Home Part 9
By D.virtue


Xena entered the room just as Diana was putting her robe on her nude body that
had just come out of the bath. Diana was looking out the window and watching
the sparring soldiers as they battled one another.

Diana was just about to tie the robe on when she felt Xena’s strong hands take
a hold of her hands and lowered them, only to bring her own hands back up to
the top of Diana’s shoulders and slowly started to remove the robe . Diana
started to turn around, but Xena caught her by the shoulder and held her where
she was.

Diana then stood the way she was and Xena went back to removing the robe. The
robe slid slowly from Diana’s soft Hyacinth smelling body. Xena leaned down
and inhaled the aroma, as she continued to slowly remove the robe, her hands
were caressing Diana’s form as the robe slid down, when the robe had reached
Diana’s waist Xena wrapped her arms tightly around her and held her as she
kissed Diana’s neck and shoulders.

Diana leaned back into Xena and was absorbing the feel of Xena’s mouth on her
neck along with the way Xena was using the silk robe to caress and entice
Diana’s tingling skin. Xena unwrapped her arms from around Diana’s waist and
proceeded to once again slide the robe down further, over Diana’s curved hips.

Xena pushed Diana to where Diana was leaning forward over the open window.
Xena then moved back away from Diana and just as Diana was about to look
around at Xena Xena caught her head and held it looking forward out the
window. Diana caught Xena’s meaning and so she did not look back when Xena
left her for a moment, Xena returned within seconds but was stripped naked,
except for one of the phalluses. The flat one that laid against Xena’s abdomen
until she was ready to use it.

Xena thought to herself the words that would make Diana’s flower return to
it’s virginal state.

“ Reform My Little Shield.”

Xena then brought her hands up to push Diana forward more so that her belly
was resting on the frame of the window. She then let her hands caress Diana’s
back and slowly she brought them down to Diana’s hips, she leaned over Diana’s
goose bumped covered back and as she did she felt Diana tremble. Xena’s eyes
were hooded as she luxuriated in the feel of Diana’s contrasting body, soft
where it was suppose to be and firm where it was suppose to be.

Xena leaned over Diana’s body and let her hands slide down to Diana’s firm
round behind, where she kneaded and caressed, she then slid her hands down to
Diana’s ready flower and caressing the soft wet hairs, Xena slid two of her
long strong fingers into Diana’s flower.

“ Ohhhh......”

Diana moaned as her responses changed from , mmmm...to Ohhhh...when Xena had
entered her . Xena pushed into Diana far enough to where she was deep inside
but not deep enough to touch Diana’s shield, Xena luxuriated in the soft moist
tightness of Diana’s flower, she relished pumping into Diana’s flower with her
fingers. She loved the feel of every curve and ridge within Diana’s flower.

Xena brought her other hand up and around Diana’s chest and she kneaded
Diana’s breast, then running her fingers over the taut nipples Xena rolled
them through her fingers and pinched and pulled at them with the same rhythm
she was using within Diana’s flower.

“ Ahhhh...Xenaaaa....”

Diana had her hands on the window frame where her belly was resting against.
Xena lowered her head and kissed Diana’s soft neck, which sent further shivers
up and down Diana’s body. Diana was nearing her peak and Xena knew it , but
she was not quite ready to let Diana go over, so Xena whispered a word of
warning to Diana .

“ Don’t scram kitten, otherwise I stop.”

Xena felt Diana tense at the thought of her stopping, and at the meaning of
what was to come.

Xena then pinched one of Diana’s nipples which would have sent her over, but
then at the same moment Xena thrusted through Diana’s shield causing Diana to
drop her head onto the back of her hands to prevent herself from screaming out
during the deflowering of her flower.

The pain subsided quickly as it always had and soon was replaced by even more
intense pleasure. Xena now was plunging deep into Diana’s flower, and Diana
was struggling to maintain some competent thought but her desire and need to
experience the release that was running deep within her core was about to
drive her crazy.

Xena was ready for her first of many releases, and so she lifted her lips from
Diana’s marked shoulder and brought her lips within inches of Diana’s
sensitive ears, and whispered in that low , melodic smooth voice of hers.

“ release kitten.”

Diana almost swooned at the sound and feel of Xena’s warm breath against her
sensitive ear, and from the intense pleasure her flower , breast and now ear
were receiving from Xena.

“ Yeeeesssss.........My Lord.......”

Diana’s body arched back into Xena, as Xena sucked and kissed Diana’s ear and
lobe and then feeling her own impending release she kissed her way down to
Diana’s neck and just as Diana was releasing Xena bit into Diana’s neck with
her teeth, just enough to hold Diana still but not to injury, and she pinched
Diana’s already taut tender nipple at the same moment she herself released.

Diana’s breath caught in her throat at the feel of Xena’s teeth on her neck ,
as well as the powerful waves of ecstasy cascading through her. Both she and
Xena were melted into one as they let the ecstasy float over them. Xena had
positioned herself so that her jewel was on one of Diana’s round behind. Her
ecstasy covered Diana’s behind and she slid up and down on it , with her jewel
as she finally leaned heavily onto Diana’s back to catch her breath.

Diana had already collapsed onto the frame of the window after her energy had
been zapped from her by the powerful orgasm that claimed her. Xena after a few
moments of listening to Diana’s heartbeat and breathing just starting to slow

Xena decided she was not finished with her Consort, so while Diana was still
recovering, Xena slid down Diana’s back and she let her hands trail where her
mouth and tongue were traveling.

Xena felt a shiver echo off of Diana’s body onto hers as she slid down. Xena
continued down until she was settled between Diana’s thighs and her lips were
wrapped tightly around Diana’s clit.

Diana shuddered and trembled at the intimidate kiss by her lover. Xena licked
and sucked on the clit until she felt it pulsate wildly in her mouth.

“ Ah Gods!!! Xena.....ooooo....man!”

Xena tasted the recent passion of Diana’s flower and lapped greedily at the
flavorful cream that was produced by Diana’s core. Xena absorbed all of the
recent ecstasy of her Consort and love, and finally when she felt Diana start
to tremble continuously after a bit of Xena feasting on her Xena slid her
gifted tongue deep into Diana’s flower straight to her core where she
immediately teased at the opening and pumped against it.

Xena was savoring the feel of Diana on her tongue and her body was tight once
again as she loved Diana. soon both were releasing again and Diana afterwards
lost the strength in her legs to support herself, lucky for her Xena had the
foresight to hold Diana so that if she did go weak she would not fall.

Xena’s tongue changed at the tip and formed a tiny mouth that connected to
Diana’s core and gently sucked in and out on the front of it. Xena felt
another release as she did that and Diana was barely conscious as Xena’s
tongue worked Diana’s core to a frenzy over and over and over again without
giving Diana a chance to catch her breath between each of the long orgasms.

Xena lowered Diana to the floor without losing contact and she sent a thought
to Diana.

“ Kitten, this is sooooo......wonderful.....The taste is even more flavorful,
Ahhhh.... the electricity that is running through me is incredible....For Gaia
Sake!!! why hadn’t I done this before?!”

Xena had released with each of Diana’s releases, and was now feeling
enrapture, and strength like she had been lately when she made love to Diana.
Diana did not answer Xena as she had no competent thought left in her head,
she wasn’t even sure if she had a head anymore, yet along whether or not she
was conscious.

Xena continued to let her gifted tongue work on Diana’s continuously quivering
core. Diana’s body was visibly trembling as she continued to release. Finally
after Xena thought that if she did it to long being a new experience for Diana
that it could cause her harm, so she slowly returned her tongue to it’s
precious state and then with a final flick over Diana’s quivering core, Xena
withdrew her tongue.

Xena left no sign that Diana had had multiple orgasms as her tongue absorbed
all of the flavorful cream that was produced. Xena after laying Diana down
onto the fur covered floor, she reposition herself so that her jewel was on
Diana’s knee. After Xena had experienced her last release, She laid heavily
upon the unconscious Diana, and when she awoke it was the early morning hours
of the next day.

Xena called Dancea to draw a scented bath and then to lay out her’s and
Diana’s, clothing to wear for when she and Diana went to Regent’s Sahi’s
place to have her arrested.

After Xena had cleaned her and the still unconscious Diana up she laid Diana
back on the bed on top of the covers, and dressed in a lounging robe and
slippers. She then left orders with Dancea, that Diana was not to be
disturbed. then she left their chamber and before going down one of the
corridor’s she left orders with the Sentries that Diana was not to be

Xena disappeared around one of the corners and when she arrived at her
destination she was entering into the Magistrates chambers.

“ My Lord?”

“ I came to file charges Against Regent Sahi.”

“ My Lord? Your Consort has already filed her charges.”

“ I know, these are charges being made by me The Ruler of the known world,
against Regent Sahi.”

“ Oh yes My Lord, forgive my presumption?”

“ Forgiven, just don’t let it happen again.”

“ Yes My Lord. What are your Charges?”

“ Kidnapping of one of the prominent members of The Royal Household.
Assault with Malicious intent against same members. Blackmailing of The Royal
Ruler thus the Realm, And Treason.”

“ And what will be the primary charge under that heading My Lord?”

“ For the coercion of the Royal ruler to abide by a contract made under
duress, and for the murders of 17 Loyal Citizens of the Realm.”

“ Ok. I see no problems with your charges My Lord and I will have these drawn
up separately and I will need your signature on all of the charges made by the
others. Will you have your Royal seal placed on your Charges?”

Sahi Blanched and then looking at Xena The Conqueror smirking at her, it was
too much for her to take to think she was going to die, and then on top of
that having Xena and all of those she thought she had outsmarted standing
there waiting for her to break down and beg for forgiveness.

It was to bitter of a pill for her to swallow, she lost it and started to
curse at The Conqueror. to which Xena simply narrowed her eyes, but when Sahi
turned her attention to Diana and decided to take her anguish out on her,
telling Diana all types of things.

“ I can’t believe You?! You are the one who told me it was ok for me to court
you, if anyone lied or misrepresented themselves it was you, I thought you
were my friend, but all the while you were planning on doing this to me.
Although I may have been wrong with how I went about it, I truly would have
settled for one concession from Lord Xena, and that, would have met more to
me than ruling anything.... “

Sahi didn’t expect any responses so she continued.

“ I did like you, and all I wanted was you, but no, all you wanted was to hurt
me! Why?! Because I tried to win your affections, well If I knew you well
going to do this to me then I would have never let my feelings for you come to
the surface, I could have just went after the next best thing using you to get
it. You think what I did to you was bad, you should talk to Aphrodite about
your precious Xena....you think she is so special...wellll I’m sure you’ll get
an ear full, she’ll tell you just how special she is. I hate You Diana ! And I
hate and despise your bitch of a Master!!


Sahi flew back against a sofa chair and flipped backwards as Xena backhanded
her. Sahi Laid motionless, and was picked up by the Royal Guards including
Miki and taken into custody.

Diana watched Sahi fly, and then she turned to look at Xena who had her mask
in place that not even Diana could penetrate. Diana feeling angry, hurt,
frustrated, and anxious about all that Sahi had said especially the last part,
was too much for Diana to stand and still maintain her composure.

Turning on her heels she stormed out of the room and back to the carriage
where she sat with mixed emotions, she had never been hated by anyone,
disliked maybe, ignored at, but never hated, she knew she shouldn’t feel bad
about Sahi but something within her felt some guilt at stringing Sahi along
the way she did. Diana also was very anxious about what Sahi met about her
talking to Aphrodite about Xena. Diana sat with her arms crossed holding
herself as she thought about everything. She was upset about everything and
Sahi was at the top.

Xena and the others were heading back out to the awaiting carriages but not
before Xena had everyone of Sahi’s Counsel arrested. She then turned on her
heels and her Royal robe swung around and trailed the fast striding Conqueror.

Xena stepped into the carriage and saw Diana sitting looking out the other
side of the carriage. The Driver of the carriage asked if The Conqueror was
ready to leave.

“Let’s go.”

Xena called to the driver and the carriage moved from the residents of the Ex-
Regent of the western Province. Xena watched Diana knowing that she wanted to
ask about Aphrodite, but she must have sensed Xena herself was in a predatory
mood at that time and haven’t experienced such sheer elation at Sahi’s
downfall, she was not in any mood to talk about certain things.

“ What did Sahi mean by telling me to ask Aphrodite?”

“ Nothing Sahi was just angry. “

Diana knew Xena was not telling her the whole story and she felt even more
anxious as well as angry.

“tell me what she meant?!”

Xena narrowed her eyes at Diana and her tone was low. Diana swallowed hard and
turned her head to look back out of the side of the carriage she was sitting
on. Xena slowly turned her own head to look out on her side.

“ Are you going to tell me?”

Diana said picking up where Xena thought it had ended.

“ No.”

“ Why?”

“ Because it’s not important.”

“ What isn’t ?”

Xena then turned to looked at Diana once again.

“Drop it.”

“I don’t want to drop it, I want to know what she meant.”

“ I told you something to do Consort.”

Xena warned. Diana crossed her arms tighter and then turned her body so that
her back was facing Xena. Xena’s hand came up and turned Diana back around on
the seat.

“ I don’t like you having your back to me.”

Diana thought about jerking her arm away but seeing the look of Complete
dominance in Xena’s eyes, Diana remained turned and just kept her arms crossed
looking at Xena, who simply sat and watched and waited for Diana to say
something else about what Sahi had brought up.

“ When will the trial take place?”

Xena looked up over her brows, up from the writing she was now doing.

“ It will take place in a few days, first the announcement has to go out and I
have to appoint someone to run the Province until everything is settled with
Regent Sahi...”

Xena said with a slur. Diana continued looking at Xena while she listened to
Xena. she also thought about what Sahi had said. Xena went back to writing and
Diana looked down at the scroll to see what Xena was writing.

“ So...what are you writing?”

Diana asked trying to ease back into the question that she really wanted to

“ The start of a proclamation that will appoint the next Regent.”

“ Can I become the Regent?”

Diana asked with a deceptive hint of humor in her voice, although she still
had no intention of forgetting about the question. Xena bit the inside of her
cheeks and didn’t move her head as she looked up over her brows to meet
Diana’s chestnut sapphire ringed eyes.

Diana then raised a brow, waiting for her answer. Xena knitted her brow and
then said in a questioning voice.

“ Your not serious?”

“ Why not? Unless you don’t think I’m capable?”

Xena set her jaw and then sat up straighter and putting her arm on the back of
the seat she leaned her head on her hand and bored into Diana’s eyes. Diana
lowered her eyes for a moment, and then raised them to see Xena still glaring
at her.

“ Yes. I want these ready by the time we leave for The Western Province.”

“ They shall My Lord. I will make the charge to Regent Sahi?”

“ You are the Royal Magistrate aren’t you?”

“ Yes My Lord.”

“ It shall be a royal visit.”

“ I understand My Lord.”

“ Fine.”

Xena then turned and left the Royal magistrates chambers and headed to Advisor
Draco’s Chambers, She did not knock but opened the door and went in, to
discover Draco in bed with one of the Royal seamstress' . The young girl went
to roll over and happened to open her eyes and see The Conqueror standing at
the foot of the bed.

“ MY LORD?!”

The girl startled as she sat up straight in the bed. and in doing so awoke

“ What are you doing?”

“ My Lord Is here to see you.”

Draco looked down at the foot of the bed to see The Conqueror was indeed
standing at the foot of his bed.

“ Lord Xena. What can I do for you?”

“ How long has this been going on Advisor Draco?”

“ A month after you left My Lord.”

“ I see, anyway Charges have all been made to the magistrate and will be
present to the counsel within the hour, after which there will be a Royal
visit to the Western Province, you will be among the escorts, is that

“ Yes My Lord.”

“ Good have everything made ready to leave by noon.”

“ As you wish My Lord.”

“ I know.”

Xena then turned on her heels and headed out the door without looking back.
She headed back to her chambers where she expected to find a still unconscious
Diana. When she entering into her bedchambers the first place she looked was
over towards the bed, there she say Diana still lying in the same provocative
position she had left her in.

Xena smiled a mischievous smile and with a wry glint in her eyes, she strided
over to Diana and removing her robe she laid down next to her on her side
propped up on one elbow. She then brought her hand up to run along Diana’s
nose and cheeks and mouth, just as she was caressing Diana’s mouth, Xena saw
the phallus lying on the table next to the bed and she went to reach for it.
Xena was caught off guard when Diana sieged one of her nipples in her mouth.
Xena startled.

“ AHH!!”

and at the same time Diana pushed Xena back onto her back still holding the
captured nipple. Xena eyes were searching as she tried to figure out when
exactly did Diana wake up. Diana laid astride Xena’s waist still holding the
nipple in her mouth.

Xena attempted to remove her nipple, but Diana bit down harder on it, Xena’s
brow arched at Diana and Diana arched her own brow back at Xena as she let her
tongue play with the captured fingers within her mouth.

“ What are you doing Consort?”

Diana threw her thoughts to Xena.

“ Why did you do that last night?”

“ What?”

Xena said innocently. Diana bit down harder and Xena inhaled sharply.

“ Consort.”

Xena said in a warning voice.

“ Why did you do that to me last night?”

“ Did it hurt you?”

“ No...but....”

“ If it didn’t hurt you then what’s the big deal?”

“ Xena do you realize how shaky I was when I first woke up? I thought I was
going to shake right off the bed.”

“Really, that would have been interesting to feel that underneath me.”

“ Ha, Ha, Ha, very funny, did you have any ......problems this morning?”

“ None except having to lift some very heavy woman into the bath, I thought I
was going to break my back.”

Xena said smirking. Diana smirked back and then said,

“ Remember what I have in my mouth.”

At which time Diana bit down harder and Xena brought her hands up to Diana’s
chin and added a little pressure to it. Diana grimaced at the discomfort and
when she tried to add more onto Xena’s nipple Xena’s only response was to bare
her teeth slightly and with just a little more pressure to Diana’s chin, Diana
opened her mouth and let go of the imprisoned nipple.

“ Owww...let go.”

“ Are you asking or telling?”

“ Asking, please let go?”

Xena pushed Diana up into a sitting position astride her thighs, as she sat up
also, then she let go of Diana’s chin and was about to wrap her arms around
Diana’s waist when suddenly, Diana moved off of Xena and the bed and was
heading into the other room where she figured Xena would have the food for
breakfast set up.

“ Consort Come back here.”

“ I hungry, come and join me.”

Diana called back. Xena signed and then came off the bed and went to join
Diana in the other room after getting her robe, she put it on but did not tie
it. Diana sat picking at the different foods Xena had sent up, and she
watched Xena as she came to sit down.

“ Consort I told you to do something.”

Xena said in a serious tone. Diana knitted her brows and then sated,

“ I thought you were playing with me, I didn’t realize you were serious,
otherwise I would have come back.”

“ Ok, but next time I say something, I expect for you to check first and then
proceed if I say it is ok.”

“ Ok.”

Diana said with a smile tugging at her mouth. Xena smirked and then said.

“ Eat.”

When it was half a candlemark to noon, Xena and Diana had finished dressing
and were leaving there chambers escorted by the Royal entourage, which
included Gabrielle. The entourage proceeded out of the Palace and Xena and
Diana got into the first carriage and Gabrielle and Ephiny who had been
staying at the palace helping to arrange some of the things, got into the
next. Followed by The next had the Royal Magistrate and scribe. The next was
Xena’s spy Miki and the servant girl Ludmilla.

The Royal war advisors rode horse back along with the Royal guards ahead of
all of the entourage and along the sides and behind. Xena’s colors were
brought to bear and having gave a couple of the travelers to the lead Guards
they headed out for the Western Province.

They arrived in the Province within the hour and headed down the main street
of the city. People were standing along the street as the Royal carriage’s
and their guards passed by. They arrived at Regent Sahi’s resident , and the
Royal footman opened the doors of the carriage to await the exit of Xena the
Conqueror and her Consort Lady Diana.

Xena strided towards the open door of the resident with Diana half a step
behind and to the right of Xena, Gabrielle and Ephiny followed behind them and
so on. They were lead to Regent Sahi who was in her counsel room meeting with
her Counsel.

“ Isn’t this wonderful I have succeeded in doing what no one has ever been
able to do, to outwit The Conqueror herself, talk about powerful. I can and
have eliminated
some of those who are for her and against me, and I plan on doing more of the
same. I feel so free!”

Sahi was saying just as the doors to the counsel room opened and Xena The
Conqueror and Her Consort Diana and the rest of the entourage came strolling
into the chamber. Those within did not stand at first when the Ruler of all
the known world entered into the room as was customary.

“ Lord Xena? What are you doing here? I was not told of a Royal visit.”

Xena’s only response was to cut her eyes to the Royal Magistrate, who bowed
her head and walked forward and handed the three scrolls to the Royal Cryer.

“ Ah-hem.”

The Cryer cleared his throat and read the scrolls in order of less
importance,to most important, starting with the charge made by the Lt Miki,
then Diana, and then Xena The Conqueror’s charges.

“ Grievouses has been brought against Regent Sahi , and found to be legitimate
by the Counsel of Magistrates Chosen by the people of The Realm of Xena The
Conqueror, they haven’t been found to be legitimate now must be answered to by
the Regent Sahi of the Western Province in the Royal Court.”

“ What are these charges?!”

Sahi asked angrily, before the Royal Cryer could finish. The Cryer looked over
at The Conqueror who simply tilted her head slightly indicating for the Cryer
to read the charges themselves. The Cryer bowed his acknowledgement and turned
back to face Regent Sahi.

“ The first Charge is made by Lt Miki of the Royal Guard of our Lord Xena the
Conqueror’s Army. It reads as follows, I Lt Miki of the Royal Guard of the
house of Our Lord Xena The Conqueror, bring the charge of kidnapping, and
attempted murder.

Sahi’s eyes shot to Miki and Miki did not break her bearing as she stood with
the rest of the Royal Guard. The Cryer then read the next charge and it’s

“ The next charges has been filed against Regent Sahi by Lady Diana, The
Consort of The Ruler herself and personal protector and Warrior of The house
of our Lord.

Xena’s jaw set but her eyes remained focused on Sahi’s reactions to all of the
charges. Diana saw Xena’s jaws set and she took a slow deep breath as she
stood watching Sahi and feeling the rage inside of Xena build.

The Charges read as follows... I lady Diana, The Consort and Warrior to our
Lord Xena The Conqueror, bring the charges of Sexual assault upon the body of
the Royal Consort of Lord Xena. Also the charge of malicious torture of the
same, for the purpose of blackmailing The Royal house. Also the charge of
Misrepresentation of the person of whom Regent Sahi claimed to be,and her
purposes behind the pursuit of Lady Diana. While the Cryer was catching his
breath Sahi looked over at Diana with both hurt and contempt.

Diana raised a brow at Regent Sahi but she did not say anything as Xena subtly
watched the silent interaction between the two. The Cryer had caught his
breath and once again took the final scroll and seeing the Royal seal upon it
his hands trembled for a moment and he looked over at The Conqueror whom he
knew was waiting for it to be read, but would not wait long.

So Breaking the seal which caught Diana’ss attention as well as everyone
elses including Regent Sahi who’s brows knitted together at the thought that
Xena The Conqueror was bring charges of her own, Sahi knew that it was already
a painful punishment if not the death penalty for abusing Diana as she had,
but she knew without a doubt that whenever The Conqueror brought charges
against anyone it automatically meant the death penalty. The only question
would be would be how.

The Cryer’s voice broke through Regent Sahi’s thoughts.

“ The final Charge made is by Xena, Warrior Princess, Destroyer of Nations and
Conqueror, Of The Known World. The Charges are as follows,
I Xena The Conqueror and Ruler of The Realm of the Known world do hereby bring
the charges of, Kidnapping of one of the prominent members of The Royal
Assault with Malicious intent against same members. Blackmailing of The Royal
Ruler thus the Realm, And Treason. For the coercion of the Royal ruler to
abide by a contract made under duress, and for the murders of 17 Loyal
Citizens of the Realm.”

“ No Diana, you can not be the New Regent...and not because your not Capable!
But because you already have a position...My Consort and W.a.r.r.i.o.r.!”

Diana stiffen at the exaggeration of the word warrior.

Xena let the word hang in the air as she watched Diana start to turn her head.

“ Oh no...kitten, look at me!”

Xena demanded. Diana turned her head back to look back at Xena, who had not
moved from where and how she had turned to sit.

“ How dare you do such a thing!”

“ Xena I...”

“ You what Diana? Forgot that I didn’t want you to make a claim of you being a
warrior?! You didn’t think I would make a big deal of it, since it was made
doing an OFFICIAL Visit?! What in the hades were you thinking?!”

“ I .....I....”

Diana couldn’t finish her thought due to the flames coming from Xena’s
Sapphire eyes.

“ Welll...that’s ok Consort....I’ll help you remember who you are and what
your position is.”

Diana chewed her lips as she sat with her eyes lowered and moving her long
legs slightly with her arms still crossed, she did not look up again until
they were back at the palace, where Xena exited the carriage first and then
stood and waited for Diana to come out.

Diana hesitated at first and then she exited the carriage only to be met by a
raised brow from Xena. Diana looked slightly to her left and right and saw
everyone waiting for Xena and her to enter into the palace, Diana looked up at
Xena and then Xena turned on her heels and headed into the palace with
everyone who was suppose to falling in behind her and Diana.

After taking care of a few last minutes details before retiring for the day,
Xena and Diana finally arrived in their quarters. Xena headed straight to the
bedchambers and removed her Royal clothing, she then placed her lounging robe
on and tying it she went back out to the sitting room and waited for Diana to

“ When you finish changing come in here.”

Diana changed and then went into the sitting room. Xena stood by the window of
the sitting room and when Diana came out she turned to look at Diana. Diana
stopped by the large couch as she felt Xena watching her.

“ Come over here Kitten.”

Xena said disconcertingly. Diana’s eyes met Xena’s and she walked slowly over
to Xena, feeling all the prey walking to it’s doom. Xena felt how Diana was
feeling and she actually agreed with it.

Diana came to stop in front of Xena Diana’s chestnut eyes still locked on
Xena’s piercing sapphire one’s.

“ So....now where were we? Oh yes I was going to teach you about who you were
and what your position was right.”

Xena stated as a fact rather than a question. Diana swallowed trying to clear
the lump from her throat , but the more she tried the bigger the lump seem to
get, her heart was pounding wildly within her chest and she felt like getting
away from Xena before Xena laid into her.

Xena felt every emotion Diana was feeling but she had no intentions of letting
Diana off of the hook. In fact she was about to add to Diana’s discomfort.

“ Now ...I can do a few things here that I know all will bring about the
results I expect, but the question is which is the best....hmmm...I could take
a leather strap to you....”

Xena said as she watched Diana’s reactions, which were to tremble at the
thought, and Diana was upset at herself for not being able to hid her fear
from out of all people Xena. Xena smirked and then went on.

“ Or maybe I’ll turn you over my knee and redden that round behind of
yours.....hmm....there are just so many other things that are racing through
my head right now I just don’t know which one I wish to put upon such a
willful little Consort....oh...sorry I mean Warrior!”

Xena said with sarcasm dripping from her lips. She then stood up to her full
height and raising Diana’s trembling chin she made her decision.

“ I know which I will do.”

She then bored into Diana’s moist eyes and let a very powerful image come into
her minds eyes.


Diana’s breath caught and her eyes lit to bright Sapphire as she felt an
acute tightness in her lower abdomen. she was holding her belly and trying to
curl her knees to take the pressure off, but Xena holding her chin and them
being in a standing position did not allow Diana to tuck.

Xena then said in a seductive voice.

“ I think you’ll see how important it is for you to obey me kitten, I won’t
release you until you have proven that you can do what I say, if at some
point you decide to disobey me while your in this state....welll let’s just
say I’ll have you begging me to just use the strap on you. Good night kitten.”

Xena then planted a passionate kiss on Diana’s soft moist lips making her
tightness unbearably worse. Breaking the kiss Xena then let Diana’s chin go
and Diana went to her knees holding her belly.

Xena heard Diana struggling to calm herself, but it was to no avail, she
needed release in the worse way, so struggling to get to her feet she stumbled
to the door of the bed chamber , before opening it and going in she rested
against it for a moment .

Then she opened it and struggled to make her way to the bed. Xena watched
her, and once Diana crawled into bed she immediately went to lay in Xena’s
arms, but Xena did not allow Diana to lay in her arms, instead she turned on
her side facing away from Diana and closed her eyes to go to sleep.

Tears ran down Diana’s face as she plead with Xena to at least hold her, both
she and Xena knew the calming effect Xena’s touch had on Diana and vice versa.

“ Xena please?”

no answer.

“ Xena...Gods don’t leave me like this...I’ll do what you say...please just
hold me at least?”

“ No. Now go to sleep....on your side of the bed.”

Xena clarified. Diana’s breath caught again and she fell onto her pillow and
cried herself to sleep, curled in the fetal position. The next morning Xena
awoke and turned over to see Diana still curled up moaning for Xena to allow
her release. Xena arched her brow and then she got out of bed and dressing
quickly and quietly, she left a note for Diana to dress and eat and then join
her in the court, she then left the bedchambers to go and talk with the
members of the Royal courts.

Leaving Diana alone to deal with her punishment of disobeying. Xena was
serious about getting Diana under tighter control, especially after what she
had been told by Indite.

“ Scribe.”

“ Yes My Lord?”

“After you have taken all of this down give it to the town Cryer and have it
announced throughout the Realm .”

“ Yes My Lord As you wish.”

Xena then turned to the Magistrates and stated what she expected of them.

“ I expect for this trial to be over as soon as possible, I don’t want to have
to sit listening to all of the unnecessary stuff. I want a list of all who
will be called to testify, you all know I will not be one of them, my charge
will be used as my testimony. “

“ My Lord will lady Diana take the stand?”

“ Yes. But any and all questions are to be pertinent to who’s on trial, I will
not allow My intimate relationship with My Consort to be put out to the
general masses.”

“ Yes My Lord , But you do realize some information is pertinent, and will be

“ Yes. But I will be the final judge as to what I will allow, I will let you
the chosen counsel rule on all aspects of the case, with the exception that if
there are any questions among you that you are not sure I will be the one to
rule upon it, as The Conqueror.”

Xena spoke with the counsel of Magistrates while she waited for Diana. Diana
awoke a half candlemark later than Xena and she moaned in agony as her belly
was still just as tight as when she had gone to sleep. She rolled over to feel
for Xena but all she felt was a piece of parchment. Diana picked the note up
and read that Xena expected her to join her in the court in two candlemarks,
and not to be late.

Diana took a deep breath and tears came to her eyes as she thought about her
discomfort and having to go all that way with it, but she knew she couldn’t be
late , so she got up and dressed and ate like she was trying to satisfy her
need but she knew only one thing would do that. It had taken Diana almost a
candlemark and a half to do everything because of the tightness in her.

Finally she left their chamber and headed slowly towards the court Xena had
told her to meet her in. Diana walked casually holding her abdomen, but when
she went pass a group of people she would just as casually drop her hands down
to her side and grit her teeth until she was pass all of them. Diana stopped
many times on her way to the court to rest, but finally she made it.

Diana looked at a large hourglass that was just outside the Royal court along
with the two Sentries who were posted. Diana swallowed hard when she saw she
was a few minutes late, she wanted to cry but she didn’t have time and didn’t
want the Sentries to see her in such a way, so she took a deep breath and
walked into the court .

She stood by the door waiting for Xena to look up from a scroll she was
reading to herself as the Magistrates and advisors waited. When she had
finished she lowered the scroll and having felt Diana come in she gave her a
look of I’m upset with you. Xena used her eyes to tell Diana what she wanted
her to do.

Xena then returned her attention to those within the room, and begun to tell
them what she thought of the process they had outlined for the trial.

“ Now while everyone is here I want that list I asked for of all those who
will be presented.”

The Royal Magistrate gathered all of the others along with the Advisors and
started to make out the tentative list, which they would make definite by the
time of the trial. While they were doing that Diana had came over to where
Xena sat and she stood to the side of Xena’s chair while she waited for Xena
to finish her instructions.

Xena then turned her attention to Diana. She stood up and faced Diana and she
said in a low voice meant for Diana’s ears only.

“ Your late.”

“ I.....I know, I had a little difficulty maneuvering.”

“ Not an excuse.”

Diana lowered her eyes and chewed her lips because she was unable to think of
a reply to the statement.

“ It’s ok kitten.”

Xena said deceptively calm. Diana looked up with knitted brows and Xena had
one brow raised. Xena then leaned down and whispered.

“ Not a sound.”

Diana’s brows knitted more as to the meaning of Xena’s words, but she soon
found out. Xena visualized her and Diana together but a lot less powerful than
the one she had before.

“ Ah!!!”

Diana’s hands gripped Xena’s waist as she felt like her body was going to
explode. Her breath had caught and her heart was beating wildly against her
chest as her breathing rate increased.

“ Pl...easeee......My Lord....”

Diana panted as Xena brought her hand up under Diana’s chin to lift her head
and look her in the eyes.

“ You won’t be late again ...will you?”

“ No.....pleaseee....?”

Xena then gazed into Diana’s eyes and watched the sapphire color get brighter.
Finally Xena answered Diana’s questioned plead.

“ No. Now come over here and sit down in that chair.”

Xena instructed the needful Diana as she pointed out the soft armed chair she
wanted Diana to sit in. Diana let a tears roll down her face, but was told to
dry them . Diana wiped her eyes and letting go of Xena she stood up straight
and with great effort she made her way to the chair discreetly. Xena stood
where she was for a moment and watched Diana, and was pleased with her choice
of punishment of her Consort.

“ I think My sweet Consort I shall have you straight pretty quick, yep this is

Xena thought to herself as she walked back over to her own chair. Sitting down
she looked over at the counsel and then seeing that they were still making out
the list she had asked for Xena turned to look at Diana.

Diana had her head down with her hair falling forward hiding her face
slightly, her knees brought up to her chin. Xena brought her hand up and
swept Diana’s hair from in front of her face. Diana raised her head to gaze
into Xena’s eyes. Xena saw the plea in her Consorts eyes and she pinched her
lips together and then spoke.

“ Do you understand why I’m doing this Consort?”

Xena said as she let her hand caress Diana’s face, and Diana leaning into the
calming touch. Xena removed her hand and waited for her answer. Diana’s breath
caught but she was not as tight as she was prior to arriving in the court.

“ yes.”

Diana said in a small voice. Xena smiled and then said in a less reprimanding

“ Good.”

Xena started to pick up a scroll, but heard Diana.

“ Xena?”

“ Yes?”

Diana hesitated to ask but she needed to know.

“ When?”

Xena cocked her head and leaning back in her chair she studied Diana for a few
minutes before she answered.

“ I don’t know kitten. It seems like if I let you off the hook too soon you
seem to be fine for a while and then without warning you do something again,
mainly this warrior thing. So I don’t know Consort.”

Xena said matter-of -factly. Diana choked on the words she was about to ask
when she heard all of Xena’s response.

Diana tried to hold the tears that threatened at bay but she was having to
much of a problem, she couldn’t concentrate on it to control them so they made
their way to her eyes and finally they rolled down her cheeks. Xena watched
Diana with compassion, but she had no intention of allowing Diana release, at
lease not anytime soon, although she had her own needs, but she would have
Diana take care of those when they were alone.

Xena lifted her scroll and begun to read it . listening to Diana all the
while. Diana brought her hands to her face and cried silently as she let her
hair fall back in front of her face, to hid it from the others in the room who
to her relief had not noticed her’s and Xena’s interaction for argument of who
was to be presented during the trial.

Diana after a bit stopped crying and just held her knees to her chin, which
Xena allowed as long as the counsel was occupied.

“ When they come back over I expect for you to put your legs down .”

Diana continued to chew her lips as her body trembled continuously from her
need of Xena.

“ Yes.”

Was Diana response. Xena was about to say something more to Diana when she
heard the counsel returning, she looked at Diana and then down at her knees
and legs and then the floor. Diana lowered her legs with effort to the floor,
and turning her head away, so that the counsel when they sat could not see her

Diana wiped her eyes quickly and holding her abdomen slightly with one hand
while she rubbed her head, not that it was hurting but to try to calm herself
enough to meditate, which of course did not work for her at the moment, she
could not calm herself and so had to suffer through the rest of the meeting
and who knows how long.

Xena watched Diana out the corner of her eye, while waiting for the counsel to
take their seats again.

“ My Lord?”

“ You have my list?”

“ Yes My Lord...a tentative list.”

“ Tentative?! It took all of you, all this time to come up with a Tentative
list ?!!!”

“ My..My Lord it’ll be definite before the trial.”

“ It’ll be definite before all of you go to bed .....so if that means you’ll
be up for the next few days without sleep...so be it..but get me the definite
list within three days!”

Xena then stood outraged that her time had been wasted, she turned to Diana
who was trying not to look up at her, but Xena had no time for it.

“ Come Consort!”

Xena then stepped around the table she had been sitting behind and strided to
the door. Diana had stood with effort and taking deep breaths she tried to
hold her composure. She strided to the door and fell into step behind Xena.

Once they had exited the chamber and the door was closed Diana stopped to
catch her breath. Xena stopped when she heard Diana, turning she saw Diana
breathing hard and trying not to bend over and hold her belly in an obvious

Xena looked into Diana’s eyes and seeing the pain in them she told Diana to
come over to her.

“ Come here Consort.”

Diana made her way to Xena and stood trembling as Xena leaned down and
whispered in Diana’s ear.

“ When we get to the room, after we talk, depending on the result of that
talk....I may give you SOME relief.”

Diana nodded her head in understanding. Xena nodded her head and with a final
look at Diana she headed towards their chambers. Xena made it and had time to
have Dancea pour her a drink and bring it to her as she sat on the sofa chair.

end of part 9
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