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By D.virtue

The Royal guard stepped forward and announcement.

“ The final testimony has already been given to the Magistrates and each of
the Intercessors, it is the Affidavit of Our Lord Xena The Conqueror, Lord
Xena will not take the stand as her Testimony has been accepted by all parties
concerned. Therefore, with no further witnesses, The Intercessors shall each
give their closings and the decision shall be turned over to The Magistrates
for their verdicts, after which depending on the the verdict, the sentence
shall be rendered by Our Lord Xena The Conqueror, and executed as she so says.
The Intercessor for Regent Sahi shall close first, followed by The Intercessor
of the Royal house.”

The Royal Guard stepped back and waved Regent Sahi’s Intercessor forward.

“ My Lord?”

“ Proceed.”

“ Thank you My Lord, My Lord Ladies and gentlemen of the Magistrate, fellow
citizens, we have heard all the charges and witnesses against Regent Sahi, and
while there may seem to be some things that point to the fact that Regent
Sahi is not a nice person, there is however only one person who says that
Regent Sahi gave her a tampered drink, which just goes to show that even the
Regent was surprised when Lady Diana went under it’s influences. The charge
of Treason has not been proven accept to the point that it is our Lord Xena
The Conqueror who has made it, the charge of kidnapping and malicious assault
has not been proven in fact Regent Sahi was protecting Lady Diana from injury
to herself and others by restraining Lady Diana away from those who could be
harmed by her increased needs. So I say to you Magistrates, forget who the
people are who have made the charges, but look at the charges themselves and
you will see that they are not proven, but in fact the people who made them
are just upset with Regent Sahi for wanting to rule her own Province. Thank
you for your time. My Lord ?”

“ So be it.”

“ My Lord ?”

“ Proceed.”

“ My Lord , Magistrates, Lady Diana, Princess Gabrielle, Lt Miki, Servant
Ludmilla, and Royal household, and citizens of the Realm, We have all heard
all of the Charges against Regent Sahi, we have heard both sides in full
detail, there is not one here who can say Regent Sahi did not receive a fair
trial. Now Having said that, I would just like to point out a few facts that
My Colleague seemed to have left out. While it is true no one but Lady Diana
says that she received the first dose of Jobind by Regent Sahi’s own hand, The
defending Intercessor would have us believe that just because no one saw her
either put it in the drinks or food that therefore she can not be blamed for
what her staff does. Well all I have to say to that is....bull...it has been
proven without a doubt that none of Regents Sahi staff would make a move to
defy her lest they be punished with unspeakable torture,, Therefore, anything
that was given to Lady Diana, was ORDERED given to her By Regent Sahi, and so
just because her hands did not physically touch the Jobind to put it in the
food, or drinks, it was none the less her who ordered it, otherwise why would
she have called for Ares God of War to get it for her, unless she had planned
to use it in the first place, the Charge of kidnapping...welll I don’t really
have to say it but I will, Lady Diana was not being protected nor were the
people who Regent Sahi’s Intercessor wants us to believe, in fact why would
Lady Diana have to be stripped naked,and chained against a cold wall? Give me
a break, she admitted that she wanted Lady Diana, and she went out of her way
to get her including kidnapping her. The Charge of Malicious assault has been
proven by Lady Diana, by Lt Miki who let’s not forget was beaten because she
tried to help Lady Diana, the servant Ludmilla was also used and abused. The
charge of treason has been proven to no uncertain terms, To Blackmail the
Ruler of a land...well I don’t know about any of you, but to me that
qualifies as a threat and therefore treason, I will not say anything further
on that matter for we all know the Charge to be true. So haven’t stated all of
the charges and summarized them to show that ALL have been proven, I now turn
the rest of the proceeding over to the Royal Court. Thank you for your
attention, May Justice be the result. My Lord?”

“ So Be It.”

Xena then stood and walked to the edge of the top staircase and made the
pronouncement for the Magistrates.

“Magistrates, I now put the burden of the decision on all of your shoulders,
let your decision be true and just , and made solely based on the evidence
presented, and not on the participates of this trial.”

“ As You Command My Lord.”

“ So Be It. Citizens of My Realm, I will ask the question, Was the Trial
fair and just in all of your eyes, answer with a raise of your voices for the
affirmative, and with your silence for the negative?”

The next sound that was heard was deafening.


Xena listened to the chant for a few moments and then raising her hands the
crowd fell silent once again.

“ As it has been shown by the raised voices of the citizens of The Realm of
Xena The Conqueror, I the Conqueror do hereby pronounce to YOU Regent Sahi
that I will sentence you based on the verdict of the Magistrates. I now charge
the magistrates to perform their duty of rendering a decision based on all.”

Xena then turned and walked back to her throne and waving her hand she
dismissed the Magistrates, and they disappeared out of the court and went to
go and make their decision based on the evident. The Royal Cryer then stepped
forward .

“Hear ye, Hear ye ,Citizens of The Realm Of Xena The Conqueror, You are now
dismissed to return to your homes until which time the verdict is ready to be
read. A call will go out when that time comes, and then you are all expected
for the sentencing of Regent Sahi followed by the executing of that
Sentencing. So Let it be known throughout the lands that Regent Sahi has
received a fair and just trial, in the Land of The Conqueror.”

The Cryer then stepped back and the Royal court Guard turned to the crowd.
Once Xena The Conqueror had exited the throne area and returned to the
changing room, he dismissed the people from the presence of the court.

Diana and Gabrielle, and all of that group went to await for Xena in the Royal
dining hall, Diana of course was very frustrated she had her needs, but this
was where Xena had told the Royal guards to bring everyone.

“ I wonder why Our Lord wanted us to come here?”

Ludmilla. the servant asked, looking around at the others.

“ I don’t know but I really have got to see her.”

Diana said heading for the door, only to be stopped by the guards.

“ I want to go and see My Lord.”

“ We’re afraid that you can’t Lady Diana, you are not allowed to see Lord
Xena before the verdict is ready to be read.”

“ What?! That can’t be, what if it takes days to come to a decision?”

“ I’m sorry Lady Diana, but those are my orders, and the law. “

“The Law?! Lord Xena Makes the Laws, surely at least I can see her, her

“ I’m afraid not Lady Diana, you are not allowed to see her, only a bonded
Consort is allowed to remain in the present of The Conqueror during such a

“ What does that mean?”

“ We can’t say, you will have to speak with or Lord about that.”

“ Ok, well let me go see her and I will ask her?”

“ I’m afraid we can’t do that Lady Diana, we’re sorry.”

“ Hmm...I wonder?”

Diana said as a thought occurred to her how the three Guards were a part of
those who turned their swords on her during hers and Xena’s fight. Diana
turned away and walked back to the others.

“ What was that about?”

“ What?”

“ You and the guards? Diana you have to know they didn’t mean anything by what
they did out there?”

“ I don’t want to talk about it Gabrielle. Anyway, it seems we can’t see The
Conqueror, until the verdict is ready to be read.”

“ Really, but your allowed right?”

“ No, it seems there is some law that differentiates between a bonded Consort
and a consort of the sort that I obviously am.”

“ Oh, I read something about some of the laws that Xena The Conqueror enacted
almost immediately after taking her throne as The Conqueror.”

“ Really tell me, what is this bonded thing?”

“ I can’t tell you.”

“ Gabrielle what are you talking about? Why can’t you tell me, we’re sisters?”

“ I know but one of the last parts that I read in the scrolls was about how
none of the Consorts were to be told about the law unless told by The
Conqueror herself, when I asked one of the Royal scribes why the Consorts
could not be told, I was told that when Xena The Conqueror first took her
claim as Xena The Conqueror, she had an insatiable appetite that no one could
sate, until now that is, anyway, she was told by her trusted Lt’s that if she
took a consort, but did not want to be obligated to them, she could take them
as a non bonded Consort and therefore, if and when Lord Xena went soft, then
that Consort would not be able to claim anything of Xena’s Realm, and would
only have limited input into what went on in the Realm. It was a way for Xena
to protect her power and possessions.”

“ I see.”

“ Are you ok?”

“ I’m fine Gabrielle, just thinking, thanks for telling me what the scribe
told you.”

“ Sorry I couldn’t tell you what the law actually said.”

“ No problem you told me enough, thank you.”

Diana said as she gave Gabrielle a hug. And Gabrielle returned the gesture.
Then the two broke their embrace and turned to face the others in the room.

“ You know it would be nice to get something to eat, I mean if we have to stay
here, might as well take advantage of it...right? right?”

“ Oh yes Gabrielle, your right.”

Ephiny and Diana said laughing at the always hungry Gabrielle.

Lt Miki and Ludmilla, both laughed also, and just as Gabrielle was about to go
and ask the Guards for some food, a group of servants appeared out of one of
the doors all bearing foods of all sorts.

“ WOW! Will you look at this, my goodness.”

“ Our Lord Thought you all would be hungry?”

The Royal Chef said with a grin.

“ Where is My Lord?”

“ She’s in her Royal chambers.”

The Chef said, and then bowed and turned and walked back the way they had
come. Gabrielle and the others all sat down to enjoy the meal, Diana told them
to go ahead and she would be over later maybe. Diana then went to sit by a
window that overlooked an area of the Royal grounds that had ducks swimming
around in a large pond surrounded by a field of flowers.

Diana leaned on the frame of the window and closing her eyes she sent a
thought to Xena hoping she would hear it.

“ Xena? I hope you can hear me? I need to see you so badly, I’m a little
confused about some things and I really need to talk to you about them, but
mostly I need to have this need taken care.”

Diana waited for a response and after a few moments of waiting with no
response, she thought maybe Xena’s mind was preoccupied with the things of the
trial, when in fact Xena was making plans for a very special gift she was
going to give to Diana after the trial was over and done with.

Diana sat down in one of the chairs that was near the window and turning and
looking over to where Gabrielle and Ephiny and Miki and Ludmilla. were all
sitting and talking and laughing about a story Gabrielle had obviously been
talked into telling, not that it took a lot of convincing, Gabrielle was a
true bard, she loved stories and how they made people react. Diana was
watching and half listening when suddenly she heard Xena’s voice in her mind.

“ I’m here kitten, are you ok?”

“ No, I need you.”

“ I’m sorry I can’t be there with you kitten, but as soon as this is all over
with I promise I’ll make it up to you.”

“ Xena why can’t I come and see you?”

“ Because it’s not appropriate.”

“ Xena what is this law about bonded verses non bonded Consorts?”

“ I’ll talk to you about that another day, right now I just want to talk to
you about other things.”

“ Like what?”

“ Like what happens when the verdict is rendered and it is guilty?”

“ What about it?”

“ Diana you realize the sentence is death?”

“ Of course I do?”

“ And you know I will be the one to carry out the execution of Sahi?”

“ Yes. Are you going to make it quick?”

“ No.”

“ No?”

“ No. I plan on making her feel every thing.”

“ Xena, there is no reason to make it bloody.”

“ Oh it won’t be, you know I can kill without so much as a drop of blood?”

“ So there won’t be any blood?”

“ No, there will be some, but not a lot, I’m more interested in making her
suffer, than I am in making her bleed.”

“ Ok, that’s fine with me. Now how are you doing?”

“ I want you here.”

“ Xena that does not help you telling me that.”

“ Sorry, but it is true.”

“ I’m sure it is, especially if you feel anything like I’m feeling?”

“ I am, but I am better able to control myself until I get ahold of you.”

“ Is that right.”

“ Yes kitten it is.”

“ Your so cocky sometimes, you know that?”

“ Hmmm...interesting that you should say that?”

“ Xena stop?!”

“ You know what I’m thinking about right now?”

“ No, and I don’t think I want to know?”

“ I’m thinking about how much I love holding you, caressing that absolutely
exquisite body of yours, to run my hands up down your body, and back up,
making sure to memorize every curve, every muscle of your body, to kiss those
soft lips, to have you feast on my tongue as I feast on yours, as we battle
for dominance in each others mouths, I want to run my tongue over that soft
long neck of yours, I want to mark it with my teeth, then I want to taste my
way down to those gorgeous, savory breast of your, taking first one and then
the other of those delicate absolutely delectable nipples into my mouth and
roll it around letting it touch every taste zone in my mouth, then I would use
my teeth on it and slowly but steadily I would add more pressure to it until
finally you cry out for me to take you, but I wouldn’t not just then, I’d use
my hands, one working on the other nipple, while my other hand made it’s way
down to those wonderful soft hairs, I would relish the feel of your readiness
for me, I would glide my fingers over your pleasure peak and tease it to a
throbbing, pulsating, frenzy, then I......”

“ Xe..nn...aaa....I think you better stop, I am not handling this very well
and it really is not the best place...Gods woman what are you thinking?! I am
only human you know?”

“ Oh Consort I was going to allow you to release if you let me continue?”

“ Xena....I can barely breath right now, I think if I released right now I
would just slide right out of this chair onto the floor unconscious, I need to
get to you, can’t we get together without anyone knowing?”

“ My poor kitten, no I’m sorry we can’t the guards have strict orders to
follow all of you where ever you go, and if they loose sight of one of you,
the case will be thrown out against Regent Sahi.”

“ Your kidding?!”

“ I’m serious Consort. So you have to be patient.”

“ I have no choice do I?”

“ No, not if you want Sahi to get what she deserves?”

“ You know I do, ok, I’ll be good.”

“ Good girl, now can I finish what I was telling you about what I want to do
with you?”

“ No!! I’m already worked up to the point of being ready to release at the
slightest breeze“

“ Well if you change your mind, I’m here for you?”

“ You know Xena we’re going to have to have a long talk about a few things?”

“ I don’t think I like the sound of that?’

“ I don’t know why.”

“ Because I have the feeling that we may end up arguing.”

“ Hmmmm...not necessarily. If your reasonable?”

“ I really don’t like the sound of that.”

“ Oh your just being paranoid.”

“ We’ll see.”

“ My Lord?”

“ Kitten I will talk to you in a little while I have some things I have to get
done, ok?”

“Ok....by the way thanks for the food, Gabrielle and all of them have almost
devoured the whole thing.”

“ Your welcome kitten, I love you.”

“ I love you too, can’t wait for this to be over.”

“ Me either. Bye kitten.”

“ Bye Love.”

Xena and Diana ended their mind conversation and Xena went to deal with the
Royal Clothier for the surprise she was planning for Diana.

End of Part 20
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