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By D.virtue

Everyone who was standing looking at the battle that now had turned to desire,
suddenly started vanishing from the area, within moments the two were
completely alone. Xena let go of Diana’s wrist and just as Xena turned her
head back around Diana laid a strike across her face, Xena’s head snapped
right, and then she backhanded Diana across the face.

Both women had multiple cuts and bruises to their bodies, but that didn’t stop
them from adding more. Xena grabbed Diana by her hair and planted another
fierce kiss on her. Then just as abruptly she let go and pushed Diana’s head
back down onto the ground and begun kissing and biting Diana’s neck.

Diana turned her head so that she too could suck and bite on Xena’s neck while
she was doing the same, but it was not enough, so Diana grabbed Xena by her
hair and turned her head back and she again feasted on Xena’s mouth as did
Xena feast on Diana’s.

Xena tried to remove Diana’s top with some degree of control, but after a
moment gave up and ripped it off. Diana’s eyes went Sapphire, Xena saw them
and her’s flashed to Chestnut. Xena kissed and bit her way down to Diana’s

Xena didn’t take time to caress Diana’s nipples with her mouth and tongue,
instead she sucked the taut nipple into her mouth and ravished it .

“ G.O.D.S.!!!”

Diana screamed as her chest elevated allowing Xena more access. Diana pulled
at Xena’s leather fasteners, trying to get to Xena’s skin but her need was
making her hands to shaky.

“ OFF!”

was all she could say. Xena immediately brought her hands up and unfastened
the leathers, without letting go of Diana’s nipple, in fact she bit down on it
making Diana scream out in both pain and pleasure. But once Xena’s breast were
free Diana grabbed Xena’s breast and pulled her upwards and turning herself so
that she could get to Xena’s breast with her mouth, and once she did she
latched on and the force of her sucking caused Xena to bit more on Diana’s,
and inhaled sharply through her teeth and Diana’s nipple in her mouth.

The two women feasted and were both drinking deeply from each others breast.
Xena was using her other hand to knead and pull and pinch at Diana’s other
nipple almost to the point of pain. Diana felt both the pain and pleasure of
Xena’s fear of losing Diana was great and when she moved her hand to Diana’s
flower she reformed the shield and then entered Diana.

“ MINE?”

Diana’s eyes flew open and she stared at Xena. Xena stopped her movement into
Diana and their eyes locked for long moments, Diana had thoughts of whether it
was true that she was Xena’s, whether Xena actually believed it or whether she
was hoping Diana agreed. Xena’s thoughts were dubious as well, Diana was hers
or was she, did Diana see herself as Xena’s still, had she lost Diana’s trust

“ Never again?”

Diana asked unsure, looking deeply into Xena’s eyes, moisture glistening in
her eyes but refusing to fall from fear of what Xena’s answer would be.

“ NEVER! I swear. Never ever again. I promise. Just tell me I’ll be able to
gain your trust in me again one day?”

The tears rolled down Diana’s face not as water but as diamonds and sapphire
jewels. Diana let out the breath she had been holding, and then she said in a
quiet voice.

“ I do.”

Diana then laid quiet for a moment, just looking into Xena’s moist eyes then
she brought her hands up to Xena’s face and placed them on Xena’s cheeks. Xena
brought her free hand up to place over top of one of Diana’s hands and moving
it to her lips she kissed the palm of Diana’s hand.

Diana smile a warm smile at Xena and then swallowing and taking in a slow
breath, she said in a reassuring voice.

“ I never should have stopped trusting you, I was hurt and confused, but I
should have known you had good reasons for doing what you did. It won’t happen

“ I know, because I’ll never give you that reason again. I promise.

Xena leaned down slightly unsure if it was ok for her to kiss Diana, Diana saw
the unsure look and using her hands she pulled Xena down to her....she stopped
Xena just before their lips were to meet. She looked deep into her eyes and
Xena was the one to speak.

“ I do love you with all my heart Diana, and I was so scared I’d lost
you...although I had no intention of losing you. But I thought I was going to
have to fight to get you to understand that.”

Xena stated. Diana understood what Xena was saying, and let it go at that.

“ Yes.”

Was Diana’s simple response to Xena’s question. Xena felt her heart swell and
the love she felt for Diana overflowed. Tears ran down her face and she took
Diana’s lips again and their passion overflowed once again.

Xena then pushed her strong pleasure providing fingers deep into Diana so that
she was now pushing against Diana’s shield. Diana shrieked into Xena’s mouth
as Xena went through the shield and begun a deep thrusting, and pulling

Diana moaned and feasted on Xena’s tongue as she slid her own hand down to the
soft curls of Xena’s Jewel, and slid her own fingers deep inside of Xena. The
soon were dancing to the same rhythm, but they continued to feast on each
others lips and mouth and tongues.

Xena was moaning her own pleasure at having her Diana dancing with her as one
once again, underneath her. Xena was flying high once again, as was Diana. The
two made love passionately for the next 3 days, not thinking about anyone or
anything, they just stayed by the lake and made love. By the end of the third
day the two lovers laid contently exhausted once again.

Diana laid in Xena’s arms held tightly by Xena, and Xena turned her head to
kiss Diana on the forehead and then she hugged her to her body and Diana
snuggled closer and moaned as she kissed Xena’s neck. Xena then said in a
relaxed emotion filled voice.

“ I do love you kitten, thank you.”

Diana raised up to look Xena in the eyes and said with the same type of voice,

“ I love you Xena, and your welcome...but I want you to promise me something

“ Anything.”

“ from this day forth, this never happened, let’s just file this away never to
be pulled out again, as long as we hold to our promise?”

“ Are you sure?”

“ Yes. I don’t want you worrying about me not trusting you, I do, with my
life, and along with that, I trust you to hold to your word that you will
never do this again, for any reason. So ....what do you say? Deal?”

“ ok, if your sure?”

“ I am.”

“ Ok then, it’s a deal, I won’t bring it up again.”

“ And neither will I.”

Diana then leaned down and sealed their deal as they always had, with a kiss.
Diana then laid back down on Xena and drifted off to sleep in her loves arms.
Xena’s heart was so full she could hardly breath. She laid her head back down
on the soft grass and the tears rolled quietly down her cheek as she held the
most forgiving person she had ever known in her arms. Soon Xena drifted off to
sleep and the two slept in each others arms for the rest of the night.

End of part 14
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