Home Part 7
By D.virtue

Xena then turned and strided out of the resident and mounting her horse she
galloped out of town and disappeared. Gabrielle and the other Amazons along
with the servant opened the door of the chamber and immediately felt the pull
of Diana. Diana felt them come in and once again she slowly raised her head
and her eyes were once again dark blue, Gabrielle saw them with a quick glance
and then she told the others to remember what Xena had told them, but the
servant girl maybe a year or two older than Gabrielle had looked into Diana’s
eyes and Diana locked gazes with her. the girl was walking towards Diana and
she was speaking to her as if there were no problems.

“ It’s ok Lady Diana, we’re here to get you out.”

The young servant said as she drew closer and closer to the now strangely
smiling Diana.

“ NO! Close your eyes!”

Gabrielle screamed to the young girl as she got closer and closer to Diana.

“ Is there anything that you need Lady Diana?”

The servant asked as she was now getting dangerously close to her death.

“ A.I.R.”


Gabrielle and Ephiny made their move on Diana. Ephiny immediately knocked the
servant girl back just as she was about to kiss Diana, Ephiny covered Diana’s
eyes just as Diana was about to focus on her.

After Diana’s eyes were covered she moved her head around trying to dislodge
the blindfold, Gabrielle and the others tied Diana’s wrist together and her
ankles and then after checking all of the restraints again, they all took deep
breaths and Solari cut the shackles off of Diana’s arms. Diana immediately
begun to move trying to get loose. but the Amazons held her and rapidly made
their way out and onto their horses.

Diana was drape over the front of one of the Amazon’s horse and tied down
until they could get back. They rode out of the Province and Gabrielle threw
one of the travelers and they headed towards it. Xena was watching from a safe
distance as Diana fought to get loose.

The women arrived back at the Palace and immediately carried the struggling
Diana up to the bed chambers and put her on the bed as Xena had ordered.

“ Do we take the blind fold off?”

“ No, I think we should leave it and let Xena handle it.”

“ Why isn’t her body moving now?”

“ I don’t know, maybe it has something to do with why Xena wanted her put on
the bed?”

They all eased out of the room, and the moment that they were gone Diana went
still once again with her eyes closed. Gabrielle and the others met Xena
coming into the Palace after Gabrielle sent Xena a message via the earrings
she was given by Xena.

“ We got her there, it was hard but she’s there...what now?”

“ Thank you Gabrielle, and also all of you, as far as what now I have to go
and handle this myself, after which then we DESTROY Sahi!”

“ Do you have to hurt her?”

Gabrielle asked quietly.

“ Yes, and badly.”

Xena said matter of factly. and then turned on her heels and headed up the
stairs to Diana. Xena went into the room without worry and just as she entered
the bedchamber area, Diana’s eyes opened to blue black. And Xena walked over
to the bed and removed the blindfold. Xena smiled at her and Diana smiled

“ Can you see and hear me kitten?”

Xena said with her mouth. Diana didn’t answer but instead licked her lips as
she gazed at Xena. Xena cocked her head at the response.

She then started to remove her armor when Diana sent a thought to her.

“ Xena I need you.”

“ I know, that’s why I’m here.”

Diana’s eyes watched Xena’s every move and Xena understood exactly why she was
watching her, she was waiting. Waiting for Xena to touch her, hoping Xena
would touch her and still some of the raging going on within her body.

Xena knew what Diana wanted, so Xena finished undressing and sitting on the
bed looking down at Diana, Xena slowly brought her hand up to Diana’s
forehead, and she slowly lowered it to touch Diana’s head, she was hoping that
Aphrodite got the shield correct, just as she was thinking it her hand came
into contact with Diana’s forehead.

Diana closed her eyes at the contact and Xena relaxed as she caressed over
Diana’s forehead and then her face. Xena saw Diana visibly relax. Then Diana
sent another thought.

“ Ah.....Xeeennaaaa......”

Xena smiled at the thought and then she begun to truly go to work on relieving
Diana’s pent up tension. Xena brought her other hand up and she unfastened
Diana’s clothes and opened her leather top and brought it down exposing
Diana’s breast, she then unfastened Diana’s leather skirt and removed it from
around her hip. Diana now laid with only her leather top on her, but Xena was
not happy with that so she grabbed on of her daggers and cut it off of Diana,
and then removed it completely, now Diana was completely nude to Xena.

“ Xena then smiled at the sight of Diana and the blush that was a part of her
body due to her aroused state. Xena also noticed that Diana’s nipples were
taut. Xena ran her fingers over the peaks and Diana sent her pleasured
thoughts to Xena.

“ Ah!”

Xena leaned forward and coming within a hairs breath of Diana’s lips she

“Are you ready?”

“ Yes. “

Diana thought. Xena then brought their lips together and Diana immediately
begun trying to fill her lungs with the air from Xena’s, Xena let Diana take
some of the air she had from her lungs as they kissed, Xena then broke the
kiss to allow her own lungs to refill.

“ More?”

Diana pleaded in her thoughts. Xena didn’t speak until she had caught her
breath again and was ready to go again.

“ I’m not going anywhere kitten, I just have to catch my breath periodically
if I want to continue.”

Xena then leaned back over Diana and once again they kissed passionately, and
once again Diana was sucking the air from Xena, and Xena feeding Diana with
the air. After about 3 candlemarks Diana was now kissing without sucking for

Xena then let her hands run over Diana’s breast and and she pulled at the
peaks and Diana practically screamed the thoughts to Xena.

“ PLEASE?!!”

“ of course.”

Xena said without preamble, She then lowered her head to Diana’s tight
Xena sucked one of the peaks slowly into her warm mouth and letting her teeth
graze against the peak she then bit down on the tight nipple and immediately
they begun to produce, Xena sucked on it hard and long and wildly and Diana
was incoherent in even her thought as she fell over ecstasies cavern. Xena
then worked the other the same way and again Diana went over.

Xena worked Diana’s nipples again and again. Finally after Diana had orgasmed
multiple times, Xena rested for about a candlemark and then went back to
relaxing Diana section by section.

Diana had not spoken or thought for a while, Xena knew it was because she had
gone unconscious, but she was no longer catatonic , which Xena was happy with.
Xena now kissed her way down Diana’s half flushed body and blowing a gentle
breeze through the soft curls of Diana’s flower Xena placed her mouth over
Diana’s peak and ravished it. Diana released once again multiple times, before
Xena finally slid her tongue down and into Diana’s flower. She went straight
to Diana’s core with her gifted tongue and begun to bathe it.

Diana immediately released and Xena’s tongue absorbed every drop, Xena worked
Diana’s flower for the rest of the evening and into the next day, only taking
short breaks to rest and meditate so as to keep herself as calm as she could
considering how much she was enjoying having Diana. But she had to keep focus
as to what her goal was and that was to have her Consort back as quickly as
possible, the next week Xena repeated all of previous efforts, until she
finally saw the blush was now gone and Diana was now visibly breathing, albeit
rapidly, along with her rapid heartbeat.

Xena left Diana only once, and she would discover it was a mistake at least
for her control and taking it at a moderate speed for Diana, to allow Diana to
ease out of her tension, but thanks to a unexpected visitor Diana was no
longer restrain.

“ So your back with My Chosen? Well let’s make you both work for it. “

Ares then remove the shield and vanished just as Diana came out of her
unconscious state. Her eyes were wild and she looked around the room searching
for Xena, just as she was Xena walked in with a tray of food.Xena immediately
felt Diana’s need, and her own went into overdrive, but because Xena had
calmed Diana down enough to be able to get close to her, as if she only had
received one drop of the elixir rather than three, Xena turned and Diana
launched at her. Xena slid the tray onto the table and caught Diana as they
tumbled backwards. Diana was tearing at Xena’s robe trying to get to Xena’s
skin, and Xena was trying to catch Diana’s hands to restrain them.

Diana’s bladed fingernails came out and she put one of them to Xena’s throat.
Xena stopped her movement and her brow arched and Diana smirked as she undid
Xena’s robe.

She then ran the other nails down Xena’s skin to her tight nipples where she
barely touched the nipples with the tip of one of her nails, Xena continued to
watch Diana and she realized Diana had no malicious intent to cut her, but she
knew Diana would. So she allowed Diana to do what she needed to do.

Diana lowered her head to Xena’s breast still keeping one of her nails to
Xena’s neck. Diana took the taut peak into her mouth and she sucked liked a
woman possessed, drinking the sweet cool fruit flavored juice that was being

Xena couldn’t control the orgasm that claimed her as she let it wash over her,
when Diana realized that Xena was not going to stop her she retracted her
bladed nails and continued to drink from Xena’s breast first one then the
other, Diana released when Xena did and she hungrily made her way southward.

Diana positioned herself between Xena’s powerful thighs and Xena could see
Diana was trembling, Diana tried to slow down but her need was to great and
she ended up ravishing Xena’s jewel. Xena held Diana by her ebony hair and
released again and again and again as Diana feasted as if it she had not eaten
in years. Xena provide many different flavors for Diana and she was near
delirium as she finally called her strength up and forcibly she pulled Diana
up to her.

Diana resisted for a bit and then gave in and let Xena pull her up her body,
Xena flipped Diana so that now Diana was on the floor and Xena overtop . Xena
then grabbed both of Diana’s wrist and seeing that the leather straps were not
even on her wrist she realized what had happened, but she didn’t have time to
think about it, she reached onto the table and grabbing the box she pulled it
onto the floor, where she took out one of the phallus’s, Diana stopped her
struggle and watched as Xena onehandedly put the phallus on and then
positioned herself between Diana’s thighs.

Xena then entered Diana with one smooth move and Diana actually made an
audible sound.

“ HAAA!!!”

“ Xena smiled at the sound and proceeded to thrust into Diana’s receptive
flower. by the time they had finished it was days later and both of them were
exhausted. Diana was now resting and more herself than she had been over the
last 2 weeks. They slept for another few days and Xena awoke first.

Stretching Xena looked at Diana resting at the hollow of her neck, feeling
Diana’s warm even breath against her neck, causing goosebumps to play over the
sensitive skin. Xena laid there just holding Diana, enjoying the feel of
Diana’s now normal skin temperature against her own.

Xena caressed Diana’s waist and Diana moved lazily closer to Xena’s body. Xena
smirked and then she kissed Diana’s forehead. Again Diana moved, this time
bring her flower next to Xena’s thigh, at which point Xena noticed Diana was
obviously ready for more.

“ Are you awake?”

Xena asked already knowing the answer. Diana didn’t say anything.

“ hmmm..I guess I was wrong.”

Xena then rolled back onto her back and pretended like she was going to go
back to sleep, but Diana decided she was going to make Xena take her again, so
she rubbed her center against Xena’s thigh and both she and Xena moaned
unexpectedly. they both then smirked to themselves not knowing the other was
doing the same exact thing.

Xena did not make any move, instead she spoke presumably to herself, but in
fact knowing Diana was listening.

“ I will be glad when she wakes up, I can really use another round, but....I
can’t wake her, it wouldn’t be right..especially after all she has been
through. well I guess I can wait...maybe.”

Xena then took a deep breath and went silent as she waited for Diana’s
After a few minutes Diana opened her eyes and Xena was looking right at her.

“Well look what we have here, good morning Consort, feel better?”

“ Hmmm...dizzily, overstuffed, thirst quenched wonderfully and gratefully
better...thanks to you my wonderfully skilled lover. Thank you.”

Xena smiled and then rolled up onto her elbow and looking down at Diana she
said with all the love she felt.

“ For you. I would do anything.”

“ You always seem to have to do that...ha?”

“ What does that mean?”

“ I was just wondering something....”

“ What?”

Diana gazed into Xena’s Sapphire eyes and with all sincerity she asked.

“ I was just wondering whether if you knew then what you know now at our
first meeting would you be as quick to want me as your Consort?”

“ Ha...I guess for most people it would give them cause to think twice.....?”

“ Hmmm.....I understand...”

Xena smirked and then said,

“ If I can finish please, it’s quite rude to interrupt, maybe we need to work
on that with you?”

“ Sorry.”

“ Good...anyway like I said It would cause most people to think twice about a
relationship with you....but not me, if anything I would have killed your
whole army to get to you.”

“hahahahahaha....even after all of the things we’ve been through?”

“ Because of all of the things we had been through.”

Diana raised up and Xena leaned down and they met in the middle and
rediscovered the tender, gentle, soul nourishing, side of each other. By the
time they finally left their chamber a month had past.They had talked about
what had happened and what the plan was to pay Sahi back.

“ Soooo...you two ...feel ...ok?”

Gabrielle asked.


Diana exclaimed. Gabrielle tried to hold back a grin and Xena saw and said,

“ uhhuh....come on....you can do it......just let it out?!”

And Gabrielle fell down in a fit of laughter. Xena looked over at Diana and
Diana having missed the grinning, looked at Xena with a knitted brows.

“ She was trying not to laugh.”

“ Oh...I see...I think?”

Diana said as she sat down on the soft grass, next to Xena who was leaning
against her favorite tree by the lake. They watched Gabrielle laugh and try to
compose herself only to start up again every time she looked at the two of

Ephiny smirked at Gabrielle’s reaction and then smiled at Xena and Diana, who
smiled back. Finally Gabrielle quieted down when the food was brought out to

“ Isn’t it a beautiful day?”

Diana said admiring the gentle, scented breeze, and the warm comfortable day,
sitting by the lake enjoying the company of loved ones and close friends.

“ Hm...yes. But it’s always beautiful with you.”

Xena said nipping on Diana’s ear between bites of fruit. Diana leaned back
into Xena and Xena fed her with her fingers, at times with her mouth.

“ Do you two EVER get enough of one another?”

Ephiny asked out of her curiosity. Diana and Xena looked at each other and
then at Gabrielle and finally back to Ephiny and in unison they answered.

“ NO!”

with that they kissed each other passionately, and Ephiny sat and finding
somewhere else to look she said,

“ Ok. Just thought I’d ask?”

Everyone laughed and then turned to the main entree and went to work finishing
off all of the food on all of the trays.

“ Hmmm...that was so good.”

“ I agree.”

Gabrielle said as she pulled out a scroll and begun to write.

“ What are you writing now?”

Ephiny asked.

“ I’m writing about everything that has happened since Diana came back, I
mean, I am a bard and as such I have to keep a record of everything that
happens, good bad or indifferent.”

“ Did you write about what happened while I was away?”

“ Yes, everything, and also got all the information about what happened in
your world, from Xena and you, so as far as my record is concerned I’m pretty
up today.”

“ You know there’s more to come right?”

“ Yes. Speaking of which what is the plan now that Diana is better?”

“ well first we have to have Diana come forward and make a formal charge
against Regent Sahi, then after which the magistrates will hear both sides and
any witnesses for either...”

“ I don’t think Sahi will have any witnesses for her?”

Ephiny said as an aside.

“ I would like to think she doesn’t but one never knows...especially when a
God has been involved.”

“ Yes I guess your right...anyway.”

“ Anyway, once Diana’s charges are proven legitimate, Regent Sahi will be
arrested at her resident and I will be there to see her face.”

“ So will I.”

Diana interjected.

“ No you won’t!”

“ Yes I will.”

Diana said as she sat up and turned to face Xena.

“ Xena I have to be there, after everything she did, I want to see her face
when she is taken into custody, you have to let me go...please?”

Xena pinched her lips and although she didn’t want Diana anywhere near Sahi’s
resident again, she had to admit she herself would expect to go if it had
happened to her.

“ OK! but you stay right next to me?”

“ Ok. Thanks.”

“ Your welcome. Ok now that we know who’s going, maybe I can get back to
telling what the plan is?”

“ sure, don’t let me stop you?”

“ Yea right.”

Xena said opening her arms back for Diana to come back into them, Diana did
just that she turned back around and leaned back into Xena the way she was
only a moment before. Xena then continued telling her plan.

“ After Sahi is arrested she will be brought back here for a public trial,
after which I will give her a choice of punishment when she is found guilty.”

“ What?”

Gabrielle asked conspiratorially. Diana and the others smirked and then Xena

“ She will be given the choice to be whipped until dead, hung by her wrist and
ankles and daggers thrown at her until dead, placed on a cross with her
tongue ripped out, and her legs broken, until dead, or fight me.”

“ You?!”

Gabrielle exclaimed.

“ I know which one I would choose.”

Gabrielle thought out loud, and Ephiny and Diana looked at her and both asked,

“ Which one?”

Gabrielle startled for a moment from the unexpected question, but then sat up
and poking her lip out she hit it with the end of the quill she was holding.

“ the Cross.”

Gabrielle said simply and then went back to writing for a moment. Ephiny and
Diana sat and with knitted brows they both asked.

“ Why ?”

Gabrielle chuckled and then sat up again and this time she looked each of them
in the eyes.

“ Welll...the whipping is too bloody, the hanging by the wrist is also too
bloody, plus I wouldn’t like the idea of being target practice, The fighting
You The Conqueror....welll...the title says it all, plus being slowly beaten
to death by you is heart stopping just to think about it. I chose the Cross
because even tho I would have no tongue and my legs would be broken I could at
least have my senses about me to make my peace with the Gods, and within

They all sat there thinking about what Gabrielle had said, Xena understood
perfectly why Gabrielle chose the way she had. After a few minutes Gabrielle
laid back down on the grass on her stomach and without a second thought she

“ Which would you guys choose?”

“ I guess I would choose the cross also.”

Ephiny said in agreement with Gabrielle.

“ What about you Diana? Which would you choose?”

“ Yes Diana ...I would love to hear which of these punishments you would
choose and Why?”

Xena said taunting Diana in a playful way.

“ You don’t want to know?’

“ Yes we do, Gabrielle assured.”

“ Yeah tell us?”

Ephiny chimed in.

“ yes Consort do tell?”

Diana looked thoughtfully for a moment and then she said.

“ I would choose to fight you.”

“ figures.”

Xena said sarcastically teasing. But Gabrielle and Ephiny’s mouths were open,
and their eyes wide.

“ What?”

“ You would CHOOSE to fight Xena?!”

“ Yes, if I was to die, at least I would go out as to who and what I am?”

Xena’s brows knitted and her eyes narrowed slightly. Diana felt the tensing in
Xena’s body and she begun to caress Xena’s arms and thighs as she completed
her thought. After Xena asked ...

“ And what’s that?”

“ a Warrior.”

Diana said quickly and then shot out of Xena’s lap and headed for the lake and
dived in, just as Xena launched at her from behind, It was now a relay race to
the other side of the lake, with Diana ahead and Xena closing the gap rapidly.

“ Go Diana! Go!”

“ Go Xena Go!

Gabrielle and Ephiny called to their chosen players.

“ You know she’s going to catch her?”

“ Maybe? but even if she does Diana has her ways.”

“ Aha....A little feminine wilds thrown at Xena?”

“ Yes.”

“hahahaha, then you will win this one.”

Diana made it to the other side a few strokes before Xena and had taken off
once her feet hit sand. Xena flew from the water and was eating sand with her
feet so much so that she caught up to Diana once again and just as Diana
exited from the forest and into a clearing Xena launched at her and Diana
turned and was tackled once again by Xena The Conqueror.

“ Now Consort...what did you say you were?”

Xena asked as she put both of Diana’s wrist into one of her hands once again
and held her down with her weight.

“ Nothing.”

“ Nothing huh? I don’t remember hearing that, I think it started with the
letter ...W..?”

“ welllll....I am...?”

“ really? Let’s just see shall we?”

“ What do you mean?”

“ I’m going to test you. If you past then I’ll let you call yourself a
warrrior. But if you fail...I don’t want to hear you say it again...deal?”

“ is it going to hurt?”

“ Maybe...maybe not...but a warrior wouldn’t worry about that.”

“ They would if it were you.”

“ true...you have a point, anyway ready?”

“ I don’t know? you haven’t told me what it is yet?”

“ I know....but I’ll put your mind at rest, It does not involve me striking

Diana visibly relaxed and Xena smiled.

“ Well?”

“ Ok, now that I know your not going to hit me.”

“ You may wish that’s all I was going to do Consort.”

Diana’s brows knitted together once again and then....the next thing Diana
knew she was being tickled to death.


Gabrielle and Ephiny heard the laughter and both smiled, Gabrielle then got
Ephiny saw the tears roll down Gabrielle’s cheek and turning to her she asked,

“ What is it Gabrielle?”

Gabrielle put her hand on top of Ephiny’s hand that was holding her by her

“ Nothing...it’s just that I missed hearing Diana’s laughter, I didn’t
realize how much until just now...Ephiny I missed her soo...much my heart hurt
to think about it.”

Ephiny smiled a compassionate smile and pulling Gabrielle into her she held
her and let her cry on her shoulder, finally Gabrielle quieted and they both
sat back on the grass and just listened to Diana laughing and pleading with
Xena to stop and that she gives up.

“ Xena.....pleaseeee....hahahahahahh,ok,ok,ok,....you win Xena hahahahaah

“ So what are you?”

“ Consort..hahahahaha....I’m your Consort...Xena...hahahahaha....pleaseeeee

“ Ok.”

Xena then stopped tickling Diana after what seemed like forever, Diana was
breathing hard as she tried to catch her breath....finally after long minutes
she was able to settle down and compose herself, Xena of course was still
holding her arms over her head by her wrist, just watching and waiting for
Diana to settle.

Xena gazed at Diana with humor in her eyes and Diana gazed back with the same.

“ You feel better?”

“ I feel fine, I’m not the one who is lying on the ground .”

“ hmmm...I would think there was something better we could do while we’re
like this?”

“ Really? Like what?”

Xena asked feigning unawareness. Diana arched her brow at Xena and then said
in a seductive voice.

“ Welll....if you come a little closer I’m sure....we could figure out

Xena eyes registered appreciation for her delicious Consort. She leaned
forward and coming within a hairs breath she waited. Diana looked deep into
her lovers eyes and lifting her head just a little she was able to reach
Xena’s soft full lips.

Their passion finding one another quite rapidly, and wisping them away to
ecstasy, they laid sated on the soft grass on the other side of the lake.
Ephiny and Gabrielle had left the lake when they decided that Xena and Diana
would probably not come back, so they went back to the Palace.

Later after Diana and Xena had both sated themselves for a time Xena stood up
and said,

“ We have to get back.”

Diana lazily stretched and then asked through a yawn.

“ W.h.y.?”

“Because I have important meetings to go to, regarding Sahi.”

“ Well that don’t mean I have to get up , that’s your meetings, not mine.”

Xena smirked at her nude Consort stretching and relaxing on the grass.

“ If I have to get up and go, you have to also.”

“ No you go? I’ll wait here for you....like this?”

“ Are you trying to tempt me ...again?”

“ if I were would it work?”

“ No.”


“ Because I have to get back in that cool water, and if I have to so do you my
little kitten.”

Xena said as she bent down and lifted Diana up off of the ground.

“Xena what are you doing?”

“ You’ll see. “

“ Xena I’m not ready to go back, yet.”

“ Uhhuh?”

Xena said as she made her way back to the lake carrying Diana in her arms.
Diana looked at the lake and then at Xena as she noticed Xena was not

“ Xena?”

Xena smirked and then looked down at Diana as she suddenly launched herself
and Diana heading into the center of the lake.

“ XENA?!!”

Diana screamed just before her nude body hit the cold water. Xena let Diana go
and surfaced waiting for Diana to do the same, after a moment, Diana surfaced
spitting water.

Xena laughed as she turned in the water and swam to the other side of the
lake, once there she saw Diana swimming over and then walking out of the water
looking like a drowned kitten.

Diana gave Xena an icy gaze and Xena bit the inside of her cheek as she
offered a blanket for the shivering Consort.

“ Blanket?”

Diana pinched her lips and strided up to Xena, in a low voice she said...

“ I’ll get you back for this My Lord Xena.”

Diana then stepped around Xena and strided back to the palace completely nude.

Xena smirked and turned and strided after Diana teasing Diana about how
wonderful the view was.

“ MMMmmm...maybe I should take you again?”

“ You wish.”

Diana said as she continued walking without looking back at Xena.

“ Hmm...wonderful view...that nice round firm behind....I’m getting worked up
watching you kitten.”

“ Well I guess your going to have a problem.”

“ None that can’t be resolved.”

“ so you think.”

“ Your curves are so soft and sensual.”

“ glad you appreciate them.”

Diana said smirking to herself.

“ Oh I appreciate them, and if you don’t hurry up and get back to the room,
I’m going to end up taking you out here?”

Diana blushed and Xena saw and licked her lips.

“ Well to bad we won't have time for it...you have to get to your meeting,

“ Oh I remember, but I also remember something else also which you obviously
conveniently forgot.”

“ And what might that be?”

“ You’ll see.”

Xena said overtaking Diana and striding up the staircase, with Diana now
standing at the bottom with knitted brows, and servants and others walking by
slowly and staring at the nude Consort all which had large grins on their

“ What does that mean?”

“ Are you coming up or not?”

Xena asked without looking back. Diana thought about it for a moment and then
ran up the stairs to their Chambers.

“ Ok, now tell me what you meant ?”

“ You’ll see, come on let’s get cleaned up so we can get to this meeting?”

“ Fine, but then will you tell me?”

“ No.”

Diana took a deep breath and crossing her arms over her chest she strided past
Xena and went into the bath and got in and started cleaning up. Xena smirk
again and then licking her lips again she strided in after Diana.

end of part 7
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