Home Part 2
By D.virtue

When Xena and Diana appeared back in Xena’s bedchamber, Xena was surprised,
but happy to see Gabrielle lying asleep on her’s and Diana’s bed. Xena laid
Diana down under the covers and then she unpacked everything that she had
packed and removing her armor and weapons, she then went back to the bed and
she kissed Gabrielle on the forehead, Gabrielle slowly opened her eyes and
slowly she focused on who had awoken her.

“ Xena?”

“ Yes.”

really you?!!!”

“ Yes Gabrielle WE’RE back.”

“ We....We’re....Diana? She’s.....with you?! Where?! Where is she?!”

“ Well if you give me a hug maybe I’ll tell you?”

Xena said with a half smile. Xena did not have long to wait for an answer from
Gabrielle, before Xena had time to think about it, Gabrielle flew into her
arms and hugged her with all the strength that her small frame had. Xena
wrapped her arms around Gabrielle and she held her tightly absorbing the feel
of Gabrielle, and the fact of being back home.

Later that same night Xena had told Gabrielle what had happened during her’s
and Diana’s absence. Gabrielle cried and laughed and then finally sat numb and
dumbstruck as Xena told her the final thing that had happened that landed
Diana in the state where she currently was, which was unconscious.

Gabrielle walked over to the bed and she sat down, and taking Diana’s hands
in hers she became ovverwhelmed at the thought of losing Diana again,only this
time it would be permanently,and because of that she crawled up onto the bed
and laid next to Diana with her arm lying across Diana’s abdomen and she cried
herself to sleep. Xena let Gabrielle sleep like that holding Diana until the

In the meantime, Xena went into the sitting room and sitting heavily onto the
large couch she put her head in her hands and cried, after a bit she wiped her
eyes and composed herself, she then called Aphrodite, once again.

“ Aphrodite? I want to see you.”

“ Yes Xena?”

Xena stood and walked over to where Aphrodite had appeared.

“ Aphrodite, I need to know if there is anything you can do for Diana to heal
her, or speed up her recovery or anything?”

“ No.”

Aphrodite said, and finished before Xena could yell at her.

“ Rah was a God and because it was he who wounded Diana there is nothing I or
any of the other Gods can do, I’m sorry.”

Xena cursed to herself and then she said through clenched teeth.

“I thought he was just a man...an alien man?”

“ No, he was a God, but he never let Diana know that.”

“ So is he dead?”

“ Yes.”

“So there’s nothing?”

“No, I’m sorry.”

“ Fine.”

Aphrodite knew it was her cue to leave and so she did. Xena paced the floor
trying to think of a way to help Diana, but , atlas she had to admit that only
time could heal Diana. Xena looked around the room and saw some of the things
that Diana had made for her and given her as gifts, as well as Diana’s many
different moods,
Xena went into thinking about what she felt everytime she heard Diana laugh or
cry, or tease her. She thought about the way Diana seduced her hoping to
either appease her or coax her into taking her.

Xena sat back on the couch and leaning back she thought about what her life
was like before Diana came into it, and she had to admit an emptiness when she
thought about those times, she then thought about the first time she met Diana
and how she thought she was just and insolent little girl, who just happened
to be beautiful, Xena even laughed to herself when she thought about how Diana
taunted her even when she was at the point of Xena’s sword, and how she was
willing to face death with a brave albeit dangerous ploy.

Xena remembered how she had actually for that moment thought about killing the
young pup, but as fate would have it she changed her mind and instead held
Diana to her word of becoming her slave, even though that never really

Xena then stretched out on the couch with her head resting on one of the
pillows on the couch, and her arms behind her head. Xena remembered the first
time she tasted Diana’s succulent breast and nipples. She smirked at the
thought of how Diana kept stopping their encounters, and how frustrated she
felt after each one.

She even recalled how she would pleasure herself to soothe some of her pent-up

“ Consort you were definitely frustrating back then, to say the least .”

Xena thought out loud to herself. Xena went to sleep thinking about Diana and
how she and her blended, so well together, and yet were so different in their

The next day Xena explained what needed to be done before Diana awoke from her
unconscious state and why. Gabrielle immediately sent word to her parents and
they sent word back that her room would be ready, and they were overjoyed that
The Conqueror trusted them to look after her Consort, even though Diana was
like a daughter to Gabrielle’s family.

After everything was done, Xena gave Gabrielle and Diana a final kiss and
rather than have them escorted to Gabrielle’s parent’s home, Xena dressed in
a hooded cloak and lifting Diana into her arms she and Gabrielle stepped
through the travel apparatus that took them to the front door of Gabrielle’s
parent’s home. They were Quickly escorted into the house and into the room
where Diana would recoup .

Gabrielle had thought maybe Diana should be dressed in her warrior clothing
when she was up and around , but Xena was adamant as she had always been about
Diana wearing anything that was warrior style. She told Gabrielle that she
should not wear her Amazon clothing while with Diana until Diana was
completely well.

“ Gabrielle you are to let me know instantly if any problems develop with
Diana, do you understand?”

“ Yes, I will.”

Xena nodded her head and then turned to look at the peaceful sleeping love of
her life. She then went to the bedside and sitting on the side of the bed she
leaned forward and whispered into Diana’ ear.

“ Consort, I’m ordering you to come back to me. I need you and you promised
you would never leave, I’m holding you to that, Goddess forbid something
should happen and you cross over, I’m telling you now, I will come to where
you are and redden that round behind of yours for leaving me. Please come
back, I love you soo...much.”

Xena then wiped her eyes and then placed a tender kiss upon Diana’s lips.
Turning back to Gabrielle, Xena placed her hands on Gabrielle’s shoulders and
said in a tension filled voice.

“ She’ll be ok, just watch out for her.”

“ I will, don’t worry, I’m glad your both home, I’ve missed you both so much.”

“ we’ve missed you.”

Xena then gave Gabrielle a big hug and taking a last look at Diana she turned
and walked out of the room and back down the stairs to the front door. Before
she exited she turned to Gabrielle’s parent’s and said.

“ If you need anything for them or yourselves I expect you to let me know.”

“ We will My Lord, we’ll take good care of Diana, she is family to us.”

“ I know you will, I appreciate that. I have to go, but I will have some of my
Royal guards around indiscreetly if there is a problem.”

The parent’s both bowed and Xena The Conqueror tossed the apparatus and then
placing her hooded cloak over her head she went through rapidly, so as not to
be seen. Once Xena was back at her palace she strided into the council room
and calling one of her Guards to her she told him to have Advisor Draco sent
to her.

After a little, the guard stepped into the room and announced Advisor Draco.

“ Send him in.”

“ Lord Xena! Welcome home! I trust your trip was successful?”

“ Draco....good to see you. Yes it was successful, but Diana was injured and
has to recover.”

“ I hope not critically?”

“ Yes, almost fatally, but I believe she will pull through.”

“ I’m sorry to hear that she was hurt, but I’m sure she will be just fine.”

Draco said trying to be confident. Xena smiled to herself at his attempt, and
then she went into her Conqueror mode.

“ So Advisor Draco?”

She said motioning for him to take a seat.

“ How has my Realm been behaving ?”

“ It’s been behaving for the most part just fine My Lord....”

“ But?”

“ But it seems there is one part of your Realm to the west that seems to be
having some behaviorial problems.”

“ what type of problem?”

Xena asked narrowing her gaze, and Draco shifted uncomfortably in his chair at
the look.

“ well it seems that the Magistrates of that Province seem to think that there
are some legal problems between that province and one of the others of your
Realm. They also have told the Regent of the Province that they thought it
would be within her right to hand down any and all judgements against any in
the Province”

“ How can they possibly think That? It is I who make the law of this Realm.”

“ I told them that but they said that they needed some clarification on the
agreement made to them about what would be the Role of your advisors when they
came to that Province and who had the last word in any governmental issues or
legal issues when your advisors and their own advisors were present in the
Province. They seem to be taking the agreement and trying to pick it apart,
trying to find all of the loop holes in it. The Regent of the Province is not
one of your Royal house, she is from one of the Kingdoms that was allowed to
remain independent.
She is very stubborn and seems to like to argue, she has sent many of your
advisors back here cursing to themselves about how it’s like talking with the
God of war about Love. hahah...... she is quite a looker also, but she can be
mean, I heard she has had many people in her Province punished for speaking
out against her. They say she wants to be like You, feared and Respected at
the same time.”

“ She’s having My people punished without coming here for their day in court?”

Xena said with the start of flames burning in her eyes at the thought that
anyone would dare punish anyone in her Realm without a verdict from the Royal

“ She is not only punishing them, she has told them that she will not tolerate
anyone who tries to fight against her soldiers.”

“ Are you telling me she is putting people to death Draco?”

“ No matter what we do she continues to do what she wants.”

Xena now was visually angry.

“ And Advisor Draco...exactly what have you done. to show her the errors of
her ways?”

“ Lord Xena we have tried to negotiate with her and then told her that the
Royal House does not approve of any punishments and especially killing of any
person’s of the Realm without the Royal household’s say so. But she argues
that she must keep order in her Province otherwise there would be uprisings
and insurrections, among the people.”

“ And....?”

Xena said amazed at what she was hearing.

“ And knowing how important that Province is to the trade with some of the
other Provinces in the Realm, it was a delicate matter to handle for sure, we
tried everything short of threat.”

“ I see, How long has this been going on?”

“about six months.”

“ Six months and there has been no resolution of this problem?”

“ My Lord I remember how long it took to get this Province under your rule,
the army was fierce in battle, and I know you were angry at the number of
losses we took during that battle to gain the Control, so I thought you would
not be pleased if we went in there and did battle with them again?”

“ That army holds no worry for Me, it is nothing compared to My army now. But
, your right I would rather settle this without having to kill her whole
army.....but I will if she forces my hand.”

Xena finished through clenched teeth. Draco sat admiring The Conqueror’s
ability to go into her Warrior mode without a second thought.

“ Leave me, I need to think about some things, also make the proclamation that
I am back and once again the Rule of the Realm is now back in the Hands Of The
Conqueror, and have those who have any grievouses, presented at court to be
heard and responded to in a timely matter by The Conqueror.”

“ Yes My Lord , and again It is good to have you Back.”

“ Thank you Draco, it’s good to be back. OH! Draco make sure that the
grievouses are not frivolous, I have no patiences for such things as it is,
and I will not sit and listen to some petty little thing, is that clear?”

“ Very clear Lord Xena.”

Xena then dismissed Draco with a wave of her hand. Over the next few weeks,
Xena had gotten well into running her Realm once again, She also received
updates on how Diana was doing since waking up from her unconscious state. To
which she was elated to hear. The day Xena the Conqueror received word that
Diana had woke up and appeared to be none the worse except for the amnesia,
there was a proclamation that , that day would be recognized as a holiday from
that time on.

Meanwhile, back in Potiediaa, Diana and Gabrielle were fast becoming close
once again.

“ Gabrielle I can’t believe you think you can beat me in this?”

“ Well I almost won the last time.”

“ hmmm.... you seem to have conveniently forgotten how that happened, I was
just up for the 2nd day, I was a little weak then, but now I am a lot

“ I know, but who knows? I may get lucky.”

“ I don’t think so, but if you want to do this ok, ready?”

“ yes.”

“ Ok...on your mark..... get set.....”

Gabrielle took off running before Diana could say go.

“ Go....That’s cheating Gabrielle.”

Diana called as she took off after Gabrielle, of course she caught her and
surpassed her within moments, and Gabrielle stopped and watched as Diana made
it not only to the finishing point but had stripped out of her clothes down to
her swimming suit and running and jumping off of a fallen log doing a couple
of flips and diving with no splash into the clear blue lake had Gabrielle
grouching about how much of a show off Diana was being.

“ Well, you cheated so I thought I should teach you a lesson about that.”

Gabrielle looked at Diana and saw she had a smile on her face and she found
she could not argue the point, she had cheated everytime she and Diana raced,
she use to do it with Xena and Terais also, but the only one she ever beat was
Terais, and that was by luck Gabrielle firmly believed.

Gabrielle then broke out into a big grin and she then stripped to a swimsuit
that Diana had made for her. The two girls swam and played in the water for
hours, and finally when they wanted to rest, the two made a nice resting spot
out of a shaded area of the waters edge, far enough back from the water to not
be bothered by bugs, but close enough to see the activity of the lake.

“ Diana ?”

“ Hm?”

“ have you remembered anything else?”

“ A little more, it comes in flashes, and I find that I keep having those same

“ visions? what visions? You never said you were having dreams?”

“ Oh, well I guess I figured they were just that, therefore nothing

“ well it might be, I mean if you are having the same vision over and over

“ Well that’s just it, their not the same, that’s why I just put them to the
back of my mind.”

“ How long have you been having these visions?”

“ hm...I’ve been up for about 2 and a half weeks now?”

“ Yes.”

“ I guess it’s been a week since the first dream.”

“ So tell me what they are.”

Diana moved a stray strand of hair from her eyes and she pursed her lips as
she thought about where to start.

“ Well, the first one was of a figure in a mist of some type, I couldn’t tell
if it was man or woman because the figure was wearing a cloak that covered the

“ Were they tall or short or what?”

“ I couldn’t tell in that vision, but the next one I could tell the person was
tall with long hair, but still couldn’t tell if it was a man or woman, I think
it’s a man, but I don’t know. Anyway, so far these are the two visions I have
been having. So what do you think?”

Diana asked Gabrielle hoping she had more insight into the possible meaning.
Gabrielle knew exactly who the visions were of, but she was told not to
mention anything that Diana herself had not figured out.

Xena had warned Gabrielle that if Diana saw or heard anything that would cause
her fear she could change from the loving Diana they both know and love. So
because Xena didn’t want to take a chance she made sure she had her soldiers
scouting the surrounding area just to make sure there was no threats to the

“ No I don’t know what it means, but I’m sure eventually it will reveal what
it means, anyway, I’m hungry.”

“ hahahaha, so what’s new about that? you are a bottomless pit , ok let’s go
get something to eat. We can go to the inn if you want? My treat.”

“ Great let’s go.”

The two went to the inn and settled down towards the back of the inn, where
they ordered their food. While the two sat talking and waiting for their food
a commotion sounded outside, it sounded like people were gathering to see
someone. Gabrielle got up from her chair and went to the window to see who it
was that was causing the commotion, she saw people gathering as an entourage
of people came into view.

When the carriage pulled in front of the Inn Gabrielle saw that it was not
Xena’s, to which she was relieved that Xena would not endanger Diana in such a
way. She visibly relaxed, and when she saw the woman who got out of the
Carriage Gabrielle thought she was very Good looking, no where near Xena’s or
Diana’s but still a very good looking woman, about Xena’s age.

When the woman came into the Inn Gabrielle returned to her seat to tell Diana
what was going on.

“ So what was the noise?”

“ It’s just some Dignitary.”

“ Oh, anyway I am actually getting quite hungry waiting for our food.”

Just then the Dignitary walked into the dining hall and after looking around
she found where she wanted to sit and she headed for the table. She came to
stop at a table just to the left of where Diana and Gabrielle’s table was
located. She took her seat and glancing over at Diana she rendered her a
slight tilt of her head. Gabrielle saw the exchange and she looked back at
Diana to see what her response to the acknowledgement would be.

Diana was looking over the rim of her glass when the acknowledgement came,
Diana removed her glass and after swallowing she tilted her head slightly, and
returned the rendered acknowledgement. The two looked at each other for a few
moments and then Diana turned her gaze back to Gabrielle who was watching her.

“ What?”

“ Nothing I was just wondering what that was all about?”

“ Nothing she bowed so I returned it, I was only being polite.”

“ You seemed to be thinking about something as you were looking at her?”

Gabrielle said somewhat suspiciously.

“ Hmm...your too observant.”

“ So there was more too it than just courteousness?”

“ Well she is very nice looking.”

“ Diana forget about it.”

“ What?”

“ following up on that thought.”

“ Gabrielle....please? I have no intention of following up that thought with
anyone, especially some woman.”

“ Really?”

“ yes! really. Gabrielle I appreciate beauty in any form, whether it’s
physical or inner, you should know that by now...sis?”

“ Yes I know bu.....sis? did you just say sis?”

“ Hmhmm.”

“ That’s Great!!! Then you remember who I am?!!!”

“ Yep.”

Gabrielle went to give Diana a big hug and she let her tears roll freely down


face as she embraced Diana. Diana smiled at Gabrielle and held her for as long
as she wanted, despite the raised brow she received from the woman at the next

Diana simply smiled more and hugged Gabrielle closer.After a bit Gabrielle
dried her eyes and went to sit back in her chair.

“ Are you ok?”

“ Fine...now, I’m just so happy your memory is coming back.”

“ Me too Gabrielle. You know your friend at the next table was wondering what
we were to each other?”

“ really? Good, maybe she’ll get the hint that your not interested.”

“ Gabrielle I’ve already told you where I stand on that.”

“ I know, but she doesn’t know that, it’s obvious that she has interest in

“ Hmmm...maybe, but it’s not unusual for people to act like that around me,
man or woman, anyway, let’s eat I’m starved.”

Gabrielle smiled and then the two of them proceeded to eat, talking
intermittently between bites. They laughed and taunted one another about
different things and finally when their meal was over they sat and just talked
about the town and her’s and Gabrielle’s relationship.

The woman at the next table heard small bits of the conversation, but was
able to hear that Diana and Gabrielle were sisters and not mates of any type,
and from what she could gather Diana was not involved with anyone. Although if
she knew how wrong she was she would probably not go anywhere near the two
girls.But as it was she did not know and so she decided to make a discrete
move. She wrote a brief note and had the servant girl take it over to Diana.

The sevant girl took the note and went to the table where Diana and Gabrielle
were talking and when Gabrielle turned her head to look at something the
servant girl slipped the note into Diana’s hand. Diana looked up at the girl
in confusion and then at the parchment that was slipped into her hand. The
servant girl then asked if Diana would like anything else to drink just as
Gabrielle turned back around.

Diana looked at the girl and finally said,

“ No, we’re fine thank you.”

The girl bowed and then turned and walked away from the table. Diana figured
that the girl did not want Gabrielle to see, but she wasn’t interested in
holding anything back from Gabrielle, so she brought the parchment up so that
she could read what was on it.

“ Hello, I would like to know if I may speak to you after your sister goes
home for the evening, if that would be ok?”

Diana knitted her brow together at the thought of the servant girl wanting to
talk to her, but she didn’t have any problem with it , she just found it
strange the way it was given to her.

“ What’s that?”

“ Hm...? Oh, it’s just a note from the servant girl, she wants to talk to me
after you go home.”

“ Why?”

“ I don’t know, but I don’t see a problem with it, you?”

“ No.”

“ Ok then I will see you at the house in a bit?”

“ Ok, be careful.”

“ Gabrielle, please? It’s not like Potiediaa is a crime central, I think the
worse that has happen here was Mr Serras’s chicken showing up at one of his
kids house.”

“ Ok, it’s true, a whole lot doesn’t happen here, but still you never know,
and plus you are still recovering, remember that.”

“ Ok, mother, I’ll see you at home.”

Gabrielle then got up and went and gave Diana a kiss on the cheeks and then
sparing a glance at the next table she then turned and headed out the dining
hall and out the Inn heading home.

Meanwhile Diana sat and waited for the servant girl to come back, and when
she did she offered Diana something to drink and Diana requested tea, when the
girl returned with the tea Diana asked her what she wanted to talk to her

“ Oh, the note was not from me, it was from Regent Sahi.”

“ Regent Sahi? Who’s that?”

“ It’s me.”

Diana looked around to see the woman from the next table standing behind The
servant girl.

“ Oh, I’m sorry I didn’t realize it was from you.”

“ Would it have made a difference in whether you would have stayed and spoke
with me?”

“ I don’t know probably not. Anyway what did you want to talk to me about?”

The Regent dismissed the servant girl and her entourage and took a seat at
Diana’s table.

“ I wanted to let you know that I have never seen anyone as beautiful as you
are in this area, or anywhere.”

“ Thank you, but I am not from here.”

“ Obviously, I couldn’t help but hear that you have no attachments to anyone?”

“ True, why?”

Diana asked with one brow raising. The woman smiled and then said,

“ Well...I’m not much for beating around the bush so I will say it as it is. I
am looking for a Consort, and seeing you I think you would make a perfect

“ Is that right?”

“ Yes.”

The woman moved her chair around to where she was now sitting next to Diana.
Diana watched the woman move her chair, but she did not move hers, she didn’t
feel any threat coming form the woman, she was just curious as to how far the
woman would go.

“ Hmm...I see your serious?”

“ Very, I am the legal Regent of a province west of here and I find that I am
quite alone at night, I don’t like the feel of that so I started looking for a
Consort, I have rejected many offers and I have seen hundreds of people who
wanted to be my Consort, but I find that they have not caught my eye the way I
find that you have.”

Diana took a sip of her tea and looking over the rim of the cup she removed
it and looked straight at the Woman.

“ I will be just as honest as you have been with me, while I thank you for
your compliments and offer, I have to tell you, first of all, I have no
interest in being with anyone right now, and especially a woman, there is
nothing a woman can do for me but be a friend.”

“ You would be surprised at what a woman can do for another woman, have you
ever been with a woman?”

“ No.”

“ Well how do you know you wouldn’t like being with one?”

“ I don’t know from experience, but I do know what I prefer.”

“ how do you know what you prefer if you have never tried any other way?”

Diana looked at the woman for a moment thinking about what she had just said,
and then she said in return.

“ Why try something unknown, when you have something that is known and it
works wonderfully?”

The woman smiled at Diana’s logic and then she said,

“ Well, I see your point, but I hope you will not be offended if I ...try

“ why try when the outcome is already known?”

“ Call me an optimist?”

“ I think you need to be more of a realist if you ask me.”

“ Well, that’s your opinion, but if you have no problem with me trying then I
shall give it my best shot?”

“ ha...your right it is my own opinion, but considering your interest is of me
I think it would be less waste of your time if you take my opinion and run
with it, but if you have a desire to try I can’t stop you, just as long as you
don’t hurt anyone.”

Diana said with somewhat of a warning in her voice.

“ Great! the woman exclaimed and then she stood and said,

“ Then I will talk to you tomorrow?”


“ Yes I want you to have lunch with me?”

“ I don’t think that’s a good idea?”

Why you already said you have no interest, the least you can do is let me try
my seduction tricks on you?”

Diana smirked and then bit the inside of her cheeks to prevent herself from
laughing at the brazen woman’s antics.

“ Fine, My sister and I will meet you for lunch tomorrow.”

“ Your sister and you?”

“ Yes, is that a problem?”

The woman looked at Diana and saw she was not going to make it easy for her,
so she decided she would play along, especially if it lead to Diana becoming
her Consort.

“ It’s not a problem at all, I think your sister is quite adorable. By the way
what is your name?”

“ I am Diana, and I understand you are Regent Sahi?”

“Yes, that is correct, anyway Diana, it has been a pleasure to meet you and I
look forward to seeing you tomorrow.”

The woman then surprised Diana by leaning over and kissing her full on the
mouth, and then turning, she walked out the dining hall with Diana sitting
there with her mouth slightly open, and with her brow raised in question as
she thought about what she may have done, by allowing the woman to try and
seduce her.

Diana thought the kiss was fine but nothing to write home about so she got up
and went home, where Gabrielle was waiting for her wide awake.
When Sahi saw Diana come out of the Inn and go around the corner, she went
back to the Inn to ask the Keeper if he knew who the young woman was.

“ Oh , that’s lady Diana, she’s The Conqueror’s Consort, but she doesn’t
remember because of an accident that happened to her, she’s still recovering
and no one is suppose to know she’s here because of the risk that someone may
come along and try something. I really shouldn’t be telling you this....but I
think it’s ok, especially considering your one of The Conqueror’s Regents.”

“ Yes it is ok, but make sure you tell no one else, matter of fact you
shouldn’t tell anyone that you told me..... just in case The Conqueror meant
that no one was to know ?”

“ Yes, your right, I won’t say anything to anyone else, thank you.”

“ Your welcome.”

Sahi then asked for another room in the Inn and then went up to her room and
after a few minutes her Lt came to her room.

“ I found out some very interesting news.”

“ What?”

“ It seems that The Conqueror’s prized treasure is right here in this

“ Really? What is it?”

“ Not what, Who. It seems that The Conqueror’s Consort is here, but the best
part is that she does not remember who she is or the fact that she is Lord
Xena’s Consort.”

“ Ok, but I don’t see where this is going.”

“ I’m going to seduce The Conqueror’s Consort away from her and make her my
own, and if The Conqueror wants her back...which I KNOW she will, I mean this
Consort is a rare beauty, there is none that compare, except maybe The
Conqueor herself. Anyway, I want her and I am going to have her, imagine
having such a beauty to walk by my side, and especially warm my bed....ooooo,
the thought is absolutely carnal.”

“ But isn’t it dangerous to mess with Anything of The Conqueror’s, especially
her prize?”

“ Life is dangerous, but if you want to have any power you have to be willing
to take risk. Besides, I don’t plan on giving up on ruling My Province, and
the People in it!”

“ So that’s what this is all about? You want The Conqueror to grant you the
right to impose the death sentence on those you choose to impose it on?”

“ Yes, can you think of a better reason, I mean to get rid of all of those
people who have any opposition to my imposing these judgements as well as any
other people who I want to?”

“ Your so devious, Regent Sahi.”

“ Like The Conqueror?”

“ These days more than the Conqueror, but I do have one more question?”

“ What?”

“ what happens when and if the Consort gets her memory back?”

“ It won’t matter, because by then I will have a plan in place to place them
at odds with each other and hopefully make Diana want to stay with me verses
returning to The Conqueror.”

“ I don’t know, it would have to be something extraordinary, I mean I’ve heard
that the two of them are linked by their souls,and there could never be anyone
else for either one of them.”

“ even better, for The Conqueror to see her Consort in the arms of another,
will be the most wounding and rage producing emotion to come from The
Conqueror, and if the things I’ve heard are true she has ways of punishing,
that boggles the mind, and so she may end up punishing her Consort, or should
I say My Consort, and thereby putting an even further gap between them.”

“ Sounds like you have this all planned?”

“ It just came to me when I found out who she was and how I could use her. Of
course I plan on having my taste of Diana. Before I give her up.”

“ But what if she doesn’t want you to have her?”

“ Then I’ll take her.”

“ How? “

“ Drug her with one of the ecstasy herds.”

“ Oh, ok is there anything you need done ?”

“ Yes send word to The Conqueror that I will not see any more of her Advisors,
that I am requesting an audience with her at my resident in the western

“ What if she says no?”

“ well to make sure she doesn’t , tell her that I am cutting off all trade to
the surrounding Provinces until a meeting can be setup.”

“ I think that will work, although I don’t think The Conqueror will appreciate
what I’m sure she will interpret as defiance.”

“ Maybe not, but I do know The Conqueror does appreciate smart people who are
brave enough to stand up for what they want.”

“ Yes that is what they say, but they also say that she has destroyed many of
those type of people because they chose to defy HER.”

“ Hmm...well I guess we’ll have to make sure this works?”

“ Your right about that.”

“ That’ll be all for now Miki, just make sure you get everything done in the
next week or so.”

“ I will Regent Sahi, you can be sure, I will carry out my duties.”

“ Good Miki, I’ll expect a progress update.”

“ Yes ma-am.”

Lt. Miki then left the Regent’s room and went to carry out her duties.

Meanwhile Diana arrived back at the house, and was greeted By an irritated

“ Took you long enough.”

“ Why are you still up? and why are you dressed?

“ I was just about to come and find you!”

“ Why? you knew where I was?”

“ Yes, but I didn’t know if something had happened since I left you.”

“ No Gabrielle, nothing happened to me, as you can see, besides I am quite
capable of taking care of myself.

“ Ok, so tell me what the servant girl wanted to talk to you about?”

“ Nothing, she offered me tea and then she left.”

Diana wasn’t sure if she should tell Gabrielle about what had happened but she
would not lie to her either.

“ Really? is that all she wanted?”

Gabrielle said incredulous.

“ Yes.”

“ I thought for sure the lady at the other table would come over and talk to

Diana did not respond and Gabrielle looked over her and with knitted brows,
she asked point blank.

“ Did she come over and talk to you?”

Diana took a signing breath.

“ She did? Didn’t she?”

“ Yes Gabrielle she came over to talk to me.”

“ What did she won’t ? Tell me everything?”

Gabrielle was not only asking out of just curiosity she had to be able to tell
Xena what was going on.

“ Gabrielle you were right she is interested in me.”

“ I knew it! What did she say?”

“ She wants me as her Consort.”

Diana said flatly. Gabrielle’s mouth dropped open and Diana had to close it
for fear Gaabrielle would never close it.

“ And....?”

“ And.... she said she was going to try and win me over.”

“ Really? But you told her you weren’t interested right?’

“ Yes, in no uncertain terms, but she wants to try.”

“ You can’t let her .”

“Gabrielle, you don’t have to worry, I have no intentions or desire to be
anything to her.”

“ I’m glad to hear that.”

“ You know it will be fun to see what all she comes up with, don’t you

“ Yes.”

Gabrielle said as she turned and headed for her night clothes, and she
thought about what Xena would say about all of this new development.

“ Oh Gabrielle, I forgot to tell you, she kissed me, full on the lips.”

“ She kissed you?!”

“ Yes, but it was nothing to write home about, obviously, considering I

forgot about it?”

“ Hmm..yes obviously.”

Gabrielle said as she felt her heart restart, and then beat rapidly against
her chest as she thought about Xena’s reaction when she found out. But that
was one thing Gabrielle could have put out of her mind, because Xena had
already been told a few hours after it happened.

Meanwhile back in the Palace Xena was going ballistic.

“ What in the Hell do You Mean My Consort was seen kissing another woman?!!

Xena seethe at the messager, who happened to be one of her Royal guards, who
was suppose to be looking out for Diana.

“ I...I.....we...saw it happen and the moment it did I was sent back to tell
you My Lord....”

The man said as he was lifted off the floor by his neck. Xena had murder in
her eyes and the longer she looked at the guard the more certain he was that
he would be the first casuality of this message.

“ How long were they together at the table before it happened?”

Xena said in a calmer yet more ominous voice.

“ on...one...candlemark or so My Lord.”

“ Did they embrace?”

Xena asked as she turned her head to pick up a grape while still holding the
man by his neck as he begun to see spots before his eyes, a sure sign he was
about to pass out if Xena did not let him go very soon.

“ N....no..no My lord.”

Xena’s adrenalin was racing, and she felt like going to get Diana despite the
consequences, but then she thought better of it and figured if she could stale
the other woman’s seduction for a week then Diana would remember and then she
could go and get her. the struggling young man was now barely able to breath
and was about to past out doing Xena’s planning, until she heard him cough and
she turned to see that she was still holding the man by the neck.

She dropped him and he went to the floor gasping for air, as Xena turned on
her heels and went to a writing desk in the library, she penned a letter to
Gabrielle, and told Gabrielle what she wanted.

“ Oh my Goddess! “

Gabrielle exclaimed as she read the delivered parchment with the Royal seal on

“ What is it Gabrielle?”

Diana asked as she and Gabrielle were just about to leave to meet the Regent
for lunch.

“ Oh, nothing, Diana do you mind if I don’t go with you to lunch today?”

“ No I don’t mind, I mean I’m a little disappointed, I was looking forward to
you and her meeting?”

“ I know, I’m sorry, I was looking forward to meeting her also, but I have to
go somewhere, you understand don’t you?”

Diana studied Gabrielle for a moment and then she said out of concern.

“ Gabrielle is there something wrong?”

“ Oh, no, nothing like that, I had just forgot that today I had told someone
that I would help them with some things.”

“ Oh, ok, then yes I do understand, but you know where I will be, ok?”

“ Yes, but I don’t know what time I will be back, it might be pretty late.”

“ Ok, then I will see you later sis, be careful?”

“ I will, and you don’t let her seduce you.”

“ Please...as if?”

Diana said rolling her eyes. She then gave Gabrielle a kiss on the cheeks and
turned to head for the Inn. Gabrielle waited until Diana was out of sight and
then she tossed out the apparatus and stepped through, coming out at the
front door of the Palace.

Gabrielle looked up at the Palace and at that moment she felt like she was the
smallest person on the planet. She took many deep breaths and prayed as she
walked up and into the palace and down the corridor to the counsel room where
Xena told her to come to when she arrived at the Palace.

When Gabrielle came to the door of the counsel room The sentry greeted her
with a curt nod and then she said,

“ Lo...Lord Xena sent for me?”

“ Yes .”

“ What type of mood is she in?”

Gabrielle asked hoping the note she had received was just written quickly
rather than angrily.

“ She has been like a harpy caged and starving.”

“ Ha...harpy caged and starving huh? Great, and I have to go in there and
feed it.”

“ I’m sorry, but I have to admit, I am glad it isn’t me.”

“ I understand, will you announce me please?”

“ Yes Princess Gabrielle.”

The sentry stepped into the room and cleared his throat and announced.

“ My Lord, Princess Gabrielle has arrived and awaits audience with you.”

“ Send her in NOW ! And then I don’t want to be disturbed for any reason is
that clear?!”

“ Yes My Lord .”

The Sentry said as he bowed many times as he backed out the room.

“ Lord Xena will see you now.”

“ I heard. Thanks?”

Gabrielle took a few more deep breaths trying to calm down when she heard.


Gabrielle’s breath caught in her throat and she wasn’t sure if she was going
to survive Xena’s wrath. Gabrielle flushed deeply and ran into the room and
the Sentry closed the door behind her.

“ My Lord You sent for me?”

Gabrielle managed to say before she lost her powers of speech due to the fear
she was feeling.

Xena was sitting partly on the table that she used for her writing and
planning. Xena The Conqueror was glaring at Gabrielle as she presented herself
before her. She held a leather strap in her hands and was hitting it against
her hand and then sliding it out and repeating it again. Gabrielle swallowed
hard and thought she would pass out from her fear.

“ What happen Gabrielle? why was my Consort seen kissing another person,
especially... another woman? Can you explain why I heard from my soldiers and
not you?”

“ I....I...I had just found out that there was a kiss.”

Xena cocked her head and raising a brow at Gabrielle who was trembling
visibly, Xena stood and walked to where Gabrielle stood and she asked in a
somewhat surprised voice.

“ What do you mean, you just found out about it?”

“ We....well...I wasn’t there when it happened.”

Xena’s lip visibly went to a scowl, as she got right into Gabrielle’s face and
said only inches away from Gabrielle’s nose.

“ What do you mean you were not there when it happen? I know that’s not what
you meant to say Gabrielle, especially when I made sure that it was clear to
you that I did not want you away from Diana at ANYTIME? That is.... what I
told you, wasn’t it Gabrielle?”

Tears were now rolling down Gabrielle’s flushed cheeks. As Xena ‘s piercing
blue eyes bore into her hazel eyes.

“ I’m waiting Gabrielle, I won’t wait long... you know that?”

Gabrielle nodded her head and tried many times to speak before she finally
made a sound.

“ w....we....we had finished eating....when the servant girl gave Diana a
piece of parchment.”

“ What EXACTLY did it say Gabrielle?”

Xena said in an ominously calm voice as she continued to bore into Gabrielle’s
eyes still standing a few inches away from her face, with her hands clasped
behind her back. Gabrielle didn’t dare move from where she was standing.

“ So..so..something like “I wanted to know if I may speak to you after your
sister goes home for the evening, if that is ok ?” Something like that.

Gabrielle said hoping that she said it exactly how it read, not knowing
whether Xena already knew what it said or if she just wanted to know. Tears
were constantly rolling down Gabrielle”s face. As she started breathing
rapidly at the growing scowl that was taking over Xena’s face.

“ How is it that you left Diana there, knowing this woman was interested in
her? Can you tell me that Gabrielle?”

“ I ...I didn’t know it was her who wrote the note, when I asked Diana who it
was from she said it was from the servant girl.”

“ Yo....you believed that a servant girl wanted to Talk to My Consort?!”

Xena shouted in disbelief.

“ My...My Lord I.... I didn’t know, that’s what Diana believed although
neither one of us could figure out what she wanted, but Diana thought it
would be polite to find out.”

“ You couldn’t wait for her to talk to the suppose servant girl, and then the
two of you return to your Parent’s home?”

Xena scolded.

Gabrielle was now near hyperventilating, Xena saw it, and out of her concern
that Gabrielle would pass out , she turned on her heels and grabbing an empty
pouchbag off the table, she went back and grabbed Gabrielle by her wrist and
twirling her and sitting her firmly on one of the chairs she put the punch to
Gabrielles’s face covering her mouth and nose .

“ Hold this here and breath into it until I tell you to stop, concentrate on
slowing your breathing down.”

Xena then went and sat back on the table as she watched Gabrielle try to calm
down. After a few minutes Xena noticed Gabrielle’s breathing was back to it’s
normal rate.

“ Ok, now anytime you think your going to hyperventilate put that to you face
and breath into it.”

“ ok, thank you.”

Gabrielle said in a small voice.

“ Your welcome, now answer my question.”

“I didn’t think there was any reason to be concerned, Diana said she would
talk to her and be right home.”

“ How long was it before Diana showed up?”

“ a candlemark or so.”

“ And didn’t you think something was wrong?”

“ yes, but by that time , I had gotten dressed and was about to go and find
her, she walked in the door.”

“ And....?

“ And I asked Diana where she had been and that’s when she told me what had
happened, My Lord I swear I was going to tell you, I didn’t know how, but I
was going to tell you, you have to believe that?”

Xena took a few deep breaths though her nose and then she said,

“ Gabrielle I do believe you had planned on telling me, I trust you to be
honest and I have no reason to doubt that trust. I’m just angry that some
other person has put their lips on what is mine, and I can’t do anything
about it at the moment, it is so damn frustrating, I not only had to rein in
my hormones and try not to tear someone apart during the process of dealing
with the day to day running of My Realm. But now I have to hear this and I am
not pleased at all. Gabrielle I meant what I said, I expect for you to find a
way to keep Diana away from that woman, if you fail Gabrielle I won’t be in a
very good mood. You understand what I’m saying? Gabrielle I won’t lose Diana
to anyone, If you fail I will come and get her and deal with the
ramifications of that decision later. Gabrielle I give you my oath I will do
it. Please don’t make me.”

Gabrielle wiped her eyes multiple times as she listened to the anguish in
Xena’s voice and saw the pain in her eyes at the thought of causing Diana to
lose her light because of her determination to not lose Diana to anyone,
especially after all she went through to get Diana back, and nearly losing her
to death.

“ My Lord Xena I will do whatever I have to, to make sure that Diana does not
fall for any other person, Xena she says that she has no interest in anyone
right now especially a woman.”

“ That’s what she said?”

“ Yes. She said the woman wants to try and seduce her , and she told her she
could try but she was wasting her time.”

“ MY CONSORT told some other person they could try to seduce her?!”

Xena’s temper was making a reappearance and Gabrielle’s fear was once again
making it’s appearance.

“ Yes. But she had no intentions of taking her serious, I think she’s just
curious what a woman would do to seduce another woman.”

“ Diana is not a woman, she is a child! And she already knows what a woman
would do.”

Gabrielle blushed at the memory of how Xena seduced Diana .

“ Xena, it’s true she is a child to YOU, almost anyone is....but to other
people they see her as a golden apple. They want her for, first of all how
she looks, and then who she is, and how she makes them feel when their
around her, She is all woman to them.”

Xena studied Gabrielle as she thought about what Gabrielle had said.

“ Gabrielle just make sure that you keep Diana away from that woman, otherwise
I may end up ....taking care of that threat.”

Xena said with danger registering in her voice. Gabrielle heard it and
realized what Xena meant, She would kill the other woman if she felt Diana was
getting too close to her. As Gabrielle was thinking about what Xena was saying
a flash of Diana came into her head.


Gabrielle exclaimed as she jump up from the chair she was sitting on.

What is it Gabrielle?!”

Xena said with anger as she noticed the distress in Gabrielle’s eyes.

“ My Lord I ....I can handle it.”

“ Handle what?!”

Gabrielle flushed and then she took a deep breath and said.

“ Diana is with her right now, having lunch.”

“WHAT?!!! G.A.B.R.I.E.L.L.E.....What are you telling me? That My Consort is
alone, once again with that woman?! is that what your telling me?”

“ MY Lord I received your message to get here . I figured you would be pissed
if I didn’t show up.”

Xena was now taking audibly deep breath as she leaned on the table with her
hands trying to calm her rage.

“ Get back there.NOW!

Gabrielle jumped from Xena’s tone and turned and ran out the room, and
throwing the apparatus she ran through it with tears streaming down her face.
She appeared at the back of the Inn and after taking a few minutes to compose
herself, she saw the water barrel and turning she splashed her face with the
cool water.

She then went around to the front of the Inn and after a few breaths she
walked into the inn and headed for the dining hall. When she got to the door
she stopped dead in her tracks and would have past out if the wall had not
been there.

What she saw was the woman being allowed to put food into Diana’s mouth.
Gabrielle became angry at what she was seeing and so she stormed into the
dining hall and went to stand in front of the table. She then said in an
accusatory voice.

“ I thought you said you had no interest in this...person?”

“ Oh...Gabrielle, I glad your here.”

“ Really ? it looks like I’m interrupting?”

“ Gabrielle...what are you talking about?”

“ Never mind, we have to go.”

Gabrielle said reaching for Diana. Diana moved her arm and with knitted brows
she said,

“ Gabrielle what’s going on?”

“ I’ll tell you when we get home.”

“Tell me now.”

“ No, I want to tell you in private.”

“ Can it wait?”

“ No.”

“Sahi I’m sorry, you understand don’t you?”

“ Yes, I understand, But before you go, I have to tell you that I have to go
back to my Province next week for a VERY important meeting, I don’t dare miss
this one. But maybe you can come and see me there?”

“ Yes, that would be fun, this has been.”

“ So do you think I have a chance?”

“ Don’t get carried away, I’ll see you later.”

“ Had to ask, but ok, hope to see you later.”

Sahi then started to lean over and kiss Diana once again, but Gabrielle pulled
Diana out of the seat just before her lips touched Diana.

“ We have to go, now.”

Gabrielle then pulled Diana out of the dining hall and would have probably
half dragged Diana had Diana not been stronger than she was.

“ Stop pulling on me Gabrielle. “

Gabrielle let go of Diana and Diana pulled her arm to herself.

“ Thank you. Now tell me what’s going on? you were extremely rude to Sahi.”

“ Diana you have to stay away from her.”

Gabrielle decided to be direct.

“ Why?”

“You have to trust me, I can’t tell you why, but you’ll understand later.”

“ Gabrielle your not making any sense. Sahi is very nice, she’s a Regent from
the Western Province.”

“ I don’t care who she is, you have to trust what I’m telling you, you have to
stay away from her.”

“ Why ?”

“ Because your still recouping from your injuries.”

“ Gabrielle I’m perfectly fine.”

“ No your not, you don’t have your memory back yet, and no telling what you
may discover when you do get it back.”

“Gabrielle your trying not to tell me something, what is it?”

“ I can’t say, but you have to stay away from that woman until your full
memory comes back.”

“ Gabrielle irregardless of how much time I spend with Sahi, I am not going to
get involved with her, I told you I have no interest in that life.”

“ Then what was the feeding you food thingy then?”

“ She wanted me to taste a special delicacy I had never heard of, so before I
could pick it up, she picked it up and told me to open up, I told her I could
feed myself and she said don’t look at it like that , she said she just wanted
me to taste something she had specially made for me. So I let her put it in my

“ Oh, thank goodness, I was about to faint at that sight.”

“ Why would you do that? matter of fact why is it so important that I not get
involved with someone?”

“I can’t say, but just know it’ a good reason.”

“ Well Gabrielle I am not going to be rude to someone who has been nice, just
because of some unknown memory, Unless this woman has done something to hurt
me or you or someone we know for some evil reason, then I see no reason not to
continue to talk with her, and now I will leave it at that.”

“ Diana?”

“Gabrielle drop it.”

The next week found Diana and Sahi and Gabrielle spending a lot of time
together, but Gabrielle kept having people interrupt them about different
things, so much so that Diana actually lost her temper and told the people in
the market place that unless she asked them for something she did not want
anyone to bother her or Sahi, or Gabrielle. Sahi smiled to herself a wick
smile at the thought that Diana was apparently giving her, her trust.

Gabrielle stood behind Diana and Sahi and shook her head to certain people
that they were not to stop. They nodded their understanding and then Diana
turned and headed out of the market.

That night Diana had one of the visions that she had had for weeks, but this
time the vision came into focus, it started out with the person in the shadows
of the mist, and then the figure with the hooded cloak started moving towards
her, as it got closer, Diana saw piercing Sapphire eyes shining out of the

Diana watched the figure come closer, and closer, as it did she saw raven
color strands of hair under the hood. She watched and her heartbeat increased
as the figure got closer. The figure came to tower over her as she reclined
looking up at the figure. The figure brought their hands up to remove the hood
and when it was thrown back away from the hidden face, Diana’s body went tight
and she awoke with a shreik!

“ XENA?!!!”

Gabrielle startled awake and saw Diana looking around the room as if she was
expecting to see someone. She was holding her abdomen as if something was
hurting and her eyes had gone Sapphire. When her gaze fell on Gabrielle,
Gabrille immediately noticed the color of them, and she smiled to
herself.Diana knitted her brows, and seeing the confusion in Diana’s eyes,
Gabrielle immediately put her hand on Diana’s shoulder, to help comfort her.

“ Diana it’s ok, your alright, your here with me at home in Potiediaa.”

Gabrielle said soothing hair away from Diana’s wild looking eyes.

“ Wh..wh..where is Xena?”

Diana asked still confused.

“ She’s not here.”

“ What do you mean she’s not here? where is she?”

“ She’s at the Palace.”

Diana thought about what Gabrielle said and then she visibly begun to relax.

“ Oh, she had to go back and handle something at the Palace?”

“ Gabrielle.....? Can you come here, I really need some help, I..I can’t seem
to get my arm out?”

Lila’s voice rang in.

“ I’ll be right there.”

“ Diana I’ll be right back ok?”

“ Ok.”

Diana watched Gabrielle leave the room and she got up and cleaned up and got
dressed and went downstairs. When she got there, she heard Gabrielle’s
parent’s talking, she didn’t want to interrupt a private conversation so she
waited to hear if indeed it was private.

“ You know , I don’t understand why The Conqueror never came to visit Diana, I
thought she loved her?”

“ I know, I find that strange too, but whenever I ask Gabrielle about it ,she
says she can’t say because we could accidently say something that Diana is not
suppose to know, otherwise it could cause unnecessary pain,and that it was
better to let Diana discover what happened on her own, it would possibly be
less painful for her.”

Diana listened to the conversation and all color drained from her face, had
she been white she would look like a ghost at that moment. Diana had
misunderstood the whole conversation and with what information she had from
Gabrielle as to Xena not being there, and hearing the parents saying Xena had
not once come to visit her, since bringing her here, over a month ago, Diana
was stunned to say the least.

Diana staggered back up to the room and laying down on the bed she cried, when
she heard Gabrielle coming back she got off the bed and drying her eyes she
acted as if she was fine and had not heard the conversation.

“ So where were we?”

Gabrielle asked after returning to the room. Diana looked at Gabrielle and
then she answered.

“ You were telling me about Xena, and why she was back at the Palace.”

“ Oh, yes, she had a lot of work to do and she knew you would be fine here.”

“ Really?”

“ Yes.”

“ So...when was the last time she was here? Or has she been staying here and
then going back to the Palace during the day?”

Gabrielle chewed her lip at the thought of telling Diana that Xena had not
been there to see her since she was brought there. Diana saw the hesitation
and misread it , assuming it was all apart of the same conversation that
Gabrielle’s parent’s had just had.

“ Well?”

“ She hasn’t been here since she brought you here a month ago.”

Diana didn’t react the way Gabrielle thought she would have.

“ Oh I see,”

“ Really? Your ok?”

“ Yes I’m fine.”

Diana said in a tight voice, trying to hold down her temper that was rising

“ Great.”

Gabrielle said trying to read Diana, but not being able to, she figured it was
because Diana had learned how to mask her feelings the same way Xena did.Diana
in the meantime was thinking about what she would do about the fact that Xena
had not visited her once she had been back. Diana then decided she would wait
to see how long it would be before Xena came for her, once she knew she had
her memory back.

the end of part 2
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