Home Part 21
By D.virtue

“ My Lord , you said you wanted her to wear what color?”

“ Gold, or something to match her eyes, actually make it a shade lighter than
my own gown.”

“ Ok, and what shall you be wearing?”

“ I thought a Royal blue gown , but not as soft looking as My Consort’s,
something like the Robes I wear now, but gown form.”

“ I think a A royal blue with matching sapphire necklace to match your eyes,
with gold trim and embroidery around the bodice?”

“ Sounds wonderful, make it so.”

“ The Witness shall be Princess Gabrielle I assume?”

“ You assume correctly.”

“ Then she I think shall wear a color to compliment her hair, a yellow of some
sort, and the rest of the Royal ladies in waiting shall wear multicolored
pastel type colors, all silks?”

“ Yes I like that, but, I just thought of something, I want Diana’s train to
be made out of jewels, with the crown to be a smaller version of my own.”

“ Sounds absolutely beautiful, I suppose we’re to design new crowns for you
and Lady Diana?”

“ Yes of course.”

“My Lord I think Lady Diana will be so surprised by this, it is the most
romantic thing I have ever had the privilege to be apart of, thank you for
your trust in me, I won’t let you down.”

“ I hope she will be as happy as I am, and your welcome.”

“ I’ll send in the royal chef My Lord?”

“ Yes.”

The Royal clothier bowed and then took her leave of The Conqueror, the Chef
was announced and sent in.

“ My Lord?”

“ Have you made a meal for the bonding ceremony?”

“ Yes My Lord the staff have absolutely out did themselves, I think you will
be quite pleased at the choices of foods and the planned decorations of the
Royal banquet hall?”

“ It has to be perfect. Do you have all of Lady Diana’s favorites?”

“ Yes My Lord, as well as yours. We tried to get all of the favorites of all
of the guess who are to be present at the reception, as well as many new

“ Good, what type of drinks?”

“ All types, from fresh spring water to many of the most expenses wines and
ports, we also have ales of all sort, mixed juices, you name it My Lord and we
have it.”

“The cake?”

“ It will be beautiful, Lady Diana once showed us how to make miniature fruits
from actual fruit, so the cake will have tiny berries’s shaped into the berry
that they actually came from, and they will be designed in a way that shows My
Lords Gardens, as seen from the top of the Palace.”

“ Sounds excellent. My Consort is pretty talented. Sounds like the food side
of things is already set and underway?”

“ She is my lord she’s an excellent cook, and yes My Lord it is. This is such
a wonderful surprise, for a wonderful young woman.”

“ She is wonderful, thank you, send in the Royal decorator.”

“ Yes My Lord, as you wish?”

The Royal chef said as he bowed out of the Royal chambers. The Decorator was
now standing before The Conqueror.

“ So how are the decoration plans coming?”

“ Excellent My Lord, I hope you will be as pleased as I am with the staff. The
idea is to have the paintings of you and Lady Diana adorn the foyer that
leads to the Royal Garden,and then out to the lake, they are such
extraordinary painting, the three dimensional images are almost ethereal. And
they show the love of the two of you in ways that are amazing, I don’t know
how or where you acquired such paintings, but they will be perfect, the green
grass will act as a carpeted path through the garden which we have already
begun to line with multicolored flowers all of the same height. I hope the
colors you will be wearing will blend?”

“ They will, we will be wearing Royal blue and my Consort will either wear a
shade lighter, or a golden color. Princess Gabrielle will be wearing yellow,
and the Royal Ladies in waiting will wear Multicolors, to match Diana’s and My
own as well as Gabrielle's gowns, and our eyes.”

“ Perfect! My Lord. It will be the best Bonding Ceremony ever known.”

“ That’s what I expect, and nothing less.”

“ The background of the Lake with the moon shining on the water will be
Eternally captivating.”

“ Are you sure there will be a full moon that night?”

“ Yes my Lord, I had the Royal Astromer recheck .”

“ Good, it has to be perfect I will not settle for anything less!”

“ Yes My Lord it will be as you wish.”

“ Good.”

Xena then dismissed the Decorator and finally after many hours of planning and
arranging things the way she wanted for her’s and Diana’s bonding ceremony,
the Royal Guard, announced one of the Advisors.

“ My Lord Advisor Draco is here with news from the Royal Magistrates.”

“ Send him in.”

“ As you wish My Lord.”

Draco entered into the chamber and the doors were closed behind him.

“ What is it Draco?”

“ My Lord Xena, The Magistrates are ready to render their verdict.”

“ Good , it’s about time! It took almost half the day to do this, anyway has
the court been reassembled?”

“ Yes My Lord They await your presences.”

“ Are Lady Diana and the rest there?”

“ Yes My Lord they were told just a few moments ago they will be there by the
time you arrive to take your place on the throne.”

Draco was casually looking around at some of the different materials and
things that were draped across tables and the couches of the sitting room.
Xena saw where Draco’s eyes wandered and she knew he would have questions.

“ What is it Draco?”

“ I’m sorry Lord Xena, I couldn’t help notice all of the pieces of materials
around, are you planning on decorating?”

“ Yes, it’s a surprise for Diana.”

“ hmmm...I think she will like the colors you’ve chosen.”

“ And what would you, a warrior know about colors?”

“ I may be a warrior My Lord Xena, but I pride myself on my taste for the
finer things in life, and therefore I have to know what qualifies as finer?”

“ True.”

Draco bowed his head and then returned to the previous subject.

“ Anytime your ready My Lord?”

“ I’m ready now.”

Xena and Draco departed for the Royal changing room and Xena Changed once
again into her Royal robes and went to take her place on her throne.

“ Hear Ye, Hear Ye, the Court of Our Lord Xena The Conqueror is now back in
session, all present lend ear to the reading of the verdict of Regent Sahi of
The Western Province, by Our Lord’s Royal Magistrate.”

The crowd went silent as the Magistrate stepped forward, turning and bowing to
Xena The Conqueror she then turned back to face the Crowd and Regent Sahi who
was standing with no expression on her face, she already knew what the verdict
would be.

“ My Lord, fellow Magistrates, Ladies and gentlemen of The Realm Of Xena The
Conqueror, we The Magistrates have reached our decision and we find Regent
Sahi......Guilty on all charges, let Our Lord Have mercy with your Sentencing
Regent Sahi.”

The Magistrate then stepped back to where the other magistrates were located,
Xena The Conqueror then stepped forward. She looked over at Regent Sahi, and
then over at Diana.

“ So much as the verdict is guilty, I The Conqueror and Ruler of this Land
shall sentence Regent Sahi to ......death for the crimes she has committed
against the people of this Realm and against the Realm itself, there will be a
public execution of Regent Sahi for the benefit of all, especially those who
would dare to defy Me The Conqueror! Regent Sahi You shall die by My Hands. Is
there anything you would like to say?”

“ Yes! May you all burn in Tartarus !”

“ You first.”

Xena returned the vemon.

“ The execution will take place tomorrow morning.”

Xena then looked back over at Sahi and then turned on her heels and exited the
throne area back into the Royal changing room, and changing quickly she left
the room and went to go and await Diana in their quarters.

When Xena got there she was barely there a moment when the Royal sentry
announced a guest wanted to speak to her, and the guest was shown to the
counsel room. Xena quickly changed into her leathers, got her weapons and told
the Servant Dancea to have Lady Diana dress in her leathers and meet her
outside of the counsel room.

Xena went to meet with the visitor who requested to see her. She was shocked
to see who it was.

Xena walked passed the woman, and proceeded to the table where she then turned
to face the woman from a long time past.

“ So....what brings you here to My Palace....Nebula isn’t it?”

“ Yes My Lord. I came with a request?”

“ Really? What sort of request?”

“ I need assistance by one of the members of your Royal household on a 3 month
excursion to develop a new land.”

“ I would think it would take far longer than three months to develop a new

“ it does, but with the assistance of the person from your Household helping,
it should take no longer than a year to do it, maybe even less.”

“ Why should I allow any member of My Royal house to help you with this?”

“ Because I would be willing to let the member of your household make claim
on it for Your Own.”

“ Why?”

“Because I am about the discovery, and I’ve heard that this member is quite
talented in developing.”

“ Who Have you heard this from?”

“ Villages that have been touched by this persons hands, before the person
came to your household to stay.” Nebula said holding back one of the main
people who had told her about the person in the household.

“ Really?”

“ Yes My Lord, the things that I have seen for myself as well as been told is
incredible, your Realm has thrived because of the anonymous acts ordered by
this person.”

“ Ordered?”

“ Yes My Lord.”

“ Who would dare to Order anything within My Realm without my say so?! Who is
this person you want to take with you for three months?”

Nebula took a deep breath and looking straight into The Conqueror’s studying
eyes, she said it.

“ My Lord, I’d like to request that Lady Diana escort me on this excursion.”

Nebula said rapidly in one long breath. Xena’s mouth would have dropped open,
had it not been for her practiced expression of no expression of shock. In
stead she stood and strolled over to where Nebula stood, she walked around her
and then came to stand in front of her.

“ You have got to be joking?”

“ No My Lord.”

“ You honestly think that I would Allow MY Consort Diana to go ANYWHERE with
you, yet alone for 3 damn months?! Have you lost your mind?! How dare you
come here with this outrageous request, YOU! being one of the people who tried
to seduce My Consort! Get Out.... before I Lose My Temper!! And if you ever
come back here again, I will kill you!”

“ My Lord I met no offense, it’s just that we were to set sail within the
year, and I just thought it would be a wonderful thing for Lady Diana?”

“ You have 5 seconds to leave.”

Nebula bowed and turned on her heels heading for the door, just as she opened
it and went out followed by Xena, she ran into Diana.

“ OH! sorry......Nebula? How are you?”

“ Oh, I’m sorry Lady Diana, I didn’t see you there.”

“ It’s ok how are you?”

“ I’m fine thank you, but I have to go.”

Nebula said as she continued to watch behind her as Xena moved closer.

“ Xena...you remember Nebula? Of Course you do.”

“ What are you doing here?”

“ I came to make a request of Lord Xena.”

“ Oh? what type of request?”

“ It’s not important, she was just leaving.”

“ Yes, I have to go, it was nice seeing you again Lady Diana.”

“ Wait! Why the rush, tell me what you wanted.”

“ Diana she has to go...now.”

Xena said directing her comment to Nebula, Nebula flinched , but because Diana
holding her arms, she could not move past.

“ I won’t to know what you requested, and then I’ll let you go, call it my
curious nature.”

Diana said playfully. Nebula smile a half smile and then she looked back at
The Conqueror who was fuming, but gave a curt nod of her head for Nebula to
tell Diana briefly what it was about, and then leave. Xena already decided it
didn’t matter, Diana was not going.

“ I requested that you escort me to a new land that I’ve recently discovered
and develop it. It would be for 3 months initially that we would be gone, and
then with you I think it could be developed in a year or less?”

“ Wow, developing a new land, that would be great! But I don’t know? Three
months is a long time away from My Lord.”

“ Just think about it, we set sail within the year.”

“ Ok. Thanks for asking Nebula. I think it would be wonderful, it’s something
that I have the skills to do and do well.”

Diana said trying to contain her excitement at doing something she knew. Xena
saw it and became more angry by it.

“ I think I should be going?”

“ Yes.”

“ Bye Lady Diana.”

“ By Nebula ! and thanks.”

Nebula exited the palace as quickly as she could and vanished almost instantly
once on her horse. Diana then turned to Xena and not wanting to spoil the fact
that she was wearing leathers again she decided to put Nebula’s request on the
back burners for now, and find out about why she was being allowed to wear her

Xena stood waiting for Diana’s first question about Nebula’s request, but was
pleasantly surprised when it didn’t come.

“ Xena why am I wearing leathers?”

Diana asked teasingly. Xena blinked at the question and after a moment she
smiled and said,

“ Because I have a surprise for you kitten.”

“ Really ?! What?!”

Xena couldn’t help but smile brighter at Diana’s apparent dismissal of
Nebula’s request, and her reaction to her surprise for her.

“ You’ll see.”

“ Aw... come on, tell me? Please?”

“ Nope, you’ll see.”

Diana then crossed her arms and pouted, Xena smiled and then leaned forward
and kissed Diana’s pouting lips. Diana couldn’t help but stop her pouting and
kiss Xena back. As her passion was already aflame.

Xena broke the passionate embrace and said with a bit of regret.

“ Nope, first we go to the surprise I have waiting for you.”

“ Ok...but I think we could do this now and that later?”

“ We could, but we won’t, now come on.”

Xena said as she took Diana by her hand and lead her to their destination.
Xena stopped when they got to the door of the practice chamber.

“ What are we doing here?”

Diana asked out of confusion.

“ Why do you think we are here?”

“ So I can watch you practice?”

“ No. Come on.”

Xena lead Diana into the area and the men and women who were there practicing
all stopped and showed their respect to both of the women, and then made
space. Diana followed Xena to the center of the practice area and then she
looked around at all of the soldiers that were gather.

Xena in the mean time had let go of Diana’s hand and went to tell the weapons
keeper the weapons she wanted, which included, staffs, swords, Chobos, and
curved blades that were used by The Horde, when Xena went up against them and
destroyed all of them. Xena watched Diana look around somewhat nervously, at
why she was standing in the middle of the practice area with a lot of Soldiers
standing around just watching her.

Xena soon returned to Diana and with a serious tone she asked.

“ Ready?”

“ Ready? Ready for what? My Lord what’s going on?”

“ your my workout partner.”

Xena said in a matter-of-fact tone. Diana took a moment to register what Xena
had just said and the implications.


Diana exclaimed as the realization hit her.

“ Yes.”

“ Xena?...Your not teasing me are you?”

“ No.”

Diana flew into Xena’s arms and tackled her and placed multiple kisses over
Xena’s face and lips.

Diana forgot about the soldiers that were gather, until she heard the
excitement of their voices as they whooped their approval of Diana’s
passionate behavior. Diana stopped her movements and then turned to look at
everyone who was looking at her sitting astride The Conqueror, the blush that
followed only made her look more endearing.

Diana then looked down at Xena who was smirking at her, and then said in a
nonchalant voice.

“ If your done, can I get up?”

Diana brought her hand to her cheek due to the further blushing that was
covering her. Xena raised up on her elbows and kissing Diana on the nose, she
tilted her head for her to get up. Diana smiled and then got to her feet and
reaching down helped Xena up.

“ My Lord I am just so......”

“ I know kitten .”

Xena whispered. Then she said in her matter-of -fact voice once again.

“ So are you ready?”

“ Yes.”

came the choked response.

“ Ok, we’ll start with the Chobos and then work our way up to the swords, ok?”

“ Swords? Really?”

Diana said unsure.

“ Yes, I do use a sword in battle, it only makes sense to work out with
one...don’t you think?”

“ Yes..of course, wow, I can’t believe this.”

“ Well, just to make sure you realize it is, I won’t take it easy on you, if
you leave yourself open, I will give you a cut, not deep, but you will feel
it, and I expect the same from you. is that clear?”

“ Yes, but what about the face?”

Xena smirked and then said as she turned and walked to the center once again.

“ What about it.”

Diana’s mouth dropped open and Xena turned and seeing it said in a playful

“ Close your mouth and get over here.”

Diana’s mouth snapped shut and then she walked over to where Xena stood.

“ Ok, here we go.”

Xena said as she twirled her set of Chobos in her hands, while circling Diana,
who was also countering Xena’s circling with her own. Both initially, waited
for the other to make the first offensive move, when Xena saw Diana was
willing to wait her out she faked a move to goat Diana into making a move, but
Diana went into more of a defensive stance and Xena smirked at her Consorts
behavior, even after not doing battle for a long time. Xena finally decided
to force Diana into action.

Xena suddenly brought her right hand up and across to try and catch Diana
across the face only for Diana to block and bring her opposite hand with the
Chobos to try to catch Xena on her side , but Xena blocked it with her other
Chobo, and so begun the dance of the two, each swinging at the other with
vigor, and blocking high swings, low swings with each landing blows to the
other , but Xena landing a few more than Diana, but Diana making Xena work for
everyone of them.

Xena was quite pleased with the work out she was getting from Diana, no one
had ever caused her to work up a sweat, except herself.

“ Very nice kitten.”

Xena said praisingly, Diana smiled and then came back with her own.

“ Your not so bad yourself, Although I think your slipping.”

“ is that so?”

“ Yes.”

Diana said daring to taunt Xena. Xena smirked and then said,

“ Staffs!”

Both threw their Chobos to the onlookers, who had all picked their favorite to
win. Staffs were thrown to the two and they begun to mirror each other with
their movements.

Xena feigned going right to come back around to the left and catch Diana on
her shoulder, which Diana followed the momentum and came around to try to
catch Xena on her right only to have it blocked and Xena turning and going low
and Diana flipping over the staff to catch Xena in her back.

“ Ha! told you?”

“ Xena gave Diana a wick grin and then making a series of complex moves she
swung multiple blows at Diana to try to catch her with one if not more of
them, Diana however blocked with her own group of complex defense moves and
once again she flipped , this time flipping over Xena who flipped right behind
her so that when Diana landed Xena landed behind her and took a swing at her
head , Diana heard it and ducked in time to prevent being hit in the head, she
then blocked a down stroke with her staff and then pushing back and up she
came back to her full height and begun her own series of complex offensive
moves thus backing Xena up.

Xena had to admit Diana was truly skilled.

“ Admit it My Lord? Your surprised?”

“ I admit I am, but don’t get any ideas?”

“ I won’t. Anyway do you give yet?”

“ Hahahahaha...you can’t be serious?”

“ Oh can’t I ? Well let’s just see, shall we?”

“ Very well Diana, we shall see who gives, how about a challenge? Loser owes
the winner?”

“ Owes what?”

“ Whatever the winner wants?”

“ Ok, it’s a challenge.”


Xena then called for swords.

the two then begun a somber dance, each knowing the danger of the weapon they
both held, Xena let Diana get use to holding and the feel of the sword and
then she begun her attack, at first she had Diana backing up and even tripped
her once, but Diana rebounded and begun her own offense, both Diana and Xena
were cut by the others sword, but they laughed it off and continued, by now
the practice chamber was filled to capacity, everyone’s eyes riveted to the
two women and their dance .

“ I’m up Consort, five to two.”

“ That’s ok, things have a way of changing when you least expect it.”

Xena bit the inside of her cheeks at Diana’s taunting, it reminded her of when
they first met.

“ There’s that impudent that I thought I rid you of?”

“ Well...I guess not all of it, but it has changed, no disrespect is meant.”

Xena smiled and then pinched her lips together, then begun her attack again.
After over 4 hours of intense sparring, Xena finally was able to subdue Diana
with a fake. She spun around with her sword to catch Diana, across her belly
but instead of the sword landing at Diana’s belly it caught her across her
thigh and with the pain Diana lost her concentration only long enough for Xena
to sweep her feet out from under her and end up with Xena holding her swords
point at Diana’s throat.

“ You give?”

Xena asked with a raise of one of her brows. Diana thought of all of her
options, and realizing their were none, she laid her sword down to the side of
her .

“ I give.”

“ Good, but before I accept your surrender, I want you to admit who is

“ Your not serious?”

Diana said raising a little onto her elbow, only for Xena to add a slight more
pressure to her neck with her sword.

“ Ok, ok, I see it means a lot to you, your better.”

“ louder Consort.”

“ Ok! My Lord Xena you are the Better Warrior.”

“ I am the ONLY warrior among the two of us.”

“ Yes My Lord, you are the only warrior among the two of us.”

Diana said hearing and understanding Xena’s tone and meaning. Xena smiled and
then removed her sword from Diana’s throat and helped her up. The gathered
spectators suddenly burst into applause, Xena scanned the now crowded room,
and then she turned back around to face her Consort.

“ Very good My little one, I think we will do this from now on.”

“ Really?”

“ Yes, I’m very impressed with your skills.”

“ I told you I was the second best?”

“ Yes you did, but just remember ....WHO the best is?”

“ How could I forget?”

“ You can’t.”

“ I know.”

Xena then pulled Diana into her arms and in front of quite a few of her
soldiers, and other onlookers she leaned Diana back with one arm supporting
her,she placed a passionate kiss to her Consort’s sweet lips.

Diana moaned at the action and returned the passion in full. Xena then
abruptly broke the kiss, and righted Diana, while still holding her in her
arms. Diana came up with a glide to stand facing Xena. They smiled at one
another and then they headed out of the practice chamber with applause
following them.

“ I can not believe we were just sparring together, I am just to shocked!”

“ Well you should believe it, you have enough bruises and cuts that should
help you realize it was real.”

“ Your telling me, I’m sure once the rush and excitement of it all wears off,
then I will feel every one of them, but ......I won’t be alone, you have quite
a few yourself my Love?”

Xena chuckled, and then said in agreement.

“ Your right, you were , scratch that, you are the only one who can give me an
equally skilled workout.”

Diana stopped in mid stride.

‘” What did you just say?”

“ What?”

“ What did you just say?”

“ giving me an equally skilled workout?”

“ Yes! I can’t believe you said it?!”

“ Why?”

Xena said with a somewhat surprised tone.

“ Because, I didn’t think you thought of me as being an equal?”

Xena then stopped and turned to face Diana squarely, with a look of stunned
disbelief on her face.

“ Diana....you actually think I don’t consider you an equal?’

“ well...I mean considering all the scoldings you give me I guess I just
didn’t think....”

“ Stop! Let me tell you right here and now, I not only consider you as and
equal, you have my utmost respect and admiration.”

“ Really?”

Diana said with surprise in her own tone.

“ Yes really, Diana just because I scold you does not mean I consider you less
than an equal, I scold you to teach you, I punish you to get through that hard
head of yours, but I have never considered you less than my equal, the only
major difference between us is that I am a Ruler, and you are My Consort, but
in my heart you could be no more equal than if you were me and I you. I’m
sorry I made you feel that way, I truly did not mean to do so.”

Xena said as she caressed Diana’s cheek with one of her hands, Diana caught
the hand and with her own and held it against her cheek, she then said with a
bright smile for Xena.

“ I know now, but thank you for saying it.”

“ I’m just sorry it had to be said.”

Diana smirked and then said,

“Race you to our chambers?”

“ Ok...”

Diana took off before Xena could finish her sentence. Xena laughed and then
went flying after Diana. Diana barely made it to their Chambers before Xena
caught up with her.

“ I won!”

“ You cheated.”

“ No, I improvised.”

“ Hah! Improvised my foot, you cheated”

“ It doesn’t matter I beat you.”

“ You cheated kitten.”

Xena said as she walked passed Diana heading for their bed chambers.


“ Yes My Lord?”

“Draw a bath.”

“ As You wish My Lord.”

Dancea said as she turned to go and do her ordered duty. Diana caught up with
Xena and passing her once they had gone through the bedchamber doors Diana
stopped in front of Xena and said in a defiant voice.

“ You know you still owe me for making me wait so long?”

“ So I do. Well after our bath, maybe I’ll pay up...If your good?”

“ Oh you’ll pay even if I’m not.”

“ ha ha ha really?”

“ Yes, really, you are a woman of your word aren’t you?”

Diana asked as she turned and walked towards the bath chamber without waiting
for an answer she already knew the answer too. Xena smirked and then laughed
out loud and followed Diana into the bath chamber.

“ Hmmm...what’s this one?”

Diana asked as she smelled a different scented soap.

“ What does it smell like?”

“ I don’t know, I’m not familiar with it.”

“ You like it?”

“ Hmm...very much, almost as much as I like the Hyacinth.”

“ Good I’m glad, it’s a mixture of a few different things flowers, and a few

“ I smell the cinnamon, hyacinth,jasmine,I can’t place the other.What is it?”

“ I’m not going to tell you.”

“ Why?”

“ Because some things are better as a mystery.”

“ Like you?”

“ Well what can I say. Now come here so I can lather you.”

Diana floated over to Xena who watched her move in the water with her breast
divided between the top and bottom of the surface of the water. Xena smirked
at the sight and once Diana was standing in front of her, she looked over her
brows and then down at Diana’s breast, she then raised her hand and casually
ran a fingernail over one of Diana’s nipples.

It instantly went more taut. Xena smiled and then she set her mind to bathing
Diana and then taking her for the rest of the night even if it meant not
getting any sleep before the execution of Sahi, which of course Xena wasn’t
worried about at all, she could finish Sahi within seconds even if she did not
get any sleep for a year.

“ Ok, all done.”

Xena said as she took Diana by her hand and lead her out of the bath and
drying one another, they then oiled and returned to their bedchamber. Diana
went to nibble on some fruit that was sitting on the table, but Xena had other
ideas and she went to lay on the bed resting on one elbow facing Diana.

“ Come here.”

“ Why?”

“ because I said so.”

“ Not good enough.”

Diana said teasingly, Xena arched a brow at her and smirked, then she said, in
a seductive tone.

“ well if you come here, I can pay my debt to you?”

Diana looked over at Xena who now was running her hand caressingly up and down
her hip and abdomen, and slowly over her taut nipples. Diana smiled and she
slowly got up and walked over to the bed and crawled up onto it.

Xena watched Diana move towards her and watched her eyes as she came to sit on
her heels in front of Xena.

“ Soooo...you decided to come over to me?”

“ couldn’t help it, I want my payment.”


Xena asked as she removed her hand from her own body and tenderly ran her
fingers and nails up over Diana’s thighs and then her abdomen and on up to her
breast, and then up to her neck and with her strength and gentleness, she
pulled Diana down to her, so that now their lips met in a fierce kiss.

Xena then raised up to where she was now pushing Diana back onto her back and
therefore was now over top of her, without ever breaking their kiss. Finally
after long moments, Xena broke it and opening her eyes she watched and waited
for Diana to finally open her own.

Finally Diana opened half lidded eyes, only to be surprised by Xena’s intense
blues looking deep into her own.

“ What?”

“ I want you to tell me what I started to tell you about before the verdict
came back , tell me what I said I wanted to do to you? Do you remember?”

Diana blushed and then said in a quiet voice.

“ yes.”

“ Good, then tell me.”

“ Xena...?”

“ Tell me or I stop?”

Diana chewed her lip for a moment and then she begun to tell Xena what Xena
had told her earlier.

“ You said you wanted to run your hands down and up my body to memorize every
curve and muscle of my body.”

“ did I just say body?”

Xena asked as she mirrored Diana’s words with action, she caressed Diana’s
body using her hands as well as fingers, she didn’t have to really memorize
any part of Diana, she knew every curve and muscle of Diana’s body, but she
wanted Diana to understand what her plan was.

“ Up and down my exquisite body.”

“ That’s better, continue.”

“ You then said you wanted to kiss my sweet lips, and have me feasting on your
tongue as you feasted on my tongue and for us to battle for dominance in one
another's mouths.”

Xena then brought her lips back to Diana, and they begun their battle with
Xena winning at first and then allowing Diana to finally win. They once again
feasted on the sweetness of each others mouths.

Xena then broke their kiss and Diana continued, more breathless as time went

“ You..you then said you wanted to run your tongue over my long neck and kiss
and mark it before you moved to my breast. “

Xena kissed her way down to Diana’s neck and letting her tongue draw intricate
designs on Diana’s sensitive neck and leaving goosebumps in it’s trail, Xena
sucked the soft skin into her mouth and with all of the sounds Diana was
making Xena was losing her control, but she kept her pace only doing those
things that Diana was able to tell her.

Xena then bit into Diana’s neck just enough to make her whimper and stretch
her neck further, thereby allowing Xena more access to her sensitized neck.
Diana was not able to speak for long moments as her body was aflame from
Xena’s hands and mouth.

Finally Xena let go of Diana’s neck and Diana’s breathing was ragged and
labored. Xena’s own body was on fire but she would not allow herself to
continue unless Diana was able to finish.

“ Go on kitten.”

Xena said slightly breathless herself. Diana swallowed hard not sure if she
could, but knowing she had to if she wanted Xena to continue.

“ yo...haaa....yo....haaa.....you then said....haaa...haaa....
that...haa....you wanted to taste your way down to my gorgerous, savory
breast , taking first one and then the other of my delicate absolutely
delectable nipples into your mouth and roll it around letting it touch every
taste zone in your mouth. Then you would use your teeth on it and slowly but
steadily you would add more pressure to it until finally I cry out for you to
to take me, but you said you wouldn’t not just then, you’d use your hands, one
working on the other nipple, while your other hand made it’s way down to my
wonderful soft hairs, you would relish the feel of my readiness for you, you
would glide your fingers over my pleasure peak and tease it to a throbbing,
pulsating, frenzy, then you....... I stopped you there.”

“ Yes you did, but first I’ll get to that point and then....I will continue

Diana shivered at the tone, and tried to slow her breathing, but Xena went to
work mirroring Diana’s words, causing Diana to moan and whimper and finally
cry out as Xena had predicted.

“ Gods Xena!!! How did you know?!!”

“ I have many skills.”

Xena said simply as she then slid her hand and fingers into Diana’s soft
hairs, sliding over the peak and teasing it mercilessly as Diana writhe, and
squirmed on the bed trying to feel more pressure from Xena’s fingers. Xena
then slid past the peak and into Diana’s flower, Diana’s breath caught ...and
then released in a rush as Xena begun pumping into her, with her strong
powerful fingers.

Diana after a bit called for Xena’s approval, and Xena instantly gave it as
she herself needed to release. Both released at the same time with Xena’s
jewel over top of Diana’s knee and sliding up and down onto the leg.

After their ecstasy had past they both collapsed to the bed. Both trying to
catch their breaths and return their heart beats to normal, Xena was first to
do this and then after a few moments more Diana eventually was able to do it.

“ Your absolutely without equal in your skills..”

Diana purred into Xena’s ear as she cuddled close.

“ Oh....I don’t know...I think there is at least one ...who’s equal?”

Xena said returning the compliment as she kissed Diana’s forehead and then
pulled Diana closer to her as they both fell into contented sleep, although it
was only a few candlemarks that they slept considering how long their
lovemaking lasted.

end of part 21
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