Gear Heads
Part 1

by Larisa

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The scent of freshly cut alfalfa drifted through the windows of the 78 firebird as it's blond driver sped down the back roads of shepardstown west Virginia. having just left her small apartment in town she now headed to the beach, which she wanted to make it there before dark so she could watch the sun sink into the ocean, hopefully she could see that for the whole week she planed on being there, with out any problems. she had 7 days before she had to be back for summer class' at the college.

Morigan Jnson had not a worry as she blasted Trisha Yearwood on her cd player, singing along in her off key way that irritated most everyone, she dreamed of warm sand and blue waters as she cruised down rt 230 at 75mph which she knew was stupid, but she didn't care it felt good to floor it and let the 350 horse power engine, 4 barrel holy carburator with over the hood blowers and 4 on the floor stock shifter eat up the road. she had bought the muscle car from her sisters husband when they found out they needed a family car instead of a hot rod. all she new about cars she could put on a posty note. so when white smoke started to bellow out from under the hood blinding her she had not a clue as to what to do, before she could react she heard the screeching of tires then she felt the car go airborn. the flying wasn't bad it was the landing on the two front wheels that almost killed her. the seat belt cut into her shoulder when she was slammed forward into the steering wheel. her eyes were closed and thats how she kept them as she listened to the hissing of her car.

"Hey lady you all right? Opening one green eye she peered into the bluest eyes she had ever seen in her life.

"I think so." Leaning back in to the leather seat she looked at the mud covered windshield. "Oh shit, this does not look good." Morigan tried to open the door to only find it stuck closed.

"Your cars buried in the mud, your gonna have to crawl out the window." The guy said.

"This definately doe's not look good, whats next lighting?"

"I there someone Ii can call for ya, maybe get a wrecker out here before the cops show up?"

"A wrecker would be good, I have all the problems I need right now without the police showing up to."

"Anybody in particular you want to get your car out?"

"No, it doesn't matter!"

"Come on over to my truck and have a seat, and I'll call someone to get you car out of the corn field, we've been trying to get them to fix this curve for years." He reached across the seat of his truck and pulled out a radio. "Hey Stacey, is the bitch around?"

"Hey Steve, yeah she's here whatcha need?"

"Tell her she better bring the flat bed we got us a buried bird in the corn field by the high school."

"Ok, give her about 15 minutes to get there."

"Thanks Stacey, see ya."

Morigan looked into twinkling blue eyes. "You always address people that way?"

"Nope only her. Come on have a seat it'll be awhile before she gets here."

They sat on the tailgate for 20 minutes before steve seen the purple wrecker coming around the s turn. "Stay here we'll get your car out!"

Morigan watched as a thickly muscled dark haired woman jumped down out of the truck cab. "come on ya little bastard get your skinny ass over here and help me!"

Morigan had never heard people talk so rude to each other she was truly appalled by it.

The woman laid on her side at the front of the firebird, reaching up under it she felt around. "It's no use, were gonna have ta dig out the rear wheels."

The two of them dug the back end out in record time, with in minutes her car was lifted out of the mud by sliding the flatbed under the rear wheels, after moving it to firm ground they dragged it up and chained it down.

"Miss, you can go with the bitch, she'll take your car into the shop and have Mike look at it."

Morigan hesitated before she decided she had no choice but to go with the stoic driver. As they went down the road she stole a glance at the driver only to be caught by camel colored eyes watching her back. something familiar hit her but she had no idea what.

"Can my car be fixed?"

"Mike's the best mechanic in this area, you'll get a good price on repairs and it'll be done right the first time."

"Thanks, ahh."

"Names Drake Poninger, ya can call me Poni."

"Ok Poni, thanks."

She felt funny, something was nagging at her about this woman but she just couldn't put her finger on it! they rode in silence Morigan racking her brain while Poni drove the huge truck, she came around when they took a sharp turn into a graveled drive. Morigan watched muscles and tendons dance in the woman's arms as she fought the truck with every lump in the drive, finally they came upon a 6 car garage with another 2 car garage sitting catty corner to it, up behind and to the side was an old two story farm house with a huge covered porch with a swing hanging under the roof.

Poni stopped the truck and jumped out, before Morigan even knew it she was at her door and lifting her out. "Office is over there." She pointed to the screen door of the farm house. "Stacey should be in there somewhere."

"Thanks Poni." relieved that she didn't have to call her bitch, Morigan headed for the office. when she stepped inside she was shocked at the waiting area, everything was black leather and brass, the walls painted a dusty rose with seaside paintings on the walls. she caught sight of curly blond hair behind a long counter, looking over she seen paint splattered hands hunt and pecking on a computer key board.

"Excuse me." The blond turned in her chair green eyes met kind hazel eyes trimmed with dark lashes.

"You must be the buried bird?"

"Thats me, from the looks of it I should have finished the job and covered up the rest of it."

Let me get some paper work for you, thats if I can find it, our clerk quit a couple months ago, so I'm kinda filling in or screwing up depends on who you ask."

"I'll pay this out of my pocket."

"Ok." she tossed the papers back behind her head. "gods I hate paper work, have a seat and when Mikes done I'll take ya out to the garage."

She sat on the couch and within minutes she was asleep. reaching down she picked up yellow flowers, gathering them in a bunch she sat down against a huge oak tree to watch her lover practice her sword drills. the sun glinting of the swords blade sent little sunbursts into the trees, jet black hair cascaded over muscular bronzed shoulders, before she finished her last move she threw her sword up and knocked down a bright red apple. Morigan heard her own voice say. "Howd you do that?" She heard a silky voice answer her. "I have many skills!" Just as the tall woman started to turn. "Morigan, hey wake up Mike's ready for you." She opened green eyes to find Stacey leaning over her. "Sorry, I guess I was more tired than I thought, guess I better go get the news huh?"

She followed Stacey into the big garage where her car was sitting now clean of all the mud, a pair of black engineer boots were sticking out from under the front, Stacey kicked one of the boots. "Oww, son of a bitch!" a deep voice howled. "Hey Mike, Morgan's here so you can tell her about the damages. "I'll be in the other garage if you need me." Stacey left as a pair of black clad legs came out from under her car, she followed the legs up to almost 6ft of grease covered woman. A rag to her face she reached out one hand to shake Morgans, with first contact her fingers tingled, removing the rag, pale blue eyes looked down into sea green orbs below blond bangs. They stood and stared at each other for a few seconds.

"You ahh sure did a job on your car!" seeing that their hands were still joined she let go. "There's a lot of damage, I'll have to order some of the parts so it'll take about a week to get all of them. the hardest parts are the control arms and I have to press out the balljoints."

"Thats fine, I don't have any place to go any way, how much is this going to cost me?"

"Now just guessing with labor and parts around $800.00."

"$800.00 oh boy, you do all the work yourself?"

Mike gave her a lopsided grin as her left eyebrow arched. "I have many skills, but Poni helps on the heavy stuff."

Morigans mind reeled at the many skills part, her knees started to buckle under her. strong hands went around her waist, without thinking she placed her hands against Mike's chest. "You all right? come on back to the office, I'll have Stacey get you some tea." Mike helped her lay on the couch out of reflex she pushed the blond bangs off Morgan's forehead, then jerked her hand back. thinking to herself. "what am I doing? I'm loosing it, just back off!" moving towards the door behind the counter she looked back over her shoulder to see green eyes following her. she held up one finger then vanished. finding Poni and Stacey sitting at the table she collapsed into one of the chairs, a look of bewilderment on her face, running greasy hands down her face. Two sets of eyes watched her. "What!" she asked. Stacey and Poni looked at each other then back to her.

"Problems boss?" Poni asked.

Her body was burning with the memory of touching Morigan, it felt so right to touch her. She thought to herself.

"Can you get her some tea or something." Her hands trembled on the table. Both women smiled at their friend, Stacey made some tea and took it out to Morigan. Poni leaned back and grabbed a fosters out of the refrigerator and handed it to Mike. "Here you look like you need it."

"Thanks!" draining half the bottle she dropped her head forward, black hair covered her face, Poni sat back and grinned.

Morigan had her eyes closed trying to concentrate on her breathing which was still coming to fast, her whole body felt hot almost like a fever.

"Morigan, I've got a cup of tea for ya, it'll help what ails ya." handing her the cup she sat down on the opposite end of the couch. "You alright, you look kinda flushed."

Clearing her throat she answered. "Yes it's just, I think it's stress from the accident finally kicking in, we were talking and I just felt weak all of a sudden."

"Don't worry, Mike does that to all the woman who come here, it's that warrior intimidation mode or something."

"I feel like I know her from somewhere!

Stacey laughed. "Fat chance, she's a recluse, it's been years since she's left this farm."

"I know the feeling I don't get out much myself, I spend a lot of time getting ready for classes."

"You a student?"

"No, I'm a professor of english literature."

"Really, I went to shepardstown for art classes, thats one of mine up there." She pointed to the seaside painting.

Morigan looked at the painting she had seen when she came in. "Your very good, do you sell them?"

"A few, mostly I give them to friends, Mike has a few here in the house, I just to it for my own pleasure, I paint cars for a living."

"Ohh, which reminds me, can you do me a favor and call a cab for me? I need to get to a bank and see about getting a loan to pay for my car."

"Give me a few minutes and I'll get you a ride, be right back."

Stacey walked into the kitchen to find Poni and Mike talking about engines. "Poni why are you still sitting there? go get cleaned up, I told you I am not slaving over a stove tonight!" Poni rolled her eyes then pushed her chair back catching the lopsided grin Mike gave her.

"Yes dear, on my way." Mike chuckled at her. "shut up, one of these days you'll be in my boots!"

"Not a chance, I like being alone, I'm very happy thank you very much!"

Stacey grabbed Poni by the front of her t-shirt. "keep it up and you'll be sleeping in your wrecker tonight!" Poni wrapped her arms around her lover. "I remember some very hot nights in that wrecker!" Stacey's face went red. "Aahh oohhm, come on were gonna be late, and were dropping Morigan off at home, we'll bring you something back." she grabbed her shirt again. "Now Poni!"

Poni winked at Mike as she was pulled towards the door, She held up her little finger and mouthed the word "Wrapped". with a hard yank she was jerked out the door, Mike could her Stacey telling her "The only one wrapped is you!" Grabbing another fosters Mike leaned back in her chair and propped her feet up on the table.

Morigan was walking beside Stacey, Poni was ahead of them going towards her wrecker. "Oh no you don't, we are not taking that purple thing!" They heard her mumbling. "I refuse to be seen in something with a dieing barney the dinosaur on the doors. we are taking our truck, got that drake!" Poni spun around and growled at her lover. "Knew that would get her, she hates her first name!"

Poni pulled up in a blue toyota t100 extended cab, on the side was an airbrushed mural from front to back of centaurs and women warriors.

"That's beautiful Stacey, did you paint it?"

"Yep, thats my dreamscape, like it."

"Ohh yeah! maybe when my cars done you can paint something on mine."

"No problem."

Poni jumped out and came around and opened their doors, Morigan was shocked she never had a man do that let alone a woman.

Caressing PonI's cheek Stacey kissed her softly on the lips. "Thank you baby ducky!" Poni turned bright red at the pet name. Whispering in her lovers ear. "Don't call me that in public, it's embarrisin."

On the way down the road Stacey asked Morigan if she wanted to join them for supper, she was just about to say no when her stomach made a loud growling noise. "Thanks I'd like that."

Mike was laying on her bed in a pair of flannel boxers and a cut off franco harris football jersey. starring at a painting on the opposite wall, it had 4 women dressed in leathers, only one was smiling, her delicate features from Mike's dream captured by Stacey's hand. she continued to stare when Stacey sat on the bed with her.

"Amazing ain't it?"

"Come on stace, she's just my dream."

"What defines a dream and what is real, three of those women there are not dreams, we are real. so who's to say the fourth isn't also ?"

"You sound like Ma and all her Wicca stuff!"

"How often is Ma wrong, huh ?"

"Alright, hardly ever, but still."

"Mike, listen to your dreams and your heart, when the mist of your dreams clears the truth will be revealed, now get some sleep." Stacey leaned over and kissed her friend on her forehead then left her to her thoughts.

Stacey went to her and PonI's room, finding her sitting up in bed reading a book on diesel engines, she took it from her hands and tossed it on the floor. Crawling on top of her she laid her head on a muscular shoulder.

"Whats Mike doin?"

"Same old thing, looking at her painting."

"She's still hurting after all that bullshit with kelly, butcha gotta admit she did look like your painting!"

"Yeah, but Mike never seen the lies, all she seen was the resemblance. Ma told her we told her, but she still said she was the one."

That night Mike's dreams jumped from seeing her brothers car explode in front of her to Chris screwing her brother on top of his car then yelling at her in the garage, destroying her heart by saying she never loved her. Her emotions plummeted her to a cold heartless soul full of hate until gentle green eyes so unlike chris's gazed back at her, the sweetest laugh she ever heard coming from unresistable lips started a fire that melted the steel armor she had forged around herself, she drifted into a calm sleep in the arms of her dream lover.

Morigan was walking down the road towards the little shopping center, after getting her ice tea she went next door to her ti kwon do lesson. She did all her kata forms then finished up by sparing with her sensei with her saI's. Her next stop was video den after walking down all the aisles she decided on braveheart, her favorite parts were the fight scenes. Half way home she heard a horn blaring behind her, ignoring it she kept on walking until she seen the blue truck pulling beside her and Stacey leaning out.

"Come on jump in I'll give you a ride!"

She ran around the side of the truck and climbed in. "Thanks, sorry I didn't know it was you honking at me."

"You got any plans, I'm on my way to pick up some books if you wanna come with?"

"Ok, I was just gonna go home and watch braveheart but that can wait."

"That's my favorite movie, Gods Mel Gibson, he's the only man I would go straight for!" Showing a toothy smile to Morigan. "Or Sean Connery!"

Mike and Poni had the firebird up on the rack, Mike was pounding on a chisel with a small sledge hammer while Poni held onto a mangled piece of skid plate.

"So ya gonna ask Morigan out?"

"What?" She turned at the same time she swung the hammer. "Ooowww, damnstupidclumsysonofabitchinidiot!" She was hopping up and down holding her smashed hand. "Are you nuts Poni? I'm not asking her out, damn look at that." She showed her a huge blood blister forming on her hand. "She's not one of us, she's probably got a boyfriend."

"Not! she lives alone, plus my gaydar went off the minute I seen her, anyway I didn't say take her ta bed, go out for lunch or something, geez whens the last time you went anywhere?"

"1990 whats your point?"

"Maybe if you went out ya wouldn't be such a grumpy bitch!"

"I'm warning you Poni, keep it up and I'll burn one black candle for you for every red one you burn for me."

"Howd ya know about that?"

"Easy, I know my ma!"

"Damn I told them youd know, come on Mikey lets go get drunk."

Ma seen the truck pull into the yard, stepping outside she watched as Stacey started towards the door, then she seen a small blond following behind her.

"Hi ma." She gave the older woman a hug. "This is Morigan, Morigan this is Mike's Ma, Selina Connelly."

Selina reached out and held a small hand between her two. Looking into sea green eyes with her pale blue ones.

"Little one you have so much to see!"

A calmness came over Morigan as she looked into Selina's eyes.

"You have many walls to tear down and when they fall you will find your heart!"

"Come on Ma before you scare the hell out of her, where's my nut bread? I know you have some hidden somewhere!"

"Damn kids I tell ya, always hungry I've been feeding this one for going on 20 years! you know were it is. come on little one, I'll make her share with you."

They sat around the table laughing at the tales Ma told from years past of her kids antics.

"Little one so you know my Michaela?" Ma asked.

"Yes ma'am, actually I've only spoken to her once."

"Your lucky, she's one of few words, you almost have to drag them out of her at times, now Steve he never shuts up!"

"Ma you should be around her and Poni, all they do is grunt at each other, I'm still trying to figure out how they know what each other wants?"

Out of 3 kids I got 1 gear head a computer geek and my eldest was a race car driver."

Morigan looked to Stacey. "Tommy was in a qualifing race when the tie rod on his car snapped, it flipped and exploded, Mike blames herself."

"Why?" Morigan asked.

"She was his pit crew chief little one, my Michaela can't accept that it was his time."

"So now she never lets any vehicle leave her garage until it's been double checked by her and Poni. My wifes a perfectionist but Mike's worse!"

"My michaela is the best mechanic around, before I forget." Selina pulled a bag off the counter. "This is for you and the girls, guaranteed to put all of you in to diabetic seizures!"

"Thanks Ma, well we better get going the groaches are waiting for their beer."

"Next time you come by bring little one with you so we can talk some more."

On the ride back Morigan looked at the books Stacey had on the seat.

"Reincarnation, you believe in this stuff?"

"Ohh sure, haven't you ever had a dream that felt so real that you thought you were awake, or felt like you had been somewhere before or knew someone you had just met?"

"Well yeah, I just thought it was my over active imagination."

"Take that with you to read, then let me know what you think."

Morigan laid in her single bed and started reading the book Stacey had lent her, her imagination was becoming smaller with each page.

Mike had firebird parts all over the ground, grease up to her elbows streaks down her face. she was fighting with the oil pan, the seal kept slipping everytime she started the bolts.

"Son of a bitch!" a socket and wrench went flying across te floor. "Need some help?" Mike spun around and smacked her head. "Damn it to hell!" she yelled. "Sorry, it's just been one of those days." Morigan walked under her car and looked at what Mike was working on.

"Whats that?" she pointed at the oil pan.

"It's the thing I've been fighting with for the past half hour."

"Tell ya what Mike, I'll hold it and you do what ever it is ya gotta do."

3hours later the oil pan was on, the rear seals were replaced, new universals and one of the controll arms was attached. they both were covered with grease.

"I think thats enough for one night, you hungry? I can put some steaks on the grill."

"I really should be going it's getting dark and I rode my mountain bike here."

"Ohh no little one, you are not riding a bike on these roads at dark, after we eat I'll run you home."

"Your the second person to call me little one, is it a crack about my vertically challanged body or something?"

"Let me guess, some how you have met my ma?"

Morigan gave her an innocent look. "I knew it, damn Stacey, wait til she gets home. she started out of the garage. "come on I'm hungry."

They went into the laundry room to the deep sink, using degreaser and brushes they scrubbed their arms and hands, Mike handed Morigan a towel to wipe herself off.

"I'm gonna get the steaks on, when your done here come out on the deck." as she turned to go she felt a hand on her arm. "wait a minute." Putting her hand behind Mike's neck she pulled her head down, Mike looked into green eyes then at soft lips. "You've still got grease on your face." Using the towel Morigan wiped it off, she let her fingers slowly move from dark hair across the soft skin of Mike's neck. Placing the towel in her hand she walked out of the room.

"Where's the steaks at?"

"In the freezer, go sit down I'll get them!"

"Ooohh no, you make everything crispy!"

Mike stopped in her tracks and her mouth fell open. "How do you know? I've never cooked for you before!"

Morigan raised an eyebrow, tilting her head she looked at Mike. "I have no idea? it just came to me, anyway I'll cook you clean up."

After they had eaten they sat out on the swing in silence and watched the stars come out, Morigan closed her eyes enjoying the feel of the breeze against her face, she felt like she was home. Suddenly head lights went across her face.

"Hey guys." Poni and Stacey stepped up on to the porch. "Howd ya get here Morigan? Asked Stacey.

"I rode my bike."

"But thats like 15 miles, your not riding back tonight you can stay here with us, we've got a spare room you can stay in."

Mike's eyebrows rose to her hairline. "Right Mike." Stacey said. "Yeah." shooting daggers at her friend. "Then Mikey can run you home in the morning.


Stacey showed Morigan to one of the spare rooms which just happen to be the one after Mike's. Her evil little mind running in one direction and that was to wake up that sleeping part of her friend that had been missing for 10 years.

"Here ya go." The room was painted a soft white with soft rose carpetting, a fullsized bed against one wall with a rose and blue colored hand made quilt covering it, walnut bedstand holding a brass lamp and clock across the room was a dresser and an old rocking chair. pointing to a door next to the dresser Stacey told her it was the adjoining bathroom. she turned as she entered the hallway she stopped. "If you need anything just yell, our room is right across the hall from you, oh and look in the dresser there should be some t-shirts in there for you to sleep in, good night little one.

Crossing the room she pulled open one of the drawers and pulled out a t-shirt, stripping out of her cloths she pulled the t-shirt over her head, she smelled dryer sheets and a faint spicey scent, still holding the coller to he nose she crawled into bed, within minutes of wrapping her arms around the pillow she was asleep.

Mike wandered downstairs to what Stacey called "Mike's torture chamber" Flipping on the overhead lights she stripped down to her boxers and a tank top t-shirt then moved over to one of her weight benches, slidding metal plates on the bar she laid down letting her arms hang out to the side to stretch out her shoulders and chest. placing her hands towards the far ends of the bar she lifted and lowered it slowly. after her 4 sets of 10 with 175lbs she worked her legs on the leg press, pressing 340lbs for her normal sets. her body was burning with adreneline knowing sleep would come slow if she didn't work her self to exhaustion. Walking across the mat covered floor she pulled down her favorite sword, going through her sword movments she worked until she was covered in sweat and her breathing was ragged, replacing her sword she grabbed a towel of a shelf stripping out of her cloths as she headed towards the sauna. starting the burner she waited until they were blazing, pouring water over the coals she added some sage and pine. Laying back on a bench she let her mind wander, visions of a forest came to her and the feel of a horse's movement under her, she felt arms wrapped around her waist looking down she seen the small hands clasped together tracing them with calloused fingers, feeling movement behind her she looked back over her shoulder to see the top of a blond head. Hearing the alarm go off that she had set when coming in she dosed the coals and turned off the burner then headed for the shower she had installed downstairs.

Wandering through the kitchen naked she scrounged in the pantry, finding her stash of macadamian and chocolate cookies she grabbed a half gallon of milk out of the frig and climbed the stairs to her room where she collasped onto her waterbed as is, eating her cookies and drinking all the milk she starred at her painting.

The smell of food reached out and tweaked Morigan's nose, stretching she felt her back pop and the soreness in her arms and shoulders, then she rememberd holding up car parts so that Mike could get them bolted up. "Know wonder PonI's shoulders were so huge." She thought to herself.crawling out of bed she stumbled to the bathroom with half closed eyes, opening the door she ran into something, feeling hands on her shoulders her eyes flew open and there stood 6ft of naked Mike standing in front of her with a toothbrush sticking out of her mouth. "Mornng, heph." Handing her a still wrapped toothbrush, finishing she left a wide eyed blond standing in the bathroom. Morigan watched a wide bronzed back as Mike walked into her room, she tried to brush her teeth and not watch Mike get dressed.

"Morigan get a grip, it's not like you've never seen a naked woman before, oohh but not like this one." She said to herself. toothpaste ran down her chin and fingers, Mike felt eyes on her the whole time she was dressing, a grin crossed her face. Turning as she pulled her tank top over her head she caught green eyes watching her, she winked then walk out of her room carring her boots.

A grumpy Poni sat drinking her coffee as Stacey cooked eggs and bacon, camel colared eyes raised to see a grining Mike, reaching around Stacey she grabbed a coffee cup, filling it halfway with coffee then filling the rest with chocolate milk.

"How can you drink that stuff?" Stacey asked her.

"Hey this is west by god cafe mocha, want some?"

"Yuck! do you want that other gross stuff to?"

"Yep nice and crispy."

"Is Morigan up yet?

"Oooohhh yeah, and wide eyed!"

Stacey turned to see Mike still grinning. "What'd you do?"

Mike continued to grin as she sat down. "Not a thing."

They were eatting when Morigan came into the kitchen, Poni pointed with her fork to the chair next to Mike. "Have some slop." That earned her a kick under the table from her lover. "Ooooww, thats my leg!" hazel eyes bored into her. "Slop huh, McDonalds is just down the road Drake, why don't you waddle on down there and get your breakfast from now on!"

Mike raised her cup to her lips to hide a grin. "Oh baby I love your cooking, you know that, I'll eat anything you cook, yep sure will, nobody cooks like my little woman, nope!" Morigan looked into crystal blue mischevious eyes and blushed red from neck to hairline, it was caught by two others who decided to leave it alone til later.

Morigan thanked Stacey for her hospitality and grabbed her bike and headed home, the whole ride the only thing that went through her brain was Mike standing in the bathroom naked. she peddled harder by the time she got to her apartment her legs felt like rubber. Taking her bike inside she grabbed a bottle of water and collasped onto her couch moving a little to the side so she wouldn't fall through to the floor she went through her mail, all were junk except for three from the closest banks she had applied to for a loan, after opening them she sat with tears in her eyes. "How am I suppose to get credit if no one will give it to me, bastards!" Grabbing the phone she called the garage, after three rings she was ready to hang up when she heard Stacey pick up. "MDS Wrecker Service can I help you?"

"Stacey it's Morigan, I've got a problem the banks turned me down, I need to find another way to pay Mike for the repairs to my car." Her voice started to crack. "I've got some.. jewelry.. from my aunt ... I could sell.."

"Hold on now, take it easy and let me think." A few seconds went by. "Can you type?" She asked.

"Yes, 125 words a minute why?"

"How about computers?"

Yeah, I have a Bachallors in business, what are you thinking of?"

"By the Gods I'm saved!" Morigan could hear papers hitting the floor and war cries in the back ground. "Stacey you alright?"

"Oh yeahhh, you do our paperwork and that'll pay for your car, sound good?"

"Yes but what is Mike gonna say about this?"

"Don't worry she told me to hire someone, so I just did. you can come over and do the paperwork when ever your not teaching."

"Great, I'll be there tomarrow morning."

Stacey ran out the door and jumped on PonI's back as she was heading out to her wrecker.

"Stace what the hell!" Slidding off her lovers back she spun her around and kissed her soundly on the lips, than ran off to her body shop yelling about no more paper work, Poni shook her head and mumbled something about Stacey being a "Simple bitch and to many paint fumes."

Mike had the axels from a truck sitting on her bench and was measuring the teeth with a gauge when she heard all the yelling, poking her head out the door she seen Stacey go running then come out and get into her 4x4 truck. "Now what's she gonna put on my truck, I need to get her some canvasses before she paints the teletubbies on the house.


Morigan laid on her old couch and watched Braveheart, falling asleep halfway through it she awoke the next morning to a stiff back. crawling onto the floor she stayed that way until she reached her little kitchenette, using the counter she pulled herself up, pouring water in her 2cup coffee pot she went to the bathroom to take a shower. By the time she was done her coffee was done, taking her cup with her she went to her room to look for something to wear, picking a pair of LevI's and a t-shirt she dressed and headed out the door with her bike. 40 minutes later she was pulling down the drive towards the farm house. The whole way there Mike was all she could think of.

Mike and Poni were working on her car the front wheels were on and it was done off the lift, both women were leaning inside the hood. "whatdya think Poni, thrush headers and side pipes, maybe jack it up a little put some slicks on the back beef up the suppension?"

"Ya wanna keep pulling her out of the corn fields?"

"If we do this she won't have to worry about fields it's air traffic that will worry about her. Come on Poni we already have the heads off, 1/2 hour and we can have the manifolds off and headers on."

"If she screams it's gonna be at you, why ya doing all this anyway?"

Mike grinned at her. "I don't know, I just feel like it I guess."

"Uuhh huh right, just like the airbags you put in there to huh?"

Mike shrugged her shoulders. Morigan found Stacey in the kitchen drinking coffee. "Hey, got anymore?" She asked. "Cups are up there creamer in the frig, you ready to try and fix our paper mess?"

"I'll try, can't be to hard it's invoices and bills right?"

"But you have to remember I've been doing it, I paint cars I don't do paperwork."

Morigan sat down at the table with her coffee while Stacey pulled out a metal milk pail out of the pantry, placing it on the table she pulled the top off. "Wanna cookie?" Morigan gave her a quizical look, then pointed to the sign on the front that said cat food. laughing Stacey tipped the pail to show her a dozen bags of pepperridge farms cookies. "I hide them from that 6ft cookie monster."

"That's funny I've never seen a cat here?"

"Oh we don't have one!"

"And she hasn't asked why you have a can marked cat food?"

N"Nope, now if it said sparkplugs her and Poni would both be looking in it. I could have a dozen emu's running through the yard and they wouldn't notice, dense gear heads."

"Well let me go see about this paper mess of yours, thanks for the coffee."

Morigan spent four hours sorting through the papers she found in a desk drawer, she even found some uncashed checks in with the papers from insurance companies to pay for damages. 6 folders were now in the drawer2 for each job that they performed 1 for pending 1 for completed, after holding them for a month she would put them onto disc and clean out the folder and the computer files. booting up the pcshe searched through the menues. "Cool they have super solitare." Finding the program with all the repair invoices she cleared some of them out using the folders she had just completed. Her trash can was getting filled real fast. Checking the microsoft money she was amazed at the ballance in their account. Checking the paper work for the instalation of two engines came to almost $3500.00. whistling under her breath at the figure. "I make $21000.00 a year teaching spoiled brats, maybe I should learn how to change oil in cars?" With the deposit slips ready for the bank she was just about to go look for Stacey when she heard the screen door slam.

"Hey Morigan how you doing?"

"Good steve, you see Stacey out there anywhere, I need to go to the bank."

"Yep, she's painting a car, I can take you if you want?"

"Ok lets go."

After running to the bank they went over to pizza hut for lunch. Morigan found out that selina was right steve never shut up. She learned more about computers than she ever need to know.

"So Morigan, what do you think of the 3 amazonian gear heads?"

"Why do you call them amazons?" She asked seriously.

"None of them need a man for anything, they fix and paint cars, do plumbing and carpentry work, you name it they can do it."

"Gotcha, from what I see they get along with just the 3 of them, I guess thats what the mural on Poni and Stacey's truck is amazons."

"Yep, you know their garage does so well that every garage in this area hates them, they even have hard core rednecks coming to get the trucks fixed!"

Steve lowered his head but they do have their problems with others in this area."

"Who besides the competetion?"

"Bible thumpers, they show up and yell all kind of stuff at them, one year me and ma had to bail the 3 of them out of jail."

"My Gods what did they do?"

"A whole bunch of them idiots showed up and started yelling sinners and abominations, so they had had enough so they snuck through the field and cahined all the cars together, then Poni used her purple wrecker barney and dragged them into the hay field, needless to say they weren't to happy about it."

"I bet they went nuts! So what happened when they went before the judge."

"Well ma went and talked to her, she's an old friend of the family, she let them off with 80 hours of community service, they had to pick up garbage on rt 340 for almost a month. my whole life I can remember the 3 of them getting into trouble time and again. when they were in high school Mike and Poni snuck into the boys locker room during a football game tied up two of the players put their uniforms on and went out and just about killed the other team before anyone noticed that two of the players had long hair."

Morigan was laughing so hard tears were running down her cheeks. "They were bad, so where was Stacey?"

"On the sidelines beating up the opposing teams cheerleaders."

"I'm supprized they made it through school, what did your ma say about it?"

"She told the principal and the football coach that the girls played better than any of the guys and if they had any brains they would put them on the team."

"So they've known each other their whole lives?"

"Yep almost 30 years, and they haven't killed each other, they claim along with mom that they have always shared their lives together, I just think their crazy, puulleaaase get real, reincarnation is for Shirley McClain and Dion Warwicks Psychic hotline."

"Well maybe and maybe not."

"Not you to, God I'm surrounded!"

"I'm just open minded about things like that, it doesn't hurt." She looked down at her watch and grimaced. "Listen I gotta get back and get some work done."

Morigan and steve walked through the side door into the kitchen, finding Stacey and Poni argueing over valve compression specs. they dropped 3 pizza boxes inbetween them which stopped the argueing immediatly. "Food!" Poni yelled grabbing the top box right out of her lovers hands. "Hey gimme that!" they played tug of war with the box until Poni growled and snapped at Stacey's fingers. Morigan put a 12 pack of coke in the frig for later. Grabbing a glass she had a half gallon of milk in her hand when she seen Stacey finally give up and take the next box. Squinting her eyes at Poni she took a mushroom off her pizza and threw it at Poni.

"Stop it stace!"

"You stop it!"

"I ain't doin nothin!"

"Your humming! You know that drives me nuts drake!"

Steve was laughing so hard tears were streaming down his cheeks.

"I'm outta here Morigan, before it gets nasty, see ya later."

Sausage and mushrooms grew wings and started flying back and forth across the table. Morigan grabbed the last box and escaped out the door with out being pelted with food, she found Mike under the truck she was working on, leaning down she yelled to Mike. "I brought you some supper!"

"Ok thanks, I'll eat as soon as I'm done here."

Putting the pizza and stuff in the back of the truck she replied "Oh no your not." she reached down and grabbed Mike by her boots and pulled her out on the creeper, looking down into blue eyes.

"Not! you've been out here all day!"

"Have not!"

"Have to, I've been here all day and not seen hide nor hair of you."

"You've been here all day, why?"

"Stacey didn't tell you, oh boy, she ahhh... hired me to do the paperwork."

Mike raised a dark eyebrow and grinned. "I feel sorry for you!"

Mike pulled a slice of pizza out of the box and took a bite out of it, Stacey looked at her grease covered hands. "Aren't you going to even wash your hands first?"

Mike turned her hands over and looked at the grease. "Nope, little bit of dirt won't hurt."

"Gods your impossible." Going to the sink she grabbed some towels and the Go Jo, returning to Mike she grabbed one hand and started working the soap in to dirty hands, Mike watched as little hands rubbed her fingers and palm, her blood ran from her brain to nether regions. Morigan took the pizza from her other hand took a bite then gave it back to a startled Mike, after she finished the other hand she took the towel and wiped some tomato sauce from Mikes chin.

"All done." Her hands were trembling along with her knees, she looked up into darkened blue eyes. "Aahh I've got some aahh.. papers I need you to ...translate for me." Mike stuck the crust of her pizza in morgans mouth, giving her a lopsided grin she said. "Come on, I'll see what I can do." In her mind she knew what she would like to do. grabbing a little hand she pulled her out of the garage as she drank from the milk carton. "Thas rofs!" A dark head turned with the milk carton still to her lips, dark eyebrows arched. "Huh!" swallowing. "I said thats gross, drinking out of the carton!" She reached up and wipped the mustache off Mike's upper lip.

"Ohh I forgot we may not want to go in the kitchen."

"Why not?"

"When I left the amazons were having a food fight."

"What did Poni do this time?"

"She was humming while she was eating."

"Is that all, believe me she gets worse."

Still holding hands they walked into the kitchen, Mike slid across the floor on tomato sauce with Morigan right behind her, who grabbed onto her waist with her free hand to keep from falling.

"Hi guys, havin fun?"

It wasn't until Morigan came from behind Mike that she seen Stacey laying on top of the table with her shirt torn open and Poni licking tomato sauce off her breasts. her face turned bright red and her jaw dropped open, Mike pulled her out the door.

"Your right she does get worse!" She squeeked.

"Not even close, I was talking about her eating habits with food not with Stacey!"

"Ooohh geez!" Morigan groaned.

Pulling out the bank reciepts from her pocket she out them on the desk. "Where'd ya find those?"

"Oh they were in with some papers, I took them to the bank and put them in your account."

"Stacey take you?"

"No steve stopped by so he took me then we went to lunch."

Mikes eyes darkened as well as her mood, grabbing a pen she held it so tight that Morigan thought it would explode in her hand. In a voice lowerd by one octave she asked for the papers, grabbing up the papers she read them then scribbled something on them and tossed everything on to the desk. stomping off with clenched fists and jaws she went downstairs, Morigan was confused at the change in Mike. She went to the steps just before she was to start down the steps she heard Mikes voice yelling in a foriegn language and a heavey thumping noise. She turned and came nose to nose with Poni.

"Whats she pissed off about?"

"I don't know, I told her I went to the bank and lunch with steve and she got pissed and went down there."

Stacey came up behind her lover and wrapped her arms around her waist.

"Sounds like tall dark and cellibate needs to get laid!"

Morigan blushed for the 10th time that day. "Excuse me, but what has that got to do with her getting pissed?" Two voices chimed in. "Sexual frustration! yep thats it."

"I don't get it?"

"Neither does she!" Poni laughed.

"Anyway, what set her off?" Stacey asked.

"She went to lunch with steve." Poni whispered.

"Oooohhh, well she'll get over it, after she beats the hell out of her heavey bag for say ....12 hours!" Poni shook her head up and down.

"There's something you guys are not telling me!"

"And we ain't telling neither." Stacey replied. "Nope, I want to live to be an old grey Poni!"


She could still hear the thumping an hour later, she had grown tired of waiting for Mike to come upstairs so she decided to go home. On her way she fought with herself, she needed to talk to someone and only one name came to mind.

She ended up standing on ma's stoop, before she could knock she heard Selina yell to "Com'on in" She found her sitting at her kitchen table reading the newspaper, looking up over her half glasses she seen the tormented look on morgans face.

"I see you hit your first wall, now you either crawl over that wall or back off it's up to you."

"I don't understand?"

"You came here to talk about Michaela." Green eyes sunk to the table top. "I made her mad today and I don't know how or why?"

"Don't tell me she went down to the torture chamber and beat the hell out off her heavey bag for hours."

Green eyes shot up to look in to pale blue ones "How'd you know?"

"Thats easy she's my kid. now to get over that wall you must show her that she can trust you."

"I'm still confused, why do I have these walls to climb, I know you said that once over them I would find my heart, what do you mean and where does trust come in?"

"The other half of your heart and soul is there, it's Michaela's past that haunts her, and until she lets that go she will always have pain. In time all will be clear to you and her."

The amazons told me I have to get her to tell me, is that true?"

Selina laughed. "Amazons huh, yeah she has to tell you, keeps me and tha amazons out of trouble."

"Can't Poni or Stacey help her?"

"Let me ask you something, when you dream at night what do you see?"

Morigan sat silent for a few minutes. "I see a warrior doing drills with her sword,but I never see her face."

"Next time you dream of her ask her to turn around, tonight the mist grows thinner in you journey, then all will be clear and the walls will become shorter and easier to climb over. now go home and get some sleep."

Mike finally wore herself out, on her hands and knees she gasped, sitting back on her knees she threw her head back tears streamed down her face, she let out a cry that would send shivers up a banshee's spine. The pain in her heart was so over whelming it took her to the mat covered floor where she curled into a fetal position.

Morigans sleep was anything but that, she tossed and turned all night, visions kept running through her head like a movie on fast forward, her emotions were all twisted when she woke up. But she did know that she felt a longing to see Mike and no matter what she would get her to talk and find out why she had gotten so mad over nothing. crawling out of bed she took a shower and got dressed, grabbing her bike she looked down at it and groaned. "To hell with it." Grabbing the phone she called a cab.

Mike had fallen asleep on the floor downstairs, Poni had gone down and woke her up. knowing her friend so well she didn't say a word but went back upstairs to her lover.

"Well Poni, hows she look?"

"Like warmed over centaur dung!"

When Morigan got out of the cab Poni was standing out side the garage. "Morigan if you see Mike in there can you send her out."

"No problem."

Morigan walked through the kitchen and grabbed a cup of coffee and sat down at the table to drink it. Mike had come upstairs after Poni had woke her up, walking over to the desk she gazed down at the papers she had tossed there yesterday. sitting in the desk chair she leaned back and closed her eyes, she could smell lavender and another scent she couldn't place. Green eyes looked at her, running her fingers across soft pink lips partially opened, moving close enough she could feel warm breath against her face, she could almost feel the touch of those soft lips. A small hand went to her shoulder.

"Mike wake up." Blue eyes shot open, looking around she realized where she was, she looked into those same green eyes, a warmth enveloped her. "PonI's looking for you." her heart slammed in her chest. "Ooohh gods!" Running her hand across her face she jumped up out of the chair and ran for the door yelling "Thanks" over her shoulder. Morigan sat down at her desk feeling the warmth of Mike's body still there, groaning deep in her chest she leaned back letting the chair hug her. Looking at the desk she seen that she had nothing to do. "Gods what a boring day it's gonna be." Getting up from the chair she headed for Stacey's shop, she was no where to be found, so she looked around and found some paperwork sitting on one of her benche's, she was on her way to Mike's garage when she heard yelling. Dropping the papers she took off running. Mike was nose to nose with a man as tall as her, he was poking her in the chest with his index finger.

"I told you I wasn't going to spend over $200.00 on the repairs and you went over with out consulting me, I am not giving you one red cent over the original amount so take it or leave it!"

Mike stood with a stoic look on her face, at the end of his outburst her face became feral, clenching her fists she raised her right arm, just as she was about to let loose with a jab to the assholes face when a tiny blond blur shot inbetween them.

"Mike stop!" Mike tried to shoove her out of the way. "Michaela!!" Mike froze. Morigan cupped her face with her hands. "Stop he's not worth it!" Silvery blue eyes looked down at pleading green eyes. Whispering she repeated "He's not worth it." Morigan felt herself shoved into Mike. "Look here the big dyke has to have her little slut come to her rescue!" Morigan spun around shooting sparks from here eyes. She froze when she looked into his snikering face. "Professor Clark, I am not nor ever will be any ones slut and who I choose to be with is of no concern of yours or anyone elses, it seems to me that you are jealous of what belongs to someone else because you got stuck with a drab old upitty ice queen bitch for a wife! Now take your skinny ass over to my office and leave your check for the full amount or I'll make sure the college news paper runs a story about your cross dressing episode in Dupont Circle, full with the pictures that I have at home!"

The snikering look was wiped clean off his face and was replaced with something akin to terror, before she could take another breath he was running with a check in his hand, tossing it in the air before he jumped in his car and pulled away. Morigan turned back to Mike to see blue eyes smiling down at her. "Do you really have pictures?" Morigan started laughing. "No but that cements the rumours of his forays to the cirlce, come on lets go get you some cookies!"

Morigan picked up the check. "He was bitching about the $20.00 some in taxes? the cheap bastard!" Hand in hand they went into the kitchen but Mike continued to pull her through the kitchen to another door that had steps going down. Flipping on a small light she seen that it was the living room. Mike sat down on the couch pulling Morigan down beside her, grabbing a remote control and hitting a button oak doors slid back to show a wide screen tv, hitting another button it came on to show braveheart. "Gods thats my favorite movie!" Mike lifted up the center of the coffee table and pulled out a carton of milk for herself and a coke for Morigan. leaning back and propping her feet up Mike stretched out, Morigan mimiced her. Half way through the movie they were both asleep. Morigan across Mikes lap with one arm wrapped around her thighs and Mike had one arm resting on a small waist.

Poni and Stacey came home to find them still sleeping, turning off the tv Stacey covered them with a blanket and they went upstairs to their own room. "Do you think know?" Asked Poni. "Nope, not yet give them time."

Mike had woke up sometime during the night, blue eyes half open looked down to see a blond head resting on her legs that where stiff with pain from being stretched out on the coffee table. easing out from under Morigan she made a trip to te bathroom once done she was going to go upstairs to bed but was drawn back to the couch, kneeling down she brushed blond hair from Morigans cheek letting the tresses fall through her fingers. She gave in and laid back down on the couch and pulled the smaller body against her chest.

Morning came with the smell of breakfast being cooked, being the nosey little animal that she is Poni snuck downstairs, dropping to her hands and knees she crawled across the floor to the back of the couch, peeking over the edge with a toothy grin on her face at the sight of Morigan laying across her tall friend, her head tucked between neck and shoulder, their arms wrapped around each other.

"Pppssssss!" Poni turned to see her lover at the top of the steps pointing a finger at her and mouthing the words "What are you doing?" Poni motioned her forward, now both of them were peeking over the back of the couch grinning like idiots until one blue eye opened and caught them. "go away!" a sleep thickned voice grumbled. "But you two look so cute." Stacey whispered. Tighting her arms around Morigan she pushed her face into the cushin. Giggling they went back upstairs leaving the other two to sleep a little longer.

A half hour later Morigan stired, misty green eyes opened in the semi dark room to see Mike's sleep softened face, tracing her cheek with her fingers she let them follow down soft skin to end up resting on Mike's chest. inhalling a scent that was all Mike the feeling came to her that this was where she belonged. The low voice invaded her thoughts of not moving for the rest of her life. "Time to get up little one."

"Nuh uhh, saturday... cartoons on."

Mike chuckled at her. "Well I hear pancakes calling my name and I can hear your stomach growling." she squirmed out from under a little blond octopus only to have her latch on to her waist. "Come on I'll get you some of PonI's 10w50 weight coffee, guaranteed to keep you awake for weeks!" They made their way to the kitchen where Poni was feeding Stacey blue pancakes. Pushing Morigan down into a chair she got them both coffee. Morigan watched Poni slip a forkfull of what she thought was eggs into her lovers mouth. She was surprized at the gentleness from the usual stoic and rough woman. she smiled at Mike when she sat beside her. "If your wondering, Poni cooks on saturdays and the only way Stacey will eat the mystery food is if Poni feeds her, right guys?" The 3 shades of red Poni with a lopsided grin replied. "It may look a little funny." Pointing to the blue pancakes. "But they taste ok."

"She always forgets to strain the blueberries, I think she does it on purpose, but thats my little ducky, always has to be different." Stacey kissed her and stroked her cheek. "I wouldn't want her any other way."

"Who cooks tomarrow?" Morigan questioned them, two sets of eyes looked to Mike. "Where you guys wanna eat?"

"Oohh I get it, you take them out instead of burning down the kitchen. Tell ya what, when I get home today I'll go by foodlion and pick up something for sunday and I'll cook for you guys." She recieved looks from them all. Mike cleard her throat and stumbled over her words. "You....can you know..ahh...cook on the stove?"

Green eyes matched the smile on her face. "Sweetness, I can cook anywhere and on anything!"


Stacey started laughing at her flushed friend. "Mikey's in trouble!" She teased in a sing song way, come on little ducky you promised to take me fishing this morning. you guys wanna come?" Mike looked at Morigan with a raised eyebrow. "You fish?"

"And I can clean and cook them to, where we going the river?"

Poni stood up from the table pulling her wife with her. "Yep down by the old power plant at the falls, we get huge catfish down there if we can keep Mike out of the water." She shot a piercing look at her friend.

"Hey now who gets more fish, me our you guys with your nasty chicken livers?" she heard mumbles. "I rest my case, now lets get going."

Part 2

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