By D.virtue

“ You know it’s really strange how Lord Xena and Lord Questra just let that
evil woman get away with what she did to Our Highness and her sister, I wonder
why they haven’t gone after her and her army?”

“ I don’t know, but it must be something big to make Lord Xena not go after
her and strike her down with a vengeance.”

“ I know, I still can’t believe what that child went through, Imagine being
slowly lowered into a pit of boiling oil....OOOOO it just gives me the
shudders to think about it.”

“ It must have been horrifying to all of them, especially Her Highness.”

“ I don’t know how she survived that?”

“ I don’t either, but they say that Her Highness and Lord Xena are immortals
and can’t be killed.”

“ Well, I don’t know about that, I mean Lord Xena did die, remember?”

“ Yes, I remember, but you guys have to see that there must be something
special about the two of them, I mean for both of them to be alive again
despite the mortal wounds that each of them received, or at the very least
they live despite the fact that any of the injuries that have befallen them
would have killed the average man or woman?”

“ Yes it’s true, they have lived through incredible odds, But that doesn’t
make them Immortal, just fortunate. They must have a Guardian Moray, at least
that’s what I heard Princess Gabrielle say once?”

“ Oh, have you heard what happened at the palace just recently?”

“ No, what, tell us?”

“ Well one of the servants is a friend of mine, and she told me that Princess
Gabrielle was struck by a kitchen knife.”

“ Really?!! Is she alright? Who did it?”

“ Forget that, tell us why they did it?”

“ Well my friend said it was an accident, two of the head chefs had gotten
into an argument and one threw a knife at the other and missed, and then the
other threw a knife back and missed and just in time for Princess Gabrielle to
be walking though the door of the kitchen.”

“ Where did it hit her?”

“ In the chest.”

“ Then she’s dead? But why haven’t there been a Royal announcement?”

“ That’s just it, she’s not dead, her sister and Lord Xena and Lord Questra
saved her.”

“ So she’s critically wounded?”

“ No, she’s up and around caring on her royal duties, and what’s even stranger
is the fact that she doesn’t even have a scar where the knife struck her. I
truly think their all immortals.

“ Wow, that is definitely something to think about with all of that

“ Well, hopefully Lord Xena and Lord Questra will go after that bitch

“ Well I don’t think they will if they haven’t done it after all of these

“ I’m surprised Lady Diana hasn’t gone after her?”

“ Why would she do that?! Lord Xena would throw a fit, if Her Highness went
after that woman.”

“ Well I don’t know about that, I think she would be upset, but I don’t think
she would throw a fit?”

“ Well I know. The answer is YES, she would, and a Royal one at that. It
would be heard from the Palace to both Mt Olympus and Tartarus. Our Lord has
already in no uncertain terms told Her Highness and Princess Gabrielle that
they are NEVER to go anywhere near that woman, or her army, and if they’re
ever caught disobeying Our Lord, they would find out first hand why she is
called Xena The Conqueror. Our Lord with punish her Highness severely, and
would probably allow Lord Questra to Punish Princess Gabrielle. Especially
seeing the obvious similarities between the two Warriors.”

“ I guess you would know, you are up there with them. Wow, wouldn’t that be
something to see.”

“ Well I hope never to see our Lord that pissed off.”

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to the group of peasants who were talking as they
shopped, they did not see two Amazons in the marketplace. They immediately
went to the Palace to talk with Diana, seeing how Diana considered them to be
friends, they thought Diana had the right to know that Callisto was still
roaming free.

“ We’re here to see Her Highness.”

“ Are you expected?”

“ No, but I know her Highness will see us if you tell her we are here?”

“ Very well, what is your names?”

“ Elain and Charli. We’re friends of her Highness.”

“ Very well, wait here.”

The guard went to go and speak with Lady Diana and then returned and escorted
the two women to the Royal Lounge, where Diana and Gabrielle were relaxing and
Gabrielle was telling Diana a story she was working on.

“ Gabrielle, I don’t think you need to change that part, it makes the story
believable, if you take it out, then it leaves people to wonder why did the
people go there in the first place?”

“ maybe right, ok, I’ll leave it, but I am going to change some of
the things.”

“ Ok, it’s your story, but I think it’s fine the way it is. But your the bard
, so I leave it to you.”

“ That’s right, I am the bard of this family so yeah just leave it
to me.” Gabrielle said stuttering over her words at Diana’s gaze at her.

“ Ok, that’s....that’s.... what I said.” Diana said teasing Gabrielle.”

“ Oh, very funny.” Gabrielle huffed as she threw a balled up piece of
parchment at Diana.

Diana laughed and caught the ball and threw it back, catching Gabrielle in the
forehead with it.

“ Ow!”

“ You should have caught it, or at the least expected it to be returned to
sender? Hahahahahahaha.” Diana said as she laughed out loud at the blushing
girl sitting across from her.

“ Hahaha, v.e.r.y...funny.”

“ Yes, I thought so.” Diana said still laughing.

Just when Gabrielle was about to throw the parchment again, Elain, and Charli
came into the chamber.

“ Elain, Charli! How wonderful to see you two again, how is everything going
between you two? We haven’t heard of dates set yet for your bonding, are you
two still together?” Diana barraged the two women with a list of questions as
she came out of her seat to hug the two of them, as did Gabrielle.

“ It’s great to see the two of you again also, we were so heart sick by the
news of what happened to the two of you.” Elain stated as she hugged Diana
once again.

“ Yes, But now that’s behind the two of you.” Charli interjected as she tried
to get her lover to back away from the events of that day but to get to why
they were there.

“ Right, that’s right, that is all behind the two of you now, right?”

“ Yes, we’re fine. But thank you for your concerns, but we are fine now.”
Diana said with tenderness and understanding at the two women’s reactions.

“ So...are you going to answer Diana’s questions?’ Gabrielle asked changing
the subject for the moment.

“ Oh, yes, well, yes, we are still together, and yes, we are planning on
bonding sometime soon, and of course your all invited when we do.” Elain
stated as she pointed to Diana and Gabrielle.

“ Well I would think so, I mean after all the time we spent together, and me
having to listen to the two of you arguing about who was right and who was
wrong, Well I would expect nothing less than and invitation to your bonding,
plus it’ll be a way to make sure you two don’t go and hook up with some
innocent people and drive them into the grave with your constant disagreeing
ways.” Diana teased as she poked the two women in the side.

“ Well I don’t think we’re disagreeable, do you Elain?”

“ Well, I know at least one of us isn’t?” Elain said alluding to Charli.

“ Oh, so what are you trying to say, I’m argumentative?”

“ Well?” Elain stated as she gestured to Diana who was now covering her mouth
with her hand to keep Charli from seeing the smile that was creasing her face.

“ What? You think so too.”

“ Well are arguing with Elain right now.” Diana stated as she
continued to cover her mouth. Gabrielle on the other hand did not try to hide
her amusement and she burst out into full laughter.

Both Charli and Elain looked at her and then at each other, and then finally
at Diana who was still trying to keep from losing it. Finally she gave up and
let the laughter float from her.

Elain bit her lips to keep from laughing at her lover, but when Charli’s lip
begun to quiver, she realized Charli was not upset, and she laughed and hugged
her love. The four of them then sat down and truly talked for a while.

“ Ok, so if this wasn’t just a social visit, what brings you two here?”

“ Well....” Elain started, but Charli chimed in knowing her lover was very
sensitive about what happened to Diana and Gabrielle, and to tell them that
Callisto was still out there she knew was not something her love relished.

“ Well...we were wondering if you know what happened to Callisto?”

“ I don’t know for sure, but I assume she’s locked up somewhere away from all
humans, where she can’t hurt anyone else?”

“ Hm....really?” Charli said to herself, but loud enough that Diana heard it.

“ What? What is it Charli?”

“ You look like you have something to tell us, but your not sure how to?”
Gabrielle reasoned by the concerned look on Charli’s face.

Diana verified it when she looked at Elain.

“ Well....ok, I’m just going to tell you straight. We were down in town in the
marketplace picking up a few things, when we overheard some of the towns
people talking.”

“ Ok, a few towns people were talking, what’s so bad about that?” Gabrielle
asked unsure of why the two women looked so concerned.

“ Well, for one thing, it wasn’t a few of them, it was a lot of people,
randomly joining in the conversations, but all agreeing with the statement
made by some of them.”

“ Which was what?” Diana asked.

“ They were saying that....Callisto was still loose and Lord Xena and Lord
Questra have not even thought about going after them, we don’t understand it,
but we thought maybe there was a reason and you all just came to some type of
understanding about her. Either way, Elain and I thought you had the right to
know.” Charli stated all in a rush to get everything out as she noticed
Diana’s and Gabrielle’s faces both drop from the news, apparently heard for
the first time.

“ No, you misunderstood Charli, Lord Xena and Lord Questra would not allow
that evil souled woman to walk this land free...EVER!” Diana exclaimed.

“ Diana, I can see you had not heard about this, and we are so sorry if this
brings back painful memories, but we thought it was only right to let you know
so that the two of you wouldn’t inadvertently fall into her clutches again.”

“ Please don’t be angry with us?” Elain asked as tears rolled down her face
and she covered them with her hands.

Gabrielle came to her feet and went over to Elain and wrapped her arms around
her and held the sobbing woman.

“ Diana, you don’t think they would let her just go free....I mean after what
she did to us, and especially you, NO. Charli, I have to agree with Diana,
Xena would not let this go, if anything, Callisto maybe dead.” Gabrielle
stated with confidence, that faded fast at the sincerity in Charli’s gaze.

Diana looked at Gabrielle, and then after a moment she looked at Elain, who
now was wiping her eyes, and then she turned her gaze on Charli, and seeing
the certainty in her eyes, Diana had no reason to disbelieve her, but for
some reason her mind wouldn’t let her accept it.

“ NO!!” Diana shouted as she ran out of the chamber and headed to where she
knew Xena and Questra were holding a meeting with the Regent elect and
Questra’s own Prime Minister, along with some of the Magistrates and advisors
from both of their realms.

Diana burst through the doors of the chamber, knocking the Sentries out of the
way as she came to stand in the doorway with tears running down her face.
Xena’s eyes immediately locked on Diana.

“ What is it Consort.” Xena asked disturbed by Diana’s actions.

“ Where’s Callisto?” Diana asked.”

“ What do you mean where is she?” Xena asked now really disturbed by what she
was feeling from Diana.

“ I think you heard Me My Lord, You have hearing that the Gods themselves
would envy.” Diana stated with some sarcasm in her tone.

“ Diana!” Questra interjected. “ I suggest you go to your chamber where Lord
Xena will join you in a bit.” Questra warned as she heard the disrespect
edging it’s way into Diana’s tone.

Diana glanced at her, and for a moment she thought about ignoring her, but
then when she looked back at Xena who was now standing straight with the
fingers of one hand quietly tapping the table, and her eyes locked on Diana in
a disapproving gaze. Diana wiped her eyes, and then swallowing hard, she
composed herself and with a lowering of her eyes she then spoke again.

“ Forgive my rude interruption My Lords?”

Xena gave a slight nod of her head, but her eyes never left Diana’s, and Diana
knew the meaning behind it. Diana swallowed again and then she turned her
glance on Lord Questra and again she lowered her eyes. Questra acknowledged
it, but she too did not take her eyes off of Diana’s.

Diana returned her gaze back to Xena and once again she spoke.

“ I shall return to our chamber and await your presents?”

“ Yes.” Xena stated with a tone in her voice that both Diana and Questra

“ By your leave My Lord?”

“ Go.” Xena responded.

Diana then lowered her gaze once again and then turned and left the chamber,
as the people in the chamber watched after her and then it was Questra who
brought the focus back to their previous business.

“ She’s a spitfire to say the least,huh?” Questra said with a lightness in her

Xena caught the attempt and went with it, although she had a thoughtful look
on her face.

“ Yes, to say the least.”

“ I’d guess that she keeps My Lord on her toes?”

“ You’d guess correctly.” Xena stated flatly and then truly returned the
conversation to the merging of Questra’s Realm under her own Realm.

Diana headed for their chambers, but on her way she ran into Gabrielle.

“ I sent Elain and Charli home so that they would not see the fallout, and
judging from your face it looks like it’s about to happen?” Gabrielle stated

“ Good, because I think your right.” Diana stated as she headed on towards the

Gabrielle joined Diana and the two of them arrived at the chamber and went
inside and waited for Xena and Questra to come. After about half a candlemark,
Xena and Questra did arrive. Xena entered the chamber first and went straight
to where Diana was sitting.

Diana was pulled out of the chair by Xena’s hand on her arm in a tight grip.
Xena then hissed through her teeth.

“ What was that all about Consort?!”

“ I’m sorry, it’s just that I was told something that I knew couldn’t be true,
and the thought of it even being possibly true got to me.” Diana stated as she
flinched from the discomfort of Xena’s tight grip on her arm.

“ What?! “

“ That you and Lord Questra have not had Callisto arrested, and that you have
no intentions of doing it?” Diana stated.

Xena looked at her hard, but she understood why news like that would be
upsetting to the two girls, so in realizing that, she sighed and let go of
Diana’s arm. Xena then turned and strided over to the table where the
different types of drinks were located. She poured herself a port and then
taking a deep draw on it, she put the cup down and turning around she answered

“ It’s true we did not go after her.”

“ WHAT??!! How could you two let that vile woman roam freely, and what’s worse
is you didn’t tell us! Here we were thinking everything is fine, and all along
you two have been keeping this from us. Xena, you and Questra know how
dangerous it is to be under a fall sense of security! How could you guys do
this to us?! How could you do this to me Xena?! After everything I went
through with that bitch, how could you let me believe everything was over??!!”

Xena knew why she did what she did, and she stood by it.

“ Diana for one thing! It was part of the deal we made with Callisto so that
she would not try to come after Gabrielle, also, Questra and I agreed that we
would do nothing to her if she held to her word, to which to date she has.”

“ I don’t believe what I’m hearing! Your going to just let her get away with
what she did?”

Xena was ready to answer when Questra once again interjected.

“ Diana she didn’t get away with anything.”

“ How can you say that?! She’s free isn’t she?”

“ But Diana her goal was to hurt Lord Xena and Myself by killing one of you
and making the other one watch so that the other would be destroyed also. But
it didn’t work, you and Gabrielle are alive and whole, and because of that
she didn’t get away, don’t you see that?”

“ NO! All I see and hear is two women who claim they would do anything to
protect us, and yet the most dangerous person alive is walking freely around
with the approval of you two. Well fine! If you two won’t do anything about
her, I will!” Diana said through gritted teeth.

Xena lost her temper at this point.

“ Fine Diana! I will go after her and I will bring her to justice! But I will
be damned if I let you go anywhere near her! If I hear, or even sense that
your planning on going to find this woman I swear by Zeus Consort, you will be
sorry you ever thought to defy me in this. Do I make myself clear?!” Xena
growled as she now towered over Diana, while holding her chin in her hand.

Diana was breathing hard, both with anger and fear, but she answered Xena.

“ Yes, perfectly My Lord.”

The to of them maintained the eye contact as each wanted the other to see how
serious they were in their statements.

“ Gabrielle!” Xena called as she then abruptly let go of Diana’s chin and
turned her focus on the Amazon who was now standing up walking towards Xena.

“ Yes my Lord?” Gabrielle asked softly.

Xena glared at her and then she lifted her chin up, just as she had done with
Diana’s, and looking hard into the tearing eyes she made the statement to

“ You heard what I told Diana, well I’m telling you the same thing, don’t defy
me or Lord Questra in this, otherwise, you’ll get it from Lord Questra, and
if I’m inclined I may get on you as well, is that clear?”

“ Yes My Lord.” Gabrielle said respectfully.

“ Good girl.” Xena then motioned for Gabrielle to go and sit back down where
she had been.

“ You too Consort.”

Diana didn’t say anything, she just looked at Xena and then when Xena raised
her brow at her , Diana turned and went and sat by Gabrielle at the table,
while Xena and Questra came together and talked for a bit. Diana’s eyes were
locked on Xena, and when Xena and Questra finished their conversation, Xena
turned to see Diana watching her.

“ Questra and I are going to go after Callisto and her army, but before we do,
we are going to send in a few spies to watch them for a short time.”

“ Why?!” Diana asked sharply.

“ Silence Consort.” Xena scolded as she then leveled an agitated gaze on

Diana lowered her eyes and drew a pattern on the table with her finger as she
waited for Xena to continue.

“ Anyway, we’re sending them in so that we can use whatever crimes they are
involved in against them. “

Diana was ready to say something, but Xena read her mind.

“ We’re doing it this way so that the people won’t accuse us of going back on
our word. You understand Consort?”

“ Yes.”

“ Good.”

“ How long will it take to get the information and then act on it.” Diana
asked risking Xena’s wrath at breaking her silence.

“ A week at the most.” Xena said with less anger.

Diana moved her hair out of her face as she leaned on her hands trying to
contain the many different feelings racing through her. Then within moments
Diana completely lost her composure and sobbed into her hands.

Xena knew what Diana was feeling and she also noticed Gabrielle trying to
maintain what little composure she had left, but she eventually melted into
her feelings also. Both women moved to the two women and taking them in their
arms They sooth them.

After a while Gabrielle had drifted off and Diana was about to join her
sister. When Diana had finally drifted off, Xena told Questra to put
Gabrielle in the bed with Diana so that they would not feel alone when they
woke up. Questra agreed with Xena and went and laid Gabrielle by her sister on
Diana’s side of the bed, then she and Xena went back into the sitting chamber
and truly planned their next move.

After a few candlemarks Xena stood up and stretched her long limbs, then she
said, “ I think we should call it a night, we can get together tomorrow.”

“ Yes, it has been a rather interesting day, all in all?” Questra smirked.

Xena gave an agreeing nod of her head. Then Xena turned and looked at her
bedchamber door and realized, Gabrielle was asleep in her’s and Diana’s bed.

“ Ok, looks like I’m sleeping out here tonight.” Xena stated somewhat
disappointed at not being able to hold Diana at this time.

“ Why? Because Gabrielle is in the bed? I can take her to her chamber,
besides, I have the need to hold her as well.” Questra stated with a knowing
smirk to Xena.

Xena smiled and then nodded her head. Later after Gabrielle was lifted from
Xena’s bed, Xena undressed Diana and then climbed in next to her and pulled
her into her arms as Diana curled into Xena’s embrace and sighed and continued
to sleep.

“ are too much, one minute your pushing my every button, and the
next your as soft as an actual kitten. Sometime I don’t know what I’m going to
do with you. All I want is for you to be safe kitten, and the very thought of
you getting anywhere near that.....” Xena started to say with the fear and
rage creeping into her tone, but catching herself, she then finished. “ I just
won’t let you go into harms way again, even if that means taking drastic
actions against you, in order to protect my kitten, even if it’s from her own
impulsiveness.” Xena then kissed Diana’s lips gently and Diana leaned into the
kiss as was a normal response from a touch from her soul mate.

Xena then curled her long body around Diana’s and held her tightly to her.
Diana opened her eyes once Xena was lying down, but she did not move, she just
opened them for a moment and thought about what she had heard Xena saying to
her supposedly sleeping form.

She then closed her eyes and went back to sleep. The next morning Xena awoke
early as usual, and instead of waiting for Diana to awake, she left to go and
speak with Questra, who also had left Gabrielle asleep in bed as she went to
go for her morning swim.

Xena met Questra by the lake and she sat and watched Questra swim for a while
and then Questra came out of the water and dressed and sat down on the grass
facing the lake with Xena.

Meanwhile Diana had woken up a little after Xena had left and when she found
her gone she immediately got up and got dressed in her leathers, she went to
the Royal dining hall to find Miki.

“ Miki, I won’t you to do me a favor.”

“ Anything Your Majesty.”

“ I won’t you to go and find out where Callisto’s army is located.”

“ But your Majesty?!” Miki exclaimed aghasted at the very idea.

“ I know Miki, your right, it is dangerous and I shouldn’t be asking you to go
into any dangerous situation, especially with what the consequences could be.
Never mind Miki.” Diana said as she turned and headed for the door.

“ Your Majesty.” Miki called after Diana.

Diana turned to face the woman.

“ Of course I will go and do this for you, it’s just that I did not want you
to get into trouble with Lord Xena.”

“ I appreciate that, but I’m not going to get into trouble with her.” Diana
stated as she squeezed Miki’s arm in gratitude.

Miki left that day to do as Diana had asked her. Diana then headed to the
masters chamber and went to speak with the weapons master.

“ I want you to inspect every weapon in here, starting with Lord Xena’s, and I
want them as sharp as these.” Diana stated as her razored nails extended and
she swiped them through the marble wall as if it were soft butter.

The weapons master startled by the unexpectedness of Diana’s natural weapons.

“ You understand.” Diana asked through her teeth.

“ Yes Your Majesty, it will be done as you wish.”

“ Good.” Diana then turned and strided over to an empty spot on the sparring

She begun a series of moves to stretch and limber up, and then once she had
stretched her muscles enough she then pulled out her staff and extended it out
into the wood form. She begun a dance by herself that was full of deadly
moves intended to kill either instantly or with a lot of pain.

After a few candlemarks with the wood form of her staff she changed it to the
double edged form without losing a step. Diana practiced from sun up until
sundown with her staff and all of the other weapons in the Master’s chamber,
until perspiration drenched her.

The next few days were the same for Diana, she practiced and didn’t eat. The
weapons master noticed it the first day, but thought she would eat when she
got to her chambers, but after talking with Diana’s personal servant, and
finding out that Diana indeed had not been eating, he then thought it was
important to tell Lord Xena.

“ My Lord, I am sorry to bother you, but I thought you would be displeased if
you found out about it through rumor.”

“ What is it.”

“ My Lord I have discovered that her Highness is not eating.”

“ WHAT??! How do you know this?”

“ Because the whole day she spends in the weapons chamber just working out
with all of the weapons, she doesn’t spar with anyone, she just goes through
the same order of things, but her routine only changes in the way she handles
each of the weapons.”

“ Ok, so how do you know she’s not eating?”

“ Well My Lord, she comes to the chamber a candlemark before first light, she
checks your weapons personally, and then she goes to the sparring area and
there she stays until full darkness and the moon is only a few candlemarks
away from rising.”

“ Alright, she doesn’t eat while she’s there, she probably eats when she
returns to her chamber?” Questra stated offering a possible reason for Diana
to skip the other meals of the day.

“ I thought that as well Lord Questra, but I spoke with Her Highness’s
personal servant and she told me that when her Highness returns to her chamber
at night, she bathes, and then meditates, and then gets into bed, and the last
words Her highness speaks for the night is “ you’ll never see the light of day
again.” and then her Majesty goes to sleep until the next day, and she doesn’t
eat morning meal, but insteads comes here to inspect and then practice.”

“ Ok, she has eaten in what two days?”

“ She’s been coming to the chamber for the last five days. My Lord.”

“ Does she drink water while she works out?” Xena asked.

“ Not that I have seen, and I watch all of her routines, she’s as graceful as
you My Lord. That is except for today.”

“ What do you mean except for today?”

“ Well she sort of lost her concentration for a moment and while she was
working with one of the weapons it caught her on her side and cut her just as
she was in the middle of a flip. But she recovered and continued, although I
went to aid her since it was a lot of blood I saw, but she refused and
instead stopped only long enough to tear a piece of cloth from her shift and
then tie it around her waist. She then went back to practicing.”

“ Did she stay the whole time?”

“ Yes My Lord, in fact she stayed a bit longer than she normally had, as if
making up for the time she wasted patching her wound.”

Xena now stood up and with a look of annoyance in her eyes, she looked at the
weapons master and said, “ Your right, I would have been even more displeased
if I had not heard this now, but it took five days for you to come to me, why
is that?”

“ I just found out today my Lord.”

“ Okay, return to your duty. I need to have a talk with Diana’s servant as
well as Dancea, and then I’ll have a little talk with My Consort.” Xena hissed
through her teeth as she turned and headed out to find each of the women.

Ludmilla and Dancea both were punished for their inattentiveness to Diana.
Then Xena started to go and find Diana, but instead she decided she would wait
for Diana to return to their Chamber.

Diana arrived back at their chamber at the time the weapons Master had said
she normally returned. Diana’s senses were not sharp at that time and so she
did not see Xena sitting at the table in the sitting chamber. So she walked
right past her and into the bedchamber, and Xena stood up and followed her and
watched her go into the bath chamber. Xena sat down at the table in their bed
chamber and waited for Diana to come out. Diana finally came out, and again
she did not notice that Xena was in the room.

Diana climbed up on the bed where she sat down and closing her eyes she began
to meditate, after a candlemark, Diana opened her eyes and looking straight
ahead she said, “ You’ll never see the light of day again.” Then Diana laid
down and closed her eyes and within a moment she was asleep.

Xena sat with one elbow on the table as she studied the sleeping form, with
concern creasing her brows. After a while of just looking at Diana, Xena stood
up and headed out of the chamber where she went to speak with one of her elite

“ Have there been any news about where Callisto and her army is, and what
they’re up to?”

“ Yes My Lord, I was just told and was heading to find you to inform you of
what we found out My Lord.”

“ Okay, what?”

“ Callisto and her army are in Greece where they have been seen stealing and
injuring people.”

“ What about Callisto?”

“ That’s the funny thing My Lord, you would think she would disappear after
what she did, or at the very least keep a low profile, but instead, she has
murdered a farmer and his wife and taken over his land, and she’s making his
older sons work for her as the farmers.”

“ Hm...good, then in a few days she’ll be arrested for her crimes.” Xena
stated satisfied at the outcome.

Xena then returned to their chamber and getting cleaned up she climbed into
bed with Diana and pulled her into her arms as she always did. The next
morning Xena awoke as she usually did, but this time she just got dressed and
went into the sitting room and waited for Diana to awake.

Diana awoke and dressed in her leathers and then headed out of the bed chamber
and was heading for the door of the sitting room to leave their chamber when
Xena called to her.

“ Consort.”

“ Xena?! What are you doing here? I mean, I thought you would already be gone
taking care of your Royal duties?” Diana quickly corrected herself.

Xena’s eyes narrowed slightly, but she did not say anything at that moment
about the apparent lie Diana had just told her, but instead she simply said.

“ What type of a greeting is that for your love? Come here and greet me
properly kitten.”

Diana walked over to where Xena sat and went to bend down, but instead Xena
caught her around the waist and sat her down. Then Xena looked at her in a
studying way and then she kissed her and after a moment Xena said, “ So I see
your dressed in your leathers, where are you going so early?”

“ I was just going to practice for a bit.”

“ How long, maybe I’ll spar with you?”

“ NO! I mean that’s okay, you have a lot of responsibilities to attend to?”

“ Oh, kitten, I always have time to spend with you, so after we eat we’ll go
and spar together, by the way, how long did you say you practiced?”

“ I practice until I get tired.”

“ Hm... ok, as long as your eating and drinking then that’s fine. So....what
shall we start with kitten? Would you like some eggs, or fruit, or cakes, or
what?” Xena listed as she already knew what Diana’s response would be.

“ I’m not really all that hungry Xena.”

“ Really? Well here have some orange juice that way you’ll keep yourself
hydrated, while we work out.”

“ Thank you Xena, but..... I’m not thirsty right now either, when I get
thirsty I’ll get something to drink, okay?”

“ Hmm....okay. Tell me Diana, what did you have to eat yesterday?”

Diana’s brows knitted in a curious way as if not sure why Xena was asking her

“ Why?”

“ Hm...I’m just curious, Xena answered as she took a bite of orange and
continued to watch Diana.

“ Hm....well I .....”

“ Okay, what did you have to drink yesterday? Was it water, or juice or what?”

“ Well I....”

“ When do you get tired of practicing kitten?”

“ I don’t really keep track...”

“ How many times have you been to the Masters chamber to practice this week?

“ Well.....”

“ Answer any question Consort and I won’t get upset, if it’s reasonable.” Xena
stated with an obvious edge to her tone.

Diana caught it and turning her eyes way from Xena’s steady gaze she swallowed

“ Can you answer any of my questions reasonably Consort?” Xena asked

“ I.....”

“ You what? You lied to me? Deceived me? You broke your word to me? What
Diana? You what?” Xena listed with anger in her voice.

“ Xe...” Diana started but then a knock came to the door.

“ My Lord, Lord Questra wishes to see you?” The guard called though the door.

“ Send her in.” Xena replied.

Questra and Gabrielle entered the chamber and Xena spared a glance at them and
motioned for them to join her and Diana at the table.

“ Good morning My Lord, Good morning Diana, Gabrielle greeted as she kissed
both women and then took a seat at the table.

“ Morning Lord Xena, Diana, I take it we’ve come at a bad time?” Questra
asked, noticing and feeling the tension in the room, and offering to leave.

“ No, you haven’t, please have a seat and eat, Diana was just trying to tell
me what she had to eat yesterday. Isn’t that right Consort?” Xena said
refocusing her Sapphires on Diana.

Diana lowered her eyes and Questra took a seat at the table next to Gabrielle.

“ Well Diana, which one of the list did you want to admit too?”

“ I.... I didn’t mean to do any of them, I swear to you Xena, I just.......”
Diana choked out trying to maintain her composure now that Lord Questra and
Gabrielle had joined them.

But Xena was not having any sympathy.

“ You just what Consort? Thought this once wouldn’t make a difference, you
thought maybe I wouldn’t find out? You just what?!”

“ It was the only way I knew of to handle the idea that Callisto was still out
there!” Diana shot back finally.

But in doing so Xena lost her temper.


Diana flew out of the chair and onto the floor.

“ You thought it was better to not eat for five days straight without any type
of substance in your body?!! You thought it was better to not drink any fluids
for five days?!! You thought it was better that you workout from before first
dawn to full night?!! You thought it better for you to do all of these things
at the same time?!!” You thought it was better that you lie to me, rather than
come to me and talk to me about this?!! OR ANYTHING!! “ You thought it better
for me to find out the way I did, so that I have to worry about you?! Knowing
what was coming up soon?!! You thought all of this was okay, or would be okay
with me Consort?!!! Is that what you thought?!!! ” Xena shouted as she was now
standing up towering over Diana as Diana sobbed with her head down and her
hair covering her face.

Xena then grabbed Diana by her ebony hair and pulled her to her feet, and
bringing Diana within inches of her face Xena’s eyes piercing into Diana, she

“ Let me tell you what I think Consort! YOU THOUGHT WRONG.” Xena then let go
of Diana’s hair and stormed out of the chamber, leaving Diana standing and
then Diana went to her knees and covered her face and cried.

Questra got out of her chair and went to sit Diana down in the chair, and then
she spoke gently to her.

“ Diana, I know your hurting, but you have to realize that you have to stop
doing things that pushes Xena’s buttons, you should know better than anyone
she has a fierce temper, I would hate for you to be punished for something
when she was pissed, I can only imagine what would happen. But right now,
she’s only angry and hurt that you couldn’t see your way to her to tell her
how you were feeling, she thinks you probably have other secrets that your not
telling her about because you don’t trust her to understand.”

“But that’s not true, I trust her with everything.” Diana sobbed as Questra
wiped her eyes with a napkin.

“ Well if that’s true Diana, then why didn’t you tell Xena what was bothering
you so much that you would stop eating, and drinking and workout all day and
night, and then go to bed with only the words of You’ll never see another
daylight again, hmm?”

Diana didn't answer for a moment and then she looked up at Questra and Questra
saw the need for Diana to be held, so she did, Diana wrapped her arms around
Questra’s neck and she buried her face in her hair and cried. Gabrielle once
again was reacting to Diana’s pain.

After a little while Questra sent Diana to go and find Xena and talk to her,
and that’s exactly what Diana did. She found Xena in the library, but she was
in her private chamber.

“ Xena? “

“ Yes?”

“ May I speak to you please?”

“ Why Consort, so you can lie to me again?” Xena accused.

“ I deserved that, but please love, I’d like to try to explain.”

There was a brief moment of silence, and then Xena opened the chamber door and
came out, letting the door close behind her. Diana gazed up at her, and then
she said, “ Thank you.”

“ For what, coming to listen to you?”

“ Yes.”

Xena stopped walking for a moment and then she turned back around to face

“ Consort are you telling me that you can’t talk to me?”

“ NO! Xena you are the only one I can talk to about anything, please don’t
think anything else?” Diana said pleading with Xena to understand.

“ Then why didn’t you come to me and tell me that you were worried?”

“ Worried? What makes you say that?” Diana asked sincerely.

“ Because contrary to what you think, I know you like I know myself.”

“ Hm.. your right, I have been worried.” Diana admitted.

“ About what?’ Xena asked with honest concern for Diana, as she lowered Diana
down onto the sofa and herself as well.

“ You and Lord Questra.”

“ Us? Why Diana, why are you worried about us?” Xena asked as she sooth a brow
on Diana’s beautiful face.

“ Because you two will be going up against Callisto, and I don’t want anything
to happen to you or Questra, I know I’m being foolish, but I didn’t tell you
because I didn’t want you worried about me worrying about you, I didn’t want
to distract you from what you were going to be doing there. I’m sorry I
worried you anyway, and your right, it was wrong of me to behave the way I
was, but I just don’t know what I would do if something happened to you...or

Xena sighed a sigh of relief and then dropping her head down onto her hands
she shook her head for a moment, and then lifting her head up she had a smile
on her face.

“ Kitten.... I just don’t know about you sometimes, you went through all of
this because you didn’t want to worry me, hm...your definitely a handful
kitten.” Xena said with a bit of teasing in her tone.

“ You mean your not mad, or hurt anymore?”

“ Yes kitten that’s what I mean, now come here.” Xena said as she reached out
her hand for Diana to take.

Diana took Xena’s hand and Xena pulled her onto her lap and without saying
anything further she kissed her lovingly. Diana and Xena ended up making love
in the library, and then afterwards Xena said, “ Well at least now you’ve
eaten today.”

Diana laughed and curled into Xena and went to sleep for a while. Xena laid
there holding Diana as she continued to shake her head, whenever she thought
about Diana’s reasons for doing things. Then just as she was thinking that, a
serious thought crossed her mind and a frown came to her face as she thought
about it.

Later that day, the two of them caught up with Gabrielle and Questra, and
Xena made sure it was about Diana eating and drinking in everything they were
Diana was fed by Xena, and when she tried to refuse anything Xena would
threaten her with a scolding.

The next few days Diana ate enough to regain all of her strength and sensing

“ Now that your back to yourself, Lord Questra and I have to talk to you two
about something. Tomorrow she and I will set out after Callisto, along with
some of my army and some of Lord Questra’s. We should only be gone for a few
days, a week at the most depending on the resistance we meet. I don’t really
expect any, but when you have a God working with you, well you never know, so
we’ll be going in as if we expect a battle.”

“ A God?! Who?!” Gabrielle asked in surprise.

“ Discord. She’s a niece of Ares, she’s always trying to get in good with him
by trying to impress him in some way or other.” Xena answered.

“ I want to go with you Xena.” Diana stated.

Xena and Questra both looked at Diana in complete disbelief, at the very idea
of it.

“ No... you can’t go with me, matter of fact you two are not to leave this
chamber until we come back and you see us walk into this room. Is that clear?”

“ But Xena I can help?”

Xena threw up her hands in total disbelief and then looking at Questra and
then back at Diana trying to maintain her temper, she took a few deep slow
breaths and then walked over to where Diana stood by the window watching them.

“ I am going to only say this one more time Consort. You are not allowed to go
ANYWHERE near Callisto or her army. You are not allowed to leave this room
until we return, so that means if you go with me, then you won’t be doing what
I commanded you to do, and therefore I would have to hurt you severely, and
Gaia knows I don’t want to hurt you, but I will if you disobey me.” Xena said
ending in a growl at Diana.

Diana swallowed hard as her eyes widen and then Xena said, in a low dangerous
tone of voice.

“ Do I make myself clear Consort?”

“ Yes.” Diana answered quickly.

Xena gave Diana a warning look and then she turned and walked back over to the
sofa chair and sat down. Diana licked her lips and then chewed them as Xena
went back to speaking to all of them.

“ Anyway, when we get Callisto, we will try her in Greece, and then after she
is found guilty, I’ll send her to another land to be held in prison until the
day she dies.”

“ What about Discord?” Diana asked practically.

“ Well, both I and Lord Questra plan on talking to Ares about his little
niece, and afterwards we’re going to make her give her word that she won’t
ever try to free Callisto as well as have or send anyone else to do it.”

“ And what happens if she doesn’t ?” Diana asked with some disbelief.

“ Then I’ll kill her.” Xena said with a sneer.

“ How?” Diana asked with the same tone.

“ With my special blade.” Xena stated as she leveled her gaze on Diana.

Diana nodded her head slightly and then went silent. Xena studied Diana for a
few more moments and then she continued. When Xena finally finished laying out
her and Questra’s plans to Diana and Gabrielle, there came a knock at the

“ My Lord, Lt. Miki is here to see Your Highness?”

“ Send her in.” Xena ordered.

“ No!, I mean no, I’ll go and speak with her outside, that way you guys can
keep talking.” Diana expressed as she headed for the door.

Xena’s eyes narrowed and followed Diana, but she did not say anything at that
moment. Questra saw the look, but didn’t say anything either. Gabrielle sat at
the table and took a sip of her cider, as she was in thought about what Xena
and Questra had just told her and Diana.


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