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By D.virtue

“ My Lord We call Lady Diana to the stand.”

“ Proceed.”

“ Be nice kitten to our intercessor.”

“ I really don’t see why I have to be here at all, she practically admitted
what she did?”

“ True but this has got to play out in it’s entirety, that way there is no
questions of Fairness.”

“ Your right of course, but if either of them get to personal I may hurt their

“ No you won’t you’ll answer their questions.”

“ Xena?”

“ Go.”

“ Fine.”

Diana and Xena ended their mind conversation and Diana strided over to the
witness area, as every eye was on the young Consort, all whispering about her
beauty and how they themselves would love to have such a beauty.

Diana reached the area, but before she stepped behind the stand she turned to
face Xena The Conqueror. She then bowed low before The Conqueror, and Xena
stood to acknowledge the gesture.

“ Rise and be sworn in Lady Diana.”

Xena stated with pride at Diana’s respectful gesture. The people were all
amazed by Lady Diana’s profound respect for The Conqueror. Finally after all
had quieted down the the Royal Court guard stepped forward once again this
time to swear in Lady Diana.

“ Will you raise your right hand please?”

Diana raised her hand and the Guard proceeded to swear her in.

“ Do You Lady Diana, Consort to Our Lord Xena The Conqueror, do hereby swear
by the Gods to tell the truth.”

“ No.”

“ Wh...What?”

The Guard stood stunned, the people all gasped. Xena’s brow raised but she
held her initial reaction and just asked Diana.

“ What are you doing Diana?”

Xena asked with her mind, Diana didn’t answer Xena but instead continued to
face the astonished crowd without flinching. Finally Diana spoke again.

“ I do not swear by the Gods to tell the truth, for I do not believe in the
Gods, as they are partly if not mostly to blame for all of this in the first
place, there for I will swear by the one whom I believe in above and beyond
all others.”

“ My Lord?”

The Guard asked not sure of what to do. Xena stood once again and looked down
at Diana.

“ Let her, I will determine if it is acceptable.”

“ As You Wish My Lord. Proceed Lady Diana with your oath.”

“ Thank you, I Lady Diana do hereby Swear By..... My Lord Xena The Conqueror
to tell the complete truth.”

Everyone’s breath caught what seemed like at the same time. They all stared at
Lady Diana and then they looked up to where the Conqueror herself stood, with
her mouth agape, and if they had been closer they would have seen the sparkle
of tears in her eyes.

Gabrielle also had tears in her eyes as did Ephiny, and most of the Amazons,
Diana never seemed to stop amazing everyone . Xena’s Royal Guards seemed to
stand taller, with Miki leading the way. The Royal Court Guard swallowed hard,
but then turned to face The Conqueror who still had not spoken since the Oath
was made.

“ My Lord?”

Xena snapped out of her revelry of how much she loved the young woman,and then
she said in her Conqueror’s voice.

“ It shall Stand.”

Xena then looked back down at Diana who had a look of determination on her
face. Xena then smirked at the profiled Diana and then turned and went to sit

“ My Lord As Lady Diana as made her oath, shall we proceed?”

“ Proceed.”

Xena said trying to control her voice. After The Guard had stepped back, The
prosecuting Intercessor stepped forward.

“ My Lord?”

“ Proceed.”

“ Lady Diana, Can you tell us how you came to meet and eventually end up in
Regent’s Sahi’s Secluded Chamber Chained and naked?”

“ I met Regent Sahi in Poteidia, where I was staying while I was recovering
from a near fatal wound.”

“ Wound? You were wounded? how?”

“ I jumped in front of a sword to save the Life of My Lord. Suffice to say, I
was unconscious for a while but when I came around I found myself in
Poteidiaa, I did not know who people were, but as time progressed I begun to

“ Who was the first person you saw?”

“ My Sister Gabrielle, although at the time I did not know she was my sister,
but as time went by I found that I really loved her and her family, I also
begun thinking about asking her if she would want to be my sister, I felt that
close to her.”

Diana looked over at Gabrielle who had tears running down her face at the
remembrance of her and Diana rediscovering their love of each other. Diana
smiled and then faced the intercessor once again.

“ Anyway, before the day came for me to ask her, I met Regent Sahi, she came
into the Inn and because their was so much commotion outside just before she
came in , Gabrielle and I were curious about who it could be, Gabrielle seemed
somewhat tense when she first heard the commotion, but I didn’t ask her about
it, I figured she would tell me what was bothering her, when Regent Sahi and
her entourage came into the dining hall Gabrielle seemed relieved for some
reason, again I didn’t ask, I put it off to the same reason she was tense only
moments before, anyway Regent Sahi requested a table next to ours, after we
had made eye contact, she bowed her head slightly and I returned the gesture,
I then went back to my conversation with Gabrielle, and we spoke about many
things, but one of which was about what I remembered, at which time the memory
of who Gabrielle was came to me and I told her. She of course got emotional,
she’s such a sensitive soul.”

Diana said looking once again over at Gabrielle as she teased her, Gabrielle
stood giving Diana the eye for teasing her.Diana smirked and then continued.

“Anyway it was just a little after that, when the servant girl came to our
table with a note, I read it, and it confused me at first.”

“ Why?”

“ Because I couldn’t think of what a servant girl would want to speak to me
privately about, I mean she was a nice person, but we didn’t have much in
common, but I told her thinking it was from her ,ok.”

“ Then what?”

“ Well after Gabrielle left to go home, I stayed and waited for the servant
girl, she came over to the table and I asked her what she wanted, she looked
confused by my question. But then it must have occurred to her what I was
referring to and she said it wasn’t from her, I then asked her who was it
from and she told me Regent Sahi, I then asked her who that was and it was
then that Regent Sahi spoke and introduced herself. She asked if she could sit
and I told her yes, so after she sat I asked her what she wanted, she then
proceeded to tell me how she had been watching me and that she found me to be
a beautiful young woman, I thanked her for the compliment, but I left it at
that. She then asked me if I were with anyone in particular and I told her no,
and I wasn’t interested in anyone at that time either. I then asked her why
and she told me she was looking for a Consort and when she saw me she thought
I would be the perfect one for her. Again I thanked her , but I told her I was
not interested in being her’s or any ones Consort.”

“ Did you say anything specifically about why?”

“ I told her, I had no interest in anyone, especially a woman, she asked me
why and I told her there was nothing a woman could do for me.”

“ Did you believe that?”

“ Of course I did, you have to remember, I didn’t remember a lot of things,
one of which was that I was the Consort of The Conqueror. I only remembered
everything up to the point before I met the Conqueror, and at that time I had
never been with a woman or had any desire of a woman, in fact I was with 12
men called my Chosen, and I thought I was happy with them. Anyway, that’s
another story. I then was asked how did I know if I wouldn’t like being with a
woman and I told her I wasn't interested in a woman at all, she then said
again how did I know if I weren’t interested when I had never tried it , how
could I compare one to the other without trying one. I then told her why try
the other if the one I was doing now was filling my needs, she came back with
, but how can I know without trying, I then said because I’m happy. She
laughed a little and then she told me if I didn’t mind she would like to
introduce me to the love of a woman.”

“ What did you say?”

“ I told her she would be wasting her time. She then said it was her time, and
that she didn’t think it would be. “

“ What then?”

“ She said she was going to try to seduce me.”

“ How did that make you feel?”

“ Uncomfortable.”

“ What then?”

“ Then I told her, again she would be wasting her time, I had no interest in
women, but I couldn’t stop her from trying, as long as she didn’t offend me or
hurt anyone in the process.”

“ So she begun her pursuit of you?”

“ Yes, I thought she was very nice, but I felt no romantic feelings for her at

“ Then why did you let her kiss you and touch you?”

“ Well the kisses were all initiated by her, I allowed her to kiss me, because
I didn’t want to hurt her feelings, the kiss at her resident was because I
thought I would be helping a friend if I went along with her , using her words
, to impress her guest with such a beautiful Consort, I will be able to get
what ever I want, or at least one of the major things I want.”

“ What about her hands on your behind?”

“At no time did I think she would do that, we had never spoke about her doing
that, if we had I would have told her no. But seeing how she did not ask and I
was caught off guard, I did not want to break the illusion she was trying to
present, but I had planned on talking to her about it later.”

“ Why Later? Why not before you went into the meeting chamber?”

“ Because when the kiss ended I turned to see My Lord Xena.”

“ How did she appear?”

“ Pissed.”

“ At who?”

“ Me, and Regent Sahi, but mostly me.”

“ What happened next?’

“ I was so shaken by it, because I had planned on speaking to My Lord about
her not coming to visit me for over a month and a half after taking me to
Poteidiaa to recover, but there I was, now the one to be confronted by
something for all intense and purposes looked like I was playing around on My

“ Is that what you were doing?”

“ NO! But I couldn’t find my voice to speak to My Lord at that time, so I told
Regent Sahi that I had to leave and I left and came back to the Palace and
waited for My Lord to return.”

“ Were you afraid of what Lord Xena would have to say or do to you?”

Diana hesitate for a moment to take a deep breath as she remembered that day.

“ Yes. My Lord was pissed and I knew she would have a lot to say to me.”

“ What happened when she finally returned?”

“ Is this really necessary ?”

Diana asked out of frustration and building anger.

“ Yes Lady Diana, it shows why you and Lord Xena are meant for one another,
and how no one else could possibly control you.”

“ Really?!”

The Intercessor swallowed hard at the reaction she received when she said
control. Diana then heard Xena’s thoughts to her.

“ Be nice and answer Consort.”

Diana lowered her eyes for a moment rather than look up to Xena whom she knew
was looking at her intensely.

“ I was about to start explaining what I was doing, but My Lord told me to
save it and that there were other things that needed our attention.”

“ And what were those things?”

Diana took a deep breath and then finally answered.

“ We had not been with each other for over a month and a half and we both
needed one another to fill our needs, so we made love for over three weeks.”

“ Three....three weeks?”

“ Yes.”

“ straight?”

“ yes.”

“ Are you telling us that you and My Lord Xena made love continuously for
three weeks without stopping for a few days between?”

“ Yes.”

The Intercessor, who like everyone else had heard of their presumed long
lovemaking sessions, but had never believed them because of how people had a
tendency to embellish the truth, she just put it off to being one of those
things, but now here they all were and Lady Diana was confirming all that had
been rumored.

“oh, ok.....wow! Anyway I’m sorry I’m just amazed...like I think everyone
present is also.”

“ Obviously.”

Diana said with some irritation.

“ Can we get on with this?”

“ Yes...yes My Lady, I’m sorry. Anyway, after you and My Lord finished, what
happened then?”

“ My Lord then brought up what had happened at Regent’s Sahi’s resident. I
told her what had happened and the fact that Sahi was a friend and that was

“ So you still considered Regent Sahi at this point a friend? Even though she
was using you?”

“ I didn’t know she had a malicious reason to her pursuit of me, or the fact
of setting me up by not telling me who the guest was on the other side of the
door. So at that time she was still a friend as far as I was concerned.”

“ What changed your mind about her motives?”

“ My Lord. She told me Regent Sahi was not my friend and that she was only
using me to get to her, she only wanted to get the Rule of The Province and I
was that means by which she was going to do it.”

“ Did You believe Our Lord at first?”

“ It’s not that I didn’t believe our Lord so much rather that I didn’t want to
believe Sahi would do that to me, especially since she was trying to win my
affections that just didn’t make sense to me. But My Lord called for Lt. Miki
and had her tell me who and what she did for My Lord.”

“ What did she tell you?”

“ She told me she was a scout for My Lord, and that she worked in the house of
Regent Sahi.”

“ Did she tell you anything further?”

“ Yes She told me everything about why she was in Regent’s Sahis home.”

“Did she tell you anything else?”

“ No, I didn’t need to hear anything further, I believed her, and it was then
that I was angry that once again I had been deceived by someone. “

Diana swallowed hard at the thought of the intercessors next words.

“ You were angry that you had once again been naive.”

“ Yes. I mean I am not an uneducated woman, but it seems that when it comes to
certain things, I tend to believe in people and they seem to mostly not be
worthy of my trust, it’s a hard lesson to learn, and I’m still learning
it...obviously....but My Lord has been working with me on it, and no, I would
not like to say how!”

“ Very well.”

The Intercessor smiled, as her next question was answered before she could ask

“ So Regent Sahi was working against My Lord and The Realm, while at the same
time trying to use you as the point in her plan?”

“ Yes, My Lord and I decided she was dangerous, and we decided we needed to
see how dangerous she was, so we set a plan into action and carried it out,
Regent Sahi was being helped by Ares the God of War, it was he who gave Regent
Sahi the Jobind, and the Chains that held me, from what I can remember after
receiving the 2nd dose of Jobind, was that Regent Sahi was obviously angry
with me for calling for My Lord, during my highly aroused state. The guards
who guarded me use to say how frustrated Regent Sahi was, but she couldn’t
take a chance coming to me because of my state.”

“ Did she come to you initially after the first dose?”

“ Yes and she tried to sooth my needs by touching me in different places, but
I told her no matter how aroused I was the only person who could sooth me was
My Lord, and that she had to let me go, if not for me,because of when My Lord
found out about it she would be enraged, but she said My Lord would never know
I was there, and if she came looking for me then she would tell her I left a
few days before.”

“ So Regent Sahi had now put her plan into action?”

“ Yes, and so after sometime had gone by My Lord ended up writing a contract
for the purpose of allowing Regent Sahi to Rule over the Western Province with
no interfence from The Royal house, as long as there were no threats of war or
anything that could cause a war.”

“ Then what happened?”

“ I was brought back here to the palace tied and blindfolded.”

“ Why?”

“ Because of my highly aroused state, I evidently was causing people harm.”

“ What type of harm?”

“ Well.... I didn’t know this at the time, this is what I was told later
after everything was done and said. I evidently was having problems with
taking in enough air to satisfy my breathing needs due to the overdose of
Jobind in my system, so I would use my eyes to draw people to me and then they
would be overwhelmed by all of the Pheromone my body was producing and they
came to me and they would think they were kissing me, but instead I was taking
the air from their lungs to fill my own out of need for air. “

“ What happened to these people?”

“ They died of course as a result of suffocation of sorts.”

“ Would they have been at risk from you had you not been overdosed on the

“ No. They would still be alive had Regent Sahi not did to me what she had,
and why ? all for the purpose of blackmailing My Lord into a Contract under

“ What was the Duress?”

“ The Conqueror had no choice but to agree to the contract otherwise, she
would have had to kill the Regent and then deal with those people who would be
dissidents for the sole purpose of trying to make a martyr out of Regent
Sahi’s death at the hand of The Conqueror , who everyone knows has changed a
great deal since we got together, all of that would change had My Lord Not
gone along with Regent Sahi’s blackmail, and I’m sure everyone in this Realm
would not like to see the return of Xena The Conqueror who would torture a
person and then slowly put them to death, but that’s exactly what would have
happened if My Lord did not choose to go along with Regent Sahi’s devious

“ So you see Regent Sahi is a threat to not only you, but also the Realm?”

“ I see her as a threat to anyone who wants to live a life without the fear of
death if they disagree with those in power over them. That therefore would be
the reason why I see her as a threat to This Realm, she has committed Treason
and should be punished appropriately for it. The Charges that were brought
against her have all been proven.”

“ Thank you Lady Diana, My Lord I have No further questions of this witness.”

“ So be it.”

The End of Part 17
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