By D.virtue

“ Well Diana, we should have a very productive time.” Questra stated as she
studied Diana.

“ May I ask you something?” Diana asked respectfully.

“ Yes, since you asked so nicely.”

“ Why are you doing this?”

“ What?”

“ Why are you taking me to your palace if it’s Gabrielle you want?”

“ Because I intend to make sure once and for all that you have no doubts about
who Gabrielle belongs to, and I don’t think it would be good for Gabrielle to
see her sister chastised so much. She does look up to you, and I don’t plan on
that changing.” Questra stated honestly.

“ Then why do it in the first place?”

“ Because you deserve to be chastised.”

“ But it’s not your place to do that.”

“ It is when it’s me your disrespectful to. What? Do you think Xena wouldn’t
Chastise or even punish anyone elses Consort if they were as disrespectful to
her as you have been to me? You know as well as I do that she would not only
do it, but possibly just strike them down and have whoever look for another
Consort without ever giving it a second thought.”

Diana lowered her eyes and then looked out the window.

“ Am I right?”

“ Yes. But Xena is different from EVERYONE else.”

“ I realize that. That’s why she will only allow me to put you in your place
only as a last resort. But she has told me she has already had a talk with you
about any problems. She told me I should keep a list of those times that I
think you need to be punished and then when we return she will punish you,
with me present.”

Diana licked her lips and then looked out the carriage window once again. Then
using her hand to move stray hair from her face she shook her head in

“ What can’t you believe Diana?” Questra asked reading Diana’s gestures.

Diana looked at her with both surprise and confusion as to how she new that,
Xena was the only person who knew Diana so well. At least that’s what Diana

“ Just how things have turned out.”

“ What do you mean?”

“ Questra....”

Questra gave Diana a look and Diana immediately corrected herself.

“ I’m sorry. Lord Questra.”

“ That’s better, don’t forget it again.”

“ I won’t.”

“ Finish what you were saying.”

“ I was just going to say that I had come to find you originally to ......”

“ Apologize?”

“ yes.” Diana acknowledged even more confused.

“ Yes Diana I knew what you were there for, but I’m not ready to forgive you
yet, some things are fixed that easily, and there are consequences to every
action, whether good or bad, it makes no difference, it’s just important to
realize the point.”

“ Lord Questra I realize that, probably better than anyone.”

“ I would think you would know that, especially after all you’ve been through,
but for some reason you just either keep forgetting that point or your so
impulsive you don’t think about it. But either way I’ll remind you. I must
tell you that the difference between Xena and me is one very important thing.
I’m not in love with you and therefore my goal is to get my point across to
you so that if you respect no one else on this planet other than Xena at least
you’ll give me that respect that I am more than willing to give to you. I have
been patient and tolerant of you, up until that little stunt of yours. When
you attacked me in front of Gabrielle, making me have to use force against you
to get you to back off, you made Gabrielle begin to question her safety with
me. I don’t want Gabrielle worrying about when am I going to do such a thing
to her. I only want Gabrielle looking at me with the same trust and love you
have when you look at Xena. Is that too much to ask Diana?”

“ No Lord Questra, it’s not. I was wrong and I give you my word I will never
do such a thing again without finding out what’s going on first. I realize all
you want to do is love my sister and I was wrong to interfere with that. I was
coming to tell you just that, and that I would support you and Gabrielle’s
relationship as long as you continue to treat her the way you have so far.”

“ If you realize all of this why did it take so long? Is it me that you just
don’t like?”

“ No, matter of fact I discovered it wasn’t anything about you that I
disliked, it was just that I was feeling.....”

“ Jealous?”

“ Yes. I saw the whole picture play out in my head and it scared me.” Diana
said as her eyes filled with tears.

“ Why are you scared Diana?”

“ I’m scared of losing my family, I just recently got it back after going
through hell and back. And now you show up and steal my sister’s heart. I felt
like....or should I say I feel like she won’t need me any longer. She won’t
need to come to me for advice on things anymore, she won’t need me to show her
things, I won’t be her confidant anymore. I know it sounds so selfish.”

“ It does.”

“ But it’s how I feel.”

“ I know, Diana it’s true Gabrielle will not need you as much for those
things, but she will always need you. There is nothing or no one who could
ever fill that role of a sister. I’m not trying to replace you, I’m not
trying to take your sister from you. Nor am I trying to take your family. “

“ My Lord we have arrived.” Came the coachman’s voice.

“ I realize that, now. “

“ Well I’m pleased with that, although it does not change my plans for you.
Now come on.” Questra said as she stepped from the Carriage.

Diana followed and came to stand in front of a Palace just a little smaller
than Xena’s own, but just as magnificent.

“ Come on.” Questra’s voice came ahead of Diana.

Diana strided up the stairs and entered into the palace through the large
doors, and followed Questra to her chambers. Along with the servants who
suddenly appeared and begun attending to Questra’s needs as she indicated.

Once they entered into her chambers she told Diana to sit down. Diana sat on
one of the plush sofa’s and waited for Questra to resettle into her
environment. Once she had she ordered the servants to bring something to eat
for her and Diana.

The servants placed the food and then left the chamber.

“ Come over here Diana.” Questra commanded.

Diana went over to the table but did not sit even after Questra had. Questra
gave an approving nod of her head and then motioned for Diana to have a seat.

“ I knew you had manners.” Questra stated as she picked up a Goblet of ale and
sipped it.

“ If you knew that, then why did you bring me here for a month?”

“ So we could get to know each other, you will spend every moment that you are
here with me.”

“ What about your Royal duties, I’m sure you have your own laws that prohibit
none Consorts from being in certain areas? Matter of fact what is the name of
your Land, seeing that it is not on the shores of Greece but Xenadia?”

“ It’s called Itidego.”

"Itidego...” Diana repeated. As a thoughtful look came over her face.

“ What is it?”

“ Nothing I just thought about something.”

“ What’s that?”

“ Something I read once about your land.”

“ What was that?”

“ one of your laws that dealt with marriages and bonding or something like

“ What about them?”

“ I remember it saying that no one including the Ruler was allow to take a
mate if they have not made peace with at least one member of the intended
family. It seems like a rather strange law to me?”

“ Why?”

“ Because what difference would it make to have one member on your side if
nine others are against you?”

“ Because it only takes one to start a ripple.”

“ Hm...I understand. So tell me about yourself Lord Questra.

“ Okay, Well I come from a small village in Greece, but I left home when I was
13 summers old to see the world. I discovered that a young girl out on her own
was not a good idea, so it was either return home, or learn to defend myself.
I chose to learn to fight.”

“ Really? How?”

“ What is the best way to learn and learn quickly?”

“ Battle.”

“ Right. I met a warlord one day when I was working as a servant in a tavern.
He was a very handsome man, and I was smitten with him. By this time I was
older but I had no intentions of giving myself to him or anyone else, I just
wanted to learn to fight. Anyway, he took a mutual liking of me and asked if I
wanted to go with him and his army. I told him only if he swore to teach me to
fight and join his army. He did. So we went along raiding lands, and the more
we did the better fighter I became, then one day I was resting after an
extremely bloody battle and someone came to me and offered me even better
training, almost mystic in it’s essence.”

“ Who? one of the Gods of Greece?”

“ No, Ares did not come to me, it was a woman who at the time I didn’t
recognize as evil, but just focused, she told me things that I would learn if
I did something for her.”

“ What?”

“ She wanted me to kill a few people and bring their heads to her.”

“ Who?”

“ The Rulers of Itidego, and their regents.”

“ Did you do it?”

“ Well not directly, I used Lladrus.”

“ Who’s Llandrus?”

“ The warlord I had gone off with years before.”

“ Oh, okay.”

“ Anyway, I told him their was a kingdom that could be his if he could take it
from the Rulers. He told me he didn’t need a kingdom, he liked the way he was
living . Moving from place to place , living in tents, having to put up with
the grime of life as a warrior living in those conditions. I never liked the
life of living in such a way, but it was the only way to learn what I wanted
to learn. So...I told him if he ever wanted to feel my body next to his, then
he would do it.”

“ you used your feminine wilds to get him to do what you wanted?”

“ Yes.”

“ Well, I’ll admit because of how you look, I could see anyone doing what you
wanted if that promise was there, and even if it wasn’t.” Diana said
appreciative of Questra’s beauty.

Questra smiled and it caused Diana to blush.

“ I see why Xena likes making you blush, you become even more beautiful. It’s
like seeing the innocent child inside of you.” Questra observed.

Diana blushed more and then had to get up and move to compose herself again.

“ Hmm....Interesting. Anyway, I did use my natural beauty to get him to attack
and then kill the ruler and the regents. I then told him I wanted all of their
heads, he gave them to me.”

“ Did you sleep with him?”

“ No, but I’ll get back to that, anyway I took the heads back to the woman and
she took them and did something with them, but then she told me that I was not
to sleep with Llandrus, because he was not for me. She told me that if I gave
myself to her she would teach me things that only Xena the Destroyer knew.”

“ She knew Xena?”

“ Yes, matter of fact she did somewhat of the same thing with Xena.”

“ Really?”

“ Yes, but that’s not for me to tell you, that’s for Lord Xena to tell you,
anyway, I told her I had no interest in women, and she told me that it was a
woman I was destined to be with. I laughed of course, but then she made me an
even more seductive offer.”

“ What was that?”

“ The ability to slow or even stop aging at any age I chose.”

“ Really? You didn’t take her up on it did you?”

“ You tell me what you think?”

“ I think you did?”

“ Your right I did. Why not? You of all people know what it’s like to not grow
old, it’s a wonderful thing. Would you give up your gift?”

“ Now? No. But if I had had a choice I would not have chosen it. “

“ Why not?”

“ Because, the thought of losing everyone I loved to death, while I continued
to live would not have appealed to me at all. “

“ But you’ve changed your mind since?”

“ Yes, but not because I wanted to, it was more out of just accepting it. With
Xena coming into my life I no longer look at it as a curse, but as a blessing
in disguise.”

“ Why is that?”

“ Because Xena and I are the same, and even more so now, we’re literally
together until death do us part, and even then, I believe we will be

“ I understand, but for me I chose it because with the knowledge that I could
stop it anytime I wanted was a wonderful thought, I mean if I chose not to
stop it then I would age just like anyone else, but if I chose to stop it,
then I would have that choice. Anyway, I told her she had a deal but first she
had to start teaching me some of the wonderful fighting skills she was
promising me.”

“ I was wondering whether or not you took her word, considering how she had
already added another condition after you had fulfilled your first deal?”

“ Hmm... Gabrielle told me that you and Xena thought a lot alike.”

“ Thank you, I take that as a compliment.”

“ You should. Well, anyway, she did start teaching me things, I was amazed at
most of it, I remember times when I was so amazed that I just stood with my
mouth open just watching, the more I watched the more excited I became, I
found that I would do anything for her, even if that meant diving headlong
into the depths of evil. That’s exactly what I did. Eventually, she did take
me to her bed and that first time after she let my first blood flow, while I
was asleep she took some of it and made a special meal for me from it. Now I
didn’t know she had done this until later, anyway she had changed it in some
way, so when she offered me morning meal the next day I was so hungry and
sore, but I ate every bit of the food and drink. eventually I begin to feel
strange, sort of like I was floating but yet I was still in the bed,
eventually I blanked out and when I awoke I was no longer with her, but
instead I was back with Llandrus.”

“ How long had you been with the woman?”

“ I had been with her for almost 8 years up until the first time she took me.”

“ You mean it was that many years before she bedded you?”

“ Yes. I kept telling her I wanted to learn more before I was satisfied that
she was capable of doing what I wanted from her.”

“ Hmm... so what happened after you returned to Llandrus?”

“ I woke up and found I was in a palace, lying next to Llandrus.”

“ Really? What Palace?”

“ This one.”

Diana’s mouth opened in amazement. Questra walked over to where Diana stood
and brought her hand up to Diana’s chin and closed Diana’s mouth.

“ Don’t be so naive.” Questra said with humor in her eyes.

“ Sorry, it’s just....”

“ I know, anyway, I was confused by it, but when Llandrus woke up he acted as
if I had been there all along. He was all caressing and loving, and I still
didn’t know what was going on, so I played along, eventually I found out that
he was dying and he wanted to give me a gift, but in order to give it to me we
had to be married.”

“ I asked him how was he dying and he laughed this really weak laugh, but then
said he had been poisoned by one of the servants over the last few months, and
now it was coming time and he didn’t want to die without giving this Palace
and the rule of this land to me, so on his death bed he called for the priest,
and we were married.”

“ Did you consummate it before he died?”

“ No, he died right after we kissed. I became Ruler of the land that day, and
during that time I met all sorts of people.”

“ Lord Questra, would you like your bed turned down for the night?”

“’s gotten late, funny how the time flew, well I’ll tell you the rest
of my story during the time your here.”

“ Oh, ok. Where will I sleep?”

“ The connecting room to my bedchamber.”

“ Why?”

“ I told you, your going to stay with me the whole time your here.”

“ Okay, well I’ll say goodnight then.”

“ Alright, I’ll see you bright and early here in this room for morning meal,

“ Alright.” Diana said as she bowed her head and then was shown to the
connecting chamber.

Diana around in the room and then was shown where she could get cleaned up,
then after she cleaned up she went and got in bed and saying a quiet wish to
Xena she closed her eyes and was going to go to sleep. Then she felt someone
get in bed with her and she opened her eyes.

“ What are you doing....”

“ What do you think kitten, did you think I was going to let you come here
without the plan to come and see you night?”

“ Xena! “ Diana exclaimed as she lifted up and wrapped her arms around her
neck and planted a kiss of devotion and love on Xena that weaken Xena enough
to cause her to collapse on top of her.

Xena broke the kiss when they hit the bed and Xena’s eyes registered both
surprise and love.

“ Are you okay kitten?”

“ I’m fine, especially now that your here. Will you come every night?” Diana
asked with a smile for Xena.

Xena gave Diana a thoughtful look and then she gave her another kiss and
rolled over onto her back, taking Diana with her.

“ Yes, every night, the only reason why I won’t is if something happens that
needs my attention.”

“ Well if you don’t then I will come back there to make sure everything is

“ No you won’t you’ll stay here and wait for me to come back.”

“ No Xena don’t make me promise that? I couldn’t stand the idea that something
bad was happening and I was stuck here. I don’t want to lose you again?”

“ Kitten...”

“ Please don’t make me promise that?”

“ Ok, kitten, I won’t make you promise not to come back. But, you can only
come back if it is more than two days.”

“ No, that’s too long.” Diana said with a pout.

“ Kitten...”

“ One day.”

“ Di....okay. But it has to be one full day, that means if I don’t come one
night you can not come back until the next night, is that clear?”

“ Yes.” Diana agreed readily.

“ Okay then. I think I’m getting soft on you.”

Diana smiled and then leaned down for another heated kiss. Then after a bit
Xena broke it and Diana leaned back, and with a Questioning look in her eyes
she rested her weight on her elbows and asked what was on her mind.

“ Xena, can I ask you a question?”

“ Of course kitten, what is it?”

“ Why did you make me come here, when you knew I had planned to apologize to

“ Because I believe that for you to truly accept her’s and Gabrielle’s
relationship and all that goes with it, it was the best way for you to get to
know her, this way you’ll see her day to day life, you’ll see how she enjoys
her free time, it’ll give you an insight as to what Gabrielle’s life would be
like if and when they bond. I didn’t send you here because I was still upset
with you or anything like that, I did it because I love you and I want nothing
but for you to be completely happy, and I know you can not be happy if you had
any doubts about Questra. Do you understand kitten?”

“ Yes, completely. Thank you, your always able to see what I need sometimes
before I even know, but....that’s one reason why I love you so much.” Diana
said as Xena begun caressing Diana’s cheeks as she was talking.

“ I know kitten, now give me what I’ve been missing all day.” Xena commanded
with love shining bright in her eyes.

“ As you wish My Lord.” Diana then laid down on Xena and they proceeded to
catch up from missing each other. Although it was not that long, but for Xena
and Diana it was.

The next morning when Diana woke up she felt for Xena but found she was alone
in the bed. Diana sighed but then thought about last night and a smile came to
her face.

“ You do know how to soften an otherwise difficult separation Xena. I have to
give you that, By Gaia you are good.”

Diana stretched and sighed again, and then she rolled out of the bed and went
to get dressed. She met Questra in the chamber they had originally talked the
day away in so that they could have morning meal together.

“ Goodmorning Lord Questra, I take it you slept well?” Diana said in greeting

“ Goodmorning Diana, I slept okay, thank you. How about yourself?”

Diana pinched her lips together debating whether to answer it and then end up
answering the following questions she knew would follow.

“ Very well thank you.”

“ hmm...I would think you slept like a baby, after the many long candlemarks
of hearing your passion filled cries.” Questra stated with a smirk on her face
as she cocked her head at Diana and waited for her to admit it.

Diana blushed and turned away not sure if Questra could truly see her blush or
not. Questra didn’t say anything she just sat down and waited for Diana to
answer her.

Diana turned back around and glancing at Questra she bit the inside of her
cheek and walked back over to where Questra sat.

“ May I sit?”

“ After you answer my question.”

“ It’s true I did sleep like a baby. Now may I sit down?”

“ Yes. So how is Lord Xena?”

“ How did you know she was here?”

“ I didn’t, until now.” Questra stated with another smirk.

Diana pinched her lips at being outsmarted by such an old trick, but then she
nodded her head in conceding she was outsmarted that time.

“Thank you for admitting it, I happy to see your not a liar, Lord Xena has
done an incredible job with you?”

“ What does that mean?”

“ I just mean, I can see your normally a handful, matter of fact Lord Xena
told me what things were like when you two first met, and how after you two
came together, you ended up in one thing after another, whether because of
your own making or because of those who wanted you for their own. She said you
use to be so impulsive that she thought for sure she would have to break your
will rather than try to mold it, but eventually she got through to you who was
who in the relationship and the fact that she had meant what she said about
being in total control of EVERYTHING about you.”

“ It’s true Xena did make her point about crystal clear.”

“ But yet even today you still fight against it.”

“ Well, I guess it’s just that I don’t see why she needs to control everything
I do.”

“ Because it’s who she is. Think about it, if you could sum up Xena in just
adjectives what would they be.

“ Hm...that’s easy, beautiful, strong, compelling, irresistible,powerful, awe-
inspiring, passionate, loving, willful, demanding, Controlling, Assertive,
aggressive at time, her dry humor sort of way. I could go on and

“ I know, I can see it in your eyes just how much you love her, and I know she
loves you every bit as much. You were all we talked about after we came to an
agreement of how we would bring our two kingdoms together. And it’s for that
very reason why I want you to understand how I feel about Gabrielle. I want
her in my life, I prefer to have her here with your blessings, but I will have
her without it.”

“ Lord Questra, are you that much in love with Gabrielle?”

“ Yes.”

“ Even though you’ve only known her for such a short time?”

“ I think the time we’ve been together was more than enough, the first day I
spent with her alone my heart was taken.”

“ And she feels the same?”

“ More actually, if that’s possible, she told me the first day she saw me she
was in love.”

“ Hm...that’s Gabrielle, always the romantic.”

“ She is, but she has a heart of gold that I just want to merge with my own

“ Okay, you have my support, I’ll do whatever I can to encourage your
relationship with my sister.”

“ I’m pleased. But you still can’t go back until the end of the month.”
Questra said reading Diana’s thoughts.

“ Hm...figures, you seem to have more than just common with Xena.”
Diana said with a slight pout.

“ Ahh.....there’s that adorable pout. Does Xena usually kiss you when she sees

“ What makes you ask that?”

“ It’s just that I can see why she would. But I can also see why she would
get upset with you at times as well.”

“ Well your right on both counts.”

Questra and Diana talked about other things throughout the time as Questra
went about her daily routine of handling her Royal duties. Diana escorted her
everywhere and the places she was not allowed to be she waited where she was
told, and when Questra finished she would then escort her to the next place.

The next weeks Diana would spend the day with Questra getting to know her and
the nights she would spend in Xena’s arms. The last night Questra and Diana
were to be together, Diana asked her about how she had met Callisto.

“ Now that’s an interesting story. I met her purely by accident, I was
battling some army, that I later discovered was her army, she was going
throughout the land destroying everything in her path. When she saw me that
first day she tried to dog my every step, she thought I was someone else, and
no matter how many times I told her I wasn’t she didn’t believe me, until one
day I captured her and brought her

back to my palace where she was chained in my dungeon, she begin to hear my
name being used and eventually she asked some of the soldiers was that my real
name, when she heard it was and that I had never ever heard of where she was
talking about, she realized then that I was telling her the truth.

“ What happened?”

“ We eventually started talking and then from there she begin to see who was
the strongest between us, and by how much. I eventually took her to my bed and
she became my lover.”

“ Your lover?”

“ Yes, and before you go jumping to any conclusions, we’re not lovers

“ Was she ever your Consort?”

“ No.”

“ Ok. Go on.”

“ Well Callisto was very hard headed, all she wanted to do was destroy things,
especially one person in particular. But I wasn’t interested in destroying
anymore, by then I had met Indite for the first time and she begun telling me
things about how I had to change if I ever wanted to fulfill my destiny. She
told me that I wouldn’t be able to if I didn’t do something about Callisto.
She told me what I needed to do and then she told me what would happen after
all of that was done.

“ What did you do?”

“ I had to subdue Callisto.”

“ What do you mean subdue her?”

“ I had to break her of her hate.”

“ How did you do that?”

“ Love and punishment. I made her physically addicted to me, meaning that....”

“ I know what you mean, trust me.” Diana said remembering how skilled Xena was
at doing that to her.

“ Hmm...yes, I guess you would. Okay, anyway, whenever she would mention
anything to do with destroying or the warriors name or anything related to it
I would punish her. Both by withholding myself from her and by beating her
when necessary.”

“ You beat her?”

“ Yes, but not the way your thinking, I beat her as a warrior would beat
another warrior. I would do that to her as often as necessary. Finally one day
I discovered that I had not had to punish her the whole day. I rewarded her
with myself, and everyday that she pleased me, I rewarded her. Until one day,
Indite came to me again and told me now I had to undergo a change if I were to
truly be on the path of my destiny. “

“ Is this where you changed so that you no longer are my Chosen like Xena is
My Chosen?”

“ Yes, a friend of indites told her that the Differentiater had been updated
and could now change a Chosen if they chose to be changed. But not The

“ You mean if Xena wanted to, she could change?”

“ No. Xena is your actual Chosen. I was just a Chosen. “

“ Oh, okay.”

“ Anyway I underwent this change and that’s when Indite told me it was time
for me to find my destiny.”

“ And Gabrielle’s that destiny?”

“ Yes. I told Callisto I would not take her to my bed any longer because I
believed she no longer had the hate for the warrior she once did. But I did
not want to lose her from my service, so I made her my advisor, she has done a
wonderful job. She still has periods of anger when she thinks about the
warrior, but nothing like what she use to.”

“ So you’ve changed to find your destiny?”

“ Yes., and I prefer to see nothing in Gabrielle’s eyes but joy and peace, but
she couldn’t do that if you couldn’t come to terms with me.”

“ I understand.”

“ So, will I have anymore problems with you Diana?”

“ No.”

“ I’m pleased to hear that. Well you better get some sleep, we’ll be on our
way back to Xenadia at first light.”

“ Ok, thank you Questra.”

“ For what?”

“ For your patiences and help, although I could have done without the physical

“ No you couldn’t have.” Questra stated matter-of-factly.

“ maybe right.”

“ I am.”

“ Okay, your right!” Diana said slightly exasperated.

Questra raised her brow at Diana. Diana smirked and then said, “ Sorry.”

“’s going to be interesting, to say the least. Well go to bed and I
will see you in the morning. Lord Xena is probably waiting for you?”

Diana blushed and then said a quick good night and went to her assigned
chamber. When she arrived Xena was there waiting for her.

“ It took you long enough kitten, I thought you two were going to talk the
whole night away.”

“ Sorry love, at least tonight's the last night I have to be here.”

“ True, you seem to have come to terms with Questra and her relationship with

“ I have, now that I know Questra better.”

“ No doubts?”

“ None. Not even a shadow of a concern.” Diana said as she finished
undressing and went to clean up.

“ Where are you going?”

“ I’m going to get cleaned up.”

“ Never mind that, come on over here and get in the bed.” Xena commanded.

“ No Xena, It’s been a busy day and I really want to cleanup?” Diana said with
a slight plead in her voice.

“ So your going to keep me waiting.... again?”

“ Only for a few more minutes, or you could come and join me?”

“ Hm...either I sit here and become more and more frustrated or go and cleanup
for a second time? Hmm....that’s a hard one.” Xena teased.

“ Xena?!” Diana scolded.

“ Oh, alright, I guess I’ll cleanup again.” Xena said casually rolling out of
the bed.

“ Well don’t go out of your way Xena.” Diana stated as she turned and went
into the chamber to get cleaned up letting the door close in Xena’s face.

“ Xena stood outside the door for a moment and then pulling it open she went

“ That wasn’t very nice kitten.”

“ Well it wasn’t nice of you to tease me like that either.”

Xena smirked and then stepped into the water with Diana. The two women bathe
each other and then one thing lead to another and before anyone knew it, they
were making love throughout the rest of the night into the predawn morning,
when Xena finally left and returned to her Palace to await Diana and Questra
return with Gabrielle.

The morning light appeared and Questra thought to send her servants to go and
see what was taking Diana so long to come down, but then she thought better of
it and decided to return to the chamber herself to see what was going on.

“Diana?” Questra called as she entered the chamber without knocking, only to
find Diana lying over top of the covers tied down and spread eagle. “ OH? Well
are you a delicious site, your lucky I decided to come back to check on you,
rather than send my servants to do it.”

Diana was blushing fiercely, and all she could say was, “ Please untie me?”

“ Lucky for you I’m in love with Gabrielle or you would have a problem right
now.” Questra stated as she moved to the bed and begun untying Diana’s wrist
and then her ankles.

“ Thank you.” Diana said as she climbed off of the bed and slightly staggered
from exhaustion, and then steadied and went to get dressed.

While they were on their way Questra kept studying Diana.

“ Lord Questra please?” Diana asked somewhat embarrassed.

“ Why do you think Lord Xena left you like that?”

“ She was being funny.”

“ What do you mean?”

“ We had gotten into a conversation last night about something and a challenge
was made and I lost.”

“ What was the challenge Questra asked intrigued by the type of game the two
played with each other.

Diana blushed again, and then looking at Questra out the corner of her eye,
she answered.

“ She said that whoever went first then the other would be left in whatever
they were when they collapsed. Well, you saw me in the way I was when I
finally went to sleep?” Diana explained without mentioning that she was

“ Yes I did see, quite a very.....very arousing site. I must speak with Lord
Xena when we get there, but after I spend sometime with Gabrielle.”

“ Are you telling me you desired me?”

“ I’m telling you anyone would. But I have no intention or desire to follow
that up, except with Gabrielle.”

“ Oh, okay, I’m happy to hear that.” Diana said with relief ringing in her

Questra just smiled and sat back and enjoyed the ride and the blushing
They arrived back at the palace and Xena and Gabrielle were waiting for them.
Diana stepped out first and wrapped her arms around Gabrielle and then Xena.

“ I’ll get you back love.” Diana whispered to Xena as they hugged one another.

Xena chuckled and then hugged Diana tighter. Meanwhile Questra stepped out of
the Carriage and Gabrielle wasn’t sure if Questra had fallen for Diana or
still wanted her. Questra saw the hesitation and then said in a low
questioning voice.

“ No greeting My Bard?”

Gabrielle broken into a huge smile that lit her face and eyes and then went
into Questra’s opened arms and hugged her as tight as she could. Questra
smiled and then proceeded to kiss and tell Gabrielle how much she missed her.
Questra and Gabrielle forgot about Xena and Diana for the moment and just
reveled in the taste of the others mouth.

“ Um... A-hem. Diana said clearing her throat.

“ Yes.....” Questra asked somewhat cautiously.

“ I just thought maybe we could go inside and get cleaned up and meet for
evening meal?”

“ Evening meal?” Questra asked somewhat confused seeing that it was just a few
candle marks before noon meal.

“ I thought evening meal, that way it would allow you two some time together?”

Questra smiled a bright smile for Diana and Gabrielle blushed and smiled.

“ Okay....we’ll see you both for evening meal then Lady Diana.” Questra said
acknowledging Diana’s position as that of Xena’s Royal mate.

Diana bowed her head and then Questra and Gabrielle strided past Xena and
Diana and headed for Gabrielle’s chambers to get caught up. Xena in the
meantime wrapped her arms around Diana as she stood behind her and leaning her
head down she whispered in Diana’s ear.

“ I am so very proud of you kitten.” Xena whispered.

“ How proud? Diana asked dubiously.

“ Very?”

“ Enough to give me something?”

“ Yes.”

“ Anything?”

“ Yes.” Xena said as she begun kissing Diana on the back of her neck and then
shoulder, as she held Diana close to her.

Diana melted into Xena’s kisses and touch and as she did she asked further

“ Will you give me what I want when I ask for it?”

“ Yes kitten I said I would, now stop talking and turn around and kiss me.”
Xena ordered.

Diana turned around but just before she brought her lips to Xena’s to claim
she said I want to got to our chamber right now and I want to tie you down and
make love to you, without you giving me any orders, or commands, of any sort.
For as long as I want. “ Diana then went to kiss Xena, but Xena leaned back
and looked at Diana in stunned surprise.

Diana raised a questioning brow and then said in a charming tone of voice.

“ I am going to love having My Lord for my appetizer, main course, and
dessert, even before we meet for evening meal....who knows I may be too full.”
Diana then lifted onto her toes and running her tongue over Xena’s open mouth,
and then slipping it inside for a moment to taste of Xena’s sweet mouth, Diana
then took the chance and broke the kiss she had initiated and then freeing
herself of Xena’s arms she strided into the palace and calling back over her
shoulder she said,
“ My Lord join me now please?”

Xena stood for a few more moments still facing away from the palace and then
cursing to herself through her teeth she turned on her heels and strided into
the palace and caught up with Diana. Diana had stopped at the staircase and
was waiting for Xena.

“ After you My Lord?” Diana said as she bowed, allowing Xena to take the
stairs first.

Xena stopped and turning to face Diana completely she bent down slightly and
in a warning whisper she said,

“ I will remember to pay you back tenfold for this Consort.” Xena then leaned
back to her full height and seeing that she had made her point she then
smirked and turned and strided up the stairs with Diana following after her.

Meanwhile Questra and Gabrielle were already getting reacquainted.

“ I’ve missed you soo...much.”

“ And I you My Bard. Your lips are so sweet, I love these full firm breast of
yours, their like so very creamy and wonderful.”

Questra then kissed Gabrielle again as Gabrielle stood nude from the top up in
front of Questra.

“ How you been faithful to me for the short time I was gone?”

“ Yes, always.” Gabrielle stated, and then received a kiss for her answer.

“ Do you want me My Bard?”

“ Yes?”

Questra kissed Gabrielle’s neck and lingered there for a moment. Then she
asked her another question.

“ Who do you belong to Bard?”

“ You Lord Questra.” Gabrielle answered with a fierce blush coloring her upper

“ How long would you like me to stay here for my visit My Bard?”

“ Forever.” Gabrielle answered honestly.

Questra came to stand in front of Gabrielle and lifting her head up she looked
deep into her eyes and said, “ One day I will be HERE forever.” As she pointed
to Gabrielle’s heart.

“ You already are.” Gabrielle whispered.

Questra smiled and Gabrielle melted. Questra and Gabrielle soon were in bed
making love. Questra still held to her promise about not claiming Gabrielle
until a year had past, but to hear Gabrielle and Questra one would not have
known it.

After a few candlemarks Questra and Gabrielle cleaned up and dressed to go and
meet Xena and Diana for evening meal.

“ Where’s Lord Xena?” Questra asked as she and Gabrielle took a seat at the
table in the Royal dining hall.

“ Oh, she should have been down by now, maybe something tied her up. Maybe we
should go and see if she wants to have our meal in the sitting chamber of our
private chamber, hm..?”

Okay, fine, I would prefer just the four of us anyway.” Questra stated.

Diana smiled and then motioned for the servants.

“ Bring our meal to Lord Xena’s and My chamber. The sitting area.”

“ Yes Your Majesty.”

The three women then stood up and headed for the chamber. When they arrived,
they heard Xena grunting as if she was struggling.

“ Xena’s in trouble. “ Gabrielle whispered.

Questra and Gabrielle both burst into the room and to their complete surprise
they found Xena stripped nude standing with her arms above her head, and her
legs slightly apart , just enough to allow a person to get to her....”

Gabrielle’s mouth had dropped opened, Questra had the most amused look on her
face, Xena’s eyes rolled in disbelief, and then focused on Diana who was
laughing so hard that she was holding her sides. Questra closed Gabrielle’s
mouth and then Gabrielle blushed and then noticed Diana laughing so hard, she
then started to laugh and before long the two were laughing and holding each
other, trying to stand on their feet.

Meanwhile Questra strided over to where Xena stood, and as she started to
untie Xena she whispered to her.

“ Pay backs a bitch isn’t it?” Then she chuckled as Xena glared at her for a
moment, Then Xena whispered back in a promising tone.

“ Y.E.S.... it is.”

Xena put on her robe and headed for the doorway where Gabrielle and Diana had
walked out of. They came into the sitting area to find Diana and Gabrielle
still laughing and whispering to one another.

When they entered the two tried to composed themselves, especially seeing how
Xena was now stalking towards Diana.

“ My Lord, Are you hungry?” Diana asked as she begun backing up towards the

“ Oh, yes kitten, I’m very hungry, and I plan on satisfying that hunger.” Xena
said cocking her head at her now coy acting Consort.

“ What? You did it first.” Diana said trying to reason with the very irritated

“ I won a challenge.” Xena stated without loosing a step.

Questra pulled Gabrielle to her and sat them both down on the sofa as they
watched the scene.

“ Gabrielle this is what happens when you play with a Warrior, especially
someone like Xena the Conqueror.”

“ Well...yes...that’s did.....but! You said I could have anything I

“ That was before I knew you were going to expose me to the whole world?!!”

Diana chuckled at the statement, but then stopped just as quickly as Xena
leveled a look on her.

“ Come on now? You can’t be was a joke....a good joke...but a joke
none the less.”

“ Who said anything about being upset? I’m not upset kitten, I just want to
congratulate you on your winning.”

“ Oh yeah right? How by ringing my neck?”

“ No...kitten, I would never do that.....stop backing up and you will see how
I plan on congratulating you. But You have to stop before you run out of room,
otherwise I’ll show you something else.” Xena said both in commanding and

Diana stopped at that moment and flinched every step there after that Xena
took towards her. Xena’s mouth turned up more and more with every step.
Questra and Gabrielle were both thoroughly amused and captivated. Questra was
caressing Gabrielle’s breast as they watched the scene, and Gabrielle was
leaning back onto Questra allowing her greater access to them.

Xena arrived at Diana and standing towering over her for a moment she then
leaned down and whispered in Diana’s ear.

“ Consort, because you have set me up in front of another Ruler, I must now
regain my honor.”

“ Xena?”

“Shhh....not a word. I want you to remove your clothes and put a robe on, then
I want you to go over to the sofa and lay down on it, and be ready for me when
we finish eating. I don’t believe your hungry just now, I mean you did partake
of your pleasure for quite a while. Anyway, I’m going to take you in front of
Lord Questra and Gabrielle.”

“ Xena Please?” Diana whispered back in an embarrassed and blushing tone.

“ No Consort, I am going to take you and I am also going to claim you again.”

“ Gods Xena Please??!!” Diana gasped at the thought, of being deflowered in
front of Questra and Gabrielle. Diana wasn’t as concerned about Gabrielle
because Gabrielle had heard Diana many of many of times. But it was the
thought of going through it in front of the both of them that really made
Diana blush.

“ No, now go and get .....changed. Oh and as for my little flower....Reform My
Little Shield.”

“ By The Gods Xena, Love Please?”

“ Go.”

“ Xena what if I let you tie me down again?”

“ It’s not about that Consort, it’s about who saw me.”

“ But your going to let her see you again if you take me?”

“ No, I’ll have my robe on, you won’t. Now get in there and do as I’ve

Diana lowered her eyes and then licking her lips she turned and strided into
the other room to change. In the meantime Questra had gotten off of the couch
and was walking over to the table with her arm wrapped around Gabrielle’s

“ So, shall we eat?”

“ Yes.” Xena stated firmly.

The three of them begun eating while Diana cleaned up and changed as Xena had
ordered her too. Diana came out a while later dressed only in the robe. She
stood by the door and waited for Xena to acknowledge her. Xena didn’t look
over at her she just motioned with her finger for Diana to move to the couch.

Diana still blushing, moved to the couch and swung her legs up on it as she
kept her robe closed. Xena in the meantime was washing her hands and Gabrielle
leaned over and whispered to Xena.

“ Your not going to punish her are you My Lord?”

“ No, but I am going to make it clear too her what happens when she does
something like this again.”

“ What do you mean? Gabrielle whispered.

Xena looked at Gabrielle and then she said in a tone that told Gabrielle she
had to go, “ Lord Questra will explain it too you.”

Then Xena stood up and tossed the towel back onto the table as she headed over
to the sofa where Diana waited for her.

“ What did she mean Questra?”

“ She just meant that it is never a good idea to embarrass your Lord in front
of another Lord, especially like the way Diana did.”

“ So she is mad at her?”

“ No, she’s not. If she were mad she would have punished her. This is just a
way of getting the point across while at the same time providing pleasure,
mixed with pain I would think?” Questra said more to herself than Gabrielle as
they once again watched the intriguing scene before them.

“ Remove your robe Consort.” Xena commanded as she stood towering over Diana.

Diana’s breathing was increasing, as was her blush, but she removed her robe
and Xena motioned for her to lay down more. Diana slid down so that she was
now lying flat on the sofa, Xena opened her robe and lowered herself overtop
of Diana.

“ Xena please?”

“ No, kitten, I will regain my honor.” Xena purred as she slid her hand down
between them and entered without foreplay, into Diana’s already waiting

“ Good Girl. You were ready for me.” Xena purred again into Diana’s ear.

Diana’s breath caught in her throat at the entrance of Xena’s strong fingers,
into her very tight virginal flower once again. Diana’s muscles tighten around
the entering digits, but did not stop them from reaching their mark.

Xena touched upon the renewed Maiden Head, and Diana would have jumped to the
ceiling had it not been for Xena being on top of her.

“ Here we go Consort.” Xena whispered just before she begun pushing against

“ Gods Xena Please Diana whispered desperately, hoping Xena would give her a

Xena pushed on it and Diana’s breathing became more of a panting with groans
of pain escaping her lips. Xena covered them with her own mouth and kissed
Diana passionately as she pushed and Diana begun screaming into Xena’s mouth.

Gabrielle had mixed feeling about what she was seeing and hearing, she was
both turned on by it and scared by it. She had a death grip on Questra’s thigh
and Questra turned to look at her and seeing the incredible blush covering
Gabrielle, was too much to pass up.

Questra positioned Gabrielle over her lap and tearing off Gabrielle’s
underpants, Gabrielle’s eyes went wide, as her own breathing was now rapid.

“ What are you doing?” Gabrielle whispered, completely stunned.

“ I want you, and I want you now My Bard.” Questra stated huskily as she
opened Gabrielle’s blouse and immediately grasped one of the soft peaks that
rapidly firmed up once Questra hot mouth covered it and begun sucking lustily
on it.

Gabrielle squealed with delight, Questra tightened as a response to the sound
and Xena responded as a result of knowing she was the cause of all of the
sounds happening in the room, and Diana responded to Xena’s pheromones, that
were increasing in their radiation from Xena’s pours as a result of knowing
how much Xena was enjoying taking her. Plus the fact that she herself was
completely enraptured by what Xena was doing to her.

Gabrielle was nearing her peak as was Questra as a result of feeling
Gabrielle’s Maiden Head, but not pushing hard on it so as to break it, but
pushing just enough to feel Gabrielle’s muscles tighten around her fingers
each time. Both Diana and Gabrielle were panting. Diana because Xena was
taking her ever loving time about breaking through the shield, Gabrielle
because she was near her peak.

Suddenly Xena sent Diana a thought.

“ Here comes the ripple effect Consort.”

Diana barely caught what Xena meant when suddenly Xena pushed through her
shield. Diana screamed, Gabrielle released into her ecstasy, Questra released
as a result of Gabrielle’s muscles sucking hard on her finger, and the
tightness of Gabrielle’s nipple as they trembled in her mouth. Xena ordered
Diana to release with her, as she thrusted deep into Diana’s flower.

“ Xena?” Diana called as her peak was near.

“ Yes.”

Diana’s back arched and both she and Xena released. Gabrielle’s and Questra
had ended just a moment or so after Xena’s and Diana’s begun. Gabrielle laid
against Questra’s chest trying to catch her breath, as Questra sat holding
Gabrielle around the waist as she caught her own.

The two of them watched and listened to Xena and Diana, as they continued in
their ecstasy for long multiple minutes, and the two of them soon became more
and more amazed by what they were seeing.

“ Are they still...??” Gabrielle asked still slightly breathless.”

“” Was all Questra could say as she felt her own energy come back.

Finally Diana collapsed back to the sofa, then a moment later Xena. But after
a few moments Xena shook her head and her hair scattered around her back as
she kissed Diana and whispered in her ear.

“ Remember this the next time you think about trying something like this
Consort.” Xena then stood up and covering Diana up with her robe, she turned
and fastened her own robe, and strided back over to the table and sat down in
her chair and before she started to eat again she glanced at Questra.

“ Questra bowed her head in respect to Xena’s way of handling such a thing,
and Xena smirked and then picked up a grape and popped it into her mouth, as
she looked back over at the sofa to see Diana weakly sitting herself up.

Gabrielle chuckled to herself, and both Xena and Questra smirked. Diana
blushed and then fell back flat on the sofa with a deep sigh escaping her

After a few more minutes to catch her breath Diana finally made her way over
to the table and sat down next to Xena who simply watched her with her eyes.
Diana didn’t say anything for a few minutes but instead made herself a plate
and begun eating. Questra laughed out loud and Diana looked over her brows at
her, as her cheeks colored.

“ So, I take it you’ve learned a lesson?” Questra asked with serious tone to
her voice but lightheartedness in her eyes.

“ Yes, My Lord has made her point quite clear.” Diana stated as she turned her
eyes on Xena, who raised a brow at Diana and then gave a slight tilt of her
head to tell Diana she was pleased with her answer.

Diana chuckled a bit to herself, and then went back to eating. The four of
them spent the rest of the evening talking. The next morning when Questra woke
up she kissed Gabrielle as she still laid exhausted from their activity of
yesterday. Especially after they returned to Gabrielle’s chambers where they
once again engaged in making love.

Questra eased out of the bed and cleaned up and dressed, she went to the table
and wrote for a little while, then putting it away, she then wrote a note for
Gabrielle, and then she left the chamber. She went to the lake and stripping
out of her clothes she jumped in and begun swimming, she had been swimming
early in the morning for as long as she could remember.

While she was swimming Gabrielle had woke up and feeling for Questra she
opened her eyes and called for her. Gabrielle got out of bed and went to clean
up and then she planned to go and find her.

Gabrielle saw the note on the table and picking it up she read where Questra
was, she immediately headed for the lake. When she got there she saw Questra
swimming, and it looked like she was dancing at times. Gabrielle sat near the
water’s edge and watched. Soon she realized Questra was the

Gabrielle’s heart swelled at the sight as she watched the graceful moves of
Questra. after about another candlemark Questra swam to the edge and saw
Gabrielle sitting there just smiling at her.

“ What is it My Bard?”

“ You. You were and are so beautiful.”

Questra’s cheeks flushed slightly from the compliment and some embarrassment
at the fact that she had been seen doing her morning routine.

“ So are you, even more so.” Questra answered back and then stepped out of the
water and went and laid on her stomach by Gabrielle.

“ Do you want me to put some oil on you?”

“ If you don’t mind?”

“ No, not at all. “ Gabrielle said as she reached over and took the oil from
Questra’s things.

She rubbed it over her upper shoulders and back, taking her time to learn
Questra’s body, the different scars, that fortunately were microscopic, and
only added to Questra’s strong back. Gabrielle did not know how to massage but
she tried and Questra noticed she was trying and so a smile came to her face
from the effort.

“ Does that feel okay?” Gabrielle asked not sure if she was hurting her or


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