Home Part 15
By D.virtue

“ Hear Ye, Hear Ye, all who live and abide in the Realm Of Xena The Conqueror,
The Trial of Regent Sahi Of The Western Province, will take place in two
days, all are encouraged to attend.The sentencing of Regent Sahi will be
carried out by The Conqueror. All are ordered to attend both the sentencing
and the carrying out of the sentence. “

Diana and Xena heard the Royal Cryer reading the Proclamation. Diana was ready
to get out of the bed and walk to the window, when Xena caught her arm and
held her on the bed.

“ What are you doing?”

“ I was getting up to go look out the window...if you don’t mind?”

“ Oh..but I do mind.”

“ Excuse me?”

“ I don't want you to get out of the bed right now.”

“ Ha..funny, I was just going to see something, I’ll be right back.”

“ No.”

“ Xena? What’s the big deal?”

“ You are not allowed to get out of this bed without my say so.”

“ Xena? You can’t be serious, after everything, you still want me to ask if I
can get out of the bed?”

“ Yes.”

Diana bit the inside of her cheek and tried to pout but she found it just too
funny, and Xena saw that Diana knew she was serious, Xena then pulled Diana
back over to her and rolling so that she was above Diana, she rested on her
elbows as she kissed Diana’s lips, planting little pecks and nips at Diana’s

“ Put your tongue out.”

Xena told Diana, Diana of course wanted to know why.

“ Why?”

Xena arched her brow and gave Diana a look of do it. Diana stuck her tongue
out and then put it back in.

“ What are you doing?”

“ You said stick it out, I did, you didn’t say keep it out.”

Diana said with a hint of sarcasm. Xena smirked and then said,

“ Out.... Now.”

“ Fine.”

Diana stuck her tongue out and kept it out, Xena flicked her own tongue over
Diana’s and then slid it over and around it. Diana shivered at the provocative
sensation. Xena then slowly sucked Diana’s tongue into her mouth and bath it
with her own while sucking on it.

“ Mmmmm.....”

Diana shuddered and gripped the bed trying to steady herself. Xena continued
to slowly suck on Diana’s tongue, in her erotic way. After a bit Xena finally
took Diana’s whole mouth. Passions lit they delved into their lovemaking.

When all was done, Diana laid sideways across the bed on her belly with Xena
sitting up caressing Diana’s back and behind.

“ Are you ok Consort?”

“ Oh, yeah....just fine....Where did you learn that?”

“ I have many skills.”

“ Your telling me. Wow! That was amazing. “

“ Well if you behave yourself I may do it again?”

“ I always behave myself.”

Diana said teasingly defensive. Xena rolled her eyes and laid a swat to
Diana’s exposed behind.


“ Ow! What was that for?”

“ Telling me you always behave.”

“ I do.”

Diana said as she rolled to her back to prevent Xena from taking another whack
at her behind. Xena smirked and then said,

“ If we had time, I could have that behind....but, since we don’t you lucked
out My sweet Consort.”

“ Does this mean I can get out of the bed now?”

“ Yes.”

“ Thank the Gods.”

Diana jumped out of the bed and strided to the window to look out . Diana
looked out to see people gathered around in groups talking and pointing
towards the Palace. Diana focused in on one conversation to see what the
people were talking about, although they were a great distances away, she
could see their lips as clear as day.

“ Can you believe it? Regent Sahi is to have a public trial, and then a public

“ No I thought The Conqueror didn’t have those type anymore, I mean ever since
Lady Diana came into her life there has not been a public trial or execution.
I wonder why Now?”

“ I don’t know, it bothers me, do you think The Conqueror will start having
them again? I mean that was a great tool to use to keep those who would dare
any attempts on The Conqueror in line. “

“ Yes, I remember those were some of the most horrible and painful deaths I
had ever seen.”

“ Yes, the dissidents that use to plague the Realm were quickly and
efficiently dispensed with.”

“ I hope The Conqueror herself doesn’t carry out the execution.”

“ I know , the ones that she did they died a bloody painful death.”

“ OO....that just sends chills down my spine.”

“ I know, well hopefully Regent Sahi will just be executed using the cross or
hanging or the Ax man. But I pity any who are sentenced to face The

Diana turned back towards the room and had a thoughtful look on her face.

“ Diana? What is it?”

“ Hm...Oh, I was just wondering?”

“ Well you can tell me in the bath, come on.”

They both climbed into the bath and Xena bathe Diana and then Diana bath Xena,
after which they just soaked in the bath for a bit.

“ So..?”

“ So what?”

“ What were you wondering about?”

“ Oh..that.”

Diana said not sure whether to bring it up or not, especially after what
Regent Sahi had done. But she wanted to know, and she was sure Xena already
had some idea as to how Sahi was to die.

“ Well? Are you going to tell me or not?”

“ Yes, Xena I was just wondering if ......if.... “

“ If what Diana?”

Xena asked with a look of concern crossing her face.

“ I.....I was just wondering if you know how you plan on having Regent Sahi

“ Yes.”

Xena said simply. Diana looked at her expecting something more, but nothing
more came.

“ And....?”

“ And what?”

“ And are you going to tell me?”

Xena’s eyes narrowed slightly as she looked into Diana’s. Diana chewed her
lips for a moment as she waited for Xena to answer her.

“ Why ? “

“ Why What?”

“ Why do you want to know?”

“ I was just curious.”

Diana said shrugging her shoulders. Xena raised her chin and then bringing her
hand up out of the water, she motioned for Diana to come over to her. Diana
waded through the water and came to stand in front of Xena.

“ Is that the only reason why you want to know Consort? Or is there some other

Diana lowered her eyes for a moment and Xena lifted her chin so as to have her
look her in the eyes. Diana chewed her lips and finally she told Xena the real

“ You won’t get upset will you?”

“ Probably.”

Xena said matter-of-factly. Diana looked to the side of Xena and then back at

“ I’m waiting Consort.”

“ You know Xena, I have so many sore spots on my body, I think I really need
to have them massaged out.”

“ Later. Now tell me.”

“ Xena I don’t want to upset you, and I know that you’ll probably get pissed

“ Diana I won’t get pissed.”

“ Really?”

“ really, but if you don’t tell me right now.... I may.”

Diana raised both her brows at the thought, but then she told Xena.

“ When I was looking out the window there were these two men talking, well
actually there were a lot of people talking, but I saw the conversation
between two of them.”

“ You were ease dropping on others conversation?”

Xena asked somewhat surprised.

“ Just theirs, I wanted to see why everyone was pointing towards the Palace.”

“ They were pointing this way because of the trial of Regent Sahi.”

“ how do you know that ?”

Diana asked amazed that Xena would know that.”

“ Diana it’s what the people always did whenever there was a public trial.”

“ Hm...”

“ What?”

“ you just brought up another question.”

“ I haven’t even heard the first one yet.”

“ I know, I’m sorry. Xena, why did you stop having public trials?”

Xena’s brows knitted for a moment and then she asked,

“ Where did that come from?”

“ I just wanted to know.”

“ You know why?”

“ What do you mean?”

“ Just what I said , you know why I stopped having them.”

“ No I don’t know.”

Xena studied Diana for a moment and then she said,

“ I did it because I made a deal with you.”

“ A deal?”

Diana said still confused. Xena was now looking at Diana surprised that she
had forgotten their deal.

“ Yes Diana, you know.... the Challenge that brought you here to me in the
first place?”

“ OH! oh ok, you did it as a way of showing me that you were changing?”

“ Yes. It’s about time.”

Xena said slightly scolding Diana for forgetting. Diana blushed.

“ I’m sorry, I should have known that, you’ve done such a wonderful job of it
too, I hope you don’t think I don’t appreciate it?”

“ No, I know you do, I see it in your eyes and face every time you smile at

Xena said caressing Diana’s cheek with the back of her hand. Diana closed her
eyes to Xena’s touch and just let Xena’s words caress her as was Xena’s hand.
Xena smiled at Diana’s response and then she abruptly stopped, causing Diana
to almost lose her balance due to her being so into Xena’s caressing.

“ Why’d you do that?”

“ Because, I want to finish this conversation, Why did you bring it up in the
first place?”

“ Can’t we finish this later, I liked what we were doing a moment ago?”

“ No we can’t, now finish.”

“ Shoot...”

Diana said with a pout.

“ D.i.a.n.a....?”

“ Ok, ok, I brought it up because I was just listening to those men and they
were saying what the public trials were like,and how they hoped that Regent
Sahi was not going to have to go up against you.”

Diana paused waiting for a response from Xena, but she was disappointed that
none came, so she continued.

“ Anyway, they said how it would be better for her to face any of the
executions rather than have to face you as her executioner.”

“ I see.”

“ Xena do you plan on carrying out the sentence?”

“ Yes.”

Diana swallowed hard, and Xena saw the look of indecision in Diana’s face. She
then started to get upset at the idea that Diana felt sorry for Sahi.

“ I KNOW your not feeling sorry for Sahi?”

“ If I were, would you be upset?”

“ Does Hades have a sister name DEATH?!”

Diana exhaled a deep breath out of her mouth and then she said,

“ I knew you were going to get upset.”

“ And Why shouldn’t I Diana?! I mean After all the things that conniving bitch
put us through, I plan on her suffering a great deal before she dies.”

“ But Xena.....”

“ But nothing Diana! She deserves to be punished, and the citizens have a
right to see it, not just because of what she did to you, but because of what
she did to the citizens who died under her hands. And because of her Treason
against The Realm, That is why she will die by my hands, and mine alone.”

“ Xena I know what she did warrants her death, I don’t have any argument about
that, it’s just that I know how painful a strike by you can be, I mean, my
body still hurts as if you just hit me, although it’s been a few days,
especially my face and stomach, and Xena you know If I am still having pain
from days ago, I can only image what someone else feels when their struck by
you. “

“ What’s your point Diana?”

Diana took a deep breath and then stated what was on her mind.

“ I....well I....I was just thinking maybe you should have someone else carry
out the sentence?”

“ Like who Consort?”

Xena said suspiciously. Diana stepped back a bit out of Xena’s reach and
started to tell Xena, but Xena told her to come back to her.

“ Now..... tell me Consort, who did you have in mind to carry out the
sentence when it is imposed.

Xena said as she held Diana by her arms, so that Diana would not try to get
Diana noticed the firm grip and she suspected that Xena already knew what she
was going to suggest.

“ Xena do you mind if we get out of the bath?”

“ No not at all.”

They got out and Dried off, Diana was about to put her robe on, but Xena
pushed her towards the massage table.

“ Lay down.”

Diana did as she was told and laid on her stomach while Xena prepared to
massage her.

“ So tell me Consort who did you have in mind?”

Diana wasn’t thinking about the vulnerable position she was in while getting
massage so she told Xena what she thought.

“ I was just thinking that ...Maybe..... I should carry it out?”

“ W.h.a.c.k.!!”

“ OWWW!!”

“ What was that CONSORT?”

Diana looked back up at Xena to see her eyes had narrowed and they were
piercing into her. Diana turned her head back around and swallowing hard she
laid her head on her folded arms and went quiet.

“ That’s better.”

Xena said as she went back to massaging Diana. Afterwards Diana didn’t bring
up Sahi or the trial, to Xena again, and when others did she either excused
herself or asked Xena if it were alright for her to leave and do something

Xena was pleased that Diana had not brought up the idea of her executing Sahi
again, because she had no intentions of letting Diana anywhere near her, and
because it was not Diana’s duty to carry out a sentence, which would involve
some battling.

Xena took over the rest of the preparations of the trial from Gabrielle and
held many meetings with her advisors, and then later with Diana, to get her
ideas about things.

“ Diana are you ok?”

“ I’m fine Gabrielle, why?”

“ You seem to be avoiding any and all conversation about Sahi?”

“ Hm.....well I don’t see the point of thinking about her or talking about
her, she has done nothing but cause me one big headache, actually all of us.”

“ Yes, but it’s not like you to just avoid things.”

“ Well I see that it bothers Xena whenever I bring her up, I think what Sahi
did while she was in the dungeon really scared Xena almost as badly as when I
was almost killed. I think she really thought I would leave her.”

“ Yes she did, but I knew you wouldn’t, I knew you would be angry and hurt
deeply, and that it would take a lot of explaining on her part to get you to
understand why she did what she did.”

“ Yes it really did.”

“ You know Diana? You and Xena are a lot alike?”

“ I’m not sure what you mean?”

“ You and her are very pigheaded about things, and you both seem to react too
quickly about things that may be hurtful towards one another, I mean you two
don’t take the time to fully listen, like this situation that happened, if you
two had just sat down and you let Xena explain in full why she did what she
did, I know you would have still been upset, but you and she would have never
gotten into such a fierce fight...I have to admit I was afraid for you Diana,
I mean every time she hit you I saw the pain of it in your face, I mean when
you struck her it her hurt , but not like her’s were. Anyway, you two fought
because you didn’t listen.”

“ Actually Gabrielle we fought because I didn’t trust Xena, and Xena was
fighting to keep me from slipping into the darkness, Gabrielle.... Xena is my
light, when I thought she had betrayed us, it hurt to my soul, but I’m happy
that it was all a mistake, I misunderstood Xena’s reasons completely, and I
should have never distrusted her, I never will again.”

“ I know. You know ? If it were up to me I would have made you two sit down
and talk.”

“ Made us Gabrielle?”

“ Yes, I think I have some pull over you two?”

“ Really? Is that what you think Gabrielle?”

Xena interjected startling Gabrielle.

“ Oh! I didn’t hear you come in?”

“ Do you ever?”

“ No I guess I don’t.”

Gabrielle said blushing to her roots. Xena cocked her head at Gabrielle and
then she looked back at Diana.

“ Soo....how’s my kitten?”

“ fine, and you?”

“ I’d would be a lot better if someone would get over here and give me what
is mine.”

Xena stated with a hint of humor. Diana sat where she was and casually looked
around her and behind her, as if she were looking for the person Xena had just
spoke of. Xena raised a brow and started towards Diana, Diana stood up and
started towards Xena and they met in the middle.

“ What was that?”

“ Oh...don’t get upset, I was just playing with you.”

“ Well don’t play with that, now give.”

Diana pouted slightly but then smiled and wrapped her arms around Xena’s neck
and gave her the kiss she was waiting for. Xena wrapped her one of her arms
around Diana’s small waist and pulled her in closer to her, as she leaned her
backwards slightly. Diana moaned as a result of this, she always found it
quite a turn on when Xena held her in such a way, strong arm holding her about
her waist, it made her feel safe and well loved.

Xena heard the moan and she knew what it was from, so she leaned Diana back
further and continued to kiss her with fervor. Diana’s legs were going weak
and Xena felt it, so before Diana completely lost her strength Xena broke the

and Diana was swept up into Xena’s arms and Xena went to sit with Diana in the
sofa type chair she had just vacated a moment before, with Diana on her lap.

“ O.h.....My Goddess...”

Gabrielle exclaimed as she saw the passion between the two. Xena knitted her
brow at Gabrielle and asked ,

“ What is it Gabrielle?”

“ I.....I just have never seen such passion between two people in my life, I
mean....WOW! I wonder if I will ever find someone with a third of the passion
that you two have, wow....just watching you two leaves me breathless.”

Xena smirked at Gabrielle’s confession, Diana knitted her brow.

“ Gabrielle, you will find someone who will love you as much as Xena and I
love each other.”

“ I don’t know.”

“ Know what Gabrielle?”

Xena asked. Gabrielle chewed her lip.

“ What is it Gabrielle?”

“ Nothing, let’s just forget this.”

Xena and Diana looked at one another and then back at Gabrielle.

“Gabrielle are you ok?”

Diana asked with concern obvious in her tone.

“ Yes, I’m fine, it’s just that seeing the two of you back in each others arms
just makes me so happy.”

Gabrielle said hoping that neither of the two could see the pain in her own
eyes at not having such a love......or was it something more?

Diana got up off of Xena’s lap and walked over to Gabrielle and gave her a
big hug and a kiss on top of her head. Then she whispered to her.

“ Gabrielle, don’t worry about this, someone special will come into your life
one day, I’m sure, but in the mean time, you know Xena and I love you?”

“ Yes I know, and I love you two soooo...very much.”

Diana kissed Gabrielle again on the top of her head and then let go of

“ My Lord Excuse the interruption?”

“ What is it?”

“ The Royal Magistrate would like to see Lady Diana about the order of
witnesses and testimonies.”

“ Ok, that’s fine, tell the Magistrate that lady Diana will be there in a

“ As You Wish My Lord.”


“ Yes?”

“ The Royal Magistrate wants to see you.”

“Oh, ok, when?”

“ Now.”

“ But I wanted to stay and talk with Gabrielle for a bit longer?”

“ You can talk to Gabrielle later, right now go see the Magistrate.”

“ Ok fine, I’ll go but it’s under duress.”

Diana said with a teasing tone, and a smile for both Xena and Gabrielle, to
which both returned the gesture.

“ Your objection is noted Consort, now go.”

Diana then turned and gave Gabrielle a final kiss to her forehead and then she
strided over to Xena and gave her a kiss on the lips. Xena reached her hand up
and caressed Diana’s cheeks, then she broke the kiss and told Diana to go,
giving Diana a swat on her behind as she passed to go to see the Magistrate.

“ Oh, Diana, meet me in the great room after your finished.”

“ Ok, see you then, Bye Gabrielle.”

“ Bye sis.”

Once Diana had left, Gabrielle turned to pick up a scroll that she had laid
down when Diana and Xena had first come into the library. Xena studied
Gabrielle for a moment before she spoke.

“ Gabrielle?”

“ Yes My Lord?”

“ What’s going on Gabrielle?”

“ What do you mean?”

“ There’s something your not saying, and I want to know what it is.”

“ My Lord it’s nothing really.”

“ Let me be the judge of that.”

“ I .....I can’t say.”

“ Why not?”

“ Because it would hurt someone I love more than anything.”

“ Who?”

Xena said raising a brow at Gabrielle. Gabrielle turned her head out of
embarrassment, and then said, with some sadness to her voice.

“ I...I..can’t hurt her.”

“ Hurt who Gabrielle? Diana?”

Gabrielle turned her head once again, but this time she let the tears that had
formed fall. Xena got up and walked over to Gabrielle, and laying a hand on
her shoulder she asked with concern.

“ Gabrielle what is it? Tell me, maybe I can help.”

Gabrielle quieted her sobbing and then she turned to face The Conqueror. Xena
had a look of love in her eyes, and it helped Gabrielle to relax.

“ I’m going to be 18 soon.”

Gabrielle said wondering if Xena knew her birthday was coming up. Xena smiled
and answered.

“ Really?”

“ Uhhmm.”

“ Ok, so how is that going to hurt Diana?”

“ it’s.....it’s what I want for my birthday, that may hurt her.”

Xena’s eyes narrowed at Gabrielle’s statement, but not in anger but concern.
Gabrielle saw it and chewed on her lips.

“ Never mind.”

Gabrielle said deciding it wasn’t worth the risk of hurting Diana.

“ Gabrielle, tell me what’s going on. Now!”

“ My Lord I have been thinking about this for a very long time, and I don’t
want you to think it’s just some infatuation of some sort,because it’s not.”

“ Gabrielle, what are you saying?”

Xena said with more uneasiness building with every word out of Gabrielle’s

“ My Lord, I know this could not be the worst time in the world, but I have to
tell you that......I ....have.......been .....in love with you too for the
last year.”

Gabrielle said with a rush. Xena flinched at Gabrielle’s confession, and
opening her mouth a few times to speak, but no words coming out she stood
staring at Gabrielle for the longest time. Gabrielle in the meantime stood
chewing her lips worried at what Xena’s first words would be to her

Finally Xena found her voice.

“ Gabrielle.....I thought there was something going on with you, I even
suspected that it may be something like this, but to hear it.... well I’m
flattered, but I am concerned about your feelings for me.”

“ I know, My Lord I didn’t mean to put you on the spot, it’s just that seeing
you and Diana together.....well....... It makes me feel......”

Gabrielle turned her head once again to hide her feelings, Xena however took
hold of Gabrielle’s chin and turned her head back to her.

“ Gabrielle your not telling me your jealous of Diana’s relationship with me
are you?”

“ NO!...I mean no, I couldn’t be happier for her and you, it’s just that I
want a very ......well..... special gift from you.”

“ From me?”

“ Yes.”

“ What ?”

Gabrielle blushed and Xena knitted her brows at the response and then she
waited for Gabrielle to answer her.

“ I know you and Diana believe that one day I will meet someone special, and
if things worked out one day I would perhaps give them the gift of myself.”

“ Right.”

“ well all of that maybe true except there is only one person I want to give
such a special gift to.”

Xena’s brows were still knitted and knitting further, she couldn’t possibly be
hearing Gabrielle correctly, so she put the thought out of her head and waited
to hear what Gabrielle was saying.

“ What are you saying?”

“ I’m trying to ask you if you would .......bring me into woman hood?”

“ GABRIELLE?! I....I can’t do that!”

Gabrielle then stood and turned to face Xena, and seeing the fear in her eyes
took Gabrielle by surprise.

“ My Lord I know It’s asking a lot, but there is no one else who I want to do
that, I know I’m putting you in an awful spot and you probably think I am the
worst sister on earth, but I swear to you Xena I’m not trying to hurt Diana I
would never do that, but I had to tell you what I was feeling, I am in love
with you, and I will either keep my gift to myself forever, or it will be you
who receives it.”

“Gabrielle do you realize the implications of My taking you like that? You
will be emotionally connected to me and I can’t have you feeling resentment
towards Diana whenever she and I are together, I will not allow that, My heart
belongs to Diana completely, I will not hurt her or you by accepting such a
gift, Gabrielle I am so pleased that you think I am worthy to receive such a
gift from you, but it’s too much Gabrielle, it involves to much emotional
baggage, and with all the things that is going on and all the things, that
have happened to Diana and myself and our family, which is you and Terais,
which speaking of, Diana still does not know what happened to Terais, I can
not add to that pain, by accepting such a wonderful gift from you, I hope you

Xena said with compassion. Gabrielle stood with tears in her eyes as she tried
to stay strong, Xena saw the disappointment in Gabrielle’s eyes and she took
Gabrielle in her arms and held her while Gabrielle wrapped her arms around
Xena’s waist . Gabrielle then gained some composure and then said with a more
confident voice.

“ My Lord will you at least think about it?”

“ Gabrielle?”

“ Please? I won’t bring it up again if you say you will at least think about

“ Gabrielle....”

“ Please?”

Xena took a deep breath and then said in a controlled voice.

“ I’ll think about it Gabrielle.”

Gabrielle leaned back and looked up into Xena’s concerned eyes, she then
brought her hands up and taking Xena’s face in her hands she said,

“ I promise I won’t expect anything of you afterwards.”

“ Gabrielle you have no idea what your asking, it’s a very intense thing to be
deflowered by someone, a person experiences all sorts of emotions, one of
which is a deep connection to the person who is on the receiving end of the
gift you offer them, especially when the person is already in love with the
one doing the deflowering. “

“ My Lord I know you look at me as a child...”

“ Yes I do. But That’s not the only thing that’s going on, I don’t think you
can handle the repercussions of what your asking?”

“ I think I can.”

“ Gabrielle....Diana can’t even handle it whenever I claim her.”

“ Even after all of this time?”

“ Yes, even after all of this time, she still gets very emotional. And so do

“ You do?”

“ Yes Gabrielle, to claim Diana is like having the breath of life blown into
my very being, she invigorates me, motivates me, strengthens me when I think
things are so burdensome, by claiming her , and by her letting me claim her I
find that there is absolutely nothing I can’t do or wouldn’t do for her to
make her happy. I am so turned on by her, not just physically, but her
intelligents is amazing, I told you about all of the companies she owned and
ran with practiced ease. She is brilliant, and sometimes I don’t give her the
credit she deserves, but Gabrielle the point of all this is No one could EVER
replace Diana, I love you Gabrielle and I would do almost anything for you,
but to take such a gift from you it wouldn’t be right, I can not put you in
such a vulnerable and overwhelming position by accepting it, you may not
realize it right now but every time you saw Diana and I together whether
intimate or just enjoying one another’s company, you would be hurt and even
envious of our relationship, and I worry what would happen.”

“ My Lord I know I’m asking a lot, but I can’t help the way I feel, I want it
to be you or no one.”

“ Gabrielle.”

“ You said you will think about it.”

“ I will.”

“ Good.”

Gabrielle then stepped out of Xena’s hold on her shoulders and then said,

“ By Your Leave My Lord?”

“ Yes Gabrielle.”

Gabrielle smiled and then turned and left the library. Xena stayed but left
the main part of the library and went into her private library, once there she
wrote what had occurred and then sat and thought about Diana, and her reaction
to the whole thing. Xena knew one thing, she would not bring it up until after
the trial of Sahi, no need to have to major things happening at the same time
when one of them could be put off for a few days.

The next couple of days found Xena somewhat tense, and not because of the
trial that was to take place the next day, but because of Gabrielle and her
request, as well as how that would be handled considering the surprise she
had for Diana. Diana found Xena to be as passionate as always when they made
love, actually more so, it was like Xena couldn’t get enough of Diana, so
everyday until the trial Xena literally took Diana over and over again despite
Diana’s pleas for a rest.

“ X...e...n...a... Please?”

“ just a bit longer kitten.”

“ I have to catch my breath.”

“ I’ll let you in a bit, I promise.”

Xena continued her arden loving of Diana, but whenever Gabrielle was around
Xena seemed to be more reserve with her caressing of Diana, even when Diana
wanted to start something, Xena would tell her not now. Of course Diana would
be disappointed but she let it go.

The next morning before the first light, Xena and Diana were up, dressing for
the trial.

“ Diana, you realize today is the start of a very long trial?”

“ Yes Xena I know.”

“ Are you ok?

“ I’m fine love, really.”

“ I love when you call me that.”

Xena said as she took Diana’s chin in her hand.

“ What? Love?”

“ Yes.”

“ Well, It’s how I see you.... as my love.”

Diana said matter-of-factly. Xena Smirked and then leaned down and kissed
Diana’s soft lips with gentle admiration.

“ And I love you kitten, you know that right?”

“Of course I do. Your so insecure sometimes. “

Diana teased and then turned and walked towards the door, after she had
dressed in what Xena wanted her to wear. Xena was dressed in her leathers,
which was to be covered by her Royal Robe when she took her seat on the
throne, behind the Royal magistrates Chosen by the people, Diana would be
seated with all of the other witnesses down on the courtyard part of the open

Xena and Diana walked to the Court and went into the connecting door of the
throne area of the court, once there Xena was dressed in her Royal robes, as
The Conqueror and Ruler of all the Known world.

Diana stood awed by Xena and the utter power and magnificent that was Xena,
when Xena was dressed in her royal attire.

“ Wow!”

Diana exclaimed quietly to herself ...she thought. Xena turned to look at her
and raising a brow she asked,

“ What is it?”

Diana was speechless, so she walked over to where Xena stood in all of her
glory and without a word, went to her toes and wrapping her hands around
Xena’s neck in front of the Royal handmaidens, who were dressing the
Conqueror, Diana was so turned on by Xena that she gave Xena such a passioned
filled kiss that Diana’s own eyes turned Sapphire from her desire of Xena.

When Xena finally was able to break the kiss, she saw Diana’s eyes and a half
smile pulled at the corner of Xena’s mouth. Xena leaned down and whispered in
Diana’s sensitive ear, that sent shivers running through Diana.

“ Consort, we don’t have time for this, I’ve never seen this happen with you
before, are you in such a need that you yourself worked up to this point?”

“ Just seeing you like this is such a turn on for me, I’m sorry, I couldn’t
help it, I want you....now!”

Diana said as she tackled Xena and they went flying to the fur covered floor.
The Handmaidens were stunned to see The Conqueror struggling to control her

“ Consort we can’t not right now.”

“ I need you My Lord, Please just for a while?”

Xena looked up to one of the handmaidens and told her to find out when things
would be ready for her to come out.”

“ As you wish My Lord.”

The servant ran to speak with the Royal Magistrate and then returned within
moments to relay the message. Only to find The Conqueror was now holding her
Consort by her wrist above Diana’s head while standing up.

“My Lord?”

“ Yes?’

“ The Royal Magistrate said 20 minutes and they would be ready for your

“ Thank you.”

Xena then turned back to her struggling Consort and said with love.

“ I know you need me right now, but we don’t have time kitten.”

“ Just once?”

“ No.”

“ Please I promise I won’t say another word about it?”

“ what happens if it serves no purpose but to inflame your desire more?”

“ It won’t.”

“ Diana I know you, it will do just that.”

“ No it won’t.”

“ Ok just once, but whether it does or doesn’t , I don’t want to hear another
word or whimper from you about this until it is convenient, clear?”

“ Perfectly.”

“ Ok.”

Xena then turned to the servants and said in a firm voice.

“ Leave.”

“ Yes My Lord As You Wish.”

They all turned and left the chamber and Xena let go of Diana’s wrist as she
unfastened Diana’s blouse. She kissed Diana on her soft lips and then she
made her way down to Diana’s nipple and then taking Diana’s nipple into her
mouth and sucking with ardor and greed Xena then ran her hand down and under
into Diana’s flower where she slipped her fingers deep inside, causing Diana
to gasp.

“ Ahhh...yes My Lord....”

Diana moaned as Xena begun a deep penetrating rhythm deep inside of Diana.
Diana after a few minutes threw her head back as Xena held her around her
waist with one hand and one of her nipples in her mouth, while the other hand
was thrusting into Diana.

“ Release Consort.”

Xena said sending the thought to Diana. Diana’s head was thrown back as she
released over Xena’s loving fingers. Xena absorbed Diana’s gift into her
fingers, which was another wonderful gift Diana had given her doing one of
their lovemaking sessions.

It allowed Xena or Diana to save one another’s cream for later whenever they
had a taste for the other, and not being able to get to the real person of
each other they could still fill the need with the stored cream, until they
could get to one another.

After Diana’s ecstasy had ended, Xena whispered into Diana’s ears, I have to
go out kitten, but you rest and catch your breath, then go and take your
place with the others...ok?”

“ Yes....thank you love.”

Diana said breathlessly, still flashing Sapphire eyes. But feeling more in

“ Your welcome Consort, at least I will have something delicious to taste
throughout this day.”

Xena said with a sheepish grin. Diana blushed and then said ,

“You better go before something else happens?”

“ Hmmm....if you insist.”

Xena then laid Diana down on the sofa and planting another tender kiss on
Diana she turned and headed for the door that would take her to her Royal
throne. Diana watched Xena leave and then after a moment she jumped up
fastened her clothes back up and straighten herself up and then went out the
other door that would take her to the courtyard and to where she was to stand
while awaiting her turn to testify.

“ You made it?”

“ yes, where’s Xena?”

Diana asked out of wonder, figuring that Xena should have beaten her to the
court, but Xena had slowed her progress, knowing that Diana would like to be
there for her entrance. The horns sounded and the Cryers stepped up to
announce the arrival of The Conqueror.

End of part 15
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