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The defending Intercessor then stepped forward.

“ My Lord?”

“ Proceed.”

“ Lady Diana, you’ve told us how and why you think Regent Sahi turned on you,
now I ask you do you think she turned on you because she felt betrayed by

“ She did not have to turn on me, she had already done that the first day we
met, she had found out who I was, even before I realized who I was as it
related to My Lord Xena, she took that information and ran, she purposely and
maliciously and connivingly pretended to be interested in me for the sole
purpose of having me as her Consort, but the truth was she had spoken with Lt.
Miki, before the next day about how she was going to use me, against My Lord
Xena, unbeknownst to her that Lt. Miki Worked for My Lord Xena. If anyone had
the right to turn against some one it WAS ME, I was deceived and used and
abused and for cruel reasons, by someone who I thought was a friend, someone
who I had stood up for against My Lord, and how was I repaid for my
friendship, with betrayal, well if it were up to me I would rip your throat
out Sahi and then laugh, but seeing how it is not up to me, all I can do is
hope your death is sooo....very painful that it ‘s exquisite in it’s very
nature as you die. “

Diana directed to Sahi. Then she turned back to the intercessor.

Anything else Intercessor?!”

Diana finished with barely controlled anger.

“Yes just one, did you ever receive any of the Jobind by Regent Sahi’s hands?”

“ The first glass of refreshment she gave me had the Jobind in it.”

“ Did you see her put it in?”

“ No. Any further questions?!”

“No...no Lady Diana.”

“ Good!”

“ Calm down kitten.”

Xena said sending Diana a message as she was noticing Diana’s muscles were
tensing as if to spring on something. Diana inhaled deeply and then she
casually looked up at Xena, who raised her brow at Diana in warning.

“ Fine.”

Diana said as she sent her reply to Xena.

“ My Lord I have No further questions of this witness.”

“ So be it.”

The Intercessor then stepped back to where Regent Sahi stood, and the
prosecuting Intercessor then stepped forward.

“Lady Diana you may step down.”

“ Good. Thank you.”

Diana then turned back towards Xena and bowing low once again and Xena once
again standing and then bidding Diana to rise and return to her place, Diana
strided back to her original place and then The Intercessor called for

“ My Lord I call Princess Gabrielle, Royal scribe to Our Lord The Conqueror,
sister of Lady Diana, and Bard extradiordinare?”

“ Make it so.”

Gabrielle stepped forward turned and bowed at Xena who bowed in
acknowledgement with a tilt of her head. Gabrielle then turned to face all of
the people, although she was a bard, she was quite nervous about being in
front of all of these people.

“ Princess Gabrielle, what was your reaction to Lady Diana’s and Regent Sahi’s
close friendship of sorts?”

“ I was concerned.”

“ Why?”

“ Because I knew Lady Diana didn’t know that she was The Conqueror’s Consort,
and I knew My Lord would be furious if something happened between the two of

“ Were you concerned that something inappropriate would happen?”

“ I was not concerned about lady Diana being attracted to Regent Sahi in a
romantic way, but I was Concerned that regent Sahi would try to seduce Lady

“ Why weren’t you concerned about Lady Diana being attracted to Regent Sahi?”

“ Because Lady Diana and My Lord Xena have a very unique quality to their

“ And what is that? I mean there not legally bonded?”

“ Lady Diana can only reach ecstasy with one person on this planet that I know
of, and That is Lord Xena.”

“ You sound as if there is a physical reason to that statement?”

“ There is, but I can’t explain it, all I know is that the 12 Chosen Diana
spoke of earlier were the only people known to be able to give Diana the
pleasure her body needed to sate her appetite, and Now that they no longer are
in her life there is only one person who is THE CHOSEN and that is My Lord The
Conqueror. That’s why I say no matter how hard or what Regent Sahi did it
would make no difference in the out come, Lady Diana IS Lord Xena’s, mind,
body and soul, as is My Lord.”

“ So why the concern in the first place?”

“ Because My Lord Did not appear to be the type to like to share. So I tried
to run interfence trying to buy time for Lady Diana to remember things.”

“ So what happened when you found out that Lady Diana was allowing Regent Sahi
to try her seduction on her, and the fact that Regent Sahi had kissed Lady

“ I was scared for all of us, especially when The Conqueror found out.”

“ And did our Lord Find out?”

“ Yes, but not by me, although I was going to tell her, but her Royal guard
went and told her before I knew.”

“ What happened?”

Gabrielle took a deep breath and flushed a little.

“ My Lord called for me to appear before her and explain why her Consort was
seen kissing another person, especially another woman, and why I was not with

“ What happened?”

“ I told My Lord what had happened and during the course of our conversation,
My Lord begun to get more and more upset with me, she was holding a leather
strap in her hands as she spoke to me, and I of course became more afraid at
what she would do with it if I failed to keep Regent Sahi away from Lady

“ Were you able to?”

“ Somewhat, but when Diana’s memory came back and she found out that My Lord
had not been to see her at all, she was hurt, but she waited and waited for My
Lord to show up, but of course My Lord couldn’t because she was dealing with
Regent Sahi. After over a month and a half Lady Diana finally blew up and she
stormed out of the town heading for the palace to Confront My Lord about her
behavior, but obviously My Lord wasn’t there and was at Regent Sahi’s
resident. But Diana didn’t know that. She had only been told that My Lord was
In the Western province so she set out without finding out exactly which area
and unbeknownst to her, Regent Sahi was the Regent of The Western province, so
when she arrived she was surprised to say the least . And everything else was
as Lady Diana had said.“

“ Thank you Princess Gabrielle.”

“ Your welcome.”

“My Lord I have no further questions of this witness.”

“ My Lord?”

The defending Intercessor inquired.”

“ Proceed.”

“ Princess Gabrielle, you say Lord Xena never came to visit her Consort?”

“ Yes , but...”

“ She never came to visit a woman she claimed to love with all of her heart?
How are we suppose to believe that she cared at all? Maybe she was tired of
all of the problems that Lady Diana had caused her since coming into her

“ No! My Lord could not come and see Lady Diana, if she did then we would have
lost the Diana we all know and love, Diana would have turned to the darkness
and went out and destroyed this world, had My Lord set one foot in Poteidiaa
she would have risked losing the only person who made up the other half of her
soul. She had no Choice, and it was hard on both of them, Diana of course
didn’t know how badly My Lord wanted to be with her, but She couldn’t and My
Lord BECAUSE she loved Diana so much was not about to take the chance with
Diana’s soul, at least not at first, but when she found out about What Regent
Sahi was doing she warned me that she would not allow Regent Sahi to defile
her Consort and she would risk showing up and taking Diana back to the Palace
with her, even knowing that she would have the fight of her life on her hands
trying to reach Diana, and bring her back from the darkness that would have
followed with her seeing My Lord or any of the other Chosen. Regent Sahi put
everyone at risk while she was using Diana, not knowing what the end result
would be!”

“ Are you trying to tell this court that Lady Diana is capable of Destroying
this WORLD?”

“ I’m not only telling you she is capable of it, but so is My Lord The
Conqueror, If Lady Diana did not come into My Lord’s life, there is no telling
where things would be today, We all know what The Conqueror was like, With no
offense intended My Lord?”

Gabrielle said as she turned to face Xena The Conqueror who was listening to
her intently. Xena nodded and Gabrielle then nodded back and turned to face
the Intercessor once again.

“ The Conqueror was known through out the land as a heartless, cruel,
merciless, dictator, who was becoming more and more so as the days went by,
but the day she met Lady Diana, they both knew there was something going on
but neither knew what it was, My Lord Saw Lady Diana as a slave who would
pleasure her , and Lady Diana saw My Lord as a dictator who had to be stopped,
but at the same time they found themselves attracted to one another despite
what their minds told them. So begun the Dance. A dance that even to this day
continues as tension filled, earth shattering, dangerously enticing,
Sensually, and erotically fulfilling, and love beyond any ever known, I know
for a fact that all of the people who have heard of them and those that speak
to me about them all say the same thing all have admitted that they would love
to be bedded by either one of them, whether they survived it or not, just to
feel the ecstasy that they could bring forth, would be worth dying from. They
also say that if they could please either one of them they would love to have
the love that they share. I can see why Regent Sahi wanted Lady Diana, it is
no different from anyone else, all who meet them wants them, but they are for
no one but each other.”

“ Is that so?”

“ Yes that’s so, you have two eyes, you see it just like the rest of us.”

“ Maybe, but let me ask you this, If that is so, why did Lord Xena Bed

Gabrielle swallowed and then taking a moment to let the surprise question wash
by her so as not to show, she then said in a matter-of-fact voice.

“ She did it to save Lady Diana.”

“ To save her?”

“ Yes, Lady Diana was kidnapped and Aphrodite requested that My Lord bed her
in return she would help MY LORD get Lady Diana back, so she did, and it was
during that time of Diana’s disappearance that she was nearly fatally wounded,
which brought us to this point.”

“ I see.”

“ Do you?”

“ Yes. I have one more question, did you ever see Regent Sahi give Lady Diana
any of the Jobind?”

“ No.”

“ I have no further questions.”

Gabrielle then stood with her arms crossed and scowling to herself.

“ My Lord I have no further questions.’

“ So be it.”

“My Lord?”

“ Proceed.”

“ I call Lt Miki of the Royal Guard of My Lord Xena The Conqueror.”

“ Make it so.”

Lt Miki took the stand.

After being sworn in the Intercessor begun her questioning.

“ Lt Miki we have heard that you worked in Regent Sahi’s resident as her
personal guard, but also as a scout for our Lord?”

“ Yes.”

“ What types of things was it that Regent Sahi did that would make it
necessary to remove her from Regent of The Western Province?”

“ Regent Sahi was and is a very conniving, manipulative, lying, deceitful,
evil , power hungry, and very envious of The Conqueror to a dangerous end. She
craved power and anyone or anything that could give it to her she went for it
with a passion. She use to plan on how to get the Conqueror to give her what
she wanted, for years she tried many things, she was always subtle about it ,
that way if it ever came back she would not be caught in the net, it was our
Lord who decided to watch her rather than give away the fact that she knew
everything that Regent Sahi was up to, so she watched her and when lady Diana
came into the picture Regent Sahi was practically drooling over all the things
she could get from the Conqueror, by either getting Lady Diana to fall for her
and become her Consort, or when she saw what was happening she decided to
capture her with the help of Ares God of War, it was he who told her who I was
and it was then that I was captured and beaten and told daily what was
eventually going to happen to me, and if Diana didn’t go for her soon, or if
The conqueror didn’t give her what she wanted then she would give the whole
bottle Of Jobind to Lady Diana and watch her suffer a painful death.”

The Intercessor then gasped at the statement as did everyone else. Diana
however who at least had thought Regent Sahi had not meant to harm her with
the Jobind was now fuming, and Xena who when she heard it immediately turned
her gaze on Diana.

“ Diana stay right there, I won’t say it again, I will deal with her...I
promise, but you have to control your temper, otherwise I will have to do it
for you, do you hear me?”

Diana didn’t speak but was glaring at Regent Sahi, her breathing was now
increasing and Gabrielle was trying to calm her temper.

“ Diana you can’t, you have to wait, please? I don’t want Xena to get angry
with you, especially in front of Regent Sahi, that’s all she wants is to see
you two at odds, please don't' do anything?”

Diana still did not speak, her eyes were beginning to flame and Xena saw it
and knew she had to do something now to get Diana to her. Xena spoke to one of
the Advisors who then spoke to the Royal Magistrate, who then spoke with the
other Magistrates.

They returned their answer and Xena had the Royal Cryer make the announcement.

End of part 18
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