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By D.virtue


Xena arrived back at the Palace by using the traveler and she immediately
called her advisors to her.

“ Draco, I want you and the other war advisors to come up with a contract that
would for all appearances look as though Regent Sahi is getting the Royal
households ok to run The Western Province the way she chooses, without the
interference of the Royal house.”

“ I’m not sure I understand, you want, to let her have the right to rule the
Western Province how she sees fit, without having to go through You The

“ No! I want you to draw up a contract that APPEARS to give her those powers.”

“ Ok I understand that, but I’m sure you have some idea how you want this to

“ Yes. It should read something to the effect of......It is hereby declared
and decreed by me, The Conqueror, that Regent Sahi of the western province is
hereby granted the right of independence to rule and govern the previous area
of The Realm as she see necessary to keep law and order, as she deems
necessary and appropriate without input from the Royal household, unless the
risk of war presents itself, and in order to protect the Realm then will the
Royal house become Governing body once again. Regent Sahi may rule the
Province for as long as no legitimate grievous is lodged against her as
Determined by an independent group of magistrates, Chosen by The people of My
Realm. 5 such Magistrates shall be chosen for the task of judging the
legitimacy of any and all grievouses, if none are found to be legitimate,
those making the charge shall come before The Conqueror for their punishment
for making false statements against The Ruler of The Realms appointed
leader/s........and then end it the normal way. Have it sent out as soon as I
have seen the final draft and have signed it....Oh and Advisor Draco, I want
it delivered within the day. Otherwise all of you will have to answer to me,
and I’m not feeling very forgiving.”

Xena finished with narrowed eyes, with the slightest hint of an arch to one
of them.
The Advisors including Draco all swallowed hard at the promised punishment, if
The Conqueror’s orders were not carried out the way she had ordered.

Xena then dismissed her Advisors so that they could draw up the contract.
After they were gone she called for Aphrodite.

“ Aphrodite?!”

After a moment Aphrodite appeared before Xena.

“ You called Xena love?”

“ Yes, and don’t call me that again!”

“ Ok, Xena babe ,chill, I meant no offense.”

“ Fine, and don’t call me that either. Anyway...Diana is in trouble and I need
your help.”

“ Really? and what do I get for my help? More of you will do nicely?”

Xena glared at Aphrodite who went quiet and then lowered her eyes.

“ You’ll have my respect!”

Xena said pointedly. Aphrodite flinched and then said humbly.

“ It’s not the same, but coming from you ...I’ll take it.”

“ Good choice.”

“ Now How can I help you?”

“ Diana is chained in one of the chambers of Regent Sahi. The chains and
shackles look like they were made by Hephaestus, and therefore I can’t break
them, I need you too....”

“ First of all Xena, I can’t break them either, secondly why would my husband
want to help this Sahi chick, he doesn’t even know any such person?”

“ Aphrodite I know you can’t break them, only one of Hephaestus’s own cutters
can cut through the metal, also I don’t think Hephaestus is behind this?”

“ But you just said his metals are being use to imprison Diana?”

“ Yes, they are, but I don’t think he knows that ...I think there is another
God behind this deviousness.”

“ Ares?”

“ Yes! Ares, The God Of War and Your brother!”

“ Xena I can assure you I had no idea?”

“ Really?”

Xena said narrowing her gaze at Aphrodite as she slowly walked towards her.

“ Hey Xena baby what’s up?”

“ I told you not to call me That.”

“ Ok, ok, stop the stalking and tell me what’s going on?”

“ Aphrodite, Regent Sahi also had a vile made by the Gods...especially the
Goddess of Love.”

Xena now had Aphrodite backed into the wall of the counsel room.

“ Uh! What?”

“How do you explain her having the Jobind juice?”

“Who had it?”

“Regent Sahi.”

“ How did she get it?”

“ What do you mean how did she get it? you obviously gave it too her at some
point in time?!”

“ I did not, I have never even meant this Sahi person, the only people I have
ever given my special elixir to was you and a queen from another time, and

“ Ares?! When did you give it too him?”

“ A couple of days ago.

“That explains it! that’s how Sahi was able to capture Diana.”

“ H.E.L.L.O..... can you please enlighten me?”

Xena looked back at Aphrodite and with a smirk she turned and explained it to

“ Ares used you and your husband to get the chains and the elixir, and then he
gave them to Sahi to use on Diana knowing that regular chains would not hold

“ I’m with you on the chain thing, but why my elixir?”

“ Because Ares knew that Sahi had a thing for My Consort. He figured if he
could get Diana out of the picture then maybe I would return to him out of a
need for vengeance.”

“ Well Xena you have to admit, Diana is hot, and your going to have a lot of
people after her....and you, I mean even us Gods would love to have her....”

“ Enough! I will tell you this only once Aphrodite, if any of you .......ever
touch My Consort .....I Will destroy that God or Goddess, even if I have to
become a God to do it! Do I make myself clear?!”

Xena warned. Aphrodite was holding her breath as she was sure she saw fire
come out of Xena’s eyes.

“ Perfectly, I just wanted you to know what was the thought out there, that’s

“ Fine! Now I know. Now back to what I want you to do. I want you to go and
get the cutters from your husband and bring them to me, After I get Diana I am
going to have a word or two with Ares.”

“ So am I .....I can’t believe he tricked me like that, but what’s worse is he
tricked and used my husband....oooo I’m so mad! I’ll get that for you Xena.”

“Good, hurry back with it, as soon as I get the contract in my hand I’ll be
heading back to the Province.”

“ Ok, chow for now.”

Aphrodite vanished from sight and Xena went about getting things set for the
fall of her treasonous Regent.

Xena called one of her Royal scribes to her.

“ Mechess...I want this sent to the Royal court Magistrate. “

“ Yes My Lord.”

“ A decree will soon be going out regarding the rule of the Western Province
by Regent Sahi, within the decree a counsel of 5 magistrates is to be elected
by the people of all of the Realm, this counsel is for the purpose of fielding
any grievous against Regent Sahi should any be found to be legitimate. This
will be the duty of the five Magistrates doing the ruling time of Regent Sahi.
Now have the word sent out throughout the Realm that all of the Magistrates
from all over the Realm are to appear before The Conqueror, and a vote, by
the people, to choose five from among them will take place in 3 days, all
citizens of the Realm of legal age will participate in the vote.”

“ I’ll send it out immediately My Lord.”

Xena dismissed the Scribe and sat back in the chair and picking up the mirror
she looked at it to see if Diana had indeed been dressed and her necklace
Xena was happy to see that Diana indeed had been dressed, her hair had even
been washed and looked as tho it had been brushed.

While Xena was gazing at Diana she saw her move. Xena immediately enlarged the
mirror to allow her to see Diana’s full body. A soldier had come into the room
and Diana’s head had come up to look at the man. Xena saw a strange look in
Diana’s eyes, they were a blue black type color. Xena was happy to hear that
Diana had the transmit still activated, so she was able to hear what was going

“ Hello L.A.D.Y.....Diana....”

The Guard said with a lecherous voice. Xena’s blood was boiling, she vowed to
herself that once this was over that this Guard would die painfully. The guard
moved closer to Diana as Diana watched him approach.

“ Can I get you anything?”

The guard asked not out of concern but more out of curiosity.


Came a weak and breathless response. Xena’s heart pounded wildly in her chest
when she heard Diana’s voice. She was gripping the mirror tightly, but
realized she had to take her hands off of it otherwise she would break it. so
she removed her hands and placed one under her chin in a fist form and the
other she rested on her lap. She continued to watch the scene unfold as Diana
watched the Guard.

“ Air huh? Maybe I can help with that?”

The guard then moved close to Diana and with a lecherous grin at Diana he
brought his hands up to Diana’s face and took her face between his hands and
as he moved closer to kiss her Diana’s eyes were now black looking and she had
a strange smile on her face. Xena watched Diana's eyes as the man put his lips
against Diana’s.

Xena was stunned to see that the man was not moving except for his upper back
and chest. Diana’s eyes were changing colors once again, they were now
changing to the sapphire color of Xena’s own eyes, but a shade or two darker.

Once they had, Diana was the one to break the kiss, even though she was not
able to use her hands, she had used her mouth to hold the man in place while
she sucked the air from his lungs, the man fell down dead at Diana’s feet.
Diana smiled and then her head fell forward again and once again she did not
Xena sat back hard in her chair as she thought of the risk of Diana being
rescued by the others and her drawing them to her for the purpose of getting
the air she obviously feels she is not getting being in the state she is in at
the moment.

Xena knew she had to make sure that the others knew to blind fold and bind
Diana with the leather straps that Xena would take with her so that Diana did
not attack anyone because of the raging need inside of her, at least not until
Xena could get close enough to calm Diana with her touch.

There came a knock on the door of Xena's outer chamber door and Dancea went to
open it. Then knocking on the bedchamber door Xena told Dancea to come in.

“ My Lord? Advisor Draco is here to speak with you?”

“ I’ll be out in a moment.”

Xena strided out of the bedchamber and went to sit on one of the sofa chairs.

“ Well?!”

Xena said impatiently.

“ My Lord Xena, here is the contract you wanted, and word has been sent out
throughout the Realm about the Magistrates .”

Xena read the contract and saw it was what she wanted, she then stood and said

“I will be returning to The Western Province tomorrow at noon.”

“ Yes My Lord, will you require your Royal Guard to escort you?”

“ It is a Royal visit isn’t it?”

Xena said sarcastically. Draco bowed and then being dismissed by The Conqueror
he left the chamber. Xena then stood and stretched, she rubbed her

forehead and then feeling the stress of the day wearing on her she called to
Dancea to fill a bath.

Xena went to soak for a bit while she thought about how to get close enough to
Diana to sooth her. Xena soaked for over a candlemark, and then was oiled and
massaged by Dancea. Xena then put on her robe and sat on the bed still
thinking of how to handle Diana. Xena fell asleep thinking about Diana and
their situation. the next day Xena awoke before first light. She had thought
of a way to get close to Diana once she was back at the Palace. Xena ate a
light breakfast and got updates on all of her orders. a candlemark before Xena
was to leave Aphrodite appeared.

“ Xena I have those cutters for you.

“ Good, thanks, I need you to do something else.”

“ What?”

“ you know I can’t get close to Diana while she is so highly aroused due to
our bond?”

“ Yes, to which I have never known this to happen before.”

“ well Diana isn’t like most people, and neither am I. Anyway, can you make a
invisible type shield that will keep Diana from moving even after she comes
out of the catatonic state she is in?”

“ Yes, but why wouldn’t you want her to move?”

“ Because as she is sooth, meaning allowed to release, she will become more
and more aggressive, and wild if she is allowed to move, and she could
possibly get hurt by me if we come together too soon, especially considering I
will react to her appetite as a result of the over stimulation of her body by
the elixir.”

“ So what your saying is she gets more and more active as the stress is

“ Yes.”

“ Ok, so what type of shield do you want?”

“ One that allows me to touch her, and her feel me touching her, but yet have
the protection of the shield to prevent her from getting loose.”

“ Where do you want it?”

“Around her.”

“ ok , all they have to do is lay her on the bed and it will automatically
form around her. it’ll be like a second skin on her until it’s removed.”

“ Good.”

A knock on the door came once again and this time it was one of Xena’s Royal
guard announcing her Royal carriage was ready.

“ I do not want the carriage, bring my horse around, I will ride.”

“ Yes My Lord.”

The guard brought Xena’s horse around personally. Xena mounted wearing a pair
of her dark leather pants and top. With a dark blue cloak.

“ Let’s go!”

Xena lead the way throwing out one of the travelers and going through. They
came out at the cave where The Amazons were hidden. Xena ordered her Guards to
wait where they were, as she dismounted and headed into the cave.

“ Lord Xena, your back?”

“ Yes, where is Gabrielle and Ephiny?”

“ Here we are.”

“ Gabrielle, Ephiny, I have the contract drawn up, it will allow Sahi the
right to run the province as she sees fit for a brief time.”

“ Then what?”

“ Then I make an example of her.”

Xena sneered.

“ What about you and Diana not being able to get close because of her
producing so much pheromone?”

“ I have that all worked out, but you and Ephiny and Solari and Eponin has to
carry it out.”

“ Ok. What?”

“ When you go in to get Diana , you can not look her in the eyes at all!”

“ Why?”

“ Because of her state, her body response to any person going into the
chamber, and she draws them to her with not only her bodies production of an
overwhelming amount of pheromone, but also with her eyes.”

“ Ok no looking in the eyes, what else?”

“ Gabrielle this is serious, Diana can hurt or even kill in this state.”

“ I know, we’ll be careful.”

“ Good, also you have to make sure to blind fold her first and then tie her
hands before the cutters are used, otherwise....welll just make sure their
tied first, then tie her feet, then use the cutters...here use these.”

Xena handed Gabrielle the leather strap ties.

“Once you have her, take her to our bedchambers and place her on the bed and
leave her there. I’ll take it from there.”

“ How long will Sahi have her way?”

“ Not long, I have to go, I want you guys to wait for word from me, Ephiny
will deliver it to you, telling you whether to sneak in and get Diana or come
through the front door and escorted to where she is. I won’t wait for you to
get her because I can’t be there when she comes out of the chamber.”

“ Where will you be? “

“ I’ll be around just in case Regent Sahi decides to change her mind.”

Xena scowled at the thought.

“ But if Regent Sahi change her mind, won’t Diana being out of the chamber
prevent you from getting close enough to fight. with Sahi?”

“ It would prove a challenge, anyway I have to go, Ephiny.”

Xena and Ephiny both left the cave with Xena’s Royal guard and headed to the
Regents resident.

“ Welcome back, that was quick?”

“Let’s skip the pleasantries shall we.”

The Conqueror said sarcastically. Sahi blanched at the hateful gaze Xena
leveled on her.

“ Here!”

Xena handed the rolled contract with the Royal seal to the Regent. Sahi took
it and seeing the seal she opened it and read the contents of the scroll. She
smiled at what she read.

“ welll...?”

Xena asked even tho she knew the answer.

“ I couldn’t ask for anything better.”

“ Then you need to sign it and Queen Ephiny will witness your signature.”

Sahi nodded and taking the quill her servant had brought for her to use
Regent Sahi signed it, and then Queen Ephiny of the Amazons witnessed it. Once
done, Ephiny handed the contract to Xena The Conqueror, Xena took it glanced
at the signatures and then rolled the contract back and handed it to one of
the Royal guards, who immediately placed it inside of a leather pouch and
sealed it.

Xena then strode over to Sahi and said,

” I want my Consort Now!”

Sahi looked away and hid her discomfort with losing Diana, although she had
yet to even get close to Diana since she had her chained. Xena knew what was
going through Sahi’s head and her rage was increasing with every passing

“ Is there a problem Regent Sahi!”

Xena said derisively.

“ No...no, no problem you have lived up to your word the least I can do is do
the same.”

“ IT Is ALL you can do to keep breathing.”

The Conqueror said with threat. Sahi then turned and faced The Conqueror.

“ Fine you may take her.”

“ Ephiny.”

Ephiny turned and went to get the waiting Amazons, Eponin, Solari, and

“ Where is she going?”

“ To get Diana’s sister and a couple of the Amazons to help take Diana back to
the palace.”

“ Why don’t you just get her?”

“ I prefer to let her sister have some time with her sister.”

“ Oh, well whatever.”

Sahi turned away once again and Xena’s eyes narrowed to slits as she watched
her. Ephiny and the others came back after an hour and Xena told the same
servant to escort them to where Diana was located.

“ Gabrielle, I’ll let you handle this from here. Remember what I said?”

Xena spoke in a low voice for Gabrielle’s ears only. Gabrielle nodded slightly
and then was asked to follow the servant. Xena turned back to Sahi and said,

“ That servant girl, she seems to be the one you have had assigned to Diana
since she has been here, I would like to keep her as an aid for Diana.”

“ Fine take her, she seems to like taking care of her.”

“ Good send her along with the others.”

“ I will.”

End of part 6
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