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By D.virtue


“ What’s going on Gabrielle?”

“ My Lord, am I glad to see you. Regent Sahi has requested to see Lady Diana.”

“ Why?”

Xena said with a sneer.

“ We were told it was because she had to tell her something.”

“ What?”

“ the sentry said Regent Sahi refused to tell them, and she had the right to
speak to Diana.”

“ She has NO RIGHTS!”

Xena said anger showing in her eyes.

“ My Lord It’s alright, we were going to see her anyway?”

“ That was before she claimed to have a right to speak to you.”

“My Lord, it doesn’t matter about what she claims the right to, she is a
condemned woman, who may only want to rid her conscious of her guilt?”

Xena looked down into Diana’s eyes and seeing the sincere belief in them she
took a deep breath and said with some reservations.

“ Alright! But you are only allowed to ask her what she wanted to speak to you
about. and that’s it! Is that clear?”

“ Yes.”

“ Ok, let’s go get cleaned up, and we’ll see Regent Sahi in a bit.”

Xena then turned and headed for the staircase that should take them to their
chambers. Xena was once again upset that Sahi had found a way to involve
herself into their lives, Xena then thought .

“ I will be glad when your gone Sahi.”

They arrived at their room and Dancea met them and was told to draw a bath.
After bathing and dressing in different clothes, with Xena still wearing
leathers only they were more like a catsuit of sorts a one piece dark wine
color, with intricate detailing
running along the seams and bodice.

Xena made Diana wear a more conservative Consort attire, one that covered
almost all of Diana’s skin except small peekaboo type areas to her waist and
over each breast and just at the curve of her back and then the shoulders as
well as the sides of her thighs, which the areas were a little longer.

Xena then lifted Diana’s chin and told her again what she expected.

“ Don’t forget Diana, don’t get into any conversation with her, just ask her
what she wanted and let her tell you, after that we leave. Clear?”

“ Yes My Lord I want forget.”

“ Good.”

Xena then kissed Diana on the forehead and they turned and headed out towards
the dungeon. When they went through the heavy doors the guards within snapped
to attention as Xena strided in. There were doors on both sides of the long
corridor. The floor to the corridor matched the rest of the palace floors.
Diana followed Xena in as she looked on both sides. Xena actually was wearing
her sword, which Diana didn’t see the need for but it was not on her shoulder
like she normally wore it when going into battle, but on her hip when she wore
it as a warning.

The corridor was well lit and had one obvious way in, but for some reason
Diana noticed a less obvious one. It was in the ceiling.Diana kept her
scanning nonchalant, as she looked into the barred doors of the prisons, she
saw the prisoners within were also standing at attention, even though Xena was
not paying a visit to their cells.

“ Xena?”

“ Yes?”

“ Why are the prisoners standing at attention?”

Diana whispered. Xena looked down at her with knitted brows and asked,

“ Why shouldn’t they?”

Diana was caught off guard by the question, and then she remembered a
conversation she once had with Xena and the fact that everyone should show
their respect for her position, if not for her. Diana smiled at Xena and then
she said as a matter of fact.

“ Your right ...why shouldn’t they?”

Xena smiled and then turned and walked a few more paces and then turned to
face one of the doors with two Guards in front of it, Diana noticed that each
door had two guards. When Xena looked in she saw that Sahi was not standing.

She turned to the guards and asked with a growl.

“ Why isn’t she on her feet?”

“ She refused and knowing you did not want us to beat her, because of Lady
Diana’s wishes, we let it go.”

“ Xena looked at Diana, who only gave a small smile and then Xena turned back
to the guards and said .

“ Open it!”

Xena and Diana stepped back as the guards turned and one unlocked the door and
the other pulled it open. Xena and Diana and the two guards entered the large
chamber. Sahi was sitting on a bench that ran the entire length of the wall,
and there were multiple cots that ran in rows of 5 the same length as the
walls, each cot had a pillow and two wool blankets.

The chamber was not as well lit as the corridor but good light was available
from the door and also from the small barred windows that only a cat could fit
through, the walls were a granite and therefore the risk of someone digging
around the bars were not a concern. There was no real light coming in from the
outside except for that of the rising moon.

Diana looked around the chamber and thought how comfortable it looked for a
prison, she remembered what the prisons looked like in her time. metal and
sterile. Xena however honed in on Sahi and was eyeing her with utter contempt
as Sahi focused on Diana and followed Diana as she moved around the chamber
obviously intrigue at what she was seeing.

Sahi licked her lips at seeing Diana dust some dust from her chest that had
fallen onto them from the heavy movement of those above the chamber. Xena’s
eyes flamed and she was ready to snatch Sahi up by her neck, but then she
thought of Diana and how she would feel about her killing Sahi without a

“ Consort!”

“ Oh, yes My Lord. Sorry, It’s just that I have never seen such a spotless,
actually very comfortable prison before.”

“ Fine, but can we get this over with before I have to hurt someone?”

Xena said as she cut her eyes to Sahi. Diana nodded her head and walked over
to Sahi.

“ Regent Sahi, you wanted to see me?”

“ Yes Lady Diana, how are you doing?”

“ Fine, I would ask you the same,but I know it would be a waste of time
considering what your destiny is.”

“ Your right.”

Sahi then stood and started moving towards Diana, Diana did not move away, but
Xena moved in front of Diana.

“ You’ll speak to her from there.”

Xena warned. Sahi stopped her forward movement and then stepped back a bit and
waited for Xena to move.

“ Ok. I wasn’t going to do anything, it would be fool hearty to try anyway.”

“ You got that right.”

Xena hissed, Diana then gave Xena’s waist a slight push and Xena looked back
and then stepped to the side once again.

“ So what did you want to talk to me about Sahi?”

“ I want to tell you.....I have never....ever.....Hated anyone as much as I
hate you, I hate you more than I despise her, at least she was up front with
me about how she felt about me. But You...you pretended that you wanted to be
my friend from the first day, even before I decided to do any of this. The
first time I saw you I honestly thought only of having you as my Consort, it
wasn’t until after you thought I had left the inn and you left moments later
that I reentered the inn and went to speak with the Innkeeper about who you
were. When he told me that you were The Conqueror’s Consort, it was too much
for me to pass up the opportunity to get what I wanted from The Conqueror, I
wanted to rule The province the way I saw fit, and I thought it made more
sense for me to do it rather than have the Royal house ruling from miles away.
I thought because I was there and saw the things happening I should be the one
to judge the crimes. Anyway, once I found out who you were I still had hopes
of having you as My Consort and still getting what I wanted. But all you did
was tease me and lead me on. you lead me to believe you were actually
considering my offer, and you allowed me to kiss you whenever we saw each
other. Your just a fake bitch!”

“ Are you done?”

Diana asked coolly.

“ For the moment.”

“ Well...good, because I have a few things to say to you about what you just
said. “

“ Really?”

“ Oh, yes, really, you think that you were used by me, and now your sitting
here whining about the fact that I rejected you, And Your advances, I allowed
you to kiss me because I didn’t want to hurt your feelings, but i had no
interest in you sexually, there is absolutely nothing that you could do to
satisfy me, it would be a one way relationship, me able to satisfy you but you
not doing anything for me. But you know, this isn’t even about that, it’s
about the fact that I felt that I may have mislead you and therefore lead you
to do this, but the reality is you already had planned to do this, when we met
I didn’t even know who I really was and I had no idea of who The Conqueror
was, I know the Innkeeper told you that I was just recovering from a bad
injury, but did that stop you from planning your devious scheme, heck no,
instead you say I was using you, when the fact was you were trying to use me
to get to Xena, you took advantage of the fact that I didn’t remember who she
was, you pretended to be my friend, but you were just wooing me so that I
would turn to you when I did remember, hoping I was so hurt that Xena didn’t
come to visit me, that I would turn to you. I was truly trying to be your
friend, I even argue with Gabrielle about how wrong she was about you, but It
was me who was wrong and I owe her an apology, you know what else?”

Diana said as she moved to whisper in Sahi’s face. Xena started to move
forward, and stop Diana, but Diana held her hand up, and Xena stood where she

“ Your just a wanna be Conqueror, but honey your not even a consideration,
your a mean spirited, evil hearted, vindicative little woman, who doesn’t
deserve to see the beauty of this earth. Your a soulless shell who just has to
be knocked down. I can not believe I was this naive about you, but the upside
to all of this is the only people you’ll ever tell about having touched me
will be those you meet in Tartarus.”

Diana then stepped back and finished.

“ Regent Sahi, may your death be long and painful, and may you Never rest in
peace, may those that you murdered for your own selfish reasons haunt you
until the end of forever....and a day.”

Diana then turned and headed for the door, Xena stood smirking at the way
Diana had handled the whole situation, seeing herself in Diana, she thought to

“ Gods! I love that woman!”

Sahi saw Xena smirking and she decided she would live up to what Diana had
just called her.

“ Diana!”

Diana stopped but did not turn around, Xena looked back At Sahi with narrowed
eyes, as Sahi stood and walked closer to Xena, and stopped just a short
distance from her.

“ You think your precious Xena is so wonderful?!”

Sahi Sneered as Diana turned to face her. At which time Xena felt a chill and
turned to see Ares appearing in the Chamber.

“ Ares! What are you doing here?”

“ Oh Xena I’m hurt. Your My Chosen and I just want you back.”

“ It’ll never happen.”

“ Your right, I could never get you back with her in your life.”

Ares said pointing to Diana.

“ Then your shit out of luck you bastard!”

Diana hissed at Ares. Ares gave Diana a evil smile and Diana gave it right

Xena saw the interaction and then stepped between the two of their lines of

“ What do you want Ares?”

“ Oh, I just came to see the fire works.”

“ What are you talking about?”

“ Oh I must have showed up just a hair to early?”

“ Continue Sahi, Didn’t mean to break up your party.”

Sahi glared at Ares,but then she turned to face Diana.

“ You think your Lord is sooo...honest, well before I died I’ll have the
satisfaction of knowing I showed you once again that you are nothing more than
a naive child.”

“ What are you talking about Sahi?!”

Diana said as she moved back towards Sahi, and the others.

“ I’m talking about your precious Xena.”

“ What about her?”

“ Oh Sahi maybe you should let Xena tell her? I mean she is the one who broke
the vow?”

Xena’s brows knitted and then Ares continued in a derisive tone,

“ You shouldn’t have done it Xena, Your My chosen not Aphrodite, but rather
than me you chose her!”

“ Wh...What are you talking about Ares?”

Diana asked hoping she was hearing wrong.

“ Yes Xena why don’t you tell your trusting, naive Consort how she’s not the
only one in your life?”


Sahi went flying once again, Ares laughed as Xena turned to take a swing at
him. He laughed again as he vanished out of sight. Diana stood where she was
confused about what had just happened.

“Xena what were they talking about?”

“ Nothing! Let’s go!”

Xena turned and strided towards the door and Diana turned to look once more at
Sahi who was just shaking her head to clear it, Diana turned and headed for
the door to catch up with Xena.

“ Diana!”

Diana stopped again and turned to face Sahi. Xena heard Sahi’s voice and went
back to physically bring Diana with her.

“ I said let’s go Consort!”


“ Of course she wants you to go, she doesn’t want you to know what a fool
she’s been making of you, well ask Aphrodite, she’ll tell you.”

Diana was ready to say something to Sahi when Xena grabbed her by her arm and
pulled her out of the chamber with Sahi still calling for Diana to talk to
Aphrodite. Once they were out of the door and it was closed Diana stopped and
pulled her arm from Xena’s grip.

“ Xena what was that about? What does Sahi mean by me asking Aphrodite?”

“ Nothing! she was being a vindictive bitch!”

“ Ok, say I buy that , what was Ares reason?”

“ Drop it!”

“ Drop It? No Xena I won’t drop it? I want you to tell me what they were
talking about?”

“ I told you to drop it!”

Xena now cut her eyes to Diana as they stopped in the corridor with all the
soldiers standing at attention but obviously listening. Diana looked at the
soldiers along the corridor and then nodded her head slightly at Xena, who
then tilted her head slightly at Diana. They then strided out of the corridor
and out of the large door. When they headed back for the main part of the
palace Diana waited until they were heading down one of the corridors that
lead to the staircase.

“ Ok Xena! Tell me!”

Xena turned to see Diana standing with her hands on her hips, glaring at her.

“ I told you to drop this.”

“ I told you I not going to until you explain what Ares and Sahi were talking

“ It’s not important.”

Xena said caustically as she turned and started for the main foyer, Diana
strided to catch up with her just as she entered into the main foyer, which at
the moment was not busy.

“ Xena Tell Me! Or shall I ask Aphrodite?”

Xena stopped again and turned back to look at Diana once again who now wore a
determined look on her face.

“ Don’t you dare. You will not speak to her or anyone unless I say it’s ok!”

“ How are you going to stop me from talking to her, you can’t be there all the

“ Diana I’m warning you.”

“ Xena then just tell me?”

“ It’s nothing to tell!”

just then Ephiny and Gabrielle came into the corridor from another entrance,
but neither saw each other, but they heard Xena and Diana’s raised voices.
They stopped where they were trying not to intrude.

“ Then why would they tell me to ask her?”

Xena dropped her head in frustration and then she heard Diana’s strained

“ Did you bed her Xena?”

Xena raised her head, and for a moment thought about denying it, but then
figured there was no need to.

“ Yo...you did? You bedded Aphrodite? I can’t believe it....I think I’m going
to be sick.”

“ Diana, it was a long time ago! Damn I knew it was a bad idea to go see that
Bitch! ”

“ I’m sure you do!”

Diana said accusingly. Gabrielle and Ephiny both had tears rolling down their
face, as they heard the accusation and the hurt in Diana’s voice.

“ Ho...how long ago? Before we got together?”

Xena turned her head slightly to the right and left as if cursing her luck.

“ It wasn’t , you’ve bedded her SINCE we’ve been together?! How could you?!!
How could you do that to me, to us?! I trusted you, and you’ve been lying to
me all this time?!!

“ NO! I have never lied to you Diana!”

“ Ah! WHAT? How can you possibly open your mouth to say that?!!”

“ Because it’s true!”

“ It’s not True! You lied!!”

“ I did not lie!”

Xena said clenching her teeth, Diana’s eyes were flashing rage and hurt , but
her rage was winning.

“ Why? Why did you bed her?!”

“ It doesn’t matter, the point is it didn’t mean anything!”

“ OH! I see, and that’s suppose to make me feel better, the fact that the
woman I trusted with my heart, decided to take another lover, only it didn’t
mean anything, No! Your Right! It didn’t mean anything, if stomping my heart
into the dirt doesn’t matter?”

Diana screamed at Xena as she ran around and started for the staircase. Xena
turned and ran and caught Diana by her arm.

“ Diana it didn’t mean anything, and not for the reasons you think.”

Xena said in a more calmer voice. Diana relaxed her muscles and slowly turned
to face Xena. Xena let go of Diana’s arm thinking the worse was over.

“ Tell me why you bedded her?”

Xena brought her fist to her hips and exhaled a deep breath shaking her head.

“ It doesn’t matter!”

“ It does!”

“ Why?!”

“ Why?! I can’t believe your asking me that! Did you bed her because you
weren’t getting what you needed from me? Is that it?!”

“ NO!”

“Then tell me?! Why!”

“ I don’t want to talk about this! So drop it!”

Diana’s mouth dropped open for a moment and then just as Xena headed up the
staircase and was just touching the top. Diana found her voice.

“ OH...OH.... OK? I see It’s ok for you to lie to me and I’m just suppose to
accept it , I see how this works now , ok as long as it’s clear.

“ Stop it! Just Stop it! I told you I did not lie to you.”

“ How in the Hell can you say that?! you bedded another person...a woman at
that. You could have at least bedded a man! I would have preferred that you
bedded Ares rather than another woman...especially her!”

Xena stormed back down the staircase towards Diana and Gabrielle and Ephiny
and now others all saw the rage in both their eyes. Xena was now in her
Conqueror mode.

“ Diana I told you the first day you and Gabrielle showed up here that I
would ALWAYS be faithful to you....”

“ HaH! How long did that last?!”

“ Enough!! I told you that I would be faithful to you ,and when you asked me
if you would be the only one I bedded I TOLD YOU yes for the most part unless
it suited a purpose for me to bed someone else, well it suited a purpose! So
drop it!”

“ I C.A.N N.O.T B.E.L.I.E.V.E....you said that! But Ok fine!”

Diana then turned and headed for the front door of the palace and Xena knitted
her brows as she called to Diana and went over to her.

“ Where are you going?!”

Diana answered in a deceptively calm voice,

“ To find someone and bed them for my own purpose.”

“ W.H.A.M.!!”

Diana’s head snapped left, and then slowly bringing her head back around so
that her hair was back out of her line of sight, Diana had a scowl on her lips
and her eyes were narrowed as her eyes were cut watching Xena, who stood
breathing deeply.

“ How Dare You even THINK to threaten me!!!”

Diana wiped the corner of her mouth of the small blood she felt, her own
breathing deep and rapid.

“ How dare me? Ha! How dare me?”

Diana said as she threw her arms in the air and then....

“ How Dare me ...she says... HOW DARE YOU!!!!”

” W.H.A.M.!!!”

Xena’s head snapped right , and everyone who was trying to be discreet and
allow the two their privacy, gasped in astonishment. Xena came back around and
struck Diana again snapping her head to the left again and sending her flying
into the door.

“ W.H.A.M!!!”

Diana hit the door hard with her back. But she got back to her feet quickly as
Xena stormed towards her. Diana shook off the blow and then went into a
defensive stance, causing Xena to stop in her tracks.

“ Don’t do this Diana.”

“ What Xena?! protect myself from being hurt again?!”

“ You don’t know what your talking about!”

“ Your right! I don’t know! Because you won’t tell me! You’ve Lied to me! “

“ Diana drop this before you end up getting hurt?”

“ I can’t be hurt anymore than I already am!! You stood out by that lake today
and you let me praise your honesty and trustworthiness, when all along you
KNEW you had lied and deceived me, You let me make a fool of myself. And you
knew you hadn’t been honest with me!.... What nothing to say?!”

Diana then charged Xena and both she and Xena rolled head over heel, with
Diana ending up on top and striking Xena across the face, Xena Caught one of
Diana’s wrist and tossed her over off of her , thus putting herself over top
of Diana and trying to catch hold of Diana’s arms as it swung at her and
struck her across the face sending her flying off of Diana.

The guards who did not know what started the fight came charging into the
foyer and had their swords drawn on Diana, they thinking they were protecting
the Conqueror. Diana got up off the floor slowly as she looked at the face of
the Soldiers she had talked with and laughed with and now stood with their
swords drawn on her ready to cut her down if Xena ordered.

Xena stood Shocked that the Guards would pull their swords on Diana, Gabrielle
stood scared and shaking with eyes wide, and Ephiny was just as shocked but
she tried to comfort Gabrielle .

Diana stood up straight and looked around with tears rolling down her face as
people she had called friend now stood with arms drawn on her, although she
wasn’t worried about being killed by them, it was just the fact that they
would stand with their arms drawn on her.

Her heart was broken and she had no desire to fight them, so with a quick
flip over them Diana raced up the staircase and down the corridor, but rather
than going to their bedchambers, Diana ran towards the very window she had
originally escaped out once before and diving out she landed rolling and then
going to a stand and then turning and running towards the lake once again.

“ What were you Doing?!”

“ My Lord We Were just protecting you?”

“ Protecting me From My Consort?! Your friend. How dare you ! get out of my
sight! I will deal with all of you later.”

Xena then flew up the stairs towards their bed chamber going to catch Diana,
but just as she turned down the corridor she saw Diana leap out the window at
the other end.


Xena yelled, but Diana either didn’t hear or didn’t care. Xena ran to the
window and dived out, rolling once she came to her feet and flew after Diana.
She saw her heading towards the lake . Xena didn’t know what Diana had planned
but for some reason it scared her. Xena ran like she had never ran before and
as she did she steadily walked Diana down. Finally within a few paces Diana
heard Xena and turning around to confront her Xena dived at Diana and tackled

They rolled for a moment and then came to a stop with Xena on top of Diana.
Xena noticed That Diana’ s eyes were dark and wild looking, and Xena
recognized it for what it was. Diana swung at Xena with her right fist and
then throwing multiple fists at Xena who was trying to block each one, but
missing one Diana was able to connect to the side of Xena’s jaw and in so
doing sent Xena flying off of her once again. Diana then tackled Xena and the
two of them were throwing punch after punch each connecting with powerful
strikes to different areas of the others body.

With the frenzy that was happening and the noise it drew a crowd once again,
this time, the crowd stared openly, as the dirt flew and the fist flew with
fiery. The guards did not intervene this time...mainly out of fear that they
would be killed if one of those powerful blows struck them.

Both Xena’s and Diana’s eyes were like wild animals fighting for control. Both
of their warrior’s persona’s were in full gear, only difference neither one of
them were using any weapons except that of their hands. Xena was fighting to
keep Diana from falling over into the Dark Absyss that both of them knew all
to well. Diana was fighting to stop the pain she was feeling. Both fought for
the love they both knew because of the other.

Xena started taunting Diana, after she landed a blow to Diana’s cheek causing
Diana to fly backwards.

“ You think I bedded Aphrodite because I wanted to?!”

Diana didn’t answer she just waited for an opening while Xena spoke.

“ Diana you can’t beat me!”

Diana smiled a bared teeth smile as she watched Xena move towards her. Xena of
course was watching Diana’s every move.

“ You want to fight me little girl? well come on, come to me.”

Diana cocked her head and slowly started moving towards Xena.

“ Yes little girl, come on and get your spanking.”

Xena taunted through her own fatigue, Diana was more fatigued than Xena was
but both were exhausted , the people watching couldn’t believe what they were
seeing and thought about their own weakness as they looked at the two immortal
looking women battle.

Diana charged and Xena leaped out of the way and Landed behind Diana who tried
to do a reverse round house on Xena, only for Xena to come around and catch
Diana in the belly, Diana flew back into the tree and it took her a moment to
catch her breath.

A moment to long, Xena was on her pulling her up by her hair and holding her
against the tree. Xena saw Diana’s eyes start to change indicating that she
was about to take a swing at Xena, but Xena was quicker and she landed a
crushing blow to Diana’s abdomen.

“ Ughhh!!”

Diana went to her knees holding her belly, but Xena pulled her back to her
feet and leaning in she whispered,

“ Give up?”

Diana closed her eyes partly because of the pain in her belly , but also
because of
the fact that she knew Xena was watching her eyes and the pupils, and how they
changed at certain moments.

So with her eyes close she landed a blow to Xena’s abdomen.

“ Ughmm!!”

Xena bent forward and Diana brought her knee up to connect with Xena’s head.

Xena flipped backwards and Diana once again tackled Xena, but of course Xena
caught Diana just as she was coming down and rolling herself while flipping
Diana, she ended up on top of Diana. Both throwing and connecting, eventually
Xena landed a blow to Diana’s jaw that stilled her for a moment. Xena then
grabbed Diana’s wrist and held them. When Diana came out of the momentary
blackout she saw Xena breathing just as hard as she was, with eyes still as
wild, but tired. Diana struggled to get loose, but Xena held her wrist .

“ Be still!!”

“ No!!”

“ Whamm!!


“Be still!!”

“ no!!”

“ WHAMM!!”

“ AHH!!”

Diana went still as she kept her head turned the way it had snapped after the
last strike.

“ I bedded Aphrodite to get you back! It was the only way I could get to

“ You’re lying!!”


“ I am Not LYING to you!! I bedded her because she was the only one I trusted
to help me get you back!”

Diana laid still glaring at Xena but Xena could see Diana was listening to
her, her eyes were still wild looking but not as dark .

“ Ok say I believe you? why didn’t you tell me this before now?!”

Diana said with sarcasm. Xena narrowed her eyes but she maintained her temper.

“ Because All I thought about was finding you, and then when I did, all I
cared about was getting us home.”

“ And once we were here, why didn’t you tell me?”

“ All I wanted to do was take care of you, and then spend the rest of our days
making love.”

“ Was it the only time you bedded her since we’ve been together?”

“ Yes.”

“ Swear it!”

“ I swear, I’ve only bedded Aphrodite that one time since we’ve been

“ Ok! I believe you. Were there any others?”

“ When?”

“ Since us?!”

“ One.”

Diana’s eyes started to flame again, and she begun to struggle once again, but
Xena caught her once again and holding her wrist Xena Confessed.

“ It was still during the time when I was looking for you, Markaya was
instrumental in me finding you so quickly, she asked me to bed her I told her
I would take her but she was not allowed to touch me. I did it out of
gratitude for her invaluable her, she didn’t even remember at first, because I
purposely took her so many times I rendered her unconscious. She did nothing
for me, It was like handling the day to day things of My Realm. I swear the
whole time I thought of you and wished it were you that I was taking.”

Diana struggled intermittently as she struggled to believe Xena. Finally after
trying to wait for Diana to make up her mind whether to believe her or not
Xena fell over onto Diana and kissed her fiercely as Diana struggled with
purpose at first and then slowly the struggle turned from fighting against to
fight for more of the passion. Both she and Xena had fallen into battle lust
and were now trying to quiet the vicious storms that were ravaging through
their bodies.

The onlookers now blushed and some whispered, and then Xena turned an evil eye
on them and in a low growl she said,

“ L.e.a.v.e.”

End of part 13
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