Home Part 4
By D.virtue

Diana heard Xena’s footfalls and she knew she was in for it, despite the fact of just getting over one major injury. Xena entered the sitting room and then came into the bed chamber door a moment later.

She quickly scanned the room and located her prey,

“ Come here.”

Xena sneered . Diana didn’t even think about it she just started walking towards Xena The Conqueror. Xena watched her move towards her and with many emotions running through her she visibly shook. Diana saw and she responded in kind.

Once Diana had come to stop in front of Xena, Xena lifted Diana’s chin up
with her strong fingers, by the time Xena had finished lifting Diana’s chin,
Diana was no longer touching the floor and was now completely eye level with
Xena The Conqueror.

Diana saw the jealous rage in Xena’s eyes, and she was about to explain.

“ My Lord.....”

“ Save it kitten! Right now I have needs and I’m sure you have the same, first
I’ll deal with those and then....I will deal with you about what happened! Now
strip and put the leather straps on and put the ....box by the bed, then get
on the bed and wait for me like you know I like. You have a lot to make up
for. Now go.”

Xena said with a scowl on her face as she let Diana down. Diana immediately
stripped out of her clothes and getting the box and taking the straps out and
putting them on her four extremities, she then placed the the box where she
was told and then got onto the bed and laid down on her back resting her head
on one of the pillows.

Xena in the meantime had stood watching Diana move around the room in complete
silence, and she knew Diana was trying to pacify her by being silent and doing
what she was told without question, but Xena was not buying, she waited for
Diana to get on the bed and then she removed her clothes and went and got on
the bed.

“ Consort I don’t want to hear a sound except those that you make when in
passion. Is that clear?”

“ Yes.”

“ good.”

Xena then leaned over Diana and taking her lips they kissed with need and
hunger. They feasted on each other’s mouth and tongue. Diana was moaning and
groaning as she squirmed under Xena. Who was making her own passionate sounds.
She was also ordering Diana to do different things.

“ Put your tongue out.”

Diana did as she was told and Xena slowly sucked it into her own warm mouth
and feasting on it for a bit she then let her teeth scrap along the tongue
until she was back at the tip of it.

“ Ooooo ......”

Diana shuddered to her toes, as her vocal responded to the sensation, a
tremoring sound was emitted from her. Xena, although angry, still had no
problems responding to Diana’s reactions. They were one.

Xena flicked her tongue over Diana’s lips and then she leaned down towards
Diana’s ear and she took the lobe into her mouth and Diana became a bundle of
nerve ending, and Xena was honing in on every one.

“ OOOOO....... I’m so hungry Xena.....”

Xena leaned away to look at Diana, and Diana looked at Xena hoping she would
not be angry at her for speaking, Xena watched Diana squirm under her
scrutiny for a moment, and then she leaned back down and whispered into
Diana’s ear.

“ I know, don’t worry, I’ll fill you as you will me.”

She then brought her hands into the action, and she ran her hands over Diana’s
breast and as she kneaded and pulled and twist the peaks Diana was shivering
at the sensations. Diana caressed Xena’s back hips and behind, she kneaded
the firm flesh of Xena’s behind and she moved underneath Xena to be able to
take one of Xena’s nipples into her mouth.

“ MMm...mmm...”

Diana was greedily sucking on Xena’s peak and Xena was pinching harder and
harder on Diana’s both of them were trying to take as much of the other into
them to fill their twin hungers.

Xena then grabbed Diana by her hair and pulled her back up , but Diana did not
want to let go of the taut nipple she was now drinking from, but Xena pulled
harder and Diana bit down on the peak and Xena pinched Diana’s harder as well
as pulled on her hair.

Xena knew Diana would not go to far with her teeth but she knew Diana also
knew she would increase the pressure on her’s so after a whimper Diana finally
let go and was greeted with a passionate hunger filled kiss that she grabbed a
handful of Xena’s hair to hold her there , but Xena had other plans.

“ She tried to break the kiss, but Diana held her hair and head pressed to
her, but Xena of course being Xena lifted up with Diana literally holding onto
her, still feasting on her sweet mouth. Xena gripped Diana’s wrist and added
pressure to it so that Diana let go of her hair.

She then tied the wrist to the hook, and then reaching for the other Diana
didn’t want to be tied down just yet and so she moved her hand around so that
Xena had to chase it with her hand.

“ Not yet! Please?!”

Xena didn’t speak she just watched Diana as she caught the wrist and quickly
tied it down. Xena then moved rapidly to tie Diana’s other limbs down, Diana
moved her legs and feet , but because she couldn’t move her upper extremities,
Xena easily caught them and tied them down.

Xena then ran her hands over Diana’s legs and thighs and over Diana’s soft
hairs making sure to caress the pulsating peak between. Diana hips jerked at
the touch to her highly needy peak. Xena continued to run her hands up over
Diana’s body.

Xena reveled in the feel of Diana’s body, she closed her eyes and she let her
fingers and hands remind of of every curve of Diana’s body, she rubbed and
caressed and kneaded and massaged different areas of Diana’s body.

“Ahhh....Xee..naa....pleaseee....take me....I need you now....”

Xena opened her eyes and looked down at Diana. She brought her hand back down
into the soft hairs of her nature and she slid two fingers towards Diana’s
flower as she did she spoke the words.

“ Reform my little shield.”

She then slid her fingers into Diana’s flower, Diana was trying to push onto
Xena’s strong fingers Xena slid a third and then a fourth finger into Diana’s
flower and she slowly pushed into Diana as Diana was trying to pull her wrist
free, Xena’s fingers made their way to Diana’s Shield and Diana went as still
as a board as Xena leaned forward over Diana’s body and she planted sweet
kisses to Diana’s face and neck as she pushed against Diana’s protective
shield. Xena covered Diana’s mouth with hers as she slowly but steadily pushed
and Diana had tears running down her face.

“ Owww......”

was all Diana was able to get out before Xena covered her mouth and kissed her
passionately and Diana returned the passion Xena’s mind was on what she was
doing between Diana’s legs as she was reminding herself of the feel of

“ Ohhhhh.....kitten.....yes...”

Xena whispered into Diana’s mouth. After a few torturous moments Xena went
through the shield and Diana felt the initial pain of it and then it was gone
and Xena had now set a frantic pace as she pumped with intensity into Diana’s
flower. Diana was trying to push against Xena’s active fingers but the ties
held Diana pretty much unable to move and therefore she was at Xena’s mercy
and whims.

Xena moved to Diana’s breast and she flicked her tongue over the nipples and
then she sucked one of the peaks into her mouth slowly while letting her teeth
scrape against it.

“ Ahhhh...Xennnaaa.....?”

Xena heard Diana’s plead and before she answered she sucked harder on Diana’s
peak as she pinched and pulled at the other and while pumping vigorously into
Diana’s flower. Xena then threw a thought to Diana.

“ Give Me Your Lord and Conqueror what is mine.”

“ Y.E.S.S.S.S.........!!!”

with that Diana and Xena went over into ecstasy. After a while for them to
catch their breaths Xena then pulled out one of the phallus’s and untying
Diana she flipped her over and entered her flower once again from the back.

Xena and Diana was wild in their mutual need and by the time all was said and
done, 3 weeks had gone by and Xena had taken Diana every way there was and In
different places, like the bed, tables ,couches, floors, bath....against the
walls, tied untied, over chairs. Xena used every thing in the box at least
three times, and had Diana pleasure her after every place and position, as she
did with Diana. Xena was dazed by her’s and Diana’s insatiable appetites , but
was able to handle it better than Diana who was delirious by it.

Diana was so delirious from their lovemaking that she once again had tried to
get loose from Xena to try and eat and or get something to drink, especially
considering Xena was not accommodating Diana with her breast so as to quench
her ravishing thirst, because of what she was busy doing to Diana’s supple

Xena would pull Diana back to her until she had finished all she wanted and
while Diana went in and out of unconsciousness at times after intense orgasms,
as did Xena at times, Xena continued to take Diana, finally after both were
completely sate and exhausted, Xena finally let them rest and drift into
contented unconsciousness.

After three days Xena awoke and working her muscles one at a time she was
finally able to get up and stretch and then get her and Diana cleaned up.
After Xena had finished cleaning them up.

She opened one of Diana’ eyelids to see her eyes, and seeing that they were
now chestnut with a ring of sapphire once again, Xena nodded her head and
making sure Diana would be comfortable when she awoke , Xena placed her under
the covers and went and ordered Dancea to have food ad drink brought to the
Royal chambers.

Xena then went into the box and taking out the vile she had used other times
to awaken Diana from her sleep after their heavy lovemaking , Xena went over
and taking the top off of the vile she ran it under Diana’s nose twice and
then went to sit and wait for Diana to awake.

Dancea had the food set up in the sitting room of the Royal chamber and Xena
dismissed her and other servants who had brought the food. Xena then went back
into the bed chamber and sat and waited for Diana to awake.

“ Hmmm.... “

Diana moaned as she began to awake from her euphoric slumber. Diana saw a
shadow in the far part of the room, but because her eyes were not focused yet
she could not tell who it was.

“ Xena?”

“ yes kitten, it’s me.”

“ Hmmm...I’m glad, I’ve missed you.”

“ I’ve missed you also kitten.”

Xena said from where she was sitting. Diana did not realize it but Xena was
still pissed about what she had saw and she was just buying her time before
she acted on it or on Diana’s backside, but for now she would let Diana get
oriented again and then they would eat.

“ And then Consort you have some explaining to do, and for your sake I hope
your explanation is acceptable to me.”

Xena thought to herself as she watched Diana try to steady herself. Eventually
Diana steadied herself and she slowly walked over to Xena.

“ sleep well love?”

Diana said as she sat upon Xena’s thigh and kissed her tenderly on the lips.
Xena kissed Diana back and said in a low voice.

“ yes, and you?”

“ great, I feel soooo....good...mmmmmm...”

Diana said as she stretched her arms. Xena watched Diana as Diana reveled in
her afterglow. Finally Xena said in a matter-of-fact voice.

“ I’ve had some food brought up for us, let’s go eat.”

“ Ok, I guess we do need to eat regular food?”

“ hmm.....it has it’s purposes.”

Diana and Xena then stood and walked into the sitting area. Xena walked behind
Diana slightly watching and thinking. After they had finished eating Xena

“ Full?”

“ Mmm...yes thank you. It seems like forever since we’ve eaten regular food

“ Hmm.... it’s true. Is there anything else you want?”

“ Only you.”

“ Really?”

“ yes.”

Diana said getting out of the chair and leaning over and giving Xena another
kiss and then turning and walking towards the couch. Xena sat as she watched
Diana, obviously still flying from their lovemaking, she decided now was as
good as time as any to get into it with Diana.

“ Consort?”

“ Yes Xena?”

“ explain yourself.”

Xena said with a change in her tone that made Diana turn and look at her.

“ Xena what is it?”

“ Wh...what is it?! What do you think it is Consort?!”

“ Xena I....I don’t understand.”

“ Well let me make it clear! What in Hades did you think you were doing
KISSING someone else?!!”

Diana felt as tho her heart had stopped beating , she knew she wasn’t
breathing at the moment , but she felt as tho she couldn’t do anything about
that right now.

“ Xe...Xena...I....I.....”

Xena scowled at Diana, and Diana knew she needed to correct herself.

“ My Lord Xena, it wasn’t what you think.”

“ Is that right?! How in hades do you explain... my property on someone else's
lips, and her hands on your ass?!”

“ Xena...I mean My Lord I ...she had asked me to help her impress a guest that
she was having problems with.”

“ So You offered to help her by allowing her to kiss you and letting her
fondle my property?!”

“ Xena I didn’t know it was you, I would have never agreed had I known that.”

“ It doesn’t matter! Those lips!”

Xena said as she pointed at Diana’s lips from where she now stood.

“ Should never have been on anyone else’s, especially if it had not been me
who saw it. What do you think that makes me look like, others seeing MY
CONSORT making out with someone else?! It would make me look like a FOOL! and
Consort I’ll tell you now, I won’t be made a fool of, especially by you, I
will cause you so much discomfort you would think your body was about to curl
in on it’s self.”

“ My Lord I would never knowingly make a fool of you, she is just a friend who
asked for my help.”

“She is NOT! Your friend.”

Xena hissed at Diana. Diana flinched.

“ My Lord she has been very kind to me.”

“ Diana what did I just tell you? She’s not your friend!”

“ How do you know that?”

“ Because I KNOW HER!”

Diana turned away, running her hand through her ebony hair.

“ Consort Turn the Hell around and look at ME!”

Diana turned back around immediately, and her breathing was now rapid and
increasing as she saw Xena visibly shaking.

“ Consort she is just using you to get to me.”

Diana didn’t say a word, she was to scared to speak, so she just listened.

“ She is a wick woman who wants to cause problems between you and I, she’s
hoping that you will leave me and go and be with her.”

“ How can she hope such a thing?”


Diana swallowed hard and trying to hold back her tears she played with the
material of the robe she was wearing, Xena saw that Diana was not only scared
but nervous.

“ I can’t believe she would do such a thing.”

Xena’s eyes flamed and Diana literally stepped back as if they had come out of
Xena’s head. Xena’s gaze narrowed and clenching and unclenching her bare teeth
, she looked Diana up and down, and then took a step towards her , but then
turned on her heels and went to the door and shouting orders to the

“ Have Miki come to me NOW!”

Xena then turned slamming the door and strided over to Diana. Diana back
peddled as Xena stormed towards her, but then she stopped backing up as Xena
looked down at Diana’s feet and arching her brow at Diana in a questioning
matter, Diana stopped.

Xena then came upon Diana and taking Diana’s chin in her hand she lifted
Diana’s chin and glaring into her Consorts tear filled eyes she said in a
barely controlled voice.

“ You doubted me once before Consort.”

Diana blinked and then she thought about Xena’s charge. Just as Diana was
about to say something, The Sentry knocked on the Door .

“ Come!”

“ My Lord, Lt Miki awaits audience with you?”

“ Send her in.”

Miki stepped into the room and Bowing she waited for The Conqueror to
acknowledge her.

“ Lt I sent for you so that you could tell My Consort who you are, and what
you do.”

“ Yes My Lord I understand. Lady Diana I am Lt Miki, I am a scout for My

“ Your a spy?”

Diana asked looking over at Xena and then back to the woman.

“ Yes.”

“ Where?”

“In the House of Regent Sahi.”

The scout said without blinking. Diana on the other hand stared at the woman
and then she looked over at Xena who was standing with her arms crossed over
her chest leaning on a table within the room, watching every reaction Diana
had to what she was being told.

Diana lowered her eyes for a moment as Xena cocked her head and raised a brow
at her. The Scout stood waiting for Diana to ask her other questions, but
Diana had none for her, instead Diana slowly raised her eyes up and with anger
flashing in her own eyes she said to the scout,

“ Thank you, I have nothing further for you.”

The scout bowed and then turned to The Conqueror who only dismissed her with a
wave of her hand. The scout bowed again and then left the room. Diana on the
other hand turned one way intending to go in the opposite direction of where
Xena sat studying her, but then she turned on her heels and strided over to
where Xena sat watching and waiting.

Diana took a slow breath and then taking Xena’s face in her hands she leaned
in and kissed Xena with devotion. Xena returned the kiss and Diana straddled
one of Xena’s thighs as she let her robe open and placed her flower against
Xena’s thigh.

Xena was surprised to feel Diana’s damp hairs. Her passion was lit and she
lifted off of the table and turning her and Diana around without breaking the
kiss she laid Diana on the table. Xena then let her hands run over Diana’s
chest and abdomen and finally down between Diana’s thighs.

Diana let her own hand and fingers slide between Xena’s powerful thighs.Xena
used her own thigh to widen Diana’s and then sliding the fingers of one of her
hands into Diana’s flower she took her, as Diana slid her fingers into Xena’s

Diana’s inner muscles started to tighten, but she held back until Xena said it
was ok, when Xena finally did, both she and Diana released, as they did
their bodies melted into one. After over an hour Xena finally allowed Diana to
get off the table.

Xena stepped back and watched Diana, studying her to see what her next move
would be. Diana lifted off the table and without closing her robe she stepped
back up to Xena and taking her hand in her’s she brought it to the hollow area
of her chest between her breast.

Xena felt Diana’s heart slowed and regular, she raised her brow at Diana in
wonder to whether she was feeling what she thought. Diana then let one of her
hands release Xena’s and putting her hand on Xena’s chest they felt the
oneness of each others hearts. Xena let a half smile pull at the corner of her
mouth and Diana leaned in and embraced Xena with her other arm.

Xena wrapped her arm around Diana and held her close. She kissed the top of
Diana’s head and after a while they broke their embrace.

“ You want to have some fun?”

Xena asked with a hit of danger in her voice for the person who used her
Diana looked up over her brow and answered.

“ Yes, but more than that, I want to destroy her.”

Diana said as her eyes slitted. Xena smirked at the familiar look in her own
Consorts eyes,and how it reminded her of herself.

“ Ha, ha...”

Xena chuckled as she slipped Diana’s robe off her shoulders and Diana let it
fall to the floor. Xena slowly went to one knee as she watched Diana’s eyes
follow her descent.

Leaning forward Xena parted Diana’s swollen lips and let her tongue speak for

“ Ahhhh......My Lord Xeee...naaaa.....Yesssss....forever........ I swear

Xena held Diana up as she lapped at Diana’s flower, she then slid her gifted
tongue into Diana’s hot flower and straight to her core, where she bathe the
quivering entrance. Diana was having a hard time standing but with Xena’s help
and her own resolve she was determined to do it.

“ Release to me Consort.”

Xena said throwing a thought to Diana. Diana held Xena’s Raven hair and she
released. Xena let her tongue absorb all of it as she closed her eyes
relishing the taste and feel of her Consorts sweet cream. After Diana’s
ecstasy had ended Xena slowly raised back to her full height, and running her
tongue over her lips she then said in a sensual voice.

“ Remember your oath kitten.”

Diana blushed and then bowed her head and held it there until Xena lifted her

“ I love you.”

“ I love you My Lord Xena.”

Xena smiled and then she turned on her heels and calling back to Diana she
said in her Conqueror’s tone.

“ Come.”

Diana smiled and then strided after Xena back into the bed chamber where they
made love for the next four days, and then recovering for another 2 days.
Finally when they were both back to themselves, they made their plans to
destroy Regent Sahi.

“ So I’m to pretend like I am angry with you and leave and go to her resident
under the guise that I am hurting and looking to allay my pain?”

“ Yes, and of course she will make the assumption that you came to her
Province because of her and your wanting to be with her.”

“ Ok, but what I don’t understand is what am I suppose to do when she makes
moves on me?”

“ Let her.”


“ Let her, let her think that you are willing to become her Consort.”

“ But....?”

“ Don’t worry your not to let her bed you, but allow her to ......touch you.”


Diana asked becoming somewhat uncomfortable about where this was going.
Xena saw the concern and smirked.

“ Your breast, your behind.....but no where else?”

“ Xena?!”

“I want you to frustrate the Hades out of her.”

“ And how am I suppose to do that?”

“ The same way you did it to me.”

“ Oh...very funny, ha, ha, ha.”

“ Welll..do you deny frustrating me when we first met?”

“ Welll...I wasn’t purposely trying to.”

“ I know, but none the less you did.”

“ Ok, so I’m suppose to tease her without being obvious?”

“ Yes, but remember her hands are not to touch here! At all.”

Xena placed her hand over Diana’ s jewel and Diana shivered at the touch. Xena
smiled and wiggled her fingers through the hairs and then with a flick of one
of her fingers she teased the hub of Diana’s nature causing Diana to go weak
by the sensation. She then removed her hand and went back to talking with

“ Is that better?”

“ Well at least that’s something.”

“hmmm....Diana you said you wanted to have fun?”

“ Yes..but I didn’t realize my letting her fondle me was considered torture
for her, if you ask me she’d think she died and went to heaven?”

“ yes she would, but what she doesn’t realize is when she gets you in her bed
chamber, before she can take you, I will show up and take her out, presumably
under the guise of jealousy.”

“ That’ s cool, but can’t we do it a little sooner? before she touches me all

“ trust me.”

“ I do.”

Xena smiled at the unflinching response.

“ anyway, her guards will be the witnesses to the whole thing, along with
Miki, who I will then place as the new Regent of the Province. That way the
people won’t just think I killed my Regent just for the sake of pleasure.”

“ Although that is exactly the reason?”

“ Yes, partly...but mostly because she tried to hurt you by using you.”

Xena said caressing Diana’s cheek. Diana leaned into the touch and went into
Xena’s strong arms and kissed her way down Xena’s chest, abdomen and finally
to her soft curls between her strong thighs.

Diana pleasured Xena as many times as Xena wanted and finally after numerous
ecstasies, Xena finally pulled Diana back up and kissed her with passion
tasting herself in Diana’s sweet mouth.

Later after the two had cleaned up and dressed, with Xena wearing black
leathers, and Diana wearing clothing suitable for a Consort,
sensual,soft,sheer, and light, with all complimenting the curves of Diana’s
provocative body.

Xena gazed at Diana as she dressed and when she had finished Xena called Diana
over to her.

‘ Come here kitten.”

Diana went over and Xena stood with her arms crossed over her chest, as she
looked with appreciative eyes up and down Diana’s body.

“ What?”

Diana said blushing under Xena’s scrutiny.

“ Nothing, I just wanted to look at how beautiful you are with and without
clothing. I’ve missed seeing you in such soft clothing, although I will admit
that I am surprised that you dressed without argument about what I told you to

“ Aha...so you admit I have a right to argue about having to wear such
feminine type clothing?”

“ No.....I said I was surprised, I didn’t say I understand, I do expect for
you to wear what I tell you to wear, without question.”

Xena said raising her brow as if in challenge of Diana to disagree. Diana
crossed her arms over her own chest and stood looking like she was going to
pout, but instead she waggled her brow and with a big smile she said with

“ Your so bossy.”

And then poked Xena in the arm and walked around her and went out the
bedchamber door, Xena smirked and followed Diana with her eyes before she
herself turned and strided out of the bedchamber doors. The two then left
their chamber and went to find Gabrielle in the library.

“ HI you two. I haven’t seen either of you for quite a while....not that I
expected to, but I did miss you both.”

“ Hello Gabrielle Diana and I had some ......things to take care of.”

Xena said with a wink. Gabrielle laughed out loud and then went and gave both
of the women a hug. Diana kissed Gabrielle on the forehead and Xena kissed her
on the top of her head.

“ So what’s up with you Gabrielle?”

Diana asked as the three of them went and sat in the sofa chairs.

“ Oh, I was just reading some more of the legal scrolls of the Amazon.”

“ Why?”

Diana asked not knowing that Gabrielle had become an Amazon. Xena however
realized it before Gabrielle could answer.

“ Diana I think you need to know something?”

“ What?”

Diana said looking over to Xena.

“ Gabrielle has become an Amazon.”

Diana looked at Xena and then over at Gabrielle, who was smiling a nervous
type smile.

“ When?”

“ Before Xena went after you.”

“ So you did talk to Xena about this like we had agreed you would before you
did it?”

“ Yes, she was tough, I didn’t think she would let me, I think she was asking
such tough questions to make up for the fact that you weren’t there and that
way she would be sure that when you were brought back you could rest assured
that she didn’t take it easy on me.”

Diana looked over at Xena and Xena nodded her head slightly. Diana then turned
back to Gabrielle and with some concern registering in her voice she asked,

“ Are you happy?”

“ Yes, although I still feel as though it is a dream, I mean I’m not only an
Amazon, but a princess also.”

Xena flinched at Gabrielle’s statement, realizing once again that it would
bring up questions about Terais.

“ A princess? How?”

“ Consort we need to put our plan into action.”

“ Ok, but I want to know how Gabrielle became an Amazon princess?”

“ We’ll talk about that later, right now we need to enlighten Gabrielle what
our plan is.”

“ But Xena....?”

“ Diana I want this taking care of as quickly as possible so that we can put
it behind us.”

“ But....”

“Diana not another word.”

Diana looked at Xena and seeing the seriousness in Xena’s eyes she decided to
let it go .....for the moment.

“ Ok, but we will talk about this later?”

“ Yes, now can we get on with our plan?”

“ Fine, your so impatient.”

“ Ok Consort.”

Xena said with a hint of a warning. Diana looked at Xena and then went quiet.
Xena then filled Gabrielle in as to what would be happening.

“ so how long do you think this will go on?”

“ Not very long, but for a little bit .”

“ hmmm...?”

“ What?”

Xena asked Gabrielle, seeing that Gabrielle had a confused look crossing her

“ It’s just that I’m a little surprised?”

“ About what?”

“ About you allowing anyone to touch Diana, and Diana willing to go along with

“ Hm...yes well....I thought long and hard about this before I decided to go
with it.”

“ And I was just as surprised as you were when she told me, but I’m looking
forward to teasing the heck out of her.”

“ I’m glad you two worked out this whole thing, I was worried that you two
would be upset at each other.”

Xena looked at Gabrielle somewhat confused at the statement, then she asked,

“ Why would Diana be upset with me about anything?”

Gabrielle’s brows went up and then she looked nervously over at Diana who was
now smirking.

“ Well? “

Xena said somewhat impatiently, Diana decided to answer rather than let

“ I was upset with you when you didn’t come back for me after the month was

“ You were upset about that? Why?”

“ Xena why do you think I was upset? I mean come on now, I just recover from a
major injury and when my memory comes back I find out that your not only not
there, but you haven’t been there the whole month.”

“ I couldn’t be there Diana.”

“ I know , Gabrielle told me what Rah had told you, but Xena that still did
not explain why you didn’t send a message or come after that. Two weeks I
waited to see if you were going to come, but you didn’t, so....I went to find
you and yell at you for a few minutes and maybe even knock you around after we
took care of more urgent things?”

Xena’s brow was arched the whole time Diana told her what she was feeling and
then arched more when Diana spoke about yelling and knocking her around, Diana
didn’t break eye contact with Xena as she waited for her answer.

“ Diana I didn't come for you after the month was up because I had to handle
the trading problem with Regent Sahi, I was upset and frustrated as hades that
I couldn’t come for you. I really needed you and had missed you soo....much,
but The other provinces were becoming antsy about not receiving supplies from
the Western Province, I did think about coming and having a few hours with

“ That would have only frustrated both of us.”

Diana said somewhat lighthearted.

“ I know, that’s exactly what I thought, so I decided to handle the Regent
problem first and then handle our intense needs afterwards.”

“ Ok, I can accept that, your lucky I thought I was going to have to knock you
around a bit.”

“ Uhhuh, lucky.....for you.”

“ XENA!”

“ Just stating facts kitten.”

“ Hmm...right.”

Diana said with mocked irritation. Xena smirked and Gabrielle laughed out

“ Anyway....”

Diana said returning to the previous subject before they digressed.

“ When should I leave for the Western Province?”

“ In one week.”

“Why a week ?”

Gabrielle asked naively. Xena gave Gabrielle a raised brow look and Gabrielle

“ Oh.”

Xena chuckled at Gabrielle’s innocents. Diana looked at Gabrielle and then at
Xena and because she had turned her head, having become distracted at a
thought that went through her head just when Gabrielle asked her question, she
did not hear or see what the answer was to it, so she asked.

“ Sooo....?”

Xena turned her head to look at Diana with some curiosity.

“ so, what?”

“ So, why a week?”

Xena bit the inside of her cheek to keep from laughing at the thought that
Diana didn’t catch her meaning, and the fact that Diana could be as naive as
Gabrielle at times. Gabrielle was laughing almost hysterically at the
ironicness of the situation.

“ What?”

Diana said furrowing her brows. Xena smirked and then said,

“ You’ll see why kitten.”

“ See what?”

Come on kitten, Gabrielle we’ll let you get back to your studying, I’ll talk
to you later.”

“ Ok, sis?”

“ Hm?”

“I am so happy that your alright.”

“Me too.”

Gabrielle gave Diana another hug and also Xena, and then Xena and Diana left
leaving Gabrielle to her study.

“ Soo.... why a week?”

“Xena turned and looked Diana squarely in the eyes and then said you are so
cute kitten.”

“ ok I’m cute, now tell me why a week?”

Diana griped as they headed towards the garden.

“ I told you I would show you kitten.”

“ when?”

“ aren’t you full of questions today?”

“ well I want to know the answers, so tell me.”

Xena and Diana was just passing an area of wildflowers that Gabrielle had
asked to have spread upon one area of open field. Once they arrived at the
field Xena headed through the field, Diana followed still asking the same

“ So are you ever going to tell me? or should I say show me?”

Xena suddenly turned and with a carnal look playing in her sapphire eyes,
Diana startled at both the sudden turn and the look.

“ Xena...?”

Xena cocked her head and looked at Diana as if she was food for the starving.
Diana blushed fiercely, and then looking at where they were she suddenly
developed a mischievous look on her own face.

“ Not answer me , huh? Well I’ll make you pay for it.”

Diana thought to herself, as she tried to keep what she was thinking from
crossing her face. Xena started moving towards Diana like a predator stalking
it’s prey. Diana backpedaled slowly as she casually glanced around the field
and noticed all the areas she could hide.

Just as Xena’s stride increased to get to Diana , Diana Suddenly took off
running , to Xena’s surprise.

“ Consort?”

“ Yes?”

Diana called as she flew through the field with Xena hot on her trail.

“ Stop.”

“ Catch me and I will.”

“ When I catch you , you’ll owe me.”

“ If you catch me then I’ll pay what you ask, if you don’t then you have to
wait until I come back from the Western province?”

Xena stopped running and Diana saw her stop so she stopped and turned and
waited for Xena’s response. Xena thought about Diana’s proposition, and then
she said,

“ Ok, I’ll accept that....but, if I catch you then I will take you on the
practice field?”

“ You mean us sparring?”

Diana said hopefully.

“ No...... I TAKE YOU.”

Diana’s brows knitted at the seemly simple challenge, until she saw Xena

“ What?”

“ I take you during my men’s practicing times.”

“ Xena?! You can’t be serious?”

“ I am, if you don’t come to me right now stripped, then I WILL catch you and
make you live up to this challenge.”

“ If I come to you right now, will you let me rest when I ask?”

“ Depends.”

“ On what?”

“ How I’m feeling.”

“ so in other words ...no?”

“ Maybe, I don’t know just yet, but I do know I plan on having you before you

Diana thought about Xena’s words of challenge, then she said in that
mischievous voice,

“ I think I’ll take you up on your challenge, My Lord, for I don’t believe you
can catch me before I make it to the lake.”

“ Done!”

Xena then took off for Diana, who turned and was sprinting to the lake from
the field, Xena was closing the gap with every lay of her feet to the ground.
Diana saw Xena closing the gap and she spared a quick glance at Xena who only
smirked, and then it seemed as tho Xena sped up.

Diana couldn’t believe it, she always thought she was as fast as Xena, but to
have Xena turn up her speed when it seemed as tho she had hit her stride Diana
was now sorry she didn’t take Xena up on her first statement.

“ Xena? I changed my mind!”

Diana called back to Xena who was just 12 steps behind now vs the 50 she had

“To late Consort, I’m going to thoroughly enjoy taking you at the other end of
the practice field. MMMMM.......Can’t wait.”

Xena taunted Diana, who now was blushing at the though of being so exposed to
Xena’s soldier’s. Diana saw the lake and saw Xena’s distance and trying to
increase her own speed just a little more she found she was at her stride
already and Xena knew it also. Diana none the less raced for the lake and just
when she was about to clear the field Xena moved in.

“ Aiyiyiyiyiya!!!”

Diana startled by the warcry, turned just in time to see Xena launch herself
at her. Diana and Xena went flying, and then when they landed they rolled as
one until they came to a stop with Xena straddling Diana’s hips.

“ Well...It looks like I won my little sweet kitten?”

Diana was breathing a little rapidly so when she answered she was slightly

“ Xena....It wasn’t fair.”

“ How do you figure that?”

Xena asked incredulously.

“ Because all this time I thought I was just as fast as you were.”

“And how did you come to that conclusion?”

“ I don’t know, I just always thought it.”

“ Well...if you really thought about it, you would have realized how wrong
you were?”

Diana raised up to her elbows and gazed at Xena with knitted brows.

“ How would I have realized that?”

“ Think about it, everytime you have tried to run from me, I caught you.”

“ Xena! That’s not true.”

“ Yes, it is Consort.”

Xena said poking Diana in the chest.

“ Ow. Why’d you do that?”

“ Because your arguing with me.”

“ I’m not arguing , I’m just pointing out to you that you have not beat me

“ Name one time that I have not caught you Consort?”

Xena said as she undid Diana’s top and letting Diana’s breast pop forth, along
with their tantalizing peaks. Diana was somewhat Distracted by the unexpected
release of her top that she gasped.

“ Xena?”

“ What?”

Xena said making intricate circles around the peaks.

“ That’s a little distracting.”

“ So don’t think about it, answer my question.”

Xena then lightly ran one of her fingernails over each of the peaks and she
saw the shiver run through Diana’s body.

“ Ah..! Xena how am I suppose to concentrate on ....man! what were we talking

Xena hid a wick smirk that threaten to take over her face at how responsive
Diana was to her.

“ Simple you either answer my question or I take you to the edge and leave you

“ Oh yes your question, anyway I have won at least once?”

“ Name it.”

Xena said simply as she pinched the peaks between her fingers and rolled and
pulled at them until they were straining against their own natural confines of
their dark coverings.

“ haaa...hahhh....Xenaaaa....?”

“ Answer Consort.”

“ I.....I....can’t think ...with you doing that....”

“ then your going to have a problem kitten.”

Xena stated flatly as she lowered her head to take Diana’s mouth. Diana moaned
into the kiss and brought her arms up around Xena’s neck and returned the
passion that Xena was giving. Xena abruptly broke the embrace, and with her
own eyes sparkling their need she resisted the urge to let Diana off the hook.

“ Well Consort tell me, when have I not caught you?”

Diana opened her half lidded eyes and gazed into Xena’s serious looking eyes
and said,

“ I don’t remember right now.”

“ too bad kitten, I think your going to be very uncomfortable until you can

Diana blinked at the implications and then said,

“ You wouldn’t! would you?”

Xena gave Diana a raised brow look and then lowered her head and whispered
into Diana ear.

“ Yes.”

Diana shuddered at the simple statement and Xena saw it. Xena then kissed and
sucked on Diana’s neck in her attempt to live up to her word, Diana either
would tell her , or have to deal with being tight when she went to Sahi’s.

“ Mmmm...my..sweet...kitten...it feels as though I have not had you in

Xena whispered as she nipped and sucked at Diana’s soft skin.

“ Well?”

“ Ohh......wh....what...?”

Diana moaned though her breathlessness.

“ Tell me.”

Diana tried to clear her head and taking a deep slow breath and trying not to
think about how good her body was feeling she finallly came up with an answer.

“ when we raced to see if you could catch me before I made it into the door of
our chambers.”

Xena licked and kissed and sucked her way down to Diana’s nipples and taking
one of them in her mouth and keeping the other in her fingers she slowly
sucked up and down the peak sending shivers and shudders through Diana, and
causing her to arch her chest up to meet Xena’s stimulating minstrations.

Xena threw a thought at Diana without removing her mouth from Diana’s peak.

“ wrong, I caught you just as you unlocked the door, matter of fact I
remember tackling you the same way.”

Xena said raising a brow up at Diana as she continued her journey of Diana’s
body. Xena slid her hand down between Diana’s soft curls and was caressing her
pulsating peak.

“ Try again Consort.”

“ Xe.....naaa....pleaseee....?”

“ try again.”


“ now Consort.”

Diana shivered as she felt herself becoming to tight to bear.

“ the time I made it to Gabrielle’s village?”

Xena stopped what she was doing for a moment to think about the statement ,
but then after a few minutes returned to her dipping and tasting of Diana’s
flowers. Diana’s abdomen was quivering by now and Xena saw she was nearing.

“ Consort you do not have my permission to release.”

“ Ah....pleaseee....?”

Diana said as she weakly raised her hands to draw Xena’s lips to hers, and
before they met she whispered,

“ I’ll not only let you take me on the practice field , but also during your
meetings with your advisors for the next few months.....if you allow me to
release as often as you arouse me?”

Xena shivered at the thought of taking Diana during her long boring meetings,
Diana felt the shiver within her flower, and she quivered at the sensation.
Xena looked deep into the chestnut eyes that were turning as she gazed.

“ I’ll allow you to release my Consort if you agree that I can take you
anytime time, not that I can’t do that now but it’s nice to know you agreed
even if you become to shy about it when it actually happens, I will tell you,
if you agree...some of the places and times that I have fantasized about
taking you will then become reality, and you won’t believe some of the

Xena said as her strong fingers moved excitedly at the thought of Diana

Diana’s eyes were closed tightly as she concentrated on what Xena was saying ,
while at the same time trying to not focus on what Xena was doing.

“ Ok!”

Diana agreed as she was now quivering throughout her body. Xena grinned
wickedly and then said in a smooth silky voice.

“ release then my succulent Consort.”

Xena leaned forward to connect with Diana’s lips and in doing so she increased
the rate at which she was thrusting into Diana’s flower, using her fingers to
pull Diana’s ecstasy from her flower, Xena curled and filled, and teased, at
Diana’s core as she took her . Diana broke the kiss that Xena had just started
and Xena looked at her in stunned surprise.

“ I want your breast?”

Diana moaned breathlessly. Xena smiled and then repositioning herself she let
her breast tease over Diana’s open mouth, when Diana tried to raise to capture
one of the taut nipples, Xena moved away and continued to thrust into Diana’s

“ Don’t reach for it, if you reach for it again you’ll not taste it today.”

Diana whimpered at the great need she had for Xena, and the possibility that
she woud not be able to keep from reaching. But Xena lowered herself back down
and once again Diana’s mouth was open and waiting, Diana faught the urge to
move for the teasing peak, instead her back arched off the ground and Xena
felt her’s and Diana’s imminent climaxes coming on.

So she lowered her breast into Diana’s waiting mouth and Diana sucked greedily
on the taut peak as her hands kneaded and squeezed the other breast and
nipple. And sliding her free hand between her and Xena she too worked Xena’s


Xena exclaimed as she felt the force of Diana’s suckling, and thrusting into
her, Diana was moaning and groaning as she brought Xena’s fluids to bear.
Diana sucked and bit and pulled at the sweet producing nipple, as she pinched
the other
with her fingers of one hand and curled and pulled at Xena’s ecstasy, after a
bit both Diana and Xena fell over into ecstasy, they both let their ecstasy
wash over them again and again.

Xena took Diana again and again as Diana was allowed to take a few minutes
between, to recover from the previous lovemaking activity. Diana was a little
surprised to see that Xena now was no longer recovering weak, but instead she
found Xena was getting stronger after each encounter between her and Diana.
Diana’s touch sent shivers through Xena’s body, even tho she was stronger.

Diana on the other hand was weak and quivering after each successive climax.

“ AH Yes! Your so exhilarating for me my sweet kitten! OOOOO........You make
me soooo.......desirous for you, I know Consort..... I practically comsume
you, but your soooo....very delicious.”

Diana laid weak and breathless, but sated, reveling in the afterglow of her’s
and Xena’s intense lovemaking.

“ How is it....that your up and moving as if you hadn’t just climaxed as many
times as myself?”

“ I told you Consort, you exhilarate me, more and more everytime. I’m
surprised it took this long to get to this point, but now that I have my
liittle kitten, I plan on having you more than I already do.”

Diana shuddered at the thought of Xena’s increased libido, but didn’t worry
whether she could handle it, her concern went to her agreement as to allowing
Xena to have her when and where she wanted, not that Xena couldn’t do that in
the first place.

After days, Xena and Diana finally finalized their plans.

“ Ok, I will stay here, but I expect to hear from you daily for the three days
that you are there, do you understand?”

“ Xena what if I can’t communicate with you daily,?”

“ then you don’t go alone, period!”

Diana took a deep breath and then she turned around while swiping at her face
to remove a stray strand of hair from her face.

“ Xena I can take care of myself, this is ridiculious, you treat me like a
helpless child and it’s not fair!”

“ Do you think I care if you think I’m not being fair about your safety? I
could careless about that, I will not allow you to be hurt Again! And if that
means me treating like a child, which for your information you are a child TO
ME, then so be it!”

“ Xena?!”

“ enough! You either do it my way, or you don’t go, and I take care of her

“ Man! You can be so unfair! “

Diana said frustrated by Xena’s strictness.

“ Fine, I’ll send word daily.”

“ good girl, also you will take one of the travellers with you, and if you
get into something and need to get out, this is the way. You’ll wear it as a
pin on your clothes.”

“ Ok. “

“Consort stop pouting, you won’t win this one.”

“ Welll...maybe Gabrielle will be able to convince you.”

“ Me?”

“Yes tell Xena what you told me .”

“ And what was that Gabrielle?”

Xena said raising a brow at Gabrielle. Gabrielle chewed her lip and then
spoke up when Xena said .

“ Well?”

“ Oh, yes....well I sort of told Diana that I thought the best way to make
her pretense appear real is to....”

Gabrielle looked to Diana for courage and Diana nodded her head as Xena
studied both of them the way she had done the first time she sat listening to
the two of them.

“ Well...I figure if Diana is allowed to wear her leathers to Regent Sahi’s
province then she will really believe Diana and you have split?”

“ And how is letting My Consort wear warrior clothes going to make this
pretense look real Gabrielle?”

Xena said with some irkness to her voice.

Gabrielle flushed but then explained how she came to the conclusion.

“ I....I.... thought because everyone knows how adamant you are that Diana not
wear or even have the appearance of a warrior, that by showing up in her
warrior’s leathers then Regent Sahi would be more convinced that Diana is for
real? What do you think?”

Xena pursed her lips and narrowed her eyes slightly at Gabrielle, and then she
cut her eyes to Diana who was about to say something when Xena narrowed her
gaze further, finally Xena spoke in a low, warning voice.

“ O...K..., you are allowed to wear your leathers.....”

“ Yes!”

Diana exclaimed and Xena glared at her . Diana lowered her Gaze immediately
and allowed Xena to finish.

“ Any...way...you may wear your leathers, but you are not to engage in battle
with anyone on your way to the Province....”

But what if I see bandits attacking women, or other people?”

Xena scowled at Diana and then she stood up and stated in no uncertain terms.

“ No! I don’t think this is a good Idea....I have a bad feeling about this, I
think I need to just handle this the way I had originally planned.”

“ Oh yes, and what was that ? You holding a special court to try Regent Sahi
for ...what? Coming on to your Consort? Xena get serious, how do you think
that will make you look? I won’t allow people to criticize you, because of
your fear of me getting hurt by Some Woman...Xena please remember who I Am, I
am not some weak person who has no skills of her own or resources....Please
Xena give me some credit for having survived all of these years without

Diana said with love but conviction as she went over to where Xena stood
gazing at her in wonder, taking her face in her hands Diana stated her case.
Xena inhaled through her nose as she took a deep sighing breath.

“ Ok! Consort I’ll let you do this. BUT! I expect for you to keep me informed
daily of where things stand, if you miss one day! one Day! Consort I will not
only tear Sahi limb from limb but I will think of the most uncomfortable
punishment for you, do I make myself abundantly clear?!”

Xena said with danger registering once again in her voice. Gabrielle and Diana
were both silent and thinking about the seriousness of the situation.

“ WELL?!”

“” OH! Yes...Xena , I mean My Lord...perfectly clear I will keep you up to
date on everything that is happening.”

“ Good girl. Gabrielle......because this was your idea for Diana to wear her
leathers, I feel it is only FAIR that I include you in on the outcome of

“ Wh...what does that mean?”

“ It means..... Gabrielle, that if something happens, I will use that leather
strap I had in my hands the day I sent for you...”

Xena assured Gabrielle. Gabrielle’s eyes went wide, but Diana looked at Xena
and said,

“ Xena ....if something happens, rather than punish Gabrielle, I’ll take
whatever punishment you would put on her.”

“ No. you’ll already be dealing with your own discomfort.”

“ Xena please I’ll take it afterwards?”

“ no. This was Gabrielle’s idea, therefore she will deal with the consequences
of those actions, besides it’s a good way to learn how to lead others, it
shows that if someone wants to be heard then they must realize their are pro’s
and cons to everything when one speaks out. Don’t you agree Gabrielle?”

Gabrielle swallowed hard, but then she said in a confident voice.

“ As an Amazon princess who is still learning I have to admit that you are
absolutely right My Lord Xena.”

“ Gabrielle?”

Diana said stunned by Gabrielle’s agreement. Xena cut her eyes to Diana and
then she looked back at Gabrielle and said,

“ Good girl, I’m glad you see it my way.”

“ Xena? Can I speak to you alone please?”

“ of course Consort. Gabrielle will you excuse us?”

“ Of course, I’ll see you later sis before you leave?”

“ Definitely.”

Ok, I’ll be in the library with one of the scribes and Solari, she said Queen
Ephiny was coming to visit.”

“ Really? How long has she been coming to vist you Gabrielle?”

Diana asked somewhat suspiciously.

“ since the two of you were away.”

Diana turned to face Gabrielle fully.

“ Gabrielle...is there something going on with the two of you?”

“ Diana...?”

Gabrielle said blushing. Diana frowned and Xena saw the expression cross
Diana’s face , but she had to admit she was not please with what seemed to be
going on.

“Gabrielle are you telling me that you and Ephiny have....been together?”

“ No! we’re just friends that’s all.”

“ Oh, ok.”

Diana turning to face Xena.

“I need to talk to you.”

“ Ok, Gabrielle I will talk to you later.”

“ Yes My Lord.”

Gabrielle turned and left the counsel room and Xena turned to Diana .

“ Ok Conosrt what is it?”

“ You can’t punish Gabrielle.”

“Diana that subject is closed.”

“ Well it’ll just have to be reopened.”

Diana said crossing her arms. Xena furrowed her brows and stepping towards
Diana who stepped back, Xena said in a low voice.

“ It’s closed.”

Diana looked Xena in the eyes and seeing the resolve Diana took a slow breath
and stepped back once again and turned and walked away.

“ Consort?”



Diana stopped, but did not look around.

“ Yes My Lord?”

“ I won’t punish her as long as she continues to do what she is told....and
nothing happens as a direct result of you wearing your leathers.”

“ Diana turned around to gaze at Xena and casted her a small smile, Xena
smirked and then opened her arms, Diana strided back to Xena and they
embraced. Xena then broke the embrace and she continued.

“ But Consort I will punish her If I think she needs to be, and I don’texpect
for you to interfere, is that clear?”

Xena asked looking deeply into Diana’s eyes.

“ Xena she is an Amazon Princess now and therefore she does have some special

“ True, but I am The Conqueror, and therefore irregardless of what rights any
of my Realm rulers has I still am the ultimate disciplinarian, and as such I
can and will dispense punishment as I see fit, remember that Consort.”

Xena then kissed Diana’s forehead and turned and headed for the door.

“ Come.”

Diana stood a moment longer thinking about what Xena had said , and she had to
admit she was right. After Diana and Xena arrived back in thier chamber, Diana
went to go and get cleaned up and change into her leathers for her trip to
Sahi’s Province.

“ So how do I look?”

“ Like a warrior.”

“ Good, then it’s appropriate.”

“Diana don’t forget what I told you?”

“ How could I, you threaten to make me uncomfortable if I did.”

“ Believe it.”

“ Xena if it were anyone else it wouldn’t even phrase me, but because it’s
you.....hm...trust me, I do .”

Xena smirked and then she said,

“ now we have to play this up for the household, as well as any of my soldiers
that are around.”

“ I have to ask, why do we have to play it up for your household and soldiers?
You don’t suspect any of them of being a spy, do you?”

“ no, but you never know...there could be at least one.”

“ Makes sense, ok, anytime that your ready?”

Meanwhile back in the Western province Sahi was making her plans with the help
of one of the Gods.

“Sahi I know you want to have the right and freedom to rule this Province the
way you want , and I can respect and even admire the way you have done so so

“ Ares I know your fondness for The Conqueror.”

“ True I do have a fondness for her, but it was based on her warrior side,
this side she has of a kinder gentler Conqueror is a turn off to
me...so....I’m looking for a replacement of sorts.”

“ what are you talking about Ares?”

“ Well... I like what I see in you, you have a lot of her use to be ways, your
cruel, heartless, and you want to bend people to your will, I couldn’t help
but notice you, I also know that you have developed a friendship with her
Consort Diana?”

“ Yes, I plan on trying to use her in some way, to get The Conqueror to give
me what I want.”

“ It’s an excellent idea, but your going to need some help, both Diana and
Xena are almost immortally strong, and highly skilled, and resourceful?”

“ Is the God of War offering his help?”

“ I am on one condition?”

“ What’s that?”

“ You capture and hold Diana here forever.”

“ How am I suppose to do that? You just said she’s strong and skilled and
resourceful, How am I suppose to capture and then hold her here...forever?”

“ I can get you some .......special equipment if you will.”

“ Really like what?’

“ well before we go into all of that I think we need to come up with a
plan...don’t you?”

“ Yes, we can do it over evening meal? or do you God types not eat?”

“ we eat when it suits us, but it’s not necessary.”

“ Ok, shall we?”

Sahi and The God of War sat down and hatched a plan to capture Diana.

“ So you can get me chains made by your sister’s husband Hephaestus?”

“ Yes, he owes me. I also know that your .....interested in Xena’s little love

“ So?”

“ I can get her to let you bed her ...if you want?”

Ares said with a devilish gleam. Sahi lit up at the idea of bedding such a

“ Ok...how?”

“It’s a special drug my sister has, she uses from time to time to get people
together for the first time and then let them decided if they want to stay

“ You would do all of this for .....what exactly?”

“ I told you, I like what I see in you and I like to reward those I see who I
think has the potential to succeed, and rule the way I like.....an iron fist
with no room for mercy.”

“ welll...Ares God of war, I think we have a lot in common.”

“ You have no idea.”

Ares thought to himself.

“ I’ll return later today.”

“ Ok.”

“ By the way Sahi...you might want to lock one of your soldiers up in a
different place then where you will have Diana locked up?”

“ What are you talking about Ares?”

“ You have a spy among you.”

“ who?!”

“ well let me put it like this.....you tell HER everything..”

Ares said as he faded from Sahi’s site.

“ Miki?”

Sahi said somewhat stunned, but then she got angry, and calling for personal
guards she had Miki arrested for Treason and told her she would be executed
as such as soon as her other plans came off.

“ Ares babe, take a chill pill, and chill.... out.”

“ Aphrodite I will have my Chosen back!”

“ I don’t know what planet your on, but on this one Your Chosen is in love
head over heels for Diana, and you have to admit they make an awesome

“ I don’t have to admit anything! Besides I happen to know that you want Xena
as much as any of the other Gods of Olympus?”

“ Including yourself, huh Ares?”

“ I’ll admit It would be quite a treat to bed her.”

“ it is.”

Ares knitted his brows and stood up abruptly.

“ What do you mean it is?!”

“ I mean brother dear, your Chosen and I have had our taste of one another.”

“ Your telling me The God of Love has been bedded by My Chosen before I even
bedded her?!”

“ It’s not always first come first serve brother dear, besides, I am the
Goddess of Love?”

“ ARGhhh! I don’t believe this! You and her?!”

“ hmm...and she is as magnificent as she looks....she has soooo....many
.....skills! And she is the master of all of them. OOO......sends shivers
through me to just think about it....which, brother dear...I think about

Ares scowled at his sister and a wick though came into his head.

“ Sooo...you got to experience The Conqueror? Well good for you Aphrodite. “

“ You mean that?”

Aphrodite asked somewhat suspiciously.

“ Yes...I think it’s wonderful that you got a chance to be taken by the Great
Xena. I know you two didn’t tell Diana? I’m sure she wouldn’t appreciate it?”

“ Are you kidding....Xena told me not to tell anyone!”

“ what would happen if you did?”

“ She said she would never bed me again, and I don’t want to lose such a

“ hmmm...I’m sure.”

Ares said absentmindedly, as he contemplated how he could use this new
information to his advantage.

“ Aphrodite, can I ask you a favor sis?”


“ I need some of the portion you have that turns mortals into lustful, needing

“ Why?”

“ I want to use it on someone.”

“ If you think I’m going to give you any of it so you can use it on Xena your
brain dead?”

“ No I’m not going to use it on her, I want her to come to me on her own, like
she did with you.”

“ Then who?”

Ares thought about it and then lied.

“ The Regent, I want to have her hot for me.”

“ hahahahaha, The God of War wants some mortal to be hot for him...what a
trip. Here you go bro.....have fun.”

“ Oh I will, you can be sure of that Aphrodite.”

“ Chow bro.”

“ Chow Aphrodite.”

Ares said through clenched teeth.

After Aphrodite left Ares went to visit Hephaestus, and get the chains.

“ Sahi in the meantime had determined where she would hold Diana, all she
needed now was the Chains from Ares and the potion he promised her, and Diana.

“ Xena I’ll be careful, by the way is Miki going to come here while I’m

“ No I think it would be better to not arouse any suspicion about her by
having her leave under different reasons just to get messages to me, you can
use a messager from Sahi’s household, just use this?”

“ What’s this?”

It ‘s a gift from a friend, all you need to do is write whatever you want to
tell me and then use a regular quill to write a fake note, that way if she has
all communication going through her, which she probably will if she’s smart,
then even if she reads this she’ll only be reading some benign message to
Gabrielle, telling her how your doing and the fact that she is not to tell me
where you are....”

“ Why not have Gabrielle tell you?”

“ Because that way she’ll think that you really are serious about not being
with me and not wanting to be with me.”

“ As if.”

Diana said as an aside. Xena smiled and then continued.

“Anyway, the note is to be sent to Gabrielle’s parent’s home to which they
will send it here via messager using one of the travelers.”

“ I get it, we don’t want her thinking there’s any connection with you, makes
sense to me.”

“ Ok, you have three days before I come after you?”

“ no problem. I love you.”

“ I love you kitten, be... c.a.r.e.f.u.l...?”

“ I will. I bet this will all be over before we have time to get tight.”

“ You’d lose.”

Xena said in all seriousness, Diana gazed into the piercing sapphire orbs, and
seeing the love in them her heart swelled. She went into Xena’s arms and gave
her a big hug and a passionate kiss.

Xena then stepped back and said,

“ Ready?”

“ Yes.”

“ ok...I love you.”

“ Love you too.”

Xena then said in her Conqueror’s voice.

“Consort! You get back here right now!”

“ No! I can’t believe you, I won’t let you treat me like this anymore!”

“ Like what?! Like the child your acting like?!”

“ Say what you will, but I am a grown woman and I have a right to make up my
own mind, and since I can’t do it here, then I will just leave and do as I

Diana then stormed out the door of their chambers and down the staircase out
into the front courtyard, where she called for her horse, all the while
muttering to herself.

Xena stormed after her and catching up with her she whirled Diana around, by
this time soldiers, advisors and servants were all watching the exchange.

“ How dare you walk away from me when I’m speaking to you CONSORT!”

“Let go?”

“ No.”

Diana then snatched her arm from Xena’s grip and turned to storm away and Xena
caught her arm once again and turned her aroud once again , only this time she
laid a backhand to Diana’s face. Not hard, but made to look like she had
struck her with all of strength.

Diana flew backwards, and by using her leaping skills, when she came to land,
she rolled and came back to her feet, and then went to her behind as if she
had lost her balance, due to being dazed from the strike.

Those watching begun to mumble among themselves and Xena turned and with a
scowl and vemon pouring from every word she hissed.

“ I believe you ALL have things to do?!”

The courtyard cleared instantly and it was Diana, her horse, Xena and
Gabrielle left standing.

“ You two can’t just end your relationship, I thought you loved each other?!”

“ Who‘s talking about ending anything? I have no intentions of letting Diana
go! And she knows it! Don’t you Consort?!”

Diana was now mounted on her and horse she headed for the gate calling over
her shoulder .

“ I know of no such thing..... Lord Xena!”

“ Aren’t you going to go after her?”

“ No, I’ll give her a few days to come back to her senses, Then I’ll go after

Xena watched Diana’s horse eat ground as Diana rode with all the speed her
horse could go, Gabrielle watched also and eventually Diana and her horse were
out of her view, but not out of Xena’s. Xena threw a thought to Diana.

“ I’ll be there for you kitten , I love you so much, be careful...please?”

Diana knew Xena would still be able to see her so she slowed her horse and
turning she casted Xena the biggest grin, and then returned a thought.

“ I know you will, I love you My Warrior, My Conqueror, My Lord....see you

“ definitely.”

Xena affirmed out loud as she turned and still wearing the mask on the outside
but none on the inside she strided back into the palace with Gabrielle
following a few steps behind.

They went to the sparring room and met up with some of the soldiers who were

“ Come on!”

Xena said with a sneer to her soldiers, as she picked up a sword and twirled
it in her hands. Xena worked up a sweat after taking on a lot of her soldiers
whom she had sent for , and then decided to go to the practice field where
even more of the soldiers were, along with Solari, and Eponin.

Gabrielle sparred with Xena as well and was beaten almost immediately as Xena
was in a zone and any and everyone was defeated by her soundly, Gabrielle got
a small nick to her shoulder as a lesson to defend herself better with her
staff, then she was bruised to her behind, thighs, sides and arms when Xena
worked out with her using a staff. The other soldiers received cuts to their

“ Enough!”

Xena then stormed away from the field and calling back to Gabrielle.

“ Come on Gabrielle!”

Gabrielle turned and jogged to catch up with Xena. Once they had reached the
bedchambers Xena told Gabrielle she didn’t feel like being alone.

“ Ok, I’ll stay here until this is all over.”

“ Thank you.”

“ I can sleep on the couch?”

“ why would you want to sleep there?”

“ I wouldn’t want to disturb you.”

“ Gabrielle you couldn’t disturb me, you’ll sleep in the bed with me, on
Diana’s side.”

“ ok.”

“ good, now I want to go get cleaned up.”

“ Ok I’ll go and get cleaned up and then return?”

“ Gabrielle didn’t I just say I don’t want to be alone right now?”

“ Yes...but...?”

No buts, you clean up here, besides there are night clothes you can wear. The
two went to go bathe and then changing into night clothing Gabrielle got into
bed, and after only a few moment s she was asleep.

Xena on the other hand sat and thought about Diana for a bit and then feeling
the day wash over her she got into the bed next to Gabrielle and she smiled
and before she went to sleep ,she gazed over at Gabrielle and saw the same
innocents in her face as she saw in Diana’s.

She leaned over and kissed Gabrielle on the cheek and Gabrielle curled into a
ball and with a small smile she continued her slumber. Xena smirked and then
laid back on her pillow and before Xena’s head hit the pillow she was asleep.

end of part 4
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