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By D.virtue

“ Hear Ye Hear Ye, Our Lord and Ruler , Xena The Conqueror! All show your

The Royal Sentries entered ahead of Xena, then Xena , then more Sentries and
then her Royal Magistrate, followed by the Magistrates that were chosen by the
people. The citizens all had their heads bowed including Gabrielle and all of
the witnesses, Diana however had gone to one knee and had her head bowed, when
Xena The Conqueror took her seat as well as the Magistrates, Xena looked down
onto the Courtyard at all of the people and as she scanned she saw Diana. Her
heart swelled in her chest at Diana’s rendering, almost overcoming her

Xena took a deep breath and sent a thought to Diana.

“ I love you sooooo much kitten...thank you.”

“ I love you My Love Xena.”

Diana sent back. Xena smiled to herself and then motioned to the Cryer.

“ All Rise and give ear to the proceedings of the trial of Regent Sahi of the
Western Province.”

Xena then motioned for the Guards to bring out the accused. Sahi was escorted
to the middle of the courtyard, in front of what seemed like the whole Realm.
Once there she was told to bow, to which she did.

The she was taken to the designated area of the courtyard. Once there a
special sound device was placed in front of the accused. It was something
from Diana’s time. But disguised as a small bullhorn type device. The Guard
then turned and addressed The Conqueror.

“ My Lord, The accused Regent Sahi Of the Western Province is ready for her
trial. Shall we swear her in?”

“ Proceed.”

The court Guard stepped forward and told Regent Sahi to hold up her right
hand, Regent Sahi did it and the Guard then asked.

“ Do You Regent Sahi Of The Western Province swear by the Gods to tell the

“ I do.”

My Lord Regent Sahi has been sworn in, shall we proceed?”


Xena stated. The Guard stepped away and The intercessor for Regent Sahi
stepped forward to begin the questioning of Regent Sahi for her defense.

“ My Lord I am the Intercessor Shalay, for Regent Sahi, with your permission?”

With a wave of her hand the Intercessor begun.

“ Regent Sahi, you first met Lady Diana where?”

“ I met her in Poteidiaa, at the Main Inn of the town.”

“ How did you first meet her?”

“ I was sitting at a table right next to her’s.”

“ Tell us how everything came down.”

“ I was sitting next to Lady Diana’s table, she and her sister Gabrielle, were
talking and I had noticed her when I first came into the Dining area of the
Inn I asked to be seated next to her table because I wanted to meet her.
During the evening I finally sent a note over to her table, and when her
sister left I went to introduce myself to her.”

“ And then what?”

“I had a seat and I told her who I was and she introduced herself to me as
Diana. I told her that I had been watching her and I asked her if she were
involved with anyone.”

“ What did she say?”

“ She said no. So I then told her I was looking for a Consort and I thought
she would be the perfect one. “

“ Why did you think she would be perfect?”

“ Because with her looks and body, she was made to be made love to. I mean
look at her?”

Everyone looked towards Diana, including Xena who was watching to see what
Diana’s response was to the now observing populace. Diana stood tall and did
not flinch when all eyes went to her, and all the people started whispering to
one another how right Sahi was about her.

“ Are you ok Kitten?”

Xena asked sending her thoughts. Diana smirked and then responsed in kind.

“ I’m fine love, thanks for asking, it’s a trip to have the whole Realm
looking at you to see if your made to be made love to.”

“ I’m sure, but I have to admit,....”

“ Admit what?”

“ She’s right.”

Xena said as she maintained her mask of Power, but Diana looked up to the
throne and winked, and then said.

“ Only by you My Lord.”

“ Good answer.”

“ Continue Regent Sahi.”

“Well after I told her that she said how flattered she was by my compliment,
but she was not interested in anyone at the moment especially a woman, she
said she had never been with a woman before.”

“ Wait, she said she had never been with a woman before?”

“ Yes.”

“ Why would should tell you that?”

“ I don’t know.”

“ Do you find it a coincidence that she told you that and now you find out
that she had been with a woman?”

“ Yes, imagine My surprise. I told her that I could show her the love of a
woman, and she said why, when she was perfectly happy with the love of a man.
I then asked her if she had ever experienced the love of a woman and that’s
when she said no.I told her I would love to be the one to show her .”

“ What did she say?”

“ She said she wasn’t interested right then, then I told her I wouldn’t give
up and I would try to seduce her, with romantic things, she then said I would
be wasting my time and I told her it’s my time, she said she couldn’t control
my actions as long as I didn’t do anything to offend her I could do what I
wanted, So I had to go but I walked around the table to where she was sitting
and I kissed her.”

“ What did she do?”

“ I think she was surprised.”

“ Did she push you back?”

“ No.”

“ Ok so a woman who had claimed to never had been with a woman, allowed a
virtual stranger to not only tell her she was going to try and seduce her, but
allowed you to kiss her without pushing you back....Go on.”

“ Well after that I left.”

“ Then what did you do?”

“ I had just turned a corner and I saw her leaving, I then thought I could
probably find out more about her and that way I would have an idea as to what
types of things she liked, so I went back to the Inn and I spoke with the
Innkeeper who told me more about Lady Diana.”

“ Then what did you do?”

“ I then decided to go to my room, and I spoke with my Lt Miki.”

“ You mean the woman standing by Lady Diana?”

“ Yes.”

“ Why is she there and not over here?”

“ Because I found out she was a spy for The Conqueror.”

“ I see....go on.”

“ Anyway then after Miki left I stayed in my room the rest of the night.”

“ Did you see Lady Diana after that?”

“ Yes, daily, we had breakfast, lunch and Dinner together.”

“ Ever have any of the meals in your Inn room?”

“ Yes many.”

“ What happened with those?”

“ I would kiss her and she would let me.”

“ Did it ever go any further than a kiss?”

“ Once when we were out walking I took her hand and she let me hold it while
we were walking, I then turned and kissed her again, and again she did not
push me away, I then thought maybe I could go further and so I tried to caress
her neck and then sliding my hand down I went to touch her breast under her

“ Did she allow you to?”

“ No, she stopped me.”

“ Ok, so how long had you been wooing her total?”

“ Almost a month and a half. Then I had to go back to my Province for a
meeting with The Conqueror.”

“ Was that the last time you saw Lady Diana?”

“ No, she showed up at My Resident, a short time later, she said she was there
to see me, and it was at that time that I saw that something was going on with
her and The Conqueror.”

“ What do you mean you found out something was going on? Was The Conqueror
herself there?”

“ Yes, Lady Diana had just happened to show up the same time that The
Conqueror and I were meeting, she claimed she didn’t know that The Conqueror
was there.”

“ Did you believe her?”

“ Not at first, so I asked her if she would do me a favor.”

“ What was the favor?”

“ I asked her to pretend she was my Consort.”

“ Why would you do that?”

“ I wanted to see if the two knew each other and also if I had been told wrong
about them being involved then it would go a long way to get what I wanted if
The Conqueror saw and wanted her for her own.”

“Ok, so Did Lady Diana agree to be your Consort?”

“ Yes, so we went to the meeting room and just as the doors opened we kissed
and I was allowed to place my hand on her behind.”

“So a woman who had not been with any woman supposedly, and was not interested
in you, or being your Consort, not only allowed you to seduce her , but also
hold her hands, kiss her many times, and then agree to pretend to be your
Consort for the sole purpose of helping you get something from The Conqueror,
she also allowed you to fondle her behind, as well as kiss her?”

“ Yes.”

The citizens begun whispering about what they had just heard, Gabrielle
touched Diana on the arm discreetly, thinking Diana needed to be reassured,
but Diana was not concerned about what Sahi was saying, her and Xena were
carrying on a conversation with their minds.

“ So you did all of that?”

“ Yes, but I told you why, I just didn’t want to hurt her feelings.”

“ Did you have to walk with her hand in hand?”

“ No I don’t think I had to, but I didn’t see the harm in it, anyway it was
never like the way we hold hands when we’re walking.”

“ Is that right?”

“ Yes, you know it is....the way you do that thing to my hand, it gets me all
stirred up. You know I find that very interesting that your able to do that to
me by just doing that thing?”

“ I have many skills.”

“ For which I am happy about.”

Xena smirked at Diana discreetly, as they then heard Sahi speaking about the
last time Diana came to her resident pretending to be upset about a fake

“ So I then took her breast in my hands and I kneaded them and teased her
nipples, I then was allowed to take one of the nipples I was teasing into my

“ The Conqueror’s Consort allowed you to suck on her breast?”

“ Yes, for quite a while, her nipples are incredible, they fit perfectly, with
her breast and the rest of her beautiful body, I was ready to release just
seeing them, and was really at the edge when I put one of them in my mouth.”

“ Did she make any sounds?”

“ Yes, she was moaning.”

“ You were moaning?”

Xena asked Diana with her mind.

“ I was faking it.”

“ Hmmm...ok.”

“ Xena?”

“ Hm?”

Xena answered slightly distracted by the rest of Sahi’s statement.

“ Why doesn’t our Intercessor object to a lot of these questions?”

“ Because here a person is allowed to tell their whole side without
interruption, that way when the verdict is read, they can’t say they didn’t
get a chance to tell their side of things.”

“ Hmm....does it work?”

“ Yes.”

“ Ok, now that I understand the functioning better, then I can tolerate it.
By the way...why couldn’t I be up there with you?”

“ Because it wouldn’t be appropriate for us to be so close together with the
trial going on.”

Xena said limiting her statement as to the other part of the reason Diana her
Consort was not allowed up there doing the trial of a Regent.

“ So The Conqueror showed up asking for her Consorts whereabouts?”

“ No she showed up demanding to know where her Consort was. I told her and she
sent a few people to go and get her, and then they left.”

“ Then what happened when you saw Lady Diana again?”

“ I was arrested and charged, and this is where we are today.”

“ Is there anything else you would like to say?”

“ Yes at no time did I ever give Lady Diana any of the Jobind with my hands.”

“ Anything else?”


“ Thank you Regent Sahi.”

Sahi bowed her head at her Intercessor.

“ My Lord with your permission I will allow cross examination of Regent Sahi
by Intercessor Tamwell?”

“ Proceed.”

Intercessor Tamwell stepped forward and requested permission to proceed with
the cross. Xena waved her hand indicating that the Intercessor should

“Regent Sahi, you say that Lady Diana allowed you to kiss and touch her?”

“ Yes. “

“ And why do you think she did that?”

“ Because she was trying to decide if she liked what I was doing.”

“ Really? And do you think she liked what you were doing?”

“ Yes.”

“ How do you know she liked it?”

“ Because she continued to allow me to do it.”

“ Couldn’t she had been trying to not hurt your feelings because she thought
you were a nice person?”

“ No. She liked it.”

“ So you say, do you think if you had gotten her into your bed she would have
reached ecstasy with you?”

“ I know she would have!”

“ You know? How do you know?”

“ Because when I was on her breast she moaned her pleasure at what I was

“ Couldn’t she had been faking?”

“ maybe, but I don’t think she was. I don’t think anyone could fake the sounds
she was making.”

“ What sounds were you making Consort?”

“ I did a little oooo...ahhhh.....and mmmm’s.”

Diana said using her mind as Xena had done with her.

“ So the same type of sounds you make with me huh?”

“ Yes, but the difference is I really am completely aroused, and just waiting
for you to say when. With her it was just sounds I used to trick her, no
feelings of arousal at all. Besides she’s not a Chosen.”

“ Aha, so true.”

“ So Regent Sahi, if you had the opportunity to arouse Lady Diana, your saying
you could do it?”

“ Yes.”

“ What if you failed? Would you be willing to end the trial and take your

Sahi was shocked by the proposal, so much so she had to look over at her
Intercessor for advice.

“ My Lord, I feel that counsel is proposing something that is not hers to

Xena looked at the Magistrates and then over at Diana, then finally at the

“ Come.”

Xena ordered both Intercessors to approach her and the Magistrates.

“ What is your purpose of your proposal?”

“ To save time, and also end this as quickly as possible so that Lady Diana
and yourself, as well as all of the people can get back to their lives.”

“ Yes, it’s true I would prefer for this to be with as soon as possible.But I
can not allow it, a person’s life is on the line and I will not have any
questions raised as to the fairness of this trial. No we will continue without
the proposal, and besides that, I don’t want that person to touch my Consort
ever again, is that clear?”

“ Yes My Lord.”

“ Yes My Lord, thank you My Lord.”

The two intercessors then returned to their places and continued. Diana looked
up at Xena and sent a thought.

“ I can not believe she proposed that...she’s lucky , I was ready to hurt

“ It’s ok, they know that Sahi is not to touch you ever again.”

“Good, later, I’m going to have a talk with our counsel.”

“ Be nice.”

“ Hm...we’ll see.”

“ hm....don’t let me hear you weren’t nice?”

“ ok, ok, I’ll be nice...and thorough.”

“ I heard that.”

Diana raised her brow at Xena, and Xena arched her’s.

“ Fine.”

“ Good girl.”

“ So Regent Sahi, you think this trial is a way for Lady Diana and The
Conqueror to get back at you?”

“ Yes, I mean why else would such charges be brought against me?”

“ Because your guilty of them.”

“ Well, I think they are out of spite.”

“ Ok, let’s leave that for a bit ok, tell us why you chained Lady Diana up in
a secluded chamber, and why you pumped her full of that Jobind, and why you
blackmailed the Ruler of The known world, went into a contract knowing it was
not a contract that The Conqueror would have ever agreed to had it not been
for your having her Consort and threatening harm to her, and then tell us why
you killed all of those people, during the brief time you were Ruler of the
Western Province?”

“ I chained her because she was a threat.”

“ Lady Diana was a threat? What sort of Threat?”

“ A threat to The Western Province.”

“ Really? Isn’t it true that the only threat that Lady Diana was to you was to
your ego, She was the only person who turned you down flat, and you pumped her
full of the Jobind hoping to make her lust for you, but instead it was Xena
The Conqueror who Lady Diana screamed for in her need, isn’t that true? You
murdered those people when you had the Contract because they were telling the
truth about you and they supported The Conqueror, that made you even more
angry so you took out that anger on Lady Diana, isn’t that right?”

“ No.”

“ Sure it is, you hated Diana for not wanting you even after all the Jobind
you had given her, you were angry with her for her stubbornness, so when The
Conqueror came for what was hers you gave her up but then you took it out on
the people who Supported the Ruler Xena.”

“ So what if I did? They all deserved it.What Ruler would put up with
dissidents, none! Not even the Conqueror herself.

“ Did they? Well now it is you who will be judged for your actions.”

“ My Lord I have no further questions of this witness at this time.”

The Intercessor then went back to her side and the defending intercessor came

“ My Lord, we have no further witnesses to call at this time, we rest.”

“ So be it.”

Xena accepted and then the prosecuting Intercessor returned to the questioning

End of part 16
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