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By D.virtue

That day was somewhat somber for Diana, while she reacted to Gabrielle and
some of the other Bards, she didn’t interact the way she usually had.
Gabrielle hoped Diana was just thinking about Xena, especially since Gabrielle
had sent word that Diana had her memory back. Sahi had returned to her
Province and was setting up her trap.

Gabrielle smiled once again at the image that came to her mind, one of Xena
flying into town on her great horse looking all The Conqueror in her glory,
and dismounting off of her horse she would then stride towards the door of the
house and without having to knock the door would appear to open on it’s own.

She would stride in and the first thing she would say would be “ Where is
she?” only to be pointed towards the bedroom, where Diana would be sitting on
the bed with her legs stretched out and the only clothing she would be wearing
would be leather straps.

The Conqueror’s own insatiable appetite would then make it’s appearance and
Gabrielle then thought that her and her family would not see Diana and Xena
for days or even weeks.

“ Hahaha....”

Gabrielle ended up chuckling despite the fact that the bard who was talking
was telling a dramatic story. Diana looked at Gabrielle with some confusion as
she wondered what Gabrielle could possibly be laughing about.

Gabrielle saw Diana’s confused gaze and she then quieted and then leaned
forward and said,

“ Sorry,I was just thinking about something funny.”

“ Obviously.”

Diana agreed.

“ Gabrielle do you mind if I go back to the house? I am REALLY uncomfortable,
I thought maybe I would loosen up as the day went by, but instead I’ve just
gotten tighter.”

“ No not at all, you want me to go with you?”

“ No, I’ll be fine.”

“ Ok then, I’ll see you later at the house?”

“ ok, see you in a little while.”

Gabrielle then thought to herself,

“ or maybe you’ll see her later.”

Again she had to smile. Diana walked back towards the house and as she was
heading there a messager came up to her and handed her a piece of paper.Diana
thought it was from Xena and her heartbeat increased, but when she opened it
she read that it was from Sahi and she was telling Diana that she looked
forward to seeing her again, and hopefully Diana would have changed her mind
about becoming her Consort.

Diana read the rest and then she thought about throwing it away, but then
thinking on it she decided she would hold onto it.

Over the next two weeks Diana became more and more irritated and restless, she
cried herself to sleep many of nights, but never in front of Gabrielle.

Meanwhile Xena was busy making plans to go and talk with the Regent of the
Western Province, every advisor Xena had sent had come back with the same
story, that the Regent is only following the laws that her Magistrates said
was legal for her to do, and she had no intentions of changing anything,
unless it could be shown that what she was doing was not legal based off of
the agreement between The Province and The Conqueror.

“ “ Damnit!”

Xena shouted as she slammed her fist on the table.

“ Who does she think she is dealing with, I should just send some of my army
over there and wipe her off the face of the planet, but then I wouldn’t have
the pleasure of ripping her apart, after I pulled that tongue of her’s from
it’s roots!”

Xena’s adrenalin was racing through her veins and then she looked up at the
Advisors who were gathered in the counsel chamber. They watched Xena revel in
the thought of taking out the obstacle that was hindering her from other

“ Send word that I will talk to this Regent, who dares to defy me in my
Make it a formal announcement. I’ll leave within the next day.”

“ A Royal visit then?”

Xena looked over her brow in irritation and then said sarcastically.

“ Is there any other?”

“ No My Lord, I’ll send a messager right away.”

“ You do that.”

Xena then waved her hands not only dismissing the one advisor but also the
others. After all of them were gone Xena strided over to the couch at the back
of the room and stretching out on it she threw her arm over her eyes and went
to thinking about what she would do with the Regent of that Province. she
closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep.

She was awaken by the sentry announcing a message had just arrived. Xena arose
up off of the couch and motioning for the sentry to send the messager in, the
sentry bowed and went and sent the messager in.

“ Well what is this message?”

“ It was sort of a curious message.”

The Messager said with his brows knitted. Xena looked at him and rolled her
eyes, and finally she said,

“ Just tell me the message!”

“ Yes My Lord. I was told to say, “ Lord Xena All Is Remembered, the reunion
should be explosive between the two. Ha,ha.”

“ thank you.”

Xena said and dismissed the messager. After he had gone Xena jumped off the
table she was leaning against.

“ YES! Thank Gaia. I need My kitten.”

Xena then closed her eyes and thought about all the different ways she would
have her Consort.

“ OOOoo.....mmmm...yesss... I will have my fill of you my sweet sweet Consort.
Oh I can’t wait!”

And at the same time Xena thought that, she then realized she had just set up
an important meeting, one that had to be taken care of right away.

“ Damnit! damnit! damnit to Hades!”

Xena cursed her bad luck and the fact that she was in such great need of
Diana.Along with the fact that she couldn’t act on it the way she wanted, she
had thought she could have a taste of her sweet Consort for a few hours, but
then rethinking about it, she realized that,, that would only serve to
frustrate her more, and therefore she would probably be worse off.

So she decided she would handle the affairs of state first and then take care
of her’s and Diana’s needs.

The next day Xena The Conqueror headed for the Western Province. The next 2
weeks Xena had to call upon her promise to Diana that she would try to change,
but the woman before her was trying that oath.

“ My Lord Xena I can not agree that the way you have stated the agreement to
be, in fact the meaning of it.”

“ What do you mean you can’t agree with it. I should know, I am the one who
had it written!”

“ Yes, but I’m sure you didn’t mean for this province to provide goods and
services to ALL the surrounding areas outside of the province?”

“ That is exactly what I meant.”

Xena said matter-of-factly. The woman flinched at the tone but remained
resolved to get what she wanted, or at least something.

“ Ok, I’ll go along with that if you will allow me to continue to punish those
that I feel break the law of the Province?”

“ Absolutely not! I can not have any of my Regents acting as judge in the
place of the Royal house, I am the Ruler of these lands and as such I will
demand that any and all people who are arrested be brought before the Royal
Courts to be judged. There is no room for any compromises on this issue.”

The woman stood and paced the floor, and even tho Xena was angered by the
woman’s lack of protocal when talking with The Conqueror. Xena allowed the
woman to pace.

Meanwhile back in Potiedia, Gabrielle and Diana were having an argument.

“ Gabrielle your wrong! Xena is not coming back here for me, she’s obviously
more interested in This Realm than she is in me.”

“ Diana how could you possibly think that? You know she loves you, adores you,
Diana let’s just face it she couldn’t live without you.”

“ hah! that’s a joke, she has been for the past month and a half.”

“ Diana I’m sure there is no way she could leave you.”

“ Gabrielle, wake up , let’s look at the facts, 1st she has not visited me
once since I was injured and brought here.....”

“ She couldn’t help that, she had to stay away.”

“ Oh yes, you said that I was not suppose to see her or anyone else who caused
me any fear, well you know what I think about that ? It’s a bunch of Centaur
droppings, anyway, despite that even if it were true. How can you explain the
fact that once I did remember and you sending word to her of my recovery, and
yet what did she do, she didn’t even bother to come here, she didn’t even take
the time to write or return any type of message, and now 2weeks has past and
still nothing!”

“ Welll....maybe.....”

“Gabrielle forget it! ”

“ Diana your not just going to try and forget about her are you?”

Diana’s breathing was rapid, and her heart was pounding out of her chest as
her temper was barely being controlled.

“ Forget about HER?! Heck NO! I have needs that.....that , that woman is going
to take care of, and Then I’ll scream and yell at her,, maybe even knock her
around a bit!”

Diana said in all seriousness, but Gabrielle could not keep from snickering,
and when Diana looked at her in Confusion as to what she thought was so funny,
Gabrielle broke out into full blown laughter. Diana’s brows knitted further
together than they already were.

“ hahahaha ....I......I’m sorry Diana hahahaha....but it’s hard to take you
serious when your eyes are that color and your talking about your NEEDS being
taken care of before you knock THE CONQUEROR around?hahahahaha....it’s just
.....funny hahahahaha...ahem...I’m sorry.”

Gabrielle finally calmed and after clearing her throat she waited for Diana to
say or do something.

Diana stood looking at Gabrielle and then she said in as serious tone as she
could despite the fact she thought that Gabrielle was right ....in a way.

“ Well it’s not funny, I can’t believe she thinks she could get rid of me so

“ That’s not what she did or thinks at all.”

“ Well, we’ll see, I’m going to the palace, but I think I will ride there
rather than use the traveler.”

“ Good you do that and you’ll see that you were wrong.”

“ Gabrielle even if everything you’ve told me was the facts, it still does not
excuse her for not coming after that.”

Diana said somewhat curt , to try and get Gabrielle to see her point..
Diana then packed a few things and then set off for the Palace, after two days
Diana arrived at the Palace more worked up than before she left Potiediaa. She
was now angry at the acute tightness she was having as a result of remembering
Xena, and the following wait to see if and when she would come to get her.

But seeing that it was not going to get taken care of waiting for Xena, she
decided to take care of it herself, she was also angry at Xena for what she
had done. Diana dismounted her horse without it coming to a stop and she flew
up the stairs to the door of the Palace and opening them and striding in she
called Xena.

“ XENA?!”

she waited for an answer....nothing, she then called again.

“ XENA?!!”

No answer, and just as she was about to call again one of the advisors
answered her.

“ Lady Diana...Lord Xena is not here.”

“ Not here? Where is she ?!”

“She had to go to talk with one of her Regents in the west Province.”

Diana did not catch on to the fact that the west province was the same as
someone she had just recently met. Mainly because she was distracted by other

Diana nodded her head and stepping around the Advisor she flew up the stairs,
changed her clothes into something provocative and then donned a cloak. Diana
figured although she was angry with Xena and would talk with her about what
was going on...well maybe yell at her a liittle, but first thing first, she
had to have the thirst and inferno in her quenched and doused.

“ Xena I will get you for this, you can believe that!”

Diana then flew down the staircase and out the doors and jumping on her horse,
she exited out of the gates with one of the Guards calling after her asking
where she was going, but Diana did not answer she just threw out the traveller
and charged her horse through it and disappeared into it.

When she reappeared she was west of the Palace, but as she was riding she
thought about what the advisor had said, but then to her frustration she
realized that she didn’t know which province in the west, so she figured she
would go through each and see if Xena was there.

Diana went through a few and then when she arrived in a particular Province
she decided she would get something to eat before she continued her search.

Diana went to one of the finer Inns of the town and going in she was seated
where she had requested, while she was eating she heard a conversation taking
place at one of the other Tables.

“ Regent Sahi thinks that she may not be able to get any of the things she
wanted after all, she said she’s trying, but she’s not sure.”

Diana’s mood brighten at the hearing of Sahi’s name, and she figured she could
at least rest here for a bit before heading back out on her search, and who
knows, maybe she could even help her. Diana stood up and went over to the
table of the two people who were talking about the Regent.

“ excuse me? I don’t mean to interrupt, but I couldn’t help but over hear you
mention Regent Sahi?”

“ Yes.”

“Can you tell me where her resident is located?”

“ It’s at the other end of Town, it’s a large place you can’t miss it.”

“ Thank you.”

Diana then turned on her heels and headed out to her horse, as she was going
she heard the two people say .

“ She will be the Consort , there is none that even compare to her. I wish she
was my Consort, what an exquisite beauty.”

Diana smirked and then mounted her horse and rode to the resident of the
Regent. When she arrived, she was escorted inside to the sitting room where
she was told to wait.

Diana walked around the room casually looking at the art and decorations of
the room. Diana then heard Sahi coming down the corridor and she turned to see
her enter. The Regent and The Conqueror were in the middle of their
conversation when one of the Regent’s guards came into the chamber and
whispered into the Regents ear.

“ My Lord, Another Guest has arrived that I must greet, seeing how the guest
has come so far. If it is alright with you I would beg your leave to go and
greet this guest and then I will return?”

“ who is this guest that is more important than I AM?”

Xena asked somewhat irritated.

“ My Lord it is not that the guest is more important than You the Ruler, it is
just that I have been told that my new Consort has arrived and I would like to
go and greet her, and then I will return?”

“ Fine. I’ll wait for a few minutes then, then I will end this meeting and I
will not expect any more problems from this Province.”

“ I shall return in a few minutes.”

The Regent left the chamber and went to the room to which Diana was waiting
in. As she went she thought about her plans and how it was fortunate that
Diana showed up when she did, now she could put her plan into action sooner.

“ DIANA ?!! I can’t believe your here. Wow! you look absolutely wonderful!:”

Diana had removed her cloak , and remembering what she had on she was about to
put it back on but Sahi had come in and saw her already.
Sahi then went and gave Diana a huge hug and then a kiss. Diana was somewhat
taken back by the action, but she figure Sahi was obviously happy to see her.
After a moment Diana eased Sahi back to try not to hurt her feelings.

“ Hmmm....I see.”

“ I’m sorry Diana, I’m just so overjoyed that your here, this is a wonderful
surprise for me, thank you.”

“ Well Sahi, I....”

Diana saw the look in Sahi’s eyes and rather than hurt her with the real
reason for her visit she decided to let Sahi think what she wanted, it wasn’t
like Diana had not told her how she felt about things.

“ Never mind, anyway, how is everything going?”

“ It’s ok, my meeting is not going the way I wanted, but how could I expect it
to, considering who it is I’m meeting with. Anyway I’d rather not talk about
that, I want to talk about you.”

“ Well that won’t be a very long conversation, there’s not much to tell
outside of what I already told you.”

“ Yeah, well I have to admit I am so turned on that your here I just feel like
making love to you right here and now....”

“ Sahi....calm down....I’m not here for that...I Gods!”

“ I’m sorry Diana I didn’t mean to offend you.”

“ You didn’t, it’s not you, it’s just that I am a little uncomfortable right
now and your confession only made my physical problem more acute.”

“ I’m not sure what you mean, but I think your saying your in heat?”

Diana didn’t answer she just turned and went to look out one of the windows of
the sitting room.

“Diana I would be more than happy, and willing to help you relax.”

“ I’m afraid that it wouldn’t work, but thank you for the offer.”

“Diana I have to go back to a meeting, but why don’t you come with me, I
think you will really find my Guest an interesting person?”

“ Who is it?”

“ You’ll see, but can I ask a very large favor of you? You can say no and I
will understand, but It would probably go a long way to impress this person,
and maybe I’ll be able to get something out of these meetings?”

“ What?”

“ I...I’ll just ask it straight out, when we get to the chamber if when the
door is open if we can kiss, for luck, I know My guess will be envious of
the fact that I have a presumed Consort of such beauty , that I’m sure I
could get what I want, or at least one of the things I want ?”

Diana looked at Sahi, first with concern, and then after thinking about it for
a moment she then looked at her as a friend.

“ well Sahi before I give you my answer I want to make sure you understand
that this does not mean anything will change? Ok?”

“ Ok.”

“ Ok, I’ll do it.”

“ Thank you, thank you!”

“ your welcome.”

Diana and Sahi walked back to the meeting room and once they got there Sahi
turned to Diana and Diana turned to Sahi , Sahi then asked ,

“ ready?”

Diana was not nervous at all about what Sahi wanted, she just didn’t like Sahi
getting her hopes up, but she said she would help her, so this was how she was
going to help.

As the doors opened Sahi wrapped her arms around Diana’s waist and Diana held
back a smirk at the woman’s attempt to show her power. Diana put her hand on
the front of Sahi’s chest just above her breast and Sahi leaned in and kissed
Diana, and Diana kissed her back, but not as ardorly as Sahi was doing.

One of Sahi’s hands had moved from Diana’s waist and had moved to her behind
where she caressed and kneaded it. Diana was trying to hold back her objection
to this new addition so as to allow Sahi to make her impression on her other

“ When they finally broke their embrace, Sahi caressed Diana’s cheek and then
leaned back down and whispered in Diana’s ear,

“ Thank you.”

Diana smiled and was somewhat flushed from her embarrassment as to Sahi’s
action, but to anyone looking on it would appear that Diana was blushing.
After a moment the two women turned to face the guest inside. Diana’s mouth
fell open as her eyes went wide. Sahi saw the look on Diana’s face and she

“ are you surprised?”

Sahi knew Diana was reacting to seeing her Lord in her home. Diana didn’t
answer she just stood looking in the raging fires of ..... Xena’s eyes which
were looking up and down her body. Diana knew Xena was looking at what she was

“ come on?”

Diana broke her trance upon hearing Sahi’s voice once again.

“ Uh...No...I ....I ....I can’t stay, I have to go Sahi, I hope you

Diana then looked back at Xena who was still glaring at her, but now she was
visibly shaking. Diana knew Xena was trying to hold her temper, but with
everything that was going on inside of her she was losing. Diana’s heart was
beating wildly, and she would have found it funny had it not been such a
serious thing, especially since she had planned to confront Xena, now it was
she who would be confronted. By Xena The Conqueror.

Diana turned and headed back down the hall they had just come from and once
she turned the corner she took off running, she didn’t even stop to get her
cloak, but she just called for her horse and when it was brought she jumped
on it as it was going into full gallop, and flew down the street heading out
of town, and once she was away from the town, she threw one of the traveler’s
and went through, she came out the other end in front of the palace. She
jumped from the horse and ran into and up the palace staircase.

She arrived at their bedchambers and she went in and closed the door solidly
as her heartbeat so wildly that she thought it would just finally wear the
walls of her chest thin and then just beat out of it.

Meanwhile Xena had heard Diana break into a run and she heard the horse
galloping away from the resident. Xena then took a deep breath and scowling
she turned and sat down glaring at the door.

“ My Lord Xena, I’m sorry, I guess My Consort was a bit overwhelmed by seeing

Xena’s eyes slitted and she slowly raised her head up to the woman who had
dared to call Diana her Consort.

“ Your What?”

Xena said in a low dangerous voice. Sahi not knowing Xena, did not catch the
tone , but she saw the look and it scared her, but at the same time she knew
Diana and Xena would have it out when The Conqueror arrived back home.

“ Is there something wrong My Lord?”

“ Where do you know that girl from?”

“ I met her a while back and we got along so well that I told her I was
looking for a Consort and I thought she would make the perfect one ,don’t you
think she’s exquisite?”

“ Yes. But you said she’s your Consort?”

“ Yes, she just showed up to surprise me.”


Xena said through clenched teeth.

“ I see you have an interest in her?”

“ y.e.s.s..ss”

Xena hissed.

“ Well, I would be willing to let you have a taste of her if you will agree
with letting me have one of the things we had talked about?”

“ Your telling me your willing to share her with me?”

“ Yes.”

“ I have to go, but I will let you know my answer in about a month or so.”

“ Oh, ok, I’ll have my servants call for your carriage.”

“ Fine, you do that, and until you hear from me you are to continue with the
providing of goods to the other provinces and sending those arrested to the
Royal house for their day in court.”

“ Ok, I will do that until I hear from you.”

Sahi then bowed and turned and walked out the door, Xena stood watching the
young woman, Xena was watching her as if she was planning how she would have
her killed.

After a few moments Xena strided out to the front door and went and got into
her Carriage. Once she was out of sight of the town Xena called for the
carriage to halt and she got out and threw the traveler and then she got back
in and told the driver to drive straight at it. Xena arrived on the other side
in front of the Palace and she immediately headed up to their chamber.

the end of part 3
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