By D.virtue

“ I see that.”

“ Good, Now I have two questions for you Xena, one do you have a problem with
the idea of Gabrielle and I staying in the same room? And do you know where
she is?”

“ No, I don’t have a problem with that, and Yes I know where she is. She’s
said she was going to the Concert Hall of music and theater.”

“ Hm...wonderful, I do love a well rounded woman.” Questra said with a
delighted gleam in her eyes.”

Questra found Gabrielle and went and sat down next to her.

“ Hello Gabrielle, did you miss me?”

“ Questra...I always miss you.” Gabrielle said with joy registering in her

“ Good answer my sweet little bard.” Questra said as she lifted Gabrielle up
out of her seat and sat down in it and put Gabrielle on her lap and then
pulled her down for a loving kiss.

“ Mmmmm.....” Gabrielle moaned as she melted into Questra’s arms.

“ So, what has my little bard been up to since I’ve been away talking to your

“ Nothing, I just came here to watch some of the rehearsals for one of the
plays their going to be putting on soon, it’s a love story of sorts.”
Gabrielle said with a blush coming to her cheeks from the look Questra was
rendering on her.

“ Your such a romantic soul Gabrielle.”

“ Only with you Questra.”

“ Hmm...I better be the only one.” Questra said with a warning in her tone but
humor in her eyes.

“ You are.” Gabrielle confirmed.

Questra stayed at the Palace for another two weeks and she and Gabrielle spent
all of the time together. They would be out by the lake with Questra laying on
her back and Gabrielle sitting next to her either she telling her a story or
Questra telling Gabrielle one.

When they were in the Gardens Questra would make flower jewelry and place it
on Gabrielle, which only served to delight Gabrielle.

“ How do you know how to do things like this?”

“ Don’t sound so surprise Gabrielle, just because I’m a warrior does not mean
I have no interest in things like this. I am a very romantic person myself,
but you should know that by now?”

“ I do, it’s just I don’t think Xena knows how to do this, or at least has any
interest in doing it.”

“ Hmm....I think Lord Xena would surprise you, she obviously has some romantic
heart, otherwise why would Diana be so completely in love with her?”

“ Hmm...I guess your right, but for the life of me I can’t think of anything
right now.”

“ Well I’m sure she does. Diana is quite versed in many things.”

“ How do you know?”

“ I’ve spoken to Diana on many occasions since our initial conversation.”

“ Oh. So do you think she’s coming around?”

“ What do you think Gabrielle?”

“ I think so. She tells me she truly wants me to be happy and if your the one
who does that then she’s happy for me.”

“ You believe her?”

“ Yes. I know it’s hard on her, she for some reason feels like she’s losing me
or something.”

“ Gabrielle you have to understand that when you and Diana met you were
literally just a child, she’s watched you grow up to a beautiful talented,
loving woman, whom she has help train in many things, she told me that when we
decide to bond she wanted to give you a gift, but she wouldn’t tell me what it
was, anyway, Diana has been more than just a sister to you Gabrielle, she’s
been like a surrogate mother, as has Xena. And it is because of that reason
that Diana feels like she is losing not only a sister but a daughter. I’ve
told her she’s not, but the only way she will believe it is when she see’s
that you still need her.”

“ I understand. She has been my life since she’s come into my life, I would
never want to do anything to hurt her. I just want to please her.”

“ You have. But I want you to realize Gabrielle, the person whom you now
should be concerned with about pleasing is me. I’m not saying your to forget
about Diana, by no means, but I am now your priority as you are mine. You

“ Yes.”

“ I’m pleased then. “

“ Can I as you something Questra?”

“ Anything.”

“ Do you have any other.....lovers?”

“ No.”

“ Do you have a harem or anything like that?”

“ No. Gabrielle you are the only lover in my life and I hope that You’ll soon
become my Consort?”

“ Your Consort? How can I become your Consort I mean I thought Consort was the
term used by Rulers and people like that?”

“ It is.” Questra said with an amused gaze.

“ You mean ......your...your a Lord?”

“ Yes Gabrielle, Callisto works for me, she is one of my advisors.”

“ But why did you pretend that she was the ruler?”

“ Because I didn’t feel like being in meetings all day, plus I didn’t pretend
like she was the ruler, she never said she was, and I certainly never said it,
it was just assumed because I let her talk first.”

“ Hmm....”

“ It one way of telling who a leader is, they will usually speak first or be
announced. But then there are times when it can be used as a way to deceive an

“ But that’s not what you were doing?”

Questra gave Gabrielle a look of questioning and surprise.

“ No, Gabrielle that is not what I was doing, you know better than that.”
Questra scolded slightly.

“ I’m sorry, your right I know you weren’t”

“ Apology accepted. Anyway, would you want to be my Consort?”

“ Are you asking?”

“ Maybe, depends on what the answer will be?”

“ Well.....I’ll tell soon as you ask?” Gabrielle said softly.

Questra cocked her head at Gabrielle in a thoughtful way, and then she pulled
Gabrielle down to her and proceeded to kiss her fervently. Gabrielle’s cheeks
flushed from it and then when Questra’s hands begun making dangerous advances
towards her chaste entrance, Gabrielle’s whole body became flushed and hot.

Questra rolled over and now had Gabrielle underneath her as she made her way
down Gabrielle’s neck to her breast, after opening Gabrielle’s blouse. Questra
gazed at the soft peaks not yet aroused to tautness, she flicked her tongue
over one and then the other and watched them begin to firm up. A smile came to
her lips as they did, then ever so slowly she leaned in and took one of the
peaks slowly into her mouth.

Gabrielle dug her nails into Questra’s back, but Questra didn’t seem to
notice, but instead begun to suck the peak in and out. Gabrielle’s breathing
was rapid and irregular, and Questra ran one of her hands behind Gabrielle’s
back and arched it more so that she had even more contact with the now taut

While the two women were engaged Diana and Xena happened to come into the
area. They both instantly heard the sounds radiating around the garden from
someone in obvious passion.

“ Hm, maybe this isn’t the place for us to get involved in anything?’ Diana

Xena looked at Diana and figured Diana didn’t realize who it was that was
making the passionate sounds.

“ What?” Diana asked noticing the way Xena was looking at her.

“ Nothing, your right let’s go.”

Just then Diana heard Gabrielle’s voice.

“ By The Gods Questra!!”

Diana whipped around and her eyes went dark. Xena saw it and it became a race.
Diana shot off in the direction of Questra and Gabrielle, Xena right on her
heels and telling her to stop.

“ Diana stop now!!”

Diana acted as though Xena had not said a word and just as Xena launched at
Diana, Diana launched at Questra, but lucky for Questra she saw her coming and
prepared herself. Xena missed Diana and landed on her feet, just as Diana flew
at Questra.

Questra caught Diana and rolled with her, then just as they were about to stop
rolling Questra threw Diana away from her and came to her feet. Luckily she
was still dressed. Diana rolled and then came to her feet a moment later. Her
eyes filled with rage towards Questra for taking advantage of Gabrielle’s
innocence, at least that’s what she thought she was doing.

“ Diana how dare you interrupt me and Gabrielle?”

“ How Dare you!!” Diana hissed back.

“Consort get over here!!” Xena ordered as she stood by Gabrielle glaring at

“ No Xena I can handle this! I told you Diana I would not allow you to
interfere with my relationship with Gabrielle.”

“ Questra your wrong! You have no right to take advantage of my sister!” Diana
shouted with anger tainting her tone.

“ First of all Don’t shout at me. Secondly I was not taking advantage of her.
But even if I was, it is none of your business.”

“ It is when I think your wrong.”

“ Xena we have to do something, I’m afraid Diana will hurt Questra?”

Xena looked at Gabrielle and then she looked back over at Questra and Diana,
and for some reason Xena relaxed. She decided to sit down and watch the
outcome. Gabrielle was more than a little confused by her actions and she went
to her knees by Xena and asked quietly.

“ What are you doing? Aren’t you going to stop this before they get into it?”

“ No, Diana deserves what she’s about to get.”

“ Xena? What are you saying, you know your the only one who can handle Diana?”

“ Well, we’ll see if that still holds true.”

“ I don’t understand why Diana is so angry?”

“ She realizes your no longer a young child, but a young lady, and it’s shock
to her. hahahahaha, I can’t believe I missed her?”

“ I think you did it on purpose?” Gabrielle said with a smirk on her face.

“ Maybe, but don’t tell Diana.”

“ I won’t.”

The two women then turned their attention back to the two women.

“ It’s none of your business and I’m going to make sure you get that through
that beautiful head of yours, no matter how hard it is.”

Normally Diana would not have reacted to people’s words but right now she was
not thinking clearly, so as a result she charged Questra. Questra flipped over
Diana and caught her with her feet against her back that sent Diana flying
forward more and having to tuck and roll to prevent herself from being
sprawled out on the ground.

Diana came to her feet and just as she turned Questra caught her across the
face with a backhand that once again sent Diana flying backwards this time.
Diana landed hard on the ground, but she shook off the blow and came to her
feet again, only to have Questra once again right there and delivering a blow
to Diana’s face that sent her to the ground again. Diana rolled slowly to her
knees, but she came back to her feet once again, and despite the dizziness she
felt she was able to block a few of Questra’s blows.

But due to the dizziness, Diana was not able to block for long and soon
Questra was backing her up, until Diana was trapped between a large tree and
the onslaught of Questra’s quick hands. Questra caught Diana across the face
once again and then she backhanded her , and Diana tried to block the strikes
but then Questra caught her in the stomach and Diana went forward and Questra
did a roundhouse kick that sent Diana flying.

Diana landed near where Xena and Gabrielle were but she didn’t move for a
moment and Questra strided over to where she laid and lifting her by her hair
enough to where Diana could see her eyes, she stated in no uncertain terms.

“ The next time I won’t go so easy on you little girl, do I make myself

Diana had tears running down her face and the pain was acute almost a much as
what Xena could do.

“ yes.”

“ I’m pleased. Now go to Xena.”

Diana looked at Questra for a moment more and then lowered her eyes. Questra
then let go of Diana’s hair and Diana crawled the short distances to Xena and
buried her head in Xena’s breast, as Xena held the sobbing young woman.

“ I don’t think you’ll have anymore of this type of problem with Diana. Right

Diana nodded but kept her head buried in Xena’s breast as she continued to
sob. Gabrielle was both amazed and sadden. She had tears in her own eyes out
of sympathy for Diana and the lost she thinks she’s about to experience.

Questra went and sat across from where Xena and Diana were and motioned for
Gabrielle to come over to her. Gabrielle went and sat where Questra wanted her
to sit which was between her legs facing outward.

Questra actually was more upset with herself than with Diana, or at least
equally, she didn’t like the idea of having to use such force, but she
realized it was one of the things that Diana would understand. But it did put
her in a bad mood, she pretty much sat looking at Diana while Diana finally

“ Feel better kitten?” Xena asked the now composing young woman.

“ A little.” Diana answered quietly.

“ Good, now answer me a question? What were you thinking about?”

“ I was thinking about trying to get her to stop taking advantage of
Gabrielle.” Diana said in her defense.

“ Consort...sometimes I could just turn you over my lap and redden that behind
of yours so much that you wouldn’t be able to sit for a year. Xena grabbed a
hand full of Diana’s hair and brought her close to her face and in a scolding
tone she told Diana what was what.

“It is not your place.Questra can do what she wants with Gabrielle as long as
Gabrielle believes it is for her best interest! Gabrielle was not being taken
advantage of Consort, she is and was a willing lover to Questra, and if you
don’t hurry up and get that through this head of yours, then there will be
many of days and nights that you’ll find to be quite painful and or
uncomfortable. Do I make myself clear? Stay out of their business!” Xena
hissed as she let go of Diana’s hair and leaned back against the tree that was
behind her.

Raising one of her knees up she rested her arm on the same side on it, as she
shook her head in frustration. She was now in a foul mood, and it was going to
take a lot of convincing to get her out of it.

Diana now sat thoroughly chastised by both Questra and Xena. Diana glanced at
Xena and went to touch her but felt Xena stiffen, but not move her arm away.
Diana brought her hands back to her own lap and sat back on her heels with her
head lowered as tears rolled down her cheeks.

“ Questra maybe I should go and talk to Diana?” Gabrielle said as she noticed
both Xena and Questra were upset with Diana, and Diana probably thinking she
was also.

“ No! You will not speak to Diana again until she apologizes to me for her

“ But Questra she’s my sister?”

“ Gabrielle you will do as I say. Is that clear?”

“ But Questra?”

“ Listen bard, I am not in a good mood any longer and I will not tolerate ANY
back talk from you, especially about Diana! And another thing, don’t mention
that she is your sister to me again, I know who she is to you, so if you don’t
want to be punished again, I suggest you do as I have told you, alright?!”

“ Yes.” Gabrielle answered quickly seeing the anger and frustration in
Questra’s eyes and hearing it in her tone.

Diana finally stood up and walked over to where Questra and Gabrielle were
sitting and Questra followed her with her eyes.

“ Gabrielle, may I talk to you please?”

Gabrielle looked up at Diana and was about to say something.

“ Gabrielle.” Questra said with warning.

Gabrielle lowered her eyes, and then nervously played with her hands, as
Diana’s brows knitted at why Gabrielle wasn’t answering her. Then it dawned on
her. Diana lifted her eyes to look at Questra and saw that Questra was showing
her who was in control of Gabrielle.

Diana lowered her eyes and bit her lips to prevent them from trembling. Tears
formed in her eyes and taking a last glance at Gabrielle who was now looking
up at Diana with tears rolling down her own face, Diana looked back at Questra
who’s expression had not changed, she took a deep breath and turned and walked
back over to where Xena was now looking at her.

“ I won’t lose her huh?” Diana said heartbroken as she then strided and then
ran back to the palace.

Xena now sat shaking her head out of the pain she felt for Diana. She knew
Questra would never take Gabrielle away from Diana, but at the moment Diana
was now fully in the belief that that’s exactly what Questra’s plans were.

“ Xena shall I go and speak with her?” Questra offered, more out of wanting to
try to get through to Diana.

“ No, I need to talk to my Consort, you did what was necessary, and I have no
problems with how you handled it. Gabrielle, I hope you realize Diana is only
acting like this because she loves you so much?”

“ I do Xena, that’s why I’m not the least bit mad at her. Will you tell her

“ Yes.”

“No. no Xena don’t deliver that message, I have told Gabrielle I do not want
her to speak to Diana until she apologized to me, therefore that includes any
and all communication.”

“ I understand, I won’t mention it to her. You understand Gabrielle what
Questra is doing don’t you?”

Gabrielle looked at Questra and then back to Xena and then she said in a
confident voice. “ Yes, it’s the only way to get through to Diana.”

Xena smiled and Questra gave Gabrielle’s shoulder a squeeze of affection.
Questra bowed her head to Xena and Xena returned the gesture and then headed
back to the palace to talk to Diana.

“ Oh, Xena?”

“ Yes Questra, tell Diana that for every day that goes by the more
restrictions I will place on her contact with Gabrielle.”

Xena stood for a moment thinking about it, and then she smiled and nodded her
head. Then she turned around and strided back to the palace.

“ Consort?” Xena called.

Diana came out of the bed chamber and stood in the doorway.”

“ Yes.”

“ Come in here and sit down, while you still can.” Xena commanded and warned.

Diana moved to the sofa and sat down with her long legs crossed up under her
body, and her arms and hands resting in her lap.

“ Why are you having so much trouble getting it through your head that Questra
is not taking your family from you?! She’s actually adding to it.”

“ Xe....”

“ Silence. I don’t want to hear another word from you until I finish, right
now you just need to Listen! Today Questra showed you that you don’t
intimidate her at all, she whipped you pretty thoroughly. You didn’t even land
a strike on her, and do you know why?”

Diana looked up at the spacing woman and then back in her lap and just shook
her head.

“ Well I’ll tell you! Because you were blinded and irrational in your behavior
and thinking. You know as well as I do that blind irrational anger will always
lose in battle. In this case because of who she is also helped. Consort you
have got to get over this. It will do nothing for you but cause you to lose
the very thing you think your fighting to keep.

Gabrielle deserves to be happy in all areas of her life, but I can tell you
now, she won’t be if your not ok with her and Questra. Diana, what do you
think Gabrielle would do if Questra decided that she did not want to try to
win you over, and just decided it wasn’t worth the headache from you to
continue in this relationship with Gabrielle, and she just up and left
Gabrielle? How do you think Gabrielle will feel? Think about how you felt
during those times when I was not with you. “

“ Xe..”

“ Silence. Just Listen. Gabrielle would try not to be angry at you, but
eventually she would become not only angry at you, but resentful, especially
with having to see you and me and all of our happiness. Diana your being
selfish and childish and I am very disappointed with you. One of the things
I’ve always loved about you kitten is the fact that your heart was always
looking to make other people happy. I thought that’s way you wanted to go
discovering with Nebula, so that you could give not only a wonderful gift to
me, but also to the people, to make them happy as well, but now when it’s your
own sister who wants you to be happy for the happiness she’s found, your being
selfish, childish and completely upsetting to everyone. I want you to STOP IT!
Otherwise Consort I promise you I will not only allow Questra to handle you,
but then I will punish you for pushing her to have to handle you. I have never
let anyone else touch you without them experiencing my wrath, but in this case
your the one who’s involved in business that is none of yours, and so, because
I now know for sure that you can not hurt Questra, I will allow her to handle
you as she sees fit, until you either come around and accept things as they
are going to be, or your unable to move out of that bed because of the acute
pain you will be in from my punishment of you. Stay out of their business
unless they ask for your advice.Stop pushing Questra, she’s almost as deadly
as I am, she can hurt you Consort, you know that. I would rather my kitten not
be getting hurt by someone, but loved by me. Your priority is not Gabrielle or
Questra, it’s me, and yet you have put someone ahead of me and I don’t like it
at all, and I won’t put up with it. So I’ll tell you this, you better remember
who’s who and where your priorities should be, as well as your efforts,
because I will make sure to make you my priority for every moment I feel your
attention is not on me. And just in case that’s not enough to convince you to
apologize to Questra, let me tell you what she told me, just before I came
back here to find you. She told me to tell you that for everyday that passes
and you don’t apologize to her, the more restrictions she will place on
Gabrielle and your communication with her. Diana she can and will keep
Gabrielle away from you. She doesn’t want to do that, but your pushing her to
do just that. She loves Gabrielle, and Gabrielle loves her and will do what
she ask of her, always explaining to Gabrielle that she will be able to see
you anytime she wants when and if you accept their relationship. Do you

“ Yes.”

“ Do you kitten? I feel so bad that your hurting like this, but there is
absolutely nothing I can do about it except try to tell you that your not
losing your family, I swear to you your not. I’ve never lied to you kitten,
and I never will, so believe me now when I tell you this.” Xena said with
compassion and love coloring her words.

“ I believe you Xena.” Diana said quietly.

“ Good.” Xena sat down next to Diana and leaned back against the armrest of
the couch resting her head on her hand while she rested her elbow on the

“ Kitten, tell me what it is about Questra, just Questra that your having a
hard time with, why don’t you like HER, I mean out of everything you know
about her, what is it that bugs you so much?”

Diana continued to look at her hands for a few moments and then she lifted her
head and eyes and looked at Xena studying her and waiting for an answer.
Diana’s eyes searched as if she was thinking and collecting her thoughts and
then her brows went up slightly, almost as if something just dawned on her.

She looked back at Xena and then shaking her own head now as if in disbelief
at the discovery, she signed and then looking Xena straight in the eyes she

“ Nothing, absolutely nothing about her bugs me. It was all because of my love
for Gabrielle and the jealousy I was feeling at Gabrielle looking to someone
else as her confidant, and also to get advice on things. “ Tears came to Diana
eyes and once again she shook her head and then she looked up to Xena and
asked , already knowing the answer, but needing to have it verified. “ I’ve
been acting like a

child who didn’t want to share her toys, haven’t I?”

“ Yes.”

“ Hmm....she did kick my butt didn’t she?” Diana said with some lightness to
her voice.

Xena smirked and shook her hair with her hand and then said, “ Yes.”

“ hm....Xena you know I was only behaving like that because I love Gabrielle
so much right?”

“ Of course I know that, and I’m sure she does too, as well as Questra. But
you realize now, that you can’t interfere with their lives, just be happy for
them and support Gabrielle, I’m sure when they set a date for their bonding
the only person Gabrielle will want standing as her witnesses will be her

“ Well I think she would want you and Ephiny and Nebula and Atalanta and
Shatara and Miki, and...”

“ Kitten, my point is she will come to you to help her plan her bonding

“ Thank you Xena.”

“ For what?” Xena said knowingly.

“ For the tough love lesson. I don’t think it would have dawned on me if it
wasn’t for Questra’s handling of me and and your scolding with the threat of
being whipped really got through. But it was that simple question that made me
realize I don’t dislike Questra at all. It’s amazing how wrong I can be
sometimes when it comes to love. You would think I would be the one who would
be right in the front line rooting for it, and yet here I was in the back
heckling it. Xena I am so sorry for my behavior, for embarrassing you and
myself, but mainly you, it won’t happen again. Can you forgive me?”

“ I already have kitten, but you know it’s not me you have to apologize to,
but Questra?”

“ Yes, Your right, goodness what she must think of me? I’ll go right now.”
Diana said as she started to stand up and leave.

But Xena caught her by her waist and pulled her over top of her and held her
and said in a husky voice.

“ You can tell her tomorrow morning, right now I have other plans for us. Xena
then planted a passioned feel kiss on Diana and Diana melted into Xena’s and
feasted on the sweet tongue that was buried deep in her throat.

“ Mmm...mmm....mmmm....” Diana and Xena moaned and groaned as their bodies
tighten unmercifully.

They both begin pulling and tearing off each others clothes out of need to
feel the other against their own body.

“ Gods! Xena please? Diana groaned as she couldn’t get one of Xena’s fasteners
loose, due to the shaking of her hands from her overwhelming need.

Xena reached up and pinched the fastener and Diana finished ripping the
clothing off of Xena who was already feasting on Diana’s breast. Diana tried
to get to Xena’s breast but Xena wasn’t allowing her to at the moment.

Xena rolled and they went to the soft fur covered floor and Xena was now
overtop of Diana still feasting on the nipple she had claimed. Diana’s hands
slid down Xena’s strong back to her firm behind where she kneaded the flesh
for a few minutes and then slipped her hands around and headed into Xena’s
jewel area.

Xena caught Diana’s hands and brought them back up and held them over her
head as she continued to feast.

“ Xena?!!” Diana cried frustrated that she was peaking but Xena wouldn’t let
her have her at the moment.

“ I shall have you first kitten then I will allow you your pleasure.” Xena
said sending the thought to the struggling young woman.

Diana went to say something else, but then Xena bit down on the peak and Diana
lost the thought. as her chest arched up to meet Xena’s ravishing mouth.

Xena then let go of Diana’s wrist but not without first sending a thought to

“ Keep them up there, otherwise I won’t allow you your pleasure.”

Diana was panting with need to touch Xena as well as from what Xena was doing
to her body. Xena sucked for a bit longer and then she moved Downwards to
Diana’s flower where she didn’t waste a lot of time, she sucked on the peak
for a while and then she slipped her tongue deep into Diana’s flower and
Diana’s breath caught when Xena’s tongue touched the shield. Xena pushed
against it despite Diana’s whimpering from the pain of it, Xena’s tongue went
through and Diana screamed but then her screams turned to musical moans as she
gripped the legs of the small table that was above and behind her head.
Luckily they were a sturdy heavy wood, otherwise they would have splintered at
the grip Diana had on them.

“ Xe.....?” Diana called as she was about to peak.

“ Give me what is mine kitten.” Xena said with her mind as she continued to
thrust deep into Diana’s flower with her gifted tongue. Then she connected
with Diana’s core and Diana’s back arched and Xena felt Diana’s essence
warming the tip of her tongue.

Xena’s tongue absorbed the sweet cream and Xena released as a result of
Diana’s responsiveness. Diana’s whole body was quivering as a result of the
orgasm affecting every part of Diana’s part.

Finally after a long period of time Diana’s body went limp and she collapsed
to the floor breathing deep and hard. Xena rose back up Diana’s body and
seeing that her hands were still locked around the legs of the table she
loosen them and lowered them back down.

Xena then begun kissing Diana’s face and cheeks and nose and eyes and mouth,
where she lingered for a while, while her hand caressed Diana’s still hot
body. Diana once again was moaning, but this time Xena rolled over onto her
back and Diana was now above her.

Diana took the hint and after Xena broke the kiss she lovingly kissed her way
down Xena’s neck and chest. She then took her hands and squeezing the two soft
breast together, Diana took both nipples into her mouth and begun sucking on

Xena wrapped her long arms around Diana’s back and begun caressing and
massaging it and she moved her hands downward s to Diana’s behind and she did
the same thing to the firm cheeks while Diana feasted on Xena’s breast. Diana
then let go of one of Xena’s breast and slid her now free hand down Xena’s
abdomen down to the soft hairs of Xena’s jewel where she teased at the hairs
for a moment, then she slid further down and then begun rubbing against Xena’s

Xena was now moaning and pushing her self against Diana’s fingers, but then
after a bit Xena gripped Diana’s shoulders and pushed her downwards.

“ Who’s doing this love, you or me? Diana sent with her mind.

“ You were, but I’m taking over.” Xena said with her mind as she then gave one
firm push and Diana was now down between Xena’s thighs.

Diana then smiled and then begun taking her pleasure of Xena’s sweet nectar.
After only a few minutes Diana’s mind was floating and she buried her tongue
inside of Xena’s jewel and begun delighting in everything about Xena’s jewel.

Xena peaked again and again as a result, and literally had to pull Diana away.
After Xena took a few minutes to catch her breath she then took Diana again,
this time using her mind to form the different things she wanted to use.

Afterwards Diana laid exhausted as Xena laid singing a song to the deeply
sleeping young woman. Xena caressed Diana’s back and behind as she let her
mind wander back to what they had just been doing a candlemark or so ago.

“ You are one ever exciting Consort kitten, I’ll never get enough of you.”
Xena said with a deep fulfilling sigh, as a smile of complete contentment
spread across her face.

Diana at that moment sighed herself, as if she heard Xena’s contentment. Xena
once again shook her head, but this time it was in amazement at the many
wonderful abilities Diana seem to have. She had learned a long time ago that
Diana could hear her, despite being unconscious, that was how she had come to
talk to Diana even as she slept, it was a way of assuring Diana that she was
not alone.

Xena then pulled Diana’s body over to her and wrapping her own body around
Diana’s she drifted off to sleep smelling Diana’s flower scented hair. The
next morning Diana awoke and stretching gently so as not to wake Xena she then
eased out from under Xena’s arms, and rather than swing her feet around to
stand-up she thought it would be better to slide her upper body off first and
then she would be in a better position to ease her feet out from in between
Xena’s legs that were wrapped around them.

Diana usually would not try to get up out of the bed knowing how Xena tended
to get ....pissed about it, but she knew that if she stayed in and waited for
Xena to wake up then Xena would most likely take her again, and she needed to
go and apologize to Questra.

Diana was almost off of the bed, her feet were the last things she needed to
get loose. Xena opened her eyes and at first she didn’t know where Diana was,
but then she saw her behind and her legs and she followed them down to her own
legs and there she saw Diana’s feet gently working to get free.

Xena smirked and then a wick look came to her eyes, with a raised brow, and
the thought of time to teach My Consort a lesson running through her mind,
Xena pretended she was still asleep. She then wrapped her legs around Diana’s
feet once again, only more so.

Diana had stopped moving her feet and lifting up to look back at Xena to make
sure she was still asleep Diana saw she was, so she then lowered herself again
and begun slowly working her feet loose.

Just when she thought she was about to get free, she felt Xena stretch and
rewrap her legs around Diana’s feet again.

“ For Gaia sakes.” Diana said frustratedly, as she once again looked over the
side of the bed to check on Xena.

Once again satisfied that Xena had not awaken, Diana tried again, and again
she was almost free, until Xena rewrapped, Diana tried a number of times after
that and then finally came back onto the bed.

“ Forget it! I give up!” Diana huffed as she laid back on her back and crossed
her arms over her chest and pouted at her inability to get free of Xena’s

Xena then pretended to have been disturbed by Diana’s movements on the bed.

“ Hmmm....kitten? What’s wrong?”

“ I’m sorry love, I didn’t mean to wake you.” Diana said earnestly.

“’s ok, since we’re both awake, I know how we can ring the morning
in.” Xena said with a desirous look coming into her eyes.

“ Xena....please don’t take me right now?” Diana pleaded.

“ Why? are you sore?”

“ Well sort of, but that’s not the reason.”

“ Then why not?”

“ Because I want to go and apologize to Questra before the day gets going, if
that’s alright with you?”

“ Well...I don’t know, I was looking forward to having my pre-breakfast meal?”

“ I’ll make it up to you, ok?”

“ How?”

“ What do you mean?”

“ I mean how will you make it up to me?”

“ Well I don’t know just yet, but I’ll think of something.” Diana answered.

“ Well I’ll forego my pre-breakfast meal, if you will pleasure me as often as
I want today, no matter where?” Xena said dubiously.

“ Ok, deal.” Diana agreed all to rapidly.

“ Ok, go ahead.” Xena said as she grabbed Diana’s hair and pulled her over for
a kiss and then let her go.

Diana staggered to her feet and then after a moment to steady herself, she
went and used the floor length apparatus to clean up. When she came out the
other side with her hair even more fragrant and shining, as well as her body,
Xena’s eyes lit.

“ Come here Consort.” Xena said in a low seductive tone.

Diana saw the look in Xena’s eyes and she immediately begun dressing.

“ What are you doing?!” Xena asked stunned.

“ I’m getting dress like you told me too.” Diana stated.

“ Well I changed my mind, I decided I want you naked and back in this bed.”

“ No.....Xena you said I could go?” Diana said somewhat in a whining tone.

Xena clenched her teeth and then glaring at Diana for a moment, and then
softening her gaze on the sweet looking young girl, who stood ready to strip
if Xena said it again, but hoping she wouldn’t.

“ If you weren’t so damn adorable standing there, I make you get back in this
bed. Go ahead and do what you need to do. But you better go now while I have
control of my passion at the moment?” Xena warned.

Diana took the reprieve and saying a quick, Okay, bye, love you, see you
soon.” And then Diana flew out the door of their bed chamber and then the
other door just to make sure there was distance between her and Xena.

Xena heard it and laid back and laughed to herself at it. Diana went to find
Questra and she located her in one of the Royal steaming houses. Diana
entered the house and called for Questra.

“ Questra? “

“ Yes Diana?” Questra answered back from the far corner of the steaming house.

“ May I talk to you?”

“ Why? So you can upset me again?” Questra said with irritation lacing her

“ I deserve that.” Diana conceded.

“ And more.” Questra said. Bring me that towel behind you Consort.” Questra
commanded in a similar tone as that of Xena's.

Diana looked behind her and lifting the towel from the hook she walked over to
where Questra now stood. Diana went to hand the towel to Questra, but Questra
shook her head.

“ You dry me.”

Diana looked at her and thought to refuse, but seeing the commanding look in
Questra’s eyes, Diana lowered her eyes and walked around Questra and begun
drying her.

After she had finished she handed the towel to Questra so she could wrap
herself with it. Questra just looked at the towel and walked away over to the
oiling table. She then laid down on it looking at Diana.

Raising a questioning brow at Diana, Diana raised her own brow in question.

“ Oil me Consort.”

“ Questra come on now, I came to....”

“ I don’t care what you came for. I told you to do something, and I expect for
you to get over here and do it! You’ve disturbed me, now you will do what I
say to gain my forgiveness. Now get over here Consort.”

Diana stood where she was feeling like a child, and in so feeling she started
to cross her arms over her chest about to pout. Questra saw it and rather than
repeat herself for a third time, she got up off of the table and headed for

Diana’s eyes went wide at the storm she saw in Questra’s eyes, they actually
looked like Xena's.

“ I’m sorry , I sorry Questra, I’ll listen.” Diana said as she held her hands
up to protect herself from what she thought Questra was about to do to her.

“ Then get over there Consort!” Questra commanded as she stood towering over

Diana waited for Questra to move, but when she didn’t she lowered her eyes and
stepped around her and went and stood by the table and waited for Questra to
return to the table. Questra walked back over to the table and once again she
laid on her stomach.

Diana immediately picked up the oil and begun oiling her.

“ I’m done.” Diana said as she put the oil away and wiped her hands.

Questra sat up and stretched her muscles testing the thoroughness of Diana’s
massage and oiling.

“ I’m pleased with your thoroughness, I want you to teach Gabrielle how to do
this as well.”

“ Ok.”

Good. Now come on. “ Questra then rose and went and put her clothes on and
then headed out of the steaming house. Diana followed after her and when they
finally stopped they were in the general dining hall.

Questra sat at one of the tables that was in the back of the hall. Diana was
ready to sit down but then Questra stopped her.

“ Who said you could sit down?”

“ May I sit down please?”

“ No, I want you to go and get my breakfast.”

Diana chewed her lips and then asked respectfully.

“ What would you like?”

“ You decide. And from now on Diana until I say differently, you will address
me as Lord Questra. And bring two meals.”

Diana licked her lips and then with a slight nod of her head she turned and
went to get Questra’s meals. While Diana was gone, Xena and Gabrielle both
came into the dining hall, which was usual in that Xena hardly ever ate in the
general dining hall.

“ Questra we’re here, what’s up?” Xena asked as she took a seat where her back
could be against the wall. Gabrielle sat next to Questra after greeting her

“ You’ll see Lord Xena, I hope you will go along with me on it, I’m testing
Diana’s sincerity.”

“ Oh, so she has apologized?”

“ No not yet, I haven’t let her yet, I want to see if she will give me the
same respect she gives any other Ruler.”

“ Hmm...I’ve done that test myself, but for a different reason.” Xena stated
with some obvious admiration in her tone for the woman’s tactics.

Diana headed back to the table, but stopped halfway when she saw all who were
there. Diana looked down at the plates and then taking a deep breath she
strided back over to the table.

“ My Lord, Gabrielle.” Diana said addressing both new people at the table, but
she did not wait for an answer, she returned her attention to Questra.

“ Lord Questra, I hope what I’ve chosen pleases you?” Diana said humbly, as
she placed one of the trays down in front of Questra and was about to place
the second, but was once again stopped.

“ Offer it to you Lord?”

“ Xena?” Diana said as she made the offer, only to once again be stopped.

“ Is that how you address your Lord in public Consort?!” Questra scolded.

“ No Lord Questra. My Lord would you like this tray?” Diana said as she was
begin to feel thoroughly punished. Tears formed in her eyes but she wiped them
away as she waited for Xena’s answer.

“ Thank you Consort.” Xena said as she gestured for Diana to put the tray down
in front of her.

Diana did it and then stood back up and quickly wiping her eyes again she
faced Questra.

“ Is there anything else you would like Lord Questra?”

Questra’s eyes narrowed and she sat back in her chair and crossed her arms
over her chest as she now leveled a steady thoroughly irritated gaze on Diana.
Diana’s brows knitted in concern at the gaze.

“ Lord Xena, may I make a request of you regarding your Consort?” Questra
asked of Xena as she looked over to Xena.

“ What?” Xena asked as she took a bite of food.

“ May I take her Highness back to my Palace for one month to teach her proper

“ I have manners.” Diana said defensively.

Both Questra and Xena looked at Diana, and Diana instantly realized she was
not acting like it. Diana crossed her arms acrossed her chest and was about to
pout when she felt a painful swat to her thigh.

“ OWW!! “ Diana yelped as her eyes locked on Questra’s

“ You are a Royal Consort and your acting like a child in front of all of
these other people. Embarrassing Your Lord, Me and yourself, now stop it
before I have to drag you out of here and teach you the old fashion way how
spoiled children are handled.’ Questra said now glaring at Diana and talking
quietly through her teeth.

Diana was breathing harder both out of frustration and pain she was feeling on
her thigh. Diana glanced at Xena and saw her give a slight nod in agreement to
Questra’s statement and threat. Diana now was breathing through her teeth
trying not to allow her frustration to show via tremors.

“ Take a deep breath Consort.” Questra said instructing Diana so that she
could get some control over herself, and her feelings.

Diana did as she was told and then stood with her arms at her side gripping at
her clothing as she now faced Questra with tears in her eyes once again. But
this time she did not speak, she waited for Questra.

“ Anyway, lord Xena would you have a problem with that?”

Xena studied Questra for a moment and then she looked up at Diana and saw she
had not taken her eyes off of Questra. As if she was holding her breath.

“ No, I have no objection to that.”

Diana let out a rush of air from her lungs as she now stood shaking with tears
rolling down her eyes. Questra acted as though she did not notice and
proceeded to speak once again to Diana.

“ Diana you have heard your Lords words. When I leave you will return to my
palace with me to undergo retraining in manners. Gabrielle will remain here
until you return Your Lord and I will work out the details. Do you

Diana nodded her head at first, but then noticed Questra’s eyes narrowing.

“ yes.”

“ Good now sit and attend to your Lord.”

Diana lowered her eyes and then slid into the chair next to Xena facing her
with her hands in her lap and her head lowered in deference to Xena.
Gabrielle then offered Questra some of the food, and she looked over at
Gabrielle and her face softened, she then allowed Gabrielle to comfort and
sooth her anger away.

Diana in the meantime was having a hard time gaining any sort of control. She
was trembling and the tears just would not stop rolling down her face.

“ Consort return to our chamber until you can compose yourself.” Xena ordered.

Diana stood up and bowed her head and then wiping her eyes she then turned and
ignoring all of the obvious stares she was receiving she strided out of the
hall and once she was out of sight she then ran up the staircase back to their
chambers where she flew into the bed Chamber and landed on the bed and burying
her head in the pillows she sobbed.

Both Xena and Questra heard Diana’s speed increase. Xena Sat back in her chair
and taking slow thoughtful bites a smile then came to her face. Questra saw it
and had to ask.

“ What is it Lord Xena?”

“ I’ll tell you later.” Xena said with a slight nodding of her head.

The next few days Diana stayed out of Questra’s path, not out of fear of being
physically hurt, but out of being chastised by her, for some reason, Questra’s
words could be as biting as those of Xena’s if Xena wanted to punish Diana
with guilt.

Finally Xena and Questra finished their talks with Callisto joining in only as
advisor. Questra and Gabrielle spent the last night together, and then when
the next morning came Questra and Gabrielle said their goodbyes and Xena and
Questra gave each other a warriors handshake and Xena then called for Diana.

“ I love you kitten, you know that right?”

“ Yes.” Diana said quietly.

Xena then smiled at her and lifted her chin up and kissed her with devotion.
Diana clung onto Xena’s neck until Xena broke their kiss. Then she leaned in
again but this time she whispered in Diana’s ears.

“ Kitten I know you have manners, and so does Questra, just do what she says
and it’ll be fine, ok?”

“ Ok.”

Xena then smiled and kissed Diana again and then Diana turned around and
headed for Questra’s carriage. Diana glanced at Gabrielle and Gabrielle showed
her a bright loving smile and Diana smiled back and then climbed into
Questra’s carriage and sat down across from her.

“ I’ll see you in a moment my Bard.”

“ Ok, I’ll miss you.”

“ And I you. See you soon. Let’s go!”

Questra ordered of her entourage that had come for her.


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