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By D.virtue

1. The Characters of Xena Warrior Princess, and Hercules The Legendary
Journey. ALL belong to MCA/Universal. I only Borrowed them for a little while.
No Infringement was intended.
2. Sex: This story contains scenes of two women making love as well as those
of men and women making love/having sex.If you are under 18, or this is
illegal where you live Please go read another story that won't get you in
trouble. It's not worth it. This is only a story. It also contains explicit
sexual encounters.
3. Violence: This story contains scenes of graphic violence, at least I think
it's graphic, as well as sexual violence.
4. And just in case I forgot to Disclaim something. I Disclaim everything that
is supposed to be Disclaimed.
5. This is for the most part an alternative piece of writing


Now a word or two about how I came to write this: This is my first attempt at
writing ff, and the story may not be as well written as some of the more
exceptional bards out there, but please be kind with your comments whether
praise or criticism. I just wanted to share a story with all of you, because
of all the stories that were shared with me and others. I was inspired to
write the original story by a very kind person on the Xena net forum(she knows
who she is thank you.). This story as well as the 2nd story was inspired by
all of you who e-mailed me, to tell me you would like to see follow up
stories, so I have continued. To My Muse Agatha, thank you for all of your
incredible input :) . Now, I hope you enjoy the story.

“Lord Xena it has been a pleasure to finally get to meet the Chosen who has
Claimed the heart of our sister Diana, we know she will be happy and at peace
with you back in your home.”

Lena was becoming choked on her emotions, and Xena saw it, out of all the
sisters Xena had met she found she really favored Lena, mainly because of the
similarity in her’s and Diana’s personalities.

“ Lena, and ladies, I have to admit, Diana is truly the lucky one, to have
such loving and protective people like you in her life, it has done nothing
but brought light to her heart, and it is for that reason, that it is I...
who must say, it has been a pleasure and an honor to meet all of you, for
without you and your loving influence on Diana I would not have My Consort, My
Love , My heart and very soul, going back home with me. I am quite
disappointed at not being able to be the one to nurse her back to health, but
I can assure each of you as soon as it is possible, Diana will be back with
me, and because Diana is unable to do it for herself at this moment I know she
would want me to tell each of you how much she loves and will miss you, as
will I.”

“ Well.... we won’t let you miss us too much, we have a gift for you, and

Kim said with a wide grin. She handed Xena a rolled scroll and said,

“ This is for Diana when she wakes up. This is for you.”

Lena then handed Xena an oval shaped gift wrapped. Xena gazed at the women and
her brows knitted together at the gift for her.

“ This isn’t necessary.”

“ We know, but seeing how you are .....family we thought it was appropriate to
make sure you had one.”

Lena smiled at Xena and then Kim said excitedly.

“ Open it!”

Xena smirked at the excited young girl and then she turned her attention to
the package and unwrapping the package which was face down, Xena lifted it up
and when she turned it around her breath caught in her throat.

“ Ah! “

She fought to tamp down the emotions that was running through her , but she
could not keep her eyes from becoming misty, and turning her head slightly to
let her hair cover her face so as not to let the girls see her overwhelmed by
their wonderful gift, she said through a tight throat.

“ It’s ....a wonderful, humbling gift....ahem....thank you all sooo...very
much I will always cherish it, as I cherish Diana.”

Xena then turned her head back to the girls and when each of them saw the deep
emotion in Xena’s eyes they became overwhelmed themselves and they let their
tears rolled as each of them went to hug Xena. Lena was the last to embrace
Xena, when she did, she whispered to Xena in her ear.

“ Thank you for loving her, for that, you will always have our love, when
Diana finally wakes and remembers, will you give her a kiss from all of us?”

Xena leaned back a little to look into Lena’s eyes, and bring her hand up to
lift Lena’s chin slightly, Xena said simply, but filled with all the emotion
that she was experiencing.

“ Yes, I will.”

Xena then leaned in and kissed Lena on the lips, a tender, gentle, kiss from
Xena The Conqueror. Lena’s tears were now rolling unhindered and Xena’s fell
on to Lena’s head. Finally Xena leaned back and Lena buried her head in Xena’s
arms and cried. Xena held her, the rest of the girls gathered around Xena and
gave her a hug from all of them. After a time they went to say goodbye to
Diana herself, and once all of them had said their goodbyes, Xena lifted Diana
up into her arms and she called for Aphrodite.

“ Aphrodite?”

The Goddess appeared before Xena and Xena said in her Conqueror voice.

“ Take us home .”

Aphrodite didn’t say a word she just waved her hand and Xena and Diana faded
out of view of all of the people in the house who had come to see both Xena
and Diana off.

End of part 1



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