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By D.virtue

“ Hear ye, Hear Ye, all who are present, Lord Xena The Conqueror has
requested a break it will be for 2 candlemarks, all are expected back here by
then and not a moment later, any who are late will be dealt with swiftly.”

Xena then stood and her entourage followed her out, she sent her Royal guard
to get Diana and physically bring her to her if they had to. The guards went
and told Diana what they were ordered to do, but Diana was not ready to go,
until she heard Xena’s voice in her head.

“ Come to me NOW!”

Diana looked at the Guard and then turning on her heels she stormed into the
connecting room of the Royal court , where Xena would normally change her
clothes but this time she stood waiting for Diana. When Diana finally did
arrive Xena dismissed everyone for the two hours.

Xena then turned to Diana and asked,

“ Are you ok?”

“ What do you think?! No I’m not ok, I just found out that ONCE AGAIN I was
lied too, I took some minimal comfort in thinking that Regent Sahi had not
meant to hurt me with the Jobind , but that she was just using it to get me to
want her, but now I find out she had planned to use all of it on me just to
see how painfully I she could make me suffer and die if that were a possible
thing for someone who is not My Chosen, of need. Xena I just don’t know.”

Xena felt for her Consort, but she was also angry with her for being so
willing to believe Sahi even after all the things she had done.

“ Consort I can not believe you actually allowed yourself to think that she
could be honest about anything, you are so naive...well I will definitely help
you with that flaw, I’m tired of you being hurt because of it.”

Xena said scolding Diana.

“ Is this why you wanted me to come in here? So you could scold me about how
naive I am?!”

“ Careful Consort.”

“ Fine.”

Diana said crossing her arms and sitting down in one of the chairs and going
into a pout. Xena sighed and then took a deep breath and walked over to Diana.

“ I didn’t mean to scold you, but you have to admit, Sahi has hurt you more
than once because of your willingness to trust her even at a small level. You
Have got to understand that when I said she was evil I meant it, she would
hurt her own mother if it got her what she wanted.”

Xena said as she knelt on one knee in front of Diana. Diana Looked into the
beautiful sapphires and her heart had to smile at the love she saw in them,
which carried over to her face. Xena gave a half smile of returning the
gesture and also out of hoping Diana understood what she was saying to her.

“ I understand Xena.”

“ Good, now...what do you want to do for the next hour and a half?”

Diana blushed at the look Xena was giving her with her head slightly cocked to
one side as she looked up at Diana. She then slowly ran her hands up Diana’s
thigh and Diana wiggled and straighten up moving herself away as Xena
continued to move her hand up getting closer and closer to Diana’s flower.

“ Xena we don’t have time for this?”

“ Really, oh but we had time when there was only fifteen minutes? “

“ You know what I mean.”

“ Hmmm...well let’s just find out, shall we?”

“ Xe...naaa....?”

Diana said as she felt Xena’s hand inching closer. Diana then brought her feet
up into the chair as Xena continue, Diana then stood in the chair, and Xena
stood and continued, Diana then pushed the chair back with one foot and made
it tip over so that she could step off of the chair , Xena smiled at the move
and then went to go where Diana was now standing. As Diana started to
backpedal, Xena was walking towards her, motioning for her to come to her with
her finger and Diana was shaking her head slowly in response.

“ Come here Consort...don’t make me come and get you.”

“ We don’t have time Xena.”

“ We have all the time we need for what I have planned.”

“ I know what you have planned, and we don’t have time for that.”

“ Come here kitten, I just want a little taste.”

“ No, you want to taste a lot. You already have anyway.”

“ Hmm...hmm...maybe so, but I want more besides your still going to like it?”

“ I know I will like it, I like everything you do, but we don’t have time
right now.”

“ It’ll help you relax.”

“ No it’ll relax me for a moment and then when I think about it, I’ll get
worked up again and then get frustrated.”

“ Well don’t think about it afterwards.”

“ Oh yeah, right, just forget about it right after? Like you can do that?”

“ Well I’d be willing to try it.”

“ I’m sure you would, but I’m not, no telling how long this thing is going to
go on?”

“ Well at the pace that it is going right now I think we can wrap it up today,
I mean there’s only a couple of more people left to speak and then the
Magistrates have to come up with their decision, and then there’s the
sentencing which I will be the one to make. I promise I will give her the
punishment she deserves, all you have to do is control that temper of yours.”

“ I will, it’ll be hard, but for you ...I will.”

“ Good girl, now come here.”

“ No Xena we don’t have time.”

“ well if you continue to move away, your using up what little time we do
have, now come here.”

Diana kept moving backwards and finally, she backed into the wall, Xena
smirked and was on her in seconds.

“ Now my little Consort, where was I?”

Xena immediately brought her hands up to Diana’s thighs and once again moved
towards her Flower. Diana tried to backup, but was unable to ,so she ended up
pushing Xena’s hands away, and Xena bringing them back and she pushing it

“ Stop that!”

Xena scolded.

“ Xena we have to go in a moment.”

“ I want what I want now.”

“ But Xena...”

Xena then took Diana’s lips and laid a passionate kiss on her, so much so that
Diana forgot what she was about to say when Xena finally broke their kiss.

“ You were saying?”

Diana tried to focus and finally she did and said,

“ Nothing!”

Diana then wrapped her arms around Xena's neck and took more of what Xena had
to offer. Xena then ran her hands up Diana’s thighs and this time Diana did
not stop her, she entered Diana quickly and smoothly and Diana’s breath caught
as Xena begun a erotic rhythm within her.

“ haaa..Ooooo....My Goodness...”

Diana Thought as Xena begun ravishing her mouth and neck and upper chest, then
finally unfastening Diana’s blouse with one hand she sieged upon Diana’s very
taut and ready nipple.

“OHhh.....Gods your wonderful!”

Diana exclaimed breathlessly, Xena only moaned at the feel and taste of Diana
on her hand and also in her mouth. Xena pushed the tip of her tongue onto
Diana’s nipple while it was still in her mouth, and the next thing she knew
Diana was begging her to allow her to release.

“ Please....please...oh Gods...please say yessss...Gods...Xe....nnaaa......!”

Xena was also ready and just as she was about to grant Diana permission. There
came a knock at the door.

“ My Lord, all will be returning in moments and it would not do for The
Conqueror to be late.”

“ Alright....I’ll be there in just a moment.”

Xena said controlling the passion she felt inside as well as the anger she
felt in the frustration she was about to go through.

“ We have to go Consort.”

Xena said apologetically.

“ No...no please Gods, no Xena...I won’t be able to wait.”

Diana pleaded as her eyes shone brightly with her passion, in the sapphire
eyes, that now adorn her orbs. Xena smirked and then said,

“ I will make it up to you in spades My little Consort.”

“Gods Xena I can’t make it.”

“ You can..just use the breathing techiniques I showed you.

“ But Xena, I don’t want to do that, I want you...now!”

“ I know , but I’m afraid you were right, we didn’t have time.”

“ Gods Xena!”

“ I’ll make it up to you kitten.”

“ You promise?”

Diana said still breathlessly. Xena smiled a loving smile and then caressed
Diana’s cheeks to help sooth her raging hormones.

“ Yes, I promise.”

“ Ok, fine, can I stand by you on your Throne?”

“ No kitten, your not allowed to, I’ll explain it later.”

Diana pouted and Xena sieged the protruding lips in hers and sucked on them,
Diana moaned and then Xena stopped just as abruptly.

“ Go, you have to be back there before I am.”

“ One more? For the road?”

“ No. now go.”

Diana was lifted off of the wall and turned around and with a swat to her
behind, she was sent on her way. Xena waited a moment more and then she came
out of the chamber and reentered into the throne area.

Diana had made it back just a moment before Xena had come out.

Hear ye, Hear Ye, all are regathered for the continuation of the trial of
Regent Sahi of the Western Province.

“ My Lord If I may continue where I left off with the Witness, Lt Miki?”

“ Proceed.”

“ As you wish My Lord.”

“Lt Miki before we took the break, you were telling us about what Regent
Sahi’s plans were for you and Lady Diana?”

“ Yes, She told me how she was going to use the rest of the Jobind on Diana if
The Conqueror did not give her what she wanted. She was so angry at Lady Diana
for rejecting her, and for wanting My Lord Xena, She also thought it would be
the best way to hurt The Conqueror.”

“ By hurting her Consort?”

“ Yes. “

“ How did Regent Sahi treat all of you? Her servants and soldiers?”

“ She was cruel, if you made a mistake, she would have you flogged, and if you
did it again, she would have you killed.”

“ How is it that you came to be her personal Guard?”

“ My Training with My Lord was well beyond any of her soldiers, and therefore,
I didn’t make mistakes.”

“you were rescued by Lord Xena also?”

“ Yes.”

“ Thank you.”

“ Your welcome.”

“ My Lord I have no further questions of this witness.”

“ So be it.”

“ My Lord?”

“ Proceed.”

Xena was restless sitting with such a need raging through her and not being
able to at least work off the energy. But Diana was worst, she was trying to
keep her breathing regulated as she tried to meditate on anything less

“ You say that your training was well beyond that of Regent Sahi’s soldiers?”

“ Yes.”

“ If that is true why would you think it would take a God to see that you were
a spy?”

“ Because if she thought I were a spy then she wouldn’t not have told me any
of her true plans.”

“ Could you ever work as a spy again?”

“ I don’t know, too many people know who I am now.”

“ Why is it that you said you didn’t make mistakes?”

“ I don’t understand what you are asking me?”

“ You said you became Regent Sahi’s personal guard because you didn’t make
mistakes, why didn’t you make mistakes?”

“ Because I learned it was not a good thing to do.”

“ Why wasn’t it, we all make mistakes, why not the Royal Guards?”

“ Because My Lord was very specific about what she expected from her guard, as
well as the other soldiers.”

“ How was she specific?”

“ well if you made a mistake you would be reprimanded.”

“ How?”

“ Whipped.”

“You mean flogged? and if you made the same mistake, then what?”

“ You would have to face her in a one on one.”

“ Which meant death right?

“ Yes it could if she chose it to.”

How many times did you face Lord Xena?”

“ None.”

“ How many times were you whipped?”

“ four.”

“ How many lashes?”

“10 each time.”

“ Did you hate Lord Xena?”

“ Anyone would, but since Lady Diana has been here I have seen such a
different person in My Lord and I find it a honor and a privilege to serve as
one of her Royal guard.”

“ Would you be willing to die for her?”

“ Yes.”

“ Were you willing to die for Regent Sahi, during the time when Xena The
Conqueror, was not a nice person?”

“ No. Never. “

“ So you would have let someone kill the Regent?”

“ Yes.”

“ But how would Lord Xena take the news that her guard let one of her Regents
get assassinated?”

“ I don’t know.”

“ I have one more question for you, Did you ever see Regent Sahi give Lady
Diana any of the Jobind?”

“ No.”

“ My Lord I have no further questions for this witness.”

Stated the Prosecuting Intercessor.

“ So be it.”

Then the defending intercessor stepped up once again.

“ My Lord I would like to call the servant from Regent Sahi’s household?”

“ Make it so.”

“ Now young lady you worked for Regent Sahi by choice or force?”

“ I was captured, when I ran from my village years ago, I was taken as a slave
in Regent Sahi’s household.”

“ What were your duties?”

“ I pretty much did it all, I was cook at time, bed warmer to Regent Sahi at
other times.”

“ Did she ever bed you while Diana was chained?”

“ Yes, everyday that she was rejected by Lady Diana, meant another day that I
would be used to ease her frustration.”

“ And were you able too?”

“ Yes.”

“ Did you like your duties?”

“ No.”

“ You never liked being bedded by her?”

“ The first time I thought it was because she liked me and wanted me, but I
found out that she just wanted someone to warm her bed, It probably could have
just as well been a dog, as long as it was able to screw her, she would be

“ You sound like you resent what you had to do?”

“ I do. It was degrading. But I did it to keep from being tortured, like some
of the others who turned her down.”

“ Oh, so Diana was not the first one to turn her down that she tortured?”

“ No, but Lady Diana was one of the worse one’s I’ve seen, I mean to be in
such need and not have the one person you need available to you, and not even
knowing your going through such pain. Wow, anyone else would have died a
longtime ago after the first dosing. But Lady Diana I don’t know how she made
it, I think it was because of Lord Xena, I don’t know, But I did find the
rest of the Jobind.”

The servant girl said as the Intercessor pulled out the very vile that held
the Jobind. She turned to show Lord Xena who smiled at the servant girl and
then nodded her head at the young girl. The girl grinned and then bowed her
head.The Intercessor then asked the servant.

“ Is this the vile you found in Regent Sahi’s personal chambers?”

“ Yes.”

“ And what is in here?”

“ It’s the Jobind that was given to Regent Sahi by The God of War, and the
same stuff where the doses that were given to Lady Diana came from.”

“ Thank you.”

“ My Lord I have no further questions of this witness?”

“ So be it.”

“ My Lord?”

“ Proceed.”

“ You say you didn’t like being bedded by Regent Sahi?”

“ Yes.”

“ Why?”

“ because she was not gentle or tender except for the very first time, after
that I was just for her warmth and then thrown out of her bed the next morning
if she was sated, and then sent to go perform my other duties after being so
roughly taken.”

“ Did Regent Sahi ever give Diana the Jobind herself?”

“ No. “

“ Who did?”

“ I was Ordered to do it.”

“ So you say?”

“ It’s the truth, there is no way I would have done such a thing to Lady Diana
on my own, it was she who protected my village when it was being attacked long
ago by My Lord’s army, before My Lord changed to the person she is today, I
have always wanted to find her, Lady Diana that is and thank her for what she
did, I wanted to ride with her, and now I maybe given the chance to work as
Lady Diana’s personal hand maiden.”

“ Was that a bribe for your testimony?”

“ No, it was a promise made to me By My Lord the day I showed her where Lady
Diana was and told her how I felt about her.”

“ Fine. My Lord I have no further questions of this witness.”

“ So be it.”

The Intercessor for Regent Sahi stepped back to her appointed place.

End of part 19
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