By D.virtue

Questra had just told her and Diana.

Diana eased out the door and went to speak with Miki down at the other end of
the corridor.

“ My Lady, I found out that Callisto’s army is in Greece, but I could not
locate exactly where.”

“ That’s okay, Our Lord knows where she is, and they’re going after her
tomorrow before first light.” Diana stated as she squeezed Miki’s shoulder in
appreciation. Then she said, “ Thank you.”

“ Your Welcome Your Highness, anytime.” Miki said with a bright smile.

“ Is that right?!” Came a icy smooth voice from behind the two women.

“ Xena?! What are you doing out here?” Diana asked somewhat stunned to see

“ I came out because of the way you left the chamber, and now I see my
instincts were right on. So, you want to tell me what’s going on, or do I ask
Miki?” Xena stated as she turned her focus on the now military bearing

“ No, there’s no reason to do that, of course I will tell you. Lt. Miki you
may go.” Diana said as she gave Miki the permission to leave.

Miki looked at her but then looked at Xena who was watching Diana, with her
arms crossed over her chest. She then cut her eyes to Miki and gave a nod and
Miki bowed and quickly exited out of the two women’s present.

Xena then turned her attention back to Diana and taking a deep breath she
prepared herself. Diana gave a small smile, despite the fact that Xena had her
piercing Sapphires focused steadily on her.

“ Now Xena, it’s nothing bad, really..... I just asked Miki to do me a

“ What type of favor Diana?” Xena asked without blinking.

Diana chewed her lip for a moment while at the same time looking down at the
floor for a moment, then she looked back up to Xena’s steady gaze.

“ I asked her to find out something for me.”

“ What?”

“ I asked her to find Callisto’s army!” Diana said in a rush as she stepped
back to avoid a possible swing by Xena.

But instead, Xena simply scowled, but then taking a deep sighing breath she
asked through her teeth.

“ Why?”

“ So that I could tell you and Lord Questra where to find Callisto.”

“ And that’s the only reason?”

“ Yes.”

Xena maintained her gaze for a moment longer and then she relaxed her muscles
and licking her lips, she stepped back and said in a calm tone.

“ Alright. I’ll let this go, but is there anything else I need to know

“ No.”

“ Fine. Now get back into the room, and after Gabrielle and Questra leave, I
won’t you to go into our bed chamber and get undressed and get in bed and wait
for me. It’s going to be a very LONG night for you kitten.”

Diana caught Xena’s meaning and a shiver ran through her. She let out a deep
breath and then just as she started to step around Xena, she was caught by her
arm and Xena whispered into her ear, “ Think battle Lust.” Xena then leaned
back and leveled a lust filled gaze on Diana. Then she let Diana go.

Diana staggered at the release and Xena’s words, and her breathing had
increased, as she steadied and walked back to their chamber.

“ Everything okay Lord Xena?” Questra asked when the two returned.

“ Yes, but I won’t to spend the rest of the night with My Consort......if you
know what I mean?”

“ I do, and to be honest with you I was just thinking the same exact thing.”
Questra stated understanding Xena’s meaning.

“ Then I will call it a night so that we can leave at first light.”

“ Very good, then Gabrielle and I shall say good night and I will see you in
the morning Lord Xena?”

“ Good night then.”

Questra and Gabrielle left and returned to their chamber, while Diana went
into her’s and Xena’s bed chamber and undressed and climbed into the bed under
the covers and waited for Xena to come into the room.

Xena came in after a few minutes which she took to tell the Guards outside
their door something. Then she came in and without looking at Diana on the bed
she stripped out of her clothes and then turned and strided over to the bed
and looking down at Diana she gestured for Diana to move the covers from over

Diana’s eyes were locked on Xena’s as her breathing was rapid and her heart
was beating out of her chest. Diana threw the covers back off of her and Xena
then used her eyes to tell Diana to laid down flat on the bed.

Diana once again did as she was bidden to do and laid flat on the bed. Xena
then climbed on the bed over Diana and running her hand down Diana’s chin, and
neck and chest and abdomen, straight to her soft hairs where she used her
strong hand to part Diana’s thighs.

Xena then slipped her knee between and lowered herself overtop of Diana. Xena
then claimed Diana’s soft lips, and with the heat raging through her she kiss
her hard and long and passionately, as if it were the last time she would
taste of them. Diana moaned as a result and wrapped her arms around Xena’s
neck as she pulled her closer.

Xena broke the kiss just as abruptly and then looking at Diana for a moment
she then brought both of her knees between Diana’s, and forming the extension
she whispered into Diana’s ear.

“ Reform my little shield.” And then Xena leaned back and with a torrid look
in her eyes, she gazed into Diana’s smoldering ones and her desire

Xena watched Diana’s eyes as she entered her already ready flower and with
steady pressure she pushed against it. Diana’s lips parted slightly, and then
her mouth open more and more as she felt the pain of being claimed once again.
Finally Xena went through and Diana screamed.

Xena started out thrusting deeply and slowly, but soon it increased to a
needful frenzy as Diana’s lips were being claimed again with ravish passion.
Diana quickly became delirious from Xena’s passion and her body was hotly
flushed which only added to Xena’s desire. Diana submitted completely to
Xena’s need as she recognized it for what it was. That submission fed Xena and
she feasted on it as she thrusted deep into Diana’s flower and received moans
of pleasure from Diana from each one, and when Xena’s hungry mouth claimed a
taut nipple and bit hard on it Diana’s eyes lit, as a groan and whimper
escaped her lips.

Xena knew how to draw the response she wanted from Diana and right now she was
drawing everything from her.

“ Give your essence to me kitten, now!” Xena huskily ordered.

Diana’s body immediately stiffen and Xena thrusted fiercely as she begun to
feel the warm cream and the strong internal muscles of Diana’s flower spasm
against her. Xena’s head whipped back as she peaked and both she and Diana
floated in their ecstasy as Xena thrusted continuously into Diana.

After a while when Diana was nearing the end of her release, Xena reformed her
extension into a tongue and she immediately connected to Diana’s core and
coaxed Diana’s core to once again give.

Diana’s breath caught in her throat as she felt the reform and the active
movement of the tongue within her flower and without ever relaxing from the
first release she was brought right back to a full orgasm, where once again
her body stiffen and she once again was held there.

Xena continued to bring Diana and herself to full ecstasy one right after the
other in succession without ever completely ending the orgasm before. Xena
kissed Diana’s trembling lips as she continued to hear the whimpers and moans
from the delirious young woman who’s body was completely under Xena’s control,
and Xena knew it and took full advantage. Her desire was endless, even despite
the multiple orgasms, she seemed to just get stronger.

Xena was so in want of Diana that even while Diana was in full release Xena
positioned a pillow at Diana’s hip area and then without any warning, and
while Diana was still releasing, Xena flipped Diana over onto her belly onto
the pillow and she immediately entered Diana’s reformed virginal gate, only
she had reformed the extension once again to a smaller phallus and hearing the
moans and groans from Diana, Xena didn’t make her entrance long and slow, but
instead she did it in one smooth move and Diana screamed into the pillow under
her head , but Xena begun kissing Diana’s neck and whispering comforting words
to her.

Then when Diana fell into the rhythm with Xena’s movements, Xena then bit into
Diana’s neck and begun sucking hard on it as Diana whimpered and moaned in

Xena brought them both back to ecstasy rapidly, but with this release Xena
finally let their orgasm end and then Diana immediately collapsed into
unconsciousness, as Xena laid atop of her breathing hard and deeply.

The next day Questra ended up having to enter into Xena’s and Diana’s bed
chamber to see what was keeping Xena. Once she entered she found Xena still
lying atop of Diana with only their lower bodies covered.

Questra smirked at the site and an actual thrill raced through her own body at
the very thought.

“ two are truly full of surprises.” Questra said quietly to herself,
but not quiet enough.

“ So I’ve heard.” Xena responded unexpectedly to Questra’s statement.

“ Lord Xena, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to disturb you, but I was concerned
about what could be keeping I see.” Questra stated without

Xena thought her extension away and as she did Diana sighed deeply at the lost
of sensation within her, although she was still unconscious. Xena smiled at
her and kissed her back, and then whispered, I’ll be back before you know it
kitten. Xena then slipped out from under the covers and came to stand at the
side of the bed.

Questra’s brow raised at the sight of Xena’s nude body and she comment on it.

“ Hmm...v.e.r.y....nice Lord Xena.”

Xena cut her eyes to Questra and with a raised brow of her own, and a slight
tilt of her head she acknowledged the compliment. Then she strided into the
bath and cleaned up and came out and dressed in her leathers.

After Xena was fully dressed in her leathers and weapons, she then walked over
to the bed once again and leaned down she whispered into Diana’s ear. “Be good
and obey what I’ve told you.” Xena then kissed Diana’s cheek and then stood
back up to her full height.

“ Where is Gabrielle?”

“ She’s in the sitting chamber. I thought it would be better if she waited
here , just in case you two were into something. Luckily I did.”

Xena smirked and then came back with her own observation.

“ I see a very glow to your own face my dear Questra?”

Questra acknowledged it and gave a tilt of her head. Xena nodded her head
knowingly and then the two women strided out of the bedchamber and went into
the sitting area.

Xena found Gabrielle was still asleep, and she turned to Questra and with a
raised brow she made her question known.

“ Yes, very long.” Questra answered in response to the obvious look.

“ Well, why don’t you put her on the bed with Diana, she can lay on top of the
covers, until Diana or her wake up.”

“ Okay.” Questra then lifted Gabrielle and carried her to the bedchamber and
laying her on top of the covers she used one of Xena’s robes to cover her and
then she kissed her softly on the lips and then whispered. “ I love you baby.”

Then she stood up and looked over at Diana and leaning over again she
whispered into Diana’s ear.

“ Take care of each other.”

Diana moaned and Questra lifted Diana’s arm and placed it over Gabrielle’s
belly, and Diana automatically pulled Gabrielle to her and held her
protectively despite being unconscious, somehow she knew it was Gabrielle and
she immediately became protective.

Questra’s brows knitted by the move and when she looked over at the door she
saw Xena standing there. Xena saw the confused look and she smiled and said in
a knowing tone of voice.

“ It’s a gift she has, I discovered it sometime back that she knew the
difference between me being in the bed with her and Gabrielle, despite her
being unconsciousness.”

“ Wow, she is full of amazing surprises, I see why your so......turned on by
her constantly.”

The two women then left the chamber and met the soldiers who were accompanying
them into the possible battle. Xena made sure that female Guards were posted
inside of the bed Chamber, standing guard, while other guards were posted
inside of the sitting chamber, and still others were posted underneath the
balconies, and others scattered around throughout the palace inside and out,
all with one command. That being to Guard and protect the two women inside the

Diana finally awoke after another four candlemarks, and stretching, she
refocused her eyes and then saw Gabrielle lying in bed with her. Diana smiled
and then realized that if Gabrielle was in bed with her, then Xena and Questra
were gone.

Diana immediately eased out of the bed to not disturb Gabrielle, but she found
her legs jelly like, and she went to the floor. One of the Guards came over
and Diana told her to get the silver vile out of the top drawer of Xena’s

Diana took the vile and shakily place a drop on her tongue, and after a few
moments she tested her legs and then came to her feet.

“ How long has Lord Xena and Lord Questra been gone?”

“ Four candlemarks Your Majesty.”

“ Hm....” Diana said to herself, and then she ran into the bath and cleaned up
and then came out and dressed in her leathers.

“ My Lady? Where are you going?” One of the Guards asked with concern in her

“ Shh! You’ll wake Princess Gabrielle. If you must know, I’m going to help Our

“ You can’t. Lord Xena gave specific orders that you two were not to leave
this chamber, and if you did then we would all be punished.”

“ Well, I’m sorry to hear that, but I am a warrior, and Xena is my mate,
therefore there are two reasons why I am still going.”

“ But My Lady, please, Our Lord was deadly serious about this, you know the
look she gets when if you go against a specific command then there will be
Tartarus to pay, and we both know what that Tartarus is like.”

“ I understand, and yes I do know. But you have to know why I have to go?”

“ Yes My Lady, I do understand, but I am so afraid for you if you go. When
Lord Xena gave us our orders in here, she had her teeth bared. She warned us
and then looked at you at the same time and warned you. Matter of fact, now
that I think about it My Lady.....Captain Macey where is the note Lord Xena
left for Her Highness?”

“ Here it is Lt.”

“ Here Your Highness, Lord Xena left this for you and Princess Gabrielle, with
specific orders for me to give it to you if you spoke of leaving this

Diana took the note and broke the Royal seal open and read it.

“ Kitten, I’m just writing this so that you will not worry. Lord Questra and
myself have been gone for a while, but like I told you the other day, we’ll be
back before you know it. I love you, and I feel completely relaxed with the
idea of leaving you with our army in our chamber. By knowing your safe, I can
focus my full attention on getting Callisto and her army. Consort I know what
your thinking and NO! I don’t need you out here with me. But just in case you
still are thinking about disobeying me, let me make something clear to you. If
You Dare Leave Our Chamber, I promise you Consort you will tremble everytime I
cast my gaze on you. Don’t defy me on this kitten, I just want to come back to
you and make love to you, I don’t want to punish you, but you know I will if
you disobey me and let that impulsive nature of yours lead you to defy me. Be
good kitten, and I will see you soon. Love Xena.”

Diana sat down on the chair she was standing next to, and taking a deep
sighing breath she let the hand that held the note fall to her lap as a look
of dejection came to her eyes. Diana felt the eyes of the soldier on her and
so she looked up at her and in a slightly embarrassed tone she spoke to her.

“ Well....Our Lord sure knows how to make her point doesn’t she?” Diana said
as she absentmindedly lifted the note as reference.

“ I know, and from your behavior right now, I can tell you know it too.”

“ Yes I certainly do. Well, since I’m not going to be going anywhere anytime
soon, I guess I should change.” Diana then stood up and took off her leathers
and changed into one of her consort outfits, by then Gabrielle woke up and
after she cleaned up, she dressed and her and Diana had morning meal brought
to them.

The two of them talked to each other and then at times to the guards, they
played games and Gabrielle told stories. This was a daily thing with Diana and
Gabrielle over the next five days, when one day one of the soldiers came up
with news that One of Questra’s soldiers were captured and was being tortured
for the purpose of telling what he was doing there, but so far the soldier had
not told, and probably by now was dead.

“ How did he get captured?” Diana asked.

“ We and some other scouts were sent ahead a day or so to locate the army, we
got separated, and I couldn’t get back to Lord Xena and Lord Questra to tell
them that he was captured.”

“ So Xena and Questra don’t know that Callisto knows they’re around?”

“ I don’t know.”

“ What do you mean you don’t know? Do they or don’t they?” Diana asked more

“ Well, Lord Xena said that if they did not hear from us , all of us, then she
would assume that we were captured.”

“ How long did she give you guys?”

“ Well once we were sure Callisto was on the farm, then we sent a soldier back
to tell them that she was where Lord Xena had been told, we had two days after
that to return to the camp.”

“ How long has it been now?”

“ Three days.”

“ So, they probably know?” Diana asked still unconvinced.

“ Yes.”

“ Well I’m not taking any chances.” Diana then flew into the bed chamber and
changed into her leathers and weapon belt, she then grabbed her staff and
strided back out of the chamber.

Gabrielle stared at her and stated factually.

“ Well I’m going with you.”

“ No your not! Your going to stay here like you were told to do, it doesn’t
make sense for both of us to get into trouble.”

“ But Diana, Questra is out there also.”

“ Gabrielle I know that, that’s why I’m going, I can protect myself, but I’ll
only get distracted if your there, because I would be too worried about you.
Please stay here? Besides, this way the two of them can focus their anger on
one of us, rather than both of us.” Diana stated with a small smile.

Gabrielle covered Diana’s hand that was on her shoulder with her own, and then
said, “ Be careful.”

“ I will, I’ll see you soon.” Diana then hugged Gabrielle and ordered the
guards to watch out for her, then she ordered the soldier to show her where
Lord Xena and Lord Questra were.

The minute Diana had left the chamber, and headed to the courtyard to use the
traveller, Gabrielle had snuck out with her and the soldier, and the minute
Diana threw the traveller out and she and the soldier went through Gabrielle
grabbed a staff form one of the guards and ran through after.

The traveller then closed and they were all gone. The guards all stood with
their mouths open as they realized the impact of what was going to happen when
Xena saw the two girls.

Diana and the soldier came out in the camp and a gasp of surprise erupted
throughout the camp like a wave it rippled until it reached Xena’s and
Questra’s ears.

“ What’s all of that about? “ Questra asked of Xena as she and Xena and one of
the Lt’s stood over a drafted map of the outlay of the land and specifically
what the farm was like.

“ I don’t know, maybe one of the soldiers is doing a fire trick or something.”
Xena reasoned as she and Questra then turned their attention back to the map,
when suddenly one of the posted guards ran into the tent.

“ My Lord?!”

“ What is it?!”

“ I think your going to want to see this for yourself?”

“ What?”

“ Not What My Lord..... Who.”

“ Who??” Questra asked with the same look of confusion on her brow as Xena had
on her’s.

“ Send them in!” The guard called to the soldiers outside.

“ Gabrielle why did you come here?” Diana asked quietly as she saw Gabrielle
appear out of the traveller just before it collapsed and floated to her hand.

“ I couldn’t stand the idea of you taking all of the blame.”

“ Gabrielle!” Diana started to scold, when they were beckon to go inside of
the tent.

Diana looked at the Sentries posted and saw the look of fear in their eyes.

“ Gabrielle you still have time to return, they don’t know it’s us, please go

“ no, if all of you are here, then this is where I belong.”

“ Gabrielle, you don’t understand.” Diana started to try to explain, but
seeing the resolve in Gabrielle’s eyes, she stopped and then turned and looked
at the Sentries again, and then taking a deep breath she glanced back at
Gabrielle and then walked into the tent.

Miki gasped when she saw them, and Xena and Questra both looked at Miki first
and then as if in slow motion they looked over to where the two girls stood.
Once the two warriors’ eyes focused on the two. The color of Xena’s eyes went
from Sapphire blue to black. While Questra’s did the same.

Xena stood up to her full height when she saw the two girls and she locked her
eyes on them as she moved around the large table and headed for the two.
Gabrielle’s face flushed instantly from fear, and Diana’s breathing increased.

“ Xena...... I....I know....what your thinking.... but honestly it’s not like
that, I.....just found out something that I thought you needed to
know....that’s the only reason for us being he....!” Diana stated just as her
cheeks were pinched between Xena’s strong fingers.

“ No Consort! No excuses! I want you and Gabrielle to turn around and go back
to the Palace....”

“ But...!” Diana tried to squeeze out of her pinched cheeks.

“ Not a word, just turn around and go back to the palace and wait until I call
for you two.” Xena then let go of Diana’s cheeks and stood back and glared at

Diana moved her hair out of her face and chancing a glance back at Questra,
Diana saw the anger in her eyes as well, so she turned around and she and
Gabrielle left the way they had come, as if they had never been there. Xena
and Questra in the meantime were both flushed with anger, but they carried on.
The next few days went by fast, Xena and Questra attacked Callisto’s army and
either killed or imprisoned all of them.

The two then cornered Discord and Xena with the rage she was feeling inside
leveled her sword against Discords throat and growled her demands after
informing Discord of what was against her neck.

Discord caught on fast and she immediately agreed to everything Xena demanded,
Xena then gestured for Discord to disappear, and then they went after
Callisto. It took a few candlemarks to get her, but Questra talked her into
giving up, because she did not want to see her hurt, but with the rage Lord
Xena was feeling, that was exactly what would happen.

Callisto lowered her sword and then dropped it to the ground.

“ Take her!” Xena ordered. “ And if she gives you any problems, KILL HER!”
Xena stated without a second thought. After Callisto was safely imprisoned,
Xena gave orders to have her taken to the local Prison and held there in
chains until her trial date, with no visitors at all.

Xena and Questra spoke with the local magistrate and told her what they
expected, and to either contact Xena or Questra at either of their Palaces.
After all of the loose ends were tied up, Xena then ordered everyone to return
to the palace.

Xena used the travellers and so they arrived back quickly. Xena and Questra
did not bother to dismiss the soldiers, they left it to Miki and the other
Lead Lt. Instead Xena ordered one of the soldiers to go and have Diana and
Gabrielle present themselves to her in the Royal Counsel Chamber.

“ Also have my Advisors, and the Royal Magistrates, and the Weapons Master as
well as two of my other Royal Scribes come to me as well. Have my Royal seal
brought to the counsel Chamber as well. Oh and have My head Personal servant
as well as Her Highness’s present to me as well.

The soldier raced to fulfill his ordered duties, as he saw the strangely dark
eyes. He recognized the anger and rage and he flew out of their sight and went
to do his duties. Xena and Questra then headed for the counsel chamber where
Questra paced and Xena sat waiting for the people to appear. Her mind focused,
and her face showed it’s determination.

Diana and Gabrielle arrived in the chamber and came to stand in the middle of
the chamber in front of both Xena’s and Questra’s steady gazes.

Gabrielle shifted nervously from one foot to the other, and Diana stood with
her eyes averted so as not to meet Xena’s or Questra’s gaze. Finally, Diana
decided to try to break the tension, which she would come to regret, because
from there things would happen fast.

“ I.....” Diana attempted, but was cutoff immediately by Xena coming to her
feet, and slamming her hands on the desk.

“ YOU WHAT CONSORT??! What could you possibly say to justify showing up out

“ Xe....”

“ NOTHING!! That’s what you can say! Absolutely NOTHING!! I told you the first
time you brought it up to go with us that under no circumstances were you to
leave our Chamber!! I repeated that to you everytime we spoke about it! Lord
Questra warned you, I warned you! I had the guards tell you my commands, I
whispered it to you while you were asleep, and I know you heard! I even went
as far as to write you a note reminding you that under no circumstance were
you to leave that Chamber! Did you read it??!!” Xena scolded.

Diana had tears in her eyes, while Gabrielle’s was rolling down her face. Xena
saw them and her eyes narrowed to slits which caused Diana to start to
Xena was breathing harder through her teeth.

“ Don’t let them fall Consort because I may not be able to control myself
enough to stop me from hurting you worst than what I’m feeling right now.”
Xena warned as her black eyes locked on Diana’s.

Diana was now breathing hard out of fear, and wiping her eyes quickly with her

hand, she just stood trembling. Then Xena ordered her to answer her

“ yes I read it.” Diana spoke softly.

“ So that tells me that you obvious intended to come after me and Lord
Questra, because the only reason you were to receive that note is if you were
talking about leaving that chamber to come after us. Well, Consort, I
obviously have to make some very drastic changes, well maybe not drastic, it’s
just something that I should have never allowed.” Xena maintained her eye
contact for a few more long moments and then she broke it and looking over at
Questra she saw her standing with her arms crossed over her chest as her gaze
never left Gabrielle’s.

Gabrielle was flushed with embarrassment and fear as she tried to avoid
Questra’s gaze, but she only managed to lock them with Xena, which she thought
was worst. Xena sat back down and when everyone she had called for arrived
Questra took a seat next to the desk, as Xena ordered everyone else to sit

“ I called you all here for a specific reason. I am making some changes and
you all have your duties that will need to be carried out.”

“ My Lord what is going on?” Advisor Draco asked.

“ Sit down and be quiet and I will tell you.” Xena said with no patiences. “
My Consort and her sister has seen fit to disobey a direct command from
me....Xena The Conqueror, as well as Lord Questra. And I have decided to show
my complete displeasure with it. Scribes you will write all that is said in
this meeting and then give it to the Magistrates, is that understood?”

“ Yes My Lord.” The Scribes answered as they then sat back down and pulled out
their scrolls and begun to write what was said.

“ Weapons master!”

“ Yes My Lord.” The weapons master answered as he came to his feet.

“ As of this date Her Highness and Gabrielle are NOT allowed to enter the
chamber from now on without my expressed written or verbal ordered, or that of
Lord Questra’s. “

“ MY LORD??!!” Diana exclaimed as she came to her feet.

“ Sit down.” Xena growled.

Diana looked at her in horror, as to what she thought Xena was planning. But
with a look that beckoned no argument, Diana sat back down, and chewing her
lips she lowered her eyes. Xena maintained the gaze and then after long
moments and Diana trying to control her breathing, Xena finally returned her
focus to the weapons master, who had continued to stand the whole time.

“ From now on, her Highness and the Princess are not allowed inside the
chamber, without one of us, also Her Highness is not to have any contact with
any of the weapons inside or outside of the chamber, That includes any weapon
of war. She is not to receive any weapons as gifts, or anything else. Her
highness will not spar with anyone, again unless I give my permission. All
conversations of war by anyone other than Myself or Lord Questra, will not
take place around her Highness, any discussions as such in her presence will
result in immediate punishment. I will send any other expectations to you
regarding the weapons and the chamber. Do you understand?”

“ Clearly My Lord, it will be done.”

“ Good, now sit down. Advisors.” Xena then called, and they came to their

“ My Lord?”

“ Advisor Draco, as of today you shall return to the position of head war

“ XENA??!” Diana exclaimed again coming to her feet.

“ What Consort?!”

“ Your......Your demoting Me??” Diana asked in complete shock, and disbelief.

“ No Consort. I’m reassigning you. You will retain your duties as Advisor, But
not on My War Counsel.” Xena growled.

Diana once again looked completely shocked, and she sat down and pouted as
Xena returned her attention to Advisor Draco.

“ So, from now on Advisor Draco, you will be known as head advisor to My War
Counsel. Her Highness and Princess Gabrielle will be banned from any of the
war Counsel meetings. They are not allowed to even be in the Corridor during
any of the Counsel meetings. Is that clear?”

“ Yes My Lord. “ Draco stated as he bowed and then glanced over at Diana who
was sitting looking away from Xena and the others. Then he and the other
advisors sat down and looked as stunned as Diana was feeling.

“ Magistrates.”

“ Yes My Lord?”

“ You the Royal Magistrates will write what the scribes have written into
proclamation form and then present it to me to be signed and sealed with my
Royal seal, whereas it will then go throughout the Realm. Is that clear?”

“ Yes My Lord.”

“ Your making it a law??! Diana asked completely choked by everything that was

“ Yes!”

“ By The Gods Xena! Don’t make it a Law, Please?!” Diana pleaded as she again
came to her feet and went to the desk and leaned her hands on the table as she
looked Xena straight in the eyes.

Xena didn’t blink, but instead went on speaking to the Magistrates.

“ When this meeting is over Magistrates, I won’t the papers in my hands within
two hours, do I make myself clear?”

“ Yes My Lord, it will be done.”

“ Sit. Ludmilla.” ye...yes...yes My Lord?” Ludmilla stuttered as she came to
her feet.

“ I want you to go to Her Highness’s and My Chamber and gather up all of her
highness’s leathers and weapons. You will take them to my private storage
chamber where you will meet Dancea who will have the key, and there you will
store them inside. Also bring one of her highness’s regular clothing here to
this chamber right now. Dancea You will collect Her Highness’s leathers she
has on, as well as her staff.”

“ Xe....” Diana gasped but was unable to finish it.

“ Ludmilla go now and bring the change of clothes, then go and collect the
leathers and weapons. Dancea here is the key, you will go and assist Ludmilla
with the leathers and things under escort by My Royal guards, until you return
the key to me.”

“ It’ll be done as you wish My Lord.”

“ Good, here.” Xena said handing the key from around her neck to Dancea.

Ludmilla in the meantime had left to go and get the change of clothing.

“ Now, as of this day, it will be hereby called throughout the land that her
highness Lady Diana, Shall only be known as Xena The Conqueror’s Consort or
Mate, but NO ONE shall refer to her as a warrior, not EVEN herself, or her
sister. Anyone heard referring to My Consort as anything other than what I
have stated will be punished. My patiences is gone, and I will not allow My
Consort to look upon herself as anything other than what I say she is!
Consort! Come here.” Xena commanded of Diana.

Diana wanted to stay where she was, but knew she couldn’t, so she took a deep
breath and then moving her hair out of her face she stood up and walked over
to where Xena sat.

“ Over here.” Xena commanded.

Diana walked around the desk and went to stand in front of Xena. Xena stood up
and walking behind Diana she unfastened Diana’s leathers. Ludmilla came in at
that moment, which says that Xena must have heard her foot steps. Ludmilla was
motioned to come over to where Diana and Xena and Questra now all stood.

Xena had ordered for Diana to take her arms out of the armholes of the top,
but to hold it up until she had replaced the top with the top of her change of
clothes. Once she did, she was turned around and Xena removed all of Diana’s
leathers and her boots as her skirt was wrapped around her waist just before
Diana’s backside could be seen.

“ Step in.” Xena commanded of Diana as she held Diana’s slippers for her to
put on.

Diana stepped in and then Xena stood up once again and looking at everyone in
the chamber she made a statement.

“ This is how My Consort shall be seen to dress, if she is ever seen in
anything other than this type of clothing I shall be notified immediately. Is
that clear?”

“ Yes My Lord!!!!” Came the voices of all of the people in the chamber. Except
Diana’s and Gabrielle’s.

“ Kneel down right here Consort.” Xena said gesturing to the area next to her

Diana went to her knees and sat back on her heels. Xena then turned her
attention to Gabrielle.

“ Gabrielle!”

“ yes.....yes My Lord?” Gabrielle choked out as she came to shaky legs.

“ Everything I have said to Diana applies to you. I realize that you are also
an Amazon Princess and certain things are expected of you as such,
the Ruler I will override the laws of the Amazons as it applies to you
specifically. You will not go into battle with the Amazons for ANY reason,
when some conflict arises, you will assist the elderly and children to get
away safely, once that is done you will come here and stay, and I will send
out whatever troops are necessary, is that clear Princess Gabrielle?”

Gabrielle choked out a weak, “ yes.”

“ Lord Questra will deal with any other punishment, although I will admit, I
still have not decided whether I will punish you myself as well. Now sit

Gabrielle sat down immediately, and holding her hands in her lap she tried to
be strong, but she felt like a truly disobedient chastised child, and what was
worst, she felt she deserved all of it.

“ Ok, I won’t all of you to go and attend to what I have ordered and
Magistrates, have those papers brought to me within the time period I ordered,
is that clear?”

“ Yes My Lord, right away.”

The people then stood up and were dismissed. Xena then spoke to Questra after
everyone was gone except for Diana and Gabrielle.

“ Lord Questra you have my permission to punish Gabrielle as you see fit.”

“ While I’m glad to have your support Lord Xena, I had planned to do that
anyway.” Questra admitted.

“ I thought so, but I figured I would give you my support.” Xena stated as she
used her eyes to tell Questra the reason behind it.

” I understand. Thank you.”

Xena gave a slight tilt of her head and then her attention was now refocused
completely on Diana. Xena then looked Down at Diana.

“ Stand up Consort.” Xena commanded.

Diana came to her feet and still trying to avoid Xena’s eyes out of fear of
seeing the anger in them. Xena sat back on her desk with one hip halfway on as
she looked at Diana.

“ Look at me Consort.” Xena said with such casualness that it caused Diana to

Diana looked up at her slowly and then finally her eyes locked on Xena’s and
there Xena held them in her hypnotic gaze.

“ Diana I felt so much like beating you for showing up there. But rather than
do that, I decided to do what I should have never allowed you to do in the
first place. You will attend to me from now on. You won’t have to divide your
attention for any reason. You are My Consort, Period. I will attend to you as
my mate and Consort. But I will punish you if you step one foot out of line of
your role, and I will not take mercy on you just because you are My Mate. I am
also upset with you for endangering not only yourself, but also that of your
sister’s. Whether you realize it or not, Gabrielle is Lord Questra’s and your
weakness, and you and Gabrielle are mine. “

“ Weakness?” Diana asked confused.

“ Diana you are my weakness because you are the only reason I would do what a
blackmailer wants, if there was a threat against you that I knew you would not
be able to escape, or want to escape as is the reason Gabrielle is your
weakness, you would risk yourself to protect her, and I have no problem with
that, because that’s exactly what I would do for you. But It pisses me off to
no end when you deliberately disobey me and go into a dangerous situation,
knowing how strongly I felt about it! You knew it, I repeated myself time and
time again about you not risking yourself for any reason!”

“ I was just trying to protect you.” Diana said quietly.

Maybe it’s because of that stubbornness of yours? Is that it?”

“ No. I.....”

“ Silence!! Let me make something clear about what is going to happen here
from now on. You will only perform those duties that I have laid out as being
alright for you to do, if I find you doing anything that even resembles a
warriors duties. I will punish you right there and then. The only knife your
allowed to handle will be kitchen knives. Diana I can think of many painful
ways to make you understand how serious all of this is, but I think by doing
what I have done shows you that, and I will follow up with any and all
infractions of my commands. Diana don’t try walking the line on this, if you
don’t want me to render my wrath on you in a physical way.....stay on the
right side and obey me. Do you understand what I’m telling you?”

Diana’s eyes had tears balanced to fall, but again Xena didn’t allow them.

“ No Diana, don’t let them, I have no patiences for them, and I will lose my
temper as a result. “

Diana took a deep shaky breath as she once again wiped her eyes and stood

“ yes, I understand.”

Xena caught Diana’s chin in her hand and lifted her head up to look her in the
eyes once again.

“ Do you Consort? Do you understand that you not only risked your life, but
also Gabrielle’s? Do you understand that?!”

“ My Lord, it wasn’t Diana’s fault that I was there.” Gabrielle chimed in as
her tears were constant.

“ What?!” Questra asked sharply.

“ Diana told me to stay in the chamber, she told me it didn’t make sense for
both of us to get into trouble, she knew you would be angry, but she thought
it was important to come and tell you that Callisto was suspicious, after
capturing one of the soldiers. She told me to stay here, but I chose not to.”

“ First of All Gabrielle, I’m not just blaming Diana for this, you are just as
guilty, 2nd, we knew about the captured soldier, thirdly, you would not have
felt the need to disobey me if Diana had not disobeyed me first, therefore she
is more responsible because she does influence you in both the positive and
negative, although I know she does not mean to be a negative influence on you,
but that’s what happens when you admire someone. Therefore you end up in
trouble when it’s something this bad. You understand what I’m saying?” Xena
asked sharply.

“ Yes My Lord.”

Xena then turned her attention back to Diana while still holding her chin.

“ Well?”

“ Yes, I understand My Lord.”

“ Good, I’m a little tired right now, I think I will turn in early. Lord
Questra, I will talk with you tomorrow. Gabrielle, I hope you learn from the
punishment Lord Questra renders on you, if not, I know I can make you

“ Yes My Lord.”

Xena then stood up and letting go of Diana’s chin she commanded.

“ Come on Consort, it’s going to be a long night for you.”

“ Xena, Lord Questra forgive me?” Diana asked softly.

“ I will Consort, in time, after I feel you have completely earned it. Right
now I’m not ready to forgive you.”

“ But....?”

“ Xena if I may?” Questra asked as she stepped up to Diana and took her chin
in her hand. “ Diana your actions today were completely irresponsible and
wrong, you risked yourself, and Gabrielle, you disobeyed me, and most of all
Your Lord, completely disrespectful, a slap in our faces. Xena could not have
been more clear! I could not have been more clear. Yet, you two chose to try
to play hero, against our orders and commands. You two are not the only one’s
being punished for your actions, as of right now, the soldier that came to
tell you what was happening is laying in the healers hut, after receiving
forty lashes, and once his wounds heals he’ll become the Royal taste tester.
As for all of the soldiers who were guarding you two, well they two have been
punished, and after they heal they will undergo intense retraining on what is
meant by under no circumstances. So you see Diana, Gabrielle, this is not
about just you two, it’s about being selfish and only thinking about your own
fears and not anyone elses.”

“ What were we suppose to do, Xena you know I couldn’t take the chance that
you were captured or you Lord Questra, Okay, yes, I was selfish in my fear for
you two, but I did not take your orders lightly, I swear to you, I only wanted
to make sure you wouldn’t be hurt, I would have left right after I told you, I
just wanted to protect the people I loved, I’m sorry, I’m sorry....Gods Please
don’t hate me? Please?” Diana cried as she went to her knees and buried her
face in her hands and sobbed.

Questra let Diana sink to her knees but she stood there gazing at Diana and
then looking at Gabrielle who had already dissolved into her tears. Questra
had somewhat of a sympathetic gaze, albeit still upset. but Xena was less
patient. She leaned down and grabbed a handful of Diana’s hair and pulled her
to her feet.

“ Owwww......” Diana cried through her tears.

“ Stop now, or I promise you I will give you something to cry about Consort.”
Xena commanded through her teeth. “ That goes for you too Gabrielle!” Xena
shouted. “ We could never hate either of you,your hearts are always in the
right place, it’s this hard head of yours that needs to be taken care of.”
Xena growled as she shook Diana’s head by her hair.

Diana immediately wiped her eyes, despite tears that continued to roll. Xena
held her for a moment more and then she let go of her and ordered.

“ Go to our chamber and wait for me, on your belly.”

Diana swallowed hard and looked at Xena in somewhat of a confused matter.

“ Yes Consort, I will always take my pleasure of you, as I will and desire. I
told you that I would never deny myself of my pleasure of you, no matter what.
And right now, the battle lust is at full tilt. So go and get cleaned up and
wait for me.” Xena then turned Diana and gave a painful swat to her behind and
Diana yelped from the pain, but at the same time she was completely on fire
for Xena.

Diana eased by Questra and just as she thought she was clear she turned to
head for the door, but Lord Questra landed a firm swat to her behind as well
and again Diana yelped, now both of her cheeks were reddened. Diana did not
look back but instead tried not to cry from the pain she felt to her backside.
Diana gave a glance over to Gabrielle and with tenderness in her eyes she
rendered her a small smile.

Gabrielle returned the tenderness, and then they heard Xena’s voice.

“ I gave you an order Consort.”

Diana then headed for the door and did not look back.

Questra in the meantime had turned her attention onto Gabrielle.

“ Come here Gabrielle.”

Gabrielle stood up and walked over to where Xena and Questra stood and Questra
took Gabrielle’s chin in her hand and Xena sat back down on the edge of the
desk and watched for the time being.

“ Gabrielle do you understand everything that has happened and what will
happened as a result of what the two of you did?”

“ Yes.”

“ Do you think you deserve to be punished?”

Gabrielle swallowed hard, and no matter how hard she tried, she could not
break the locked gaze Questra held on her.

“ yes.”

“ I’m pleased with your answer Gabrielle. Tomorrow Lord Xena and I will speak
with the Amazon Queen and let her know of the change in your duties.”

“ What if.....what if she doesn’t accept it?” Gabrielle asked meekly.

“ Then you will no longer be an Amazon.” Questra stated without blinking.

“ But?” Gabrielle started, but then was cut off by Lord Questra.

“ But What Gabrielle? It’s not fair for me to ban you from being an Amazon?”
What? it’s not my place to do it? But what Gabrielle? Do you think I will
allow you to continue as an Amazon Princess if it meant you going against what
Lord Xena has proclaimed to be law? Do you think it makes any difference to me
that we are not bonded yet? You are MINE little girl and you will do as I
WILL, do I make myself clear?!”

“ yes.”

“ Good, now go and get cleaned up, and get in bed, I’ll be there in a while.”

“ Good night Xena, I’m sorry, I hope I can find a way to make this up to you
and Lord Questra?”

“ Good night Gabrielle, just be good and I’ll eventually forgive you.”

“ Yes My Lord.” Gabrielle then looked back at Questra and with a gesture of
her hand, she sent Gabrielle on her way.

After Xena and Questra were left alone, Questra turned to Xena and with a look
of total exhaustion on her face she asked, “ What are we going to do with
those two, especially Diana, Gabrielle is so influenced by her, and I think
that if she continues along this course I may end up with a Diana on my

“ I know, I love Diana and there will never be anyone else I want, but I see
how she influences Gabrielle indirectly and Directly. Diana would never do
anything that she thought would result in Gabrielle getting hurt or in
trouble, but just because of Gabrielle’s complete love and admiration of
Diana, she would do things that she probably never would, matter of fact I’m
sure she wouldn’t. Lord Questra when do you plan on bonding with Gabrielle?”

“ Well I thought during the Summer Solstice sometime. Why?”

“ Well I think if you move it up and bond with her sooner then you could take
her with you to your Palace, or you could live here, but have absolute say so
over her and what she did without questions of your authority being brought

“ Hm....but I don’t want to reward Gabrielle for her behavior today?”

“ I understand that, I didn’t mean in the next few weeks or so, I meant in a
few months, once we got over being angry with them.”

“ Oh, okay, then in that case it makes sense, okay we’ll plan for our bonding
Ceremony in five months from now.”

“ Good. Then afterwards I can point out that you will be Gabrielle’s first
priority even more than you are now.”

“ Okay, I think it’s time we called it a night?”

“ Agreed, and Questra, it was good to have you riding with me into battle.”

“ Thank you Lord Xena, I’m flattered you feel that way, I felt the same way.”


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