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By D.virtue


After they were dressed they went to the counsel room where Gabrielle, and
Ephiny were also waiting for them. When Xena entered all stood and bowed
rendering their respect as Xena The Conqueror and Diana went to the large

After Xena told them to sit they all returned to their sit and Xena started
the meeting.

“ Ok, soooo... where do things stand in the Western Province?”

“ My Lord Regent Sahi has imposed and carried out 15 death sentences.”

“ Who were the sentenced?”

“ They were of her household, and some of them were farmers and others
dissident against her rule.”

“ But none of my elected people?”

“No My Lord...but We don’t know how long that will last.”

“ Right, well it’s time to get Regent Sahi out.”

“ So what do you want us to do?”

“ well before we get to that, How many people have come forward and made a
grievous against Regent Sahi?”

“ Hundreds.”

“ Hundreds?”

“ How many were legitimate?”

The war advisors all seem to take the same deep breath.

“ Well?!”

“ None .”

“ NONE?!”

“ My Lord Xena Calm down.”

Diana said placing her hand on Xena’s shoulder, seeing and feeling her temper

Xena took a few deep breaths and let them out slowly.

“ Ok.. Well it’s alright, where are they now?”

“ Advisor Draco allowed them to return to their homes at the recommendation of
your personal scribe and Amazon princess.”

“ Gabrielle?”

“ Yes My Lord?”

“ Why?”

“ I thought it would be better to allow them to return to their homes, until
you were ready to pass sentence on them, that way they wouldn’t be against you
when Regent Sahi’s trial took place.”

“ I see. Well next time ask me or Diana first , clear?”

“ Yes My Lord.”

“ Good, anyway Diana has told me that she has a grievous against Regent Sahi,
and I told her she has to take it to the elected counsel and present it.”

“ What is the grievous Lady Diana?”

“ I would rather present it to the counsel first and let them decide what they
think about it.”

“ Surely You have told My Lord?”

“ No.”

“ My Lord ?”

One of the advisor begun.

“ Yes?”

“ Do you think it wise to have your own Consort present a grievous without
first informing you as to what it is about , so as not to present a grievous
that may be looked at as not legitimate?”

“ I have thought about that....”

Xena started, she played the game although she knew exactly what Diana’s
grievous was already for it was she and Diana who came up with it. But she
could not let her Advisors know for it would look to much like a setup and she
knew it.

“ I decided to allow My Consort to present her case to the counsel, I think it
would be questionable if I allowed My Consort to tell me what charges she will
bring against Regent Sahi, and if it were found that she told me first it
could be perceived that I forced or coaxed my Consort into making a charge out
of revenge or anger, on my part.”

“ Basically it just doesn't look right.”

Diana summarized.

“ Ok, your right...as always My Lord.”

Advisor Talmock acknowledged.

“ So when will you make your charge Lady Diana?”

“Tomorrow, the sooner Regent Sahi is taken out of office the better, no
telling what or rather who she will execute next.”

“ Do you have witnesses?”

“ Yes.”

“ Who?”

“ It’s not important, they will be there when it is there turn to present what
they saw and or heard.”

“ Alright, we can see you don’t want to tell everything, but at least tell us
you’ve talked with the Royal magistrate about your charge so as to get her

“ No. I haven’t.”

“ My Lord I really feel Lady Diana should be advised to speak with the Royal
Magistrate at the very least if she cannot talk to you and doesn’t want to
talk to us about her charge, We as your advisors would advise that you highly
encourage if not force your Consort to lay her case out in front of the
Magistrate of the Royal household, just to make sure there are no problems
with the charge?”

Xena studied the Advisor and she knew what he was saying was normal what would
happen if any in the Royal Household made claim against anyone.

“ Ok, your right.”

“ MY LORD?!”

Diana exclaimed trying to maintain her composure at the shocking development.
Xena steepled her fingers and brought her fingers to her lips and then she

“ I think it would be appropriate for My Consort to present her charge to the
Royal Magistrate before presenting it to the counsel, so as to make sure there
is no questions raised as to the legitimacy of the charge.”

“ I don’t need or want to do that My Lord.”

Diana said trying to keep her temper in check in front of Xena’s Royal
counsel of Advisors and the Amazon queen and Gabrielle. Xena heard the
strained voice only because she knew Diana well.

“ You will present your charge to the Magistrate Consort.”

Xena said with finality. Diana took a slow deep breath with threaten lost of
control she asked The Conqueror a question she didn’t expect to have any
problem with.

“ My Lord May I step out for a moment?”

Xena pinched her lips and then she leaned back in her chair and said...to
Diana’s total shock.

“ No. Now do you understand what you will do before tomorrow?”

“ NO?!”

Xena cocked her head to be able to look at Diana over her brows, Diana was
obviously upset at Xena, but she appeared to just be pouting to everyone else.

“ Yes.”

Diana said simply.

“ Good, now come here and sit down.”

Diana hesitated for a moment but then strided over to Xena and sat where she
was told to sit. Xena wrapped one arm around Diana’s waist and the other she
placed on the table.

“ Ok is there anything else that needs to be taken care of right now?”

“ No My Lord, except ......?”

“ Except what?”

“ Well My Lord, after Lady Diana makes her charge and it is found to be
legitimate, how long between that time and the time you want Regent Sahi taken
into custody to be?”

“ The same day,and I will be present when Regent Sahi is taken into custody,
as will My Consort.”

“ As you wish My Lord.”

“ Good.Now I expect for things to move fast the next few days so I expect
everything to be in order as I always expect.”

“ Yes Lord Xena.”

“ Good. Now send for the Magistrate and have him meet My Consort in the Royal

“ Yes My Lord. “

Xena then dismissed everyone accept for Gabrielle and Ephiny and Diana.

“ Ok now that that is taken care of , I suspect to have Regent Sahi out of the
picture within the week.”

“ Yes I would agree, it seems like everything is coming together?”

Gabrielle said. Ephiny then spoke and said..

“ Yes...well I’m sure Diana will be happy when everything is actually done and

“ Yes.”

Diana answered simply.

“ You ok Diana?”

Ephiny asked.

“ fine, thank you.”

Xena heard the undertone and rather than get into it with Diana in front of
Gabrielle and Ephiny she simply said.

“ She’s being a brat.”

“ Oh...Ephiny I think that’s our cue to leave?”

“ Yes...I would have to agree, Lord Xena, Lady Diana By Your leave?”

Xena nodded and both of the women left Diana and Xena alone. Diana immediately
got up and walked around to the other side of the table.

“ What?”

Xena asked after waiting for a moment.

“ Nothing.”

“ Diana, I know something is bothering you, so tell me.”

“ Xena I thought we had this plan all worked out, but you turn around and
throw in a added step. I don’t want to talk to you Magistrate!”

“ Why?”

“ because she can hear it when everyone else hears it, I don’t want others
knowing about what all happened before it is absolutely necessary, it was kind
of an embarrassing thing you know?”

Xena smirked at Diana and covered her mouth to hide a grin that was trying to
steal across her face. Diana saw Xena and although Xena tried to play it off,
Diana saw enough to know.


“ I know your right it isn’t, and I’m sure it is quite embarrassing for you.”

Diana looked at Xena with knitted brows and then she asked,

“ What does that mean?”

“ It means what you just said, it was embarrassing for you.”

“ I know what I meant by embarrassing , but what did you mean?”

“ Nothing.”

“ Sure you did, you meant something by it...what?”

“ Diana it’s not important, the important thing is that I understand your not
wanting others to know right away, but you have to understand, All people of
the Royal house is required by order of me to talk to the Royal Magistrate
before making any charge, especially a charge against one of My Regents of MY
Realm. It is the law and not even I can let someone get away with not doing
so, especially My own Consort, it would be looked upon as being bias.”

“ But you are suppose to be bias towards me.”

“ No in fact just the opposite, by my not being bias towards you as it relates
to the running of My Realm , then others see that if I’m not even bias towards
my own Consort, how could they expect for me to let them get away with
anything that they know to be wrong.”

Diana took a slow deep breath and crossed her arms and proceeded to pout after
conceding to Xena’s way of thinking. Xena raised a brow at Diana and then
motioned with her finger for Diana to come to her. Diana shook her head side
to side, and Xena cocked her head and motioned again with more authority.
Diana looked away for a moment and then moved slowly towards Xena.

Xena took Diana’s chin in her hand and lifted her pouting face up so that
Diana was looking into Xena’s Sapphire eyes.

“ I wouldn’t make you do this if it wasn’t necessary, you know that right?”

Diana lowered her eyes and then she raised them and with a small smile she
gave Xena her answer.

“ I know, I just didn’t want to have to tell individuals about it.”

“ I know kitten, but it is necessary.”

Xena then leaned down and kissed Diana’s sweet pouting lips.

“ Better?”

“ Yes. but can you come with me?”

“ No, you have to tell her alone, If I were there it would still look as tho I
were there to get the information for my own purposes. But I will be waiting
for you afterwards in our chamber. Besides since when did you start caring
about what others think?”

“ I don’t really, it’s just that I feel like, people may misjudge your
authority because of me.”

“ What are you talking about?”

“well it’s just that it seems as tho I have been one problem right after
another, and I’m sure some people think that they can get away with things
they normally would not have even thought to try, who knows it’s probably why
Sahi did what she did, because she thinks you’ve gone soft, I mean how many
rulers would allow those who they rule over to do as they please and
continuously gets in trouble as a result only to have to be saved by the one
who told them not to do something in the first place....Xena I am a
very....willful woman and you’ve seen it for yourself, and it’s hard to admit
that maybe the guys were right about me, maybe I just wore them out and they
didn’t know what else to do to get me under control...so they sent me here, to
you hoping you would be able to...but I am just ...well It’s just something in
me that is just against being controlled by anyone, maybe after all of this is
over maybe i should ....just leave and take my chances on my own, at least I
won’t have to worry that stupid people will try and take advantage of the
changed Xena. just because of her Stubborn Consort?”

Diana confessed. Xena stood looking at diana in utter disbelief and then she
held Diana’s chin up higher and said in a low warning voice.

“ Now you listen to me Consort, I told you before I wanted you as my slave or
Consort since the first day I saw you, and the more I learned about you the
more I knew there was no one else for me. Your energy , beauty, skills and
ability to comfort and Change ME , is a miracle in itself. I won you fair and
square and I don’t let go of something that I want and wanted for so long,
nope My dear Consort you are mine until forever.”

“ What about all those who will try to get to you through me?”

“ Do I look worried at ALL?”

“ Well...What about my willfulness?”

“ That I can break you of.”

“ Hmmm...you haven’t so far?”

“ because I haven’t tried like I normally would with others.”

“ sure.”

“ Diana do you really think I can’t break you of your willfulness?”

“ no, and do you know why?”

“ Why?”

“ Because I don’t want to be.”

“ Want to or not when I finally decide to ...I will.”

Diana knitted her brows at Xena in confusion to the fact that she had just
told her she didn’t want her will broken ...and yet Xena seemed to totally
dismiss it.

“ What?”

“ I just told you I didn’t want my will broken by anyone and yet you say you
have plans to try just that . Doesn’t what I want count for anything?”

“ Definitely, but I told you from day one that I planned on breaking you and
bending you to My Will.”

“ Why are you saying this to me?”

“ Because I don’t want you thinking that you’ve changed the essence of who I
am, I am still The Conqueror, who rules by control. While I love you with my
heart you out of everyone will be the one that I control the most. I let you
get away with some things to see where your mind would end up.”

“ And...?”

“ And it ended up here with you telling me how bad you are for me. Well let me
tell you right now..today things change.”

“ What are you talking about?”

“ You’ll see. Now go and meet with the Magistrate, I’ll see you later

Xena then turned on her heels and strided towards the exit. Diana turned also.

“ Xena?”

“ Go. Now.”

“ But Xena?”

Xena stopped and turned back around and narrowed her eyes at Diana. Diana
chewed her lips and then she spoke in a contrite voice.

“ I’ll go see the Magistrate right now,and see you in our chambers

Xena then tilted her head slightly and turned back on her heels and continued
out the door and headed up the stairs cursing to herself.

Diana heard her and was surprised that Xena was so upset about the
conversation, but what Diana didn’t realize was Xena was upset about the fact
that she let Diana get away with too many things, especially seeing how this
was really Diana’s first time on her own, without all of the Chosen, now it
was down to just one and although Xena had planned to Totally control Diana at
the start and then let her have more freedoms and independence as time went
on, she had changed it and decided to tell Diana she would control her but
actually let her do things on her own at times, and that way she would really
see what mind set Diana would have if she failed.

Although Xena had hoped she would succeed , she knew from experience that when
people failed they would either turn one of two ways, they would either become
stronger and more determined to succeed , or they would become more insecure.
While Diana was determined to succeed she was also very insecure.

Xena didn’t mind the insecurity so much as she did the fact that someone like
Diana, who even though she had everything, she was still like a sheltered
child who was finally allowed to go out and discover the world.

Xena thought it was ironic to think of Diana as such considering Diana has
seen almost as much as she had, and in different times, as Xena had. But
none the less she was still like a sheltered child, wanting their independence
way before their even ready for it.

Although Diana was a young woman in age and body and mind her wisdom was
beyond the age she appeared to be, but she was still more of a child when it
came to things about herself, and the world around her, she was naive,
trusting, argumentative, bullheaded, adversarial and impulsive, although not
nearly as much as she use to be.

Xena went up to their chamber and calling for Dancea to have noon meal brought
to the chamber, Xena sat did different things in the rooms while she waited
for Diana to come back from speaking with the Magistrate. Xena thought about
Diana and what she had said and why she had said it, and in so doing she
thought of how to handle Diana so as to change her perception of herself.

Xena thought about Diana’s life and although she was impressed with the fact
that Diana had survived all that she had been through, she realized Diana was
not only different physically from what Rah had done to her but emotionally as
well, but she couldn’t quite put her fingers on it.

The fact of what Xena was on the verge of discovering about Diana she became
angry and frustrated at the alluding thought. Xena sat and tried to figure out
what it was...but there were so many things running through her mind that she
could not focus on just Diana, one of which was the fact that she had to make
her own charge to the counsel, she did not tell Diana or anyone that she had
planned to make charges of her own.

Xena would make her charges known to the Magistrate tomorrow before Regent
Sahi was arrested. Xena Being The Conqueror and Ruler of all of the known
world , had known since the beginning of all of the problems with Regent Sahi
that she was going to charge her with Treason against The Realm, The situation
with Diana was just an added charge to be made, plus it gave Xena the excuse
to be the one to carry out the execution of Regent Sahi for touching her

Xena was very agitated and needed to calm down, but she was not sure when
Diana would finish with her deposition. So Xena decided to go to her private
library and write.

When Xena arrived and had gone in she opened the chamber and went in and sat
in her favorite chair and taking one of her special quills she begun to write
her thoughts about everything, when she had gotten to where everything stood
at the moment and her thoughts about Diana, she was once again stuck trying
to figure out what it was about Diana that made her different emotionally.

“ She’s never had true discipline in her life based on true love.”

Xena jumped from her chair and whirled around to see a young girl standing
behind her chair.

“ Who are you?!”

“ I’m a friend of Diana’s, as well as yours.”

“ You can’t be a friend of mines...I don’t even know you?”

“ True you don’t know me, but it was I who brought the two of you together.”

“ You?”

“Yes, the first day you two met in the village it was I he pointed Diana in
the direction of her Destiny, and thus yours as well.”

“ Ok, say I believe what your telling ? You still haven’t answered my
question, who are you?”

“ I am Indite.”

“ Indite. Doesn’t that mean writer?”

“ Yes.”

“ What do you write about?”

“Before I tell you that you must swear an oath that what I tell you you shall
not tell anyone until all is fulfilled?”

“ You make it sound like it’s a matter of life and death?”

“ It is.”

Xena looked thoughtfully at the young girl and then she said,

“ I will swear an oath after I hear what you have to tell me.”

Indite knew Xena would do things her way, and she was ready for it, she knew
after she told her that she would no doubt choose to make the oath...so she
allowed Xena to do it her way.

“ Fine, we’ll do it your way Lord Xena.”

“ Good, now tell me what you write about?”

“ You...and Diana.”

“ What do you mean ?”

“ I am a bard, and many other things but one of my purposes is to write of the
life and times of the two most powerful people ever to exist on any plane, and
in any time, you and Diana are Destined for unbelievable greatness, and along
with the two of you will be the greatest bard, and Amazon ever.”

“ Gabrielle?”

“ Yes, Gabrielle. The three of you will be the unquestionable powers of this
time...with you Lord Xena Ruling over them, Diana must remain your Consort for
all of your Destinies to be fulfilled the way they are suppose to be. You will
go through many trials with her.”

“ What type of trials?”

“ I can’t say...but know that you will have to rule her with an iron fist,
your thoughts about Diana were right on the mark, she is like a sheltered
child, but even more than that she Must have a Chosen in her life, for if she
were not to have a Chosen, then her’s and yours and Gabrielle’s as well as
others you have never met destinies would never come forth.”

“ Are you telling me that Diana is connected to the universe itself?”

Xena said sarcastically and skeptically.”

“ Yes. But not only her, but you also, and Gabrielle. The three of you all are
connected in a special way.”

“ Now wait a minute! Your telling me that Three people can change the whole

“ Yes. The three of you make up the very foundation of existance, optimistic,
wary, and tenable, I’ll let you figure out who’s who. but anyway all of you
have the capability of profound love, and hate , and it is because of these
things that they three of you are connected.”

“ So what happens if one of us decides to go our own way?”

“ The only two who can really do that is yourself and Gabrielle, but
Gabrielle, while she is important, she can go and develop herself in other
places as long as she and Diana remain bonded by their mutual acceptance of
being one another's sister. But You Lord Xena, if you were to walk away from
Diana, not only would all of your Destinies be changed, but Diana would go
through unspeakable suffering at the hands of new Chosen that she would not
have otherwise met had you not walked away from her.”

“ You mean Diana’s existance is dependent on me?”

“ You can’t be surprised by that? I know Diana has told you over and over
that you are her very life?”

“ Yes, but those were words used to express how deeply she felt for me, not
prophetic words?”

“ That’s where your wrong, they were both.”

“ Your telling me Diana is able to see the future?”

“ No, she does not even realize the truth in her words, but you must always
listen to her, it does not mean you have to agree, but at least listen. Diana
not only under went a physical change because of Rah, but a metaphysical
change as well, and when she gave you gifts, she changed you.”

“ but she hasn’t given those types of gifts to Gabrielle?”

“ True, but they don’t have to be the same, type of gift, the fact that she
gave of herself is all that matters.”

“ Wait...wait, I need to understand what you mean gave of herself?”

“ I mean with you she gave you the gift of not only physical changes where
your body reacts the same as hers, in that you produce from your breast for
her, and your jewel for her, but also seeing both of your futures.”

“ Wait a minute, you just said she couldn’t see the future?”

“ She can’t, at least she doesn’t realize it and she can’t ever know it until
all is said and done.”

“ You lost me.”

“ Lord Xena, when you two are in such passion and you experience what most
would describe as an out of body experience, it is then that your futures are
revealed, you don’t remember any of them because it was not time for you to,
but now that time has come for you to understand the importance of yours and
Diana’s relationship, Whenever you experience such passion, bits of your
future will always be revealed, you Xena are Diana’s strength, and whether she
admits it or not you have told her the truth about controlling her, you didn’t
even realize how true what you were saying was, However you choose to handle
Diana is up to you, but the one thing you must do, is break her unruly
behavior, otherwise her insecurity will increase to a tragic proportion,.”

“ Isn’t the cure for insecurity to make one feel secure?”

“ Yes. But in order to make someone feel secure you have to make sure that
they do what they are told to do so that the security that they seek has a
chance to be found, I mean think about it ? How can you protect someone if
they are not willing to listen to those who know, it’s just like telling
someone, don’t go out to the water’s edge, because you might slip in and drown
because of the unusual undercurrent, now a person who is not stubborn will
listen and warn others to stay away as well, but a stubborn person will not
heed it and in fact go to the edge under the false idea that because they can
swim they won’t come to any harm, but when they get there, they slip and the
undercurrent being unusually strong pulls the person under despite their
frantic fight to swim, and they drown.”

“ Diana’s not like that.”

“ No she isn’t with her it’s far more dangerous, she would sacrifice herself
under the false idea that it would make everything alright for you or
Gabrielle, but the reality would be that chaos would be the end result, for
her life is not hers to take.”

“ So what does all of this come down to?”

“ You...Xena The Conqueror Ruler of All The Known world must not only have a
kid glove when dealing with Diana at times, but you must rule her with an iron
fist, if that means you must punish her then so be it, it is better for her to
be punished than to let her slide into insecurity, and depression of sorts.”

“ Fine, I was just thinking about that anyway.”

“ There was a reason you started thinking about it, your instincts are your
greatest weapon and tool, and the complete love you have given to Diana only
increases that tool. You have never known such love could exist, and neither
has Diana, you however are better equipped to handle it, although you too
still have your doubts as to why someone like Diana and Gabrielle could love
you as much as they do, even to the point of risking their own lives to save
yours, but it is that connection between the three of you that makes that so.”

“ I don’t need or want them risking their lives for me.”

“ I know you don’t, but that my Dear Conqueror is for you and them to work out
however you see fit. You are the one who should have the last word about All
things relating to Diana, it is a part of that iron fist. So far you have not
really used it, you sort have let it show slightly at times, but you must
impress upon Diana who is the Ruler. You Xena must be who you are, the essence
of who you are.”

“ And who is that?”

“ You know, you told Diana these very words, you would not have told her if
you did not know?”

“ I’m not sure sometimes, she wants me to change...and I have, but I don’t
know how much more I can change?”

“ You Xena are a woman of Power, Confidence, Strength, Sensuality,and
Influence, for you to not be who you are would be to change the person who was
born into this world, you would not be you if you allow yourself to be changed
to much, Your Dark side is as much a part of what makes you strong as your
love for Diana is. Without your Dark side you have no strength or power. While
it is fine to keep it under control, you must not be afraid to call on it to
give you the strength that you would not have when it comes to keeping Diana
in check.”

“ Ok I know I have to be who I am, but what are the limits to that?”

“ Just don’t beat her bloody, don’t kill her, or her sister, just be you.”

“ I don’t plan on beating her at all, unless I have to, but even then I would
just redden her behind, I have other ways of punishing her if I need to.”

“ I know, your quite creative.”

“ thanks, is there anything else I should know?”

“ Yes, but not right now, you’ll find out as you go.”

“ I can only imagine.”

“ Take care Lord Xena, I will be watching and writing.”

“ I’m sure you will.”

Indite then faded from Xena’s sight. Xena stood shaking her head, and running
her hand over her face to remove stray hairs from her face she then put her
writing away and turned and left her private library heading back to her
chambers, she was frustrated and tired and needed to relax. When she got back
to her chambers she had went into the sitting room and walked over to the
table where a mix of different drinks were located.

Xena poured herself some port and sat down in one of the chairs in the sitting
room and thought about what Indite had told her, while she was sitting there
she heard movement in the other room and she realized Diana had finished her
deposition. Xena smiled and then stood and headed for the bed chamber.

end of part 8
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