be to lie to myself. Which would do no one any good, I would be
miserable and whoever I was with would be miserable if I didn’t follow my
heart. Ephiny I have never felt this way about anyone, I mean I care about you
and I love you as my dearest friend, but I am so IN Love with Questra, I get
dizzy just thinking about her sometimes. Ephiny when you left the dining hall
hurt I wanted to come after you right away, but I had to handle things with
Questra first. I didn’t want to lose her in my life as my companion, and I
truly didn’t want to lose you as my friend. I have learned so much from you,
and I know I can learn more from you. Please don’t let this ruin our
friendship, I need you in my life?”

“ Gabrielle, I was hurt that you could not be honest with me. Honest enough to
come to me and tell me that you had found someone else. Gabrielle I don’t want
to hold you back from being happy, if Questra makes you happy then I am happy
for the both of you, but I need you to be honest with me always?”

“ I will I promise. Forgive me?”

“ Yes Gabrielle I do forgive you, and this will not effect our friendship.”

“ Thank you for understanding.”

“ No Gabrielle, I didn’t say I understood, I accept it, but I don’t

“ Okay, well thank you for accepting this.”

“ Your welcome. “ Ephiny said as she opened her arms to Gabrielle and
Gabrielle went into them and the two hugged each other. Then when Ephiny broke
the embrace Gabrielle told her she had to get back but she was happy
everything was fine between them. Gabrielle then turned and Ephiny caught her
on her behind with a firm swat, causing Gabrielle to nearly jump out of her
skin in pain.

“ What was that for?”

“ For being dishonest with a friend.”

“ Gods, between the two of you My behind will never stop hurting.” Gabrielle
exclaimed as she rubbed alongside of her aching behind.

“ What do you mean the two of us?”

“ Questra whipped me for the same reason, plus being unfaithful.”

“ She whipped you? Let me see.”

“ Ephiny?”

“ Let me see Gabrielle.”

Gabrielle raised the back of her skirt up and Ephiny covered her mouth to
prevent a hardy laugh from escaping her mouth.

“ What?”

“ Nothing, she did a great job, you deserved it.”

“ I know I did. But for Gaia sake, I didn’t know how painful being punished
could be.”

“ Well, that’s what comes with relationships with warriors.”

“ So I found out. Well I have to go, I don’t want to keep Questra waiting.”

“ Ok, I’ll see you later Gabrielle.”

“ Yes. Bye, and thank you.” Gabrielle called back as she disappeared into the

Gabrielle located Questra in talking with Xena about something, and she saw
Diana towards the back of the room looking as though she was pouting.
Gabrielle walked in and Xena looked over at her and and motioned for her to
come into the room.

“ Gabrielle it’s good to see you up, how do you feel?”

“ Great, except for my bottom, but I don’t plan on having to receive anymore
of those.” Gabrielle said with a blush coloring her cheeks.

She then looked at Questra who was sitting with her long legs crossed, and her
head slightly cocked like she was waiting for something.

“ Oh.” Gabrielle said once she realized what Questra was waiting for.

Gabrielle went over to her.

“ Hi.” Then she leaned down and was pulled down onto Questra’s lap and kissed

“ Hello my Bard.” You remembered, I’m pleased.”

Gabrielle smiled and Questra smiled and hugged her to her. Gabrielle melted
into the sentiment . Xena watched the interaction and she sent a thought to
the pouting Diana.

“ She’s happy kitten, I suggest you come to terms with this, it looks like
it’s going to be a long term relationship if not longer.”

“ I see.” Diana sent back and then stood up and walked over to where everyone

“ So you decided to come and join us Diana?” Questra asked.

“ Yes.”

“ Well I don’t mind, as long as your done pouting. Although you are quite
adorable. But I see why you are punished as much as you are.”

“ You don’t know anything about me Questra.”

“ Kitten be nice.” Xena warned sending the thought to Diana.

“ Oh, Diana, I know more about you than you think.”

“ Really? And just where did you get your information from?”

“ A friend of yours.”

“ Who?” Diana asked not impressed so far.

“ Indite.”


“ How do you know her?” Diana asked shocked by the information. As was Xena.

“ So really brings you here Questra?” Diana asked point blank.

“ It’s as I told Lord Xena when I first came here, but it’s also because of
Indite, she told me my destiny was to be found in the Realm of Xena The
Conqueror. So logic says start with the dominate factor, since she
specifically mention The Conqueror, I thought this was the best place to be to
find that destiny. I know I’ve found it.”

“ What My sister?”

“ Yes, and you and Lord Xena. But You and I little girl are going to have a
long talk.”

“ Excuse me? I’m not a little girl.” Diana stated with resentment sounding.

“ You heard me. We are going to have a talk, and if I have to hold you down to
do it then so be it.”

“ You couldn’t hold me down, even if you tried.”

Questra smiled and lifting Gabrielle up to a standing position, she sat her
down in the chair and walked over to where Diana now stood with her arms still
crossed acrossed her chest.

Questra gave a glance to Xena to see if she had any objections, and Xena gave
a slight sign that it was okay, but not to get carried away. Questra moved
towards Diana and Diana’s eyes narrowed.

“ Questra?” Gabrielle called as she became worried about her as well as for

“ Put your arms down Diana.”

“ I don’t really feel like it.”

“ I didn’t ask you if you felt like it. I said put your arms down.”

Diana stood looking Questra in the eyes, although she had to admit to herself
that it was a little intimidating. With the Sapphires focused squarely on her.

Questra’s hand came up surprisingly quick and before Diana knew it her arms
were hanging down by her side and she had tears in her eyes at the pain that
was running through her.

“ Shall I take it off.”

“ Yes!” Diana stated disrespectfully.

Questra’s brow came up and she cocked her head at Diana and asked her again.

“ I’ll ask once more, and I expect a more respectful response. Shall I take it

Diana stood both angry and shocked, as well as chastised, so finally after the
pain becoming to much, she humbled herself.

“ Please take it off?”

Questra immediately did it and then stood looking at Diana.

“ We’ll talk alone in two candlemarks.” Questra stated rather than asked.

“ I maybe engaged in something else.” Diana said trying to regain some of her

“ She’ll be there Questra.”

“ Xena?” Diana gasped at the side Xena was taking.

“ You know how I feel about things, you two need to talk.”

“ What if I don’t want to?”

“ You’ll do it regardless of what you want Consort.” Xena warned.

“ Fine.” Diana said and then turned to face Xena.

“ May I be allowed to leave for now?”

“ Yes.”

Diana then kissed Xena and then turned and walked to the door to leave, then
she heard Questra’s voice again.

“ Diana, I’ll see you in The Royal lounge.”

Diana stopped and listened and then looking back at Questra, she answered.

“ Fine.” Diana then strided out of the chamber.

“ Why did you do that Questra?” Gabrielle asked somewhat surprised by the
skill used to chastised Diana.

“ Because she has no reason to act the way she has been towards me, she’s
under the belief that she can be disrespectful to me and I will allow it. I
will not allow it. No matter who she is. Lord Xena understands what I am

Gabrielle looked to Xena and Xena explained further.

“ Gabrielle, Questra is right, you know Diana can be very disrespectful if she
doesn’t like something or someone. Normally I would not let Diana be chastised
by anyone but me. Mainly because I know how dangerous Diana can be if she
feels cornered. Diana is my heart, but I do not approve of her being
disrespectful to anyone, but there is no one else that I know of who can
handle Diana, other than me, and now Questra.”

“ So your going to allow someone else to punish Diana?”

“ No, I will be the only one to punish Diana, but I will not stop Questra
from getting Diana to give her the respect she deserves. Diana has no right to
be angry with Questra. She’s just doesn’t know how to deal with you being in
love with someone and accepting whatever punishment that goes along with your
behavior. Diana was shaken up to hear you in such pain. She’s use to being
able to protect you and her other sisters from such punishment, but today I
did not allow her to do that, I believe you deserved to be punished, and I
would have punished Diana for the same reason if she had done what you did.
She’s going through some new feelings that she doesn’t know how to deal with,
so she uses her willfulness to try to scare Questra off, but today Diana
found out there’s at least one other woman who can defend herself. Her
feelings are hurt right now, and I would wager they are going to get more so
by the end of the day.”

“ Questra are you planning on trying to rule over Diana?”

“ No, that’s not my place that’s Lord Xena’s place, I only plan on making it
clear to Diana that I will not tolerate her disrespectfulness towards me. I
see Diana and myself as great friends, but she has to know where her limits
are in regards to me. I will not let her or anyone dictate to me how I should
handle what is mine. You Gabrielle, are mine. If I feel you need to be
punished I will do so, if I feel I need to handle you in a certain way , I
will not tolerate anyone interfering. Especially your sister. While I realize
how much Diana loves you, she has to realize there are times she needs to just
step back. This is one of those times Gabrielle.”

“ I understand. I just feel bad for her, she only wants to protect me.”

“ I know Gabrielle, but now that’s my job.”

Gabrielle nodded her head in understanding and then she gave a small smile as
she looked back up at Questra and then at Xena.

“ What?”

“ I was just thinking?”

“ What?”

“ Well, it’s just that it’s sort of ironic that you out of all people are
capable of handling Diana. But then it makes sense considering how you look.
It still amazes me.”

“ I hadn’t thought about it like that, but it is rather coincidental?”

“ Yes it is.” Xena agreed.

The three women talked until it was time for Questra to meet Diana. She
arrived at the Royal Lounge a few minutes before Diana and so she took a seat
on one of the corner sofa’s, there was no one there at the time, which Questra
knew there wouldn’t be, she had gone to the lounge many times with Gabrielle
at that time.

Diana arrived a few minutes later and scanning the room she located Questra
and walked over to where she sat.

“ Your on time. I pleased to see you have manners.”

“ Hmm....what do you want to talk to me about?”

“ Sit, we’ll be here for a while I think.”

Diana looked at the offered seat besides Questra, but instead, she sat in one
just across from her.

“ Diana I’ll start by saying that I’m sorry if I what I did with Gabrielle
disturbed you, it was not my intentions. I only punished her for a misdeed.”

“ You shouldn’t be punishing her at all. She is the most loving person I have
ever known, an she does not deserve to be punished.” Diana stated earnestly.

“ While I agree with you that Gabrielle is a true light, she does have some
things that need correction at times. I know your use to taking the punishment
for your other sisters, but I’m sure you realize that it would not be
appropriate for me to punish you for a misdeed by Gabrielle.”

“ What did she do that would warrant her to be punished?”

“ She lied to me.”

Diana looked up at Questra thoughtfully, and then she said,” I’m sure there
were reasons, one of which is the fact that she is new to all of this?”

“ Answer me this Diana? Would Xena allow you to lie to her, for ANY reason?”

“ No. But this isn’t about Xena and me, this is about you and Gabrielle.”

“ No your wrong, this is most definitely about You. You see Diana, while I
understand your protectiveness of Gabrielle, you have to realize that that is
now my responsibility, and I take it on willingly and happily, I will continue
to make Gabrielle happy, and I will allow you to see your sister when we bond,
if you can get it through that pretty head of yours that it is I who rules
over Gabrielle now. I will not allow you to interfere with how I handle my
mate, just as I’m sure Xena would not allow anyone to tell her how to handle

“ You would try to keep my sister from me?”

Questra’s eyes narrowed at the way Diana’s statement rung in her ears.

“ I would forbid Gabrielle from seeing you until you came to terms with our
relationship, it is not your place anymore to tell Gabrielle who she can and
cannot be with. She has made her choice and you have a choice to either accept
that or deal with the consequences of your choice.”

“ Gabrielle would not allow you to keep us apart Questra.”

“ Gabrielle will do as I tell her, just as you do as Xena tells you.” Questra
stated with a affirming arch of her brow.

Diana sat back on her sofa chair and crossed her arms as she thought about
what Questra was telling her.

“ I know your not use to the feelings your having Diana.”

“ You don’t know what I’m feeling.”

“ Sure I do. Your confused about Xena’s behavior earlier, your angry at me,
her, and even Gabrielle. You feel like Xena has taken sides against you, and
Gabrielle just accepts it willingly because she wants to be happy like you and
Xena. And me because I’ve stolen your sister’s heart and you feel like your
about to lose part of your family, and for some unknown reason you don’t
understand why your having all of these feelings, because you of all people
realize how love can complete a person’s soul, and you want Gabrielle as well
as all of your friends to feel that completeness, but your having a hard time
accepting that there is someone in Gabrielle’s life that is doing that. Your
classic family. you wish and hope for the best for your loved ones and even
encourage it, but when it comes to the possibility that a relationship will
turn into something long term with the possibility of that loved one moving
away, your natural instinct is to fight against it. Only with you it’s a
little deeper than that, family is everything to you, and I realize that.
Diana I am not here to take Gabrielle out of your life, no one could do that
and expect for Gabrielle to be happy. Diana I don’t expect for you to just
accept me at face value, I don’t mind your questions, or your concerns. But
what I do mind is your disrespectful behavior, I will not tolerate it, and if
I have to put you in your place then I will. But you will render me the
respect and decency I deserve and render unto you.”

“ Oh, yes right, that’s why you put that touch on me? because you were being
respectful and decent to me?” Diana said sarcastically.

“ Sarcasm isn’t necessary. Anyway, I did that because you challenged me in
front of Gabrielle.”

“ Oh, so your the type who has to flaunt her power?”

“ No, I’m a warrior just like Lord Xena and I know for a fact she would have
done the same thing to someone who challenged her. Matter of fact isn’t that
how the two of you met? You challenged her and you lost, am I right?”

Diana nodded her head, but Questra waited for an answer.

“ Yes. It’s true.”

“ I know, but I wanted to see if you would be honest with me.”

“ So I take it honesty is all important to you?”

“ It is. For without honesty then there would be chaos and unhappiness. I
don’t choose to live around such things.”

Diana lowered her eyes for a moment thinking, and then she lifted them back

“ Your right. I have been feeling confused about a lot of things as far as
yours and Gabrielle’s relationship. But I don’t want her hurt.”

” I won’t ever hurt her heart. That I will promise you. “

“ will you make me another promise?”

“ Depends on what it is.”

“ Will you promise to talk to her first and find out what’s going on before
you punish her?”

“ I’ve already made that promise.”

“ You have? To who?”

“ To Gabrielle.”

“ Really?”

“ Yes, I wouldn’t lie to you.”

“ Hmm...well....thank you. But you’ll have to be patient with me while I get
use to the two of you?”

“ I have no problem with patience, just behave yourself and I won’t have to
straighten you out.” Questra stated seriously.

“ You know you got lucky?” Diana stated at the challenging words.

“ No, I’m one of your Chosen, but I’ve went through a change so that I would
not cause you to respond to me as such.”

“ Wait, wait just a minute, your telling me your a Chosen of mine?”

“ Yes.”

“ That’s not possible, how can you be? I mean I feel no connection with you?”

“ I know, like I said I underwent a change so that you wouldn’t. Indite knew
some people from Rah’s planet, they did it.”

“ Hmm...I’m confused, how is it then that you are destined to be with
Gabrielle if you were my Chosen? And while I’m asking questions, does Xena
know this?”

“ Because, it was destined for me to undergo a change for the sole purpose of
not attracting you, but allowing me to attract the person I was meant to be
with. Indite told me that my looks would automatically attract you, but if you
didn’t feel that connection, then you would not be drawn. I see it worked.
Although at first I was a little concerned, I did feel you tighten when you
first saw me, But then Xena kept you under control which allowed you time to
compose yourself.”

“ I thought you said there was no connection?”

“ There isn’t. Well I can feel you, but your not able to feel me.”

“ You feel me all of the time?”

“ No, just at times. Usually when your highly aroused.”

“ Hmm....Then it must be most of the time.”

“ A lot, but it doesn’t effect me in any way accept for the fact that I find
it very interesting to the extend to which you are arousable.”

“ I see.”

“ Relax Diana, I have no desire for you, my eyes are only for Gabrielle.”

“ Ok, so does Xena know this?”

“ No, shall I tell her?”

A smirk came to Diana’s lips and then she looked at Questra with a raised

“ uhhuh, so you want me to tell her hoping she’ll throw me out?”

“ Well I wasn’t exactly thinking about her throwing you out.”

“ I’ll tell her, that way there is nothing about me that causes her any
concerns about me.”

“ Okay fine. Well I have to go, is there anything else that you want to talk
to me about?”

“ Depends, have I gotten through that pretty head of yours?”

“ Yes, but I’ll be keeping my eyes on you.”

“ That’s fine, just don’t interfere with anything that concerns my
relationship with Gabrielle. I’ll protect what is mine.....Fiercely.”

“ I’ll try.”

“ No, not good enough. I want you to do it.” Questra stated firmly.

Diana sat thinking about whether she could do what Questra practically was
ordering her to do.

“ Well?”

“ You wanted me to be honest with you, and I will be, I will try, that’s all I
can do.”

“ Alright, I’ll accept that for now, but be warned, I will put you in your
place, if I feel you are interfering.”

“ I understand.”

“ I’m pleased, then you may go, I will go and find Gabrielle.”

Diana stood up and turned and left the lounge and Questra sat for a few
minutes longer and then decided to go and talk with Xena before she went to
find Gabrielle.

“ Lord Xena, do you have a few minutes?”

“ Yes.” Xena said as she sat back down in her chair in her counsel room and
motioned for Questra to do the same.

“ What is it Questra? How did your conversation go with My Consort?”

“ There’s something I want to tell you, that at first I didn’t think was
important, but after talking with Diana, I think it is?”

“ What’s that?” Xena asked with a raised brow.

“ I am a Chosen, of Diana’s.”

“ Your what?” Xena asked less shocked than what Questra thought she would be.

Questra went on to explain everything to Xena and answered all of her
questions to Xena’s complete satisfaction.

“ Ok then, now that that is out of the way, I don’t see any reason to move

“ Neither do I, I am completely satisfied with your answers as well as I know
there is no connection of Diana to you, it there were then she and I would
have felt it, I through her of course. But I can feel your moods.” Xena
informed Questra.

“ Good, so you know I’m telling you the truth about who I have feeling for?”

“ Yes, I knew the first day.”

“ Well if anyone would it would be you.”

“ True. So how did your talk go with Diana?”

“ Very well, I didn’t have to get physical with her at all.” Questra teased,
then she got serious. “ Diana is very passionate about protecting Gabrielle,
But I think I got through to her that it is no longer her place, but mine.”

“ Well your right, Diana is very passionate. But I will make sure to reinforce
what you’ve told her.”

“ Thank you Lord Xena, I appreciate that.”

“ Your welcome, but call me Xena, Lord Questra?”

“ know about that?”

“ Yes, I didn’t at first until Callisto and I were alone and we got into a
conversation about something, and it was something she said that made me think
she is just one of your advisors.”

“ Yes she is, but she can be a handful sometimes. But she’s an excellent
advisor, who I trust to do what I tell her to.”

“ Well, I understand why you let her play the role of leader. You knew I would
most likely not allow you to get close to Gabrielle knowing you were a ruler
from another kingdom?”

“ Partly, but the real reason was I didn’t want to spend a lot of my time in
meetings, especially after I got to know Gabrielle.”


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