By D.virtue

“ It feels okay, you have a lot to learn, But just because your trying to
please me makes me so very pleased Gabrielle. Thank you.”

Gabrielle blushed and then said quietly. “ I love you.”

Questra looked up at Gabrielle and with a bright smile for her she pulled her
down to her and once again Questra showed her love for Gabrielle. Gabrielle
moaned from her soul as a result.

“ How long will you be here?”

“ I have to leave in a few days to return to my Palace.”

“ So soon?”

“ Yes My Bard, I do have a kingdom to rule.”

“ Well you could ally with Xena and then she could rule it, and we could spend
all of our time together?” Gabrielle said with a smirk.

But Questra gave her a studying gaze. Then she said in a serious tone.

“ Is that what you want me to do Gabrielle?”

Gabrielle looked at her due to the tone she heard and with knitted brows she
asked her own question.

“ would you if I asked you too?”

“ Yes.”

“ Really?”

“ Yes. I mean I would still want to rule it day to day, but I wouldn’t have a
problem letting Xena’s Realm Rule it ultimately.”

“ Really?”

“ Yes Gabrielle I would, but....”

“ But what?”

“ It would come with a price.”

Gabrielle’s brow knitted again, with some apprehension showing in her eyes.
Questra saw it and asked.

“ Do you trust me Gabrielle?”

“ Yes.”

“ Completely, without any doubts about my feelings for you and the fact that I
only want to make you happy, because you make me happy?”

“ I know that.”

“ Then why do you look at me like that with the obvious concern in your eyes,
as if I have an ulterior motive or something?”

Gabrielle flinched at the tone, and the words. Gabrielle’s eyes looked back up
at the sky out of embarrassment, but Questra wanted her to answer her.

“ Look at me Bard.” Questra commanded.

Gabrielle lowered her eyes from the sky back down to look Questra in the eyes.

“ I....I...... I didn’t mean anything by it. It’s just that....”

“ What is it Gabrielle? What causes you to look at me with such doubt?”

“ I.....don’t know.” Gabrielle said quietly.

Questra sat up and then stood up and started dressing.

“ Did I say something wrong?” Gabrielle asked as she now sat up watching
Questra dress.

“ Gabrielle, you need some time to yourself to figure out why you don’t trust
me, I can’t think of one instant where I have done something to cause you to
doubt me in anyway, I mean I’m not perfect, but I have tried over and over
again to show you that the only thing I want from Lord Xena’s Realm is You. I
love you Gabrielle, and all I want is for you to love me.”

“ I do.” Gabrielle interjected as tears begun rolling down her face.

“ I know you love me Gabrielle, but you don’t trust me, and I don’t know why.
So until you can tell me the answer to that, then I think it would be better
for me to head back to my Palace today.”

“ Questra please don’t leave me?”

“ I’m not leaving YOU Gabrielle, I’m just giving you sometime to figure out
why you don’t trust me.”

“ But I do.”

“ Gabrielle be honest with yourself, there is something in you that bothers
you about me, and it’s that, that you have to figure out. When you do, I’ll
be waiting. I hope you figure it out soon.”

“ Questra....please?” Gabrielle pleaded, hoping Questra would change her mind
about leaving.

Questra went to her knee and lifting Gabrielle’s chin she leaned in and kissed
her tenderly. Then she leaned back and looked lovingly into Gabrielle’s eyes,
with both love and hurt showing. Gabrielle’s tears rolled harder.

Questra kissed her again and then stood up and headed back for the palace. She
then stopped and turned back around.

“ Gabrielle?”

Gabrielle looked up from her hands back at Questra and with a small voice she


“ The price I was talking about, was you becoming my Consort.” Questra stated
as a fact and then turned and strided off to the Palace leaving Gabrielle to
her thoughts.

Gabrielle’s breath caught in her throat at the revelation of what Questra’s
mind set was. Now wracking sobs shook her frame, as she buried her head in her
hands and cried.

Questra made it back to the Palace and had the servants pack her things and
have her carriage called for. In the meantime she went and located Xena and
Diana. To talk to them.

“ Lord Questra, join us.” Xena stated offering Questra a seat.

“ Thank you Lord Xena. I came to talk to you about something.”

“ By all means, what is it?”

“ Diana, will you go to the lake and see after Gabrielle?”

“ Sure, is she alright?”

“ Physically yes, right now I she just needs to talk to someone.”

“ Why not you?”

“ Because it’s about me that she needs to talk to someone about.”

“ Oh, but...”

“ Consort go.” Xena commanded, knowing where things could end up if Diana
thought Questra did something to hurt Gabrielle.

“ But?”

Xena gave Diana a look that beckoned no argument. Diana closed her mouth and
only said, “ As You wish My Lord.” Then she stood up and gave a slight bow of
her head to Questra and then she turned and left the library to go and see
about Gabrielle.

Meanwhile Questra turned her attention back to Xena.

“ Questra what’s going on?” Xena asked getting straight to the point.

“ It’s just that Gabrielle doesn’t trust me.”

“ Why?”

“ That’s just it, I don’t know, she doesn’t even know why.”

“ Have you done something?”

“ No, I mean the only thing I have done was the one time I lost my temper with
Diana, but I can’t imagine that being the reason for her distrust? Or maybe
it’s just that reason, maybe she thinks I will do the same thing to her one

“ No, I don’t think that’s it....necessarily, otherwise she wouldn’t trust

“ have a point. But then again you have saved her life many times,
therefore she knows you are there for her. I hope I don’t have to prove she
can trust me as a result of me having to save her life. Just the thought of
her being in danger causes me tension.”

“ Questra I’m sure whatever is bothering her she will figure it out. Maybe
it’s not even distrust?”

“ It is , believe me. For example, just before I came here we were together
talking about things, and she asked me how long I was going to be here this
time, and one thing lead to another and I eventually asked her if she wanted
me to turn the rule of my kingdom over to you.

“ What did you tell her?”

“ I asked her if that’s what she wanted me to do, and she asked me if I would.
I told her I didn’t have a problem with that, but I would still want to run
the day to day things, but I had no problem allying with your Realm with you
as the ultimate Ruler over my land, but it would come with a price.”

What price Xena asked without any concerns or confusions. Questra say it and

“ See now that’s why I know it’s distrust.”

“ What?”

“ When I said that to you, you took it without concern even creasing your
brow. But when I said it to her it showed up almost immediately.”

“ So what is the price?”

“ I told her All I wanted form your Realm was her as my Consort.”

“ Really? Is it that serious between the two of you?”

“ I thought it was, but I can’t go any further with this until I know that she
trusts me without any doubts creasing her brows at anything I say.”

“ You just want her to trust you without question?”

“ Yes. Isn’t that how Diana looks upon you? Total trust without question?”

Xena sat back on her sofa chair and looked at Questra thoughtfully. Then she
leaned forward and answered.

“ Your absolutely right, she must trust you without question in order to be
happy with you. What can I do to help?”

“ Talk to her, I think between you and Diana you can find out what’s bothering

“ We’ll do that of course.” Xena said assuring Questra.

“ Thank you, now I have to be on my way. I’m returning to my Palace to give
Gabrielle time to figure out what it is about me that bothers her.”

“ When she does would you like for me to send her to you? Or will you return

“ She knows she can come to me anytime she wants. I just hope it’s soon. Xena
I have never felt like this about anyone, and I don’t want to lose her, but I
can’t see being with someone who doesn’t trust me.”

“ I understand. Diana and I were somewhat like that. She didn’t trust me for
obvious reasons at first. But the one thing that I knew the first time she
showed up here on her own presenting herself to me, to be mine, I knew that
despite all of the mistrust and doubts she had about me, she would not have
shown up here if she had any of them. Her only concerns were about how deeply
could I love her. She knew I loved her already, she just wanted to know how
deep it could become.”

“ She found out I take it?”

“ Yes. Diana is the other half of my soul. I love her with all that is me, and
I would die a thousand deaths to protect her.”

“ I’m sure she would have something to say about that?”

“ She’s have a lot to say about it. I would probably end up threatening to
redden her behind just to get her to let me protect her. “

“ She obviously loves you and don't want to lose you?”

“ That’s true, that is the very reason she and I are at odds usually. Because
she doesn’t want to see me hurt and yet she won’t get it through her head that
there is no way that I will let her get hurt if I can prevent it. I almost
lost her once, I have no desire to go through that again. I mean look at her,
she looks so delicate,like she could be broke in half , how am I suppose to
stand back and let her get hurt. It’s been said many of times that Diana was
made to be made love to, everything about her echoes that.”

“ I agree she is remarkably beautiful.”

“ My point is when Gabrielle comes to you, she’ll have no more doubts or
distrust of you.”

“ So you think she will come?”

“ Yes, I have no doubts about that. Matter of fact while you and Diana were
away Gabrielle and I talk everyday, all of her conversations were about you
and how much she missed you and how she couldn’t believe someone like you
could be in love with her, especially so quickly, as opposed to herself who
she thought because of her age she was just being a silly love sick school
girl .”

“I so love the light in her.”

“ We all do. But She’s not perfect, she makes her mistakes also?”

“ Yes I know, mistakes I can handle, distrust I can’t.”

“ I understand.”

“ Well, I guess I need to get going. Thanks again Lord Xena, I appreciate your

“ My Pleasure Questra, You remind me of myself in more than just one way.”
Xena then smirked and Questra smiled and then stood and left the library.

Meanwhile Diana had made it to the lake where she saw Gabrielle sobbing. Diana
strided over to where Gabrielle sat and taking a seat by her she then asked, “
Gabrielle, can I do anything?”

Gabrielle stopped sobbing when she heard Diana’s voice and she immediately
turned her head to look at her and then she tried to say something but found
she was still choked up, so she just fell into Diana’s arms and cried harder.

“ Gabrielle Questra asked me to come down here to talk to you.”

“ She did.” Gabrielle managed to say through her tears.

“ Yes, she said you needed to talk to someone.”

Gabrielle wiped her eyes after a few more moments and then leaned back up to
sit to look at Diana and talk to her.

“ She thinks I don’t trust her.”

“ Do you?”

“ Yes...well I think I do? I don’t know.” Gabrielle finally admitted.

“ Why do you think you don’t trust her?”

“ I don’t know, I mean after being around you and Xena for so long, I’ve
learned that other people usually have ulterior motives. I mean they seem to
always want something from you two.”

“ But Gabrielle, you can’t compare Xena and Me to other people, that’s like
comparing Tigers to birds, their is absolutely no comparing.”

“ But Questra a lot like Xena, although she has the romantic heart like you
and I. She has all the qualities I would look for in a person, but....”

“ But what Gabrielle? I can see how much you love her, and I see how much she
loves you.”

“ But You don’t trust her?” Gabrielle said in earnest.

Diana flinched slightly by the statement, and then sighing she cocked her head
at Gabrielle and said with a thoughtful gaze.

“ I see, Gabrielle it’s true I didn’t trust Questra, but not because of some
hidden danger or treachery. I didn’t trust her because I wanted a reason to
dislike her so that you wouldn’t leave me. I didn’t want to lose my sister to
some stranger who just strided in here and stole your heart that first day. I
wanted you to still need me, and I thought that if you fell in love with
Questra then you wouldn’t. I thought she would become your confidant, and
advisor, and I would be renagated to just someone you would stop by every now
and then to see just to say hi. I didn’t want to lose times like these where
you and I just sat and talked for hours about nothing, and everything. The
month that I was with her, and even before I went, Xena sat me down and
scolded me at first about how whatever Questra wanted to do with you was her’s
and your business, and that it was no longer my place to protect you, but
support you, like I had done in other areas of your life. She then made me
really look at why I didn’t like Questra.”

“ And why don’t you like her?”

“ That’s just it Gabrielle, I do like her. It was never HER who I didn’t like,
just what it meant for her to be in your life. Gabrielle If your distrust of
Questra is because of me, which I think it is, then let me set your mind
straight. I not only like Questra, but I trust her with your life. I trust her
to be the right person for you, I trust her to want to show you how much she
loves you, I trust her to make you happy, I trust her with my sister, my
family. Do you understand?”

“ I think so, your saying that you thought you were going to lose me to

“ Yes.”

“ can be so frustrating sometimes. Yes I will be spending as
much time as I can with Questra, I love her, and I’m in love with her. But
your my sister, no matter who comes and goes in our lives, we will always be
sisters, and I will always need you. There are so many things you have yet to
teach me, as well as Xena. You can not be replaced by anyone, or anything.

“ Okay. So tell me what’s it feel like to be in love?” Diana said with a big
smile for Gabrielle as they hugged each other.

“ What do you mean? You know what it’s like?”

“ Yes I know what it’s like for ME to be in love, I want to know what it’s
like for my sister to be in love?”

“ Oh.” Gabrielle said with a blush.

“ Well?” Diana said pressing Gabrielle to tell her.

“’s pretty much like you always describe it. I feel complete when
she’s around and thrilled by her voice, her smell, her looks, the way she
holds me in her arms, I feel safe, as if I could just stay there forever and
never have a complaint. I want to please her in whatever I can. You know what
I mean?”

“ Yes. Hmm...that’s funny.”

“ What is?”

“ How much we’re alike despite the fact that we weren’t born of the same

“ Well that’s because your so influential. Watching you and how you show your
feelings for Xena everyday, was a wonderful example for me to learn what love
was about, I still have a lot of learning to do, but with Questra’s and your’s
and Xena’s help, I’ll learn, I mean I do have the best teachers...right?”

“ Right. But I don’t think you’ll need that much help sis, you deserve to be
loved, and Questra is the best person to do that. Okay?”

“ YES! Wow, I feel so much better, I feel like a great weight has been lifted
from my heart.”

“ So what are you going to do about it?”

“ This!” Gabrielle said as she wrapped her arms around Diana’s neck and hugged
her tightly and Diana did the same. Then Gabrielle kissed Diana’s cheek and
leaned back and then stood up and said as she turned, “ and this!” As she ran
back towards the palace to go and find Questra.

Diana stood up and waved as Gabrielle bounced nearly skipping to the Palace.

“ Magus, where’s Lord Questra?”

“ She returned to her Palace a few candlemarks ago.”

“ Really?” Gabrielle said with obvious disappointment, but then she she turned
and ran for the staircase to go to Xena’s and Diana’s Chamber to get one of
the travellers.

“ My Lord Princess Gabrielle would like an audience with you?”

“ Send her in.”

Gabrielle practically ran into the chamber.

“ Gabrielle? What’s going on?”

“ May I borrow one of the travellers?”

“ Of Course, but why?” Xena asked knowingly.

“ I need it so that I can go to Lord Questra’s Palace.”

“ Why don’t you just have one of the coachmen drive you there?”

“ Xena Please? I don’t want to take so long to get there.”

Xena smirked and then motioned for Gabrielle to go and get one of the

“ Thank you Xena! “ Gabrielle exclaimed and ran into the bedchamber and got
one of the travellers. When she came out and was heading for the door, Xena
called to her again.

“ I take it that TRUST thing is not a problem any longer?”

“ Not a doubt.” Gabrielle grinned.

Xena smiled at her and Gabrielle’s heart smiled back through her eyes.

“ I’m proud of you Gabrielle.”

“ It’s Diana you should be proud of. She’s the one who discovered what the
problem was. I am so thankful for her. She is the best sister anyone could
ever ask for.”

“ Thank you sis, I feel the same way.”

Gabrielle whirled around and saw Diana standing in the doorway. She then
grinned and then went to give Diana another hug.

“ Thank you so much sis. I love you.”

“ Your welcome Gabrielle. I love you too. Now you better get going, I’m sure
Lord Questra is waiting to see you?”

“ Your right. Okay, I’ll see you both later. Bye Xena, thank you.”

“ Your welcome Gabrielle, see you soon.”

Gabrielle then turned and headed out the door. She threw the traveller ahead
of her pointing in the direction Questra had once told her. She stepped
through and found herself on the grounds of the Royal Palace of Questra.

A soldier came up to her and asked what her business was and she told him she
was there to see Lord Questra.

“ This way.”

Gabrielle followed the soldier into the palace and then to a large chamber
where she heard Questra talking to someone.

“ Wait here.” The Guard ordered and then went over and whispered into Lord
Questra’s ear.

“ Ruler, there is a young woman here who says she would like an audience with

Questra looked over where the guard pointed and there she saw Gabrielle
standing looking ever so innocent. Questra smiled to herself, and then told
the guard to see Gabrielle in. The guard bowed and then went and informed
Gabrielle Lord Questra would see her.

Gabrielle smiled and then followed the guard into where Questra sat speaking
once again to her visitor.

Questra glanced up at Gabrielle and a polite smile came to her face, she then
gave a nod of her head and then asked.

“ Gabrielle, what brings you here?”

“ Lord Questra I came to speak with you about a personal matter, if you have
time?” Gabrielle asked recognizing Questra had guest.

Questra looked at who Gabrielle was looking at and then said, “ Jikin, I will
speak to you later.”

“ Yes Ruler.” Jikin stood up and bowed and then gave a polite nod of her head
towards Gabrielle and then walked out.

“ Have a seat Gabrielle?” Questra said as she motioned for one of the servants
to bring Gabrielle something to drink.

Gabrielle in the meantime sat down and waited for the cider that the servant
went to get her. She handed the cider to Gabrielle and she took a drink of it
and then licked her lips.

“ So Gabrielle, what is it you wanted to see me about? I hope it’s what I

“ It is.”

“ Really? Then tell me what I want to know.”

“ Questra I was distrustful of you.”

“ Hmm...why?”

“ Because Diana was.”

“ Well, that’s interesting. Gabrielle, do you always feel the same way about
things as Diana, or Xena?”

“ No, well, at least not about everyday things, but in dangerous situations, I
may not agree with how they choose to handle some things but I’ve learned that
their instincts are usually, more often than not, right on the mark about
people, although Diana tended to trust people easier than Xena, and because of
that when she showed that she didn’t trust you, I thought their must be
something that I’m missing. Maybe Diana was seeing something about you that
raised the back of the hairs on her neck, I didn’t know, but I figured if
their was trouble waiting to pounce on Xena and or Diana, as a result of my
getting involved with you then I would be watchful of you until Diana no
longer had doubts about you.”

“ So if that’s how you feel Gabrielle, why are you here?”

“ Because I love you and I don’t want to lose you. Diana came to talk to me
and she told me about how and why she felt the way she did about you. She told
me that she was wrong in what she had done to you and me. She told me that she
not only trust you, but she has trust in you that you are the right person for
me, that you would love me and accept my love in return, she said she trusts
you to make me happy, and mostly she trusts you with my life.”

“ I’m pleased to hear that, but I want to know if YOU trust me Gabrielle, that
is really all that matters to me at this point?” Questra asked with a raised
brow, while studying Gabrielle.

“ Yes.”

“ Just like that? No doubts or anything remains because of Diana telling you
she trusts me?”

“ Yes.”

“ Hm....Gabrielle I know your very influenced by Diana, and you look up to
her...and you should. But I have to ask, what if her and I have a disagreement
about something, who’s side will you take?”

“ No ones. But I would try to help if I could.”

“ What if it was a matter of you not being able to help and it was something
that she and I would have to work out, what then?”

“ I’d loved both of you, and I would let you try to work it out. If you still
couldn’t then I would ask Xena to meditate between you and Diana.”

“ But you wouldn’t hold anything against her or I for having bad feelings
towards each other would you?”

“ I would be sad that the two of you couldn’t get along, but no I wouldn't
have anything against the two of you, I would probably nag you two to death
though.” Gabrielle said with a slight smile.

Questra returned a full smile to Gabrielle.

“ Come here Gabrielle.”

Gabrielle rose from her chair and walked to stand in front of Questra.

“ Gabrielle, I can handle anything with you, as long as I know you trust me,
without trust Gabrielle there is nothing. Do you understand?”

“ I do Questra, and I do trust you with my heart. Can you find it in your
heart to forgive me?”

Questra studied Gabrielle for a few more moments and then she lifted her arms
up off of her thigh and motioned for Gabrielle to have a seat. Gabrielle
immediately sat down on Questra’s muscular thighs and then Questra pulled
Gabrielle’s face to her and stated in a factual tone, “ I forgive you, but
don’t let anything like this happen again.”

“ I won’t.”

“ I’m pleased.” Questra said as she pulled Gabrielle to her and kissed her
with passion.

Gabrielle sighed into the kiss and Questra moaned as a result of Gabrielle’s
surrender to her. Questra’s hands begun moving slowly up Gabrielle’s thighs,
and then one of them disappeared up under Gabrielle’s skirt. Her fingers
quickly and efficiently removed the underpants and soon she was feeling the
warmth of Gabrielle’s chaste gate around her finger.

She then begun a slow semi -deep pumping into Gabrielle and Gabrielle was now
moaning almost continuously, as Questra took her, there in the chair, on her
thigh. Questra went between kissing Gabrielle’s wonderful lips and that of her
soft supple neck, and the hollow area of it as well.

Gabrielle’s body was flushed now and the closer she got to her ecstasy, the
more flush she became. Finally, when Gabrielle was about to peak her fingers
dug into Questra’s arm and Questra claimed her mouth just as Gabrielle peaked.

Questra continued to pull at Gabrielle’s ecstasy by continuing to pump into
Gabrielle, stopping just at Gabrielle’s Maiden Head. Finally Questra allowed
Gabrielle’s ecstasy to subside and then slipping her finger out of the now
energy expended young girl.

Gabrielle’s breathing was still labored, and Questra held her as she settled
back down. To relax in the afterglow. Later Gabrielle and Questra went for a
walk around the palace grounds. While they were sitting against a tree
enjoying the smells and sounds and feel of the garden they were relaxing in.
Questra allowed Gabrielle to tease her with flower pedals, by scattering them
over and around Questra.

“ You know what?”

“ What?”

“ I love being in your arms.”

“ I’m pleased to hear that Gabrielle.”

“ It’s like being in Xena’s and Diana’s arms, but different.”

“ How’s that?”

“ Well, whenever I’m in their arms for any amount of time, I always feel safe,
like nothing can hurt me as long as I’m there. Diana said that’s how she feels
when she’s in Xena’s arms, I never really understood it. I mean I understood
enough to know she trust Xena to keep her safe from harm whether she ask for
the help or not, she knows Xena will always be there for her trying to help,
and usually succeeding.”

“ So now you understand what Diana was telling you all of this time?”

“ Yes, I feel like nothing can hurt me as long as I’m in your arms. Does that
make sense?”

“ Yes it does, but tell me what you meant about different?”

Gabrielle now took on a slightly embarrassed flush to her cheeks. Questra saw
it and a smirked came to her face.

“ Well My Bard are you going to tell me?”

“ It’’s just that with them it’s like a mother and sister thing, but
with you I have all of these butterflies that seem to increase the closer you
come to me and then when you hold me in your arms, my stomach just does all
sorts of flips. I feel giddy, while at the same time I feel a tightness in my
belly that seems to keep me.....misty, down there.” Gabrielle managed to say
before a fierce blush took over her exposed skin.

Questra gazed at Gabrielle and with a look of lust and love coming into her
eyes, she crawled up on her knees and thus started pushing Gabrielle back onto
her back.

“ Well, I think I know how to handle that problem?” Questra said with a
delighted look of anticipation coming into her eyes.

She placed an arden kiss on Gabrielle and then slowly and with heartwarming
kisses, she receded down Gabrielle’s sun warmed nude body, stopping at times
to linger at a soft nipple just long enough until it firmed up, and then she
visited upon the other nipple for the same reason.

She then slowly regressed down Gabrielle’s now hot blushing body, until she
arrived at her goal. Once there she let her fingers separate the soft blonde
hair covered nether lips and blowing lightly at the exposed button,
Gabrielle’s hips jerked subconsciously towards the tantalizing breeze.

Questra smiled at seeing the reaction and then she flinched her tongue over
the button and once again Gabrielle’s body moved on it’s own volition. Questra
then let her tongue run firmly over the button and Gabrielle Moaned deep
within her throat, as her fingers dug into the ground trying to steady

“ By The Gods Questra!!” Gabrielle exclaimed when Questra finally sucked the
pulsating button into her hot mouth.

Questra sucked and lick greedily at the button. Gabrielle was now whimpering
from the need Questra had built inside of her.

“ Please Questra? I....I, need.....” Gabrielle said only managing to relate
half of the message of her need.

But Questra knew instantly what Gabrielle was asking for and she soon left the
seductive peak and moved further yet down Gabrielle’s Chaste zone, until her
tongue slipped inside of the hot recesses of Gabrielle’s nature.

Gabrielle’s breath caught and she begun panting as her fingers now grasped at
the grass.

Questra was busily working Gabrielle to a delirious frenzy and before
Gabrielle knew what was waving through her, she climaxed. The sensation shook
her body and Questra held Gabrielle tightly while she continued to taste of
Gabrielle’s essence. After a little bit Gabrielle’s body went limp and her
breathing was raggert and labored.

Questra moved back up Gabrielle’s body and kissing her once again, Gabrielle
tasted herself on Questra’s lips and tongue.

“ Your delicious.” Questra whispered in Gabrielle’s ear.

Gabrielle wrapped her arms around Questra’s neck and hugged her to her
exhausted body. Questra wrapped an arm around Gabrielle’s back and rolled to
her back taking Gabrielle with her. The two then laid caressing each other and
soon Gabrielle drifted off into a contented sleep in Questra’s arms.

The next day Gabrielle and Questra spent the morning talking and listening to
music and dining together, they went to to Questra’s athenaeum, and Questra
challenged Gabrielle’s knowledge of some of the Bard stories, and listened to
Gabrielle’s version, as well as told her own stories.

For the next three months straight Gabrielle stayed at Questra’s palace the
two became almost inseparable, except for those times when only Consorts were
allowed. But even then unlike when Diana was at the palace, Questra made it
clear that Gabrielle had to be within her sights, so Gabrielle was allowed to
be within the

certain chambers during those otherwise unallowable times.

Meanwhile Diana pushing Xena’s buttons.

“ I said no Consort, you can not go there to see how Gabrielle and Questra are
doing. When their ready they will come back here, now drop it.”

“ But Xena, it’s not like I’m going there to sabotage anything, I just miss
Gabrielle and I want to see her.”

Xena gave Diana a look and Diana sat down dejectedly in the chair across from

“ Consort....I’m not in the mood for your pouting, no matter how cute you
are.” Xena stated with both seriousness and an attempt at breaking Diana’s

“ It’s not funny Xena!” Diana chided.

Xena then lost her temper. Xena pulled Diana’s chair over to her using only
one of her feet, and then with Diana now sitting between Xena’s powerful
thighs chair and all, Xena brought her hand up to Diana’s chin and pulling her
closer to her and looking deep into her eyes she warned Diana.

“ Consort, I don’t want to hear another word, see another action or deed, on
this subject again, do I make myself clear?”

“ I just....”

Xena gave a meaningful squeeze to Diana’s chin, and Diana seeing Xena’s eyes
start to narrow she understood the meaning.

“ yes, I understand.”

“ Good Girl. Now to make this up to me, you can give me one of
those....special massages of yours ok?”

Diana looked up at Xena’s eyes and although she expected to find some
agitation still showing in them, she was happy to find none, but instead love
gazing at her. Diana’s heart swelled at the unexpected sight and because of it
she leaped onto Xena’s thighs.

“ Anything you want love, anything.”

Now it was Xena’s heart’s turn to swell at the absolute love and sincerity she
heard and saw.

“ That’s why I love you kitten, your the only person who has ever caused my
heart to flutter from words and the looks in the eyes. I see your love
everyday and I grow more and more entrenched in that love, I even find that
when I wake up in the mornings with you in my arms, or anytime, all I want to
do is just squeeze you so tight to me that you could literally be absorbed
into my soul, again and again.”

Diana’s eyes teared and then she leaned in and kissed the love of her heart
and soul. Diana then broke the kiss herself and leaned back and seeing the
questioning look she answered why she broke it.

“ I’d wager that you never would have thought you’d be sitting here telling
ANYONE, something so soulfully intimate and moving? And that’s one of the many
reasons I love you Xena The Conqueror, your so very unpredictable. You touch
me in ways no one ever could but you, and even to this day I an still amazed
that I am made complete by another woman. Wow.”

Xena now had moisture forming in her own eyes, and rather than allow Diana to
see them fall she pulled her back to her and kissed her with devotion and
passion. Soon the two of them were on the table top making passionate love.

Finally after three months away Gabrielle and Questra returned to Xena’s and
Diana’s Palace.

“ Diana!!” Gabrielle shrieked when she saw Diana waiting for her.

“ Gabrielle.” Diana called back and the two embraced as Xena and Questra
greeted one another with a warriors handshake.

“ I have so much I want to tell you Diana, I really don’t know where to
begin.” Gabrielle said excitedly to Diana.

“ And I want to hear everything, to the last detail.” Diana admitted.

“ A-hem, excuse me, but is it possible for you to properly greet the Ruler? I
mean if it’s not too much trouble Princess Gabrielle?” Xena asked with a
raised brow.

“ Oh, sorry My Lord.” Gabrielle said as she went to give Xena a hug.

“ That’s better.” Xena stated as she kissed Gabrielle’s forehead.

Gabrielle gave Xena a big smile and Xena flashed that heart melting one of

Diana then greeted Questra.

“Hello Lord Questra, It’s nice to see you again.”

“ Hello Consort, very nice to see you.”

Gabrielle then went and looped her arms in Diana’s and the two of them were
off. Gabrielle going on and on about her and Questra, and Diana listening to
her sister and seeing Gabrielle’s eyes light up every time she mentioned
Questra’s name.

The four of them spent the entire day together, Gabrielle still gushing about
Questra, and Questra’s cheeks colored every time as Xena sat smirking at her
and the love struck young girl. By late afternoon Diana and Gabrielle were at
the lake swimming and enjoying their time together again.

While they were swimming Xena and Questra arrived at the late unbeknownst to
the two girls who were laughing and playing tricks on one another. Xena stood
watching Diana with Gabrielle and she saw that Diana was truly happy that
Gabrielle had found someone to return the love she had to give.

Questra then called Xena’s name, thus pulling her from her revelry.

“ Lord Xena I have something I wanted to tell you and Diana together, but I
thinks it’s better if I talk to you about it first then I can decide if I want
Gabrielle or myself or both of us to tell her.”

A smirk came to Xena’s lips as she cocked her head at Questra and raised a

Questra saw the look but rather than stand and tell Xena she invited her to
sit down with her.

“ Shall we?”

“ Okay. “ Xena said trying to be patient with Questra.

“ Lord Xena, you know how much I love Gabrielle, and it’s obvious how she
feels about me. These last few months of just the two of us has allowed us to
really get to know one another.”

“ So how many times have you had to punish her?” Xena asked getting things out
in the open and then deal with the other news she new Questra had.

“ Twice.” Questra answered honestly.

“ For?”

“ Because she lied to me once about something I had told her not to do, and
the other time for talking back to me, when I told her that a certain subject
was closed.”

“ Was she okay afterwards?”

“ Are you asking me if she thought about returning here after being punished?”
Questra asked knowing the answer.

Xena just raised a brow and waited.

“ No, in fact I asked her after each time what she was feeling and both times
she told me and then ended by saying how much she loved me and wanted to spend
her life with me.”

Xena smiled and then asked, “ So...what did you want to run by me first?”

“ I’m planning on asking Gabrielle to join with me. To be My Consort.”

“ Lord Questra, that’s wonderful!” Xena stated with approval in her voice.

“ Thank you, but how do you think her sister will take the news of my
proposing to her sister, especially after having kept Gabrielle away for
months as it is?”

“ I thought you and Diana worked things out?”

“ We did, but you know how she can be?”

“ Yes, I know, she can be stubborn and willful. But I also know she has the
biggest heart, and where love and family are in the picture, especially now,
she’ll be behind rooting for it.” Xena stated resolutely.

“ You really think so?”

“ I know so. When did you want to ask Gabrielle?”

“ Soon. But I think it would be better if I ask her when we’re alone , and
then announce it to you and Diana formally. The four of us could go for a walk
in the garden?”

Xena smirked and then said I think it’s a wonderful plan. Now how about
getting those two over here before they get water-logged?”

“ I agree they’ll end up pruned if we don’t.”

“ Diana, Gabrielle, I think that’s enough?” Xena called.

Diana and Gabrielle finished what they were doing and then headed out of the
water arguing with one another playfully about something or other.

“ I always little girl.” Diana teased at Gabrielle as they came over
to sit with Xena and Questra.

“ No you didn’t, you cheated.”

“ Consort you cheated in something?” Xena asked somewhat surprised.

“ Of course not, Gabrielle’s just mad because I beat her in the game we were

“ Okay, so you didn’t cheat exactly, but it’s like cheating, considering that
you and Xena have all of those different skills, you guys said you would
always give me a handicap.”

“ I didn’t say that, Xena said that, and speaking of that I still don’t
understand why she would do that for you and not for me?” Diana said as she
glanced over at Xena who sat with one brow raised, listening to the two, and
watching Diana’s nude body move.

“ Because you don’t need it, your abilities are almost equal to my own, and
who knows, maybe one day they’ll be even more so?”

“ Hmphff...right?” Diana said as she looked over by another tree where her’s
and Gabrielle’s clothes were. “ I’ll be right back, I need to go get my
clothes, I’ll bring yours back also Gabrielle.”

“ Okay, thanks.”

Diana stood up and headed for the tree, unbeknownst to her Xena had told
Questra and Gabrielle that Gabrielle would not be getting her clothes anytime
soon, but they could wait if they wanted.

The two of them were comfortable, Gabrielle had curled up in Questra’s arms
and was leaning back against her, while Questra casually caress Gabrielle’s
nude body. Gabrielle melted into the touch.

Xena in the meantime had come up on Diana just as she was stooping down to
pick up her clothes.

“ Not yet Consort.” Xena stated as she stopped Diana’s hands from touching the

“ Xena? What are you doing? Gabrielle and Questra are over there.”

“ Your point?” Xena asked with one gaze firmly showing in her eyes.

“ Xena you are just insatiable sometimes, okay all of the time.”

“ Listen Consort, it’s been candlemarks. I am in need of the services of My
Consort, and I will not take no for an answer, am I clear?”

“ Xena...?” Diana purred as she eased back with Xena leaning over her back, so
that they were now standing up straight once again.

“ yes?” Xena asked as she allowed Diana to stand them up straight.

Diana turned around to face Xena, and caressing Xena’s arms down to her hands,
Diana held Xena’s hands to her mouth and kissed both of them and then looked
Xena in the eyes and with a dubious smile she said,

“ No, “ and took off running!

Xena was caught off Guard for a moment, and then she turned and took off after

“ And their off!” Gabrielle called as she suddenly was taken over by a fit of
laughter, at seeing Diana streaking towards the Palace with Xena hot on her
heels and closing.

“ I wonder?” Gabrielle said outloud.

“ What?”

Gabrielle then jumped to her feet and went and got her clothes and dressed as
she grabbed Questra’s hand and they went running in the direction that Xena
and Diana had headed.

“ Gabrielle where are we going?!” Questra called as she was being pulled along
by Gabrielle.

“ I want to see if Xena catches her.”

“ What?!”

“ Diana said Xena never gives her a handicap, but she didn’t say anything
about taking one? I just want to see if it makes any difference. I mean, I’ve
seen Xena catch Diana many times in the past, but now, so much has changed, I
just wonder if Xena can catch her now?”

Questra stopped running and thus stopped Gabrielle.

“ What?”

“ How about a wager my dear bard?”

“ What sort of wager?”

“ Well, if Lord Xena catches Diana before Diana gets to where she’s trying to
make it to, no matter how long it takes, then you will give me whatever I

“ Okay, what?”

“ No, I’m not going to tell you until we see who won.”

“ And if Diana wins what do I get?”

“ Whatever you want?”

“ Okay, deal.” Gabrielle said agreeing to the terms, and then they went off to
find Diana and Xena.

Xena still had not caught Diana, but she was closing and closing fast, Diana
suddenly changed her direction and headed for Xena, Xena stopped and prepared
herself to absorb Diana’s weight, but just as Diana would have gotten to Xena
she leaped over Xena and once again headed back for the lake still nude, with
her Ebony mane flying wildly behind her as she laughed a taunting laugh at

Xena smirked and then turned on her heels and this time she let her abilities
really show, she was walking Diana down and Diana saw it and her brows knitted
at the sudden change and how Xena could do it, considering Diana had bought
herself sometime with the change of Direction move, at least she thought.

Diana turned back around to concentrate on her running, and as she did Questra
and Gabrielle were coming towards her in the opposite direction. Diana flew
past them as did Xena and just as Diana would have made it back to the lake
Xena launched herself at Diana.


The warcry startled Diana and she turned to see Xena coming down on her.

“ XE.....!!!!” Was all Diana could say before she and Xena went rolling.

Xena ended up on top of Diana straggling her hips. Diana was breathing hard,
and Xena had a lustful gaze in her eyes.

“ Now Consort, just for that little marathon you took us on, I will now
return it in kind with my own type of marathon. There will be no pleading for
mercy, or rest or anything else, I will exhaust myself with my very active
Consort.” Xena stated with a wicked smirk on her face.

“ Xena? Love, please?”

“ No.” Xena then laid her body over Diana’s and claiming her mouth she begun
ravishing the nude young woman.

By the time Gabrielle and Questra made it back Xena had taken Diana at least
once and was actively taking her again.

“ Well....I think we’ll have to wait to ask to find out if Xena caught Diana,
or whether Diana gave up?”

“ Yes, I agree, they look VERY busy.” Gabrielle said with a blush coloring her
face as she watched the activity of Xena and Diana.

Questra and Gabrielle made themselves scarce and went to look at some of the
magnificent artwork in the chamber of impressions. While Questra and Gabrielle
were walking through looking at the different artwork done by many different
artists, as well as the fantastic artwork done by Diana.

“ Questra this is my favorite one.”

“ Why? Because Diana is in it?”

“ No, it’s because of the way she’s changed from then to now.”

“ What do you mean?”

“ Look at Diana’s face, she looks like she’s happy, her sister’s all have
their arms connected and the two closest to Diana have their arm wrapped
around Diana’s waist, her’s are crossed behind her back, with the two nearest
girls arms looped between.”

“ Ok?”

“ But look at this picture which is another of my favorite. Here she is with
Xena and me and she has a big obviously happy and contented smile on her face,
and look at the arms. Xena’s standing behind Diana with her arms wrapped
around Diana’s waist, and her head resting on top of Diana’s head, and
Diana’s arms are wrapped around me, with her head resting on top of my head.
Look at her eyes in both pictures. In the first one they look....”

“ like a sadness is hidden within them. The smile she’s wearing doesn’t reach
her eyes. But I thought she loved her sisters?”

“ She does, and very much so. But step here and look at the picture and tell
me what you see?”

“ Questra stepped slightly to one side of the picture and looking back at the
picture her mouth dropped open slightly.

“ You see them?”

“ Yes. twelve men standing behind the girls. Everyone of them have their arms
crossed and their all looking at Diana. Wow, that’ pretty deep. Does this one
have the same thing?”

“ Step over there. “ Gabrielle said pointing to the other side of the 2nd

Their in the background painted with her sword and Chakram, Xena is sitting
astride her horse with her eyes looking almost so real that one would think
she was scanning the room that very moment.

“ Wow. It looks as if she’s watching.”

“ Exactly, that’s what she’s doing, she’s watching over Diana to make sure no
harm comes to her or me. This one Diana told me it’s the best picture she has
ever painted, it says how she is feeling today, happy, safe and secure, and
totally in love. Look at her eyes.”

“ Theirs a light coming from them, wow. Diana is really complex. Maybe that’s
why her and Xena are so perfect for one another?”

“ I agree.”

“ Gabrielle, thank you for showing me these, it gives me a deeper
understanding of Diana.”

“ Your welcome.”

Questra gave Gabrielle an appreciative gaze and then she and Gabrielle
continued walking through the Chamber. While they were, Questra dropped back
a bit to watch Gabrielle as she absorbed the pictures in the room.

Finally Questra caught up with Gabrielle and they finished their touring
together. Xena and Diana met up with Gabrielle and Questra.

“ Sooo....who won??” Gabrielle asked of Xena and Diana, anxious to find out if
she or Questra won their wager.

“ What are you talking about Gabrielle?” Diana asked.

“ Did Xena catch you or were you able to elude her until you decided to give

“ Xena slightly choked on her port she was drinking, at the thought of Diana
eluding her.

“ What does that mean Xena?” Diana asked with confusion at Xena’s reaction.

“ Nothing kitten.”

“ No, no, no, you think I can’t elude you? You think you can catch me anytime
you choose to, right?”

“ Well...”

“ Well?? Well what Xena?” Diana asked acting piqued.

“ I did catch you ...Again, didn’t I?”

“ Aha! So you caught Diana?”

“ Yes, again.” Xena emphasized.

“ Well....Lord Xena The Conqueror, I can think of at least twice where you
didn’t catch me.” Diana said challengingly.

“ Oh Really?”

“ Yes Really Love.”

“ Name them.”

“ Nope, not until we come to some type of agreement?”

“ Ah...a challenge, I love it!!” Xena said through her teeth, as she stared at

“ uh-oh, here we go.” Gabrielle said under her breath to Questra.

“ Well all I know is your mine tonight my little sweet Bard.”

Gabrielle looked back at Questra and lowered her eyes, as a blush came over

“ So Consort what’s the challenge?”

“ I can tie you down again...”

“ NO!!”

“ Oh...come on? What...are you....scared to meet the challenge love?” Diana

“ No, I’m not scared. I just dont want to have to reddened your backside from
you doing something over the line again?”

“ Uh-huh? Tell me another one love.”

“ Ok fine, I’ll let you, but I will decide when?”

“ That’s fine.”

“ Okay, and if you can’t tell me the two times to MY Satisfaction, then you
will continue to give me those special massages, as well as I get to have you
Again, until I’m exhausted.”

“ Xena, now if it wasn’t for the fact that I can name the two times I would
change my mind about this challenge.” Diana said slightly gun shy by the idea
of being taken until Xena was exhausted again.

Xena smirked and then said, “ fine, now tell me?”

“ Okay, well you didn’t catch me the time when I went after Questra? Although
....looking back at that one, it would have been the best time to catch me,
but, none the less, you did miss me. And the other time I eluded the Great
Xena The Conqueror, was the time You and Gabrielle and Ephiny all had a little
MUD on your faces while I was back here sitting in the dining hall just
waiting for you....does that bring back memories my wonderful soon to be tied
down, and totally taken advantage of lover??” Diana said with a smirk of

Xena sat pinching her lips, trying not to give Diana the satisfaction of
knowing she was right.

“ I think she’s got you Xena?” Gabrielle said covering her mouth trying to
hold in the laughter that was threatening to escape due to Diana’s almost
maniacal laughter.

Questra was trying to maintain her composure, as once again Xena found herself
outdone by Diana again. Xena knew it and so all she could do was suck her
teeth and then admit it in her own way.

“ two, what was riding on my USUAL success in catching my kitten?”

“ Hmm...just My Bard owes me something.” Questra answered somewhat vaguely.

Diana was still chuckling to herself and then she said, “ That’s right love,
change the subject, but I KNOW and what’s more important is that, YOU KNOW!
hahahahahahahaha.” Diana once again was taken by laughter.

Xena bit her cheeks as they flushed slightly.

“ Xena are you blushing?” Gabrielle asked making it obvious to everyone now.

“ YES!!” Diana howled as she fell back against the back of her chair and the
laughter was causing tears to roll down her face. Gabrielle was laughing with
her now and Questra chuckled and then said in a placating tone.

“ Well look at it this way, at least she’ll do all you want when your tied
down.” Questra then lost it and laughed outloud as well. “ Sorry, it is rather

“ um-huh. Funny.” Xena said cutting her eyes over to the hysterically laughing
young woman and her partner in crime. “ Okay! That’s enough!” Xena said in a
commanding voice to Diana and Gabrielle and Questra.

“ my love getting upset?” Diana teased as she stood up and headed
over to mess with Xena.

Xena sat there and waited for Diana.

“ Yes, now change the subject, before I change the color of your behind.” Xena
said warning.

Diana stopped advancing toward Xena for a moment as she looked her in the
eyes. Diana saw there was humor in them so she smiled and continued on towards

“ Oh, your just mad because I got you.....again.” Diana taunted.

“ I told you to change the subject kitten.” Xena stated as she continued to
wait for the unsuspecting young woman.

“ Yes, you did say that but I’m not quite ready to change it yet, your
soo...cute when your in the spotlight. “ Diana now was standing just out of
Xena’s reach, but still close enough to be dangerous.

Questra knew Xena was up to something just by looking at her muscles in her
arms. They were tensing to strike and Diana was not paying attention to it.
Xena kept listening to her Consort tease her and every now and then she would
give Diana a sidelong look.

And then....just as Diana was about to say something else, Xena grabbed
Diana’s arm turned her around and bent her over her lap and flipped her skirt
up and laid a painful swat to the struggling and pleading young woman’s

“ OWW!! Xena??!!”

“ You continued on the subject when I said not to, so.....for everything you
said after that then I am going to make you truly repentant.”

Xena then proceeded to give Diana 7 more painful swats. Then afterwards she
sat her down on the chair with her. Diana was now pouting and Questra was now
chuckling again, this time at Diana’s misreading of Xena’s thinking. Gabrielle
now sat quietly trying to show support for Diana.

Xena then took a sip of her port and then sighed a satisfying sigh at the now
semi-quiet chamber.

“ It’s not fair. “ Diana mumbled under her breath, and Xena wrapped her arms
around Diana and hugged her close.

“ I just adore you kitten.” Xena purred in Diana’s ear, and Diana perked up as
a result. “ Can I have a kiss?” Xena said asking seductively.

“ I don’t know, my behind is very sore right now, and moving will make it
hurt.” Diana said feigning being too much of an inconvience to move to kiss
Xena. Although she was sitting between Xena’s thighs.

“ Pleaseee....kitten, I’ll let you tie me tonight if you behave, and turn
around and kiss me?” Xena said whispering even more quietly into Diana’s ear.

“ Really?”

“ Yes. But you have to do what I say.” Xena stated amending the original

Diana thought about it and then she said, “ Agreed.” She then turned her head
and let Xena claim her lips.

Questra tapped Gabrielle on the behind and told her it was time for them to
Gabrielle stood up and she and Questra called their goodbyes to the two and
they headed for Gabrielle’s bedchambers.

While Gabrielle was getting ready for bed she and Questra talked. “ Aren’t
they something?” Gabrielle sighed as she sat on the bed and then swung her
feet up on the bed and under the coverings.

“ Yes they are.” Questra answered with wonder in her tone.

“ But as much as I think that, I feel exactly the same way about YOU. You make
me feel so very special, I love our times alone together, the walks, the
stories, the fact that we like a lot of the same things, Your as beautiful as
Xena, but your heart is open to all to see, but there’s still a mystery about
you that excites me everytime your around. I love you so very much Questra.”
Gabrielle admitted with sincere honesty and love bubbling over inside of her

Questra had been listening to everything Gabrielle had said, but her mind was
on one question and she needed an answer.

“ Gabrielle....”

“ Yes?”

Questra lifted both of Gabrielle’s hands and brought them to her lips where
she kissed both of them and then held the palms to her chest.

“ You feel that Gabrielle?”

“ Your heartbeat? Yes.”

“ It’s your you know?”

“ I know, but it’s always wonderful to hear it from you, I feel the same way.”

“ I know, that’s why I need you to answer a very important question for me.”

“ Okay.” Gabrielle said with knitted concerned brows.

“ I want you in my life always.”

“ Me too.”

“ I’m pleased, and since you feel the same way I do, I want to know.....Will
you bond with me?”

Gabrielle’s eyes widen, and then knitted, then with tears running down her
face she fell on top of Questra and hugged her.

“ Well?”

“ OH!! Yes! YES! By The Gods! Yes!”

Questra wrapped her arms tightly around Gabrielle and then claimed her lips.

The two made love, although Questra held to her word with not deflowering

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