Home Part 12
By D.virtue

Gabrielle grinned from ear to ear and then said in a deceptively composed

“ It’ll be As you wish My Lord.”

“ Good, make sure it is.”

Xena said dubiously, which Gabrielle understood immediately. Xena then left
the Chamber and strided over to Diana and said,

“ I need to do some type of work out to relax my muscles.”

“ I’ll be happy to massage you.”

“ That sounds wonderful...but I was thinking more like a swim, maybe I’ll take
you up on the massage later?”

“ Hmmm...a swim sounds like a good way to relax tight muscles without a whole
lot of impact.”

“ Ok, but I don’t feel like working out alone or with the soldiers today, you
feel like a swim?”

“ With you, workout or not ...I’m there for.”

Diana said charmingly.

“ Good let’s go.”

“ But don’t we need our suits?”

“ Consort it’s just you and me, and since when have we ever used a suit?”

“ Sorry, I guess I was just thinking about the work out?”

“ It’s not going to hurt anything working out without suits, trust me.”

“ I do.”

Xena smiled and shook her head in amazement at Diana’s complete and childlike
trust she had in her. Xena found herself hoping to never cause Diana to lose
that trust in her.

“ Xena?”

“ Huh? Oh what?”

Xena said as she came out of her momentary reverie.

“ Are you ok?”

“I’m fine kitten, let’s go.”

“ ok, you want to race?”

Xena looked back at Diana and saw the competitive gaze gleaming in Diana’s
eyes which served to light up Xena’s own as well.

“ Let’s step outside first.”

the two made it to the front doors of the palace and stepped out and down the
stairs. Xena then said ,

“ On the count of Three? One....And No Cheating!”

Diana looked over at Xena and stood up straight and putting her hands on her
hips she said sarcastically with a smile to take the edge off of the

“ Since when have I ever cheated Xena?”

Xena cocked her head and then she stood up and put her fist on her hips,

“ Since every time we race Consort.”

“ Xena? that’s not true.”

“ Isn’t it? Do you deny taking off after I say two?”

“ No, but I do that because I know three is coming.”

Diana said trying to look serious, at her humorous excuse for cheating.

“ Diana?! You can not honestly believe that, that isn’t cheating?”

“ Well I didn’t really think of it as cheating, I thought of it as taking the

“ Really? Well here my sweet Consort, it’s considered cheating.”

“ Fine.”

Diana said pulling her shoulders back and turning to reposition herself. Xena
smirked and then shook her head again and turned and started counting again,
this time she watched Diana, and saw how Diana’s muscles tighten with each
number until the final number was spoken and she saw how Diana’s muscles
released as if she were an arrow being stretched on a bow, tighter and tighter
and tighter , until finally it is released and all tension is expended.

“ One......two......three!”

Diana and Xena both shot out for the lake, Xena noticed out the corner of her
eye that Diana’s speed had increased since the last time they raced, they
were actually neck and neck for most of the race, but then Xena looked over at
Diana and said,

“ You’ve improved, I’m impressed , but your still not faster than I am.”

And with that Xena turned her head back and taking longer strides she moved
ahead of Diana by the end of the race Xena had moved to 6 paces ahead of
Diana. When they made it to the lake they were both breathing hard, they had
actually tasked each other.

“ Told you Consort.”

Xena said breathless. Diana listened as Xena talked and taking a few moments
to take in more air she finally stood up straight and said,

“ I’m going to beat you one day...you wait.”

“ Uh-huh?”

Xena said now composed and breathing normal. Diana soon was breathing normal
also and she stride over to where Xena stood and said,

“ We’ll see won’t we?”

Xena leaned down and getting within inches of Diana’s lips she moved to
Diana’s ear and whispered,

“ yes we will kitten.”

Xena then nipped the lobe and turning she started to strip. Diana shuddered at
the whisper and the nip and feel of Xena’s breath next to ear. Diana shook it
off and remembering why they came out to the lake she focused back on the work
out plan.

Diana stripped out of her clothes and was walking to the lake when Xena turned
and saw the tantalizing sway of Diana’s hips, Xena watched in awe of the
gentle curves of Diana’s body, the sultry, sensual movement of Diana as a
whole with her ebony hair floating gently behind her.

Xena stood mesmerized by Diana, she could not believe out of all the times she
had seen Diana, and knowing how beautiful she was, Xena couldn’t believe that
Diana had gotten more beautiful than she remembered before everything

Xena felt a well of emotions run through her as she realized not for the
first time but more as a grounding, just how much she loved Diana. It actually
scared her to think that she had given her very being to anyone, especially
someone like Diana who could have any person she chose, and yet here she was
Diana’s Chosen and Diana utterly and completely hers.

Xena let out a deep grounding breath as she thought about everything, while
watching Diana walk to the lake, under the guise of a work out.

“ Gaia! What have you done to me?”

Xena thought out loud.

“ You say something Xena?”

“ Hm? Oh, No. So you ready to work out with me?”

Xena asked as she strided over to Diana.

“ There’s a first time for everything I guess?”

“ You guess right.”

“ Ok...so what first?”

“ Well I thought we would start out with balancing?”

“ Ok. How?”

“ we use the water to help us become more smoother in our movements. Like

Xena then ran and flipped into the middle of the lake and she begun the type
of movements she did when she was on land. Diana watched the catlike moves and
was awe struck by them and the one performing them, Xena’s moves would have
looked like a dance to those who didn’t know battle.

It was beautiful. Xena then looked over at Diana and motioned for her to join
her, Xena had been watching Diana watch her the whole time she did her

Diana was about to walk into the lake, but Xena stopped her and told her to do
what she had done. Diana smirked and then with the same move Diana ran and
flipped and landed in the water right in front of Xena, and came up out of the
water, tossing her hair out of the way.

Xena tilted her head and said with admiration.

“ Very nice Consort.”

Diana casted Xena a bright smile that caused Xena’s heart to swell in her
chest, it caught her off guard and in so doing Xena was about to lose her
composure, so rather than do that she dunked her head under the water to calm
herself and came up tossing her own hair back behind her head.

“ Ok...let’s continue.”

Xena said as she begun to show Diana how to use the water rather than letting
the water control her.

“ Like this?”

Diana said as she mirrored the complex moves Xena had just done.

“ Well, aren’t you a natural?”

Diana was tempted to say yes, but she knew Xena was not showing her the moves
to use as a warrior, but as a lover showing her love how to improve in her
body and mind.

“ Thank you.”

Xena and Diana sparred against one another in the water and Xena was reminded
of the Diana she first met, bold, deft, resourceful, versatile, clever. But
not impudent as she once was. Xena smiled to herself as she made a move and
coming up behind Diana, to Diana surprise she swept her under the water. Diana
came up spitting water. Xena was then reminded of Diana’s naiveness, and those
trusting eyes, and face.

“ Ok, ...you got me with that one. I actually didn’t see it coming.”

“ Now that wasn’t the only one you didn’t see coming, there were a few that
caught you by.... surprise.”

“ Ok, it’s true, but you’ve had more practice at this workout thing than I
have, at least this type of workout.”

Xena was pleased to not hear Diana refer to their workout as battling.

“ You must be tired and hungry?”

“ I am, but I can wait until we get back.”

“ Ok, well let’s clean up shall we?”

Xena swam back to the shore and brought back the soap. They cleaned up and
then Diana asked.

“ Where did the soap come from? I don’t remember you bringing it.”

“ Hmmm...I have many skills.

Xena then led the way out of the water, and went to where she had ordered
things to be brought. Diana was talking about something as she came around to
the other side of a large tree, that was casting it’s shade over a colorful
array of foods, and drinks, and a bouquet of flowers, that favored Xena’s own

Diana looked over at Xena who was standing watching her.

“ I thought you had a lot to do today?”

“ I did. But I put it on someone else to handle today.”

“ Why?”

“ Because I wanted to spend the day with you, to show you how much you mean to
me, to tell you how much love I have for you, to melt into you Diana.”

Diana was so overwhelmed by Xena’s words and actions that she could hardly
breath. Tears were rolling unhindered down her face, and being so overcome by
the emotions she was feeling she went to her knees and covering her mouth as
she gazed over all of the sentiments Xena had shown her, the tears came more
and soon changed to diamonds, as she then buried her face in her hands.

Xena was on her knees in moments in front of Diana and pulling Diana into her
arms Diana wrapped her arms around Xena’s neck and coming up to her knees from
off of her heels she buried her head in Xena’s neck.

They held each other for long moments, then finally Xena kissed the top of
Diana’s head, she then kissed Diana on the forehead, then she kissed each of
Diana’s tear streaked cheeks, Diana sniffed a few times with each kiss, and
then Xena leaned over to whisper into Diana’s ear.

“ If you stop crying then I’ll kiss those sweet lips.”

“ Diana blushed and shivered at Xena’s words and the feel of Xena’s warm
breath on her ear. Xena nipped at Diana’s earlobe when she heard Diana quiet
her sobbing. Diana shuddered at the sensation. Xena then lifted Diana’s chin
up with her fingers and placed a tender, warm , loving kiss on Diana’s
receptive lips. Diana thrilled at the sensation, and moaned her response to
it. Xena lowered them to the soft grass covered ground.

Xena caressed Diana’s neck with one of her hands, as Diana caressed Xena's.
Xena then kissed Diana’s chin, and then she kissed Diana’s neck, taking her
time to love every inch of it. Diana wrapped her hands in Xena’s Raven hair
and ran her fingers through it making sure to caress Xena’s scalp and then ran
her hands down the back of Xena’s neck. Xena moaned at the softness of Diana’s
caresses, and continued her own caressing of Diana.

Xena ran her tongue over the hollow of Diana’s neck sending a shiver through
Diana, Diana stretched her neck to allow Xena free access to her neck. Xena
brought her large hand and caressing the back of Diana’s neck she gently took
a handful of Diana’s hair in her hand and tilted Diana’s head back slightly

Xena took long titillating strokes up and down Diana’s soft neck.

“ Oooo...”

Diana moaned into the air and let her sounds of pleasure float through the air
and be carried by the gentle breeze that was caressing the two lovers. Xena
moaned into Diana’s neck as she heard Diana’s.

Xena brought her other hand up to caress over Diana’s body, she used a firm,
yet gentle touch to caress Diana’s chest , moving slowly over her breast , and
kneading and caressing one of them , she then run the flat of her hand over
Diana’s taut nipple.

“ Ahhh.....”

Diana breathe shakily, as a chill ran through her at the same moment Xena
touched her sensitive peak. Xena drew intricate patterns around the peak with
her nails, leaving goose bumps in their wake. Diana’s body jerked
unexpectedly, when Xena’s drawings took her nails over the peak. Xena
continued to suck on Diana’s neck while nipping at other times.

Xena lifted her head back up to take Diana’s lips once again. Passionate and
soul stirring. Diana wrapped one of her arms around Xena’s neck and the other
she slid down Xena’s back and over her firm round behind, and then slowly down
and around her hip around to her strong abdomen, and slowly up her side and up
to her breast to knead and caress one of them.

Diana rolled one of Xena’s taut nipple between her fingers and felt Xena’s
responses, Xena moaned at the loving caresses, to her neck and breast. as well
as what their mouths were doing to one another.

Xena and Diana caressed and teased and rolled each others nipples and then ,
slowly they moved their hands from each others breast and slowly down the
others hip and along the way each took detours with their hands. Diana was now
loving Xena’ s neck with her mouth and tongue, as Xena was once again loving

Diana brought her hand back around from where it had detoured to and was now
gliding over the soft hairs of Xena’s jewel. Xena reveled in the feel of
Diana’s hand on her jewel, and nuzzled Diana’s neck as she kissed her way down
to Diana’s breast, making sure to keep her body positioned so that Diana could
reach where she chose.

Xena glided her own hand down to Diana’s flower and running her fingers
through the damp hairs and feeling the moist silkiness of them she relished
the feel. Finally she made her way to Diana’s pulsating peak which caused
Diana to tremble continuously.

Xena flicked her tongue over Diana’s nipple before taking it into her mouth.
Diana’s chest lifted as Xena begun to suck on Diana’s nipple, Xena then slid
her fingers down closer to Diana’s flower where she then thought to herself,
the words that would reform Diana’s shield.

Xena slowly slid her fingers into Diana’s flower and Diana’s breathing was now
completely erratic, her heart was beating out of her chest and she was more
than ready for Xena to take her.

“ Yessss.....Xenaaaa!”

Diana then slid her fingers into Xena’s jewel, just then Xena’s long fingers
touched Diana’s shield. Diana stiffen for a moment and with half lidded eyes
she looked into Xena’s and Xena didn’t move her fingers as she waited for
Diana. Diana recognized what Xena was waiting for and with a deep breath she
closed her eyes and pushed herself onto Xena’s strong waiting fingers, thus
breaking through her shield. Diana screamed at the pain , but Xena soon soothe
it away and replaced it with the pleasure of taking her love to the heights
of pleasure.

Both Xena and Diana soon found their erotic rhythm, and before long with the
deep thrusting into one another . Xena whispered to Diana.

“ I want to feel what you have let me reclaim my love.”

Diana’s back arched up off of the ground, and she covered her loves loving
fingers with her cream, Xena continued her strokes as she too released upon
Diana’s loving fingers. Xena brought her lips back to Diana’s and they kissed
the entire time they were experiencing their mutual ecstasies.

After their passions were quenched, they collapsed and Xena rolled onto her
back and pulled Diana over top of her, where they held each other, and fell
into contented sleep.

Xena awoke a while later and kissing Diana on her nose she rolled slightly and
eased Diana onto the ground and slid out from under her. Xena quietly had all
of the hot foods that had gone cold taken away and fresh ones brought back.

Diana awoke after a while and she stretched and smelling the fresh breads and
meats, her eyes opened and to her delight Xena was holding a tray of food,
kneeling with her head bowed.

Diana sat up and fresh tears formed and rolled down her blushing cheeks.

“ Xena?”

“ Yes My Lady?”

a lump formed in Diana’s throat and she was unable to speak with words, so she
used her mind.

“ You have overwhelmed me with the abundance of love you have shown for me. I
shall never forget this day Xena. I am hopelessly in love with you, my heart
could be no fuller. When I look in your eyes I see the brightest days, when
you hold me in your arms I know I am home safe and sound. When you caress me,
your touch is like a cool breeze on a hot day. You are everything I have never
had, and always longed for. I thought I knew love and devotion.....”

Diana then continued with her mouth although she still had the lump in her
went to her knees and kneeling in front of Xena who had tears of her own
rolling down her face. Diana took her face in her hands, and continued her
pledge of love to her love.

“ I thought I knew love Xena, and I thought I would be the one to teach it to
you, but you...you my dear , wonderful, sweet teacher has been the one to
teach me the meaning of true and committed love. Your humbling yourself to me
today has not been missed and I will always cherish the meaning behind it, in
my heart until the end of forever... and a day. Xena Never Ever doubt how much
your love means to me.Your love is like a never ending spring of clear, fresh
,water for me, it revitalizes me, rejuvenates my soul, and it fills my heart.
I am whole with you.Thank you for this, for coming into my life and filling it
as no one ever has...or could...thank you for your love of me, and thank you
for teaching me. I Love you Xena The Conqueror. I am YOUR Humble Servant.”

With those words, Diana took Xena by the hands and standing up she brought
Xena with her , she then kissed her tenderly on the lips and then taking the
tray from Xena’s hands, and holding it in both of her own hands, she looked
into Xena’s sparkling eyes, and then she went back to the ground kneeling on
one knee and bowing her head, she said.

“YOUR WISH MY LORD ....IS MY Command.”

Xena almost choke on the air. Her heart felt as though it had stopped beating,
time seemed to stop at that moment. No one else existed at that moment, just
her and Diana, Xena The Conqueror and the love of her life for all eternity
Lady Diana, her Consort.

“ Diana?”

Xena spoke Diana’s name with all the love and commitment she had in her. Diana
raised her head to look up into Xena’s eyes, but she did not rise from her
kneeling position.

“ There is not a time since I have met you that I have ever regretted it, in
fact I have thanked the Gods so many times for bringing us together. You are
THE most Important person in this universe to me. NO one could ever hope to
love someone as much as I love you. No One could ever hope to BE loved as much
as I am by you. Your words to me, were a mirror of my own feeling for you. You
say I have taught you the meaning of Love, well I say it is you who have
taught me how to love. I have found myself totally captivated by your charms,
your innocents, your excitement for life and the things of it, I stood today
watching you and I felt as though I were seeing you for the first time again,
only the impudence of a child was gone, and in it’s place stood a young woman,
willingly giving me her heart and trust, with the blinding light of love
radiating from her eyes. Tho we may fight at times it bears no impact on how
much I am into you. I could Love you no more even if there were a thousand of
me, than I do now, my heart continues to overflow with all of the love I feel
for you, to humble myself before you is not hard at all, it is a gift I give
to you as a show of my appreciation and gratitude for your giving yourself
wholeheartedly to me. Thank you My sweet, Diana for loving me, I know it’s
hard sometimes, but I will not take you for granted, as long as I have a
heart.....you have a home.”

Diana still kneeled trembled, she had put the tray down while Xena spoke and
eventually she put one hand across her belly holding herself and the other
covering her trembling mouth, as tears rolled down her face.

“ Arise Diana.”

Diana stood and Xena wrapped her arms around her and held her tightly against
her. Diana wrapped her arms around Xena’s waist and they hugged each other,
for over an hour, just absorbing each others love, as they watched the sun
setting over the lake and casting a multitude of colors. The two women talked
for a while longer about all the things they had been through and how they
would always be there for one another, as well as for Gabrielle, and the

“ Speaking of Gabrielle, I think I better see how things went with her.”

Xena said slightly disappointed that the day had to end. Diana smiled and then
in a teasing voice said,

“ Ok, we can check on Gabrielle, and then......we can go and see Sahi, and
finish out the rest of the night the same way we started?”

“ I like the way you think Consort, but how about if we see Gabrielle, and
then end the day the way we started?”

“ No....we have to see Sahi.”

Diana said firmly, Xena raised and lowered her brow at Diana and then she
narrowed them as a thought came to her.


Xena said in such a seductive voice. Diana stopped dressing and turned to look
back at Xena.

“ Yes?”

Diana said with knitted brows.

“ You know, we could see Sahi tomorrow, as well as Gabrielle and just end this
day the way we started.”

Xena said gliding one of her hands over her chest and breast, while rendering
a gaze on Diana that was causing her to feel weak in her knees.

“ Xenaa....stop, we have to go?”

“Do we? “

Xena said as she turned completely around and walked sensually towards Diana.
Diana stood mesmerized by Xena’s movements, and when she looked up into those
Sapphire eyes, she had to tell herself to breath.

“ It’s ok Diana, you can be strong, you just have to
b.r.e.a.t.h....whooo.....man I don’t know?”

Diana said to herself, as she backed away slowly from the sultry woman
stalking her.

“ Breath...breath... Xeenaaa.....what are you doing? breath.....”

Diana asked.

“ Nothing...just coming to give My kitten a kiss.....”

“ Uh-huh? sure you are?”

“ Ah..... I’m hurt, that you don’t believe me.

“ Promise me then that’s all your planning on doing?”

Xena cocked her head but continued to saunter towards Diana.

“ I promise.”

Although Xena was planning to have Diana again she could make Diana change her
mind about receiving just a kiss.

“ Put your hands behind your back then.”

“ Why?”

“Because that way you want be tempted to change your mind.”

“ Me change my mind? No, although you may change yours kitten.”

“ I’ll take my chances.”

“ Ok.”

Xena then put her hands behind her back as she came to stand in front of
Diana, who had stopped backing up because of a tree that stood behind her.

“ Well?”

Xena asked, as she waited for Diana to offer her her lips. Diana gave Xena a
warning look and then tilting her head up, she offered her lips to Xena. Xena
bent down and the first thing she did before taking Diana’s lips was to run
the tip of her tongue over Diana’s lips, which she watched a shiver run
through Diana.

Xena smiled to herself and then she leaned in further and taking Diana’s
proffered mouth, she flicked her tongue over Diana’s teeth and was immediately
allowed entrance into the sweet recesses of Diana’s mouth. Xena tasted every
part of Diana’s mouth as Diana feasted on Xena’s tongue. Xena heard Diana
moaning and she figured she would continue kissing Diana until Diana gave in.

Diana was weakening from the wondrous kiss, to the point that she was slowly
sinking down to the ground, Xena thought about holding Diana up but then
thinking better of it she decided Diana was heading exactly where she wanted
her to be, underneath her, so Xena followed the slowly sinking Diana, who
continued to moan into Xena’s mouth. Xena continued to smile to herself.

just as Diana touched the ground with her behind, Xena increased her
passionate kissing, still not using her hands, just allowing Diana’s own
desires to give way to her. Diana was leaned up against the tree and the only
part of her that moved was her head as she and Xena’s kiss was becoming more
and more passionate, Diana was weak and could not have stopped Xena now if she
wanted to, she loved Xena’s kisses and would live off of them if it were
possible, so...Diana was not able to use her own hands because of her melting
into Xena’s kiss.

But lucky for Diana, she did not have to be the one to stop their
connection.... that would be done by the Soldier who would later find out the
error’s of disturbing The Conqueror when she was about to make a conquest.

“ A-hem?”

The Soldier said clearing his throat to alert The two women to his presences.
Diana immediately came out of her daze and opening her eyes to tell Xena they
had to stop, Xena shook her head at first , but then when Diana’s eyes plead,
Xena took one more deep thrust into Diana’s mouth and feasted for a moment and
then she abruptly broke the kiss, and without looking back at the soldier but
rather focusing on Diana, Xena said in a dangerous voice.

“ I hope for your sake soldier, this is important. Now what is it that you
thought was important enough for you to risk punishment to disturb me?”

Xena then turned her head to look back at the shaking soldier, her eyes
narrowed and flashing,as her cheeks showed the passion she still had flaming
inside of her.

“ My....My Lord.....Princess Gabrielle sent me to tell you she has need of
your Counsel in the matter pertaining to Regent Sahi?”

Xena’s teeth bared at the mention of Sahi, she was fed up with her intruding
into everything despite the fact that she was in the dungeon. The Soldier
flinched when he saw Xena’s teeth bare.

“ Xena we really should go and see what Gabrielle needs?”

Diana’s sweet voice chimed in, and the effect of it seemed to calm Xena
visibly. Her muscles relaxed and her eyes softened, and her lips relaxed as a
small smile came to her face.The soldier saw the reaction and thanked the Gods
Diana was there, for now he believed he would see another day.

Xena stood up and turning to Diana she offered her hand to her to help her up
while at the same time she spoke to the soldier.

“ Go and tell Gabrielle I will meet her in the counsel room in a few minutes.”

“Yes My Lord as you wish.”

The soldier thought he was off the hook, but Xena informed him that he wasn’t.

“ Oh, and Soldier?”

“Yes My Lord?”

“ Report to the waste disposal commander for your new duty.”

“ My Lord?”

“ Go.”

“ Yes My Lord as you wish.”

The soldier turned and shaking his head as he cursed his luck for being the
one to lose the drawing as to who would disturb the Ruler, especially when she
was with her Consort. The only good that came out of it was to have seen the
Conqueror nude, he wiped his mouth at the remembrance.

“ Xena?”

“ What?”

Xena asked as she saw Diana resume her dressing and knew the day was truly
over for now.

“ That wasn’t very nice of you to do that to that poor soldier, I know he
found it hard to disturb us,especially at a time like this?”

“ Hm...well maybe next time he’ll win the drawing and want have to be the

“ You heard him?”

“ Yes and obviously you did too?”

“Yes. But Xena don’t take him off his current duty...please? “

“ Diana....I don’t want anyone thinking it is ok to disturb me unless it’s
urgent, especially when I’m with My Consort. Do you?”

“ Hmm....I guess not, ok but only keep him there for a short time ...ok?”

“ Ok.”

Xena said simply, but Diana knew there was something more behind that simple

“ X.e.n.a....?”

“ What?”

“ How long?”

“ A short time.”

“ and how long is that to you?”

Xena smirked .

“ X.e.n.a...?”

“ Ok, one year.”

“ A YEAR?! Xena no 1 month.”

“ No, 2 years.”

“ Xena your going the wrong way.”

“ Am I Consort?”

“ Ok Xena, I’ll make a deal with you?”

Xena turned and was just finishing fastening her leathers when she heard
Diana’s last words.

“ What sort of deal?”

“ I’ll give you what you want right now, taking into consideration that it
doesn’t take too long. if you let that soldier stay on the post he has now?”

Xena’s eyes lit up at the thought.

“ Ok...My Consort, you have a deal.”

Diana leaned in and they sealed their deal with a kiss.

“ Ok, so what do you want me to do for you?”

Diana asked as she bowed and made a sweeping motion with her hands. Xena
smiled and then she smirked. She moved towards the tree and with Diana between
her and the tree she brought her foot up to rest on an elevated root.

“ Pleasure me Consort.”

“ Xena? I meant like carrying something for you or cleaning all of this up, or
something like that, I didn’t mean ....this?”

“ You said anything, and you didn’t specify, so this is what I choose.”

“ It’s not fair, you know what I meant?”

“ How was I suppose to know you didn’t mean this? Now get busy, I do have to
go and see Gabrielle.”

Diana threw a pouting lip at Xena, who only smiled and leaned in and kissed
them and then cut her eyes downward. Diana lowered herself to her knees and
raising Xena’s leather skirt she moved in and begun to pleasure Xena. Diana
was not really upset by her ordered tasked she actually loved feasting on
Xena. Xena was leaning forward onto the tree holding herself up with one hand
as she wrapped her fingers of her other hand into Diana’s hair.

Xena soon reached her peak and toppled over as she threw her head back and
shouted her pleasure.

“ YESSSS.....DIANA!!!”

After Xena’s heart returned to it’s normal cadence, she stood up straight to
her full height and Diana raised up to come into her view, Diana had a
sheepish look on her face as she used one of her fingers to swipe the rest of
Xena’s cream from her mouth and placed the finger into her mouth and sucked it

“ Better?”

Xena leaned down and whispered her response to Diana’s question.

“ You have no idea how much better, kitten, but I’ll show you if you want?”

Xena finished and leaned back to look into Diana’s wide eyes.

“ No...no..we....we...have to go...Gabrielle is waiting for you.”

Diana said as she slipped out from between Xena and the tree. Xena turned her
head to follow Diana with her eyes and then she licked her lips and turned
herself and straightening her leathers she turned and caught up with Diana as
they headed back for the palace, if it were not for the torches that lit their
way it would have been quite dark.

Making it back to the Palace Xena stopped Diana and whirled her around and
planting a streaming kiss on Diana who was staggered by it when Xena broke the
kiss, Xena entered the opened doors of the palace and headed for the counsel
room. Diana in the meantime had leaned against the frame of the door to catch
her breath as well as keep herself from falling over, while she steadied

Then after a moment she strided and caught up with Xena.

“ Why did you do that?”

“ Because I didn’t want you to forget the day.”

Xena said matter-of-factly.

“ Never will I forget this day My Lord Xena. Never.”

Diana said in earnest.

Xena smiled and then raised a brow while raising her head slightly and said,

“ No I guess you want, will you?”

“ No.”

“ Neither will I.”

Xena said sincerely. They then continued on to the counsel room and met up
with Gabrielle and Ephiny.

End of part 12
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