Home Part 11
By D.virtue


Diana gazed at Xena as Xena took off her clothes and was about to get on the
bed over top of Diana. Diana’s arms came up and held Xena up off the bed with
her feet still on the floor.

“ What are you doing?”

Diana asked. Xena knitted her brows and then said in a ironic tone.

“ I think I was about to make love to My Consort.”

“ I think not.....”

“ What?”

“ no.”

“ No?”

“ no..not until you take a bath.”

“ Your not serious?”

“ I am, you smell awful.”

“ I’ve smelled worse after battle and you still let me bed you?”

“ Yes, but I don’t think I could have stopped you if I tried, without getting
slapped silly and then taken anyway?”

“ Hm...true. But I could still take you now?”

Xena said raising her brow.

“True..but if you love me you’ll bathe first?”

Xena ran her tongue over her teeth and then said in a seductive voice..

“ join me?”

“ I’ve already bathe My Lord, plus I’m still uncomfortably tight.”

Xena then tried another tactic, one that would get Diana to join her and
plead with her to take her while their in the bath.

“ Ok, at least give me a kiss?”

“ That I can do. Diana came up and wrapped her arms around Xena’s neck and
kissed her passionately, Xena lowered Diana back to the bed and with the same
passion and more she kissed Diana, tasting the sweet recesses of Diana mouth,
both moaned into each others mouth but Diana was feasting on Xena’s tongue as
if it were the last meal, Xena reined in her hormones long enough to remember
what she wanted, so she abruptly broke the passionate embrace and leaning over
to whisper in Diana’s ear she said,

“ Oops, I have to go bathe...sorry kitten.”

“ No Never mind forget what I said.”

“ I can’t do that ....I do love you.”

Xena then unclasped Diana’s hands from around her neck and turned and strided
off to the bath. while the bath was being drawn Xena went into the bath but
then thought about something, but rather than coming out the way she had gone
in she went out the door leading to one of the connecting rooms of the Royal

Diana heard Xena go out the other door and so she quietly got up and went to
look in, not seeing Xena but seeing the bath covered with what seemed like all
bubbles, she got an idea, she stripped out of her clothes and quietly slipped
into the bath at the other end of the bath, When Xena came back she had some
hair shampoo that she wanted from one of the other rooms, that she stored
extra things in at times.

Xena slipped into the bath and almost melted at the comfortable feel of it,
she made her way to one of the benches and sat down with her long legs
stretched out and parted. Diana saw Xena slip into the bath and she was
grateful that the bubbles were more on the top of the water than all the way

She moved to the bench as Xena moved and stopped just before Xena turned to
sit. Diana now moved towards Xena under the water, while Xena sat unaware of
Diana’s present in the water , she put the tightness she had off on the fact
of what her and Diana was about to do.

Diana came to stop just in front of Xena’s knees, Diana was thinking how to
get Xena to open her legs wider without being obvious, but she didn’t have to
think long, Xena slid her hips forward more so that now her legs could truly
float freely in the water which allowed them to spread far enough apart for
Diana to position herself between.

Diana then brought her hands up because she knew what Xena's. reaction would
be initially. Diana leaned in and with a long slow firm swipe of her tongue
she ran it over Xena's. jewel’s clit. Xena’s hands flew under the water to
grabbed whoever had done that to her but Diana had flew to the other side
under the water and Xena stood and using her hands to part the bubbles to be
able to look under the water she worked her way to the other side, once there
Diana was trapped. Xena was very efficient about leaving no spot uncovered.
when she made it to the side Diana was on she reached under and grabbed a
handful of long hair and pulled Diana up out of the water. Diana took a deep
breath just as she broke the surface of the water.

“ How Long have you been under there?”

Xena asked in total surprise.

“ just short of 15 minutes, I could stay under for a lot longer.”

“ I know, I’m just surprised that you were able to do this.”

“ Well... I missed you, thought I would surprise you.”

“ You did.”

Xena said as she turned to sit down on the bench , while turning Diana around
by her hair.

“ Xena?”

“ Yes?”

“Do you mind letting go of my hair?”

“ No, I don’t mind, but first ...I have a surprise for You kitten.”

Xena said seductively once again, and Diana knitted her brows as Xena held her
hair. Suddenly Xena said while pushing Diana back under the water!

“ Finish!”


“ Xe....”

Diana was pushed down between Xena’s powerful thighs and Xena then brought her
thighs and legs up to put over Diana’s shoulders to assist with holding her

Diana was able to fill her lungs just before she was under the water, lucky
for her, because Xena didn’t even warn her. Diana moved her hands up over
Xena’s thighs and then she brought them to part the hairs of Xena’s jewel.
Diana had planned on starting slow, but her need for Xena was too great so
...she seized the previous hub and sucking it into her mouth she smothered it
with kisses and bathe it with her tongue. She then brought one of her hands
down further so that she could insert 3 fingers into Xena’s jewel.

Xena’s breath was rapid and uneven as she let Diana feast on her jewel.

“ Ahhhh...yes....Diana....my sweet kitten....ooooo.I’ve missed you .”

Xena put her hands under the water to grab Diana’s hair once again this time
she caressed Diana’s head and felt her release was near. She grabbed a hand
full of Diana’s hair and held her in place so that she would not move from
where she was.

Diana knew that Xena was near her release and that was the reason why Xena was
holding her by her hair once again. Diana pumped into Xena’s jewel with force
and vigor while she feasted on the pulsating peak of Xena’s nature.

Xena stiffened and then an exquisite wave of ecstasy waved up her spine and
then back down, Xena shivered the release and Diana seeing it in the movement
of the water she immediately removed her fingers and inserted her talented
tongue and connect to the cream producing core of Xena’s nature. Xena’s breath
caught in her throat as she experienced another release more powerful than the

Diana had made her tongue do what Xena's had done to her and Diana’s tongue
was now sucking gently on the entrance of Xena’s core. Xena’s body was now
shaking with multiple releases, as she struggled to hold herself above the
water. But Diana was doing her best to weaken Xena’s resolve. Finally Xena
used the strength she had left and pulled Diana up , Diana’s tongue went back
into her and changed back to it’s normal form. Diana popped through the
surface of the water once again and found Xena breathing hard.

“ Enough!”

“ Ah...but Xena I was just trying to relax you, I mean I am part of the reason
you were upset ?”

“ Well you more than made up for it.”

Diana smiled at Xena’s words. Xena pulled Diana into a searing kiss,and
tasting herself on Diana’s lips and in her sweet mouth Xena stood up and
turned them around so that now Diana was sitting on the bench.

Xena broke their kiss and with a mischievous look in her eyes, she slowly
lowered herself into the water, just before disappearing she wink at Diana and
Diana couldn’t help but smile at the gesture. The next thing Diana knew she
was releasing multiple times and she did slide under the water, Xena broke her
contact with Diana’s flower and brought the two of them back up above the

Diana coughed and then throwing her head back to put her hair out of her face
she opened her eyes and found Xena gazing at her with a huge smile.

“ What?”

Diana said breathless.

“ nothing ... just looking at you. Is that ok?”

“ Yes...”

Diana blushed when Xena cocked her head and holding Diana in her arms she
looked up and down Diana’s body. Xena then smiled a wry smile and without
warning she dunked them both back into the water.

“ You know Xena ?”

Diana started while Xena was finishing brushing her hair and then heading over
to the bed.

“ What?”

“Your new punishing tool is quite....well effective I think.”

“ I know.”

“ I would ask how you know But I guess my actions spoke loud enough?”

Xena smirked and then got into bed. Diana got in on her side and laid down and
put her hands behind her head as she thought about the day. Then she heard
Xena clear her throat.

“ Oh..I’m sorry were you saying something?”

“ No...lucky for you. No I was just wondering what you call yourself doing?”

“ I beg your pardon?”

“What are you doing?”

“ Nothing, I’m just lying here minding my own business?”

“ Well that ‘s where your wrong your business is my business. Now get OVER

Xena said with some hint of seriousness in her voice. Diana moved over into
Xena’s arms and laid back down on Xena’s shoulder.

“ Hmm.....that’s better.”

Xena said closing her eyes as she wrapped Diana tighter in her arms and
caressed her belly. Diana was relaxed but not quite tired enough to go to
sleep, plus she had something on her mind.

“ Xena?”

“ Hmm?”

“ Would it be ok with you if I went to see someone tomorrow?”

“ Who?”

Xena said relaxed and obviously ready to sleep. Diana thought about it for a
moment and while she Did Xena asked again. Not wanting to be awake any longer
than necessary when it was about talking.

Diana ran her fingers over Xena’s upper chest and then said quietly.

“ Sahi?”

“ W.H.A.T.?!!!”

Xena’s eyes flew open and she sat up in the bed thus bring Diana up also.
Diana moved Back a bit just in case.

“ I...I thought I would go see Regent Sahi...if that was ok with you?”

“ No. It’s not ok with me.”

“But Xena...?”

Xena’s hand went up to cut off any further conversation. Diana went silent for
a moment , and Xena laid back down and closed her eyes once again. But Diana
couldn’t drop it.

So moving to her side of the bed and then deciding it was not far enough, she
got out of the bed and stood by the wall closes to her side. Then she started
the conversation again, but on a more rapid pace, virtually saying everything
in one breath.

“ Xena I know you said to drop it but I have to see her because I feel
somewhat guilty about what I did and I have to see if I have any need to feel
that way or whether Sahi is as cruel and evil as I think she is, I couldn’t
live with myself if i thought I didn’t at least give her a chance to explain
herself I couldn’t live with that not again...please allow me this one thing
and I won’t ask you for another thing for.....a while.Please My Lord Xena?
Please ? please Xena my love? My heart....my soul....my

Diana plead as she moved back near the bed , when she saw Xena lying still
looking at the ceiling listening, although her expression was one of
irritation Diana did not see rage or anger. When Diana crawled back onto the
bed she stopped on her side.

“ Come over here Consort.”

Xena said in a stern tone. Diana moved cautiously over to Xena’s side as she
laid there waiting. Once Diana was sitting on her heels next to Xena with her
hands in her lap, Xena shifted her gaze from the ceiling slowly, and then cut
them over to look at Diana. Diana started to chew her lip at the look she was
receiving, but she stayed there and waited for Xena’s next response.

“ She is as evil and cruel as you think she is, and I don’t see why you have
to go there to talk to her?”

“ I have to do this, I can’t allow someone to die just because of her making
pass at me?”

“ She kidnapped you, she drugged you, held you in a chamber naked and exposed
to any and all who would pass the chamber, she would have killed you if I did
not give her what she wanted, she kidnapped Miki, and beat her. she
blackmailed me, killed innocent people, and would have killed more if allowed
to remain in power, she used you from the start.....But it’s ok Diana if you
want to forgive ALL of that?”

“ It’s not that I want to forgive anything My Lord, It’s just that I don’t
want this to be a scaled down model of what I did to my sisters boyfriend,
and his family, I mean maybe she was under a spell like he was?”

“ She wasn’t!”

“ Xena I know your sure about her crimes.....but please you have to let me do
this so that I can be just as sure...please Xena? Answer me as your love and
not your Consort?”

Xena narrowed her eyes for a moment and then , she rolled up onto her elbow
and studying Diana for long moments as Diana studied Xena’s eyes, she finally
said in a voice brooking no arguments.

“ You will NOT go alone, I will go with you.”

“ Ok...Ok... that’s fair, thank you Xena.”

“ Your welcome.”

Diana then wrapped her arms around Xena’s neck and rolled her over onto her
back and kissed her passionately. Xena then turned the tables and it was Diana
who was on her back.

“ But.......there is one condition to your going to see her.”

“ What?”

“ You have to come up with a new technique daily.”

“ New technique? In what?”

“ What do you think My delicious little Consort?”

“ Oh..OH! Xena I don’t know if I can do that? I mean I’ve never really thought
about any new ones ....until you did that one on me the other day. Wait You
already had this planned...no fair.”

“ Fair or not it is the condition by which you see Sahi.”

“ Ok...but it’s under duress that I am agreeing to this.”

“ Can’t help that, but I can help myself to something to drink...”

Xena said as she waggled her brows at Diana. Diana was about to move but Xena
having her pinned down by her arms put both wrists into one of her hands and
then lifted them over Diana’s head.

“ Keep them there. If you move them then I will tie you down for the rest of
the night and take what I want how ever often I want during the rest of the
night. “

“ You wouldn’t?”

“ Since when?”

“ you would tie me down for the whole night, just because I move my arms down
like this?”

Xena cocked her head and then got out of the bed and went and got the ties.
Diana jumped off the bed.

“ Xena I wasn’t doing that as you having started, but more as just finding
out what the limits were.”

“ Now Consort...when have I ever, I mean ever put a time period on a statement
that I make that starts out like keep them there? and not mean Now? hmm?”

“ Well, I...I wasn’t thinking about it like that. “

“ Obviously. but that’s ok, I was and that’s all that matters. now come here
kitten, it’ time to tie you down for the night.”

Xena teased at Diana. Diana was on the wrong side of the bed and she was
running out of room with no place to go but out the window if she
chose...which she didn’t considering she was naked.

“ Oh Xena come on please don’t tie me down? I’ll behave?”

“ Oh I know your going to behave...just the way I want you too, come here
kitten...you know if I have to catch you , and you know I will? I take you
without giving you any breaks...”

Diana stopped moving backwards and started moving forward. Xena stopped and
started moving backwards back towards the bed, and using a crooked finger she
coaxed Diana forward.

“ That’s right kitten come to me....come on ....that’s a good girl.”

“ Xena....I’ll put them back up and I won’t move them until you say it’s ok?”

“ You had your chance kitten....that’s right now get on the bed.”

Xena said as she moved to her side of the bed waiting for Diana to get on the
bed. Diana stopped at the side of the bed and Xena raised a brow at her. Diana
then crawled onto the bed and slowly moved over towards Xena.

Sitting back on her heels Diana kept her hands close to her body.

“ Give me your wrist kitten.”

“ Xena Please..?”

“ I won’t ask again kitten.”

“ mmmhmphff”

Diana pulled at her fingers and then she raised her wrists to Xena who
immediately tied them together. She then told Diana to lay down on her back,
to which Diana sat down on her behind and then was gently pushed back onto her
back. Xena tied Diana down both her wrist and then her legs , which she tied

“ Hmm....now that’s better, now where was I ? Aha...that’s right . I was going
to get something to drink....what shall I have? Hmm....wine sounds good, red I
think....yes. What do you think Consort? Red?”

“ I think it’s not fair.”

“You would. Your just a sore loser.”

“ It’s a little hard to win against You, especially when you make those subtle
but obvious little warnings?”

“ Well what can I say......I’m good. Now, If you don’t mind I think I will
take my pleasure now?”

Xena then leaned down and kissing Diana, she slowly moved down her neck
nipping and biting at the soft skin, finally following where her hands had
been only moments before.

“ Mmmmm.....haaa.....Xenaaaa....?”

“ Hmm...?”

Xena answered while she sucked on Diana’s nipple, producing a vibration in it
that ran up Diana’s spine. Diana thrilled at the sensation, and gripped the
straps with her hands to steady herself.

“ I want to hold you?”

“ Not to tonight, tonight I hold you, everywhere.”

Xena said sending the thought to Diana. Xena wrapped her tongue around Diana’s
nipple and then she held it between her teeth as she feasted on it . Diana was
moaning and whimpering at the same time. Finally after a bit of teasing the
nipples Xena bit down on one of them and Diana shrieked as her breast begun to
produce the wine Xena wanted.

“ Mmm...so sweet.”

Xena thought, and she sucked hard and drank deeply for what seemed like
eternity to Diana who was shivering with need to have Xena fill her. Xena felt
the shivers and looked up into Diana’s eyes and saw them changing. So she
moved her hands slowly over Diana’s body, caressing everything they touched
down into the soft hairs, and slowly through them and over Diana’s pulsating
peak, where Xena caressed and pulled at, causing Diana to jerk at her touch
almost spastically.

“ Xe..nnnaa...?”

Diana said through her ragged breathlessness. Xena was also breathing rapidly
as her own body was needing.

“ Xeee...nnn.aaaa....pl...ea..sseeee ....turn.?

Xena looked up at Diana from Diana’s nipple and then she bit onto the nipple
once again and Diana’s eyes were suddenly Sapphire. Xena then let go of
Diana’s nipple and turning her body so her jewel was positioned over Diana’s
waiting mouth, Xena lowered herself slowly and Diana connected onto Xena’s
own peak and a thrill shot through Xena’s body, she moaned her own pleasure as
Diana sucked and pulled and nipped at her pulsating peak, Xena buried her head
in Diana’s own flower and the two women sent thrills and chills through one

Xena slid her tongue deep inside Diana and connected to Diana’s core. Diana
gasped at the sensation and almost went over had it not been for her knowledge
that Xena would have been pissed. Xena felt Diana’s core quivering
continuously and so she knew Diana was ready. While she thought this Diana
suddenly was connecting to Xena’s own core and Diana felt Xena’s core began to
quiver and become more continuous.

“ Both women were now trembling as they both allowed their tongues to
duplicate the others action. Both tongues were now gently sucking on the
others core.”

Diana threw the only competent thought she had left in her head.

“ Pleaseee.....?”

“ Yesssss!”

Xena threw back and before they knew it they were both shivering and
shuddering and shaking their ecstasies. So much so that they floated into
Ecstasies Mist , but this time it would be different one of them would
remember what they saw.

The women saw themselves, in three D once again. Xena was standing behind
Diana with her arms wrapped around her and her chin resting on top of Diana’s
head, both wore smiles of contentment on their faces. Xena dressed in her
Royal attire and Diana dressed in Consort attire .

The image lasted for a few minutes and then when the watchers turned to look
back at the two real forms, They saw both were heavily perspiring and shaking,
release after release.

The watchers turned once more and saw three forms two in the front and one
behind, with her large hands one resting on one each of the two women in front
shoulders. And the two women had one each of their hands clasped together,
while their other hands rested on top of the hand on their respective

Slowly one of the two girls image begun to fade and the watchers looked back
down and saw that Diana was unconscious and then they watched as Xena went the
same way moment later after weakly removing herself off of Diana and turning
to hold Diana in her arms as she slipped into unconsciousness for a bit

Xena awoke a few candlemarks later and felt energized and ready to go again,
but Diana was still unconscious, so she decided to take it slow, she leaned
over Diana and taking a nipple in her mouth she sucked on it , and allowed
herself to go back to sleep while she manipulated the sweet nipple in her

Diana was moaning and her body was responding despite her state. But this time
her unconsciousness did not last, she slowly opened her eyes only to find
Xena was sucking on her breast with some zest despite the fact that she looked
like she was asleep. Diana’s body was ringing with need and so she woke Xena

“ Xe...naaa....?”

Xena opened her eyes and she saw Diana was awake. Xena then took advantage of
the fact that Diana was awake. And reaching over onto the night stand Xena
quickly put on the phallus and positioning herself between Diana’s spread
thighs Xena entered her with one smooth thrust. Diana’ s breath caught and
then they were moving to the rhythm that Xena had set. It was a slow deep
thrusting and then a slow withdrawal, only to thrust once again, after a bit
Xena increased the pace and was now pumping into Diana with force and vigor.

Diana was meeting each thrust with her own, and finally Xena cut Diana’s wrist
free and her feet and Diana immediately wrapped her arms around Xena’s neck .
Xena and Diana were feasting on each others mouth as they neared their peak
once again.

Xena answered Diana’s question before Diana could ask.

“ Come for me Consort.”

Diana’s head flew back and her body went still as Xena watched and thrilled at
seeing Diana reach ecstasy and fall over into it.

“ Your sooo...beautiful Consort in your ecstasy......sooooo.....beautiful.”

Xena purred into Diana’s ear as she felt Diana release and thus her own body
was ready , but she wanted to watch all of Diana’s before she did. Every
muscle in Diana’s body quivered, and twitched as wave after wave of Diana’s
delicious cream covered the fleshlike phallus, Xena felt the muscles within
Diana’s flower contracting and caressing the filling phallus.”

“ Sooooo....tight. Gods! I love the feel of you!”

Xena shuddered and then after Diana’s ecstasy had ended and she went limp on
the bed Xena’s body decided to release. Diana felt the stiffening of Xena and
so she quickly moved her hands from Xena’s shoulder and slid four fingers deep
inside of Xena who’s gasped told Diana her timing was perfect . Xena released
onto Diana’s fingers that were thrusting deep and forcibly into her jewel,
Xena pumped on the fingers as she covered Diana’s fingers with her own cream.
Xena’s head was thrown back as her hair was wild looking as if having been
wind blown. Diana now watched Xena’s ecstasy wash over her and she had to
comment on it as well.

“ Wow....Your sooooo beautiful, your almost ethereal in your ecstasy.”

Diana laid watching Xena in awe at her beauty. When Xena’s ecstasy had ended,
she laid upon Diana, and Diana held her with wrapped arms. When Xena finally
caught her breath she raise up onto her elbows and looking into Diana’s eyes
she said in a smooth voice.

“ I love you Diana.”

Diana smiled and then lifted up to kiss Xena tenderly on the lips and then she
proclaimed her own love for Xena.

“ I love you Xena.”

Simply words, but filled with so much meaning. Xena smirked and then gave
Diana a quick peck and rolled off of her. Diana gasped as the phallus was
still inside of her and now came out with a suddenness that caused her to

Xena smirked, removed the phallus, cleaned it and then went to go and get
cleaned up.

“ Oh I see just leave...ok..ok...I’ll remember this Xena!”

“ haha...I’m sure you will.”

Xena called back over her shoulders as she went into the bath and called
Dancea to fill it. Then once it was filled Xena called to Diana.

“ Consort get up, and get in here.”

“ No Xena....It’s so early?”

“ Consort ...Now!”

Diana grumbled about having to get up 4 candlemarks before the world even
thought about rolling over. She got up and dragged herself into the bath to
get cleaned up. Xena was already in the bath washing up.

“ Xena why so early...I mean you have to admit this is even early for you?”

“ Because there are a lot of things that needs to get done today.”

“ But do I have to go?”


“ Shoot!”

Diana pouted. Xena cocked her head up to look at Diana and then she said,

“ Get in.”

“ Xena how about a deal?”

Xena narrowed her eyes in anticipation of what Diana’s deal would be.

“ What type of deal?”

“You choose the deal, I’ll choose the terms?”

“ Your being a tease Consort.”

Diana’s eyes sparkled and she went to one knee.

“ I just figure there is better things we could be doing rather than getting
up so early.”

“ I see, I thought we took care of those needs?”

“ Needs, wants, desires, does it matter as long as it’s about you and me?”

“ No, it doesn’t, but.....there are other duties that must be attended to
within the Realm.”

“ So.....your saying you would rather do those things than make love to me?”

“ No, I’m saying if I take you again you’ll be begging me to give you a

Diana shivered at the thought, and then blushed. Xena smirked and then said in
her melodic voice.

“So.....are you still willing for me and you to engage in this 4 day venture?
I mean it does mean you won’t be able to see Regent Sahi ?”

“ 4 days huh?”

“ Hm-um?”

Xena ran her tongue over her teeth and raised her brow at Diana.

Diana chewed her lips and then said,

“ I know , we can move the trial date back?”

“ No.”

“ Oh come on now...why not?”

“ Diana I am not going to move the date of Sahi’s trial, I am looking forward
to seeing her die.”

“ XENA?!”

“ What?!”

“ You don’t mean that?”

“ You know I do. Anyway enough about that, get in the bath.”

Diana pinched her lips together and then she got into the bath and walked over
to Xena.

“ Turn around.”

Xena ordered. Diana signed and then turned around. Xena washed Diana’s back
and then ordered Diana to turn around and she started to washed Diana’s front.

“ I think you’ve worked me up enough, I can do the rest?”

“ I’m sure you can, but I prefer to do it.”

Xena then proceeded to bathe Diana. She watched all of the goose bumps
traveling the path that her hands were taking. Diana’s flushed body and taut
nipples as a result were beginning to become a little much for her.

“ Xeee...naaaa.....Pleasesss...?”

Xena looked up at Diana and smile.

“ I’m almost done Consort.”

“ Xena if your not done in the next few moment’s I’m going to attack you?”

Xena looked back up over her brows and raised one of them as she pinched her
lips together.

“ You know I love your responsiveness to my touch?”

“ Yes, welll....your going to have to love more than that in a moment.”

“ lay back.”

Diana knitted her brows but did as she was told and floated in the water. Xena
Kissed Diana’s soft lips as she floated in the water and then she moved
around and between Diana’s legs and leaning forward she kissed Diana’s
pulsing peak. Diana almost lost her concentration at the contact but Xena
helped her stay afloat, and then warned.

“ If you stop floating then I’ll stop...clear?”

“ Ye...yes.”

Xena then continued what she was doing and after Diana was allowed to release
three times, Xena then washed the rest of her and helped Diana out of the

Diana was acting like she was tipsy, although she had never been tipsy. she
sort of floated along and was gazing lovingly at Xena.

“ I owe you don’t I?”

Diana asked as Xena helped her dress. Xena bit the inside of her cheek and
then said in a matter-of-fact tone.

“ Yes...big time.”

“ I’ll pay gladly... My Lord Xena.”

Diana said in a tone that made Xena look up at her. Diana leaned forward and
laid a kiss of devotion on Xena who’s whole body trembled from the meaning.
Xena let Diana break the kiss and then wrapped Diana in her arms when she saw
Diana’s eyes glistening. Xena inhaled deeply and then she let the breath out
slowly through her nose.

“ I love you soooo...much Diana it hurts to think about anything ever
happening to us.”

“ Nothings going to happen to us...we’re bonded...how far can we go from each

Diana teased with humor in her voice. Xena leaned back from Diana and looked
at her as if looking at her in a different light. Then she kissed the top of
Diana’s head and said,

“ ok, let’s start this day...shall we?”

“ I’ll follow where you lead me, My Lord as long as you stay with me?”

“ Forever Consort. forever.”

Xena said in all devotion, and then they smiled at each other and kissing each
other one last time before starting their day, they went out of their chamber
and begun their day.

While Xena and Diana were heading to the counsel room, Xena decided she was
going to change their plans for the day. She really did not feel like working
at all, but wanted to spend the day making love to Diana, so she turned to
Diana and said.

“ Consort wait out here for a moment.”

“ Ok.”

Diana said with the love still shining bright in her eyes for Xena. Xena had
to blink at the gaze and then calming herself she turned and went into the

“ Ladies, Gentlemen, I will not be available at all today, all business for
today will be handled By Princess Gabrielle, any questions that needs my
attention, had better be urgent if I’m to be disturbed today.”

Gabrielle Choked on her saliva, but then composed herself. Ephiny who was
invited to the meeting because of who it involved was dumbstruck, not because
she didn’t think Gabrielle could handle it, but because she was shocked that
Xena The Conqueror would trust her with it.

“ Gabrielle you know everything that is going on and what I expect, so handle
it, if you need help, Queen Ephiny can assist you, if she’s willing?”

“ I...I would be honored to assist Lord Xena, anyway I can.”

“ Good. Any questions before I leave.?”

Xena looked around the room and then said,

“ Good, I’ll expect a full report on everything.As well as any and all
followups. Clear?”

“ Yes..Yes My Lord, As You Wish.”

“ I know. “

Xena then turned and headed for the door, just before she went out she turned
to Gabrielle and said,

“ Come here Gabrielle.”

Gabrielle headed over to where Xena stood and told her what she wanted.

End of part 11
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