Home Part 5
By D.virtue


Diana arrived in Sahi’s Province and heading straight to Sahi’s resident, she
arrived and was sent to wait in the same room she had been sent to the first
time she was there.

“ I can’t believe this?! She’s here?”

“ Yes ma-am, she appears to be distressed about something?”

“ What do you mean?”

“ she looks as tho she has been crying My Lady?”

“ really and what makes you think she’s distressed?”

“ I overheard her muttering to herself about how she couldn’t believe what
Xena...had done and she must be crazy to think that she would ever go back
there to her again.”

“ She was saying that? How do you know she didn’t see you?”

“ I had already left the room and had closed the door and then reopened it,
because I had forgotten to tell her to wait there, I had only opened it a
small bit and she was sitting in one of the chairs with her feet curled up
under her and she was crying into her hands as she mumbled.”

“ Go and tell her I will be right there.”

“ Yes My Lady.”

Just as the guard left the room, Ares appeared.

“ What do you think? you think her and Xena have parted?”

“ I don’t know .”

Ares said as he rubbed his bearded chin.

“ They were closer than any couple I have ever seen, God or mortal, I don’t
know I would just watch her every move?”

“ Yes, I’ll have my messager bring me any and all messages she sends, without
her knowledge of course.”

Sahi said with a villainous gleam in her eyes. Ares grinned and then as he
disappeared he said,

“ just a drop and she’s yours.”

Sahi shivered at the thought and a lustful smile came to her eyes.

“ Diana?! What are you doing here? Not that I’m not thoroughly pleased that
you are, but I wasn’t expecting you?”

“ I know, I’m sorry I just needed to be somewhere that didn’t remind me of
certain people.”

“ People like who?”

“ It doesn’t matter.”

Diana said as she wiped her eyes and pretended to perk up.

“Anyway how are you doing?”

Sahi studied Diana for a moment , and if Diana was faking she couldn’t tell.

“ I’m fine, but you look like you have been crying?”

“ well...something happened and it hurts but I’m sure I can find other things
to take my mind off of it.”

“ Like what?”

“ like visiting with friends...silly?”

“ Oh, right, well I hope I can help you take your mind off of things?”

“ I’m sure you have ways of entertaining your guest?”

“ Oh believe me I do.”

Diana bit the inside of her cheek to keep from sneering at the woman and her
presumptions, if Xena and her did not have a plan, Diana thought she would
love to rip this woman apart. But instead of the sneer Diana smiled easily.

“ No hello?”

Diana looked at the woman and standing up she walked over to the open arms of

“ Sahi then encircled Diana’s waist with her arms and using her hand to hold
Diana’s face she planted a passionate kiss on Diana’s lips. Diana didn’t push
Sahi away immediately, but after a moment she did pull back and breaking the
embrace, she turned and strided back to the chair where she had just left.

“ I’m not here for that Sahi, nothing’s changed, I just need sometime to
figure out what I am going to do next.”

“ That’s ok, but I did notice you didn’t push me away as quickly as you had
been, that tells me that maybe whatever is bothering you you want to put it
behind you and move on with your life?”

“ That’s true, I do want to put certain things behind me, and look to the

“ I can help you with that if you let me?”

Diana studied Sahi for a moment knowing this was exactly what Xena and her
knew was going to happen, and Sahi was falling right into the trap. So Diana
went into playing her role as a confused young woman.

“ I don’t know Sahi?”

Sahi saw and heard her opening and she seized on it.

“ Well I do. Let me help you take your mind off of things and then you’ll see
how much better you feel?”

“ How?”

“ welll...we could start by you trusting me?”

“ I trust you Sahi.”

Diana lied. Sahi smiled and Diana smiled back. Sahi moved to where Diana was
sitting and bring her hands up to Diana’s cheeks she caressed them as she
gazed into Diana’s eyes watching for any signs of deception. Sahi figured that
if Diana flinched or stopped her too soon then she would know for sure that
Diana was still with Xena and that maybe her and Xena had made a plan to take
her down.

Sahi then slowly slid her hands down to Diana’s neck as Diana maintained eye
contact with the Regent. Sahi slowly slid her hands down to the top of Diana’s
breast and slowly over the soft flesh.

“ OHHH....so...soft.”

Sahi moaned as she closed her eyes for a moment to revel in the feel of
Diana’s breast under her hands. Diana at the same moment Sahi closed her eyes
took the opportunity to let her rage flash in her eyes for a moment and then
taking a deep breath, which served to not only calm her rage, but to make Sahi
think her touch had caused a pleasured response, and of course with Sahi
thinking that she became more bold in her exploration.

Sahi slowly unfastened Diana’s blouse and when Diana’s breast popped forth
Sahi’s breath caught in her throat.

“ By the Gods!! their magnificent! “

Sahi’s hands seem to have a mind of their own as they begun to knead the
flesh. she flicked her fingers over the peaks and not knowing what Diana’s
firm peaks looked like Sahi assumed Diana’s large nipples were already firm.
Diana faked a moan, to keep Sahi thinking she was turning her on.

Sahi then smiled and with her mouth almost watering she leaned up and in to
take one of the nipples into her mouth. Sahi sucked greedily on the peak and
was gripping at Diana’s other breast out of her hunger to know everything
about Diana’s breast.

“ Oooo......Ahhhh....mmmmm.....mmm..oo....”

Sahi sucked on Diana’s peaks for over half a candlemark, with Diana faking her
passionate moans. When Sahi’s hands started to slide down to Diana’s thighs
and start to run up because she was shaking to release the ecstasy, she was
holding back until she could touch Diana in her most private spot, but Diana
instead of letting Sahi continue, which she had no plans on doing in the first
place, she removed Sahi’s hands and then pulled her breast from Sahi’s greedy

“ I...I...can’t Sahi....I’m not ready for this, I hope you understand?”

Diana said apologetically as she jumped from the chair and ran to the door
just about to go out.
“ Diana don’t leave...please? “

Sahi called after her with great effort, due to the rapidness of her heart
beat and her breathlessness, and frustration from having her needs denied.
Diana smirked to herself because she knew Sahi was having problems composing
herself because of her highly aroused state. Diana then turned back around and
having put her blouse back on She looked at Sahi with sad eyes.

Sahi came to her feet and walked over to Diana.

“ I’ll show you where you can sleep, unless you like to sleep in my bed?”

Sahi said hopeful.

“ Not right now, I just need time to rest from my long trip?”

“ Ok.”

Sahi and Diana walked down a hallway and up a staircase to a room at the other
end of the corridor.

“ Where is your room?”

“right down this other hallway.”

“Oh ok.”

Diana said as she turned to go into the room.

“ Oh, Diana, I’ll see you later for afternoon meal?”

“ Ok.”

“ I’ll send one of the servants for you then.”

“ That will be fine, thank you Sahi, I feel a little better already.”

“ When I get through with you Diana, your going to feel great.”

Diana gave a small smile and then turned and went into the room. Sahi went
back to the meeting room where she found Ares waiting for her.

“ Soooo.....I see you got to have a taste of those exquisite breast?”

“ Ares her body is beyond anything magnificent.”

“ I know she and Xena both have bodies to die for. Anyway that’s not why I’m
here, I found out something from my Sister that I wasn’t sure if I should tell
you about or not...but I decided since we are working together, it would only
be fair to tell you.”

“ So what is it Ares?”

“It seems that my sister Aphrodite has been bedded by The Conqueror ....”

“ so how is that earth shattering news?”

Sahi said with sarcasm, Ares smirked and then finished.

“ It’s important because it happened doing the time Diana and Xena were

“ NO?!”

“ Yes...the way I figure it....because Diana doesn’t know about this you can
use it to sway her even more towards you. “

“Yes, and the more she’s drawn to you the more valuable she becomes. The
Conqueror will give me almost anything for her?”

“ That’s my girl, now your thinking big.”

Sahi then turned to Ares and asked ,

“ Are you sure she doesn’t know?”

“ Positive, my sister told me that Xena told her not to tell anyone, because
if she did
then Xena would never bed her again.”

“ How wonderful.”

Sahi took many deep breaths during her conversation with Ares and Ares noticed
the problem right away. But didn’t say anything.

“ Ares I’m suppose to have afternoon meal with Diana, so I’ll need to get back
to her, and maybe I can have dessert.”

“ hahahahaha....”

Ares laughed as he faded out of view. Diana in the meantime had written a
message to Xena using the special quill and then she wrote on top of it with a
regular quill to Gabrielle, tell her exactly what Xena had told her to write.

Sahi received the message before it left the resident, she read what was
obvious, but not able to see the other real message, she was pleased with the
note and sent the messager on his way. The message was delivered to
Gabrielle’s parents home and they immediately sent one of their local
messager’s to The Conqueror via the traveler.

“ Is she ok?”

Gabrielle asked anxiously. Xena read the message written last and then placing
a drop of a red liquid she read Diana’s real message.

“ Hi you two, I’m doing fine, I miss you but only two days left to go, Xena
you read this woman like a book she is definitely interested in having me, I
endured her.....fondling of my breast. I had to practically pry her off of
them. Anyway I was subtle about it, although I felt like tearing her apart,
but I’m sticking with our plan, because I told you I was going to be
good....Anyway She seems to have bought the charade and thinks that I will
become her Consort sometimes soon....if only she knew?! “

Xena smiled at the look she figured Diana was wearing at the last part, but
she visibly scowled at the thought of Sahi touching Diana anywhere, yet along
with her mouth on Diana...especially those. Gabrielle saw the look and placed
her hand on Xena’s shoulder.

“ It will be ok, remember it’s not like Diana is going to bond with her?”

Xena looked back over her shoulder at Gabrielle and smiled for the first time
since Diana had left.

“ Your right. Thank you Gabrielle.”

“ Anytime My Lord.”

“Xena patted Gabrielle’s hand and then she stood and said I guess it’s time to
hold Royal court.”

Xena sat on her throne listening to the pleads of the prisoners. She yawned at

“ I won’t do it again My Lord.”

“ You should not have done it the first time.”

The Conqueror said with disinterest, the prisoner bowed waiting for his
sentence which he knew would be harsher than what a crime like his warranted.

“ You are hereby sentence to work for Mr. Talmen as a hired hand, you are not
to miss a day of work unless you send your oldest son who is.?”

“ 16 winters my Lord.”

“ who is 16 winters in your place, and then you are only to be away for a day
or two, I will let the rest of the terms lie with Mr. Talmen...and if I hear
that you have stolen one thing even a kernel of corn...the next sentence WILL
be painful.”

Xena hissed as she finished. Xena The Conqueror held court for over 12
candlemarks, mainly to catch up on all of the Sentences, but also to keep from
having to go to bed. but now that she was mentally tired, she figured she
would be able to sleep out of exhaustion. When she arrived back in her
chambers she stripped from her clothes and climbed into bed. Kissed Gabrielle
who was already asleep on the cheek and laid down and went to sleep herself.

“ Welcome Diana, did you rest well?”

“Yes Sahi thank you, it was exactly what I needed after such a long ride .”

“ I hope your hungry?”

“ I am.”

“ Good.”

Sahi then clapped her hands and the servants brought out the food and drink.

“ I understand you don’t drink?”

“ Right, never had a taste for it.”

“ That’s admirable...I would prefer that my Consort would not have any vices
like that?”

“ Sahi...I thought we we’re going to go into this?”

“ Well we we’re I just had to say it, besides after the way you left me I’m
still having problems calming down.”

“ really? I’m sorry I didn’t mean to get you worked up.”

“ I’ll forgive you if you do something about it?”

Diana casually looked at Sahi as she reached for the jar of jam.

“ Like what?”

“ like maybe this?”

Sahi then went and pulled her chair in front of Diana and running her hands
slowly once again over Diana’s neck and breast, she once again opened the
blouse and took the nipple into her mouth once again and sucking harder than
before Sahi was soon worked up again and trying to run her hands up Diana’s
leather skirt, but again Diana pulled back and broke the contact.

“ Sahi I’m not ready for this yet.”

Diana said holding her temper in check.

“ Diana you can’t be serious? I need you?”

“ I’m sorry Sahi...maybe I should leave? Yes I think that would be a good
Idea, especially considering how I get you all worked up.”

“ NO! I mean no...I don’t want you to go, I will back off for a while ok?”

“ Are you sure you can?”

“ yes, see I’m already backing off?”

Sahi said as she returned her chair to it’s previous place. After noon meal
the two women walked around the resident, Sahi showing Diana all of the
different rooms. By the end of the day, Diana was worn, and in need so she
excused herself for the evening and went to her room and laid down on the bed,
after getting a necklace she had discreetly brought with her that she planned
on surprising Xena with.

Diana laid on the bed and activating the necklace her image appeared in Xena’s
bedchamber on a miniaturized mirror. Diana called Xena’s name a few times
quietly hoping to not wake Gabrielle whom Diana saw was sleeping in her bed,
Diana knew it was a comfort thing for both Xena and Gabrielle, Xena finally
stirred and came fully awake when she heard Diana’s voice so clearly.

She then quietly called back.

“ Diana?”

“ Xena...finally you woke up.”

“ Where are you Diana?”

Xena asked somewhat disconcerted by hearing but not seeing her Consort. It was
too much like hearing a shade, and Xena didn't like the meaning behind being a

“ Come over to the table, I’m on the small mirror that’s leaning against the
flower vase.”

Xena got out of the bed and went to look where Diana had said. Xena found the
mirror and picking it up she saw Diana smiling at her.

“ Surprise! You like?”

Xena smiled back and then said in a loving voice.

“ Yes, your a sight for my eyes Consort.”

“ If you take this in the sitting room we can talk freely without risk of
waking Gabrielle? Plus you can enlarge this to any size you want?”

“ Really?”

“ Yep.”

Xena stood, took another quick look at Gabrielle to make sure she was not
disturbed, and then she eased into the other room naked as a jaybird. She
immediately enlarged the mirror and saw that Diana was also very naked.

“ Soooo.... Consort what are you up to?”

“ I wanted to relax , and what’s is the best way for me to truly relax?”

Diana asked in her most seductive voice. Xena’s ears rung loudly at the sound
of Diana’s seduction.

“ Remind me.”

“ As you wish My Lord.”

Diana said as she slowly ran her hands over her face and mouth, and as she did
she let two fingers slip into her mouth as she licked and sucked on them,
slowly and sensually . Her other hand continued on it’s journey downward.
Diana watched Xena’s response as she moaned.

Xena sat mesmerized at what she was seeing, and feeling the overwhelming need
to join in she mimicked Diana’s movements, Diana was now mesmerized, Diana
slowly slid her hand to her flower while Xena slid hers to her jewel, They
both with half lidded eyes watched each other, Diana slid into her flower and
with the slow, deep rhythmic thrust of her fingers and watching Xena
pleasure herself she worked herself up to a frenzy.

Xena was also worked up and was moaning her own pleasure as she watched her

“ Xe...nnaaa.a....?”

“ Hmmmm.....”

“ May.....I.....?”

“ yessss...Consort....yessss.....release for me......”

“ OHHHHH.....Xeee....naaaaaaa.......”

Diana moaned quietly but with force as she went over into ecstasy, Xena heard,
and saw and she couldn’t help but release, falling over also the two of them
released, Diana removed her hand from her flower and turning over onto her

“ sweet dreams love.”

“ sweet dreams to you too kitten.”

“ Xena ?”

“ yes?”

“ You like my gift?”

Xena smirked and then she smiled showing those beautiful pearly white teeth of

“ I loved it, I needed you and was dreaming about you, the next thing I know
here you are...I’m quite pleased, and when I get you back here I’ll show you
just how pleased. I assume everything is alright?”

“ Yes love, don’t worry...good night Xena..”

“ Good night kitten, be careful?”

“ I will.”

Diana then winked at Xena and bringing the fingers that had just pleasured
her, she took them into her mouth and closed her eyes and sucked on them as
she contently let Morpheus have her. Xena watched Diana sleep for a while as
she thought about how serene she looked and at peace, Xena burned that image
into her head so that she would have it for all times.

“ You’ll be home soon kitten.”

Xena said as she finally miniaturized the mirror and went back to the
bedchamber and fell into a deep semi fitful sleep.

Sahi went to her room, and although she too was tired she was also worked up
and uncomfortable, so she started to pleasure herself for release when Ares
showed up.

“ Ares?! What are you doing here?”

Sahi exclaimed as she removed her hand from her private area and sat up on the

“ Oh, don’t stop on my account, I find it a turn on.”

“ What is it Ares?”

“ Well two things. If I were you I would get her chained as soon as possible
like tomorrow.”

“ Why?”

“ You heard her, she’s thinking about leaving, and I know you don’t want that
for a number of reasons, one of which is you would lose your valuable
negotiations tool, and also your dessert?”

“ your right ....but I don’t think she is faking her feelings?”

“ faking or not you can not be soft on her once you have her, also tomorrow at
breakfast put one drop of the Jobind in her tea, but don’t let her drink it
until you get her standing over the spot, then casually stop and talk or
whatever, but let her drink some of the tea, then have one of your servants
come and take the cups pretending like you two are going to go somewhere,
where you can’t drink the tea...like riding? Once she hands the cup to you,
activate the trap door and the guards that you have waiting for her when she
hits bottom, will need to immediately chain her....otherwise her highly
aroused state will end up causing her to need to get away and back to Xena, or
she may let you take her just to get calm?”

“ you mean it’s no guarantee that she will turn to me?”

“ No, but then again I’m not sure.”

“ Hmmm...that sucks...welll....maybe I can get her to turn to me if her needs
are overwhelmingly stimulating?”

“ What do you mean?”

“ I could give her more of the Jobind, until she does turn to me?”

“ Oh, I don’t know about that? I’m not sure what the effects would be on a
mortal if they were to have more than one drop, you might not want to do that

“ But you said she and Xena are not like other mortals?”

“ Hmmm......that’s true...welll....another drop or two a day apart might not
hurt anything.”

“ good, because even if she doesn’t turn to me on her own...I will not give
her up and I will take her.”

Sahi said as she exhaled slowly. Ares watched the woman and his own libido was
humming, especially after watching Sahi with Diana and Sahi pleasuring

“ So Ares’ what was the other reason for your visit?”

“ Huh?”

“ You said there were two reasons? What’s the second?”

“ Oh, yeah...what do you say we relieve both of our tensions?”

“ How ?”

“ Like this....”

Ares said as he now stood stripped in front of Sahi and she sat nude on top of
the blankets in her bed. Both smiled a feral smile and although Sahi would
have preferred to bed Diana, she was not going to balk at being bedded by a
God...especially the God Of War.

Sahi allowed Ares in her bed and once he was in they kissed like crazed
weasels, Sahi then lowered herself down Ares muscular chest, down to his
powerful looking manhood. She took the shaft into her mouth and she sucked on
it greedily, Ares moaned his pleasure as Sahi worked his manhood, after a bit
of work on it Ares fire poured into Sahi’s hungry mouth, she sucked until it
stopped and then she moved back up his body and he moved down hers.

Ares being a God used some of his Godly powers to arouse Sahi further and then
he lapped at her release just as hungrily. Finally he took her and when he was
done Sahi Laid unconscious for the rest of the night. The next day Sahi was
not as tight, but she still needed Diana, but she had to do what Ares had said
first because she did not want to take the chance that Diana would leave
prematurely, as Sahi thought about what Ares said she started to get angry at
the thought that Diana was lying to her...otherwise why would she need to get
back to Xena,or even want to, considering she and Xena supposedly aren’t
together again.

“ Diana I’ll fix you for lying to me.”

Sahi said to herself as she went to talk to the servants. Diana meant up with
Sahi in the dining quarters and Sahi greeted her as she had been with a
passionate kiss, only this time she was running her plan through her head as
she sat with Diana.

After Diana and Sahi had finished eating Sahi suggested they take their tea as
they walked, Diana didn’t have a problem with that, so she and Sahi headed
towards Sahi’s set trap, unbeknownst to Diana, the Servant caught up with them
and gave them their tea and just as they took a few sips Diana begun to feel
Dizzy and just as she was about to say something the floor went out from under

Diana screamed as she fell for what seemed like forever, when suddenly she hit
the bottom with a thud.

“ Is she ok?!”

Sahi called down to the guards.

“ Yes My Lady just unconscious.”

“ Good. now get her chained like I told you to chain her and then leave the
room and report to me.”

“ Yes My Lady .”

The two guards chained Diana against the wall, with the special shackles,
after stripping her nude. They left on the necklace and seeing that it was
still activated only as a transmitter now, for Diana had changed the mode so
as not to have Xena call her unexpectedly, in front of Sahi.

“ My Lady ? Your orders has been carried out.”

“ Good.”

Sahi then went to the chamber where she had Diana held and she went into the
tightly sealed room, where the only opening was a glass peep window that
allowed one to look in from the only door at Diana, who was moaning and
squirming against her shackles and the highly aroused state she was now in.

Sahi went in and slowly approached Diana. Diana looked up at her and breathing
rapidly she asked,

“ Why? Ohhhh....”

“ Because I want you Diana...let me ease this for you?”

“ Sahi...please? You have to let me go.”

“ why?”

“ you wouldn’t understand.....Godssss...please Sahi?”

“ No I won’t let you go back to her.”

“ Who?”

“Xena The Conqueror.”

“ Sahi I don’t know what your talking about....please?”

“ Don’t lie to me Diana?!”

“ Sahi please I have to have relief?”

Sahi then moved up to Diana and kissed her with zest, Diana responded without
wanting too, but her libido was on overdrive. Sahi ran her hands over Diana’s
breast and then she lowered her head to Diana’s nipples.

Even highly aroused Diana nipples were not taut because Sahi was not a Chosen
and therefore even if Diana responded because of her libido her body still
would not produce any libations for Sahi, and she would not release as a
result of Sahi’s attention, instead Sahi would do nothing but frustrate Diana.

Diana realizing this she jerked her body away from Sahi.

“ Fine you don’t want me, well the only thing you’ll get is food and water, I
can wait this out longer than you can.”

It was then Sahi really noticed the necklace.

“ This is beautiful, is it from her?”

“ Sahi...?”

Sahi snatched the necklace off of Diana’s neck and stuffed it into one of her

“ Sahi...?! I have too....”

“ Forget it! Your not going anywhere!”

Sahi then turned and stormed out of the chamber,cursing herself for not seeing
how attached Diana was to Xena.

“ Well she’ll never see her again....your mine Diana..willing or unwilling!”

Sahi said to herself out loud. Diana was perspiring and moaning and groaning
for Xena now. Meanwhile back at the Palace Xena was just waking and did not
hear or see the exchange between Sahi and Diana.

If she had the walls of Sahi’s resident would be tumbling down by now. But as
it was, she did not hear that exchange. Sahi had one of the servants take the
necklace to her quarters and then fix a tray for Diana and go and feed her.

“Make sure you put the drop in the food this time, she may be suspicious of
any liquid? And make sure you show her there is nothing to worry about from
the water, she needs to drink.”

“ Yes My Lady.”

The servant did as she was told and taking the food to Diana she did indeed
find Diana leery of drinking anything until the servant took a drink first.
Then she drank deeply. The servant then fed Diana and afterwards she left the
room only to look back in through the window of the door and see Diana
screaming and pulling savagely at the chains and shackles that were holding
her. The Servants curiosity got the better of her and she opened the door a
crack to see what the shackled young woman was screaming.

“ XENA?!!!!!”

The servant was horrified at the terror and need in the sound of the woman’s
scream. Diana was visibly shaking and perspiring profusely, when she wasn’t
screaming for The Conqueror she was pulling at the shackles and clenching her
teeth trying to control the overwhelming arousal she was experiencing, but she
couldn’t even come close to controlling her run away libido....Even in her
overstimulated state she knew if Xena could just touch her it would go a long
way to calm her long enough to really catch her breath.

The servant ran from the corridor and back up the hidden stairs. Only to be
met by Sahi.

“ What was that ?!”

“ It was the young woman, after I fed her I left the chamber and because I
wanted to see what the reaction would be on the woman I turned and looked back
to see her, she appeared to be screaming , her body was covered with
perspiration, she was shaking, and pulling at her shackles, along with
clenching her teeth.”

“ What was she screaming?”

Sahi said indifferently. The servant spoke and said the truth.

“ She was screaming for The Conqueror My Lady.”

“ So she still doesn’t want me hmmm....?”

Sahi thought to herself.

“ Fine! Tomorrow put the drop in her drink and give it to her.”

“ But My Lady...?”

“ Don’t worry it will be the last drop I will given to her.”

“ Yes My Lady.”

The servant said as she was dismissed from the Regents presence. In the
meantime as the day progressed Xena was on edge from the moment she woke up
and had become downright irritable,coincidently at the same time Diana

“ Where is she?!!”

“ My Lord You need to calm down?”

“ DON’T! ! Tell me to calm down...She knows she is suppose to contact me
daily, something is wrong.... I have to get there?”

“ Xena give her one day, if by in the morning she does not contact you then
you should go?”

“ Ephiny by then she could be hurt...or worse depending on what’s happening.”

“ Well if your going Gabrielle has filled me in on things and My Amazons are
awaiting orders.”

“ Good because we go now. It’s already way pass the time for Diana to contact
me. Damn I knew I should not have let her go alone!”

“ Xena she knew what she was doing, and was more than willing to do it for you
and her, and the people of that Province. She has a huge heart Lord Xena.”

“yes she does, and that maybe her downfall.”

Xena said sarcastically.

then turned and headed for her chambers to get her weapons and things. Ephiny
in the meantime sent word for the Amazons to standby. They all headed for the
Western Province using the travelers to shorten the distance.

“ Ok, here’s the plan Xena has laid out for us. We are to divide up and sneak
into the resident and locate Diana as quickly as possible, once we do we are
to get her out of there along with Miki if she is still alive. “

“ What happens after we have both of them?”

“ then one of you will send a call to let us know that you have her or them.”

“ What if we don’t find her?”

“Then send that call, but either way let us know.”

Xena then glanced at Ephiny and Gabrielle and said, ferralling her mouth.

“ Let’s go!”

they came to the resident of the Regent and were immediately escorted to the

“ Sahi, Where is she?!”

“ My Lord Xena? What are you doing here? And where is who?”

“ Save it Sahi! I know Diana is here.”

“ Why would you want Diana?”

Xena didn’t want to show her hand but she had to allow some information.

“ I’m sure you know by now Sahi That Diana Is My Consort.”

“ Actually Lord Xena I’ve known for a while, but I didn’t know how I could use
that information...at least not until just recently.”

“ And what does that mean?”

Xena said controlling her rage.

“ Well..... I decided first of all Diana would be a valuable tool to get what
I wanted?”

“ which is the right to run My Province the way you want to?!”

Xena said derisively. Sahi smirked and then answered.

“ Yes, as a matter of fact. I do want to run this Province as I see fit, with
no interference from you”

“ And what makes you think I will go along with this?”

“ Because I know how much you want Diana back.”

“ I could just rip you apart and then just take Diana?”

Xena said with an evil gleam in her eyes. Sahi flinched at the look, but then
composed herself, figuring she had nothing to fear as long as she had Diana.

“ My Lord what would that accomplish, I’ve always heard you were The Conqueror
first and then everything else came in to play?”

“ Well I Am still The Conqueror and if you don’t tell me where my Consort is
I’ll remind you of Why I’m called that.”

Sahi swallowed hard, but maintained her bearing.

“ If you take me out, then you will never be able to free Diana.”

“ What do you mean free her?”

“ I mean I had her locked up for the last two days.”

“ Xena snatched Sahi by the throat and lifted her up off of her feet without
effort, and throwing darts at Sahi’s eyes with her own. If you have hurt her
in any way I will have your head on a stick.”

“ Sh...sh...she’s not hurt...”

Sahi choked out as she was starting to see spots before her eyes.

“ My Lord Xena it might be wise to wait on this course of action?”

Ephiny whispered to Xena. Xena clenched her teeth and then dropped Sahi back
to her feet.

“ Your right....for now.”

Xena said with contempt.

“ What do you want?”

“ A contract.... that states that I and I alone run this Province and I want
your signature and the Royal seal on it.”

“ I want to see Diana first .....alone.”

Xena figured if she could see Diana alone she could get her out of the place
and then torture Sahi the way she has dreamed about since this whole thing

“ My Lord I would like to go with you?”

Ephiny said with concern.

“ Fine. “

Xena still glaring at Sahi.

“ You may see her Lord Xena, you and Queen Ephiny.”

Sahi clapped her hands and a servant appeared.

“ Show Lord Xena and Queen Ephiny to Lady Diana.”

“ Yes My Lady.”

The servant took the two women to the chamber and there they saw some of the
other Amazons and Gabrielle all red eyed from the obvious crying they had been

Xena’s heart clenched at the Sight of Gabrielle trembling holding herself as
if trying to comfort herself. Xena’s own breathing had increased at the sight
of the many Amazons all standing and holding themselves. Ephiny was the one
to ask the question.

“ What is it?!”

“ It’s ....it’s.....it’s....”

Solari choked on her words. Xena still had not spoke she continued to stare at

“ Someone tell us what is going on now!”

Ephiny said losing her patience.

Eponin finally spoke.

“ It’s Diana....it doesn’t appear that she .......”

Eponin paused taking a moment to take a few deep breaths, and look at The
Conqueror who had no expression on her face.

“ It doesn’t appear that she is ....alive. She’s not moving and haven’t moved
for the last hour.”

Eponin’s heart was now pounding out of her chest as was everyone else’s as
they waited to see or hear Xena’s reaction. Xena only raised her brow at
Gabrielle who by now had tears running down her face again and was visibly
shaking. Xena’s face contorted into that of a Demoness, the anger, the hate,
the rage, the murderous heart all trying to take over, but she was determined
to see for herself.

She moved in front of the door, and slowly turning her head to look in
through the door she was stunned to see Diana chained to the wall, shackled
nude and head hanging with her hair hanging damply over her face, eyes closed,
skin glistening as if she had been bathe or something.

Xena looked for long moments trying to see any movement with her eagle like
eyes, but she saw none. Xena’s heart began to beat wildly against her chest
and she visibly shuddered.

“ unlock it now!!!”

The servant unlocked the door, and then stepped back out of the way to let The
Conqueror open the door. Xena pulled the handle and was just opening the door
when all of a sudden she felt like she was hit in the stomach.

“ AHHH!!!!”

She slammed the door shut and leaned heavily on the door trying to catch her

“ XENA?!!”

Gabrielle screamed at last and ran to her.

“ I..I’m fine....Gabrielle....Diana’s not dead.”

Xena said with a wry smirk. Gabrielle as well as the others all stared at Xena
in complete shock.

“ Xena?”

“Gabrielle...she’s not dead...she’s just in a catatonic state.”

“ But ...but how?”

“ She was given too much Jobind.”

“ Jobind? what’s that ?”

“ It’s a juice used by the Gods to stimulate mortals into being attracted to
each other. Usually injected by Cupids arrow for normal mortals, but it seems
it was given to Diana as drop form?”

“ Drops.”

“ Drops?”

Xena said turning to look at the servant.

“ Yes Regent Sahi had it put in her tea the first time then her food the next
and then water on the third time.”


Xena said in horror.

“ Yes, after the third she went into how you see her now, she has not moved
for over a full day, I had bathe her prior to her receiving the third dose,
Regent Sahi was angry at her for not wanting her, and for calling for you all
of the time up until she went into this state.”

Xena now was looking around like a caged animal who was about to find a way

“ I can’t get her out.”

“ But Xena Why?!”

Gabrielle asked almost hysterical.

“ Gabrielle I need you to calm down, I can’t get her out just yet because for
one, she has chains on made by Hephaestus, there unbreakable by any mortal
means, I’m going to need a God to help me, also once I get that I still can
not be the one to go in.”

“ Ok...ok, I understand why you can’t get her loose, but why can’t you go in
to her?”

“ Gabrielle, you know that because Diana and I are connected to one another by
our very souls, and because of that right now Diana’s body is producing so
much pheromone that it is causing my own body to react to hers...”

Xena saw the confused look crossing Gabrielle’s face and so she tried to
explain a different way.

“ it’s like a magnet...usually when one of us is producing the other is also
but at a lesser degree, therefore we are drawn to each other. but with the
highly aroused state that Diana is in, it’s like she’s pushing and causing my
own body to push back, so that if we get anywhere near each other the
tightness that is normally an indication of our need and is a turn on will now
act like a vice that gets tighter and tighter the closer we get to one
another, I wouldn’t make it from here to the inside of this door before I was
taken over by her pheromone...I could end up like her.”

“ So how do we get her back, after we get her out of there?”

Gabrielle asked angrily as she thought about how she and Xena had almost lost
Diana the last time.

“ Gabrielle I can get her back but like I said I need help.”

“ Ok.”

Gabrielle said wiping her eyes. Xena then took another look at Diana and she
threw a thought at her.

“ Kitten ? can you hear me?”


Diana said weakly with her mind. Xena’s heart lurched and she was sure
everyone had seen it.

“ Diana ? how do you feel?”

“ like I’m floating... but yet a heavy type of feeling in my lungs it’s sort
of hard to breath...short of breath, like I’m not getting enough air...man can
I use some...also sort of an out of body thing...you know what I mean?”

“ Yes kitten I know what you mean. Do you know what’s happened?’

“ Not sure, I remember being drugged after drinking some water...after that
things get blurry and then just disappears...it looks like once again I was
wrong and you were right, huh?”

“ That’s not important right now....what’s important is getting you out of

“ ok come and get me? I think I’m dressed for what we need?”

“ Hmmm.....yes you are, but it’s not that simple.”

“ Why not?”

“ Kitten can you move ?”

“ yes, see?”

Xena watched to see if Diana could move.

“ Did you see?”

“ No kitten, you didn’t move.”

“ What do you mean I didn’t move? I was wiggling all over this wall.”

Xena took a deep calming breath and then threw her thought once again.

“ Kitten you were given an overdose of Jobind.”

“ What do you mean an overdose?”

“ The Jobind is the juice that we used once, that increased our already active

“ Oh yes ...I remember that well.”

“ Yes well.....It seems that Sahi got a hold of some of it and she gave you
more than any mortal should have, your in a catatonic state right now

Xena thought to Diana as moisture formed in her eyes.

“ Xena are you telling me I’ve gone crazy?”

“ NO! I’m telling you that because your so worked up that your body could do
nothing but shut down to prevent you from dehydrating.”

“ Oh, I see, well I guess its just another hurdle to get over, huh?”

“ Right kitten and we will.”

“ I know.”

“ My Lord?”

the servant asked interrupting the Conqueror and her unheard conversation with

“ What is it?!”

“ I’d like to know If I can help, I think what Regent Sahi has done is
atrocious, Lady Diana is the kindest person i know.”

“ HOW...do you know that?”

“ It was my village that she tried to protect the first time you two met. I
told those who were looking after me after my Parents died from fever, that I
was going to find her one day and see if I could ride with her.”

Xena looked deep into the young girls eyes and she saw only the truth and it
reminded her of Gabrielle.

“ Fine, the first thing is you are not to tell the Regent that you saw any of
these people here, and I want you too stay here and send information back to
this young woman here, Gabrielle, she and these other women will wait for me
to come back, but I need someone to take care of Diana . She can not receive
anymore of the Jobind, is that clear?”

“ yes My Lord, I will even try to find it and dispose of it.”

“ If you can do that I will put you as Lady Diana’s personal hand servant
back in my Palace.”

The young girl grinned from ear to ear to think that she would be able to be
close to Diana. Xena held the girls chin in her hand and lifted her face up.

“ I see no deceit in your eyes....but if I have judged you wrong and you hurt
her anymore than she already has been...I promise you little girl you will be
the first to be executed ....painfully.”

Xena promised. The girls eyes went wide , and she swallowed hard. Xena let her
chin go, and the girl took courage in her truthfulness and said with

“ My Lord I look forward to serving in your Royal household, as soon as this
is over.”

Xena nodded slightly and then turned to Gabrielle and Ephiny.

“ I want you to take this....”

Xena handed Gabrielle one of the sets of earrings she had stored in her
weapons belt. Then she took Gabrielle aside and told her what it was and how
to use it, she also told her not to tell any one else. Then Xena and Gabrielle
returned to the others and Xena told Solari what she wanted.

I want you to have the Amazons wait just outside the province, back where we
talked about.”

“Ok Lord Xena...and Xena?”

“ What?”

“ We’re going to get Diana out of here, or die trying.”

Solari gave Xena’s arm a squeeze and Xena returned it. The Amazons then
started to slip out the way they had come and Solari waited for Gabrielle to
finish speaking with Xena.

“ Xena? Is Diana really going to be ok?”

“ If we can get her out of here, and me close enough to touch her, she’ll be

Xena said giving a squeeze to Gabrielle’s shoulder. Gabrielle gave a small
nervous smile and Xena casted her a confident smile. Gabrielle then nodded and
looking over at the young girl she said,

“ Take care of her.”

“ I will, I promise.”

The servant assured.

Gabrielle then turned and met up with Solari and they disappeared out of the
corridor of the chamber. Xena took another look at Diana and throwing a
thought she said,

“ I have to go and deal with Sahi, but I’ll be back to get you out of here.”


Xena’s heart wanted to break at the complete trust Diana had in her. Xena
turned abruptly and headed out of the corridor and back to where Sahi was
waiting, she strided up to Sahi and with with an inferno burning in her eyes
she told her in no uncertain terms.

“ If anything else happens to her I will personally rip your throat out with
my bare hands....slowly.”

“nothing is going to happen to her, I’m surprised that this has happened in
the first place, my intention was not to hurt her but to have her as not only
a tool against you but also as My Consort.”

“ let me make something perfectly clear, If you touch her, I will break
whatever part of your body that touches her body.”

“No problem, right now all I want is my contract.”

Xena then turned and strode to the door of the room and without looking back
over her shoulder she said,

” I’ll be in touch...oh and by the way...I want her clothes put back on
her...and she use to have a necklace, put it back on her ...it was a gift from
one of her friends.”

“ Fine.”

Sahi sent the servant girl to go and retrieve Diana’s things.

“ Let your guards put them back on her, since they were the one’s to take them
off of her I assume?”

“ Ok Whatever, just don’t try anything.”

Xena smirked to herself as she exited out of the room and out to her horse
that was brought back around.

Xena The Conqueror, and Ephiny mounted their horses and galloped out of town
at full speed, Xena riding tall in her saddle. Meanwhile Ares had watched the
interaction between Sahi and Xena and seeing that everything was well in hand
he let his attention be diverted to other things.

Xena and Ephiny met up with the other Amazons and after Xena went over her
plan she then left to go and have the contract drawn up while at the same time
thinking about which God it was that was helping Sahi.

end of part 5
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