Gear Heads
Part 4

by Larisa

Disclaimer is in part 1. And thanks to my Beta reader Deb for all her hard work and Lesia for letting me torture her with my stories<G>

        Her eyes closed when large hands pulled her shirt over her head, instantly her nipples became hard. Leaning forward Mike lavished firm breasts with her tongue working her way inward until she flicked the dark hardened nipple with her tongue. Morigan gasped at the contact, pushing into a greedy mouth wanting more of her breast suckled. Turning them on the bed Mike laid her down then rose to take off her boots and Levi's. Green eyes watched her as she slipped her Levi's down over muscular thighs, her eyes traveled back up to the dark closely cropped patch of dark curls. She caught the scent of arousal when Mike moved closer to her to remove her tennis shoes, she wanted so much to run her hands across those strong thighs and bury her fingers inside Mike's warm wet walls. Her mouth watered at the thought of tasting her juices upon her tongue.

        Mike ran her hands up her thighs to her waist band, she leaned over and unbuttoned each button. As the soft skin was exposed she left soft kisses, coming to the soft blond curls she nuzzled her nose in them, moving down until she could feel the dampness against her chin. The sweetness of her juices reached Mike's senses to the point of almost making her climax. She slid the material down strong legs kissing each side of her swollen clit, Morigan's hips rose off the bed her breathing coming harshly from parted lips. Her pants joined the rest of the clothes on the floor. Lips and tongue moved up the inside of each thigh, Morigan's moans were becoming louder as Mike's tongue got closer to the sweet nectar flowing from her throbbing center. A warm tongue licked at the joining juncture of her thigh and neither lips.

        "Gods Mike lick me!"

        Mike's center was throbbing keeping cadence with her heart beat, her juices flowed down the insides of her thighs, with each lick her hips pumped on their own accord pushing her closer to going over. She licked for the first time the sweet juices flowing from between swollen lips, small hips thrust upwards accompanied by a deep moaning sound. Pushing her tongue deep inside she growled as Morigan thrust against her. Putting her thighs up over her shoulders she could feel thighs muscles tighten. All of a sudden glass was flying across the bed covering them in sharp shards. In one movement Mike rolled them to the floor at the foot of the bed and covered her lover with her own body. They lay silent as Mike listened as the noise traveled the length of the upper floors. Grabbing her Levi's she crawled across the floor to the door, in the hallway she hopped up and down trying to get her pants on. Stacey and Poni came from their room half dressed.

        "Stace stay here with Morigan, Poni come with me."

        They ran out the side door and down the back of the house to stop at the corner where the shots had stopped. That's when they heard the whine of a dirt bike at the back of Mike's garage, splitting up they ran towards the sound. Mike made her way around first Poni was only seconds behind coming the other way. Mike saw the taillights of the dirt bike about 25 feet away, sprinting after it she came abreast when she went down to her knees, sinking forward to rest her head on the ground,< . > Poni stopped at her side kneeling down she put her hand on her friends heaving back, feeling the slickness running down her warm skin she knew it wasn't all sweat.

        "Jeez Mike you've got glass all over you and I know you've got cuts, I've got blood all over my hands. Mike......hey.....come on know I hate this shit!"

        She leaned over her friend close to her face trying to look at her, she put pressure on her shoulder trying to keep her balance only to have Mike fall over on her back.

        "Oh sweet Artemis, don't do this to me!"

        She picked Mike up and onto her shoulder, the adrenaline pumping through her body as she ran for the house. Stacey and Morigan where cleaning up the glass from the floor when they heard Poni crashing into the kitchen downstairs. Before they could get downstairs they heard her yelling for them. Mike's weight straining her muscles as she climbed the stairs and headed for one of the spare bedrooms that was not destroyed by bullets.

        Fear struck Stacey and Morigan at the sight of blood running down her shoulders to drip off her arms and fingers and the blood stained Levi's. As carefully as she could Poni sat her on the bed cradling her head against her bare chest.

        "Stace get the box!"

        Poni started to lay Mike down on the bed with the help of Morigan when she saw the front of Mike's Levi's soaked with blood. Morigan dropped to her knees just as Stacey flew in to the room with a large red plastic type toolbox. Poni undid Mike's Levi's and pulled them off gently.

        "Fucking son of a bitch!"

        Stacey stood beside her the box now open to reveal first aid equipment. Pulling on a pair of surgical gloves she removed surgical sponges and started to clean the blood off of her friend.

        "Morigan!" Poni said as she approached her. "Get me some towels and water." Terror filled green eyes looked in to the concerned eyes of her friend. "Rrrrright." She stumbled from the room with tears forming in her eyes. Poni checked Mikes vitals which were strong. "You simple bitch!" She mumbled to her unconscious friend. "Why the hell did you have to go after that psycho with a bullet hole in you?" Stacey had finished cleaning the blood off , taking a plastic probe she checked the wound to make sure nothing was inside where the bullet had passed through the skin right above Mike's right hip bone. Morigan had returned with the towels and water, tears ran freely down her cheeks as she looked down at Mike's limp body, with pleading eyes she looked to Poni.

        "Is she going to be all right, shouldn't we call an ambulance?"

        She pulled the little blond against her. "She's too mean tempered to leave us in peace, me and Stace can patch her up but Ma needs to be called, why don't you do that while we finish here?"

        Between the two of them they flushed the wound out with a saline solution then washed the area with a betadine scrub. Poni held her while Stacey sutured the exit wound and dressed it then she sutured the front with a drain tube towards the back to let fluids leave the wound. Next was tending all the cuts on her back. Morigan came in to the room carryng the phone in her trembling hand. "Ma's on her way!" choking sobs hit her as she looked at her lover, she could feel her hands touching her with so much pleasure what seemed like moments ago. Morigan crawled onto the bed and cradled Mike's head in her lap, brushing her damp hair off her forehead, she watched as her tears dropped on Mike's neck to run into her tangled black locks. Poni dug in the box looking for butterfly strips and antibiotic cream. Stacey turned the lights off and used a special light to find all the glass in Mike's back. She cleaned all the cuts and dressed them. Morigan watched as Poni pulled 2 10 cc syringes out of the box. After fixing the shots she looked at Stacey and grinned.

        "My turn baby!" She stood beside Mike's prone form with the shots, raising her hands to form a box shape she zeroed in on Mike's bare ass. "Perfect ass, I always enjoy this part, yep sure do, oohh yes indede!" Morigan was shocked at the way Poni was acting towards her injured lover. "Oh boy I get to cop a feel!" Looking at her wife she showed her a toothy smile, after smacking Mike's ass she jabbed one needle in. "That's for being hard headed!" Pushing Mike over further she gave that side the same treatment, "And that's for making me carry your ass!" Happy with herself she helped clean up the used first aid equipment then left with Stacey still in the room. Stacey walked to the other side of the bed and sat on the edge pulling an upset Morigan into her arms. She spoke softly to her in reassuring tones. We all love her you know, we've always taken good care of each other, so don't worry she'll be all right, Poni gave her some Demerol, so she'll sleep the rest of the night, ok." Placing a kiss on Morigan's forehead she went to join Poni to wait for Ma.

        Morigan moved lower in the bed and pulled Mike on to her chest, pulling her arm around her waist she held Mike's hand on her stomach and brushed the hair from the chiseled jaw of the most important person in her life. "Don't you dare leave me!" she whispered close to her ear. I've just found you, I need you!"

        Ma stepped into the dim light to see her daughter being held by an emotional Morigan. Silently she stepped in to the room and approached her, laying a hand on her tousled hair she leaned close to her ear and whispered to her in a motherly way then brought her fingers down caressing her face and watched as tear filled eyes closed. Leaning over her daughter she kissed her temple and went to the doorway, from there she whispered to them both. "Take care of each other."

To be continued.

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