Part 2

By: Teagen2


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The most depressing car ride in the world finally came to an end in front of our trailer. I sighed heavily as I saw the lights were on, which means one thing. Mom is drinking again. “I'm sorry that the concert wasn't great.” Lacey said.

“It was great, Lace. Thanks a lot for the tickets.”

“No problem. Bye.” I exit her car and open the door to our trailer and walk in. One look into the living room, I see my mom passed out on the couch with a bottle in her hand.

“Never knew I was gone.” I said sadly to myself.

I close and lock my bedroom door. I deliberately not turn on the lights. I don't want Randy's face staring at me from my walls. I feel around for my bed and drop onto it. I want to fall asleep for the rest of my life, but I knew that wasn't going to happen. Tomorrow I will have to face my real life, the one I had a brief escape from these last two days. I close my eyes and wait for sleep to claim me.

My life really does suck. I just never knew how much until that concert. A week later, I'm still feeling it. My job is all I have or probably will ever have. Flipping the burgers over, I leaned back against the opposite counter. Today I am still fielding questions about the concert. My only response was 'It was okay.' I knew my co-workers expected me to be bouncing off the walls in excitement, but not today. I was more excited when her singles came out than seeing her in person, at least that's what they were thinking. I will never tell what went on in her dressing room. No one would ever believe me anyway. All I can do is move on. I was more determined now to be someone, but also more aware that it wasn't going to happen.

Two days since the concert and I haven't felt any better. Now I know what suicidal people feel like, shit. “Hey Fara, can you work the counter for Tonya's break?” my boss asks.

“Sure.” I move out to the front-line and wait on the three customers in the restaurant. Suddenly I found something on the counter appealing and began to clean it as I hear some impatient person no doubt, clear their throat. I look up and my heart stops. Randy is standing in front of me, leaning on the counter.

“Hi.” she smiles. I once again go back to the 'deer in the headlights' expression that I had when I first saw her. “Thought I'd find you here.”

“ did?”

“Yeah.” She takes one look around the perimeter. “Food good here?”

“No.” I say honestly, making her smile.

“What do ya say we go get some real food?”

“I can't. I have to work.”

“Come on.” she extends her hand. My mind was spinning. Randy came all this way to see ME. Not only that, she wants me to herself for the day. “What ever you would have made today......I'll match it, then double it........Come on, Sweetheart.....Come with me.” I turn and look over my shoulder where my boss was standing. I was expecting an angry expression, but instead I see a huge grin, meaning I was off the hook. I literally jumped over the counter and took Randy's hand. When we exited, I saw a black convertible Mustang sitting in the front of the store. Opening the passenger door, I got in. “Where to?”

“There's a great taco place up the block.”

“Alright.” She drove us to the drive in.

Before she exited, she turned to me. “I couldn't stop thinking about you through the last two dates of the tour.......When I read your entry letter....”

“Wait a minute.....What entry letter?”

“Ohhhhhh. That's right.....You're friend got you the tickets.....Right?”

“Yeah. Lacey gave them to me at my birthday party.”

“Ever wonder how she got them?”


“There was a fan contest through the fan club where you had to write a letter on why you want to meet me. First prize was two tickets, backstage passes, and meet and greet.”

“Oh. I had no idea.”

“After I saw you in Richmond.....I went to my mail pile and looked for anything with your name on it.” She reached into the glove compartment. “Your friend must have written this for you.”

“There's no return address on it....How did you find me?”

“This.” She fished out a worn piece of scrap paper out of her front pocket.
Fara Jones 123 Header Street Slot 12. Works at Burger Haven Hamaton VA.

“Where did you get this?”

“Lacey.....She slipped it to me as she walked away from the meet and greet table.”

“Ohhhh gods. I can't believe she did this for me.”

“She cares about your happiness.”

“She's one of the best friends I ever had.”

As we ate our tacos, I read the entry letter. It was true. Every word of it. “She due you justice?” Randy smiles as she takes another bite.

“Yeah.......A lot of this stuff are quotes I said to her about you.” I say quietly. I look up and see Randy wipe her mouth with her napkin. Reaching up, I wipe away what she missed letting my hand linger on her face. I begin to drown in her beautiful blue eyes again. She leans forward, her lips brush mine.

“I couldn't stop thinking about you.......I had to see you. I didn't know what you thought of me after my security guard chased you away......I'm sorry.

“He was just doing his job. If my job was to protect you, I'd go outta my way too.”

“You would huh?” she smiles.

We look over as we hear loud stomping. We look up to see three small girls running towards her, stopping at the table. “See I told you it was her.” the smallest said. I smiled as Randy greeted her young fans.

“Hello Ladies.”

“Will you sign my CD, Randy?”

“Sure.” Taking the pen and CD from the girl she asked, “What's your name?”


“That's a pretty name.” She handed the autographed CD back to her. The girls screamed
at each other in excitement and ran away as quickly as they had come. “What?” she asks.

“Nothing. I thought that was sweet of you.”

“Without fans, you're nothing.”

“Where are you staying?”

“At the Hampton Hotel..........Let me drive you home.” The smile that had been on my face all day was gone. It didn't go unnoticed. “What's wrong?” My eyes went to the table.

“ in a dump. I rather you not see it.” I said nervously.

“I don't care where you live.” She stood. “Come on.” Her hand reached out again. I knew I had to take it.

As she stopped the car in front of my trailer, I couldn't meet her eyes. It was barely a roof over our heads. “Something my grandmother told me when I was kid that I never forgot every time I told her I was going to be a star.” Randy said quietly.

“What's that?” I ask.

“Never forget where you came from.”

“How can I?” I said as we exited the car. “I'm not going anywhere.” Not giving her a chance to respond, I stepped up the makeshift stairs, concrete blocks, to the door. Unlocking it, we step in. The scent of beer is overwhelming. I'm used to it, but when I turned back to Randy, I saw the look on her face. “Did I mention my mom is a drunk?” She grinned slightly.

“I know how you feel.” she said as her hand rested on my shoulder. A questioning look came from my eyes. Choosing not to press her, I took her hand, walking past the couch my room was sleeping on into my room.

Opening my door, I turned on my light. When I turned around to close the door, I saw Randy looking around my room at my walls. I suddenly felt embarrassed. “Wow.” she smiled.

“Probably think I'm strange now.”

“No.” she chuckled. “I was thinking I didn't know they took so many pictures of me.” When her eyes locked with mine, her beautiful smile grabbed me. She moved to me and as if I done it a million times before, I wrapped my arms around her neck and kissed her lips. As her tongue invades my mouth, her hands went under my shirt. When the kiss was over, I couldn't break the contact. I didn't want to let her go. She sensed it. Randy pulled me to her, resting my cheek on her chest. Leaning her lips near my ear. she said, “So, which one of these is your favorite?” Pulling back to look at her face, I smiled.

“You're serious, aren't you?”

“Yeah....Tell me.” I released her and moved around, looking at each wall. I moved to the one that 'grabbed' me the very first time I saw it. I stopped. This was it. Taking my finger, I traced the lips that I just kissed.

“This one........There's just something about this one.” Randy wrapped an arm around my stomach.

“I remember that one.” It was a picture of Randy from the head to her shoulders. She had a stern look in her eye, almost angry, tough. Her hair was completely wet, water on her face. Her shoulders were bare, making it appear as if she were naked.

“Very sexy.” I said. “Not only that.......Its the look in your eye. It seemed to call to me. I've never seen that look in any other pic of you.”

“I never made that look before or since. It just 'popped out'.”

“It just seems.....familiar for some reason.”

A noise from the living room brought me out of my fantasy, back into reality. “Fara, get your ass out here. Who's in there with you?” I moved out into the living room. Randy followed closely behind. When we appeared, I thought my mother would choke on her last sip from the bottle in her hand. She hurled the bottle at me, as she has done a thousand times before. I ducked, but I knew it was still going to hit me. It always does. As I closed my eyes, waiting for it to hit me, I heard a noise. Opening my eyes, I see the bottle in front of my eyes. Then I realized, Randy was holding it. She caught it before it hit me. How did she do that? As I stood, I saw it. I saw the very look we were just talking about. It was stern, protective. She looked at the bottle, before hurling it back towards my mother. It struck her in the forehead. For a brief second, I felt remorse......but only for a second.

“Wanna try again?” Randy taunted, as moved towards my mother. Her hand clenched into a fist.

“Randy, no.” She stopped. “Let's go.......please.” I moved to her and ushered her out of the trailer.

“I'm sorry. I had no right to hit her.”

“Its okay. She had it coming.......Maybe she won't be so quick to hit me again.”

“You never told me that.” Randy said as we moved to the car.

“It doesn't matter. Let's just go.” She did as I asked.

As we moved through town, I spotted Lacey on the sidewalk. When she saw us, her jaw dropped. She smiled and waved. “Fara, Randy.” Randy pulled her car to the curb. Randy motioned with her hand to the backseat. Lacey jumped into the backseat and we pulled away. “Going to a party at Tom's. Wanna go?”

“I don't think so.” I said.

“Come on. It might be fun.” Randy countered.


Tom's was jumping as usual. “His parties are legendary in this town.” I told Randy as we parked.

“Looks like fun.” We moved into the house.”

“Ohhhhh my god. Its Randy!!!!” Rachel screamed, getting everyone's attention. Randy's hand suddenly appeared in mine as we moved through the crowd towards the dance floor. Randy waved at everyone that recognized her, which was everyone at the party. The girls were going nuts, which I totally understood. The guys were doing their best to get her attention, but she just moved on through the swarm. Once we reached the dance floor, the soft ballet that was playing suddenly stopped. It was replaced with one of Randy's first hits, a dance number called 'Push Me.' It was one of my favorites.

Everyone stepped back, clearing the floor. Oh gods, not here. Not now. I knew what they wanted. Every party I go to, I'm supposed to entertain. “Kick it, Fara.” I immediately put my hands up.

“Not this time.” The groans came.

“Ahhhhh come on.” Johnny said.

“Go ahead.” Randy said. “I'd love to see you dance.” I started to protest again, but before I could get anything out, she said, “Please.” How could I say no to her? Easy, I can't. I was scared. I didn't want to dance in front of a professional. I don't want to ever disappoint her, so I decided I was going to do it.

“Okay.” When Randy stepped away to join the perimeter, my stomach churned. If I must dance, I was determined to dazzle her.

I started out with a hand plant, twisting my body completely upright, while balanced on one arm. I saw a huge grin on Randy's face from my position. Standing, I used a few of her own moves for the next few moments before returning to my street style. Going to the floor, I used my hands to brace me as I moved my body in a 360 without any other part of my body touching the floor. It was a move I invented myself. When the song ended, I was out of breath, but I smiled at the cheers from the party goers, including Randy. We danced together on the next few numbers before we decided to leave. Randy signed several autographs before we made it back to the car. The sun was fading. She reached into her backseat and pulls out a brown leather jacket, slipping it on. She took her out a brand new black leather Randy jacket. She gestured and I allowed her to help me into it. “Thanks. I'll give it back when you take me home.”

“No, its yours. I brought it for you.”

“Thank you.” I smiled, looking down at the Randy logo on the left breast. She kissed me softly. “I don't want to take you home.......Come with me.”

“To the Hampton?” Her eyes flickered. I think I knew what she really meant by that statement.

“Yes.” she said. She doesn't have the words to directly say it. I hope she will soon.

“Okay.” I paused, noticing her jacket.


“That jacket.......It......”

“I had it custom made. I've always loved brown leather. These designs......” She touched the shoulders and sides. “....I saw in a dream I had when I was ten. Always liked them. Stupid huh?”

“No, no not at all. They seem to fit you.”


When we arrived at the Hampton, we moved into her room. I knew this hotel was not used to having celebrities, but they tried. That much was certain. Two huge fruit baskets were on the dressers. Randy turned on the television, took off her jacket, and crawled onto the bed. I followed. Immediately, I realized she was deep in thought, not looking at the TV. “Is something wrong, Randy?”

“No, Hon.” she smiled and made eye contact. “I'm trying to find the right words.”

“For what?”

“I love you, Fara.” Those words. They made me smile.

“I love you, too.” I said.

“Come with me.”


“Finish the tour with me. Then you can come home with me.......”

“To Montana?” She smiled widely. “Remember, I'm an encyclopedia on you.”

“I'll keep that in mind.” She kissed me softly.

“I can't leave my job. I just don't want to be a tag-a-long.”

“I'm offering you a job......Your better than most of my stage dancers......Be one.”

“Be one of your dancers? On the tour?”

“Permanently. My tour, my videos, my performances.”

“Oh gods.....Are you serious?”

“Yes. Please. I need you with me. You're the best mover I've ever seen.” she smiled. “I want you by my side.”

“What about you?”

“What do you mean?”

“You've never been photographed with anyone. If you hang around one of your dancers, people will start to talk. Your publicist wouldn't like it.”

“So, wo cares whether I'm committed to you or single. If my fans don't love me for my music, then I don't need those fans anyway.”

“Trust me. They love you for your music.”

“Then come with me.”

“Okay......You can always send me home if you change your mind.”


I moved over and straddled Randy's hips, pinning her wrists. “You've changed my life forever.” Randy said softly as I lowered my lips to hers.

“Funny, I thought that was my line.” I smiled as I reached down and unbuttoned her jeans. I eased them and the panties underneath them off. Pulling her shoes and socks off, I slid them down and off her body.

“Are you raping me?” she teased.

“What if I am?” I said as I moved back up. On my stomach, I placed myself between her legs.

“Go right ahead.” she said as she ran her fingers gently through my hair and down my jaw.

I savored this moment. I was between the legs of one of the most famous singers, looking down at her wet cunt, smelling her scent. I was living the fantasy of a million people at this very moment. Teasing, I reached down and licked her hardening clit. She tensed in pleasure and surprise at the feel of my tongue.

“Ohhhhh gods, Fara.” she hissed as began to trace her folds. I hooked both arms underneath her thighs, spreading her wide. A gush of her juices escaped as my tongue penetrated her.

“Mmmmm. You taste so good.” She breathed roughly, begging me silently. I looked up into her face. Randy was so beautiful. I had her. She was mine. Her chest heaved as her breathing was becoming erratic. Her shirt teased me. It stopped just above her black curls, not giving me a view of anything else. I pushed her shirt up until it revealed her navel. I ran my tongue upwards from her curls to her navel, dipping my tongue into it.

“Fara.....” As began to lick her taunt stomach, my hand snakes up. Before she could protest again, I drive two fingers into her. Randy screams, lifting her head off of the pillow. “Fara.....please.” She is ready to burst. I believe I teased her enough. I begin to ram my fingers into her as my other hand moves her shirt up even farther, then I pushed the right side of her bra away from her breast. I began to suck on her nipple as her tremors began, her flesh tightening around my fingers. “FARA!!!!” Her juices coat my hand as I slow.

I moved up and rested my cheek between her heaving breasts. I smile. I kiss the breast near my lips as I listen to her heart thundering in her chest. “I love you.” she breaths.

“I love you too.” After a few moments, I stripped off my clothes and finished stripping my love. Randy brought the sheets around us. “Mmmmmm.”

“What?” she asked.

“Are these satin sheets?”



“You like them?”

“Yeah.......They feel.....good against your skin.”

“I've got a set of black ones on my bus.”


Randy reached down between us and spread my lips. “What are you......” She did something I couldn't see before grabbing my ass and pressing me against her. I grunted a breath of approval. I felt an incredible pressure to my clit. Whatever I was feeling, Randy felt it to. Our passion was on both of our faces. Both of her hands were now on my ass, grinding against me. I came shortly before she did. “Oh that was good.” Randy chuckled softly. I rested my chin on her chest, looking into her now darkened eyes. “What did you do? What were you rubbing my clit against?”

“Mine.” she smiled.

“I've never done that before.”

“So are you coming?”

“Give me another minute. I'm su........”

“No, Baby.......I meant are you coming with me to finish my tour?” I took a deep breath. I said I would earlier. The excitement of the moment was gone. A decision had to be made.

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