Home Part 22
By D.virtue

The morning came quickly with Xena arising as she usually did. But this
morning, Xena awoke with an uneasiness in the pit of her stomach. Xena had a
strange feeling about the execution, for some reason she thought it would be
more difficult than she was thinking initially. Xena had to think about some
things, so Xena allowed Diana to sleep for a candlemark more while she
sharpened her sword and thought.

A knock came at the door of the royal chamber and Dancea the servant answered
it, and went to inform her lord.

“ My Lord ? “

“ Yes Dancea?”

“ My Lord The Royal guards are awaiting your orders for when to bring Regent
Sahi out to the arena for her execution?”

“ send them in.”

“ Yes My Lord, as you wish.”

Dancea showed the soldiers in.”

“ My Lord?”

“ Have the prisoner brought to the arena in three candlemarks, with her sword,
also make sure the Royal Cryers send out the word of the time of the
execution. After the execution I want the body removed quickly with no trace
that Regent Sahi had ever been in my arena.”

“ Yes My Lord, as you wish.”

“ Good, now go.”

“ Yes My Lord.”

The soldiers turned and left the chambers and went to arrange everything. Xena
then heard Diana turning over, so she dismissed Dancea after telling her to
have morning meal sent to the chamber.

Xena then went back towards the the bedchamber to check on Diana. Diana was
stretching with her arms above her head, and the covers dropped just below
Diana’s breast, Xena walked over to the bed and stood looking down at the
still peacefully sleeping Consort. Xena smiled at the sight of her Consort and
sat down on the edge of the bed.

She touched Diana’s cheek with a feathery touch, and then she ran her hand
lightly over Diana’s neck and admired the softness of it, she lingered overed
the area of Diana’s neck that had a reddened teeth impression area that she
had markded Diana at. She slowly moved her hand down Diana’s neck to her
chest, and then ever so lightly she ran it over Diana’s breast, and then her
nipples, rolling them lightly between her fingers, admiring the feel of them
while in a relaxed state, although they were still beautiful even in their
relaxed state.

Diana moaned in her sleep and stretched again, enjoying the sensation she was
feeling. Xena removed her hand from Diana’s breast and sat and waited for
Diana to open her eyes, she only had to wait a few minutes before the chestnut
sapphire ringed eyes of her Consort opened.

“ Good morning sleepy head.”

“ Hmmm.....good morning love...hmmmm did you sleep well?”

Diana asked as she stretched and yawned.

“ Fine. And you?”

“ Wonderful, thank you.”

“ Good, now Give.”

Diana looked at Xena for a moment and saw the seriousness in her eyes and she
knew what Xena meant. Diana raised up slightly and Xena leaned down to kiss
each other good morning.


Diana moaned at the feel of Xena’s lips. Xena then broke the kiss with a
caressing touch to Diana’s cheek. Then she said in a somewhat regretful tone.

“ You know you have to get up?”

“ Right now?”

“ Yes. There’s things that has to be done.”

“ Oh, your talking about the execution?”

“ Yes.”

“ Ok.”

Diana arose out of the and headed for the bath to clean up for the day. Xena
watched Diana’s nude body disappear into the bath chamber, when Diana came out
Xena was dressed in her leathers with her sword harnessed on her hip.

Diana stood looking at Xena for a moment and then she glanced over to the bed
and saw the clothing Xena had taken out for her to wear.

Diana raised a brow at the conservative look of the the outfit, she then
looked back over at Xena who was finishing some last minute adjustments on her
weapons belt. Xena felt Diana’s eyes on her and so she turned to find Diana
holding the outfit while at the same time wearing a confused look on her face.

“ It’s a proper outfit for today.”

Xena informed Diana. Diana looked at the outfit and looked back over at Xena.

“ Your right, of course.”

Diana said acknowledging the reason for the outfit. Xena smirked and then said
in a serious tone.

“ Get dressed, we can eat, and then head to the arena.”

“ Arena?”

“ Yes.”

“ What Arena?”

“ The one behind the throne of the courtyard.”

“ Wait-a-minute, since when has there been an arena behind there?”

“ Since always, Why do you think the throne is way up there? “

“ I just thought it was a power thing?”

“ Partly, but it’s more because it makes up the wall behind the throne, that’s
why that area does not open up.”

“ Wow, I thought I’ve seen most of this palace , and yet I haven’t. Well after
everything is over, I plan on changing that.”

“ I’m sure you will.”

Diana chuckled and then smiled and turned to put her clothes on. The two went
into the sitting room and sat and and ate in virtual silence, each immersed in
their own thoughts of the coming events, and the after effects of it. Xena
came out of her contemplation before Diana , and in so doing she studied Diana
for long moments, thinking about how to punish Sahi for her actions without a
lot of blood.

Xena had just came up with an idea when Diana came out of her thinking mode,
and seeing Xena studying her she asked with some concern evident in her voice.

“ Are you ok?”

“ Hm..? Oh yes, I was just thinking?”

“ About...?”

“ About the execution.”

“ What about it?”

Xena saw the look of concern etching over Diana’s features, and she didn’t
want her worrying about anything, especially what would happen during the

“ Nothing, just strategy.”

Diana studied Xena for a moment more and then she let it go.

“ OK , but you would tell me if something was going on wouldn’t you?”

“ Yes kitten I would.”

Xena said reassuring Diana. Meanwhile down in the dungeon, Sahi was being
visited by an unexpected and initially unwelcomed guest.

“ What are you doing here?!”

“ I came to give you one more chance.”

“ What do you mean another chance?”

“ I mean, this execution and whether you die or not is up to how well you can
defend yourself.”

“ I know that.”

“ But did you know that if you beat The Conqueror then you can walk out of
here a free woman?”

“ I knew I would not die, but I didn’t know I could be free again?”

“ Yes, but....you have to kill The Conqueror.”

“ Kill her? I thought you wanted her for yourself? I thought she was YOUR

“ She is, but I don’t like a plan she has cooking.”

“ What plan is that?”

“ If you live then it won’t matter what the plan was, because she will be

“ So how am I suppose to kill her?”

“ Well I can’t give you any special sword or anything, because it would be to
obvious, and Lady DIANA may jump in to make sure that you didn’t win with

“ So what’s the plan?”

“ I can give you better fighting skills...but it’s not a guarantee that you
will be able to beat The Conqueror, but it will at least give you a chance to
beat her.”

“ Hmmm....so your saying my fighting skills will be as good as hers?”

“ Welll...I don’t know about all of that,....but you will definitely be a lot
better in your skills, and part of winning is the element of surprise, Xena
won’t be expecting you to fight as well as you will, so that may give you the
edge you need to beat her.”

“ Ahh...wouldn’t that be absolutely wonderful...Diana and all of those other
people being there expecting Xena to beat me soooo...easily, or even toying
with me, only to end up with Xena lying dead on the ground.....OOOOO Ares that
would be wonderful.”

“ Yes it would be, and you would owe me.”

“ Anything, and it would be yours.”

“ Good. Then here.”

Ares held out his hand and Sahi took them in her own, the next thing Sahi felt
was a surge of energy flowing through her, then Ares was gone. Xena and Diana
were now heading to the arena where the people had gathered to watch the
execution. Diana escorted Xena to the throne area of the arena, which was also
above the floor of the arena like the throne area behind was above the

Diana was amazed at the size of the arena, she guessed it must hold everyone
in the Realm and then some, Diana could not believe she had not seen this huge
Arena after all of this time. But here it was a phenomenal arena that sat
just behind the Courtyards throne.

“ Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Now has come the time for the Execution of Regent Sahi of
The Western Province. All Rise and show respect for our Lord and Ruler Xena

The Royal Cryers sounded. Xena strided forward into the view of all of the
citizens and others in her Realm. Every ones breath caught when they saw The
Conqueror, she stood with her cloak covering her leathers but her sword was
the only thing showing besides her face and raven hair.

Xena scanned the crown looking over the people of her Realm and then she threw
back one side of her cloak , thus exposing the whole side that her sword was
Xena then addressed the crowd.

“ People Of My Realm,today is the day Regent Sahi shall meet her end...by My
hands, let all who witness take heed that any and all who DARE come against Me
and mine shall suffer the same fate if not worst. Bring out the Condemned!”

Regent Sahi was brought out to the arena and made to stand in the center of it
facing The Conqueror. Xena looked Down at Sahi and seeing a smirk playing on
her lips Xena instantly knew something was up, she watched Sahi for a moment
and then she returned her attention to the crowd.

“ People of The Realm, the rules of execution are clear if the condemned
should find favor with the Gods to win out over the executioner, then that
condemned is no longer condemned, but as per the law will be set free. The
battle is to the death.”

Xena’s cloak was then removed by her servant Dancea who immediately faded back
into the background. Xena turned her sites back onto Regent Sahi and with all
the power radiating from her she proceeded down the stairs toward Regent Sahi,
just as she was nearing the bottom of the stairs she heard an unexpected

“ Ares has touched Sahi, she will not be what you expect, be your warrior self
, be The Warrior Princess, otherwise you shall not win. Because you made the
sword she carries capable of striking you down, I have adjusted it so that you
will not be scarred should she land any slashes to you but it still has the
ability to kill you, as you have done to make it a fair battle.”

Xena slowed her stride slightly as she spoke back to the invisible voice.

“ I knew something was up , I’ve had this feeling in the pit of my stomach, so
I did dress in my full armor just because I’ve learned to listen to my
Instincts. What has Ares touched her with?”

“ Skills to battle you.”

“ As good as I am?”

“ I don’t know.... but they were hoping for the element of surprise to be your

“ Aha...but now it will be to Regent Sahi’s surprise. Thank you.”

“ Your welcome....but I owed you, so consider this one of the many payments I
owe you.”

“ I will consider it as such.”

“ Thanks love.”

“ Don’t push it.”

“ sorry, gotta go.”

Xena was then left to herself as she finally arrived on the arena floor. Xena
strided out to the center of the Arena where Sahi stood sneering , Xena
studied the woman as she strided towards her , When she came to stand in front
of the Regent Xena leveled her gaze on her.

“ Are you ready to die?”

Xena asked sarcastically. Sahi scowl and then shot back.

“ Are you?”

Xena gave a half smile that did not reach her eyes, actually it was more of a
mocking type smirk. Xena stepped back and the Royal guard called out to the
two and also to the crowd.

“ Begin!”

Xena pulled her sword just as Sahi pulled her sword. The two women circled one
another for a few minutes with Xena twirling her sword in skilled hands
waiting for Sahi to make her move. Xena didn’t have to wait long, Sahi lunged
at Xena The Conqueror, Xena blocked it with her sword and coming around she
backhanded the Regent .

Sahi was knocked back from the blow. Sahi took a moment to steady herself as
Xena casually strolled around Sahi waiting for her to make another move at
her. Sahi twirled her sword and then coming forward she swung high aiming for
Xena’s head, but Xena ducked and then swinging low at Sahi’s midsection, Sahi
brought her sword down just in time to block the strike across her abdomen.

Xena then landed a roundhouse kick to Sahi’s cheek causing Sahi to fly back
and land heavily onto the ground. Sahi again shook off the blow, but this
time a little slower considering the power behind it, although Xena was not
using not even half of her strength with the blows, but they were still very
powerful, and therefore was capable of staggering, and in some cases knocking
opponents out.

Xena's moves were catlike, graceful and smooth she stalked around Sahi as she
waited for her to get back to her feet. Sahi watched Xena stalking her and
after a few moments she got back to her feet and once again took a defensive.

Xena came in and with a series of deadly accurate swings Xena landed multiple
superficial cuts to Sahi’s arms and face and chest. Sahi staggered back from
each lay of Xena’s powerful sword, but she recognized Xena was toying with
her, making her suffer the pain of the nonlethal cuts.

Sahi was incensed at Xena’s taunting and she charged raising her own sword up
and then just as Xena went low to try to cut across Sahi’s legs,

Sahi jumped over the sword and then brought her sword towards Xena’s head
which was blocked once again. Xena pushed her back with her power and Sahi
stumbled backwards.

Sahi regained her balance and once again charged at Xena but just as she came
within striking distance she flipped over Xena, which would have normally
surprised Xena considering she knew what Sahi’s battle skills normally were,
but knowing what she knew she acted on it, she came around before Sahi could
land and right herself she caught Sahi across her back with her sword.

Sahi rolled forward from the unexpected blow and then she rolled back to her
feet and turned to see Xena twirling her sword with an evil glint in her eyes.
Sahi steadied herself and then she charged forward and with a series of swings
of her own,she caught Xena on her shoulder with her sword, and then came
around and caught her on her side.

Blood flowed out of both cuts, and Xena spared a glance at the cuts, and
quickly assessing them and realizing that they were not deep ones she looked
back up to Sahi who was now grinning with a wick grin on her lips.

The Crowd awed, gasped at all the was happening in the arena, but it was
Sahi’s landed blows to The Conqueror that made the crowd go silent for a
moment at the fact that Xena was cut . Xena pinched her lips and then
rendering a smile of contempt at the scoffing Regent. Xena bared her teeth at

“ So you think you can beat me so easily ? Well I won’t be that easy.”

Sahi taunted. Xena didn’t answer she just allowed the overconfident Regent to
talk, she knew it would be the last time she ever spoke to her like that
again, but Xena waited for Sahi to make a move on her, Xena planned to end
this her eyes were slits and her mouth was turned up in an evil grin as her
bloodlust was beckoning for her to make the kill.

The tension and adrenalin that was flowing through Xena was feeding her
bloodlust despite her trying to control it. Every muscle moving smoothly and
with purpose Xena knew her body and what it could do she used that knowledge
to defeat many of would be enemies and now she was once again using it to rid
her Realm of another one.

Sahi was still mocking Xena as they circled one another but Xena feeling
Diana’s tension rising with every moment that she was down on the field was
starting to distract her, so she had to end this dance of death with the
impudent Regent.

“ Time to die Regent Sahi.”

Xena spoke disparagingly. Sahi smirked and then shot back in contempt for the
Ruler of the know world.

“ So you think.”

Xena rendered a deadly smile to Sahi that did not reach The Conqueror’s eyes
as she begun a series of swings, lunges, and kicks that were painfully
accurate. Sahi was now bleeding from multiple cuts which was Xena’s plan.
Finally, Sahi made a charge at Xena that would ultimately end Sahi’s life.
Sahi brought her sword around one way and then turning suddenly in the
opposite way cut Xena across her chest, but being that Xena had moved just as
the sword landed it did not cut deep, Xena had moved and just as the sword
caught her across her chest she brought her free hand up and placed a pressure
point touch to the center of Sahi’s chest.

Regent Sahi gasped! Her eyes went wide she was in shock at the acute pain she
was experiencing and the fact that The Conqueror was able to use just her
fingers to render such pain. Before Regent fell Xena caught her by her armor
and with piercing blue eyes she bored into Sahi’s terrified eyes.

“ DIE and remember...... this is what happens to those who would Dare rise
against me! Tell Hades I said Hello.”

Sahi’s eyes went wider and then.... she fell dead to the ground as her heart
exploded in her chest. The Crowd went deadly silent, as Xena turned and waited
for the healers to announce the death.

“ Regent Sahi the Traitor....is Dead!”

Xena then turned to the crowd and with her sword elevated slightly she said in
a commanding voice.

“ Having witnessed the Death of the Traitor Sahi, let all of you spread the
word... that I !! Xena The Conqueror.... Will punish all in like form should
ANY dare to defy ME!”

Xena then turned back to the still form of Sahi and motioning for the Royal
undertaker to come and retrieve the body, she then strided back towards the
stairs that would take her to her throne, to await the ending of the event by
the call of the Cryers.

Xena strided up the stairs without flinching from her wounds. She saw Diana
standing at the top awaiting to help her, but Xena was too much into her
battle mode to allow Diana to pamper her at this time, so when she came to the
top and Diana started towards her, she raised her hands to stop her.

She had a dubious look on her face, both bloodlusted as well as battlelusted.
But right now she wanted to show herself as The Conqueror, powerful and
strong, and to have Diana want to pamper her was not a part of that image
right now.

Diana stopped in her tracks as Xena strode past her and went to take her seat
on her Throne, Xena raised a brow at the stunned Consort who was still
standing where she had stopped . Xena then cut her eyes to her side and then
back at Diana indicating for her to take her place.

Diana turned around fully and strided back to where she had been told to come
to. Diana knitted her brows at the attitude Xena was presenting, but she was
more concerned about the cuts and the blood that was coming from Xena’s arm,
side and chest, although Xena seemed to not even feel them.

Diana figured it was due to the battle and all the adrenalin that was pumping
through Xena, Diana could feel Xena’s energy and her body was responding to
it. But for now she took her place besides Xena’s throne standing, since she
was not bonded to The Conqueror, but Diana didn’t realize that was the reason
, she’d always thought it was how things were done, although techinically
Diana wa not even suppose to be up ther by the throne but Xena allowed it this

The Royal Cryers were motioned to make their announcements. They stepped
forward and with echoing voices they announce the ending.

“ Hear Ye, Hear Ye, the execution of Regent Sahi has been carried out in a
fair and just matter by our Lord Xena The Conqueror, let all who witnessed
raise their voices in praise for our Lord, and her victory over the Traitor
Sahi !”

The Arena burst into an uproarious thunder of applauses and chants.

“ Victory to our Lord Xena The Conqueror!! HAIL XENA! HAIL RULER OF THE
REALM!!! XENA ...XENA...XENA !!!!”

Xena stood and received the adulation. She raised her sword still stained
with the blood from the now dead Regent. After a few minutes of acknowledging
the gathered spectators, Xena turned on her heels, and in a commanding voice
that brooked no argument, she told her Consort to follow.

“ Come!”

She then turned and strided out of the arena from her throned platform with
Diana one step behind. Xena did not stop until they had reached their
chambers. Then once inside and the door barely closed , Xena grabbed Diana
around her waist and swung her around and planted a hungry kiss on her. Diana
was pinned against the door by Xena’s bloody armored chest.

Diana being caught off guard due to her thoughts of treating Xena’s wounds.
But the thought soon left as Xena again took Diana’s soft lips, Diana was held
against the door as Xena begun to tear Diana’s clothes from her body.

Diana’s breathing was just as raggedly as Xena’s as was her heart beating
wildly, but she was desperate to treat Xena’s wounds first so with that in
mind despite Xena’s planned event, Diana brought her hands up and pushed Xena
back off of her.

Xena’s eyes instantly slitted, and her pearly whites started to peek out as
she spoke in a low roar at Diana.

“ W.h.a.t. a.r.e....y.o.u...d.o.i.n.g?”

“I ....I want to treat your wounds...”

“They’ll wait!”

Xena hissed as she started towards Diana, but Diana not wanting to wait and
allow Xena to continue to bleed due to the constant flow of the blood, she
decided she would not allow Xena to get close enough to her until she gave her
word to let her treat her wounds.

Diana moved away from the door and Xena when Xena started towards her. Xena
tracked Diana with her eyes as Diana moved behind the same couch she had moved
behind once before just before she escaped.

“ come here consort.”

“Not until you give me your word you’ll let me treat your wounds first?”

“I won’t say it again. I have needs of My Consort!”

“You think I don’t want to take care of them? You have to remember I have
those same needs, but your wounds have to be treated first otherwise you will
lose to much blood, please let me attend to them first an then we can attend
to other things?”

Xena inhaled slowly through her nose as she moved slowly towards Diana and
Diana moved slowly backwards. Xena came to stand and then lean on the couch
from the front with blood dripping from her wounds onto it.

She leaned forward and said in a warning voice.

“ The Moment your done I expect for you to strip out of those clothes and
present yourself to me, is that clear?”

“ Yes.”

Diana said in a rush.

“ Fine! do it!”

Diana immediately called for Dancea to draw a bath and to bring her the items
she needed to treat Xena’s wounds. While Dancea was gone to attend to the the
requested items, Diana moved towards the door of the bedchamber and opened it
. Xena moved around to the back of the couch and headed towards the opened
door where her Consort stood waiting for her to go through.

Diana cautiously moved away from the door and Xena ,as Xena moved closer to
the door. Xena continued to track her Consorts movements and as she passed by
Diana to go through the door she stopped just as Diana was about to follow her
into the door. Diana stopped just in time to remain out of Xena's. reach,
although Xena never turned to look back at Diana but instead watched her stop
out the corner of her eyes.

Xena smirked and then went into the bath area of their chambers. Diana
followed Xena into the bath. Xena came to stop at the front of the bath and
then she turned to face her consort. Diana slowly moved towards Xena and
noticed with every step, she felt her abdomen tighten as her body responded
to the pheromones Xena’s body was producing as a result of her battlelust and
some bloodlust still coursing through her veins.

“ Ahh!! Xena you have to calm down?”

Xena didn’t speak ,she just stood and waited and watched her Consort move
towards her.

“ Xena did you hear me?”

Diana asked as she realized she was feeling more energy from Xena then before
she said anything.

“ I heard.”

Xena said simply, cocking her head at Diana. Dancea came back with the
requested items and set them down next to the drawn bath.

“ Shall I stay and help?”

Dancea asked of no one in particular.

“ Yes...”

“ N.o.”

Diana said quickly hoping that Xena would not try anything while her servant
was present, only to be overruled by Xena. Dancea bowed at Xena, and then
gave a slight bow towards Diana with a smile tugging at her mouth at why she
thought Diana wanted her to stay. She then took her leave of the two and Diana
watched her go, and slowly turned to see Xena watching her over her brows.

“ You best start now, otherwise I may change my mind.”

Xena warned her Consort. Diana realized Xena was serious and so she moved
forward and tried to ignore the tightening in her belly from being near the
highly aroused Conqueror.

Diana carefully begun to remove Xena’s armor and clothing so that she could
stop the bleeding and then have Xena get into the bath. Once Xena was nude
Diana begun to work on the different wounds. Diana’s touch was electric to
Xena, Xena was having trouble controlling her needs so she informed Diana of
what would happen within the next few moments if she did not finish.

“ Consort you have 3 more minutes to finish otherwise I take you NOW.”

Diana’s breath caught and held at the warning, the need, the desire she knew
Xena was expressing. Xena watched Diana, smelled her natural aroma which was
the smell of Hyacinth.

“ You smell soooo...good...kitten.”

Diana smiled at the compliment but did not look up into Xena’s eyes, she knew
she would be lost if she did, and would not finish the last wound suturing
that she was starting. Diana quickly sutured the last wound and told Xena to
get into the bath and she would bath her.

Xena didn’t move but instead told Diana.

“ I will in a moment, I at least want something to hold me until you come to

“ Xena we agreed...”

Xena didn’t move she just waited. Diana seeing that Xena had her mind set
moved to place herself in front of Xena, who with a fleshy smile brought her
hands up to Diana’s chin and lifting it as she usually did when she wanted to
make a point to Diana, she leaned down and just as she got within a hair
width away from Diana’s lips, she let her tongue glide over Diana’s soft lips,
and then she watched the shiver run through Diana’s body as she let go of
Diana’s chin and stepped back and went into the waiting bath.

Diana stood steadying herself as Xena picked up the soap and begun bathing
herself. She then lifted it waiting for Diana to take it and wash her back.
After Diana finished Xena she dried and oiled her and then Xena went out of
the bath without looking back at Diana and only telling her in her commanding

“ Bath and then come to me.”

“ Yes My Lord.”

Diana said as she watched the nude Conqueror stride out of the room. Diana
striped out of her clothes and quickly bath and then dried and oiled herself
and then putting a robe on she went out into the bedchambers, where she fully
expected to find Xena waiting for her on the bed.

Instead Xena was sitting at one of the tables eating an apple watching Diana
as she scanned the room. Diana located Xena and started towards her and as she
came to stand in front of Xena , Xena frowned at Diana for some unknown
reason, and continued to slice and then eat pieces of the apple. Xena finally
finished chewing a piece and then slowly looking up Diana’s robed body and
then into Diana’s eyes she asked in a passionless tone.

“ What are you doing?”

Diana knitted her brow and responding to the confusing question she said,

“ I’m doing what you told me to do.”

“ Really?”

“ Yes. Are you telling me you changed your mind?”

Diana said somewhat coolly to the distant acting Conqueror.

“ Did I say that?”

“ No, but that’s how your acting.”

“ Am I?”

“ Yes. Xena if you don’t want to make love to me that’s fine.”

“ Is it?”

Xena said goading Diana into an argument. Knowing Diana was in just as much
need as she was, but Xena was upset at having to wait so long, and then have
Diana present herself to her dressed in a robe, when she specifically told her
HOW she wanted her to come to her. So Xena was going to make Diana wait.

“ yes...”

Diana said somewhat quietly. Xena watched Diana squirm under her scrutiny.
Finally Diana just asked straight out.

“ Did I do something to upset you Xena?”

Xena arched her brow at Diana and then sparing a moment to pick up a
strawberry, Xena bit into it as she made Diana wait for her answer.

Diana stood and after a few moments of waiting she crossed her arms and looked
at the fruit that at the moment was getting the attention she wanted and

“ Consort.”

Xena spoke finally. Diana returned her gaze to Xena and waited for her to

“ How did I tell you to come to me? What were my Exact words to you?”

Diana thought about their earlier conversation and then she responded.

“ You said “ The moment your done I expect for you to strip out of those
clothes and present yourself to me, is that clear?””

“ And......?”

“ That’s all you said.”

“ So why are you standing here like that in front of me?”

Diana looked down at herself and then back up at Xena who was watching and
waiting. Finally it occurred to Diana what Xena had been speaking about. Diana
lowered her eyes and slowly brought them back up.

“ I’m sorry.”

“ well fix it.”

Xena said matter of factly. Xena was about to burst with need if Diana didn’t
Diana untied the robe and just as it opened Xena's. battlelust came flooding
through as she saw Diana’s flushed body showing her desires as obvious as the
sun shining in the noon of the day.

Xena went to her feet and grabbing Diana she leaned her back and kissed her
with all the desire she was feeling, Diana’s body trembled in Xena’s strong
arms as she let Xena have her way with her. Xena ravished Diana’s mouth and
neck and shoulders, she bit hard into Diana’s tender skin making her yelp and
squirm to get away from the teeth that was holding her in place, as Xena ran
her hands everywhere over Diana’s body.

“ Haaa...Gods...Xena.....”

“ Ohhhh...your sooo...soft.....you smell and taste sooo.... sweet. and your
all Mine, all Mine.”

Xena claimed as she feasted on Diana’s body and Diana on hers. Xena bit hard
on one of Diana’s nipples and Diana shrieked at the pain and then melted into
the pleasure as Xena sucked and drank from the thirst quenching nipple. Xena
moaned at Diana’s bodies response to her and she laid Diana down onto the
table and let her hand travel down the twitching abdomen of her Consort.

Xena slid down and teased at Diana’s flower but she did not enter her and
every time Diana raised her hips to encourage Xena to take her. Xena would
slide her hand away from Diana’s flower making Diana more frustrated than she
already was.

“ What do you want Consort?”

“ You....”

“ You have me.”

“ Gods Xena please don’t play with me...not now?”

“ Who’s playing? I want to know what you want?”

“ I want you to take me?”

“ Really?”

“ Gods yes!”

Diana practically screamed as she felt Xena bite onto her nipple once again
and begin sucking hard drawing the sweet liquid she had begun drinking

Xena slid her fingers back towards Diana’s flower and with a smooth powerful
thrust she entered Diana. Diana’s breath caught and then she let it out
rapidly and in short pants as Xena laid flat against her, with her other hand
holding the breast that she was feasting on, Xena thrusted into Diana with
passion that Diana was quickly begging for release.

“ Noooo....Ahhhh....not yet Consort.....ooooo...Mine, mine, mine,......oooo
soooo....wet , for meee....”

as Xena inhaled through her teeth as she relished every sound and feel of
Diana as Diana clawed at Xena’s back hoping for Xena to release her . Diana
was now beside herself pleading with the entranced Xena who was controlling
her own release due to her wanting to savor everything in her mind.

Finally....Xena came out of her trance and said with a carnal voice.

“ Join me My Consort!”

Xena emphasized her claim over Diana. Diana’s back immediately arched and went
stiff as Xena’s hand continued to pull at Diana’s ecstasy. even as her own
body stiffened and she bit down onto Diana’s other nipple and held it until
her own ecstasy had passed. Diana responded to the nip with another shudder
and then released again, to Xena’s approval.

After Diana’s ecstasy had ended she collapsed back onto the table and laid
there trying to catch her breath, while Xena who had regained her composure
was now sitting down in the chair she initially had been sitting in prior to
their long lovemaking session.

Diana laid on the table for a while longer and then finally she regained some
of her strength and raised to her elbow to see Xena reaching for a strawberry,
just as Diana was about to raise up off of the table Xena raised her hand.

“ Stay there.”

Xena said as she ran her fingers back down and into Diana’s flower, where she
slid in deep and curling her fingers she then slid back out and with the cream
she had covered her fingers with she spread it over the strawberry and then
she brought the berry to her mouth and flicking her tongue over it she sucked
on it first before biting into it.

Diana watched with renewed desire building as Xena used the cream that her
body produced in ecstasy as the spread for her fruit. Xena knew she could have
easily just absorbed all of the cream Diana’s flower produced with her
fingers, but she liked the desirous look that found it’s way into Diana’s

“ Would you like some?”

Xena asked in her seductive voice. Diana inhaled sharply at the thought, but
then said in a provocative voice of her own

“ Only if I can have the taste of you on my chosen fruit?”

Xena’s eyes narrowed and her mouth turned up appreciably at Diana’s response.
Diana rose up off of the table and slowly crawled onto Xena. Diana ran her
hands and body up and down on Xena’s and then she slid down onto the floor so
that she was now between Xena’s powerful thighs.

Diana blew a cool breath of air into the moist hairs and watched them dance in
response. Xena stretched her long legs out in response and then parted her
thighs more allowing Diana free access to her jewel. Diana smiled at the
gesture and immediately dove into her pleasure.

Diana still tasted Xena’s earlier ecstasy and feasted on it and then she slid
her talented tongue deep into Xena’s jewel and straight to her core and begun
another type of dance with it.

“ Ahhhh.......wonderfullll.... mmmm......you are sooo...good for me.....my
sweet kitten.”

Xena said reclining further onto the chair as Diana pleasured The Conqueror
and relished in her pleasure at the taste that Xena allowed her body to entice
Diana with. After Xena had multiple orgasms, Xena finally had to tell Diana to
stop, seeing how Diana was not looking like she was going to stop anytime

“ Enough kitten.....”

Xena said breathlessly. Diana took a final long slow dip into Xena’s jewel
absorbing the rest of the cream that had been produced by Xena’s core. Then
she finally withdrew her tongue and gliding up she rose to where she stopped
at Xena’s lips, and with an adorable smile she placed a tender kiss to Xena’s
lips, and then rose up off of Xena and reaching for a blueberry she popped one
into her mouth and turned and headed for the sitting room door.

Xena watched her for a moment and then when she saw her heading for the door
she asked in a wondering voice.

“I thought you wanted my taste on some fruit?

“ Well...actually I just wanted the taste of you.” Diana said with a hidden
smile playing on her lips, trying not to breakout into full laughter.”

Then Xena smirked and then seeing Diana still heading for the door she

“ Where are you going?”

“ to the balcony to stretch.”

Diana said simply as she headed out nude to the balcony. Xena smirked and went
to stand in the sitting room to see if Diana would dare to go out onto the
balcony with her face still glistening from her activities only moments
before. Stripped nude. Xena didn’t think Diana knew the men and women trained
in the area just below the balcony during the day sometimes.

Diana opened the doors and she stepped out onto the balcony, she held the
doors in each of her hands as she stretched her body forward as if she were a
parachute and the wind was blowing behind her. She then let go and started out
onto the balcony and Xena stood with her hand near her mouth ready to cover it
when Diana realized she was not alone.

Diana walked out and went to stretch again when all of a sudden she heard a
thunderous applause and cheers. Diana looked out and saw the vast number of
soldiers all looking up at her and her nude blushing body. Diana smiled shyly
and giving a small wave she turned quickly on her heels and went back inside
the doors into the sitting room, where Xena was having a hardy laugh at her

“ Why didn’t you tell me?!”

“ You didn’t ask me kitten, besides that’s what you get for leaving without my

“ Oh, fun...ny, you knew they were out there?”

Diana accused.

“ No I didn’t know,I assumed they would probably be out there at this time of
day, but I didn’t know for sure.”

“ Oh don’t give me that ? You know everything that goes on around here, down
to the times of each occurrence.”

“ Ok, it’s true, but like I said, you shouldn’t have left without my say so, I
told you before, that nothing stops or goes without my say so.”

Xena said more serious. Xena then walked over to Diana and looking up and down
her body she said in an appreciative voice.

“ Y.o.u. ....d.o.....blush beautifully.”

Diana tried to pout but the smile that wanted to come out was more power, and
so she just let it go. Xena smiled at the result and then leaned down and
placed a tender kiss to Diana’s lips.

“ you still could have told me?”

“ Yes I could have, but it’s not everyday my troops get a flash session. “

Xena smirked.

“ Xena?!”

“hahahaha.....your just so adorable. So did you..... stretch?”

“ Yes..yes I did as a matter of fact. “

Diana said as she strided passed Xena and went back into the bedchamber to get
cleaned up and dressed. Diana decided to use the floor length apparatus to get
cleaned up so she uncovered it and stepping through she came out the other
side refreshed and cleaned. Xena came into the room and saw Diana and she
strolled over to where Diana was and after she came out she asked Diana the
same question as before.

“ Where are you going?”

“ Well....I thought I would get dress and go and visit with Gabrielle for the
day, if that’s ok?”

“ If I said no it wasn’t would you accept it?”

“ yes, but I would be disappointed.”

“ Good answer, you may go.”

“ Thank you.”

“ I’m easy to get along with if you know how ?”

Diana stopped dressing and turned to look at Xena.

“ What does that mean?”

“Just what I said, if you know how to handle me, you can get anything you

“ I can?”

“ Yes.”

Diana hesitatively walked to Xena as she studied her.

“ Really?”

“ Yes.”

Xena said studying Diana.

“ Are you going to tell me this magical secret?”

“ No.”

Xena finished as she then turned and walked away and proceeded to get cleaned
up and then dress.
Diana watched her for a moment and then she slowly turned away to dress

The two women dressed and then left their chamber and before heading in
opposite directions they gave each other a passionate kiss and then turned and
walked in opposite directions, Diana heading for the library and Xena heading
towards the Royal priest, unbeknownst to Diana.

“ hi Gabrielle, what’cha doing?”

“ hi sis, just reading more of the laws of the Amazons.”

“Should have figured.”

“ What brings you here? “

“ I thought I would come and visit with my sister for a while.”

“ Xena didn’t have a problem with it?”

“ No not really.”

“ How is she doing? I mean with the injuries she took the other day?”

“ She’s fine all patched up and healing without a problem, she’ll be healed in
the next day or so.”

“ That’s wonderful.”

“ What is?”

“ The way you two heal, it’s amazing, one day you have to tell me how that

“ What do you mean?”

“ I mean, how is it that you two can heal from any wound.”

“ most wounds.”

“ Most?”

“ Yes. “

“ hmm..... Ok I know about the dagger, and how that can kill or injure you,
but how is it that Xena can not be killed? She didn’t go through anything like
you did?”

“True, but she already had her own power, mainly from sheer will power, but
when we got together I sort of gifted her with what is me.”

“ So you gave Xena a part of your self?”

“ Yes.”

“ But isn’t that dangerous for you, I mean the fact that she was already
slightly more ....powerful than you, wouldn’t your giving her such power make
her a lot more stronger than you?”

“ Yes.”

“ Can she kill you with her bare hands?”

“ Why?”

“ I was just wondering...I mean Xena is already so powerful, with what you
gave her as gifts, it just worries me sometimes.”

“ I Trust Xena without a second thought Gabrielle, I thought you did too?”

“ I do trust her, but you have to remember who she is? She’s The Conqueror,
she gained her reign through the killing of any and all who stood in her
way.Don’t get me wrong I really do love Xena, I just have to wonder if there
is a point where one person becomes too powerful, I mean what’s to keep her
from going back to her old ways?”

“ I am. Gabrielle, it is true that Xena is capable of killing me with her bare
hands now, But I’m not worried, for one thing, she doesn’t know that, for two
there is no reason for her to know that, three, she and I are so in love she
would never break a promise to me, if she could help it. I’ve thought about
the gifts I’ve given Xena doing our lovemaking, she deserves any and
everything I can do for her, as she feels the same way.”

“ Is that why your afraid of Xena when she gets upset with you? Because you
know you are as vulnerable with her as any average person is to you and her?”

Diana pondered Gabrielle’s thinking and then she said with all honesty.

“ Yes, I guess that is the reason.”

“ Then how could you have risked yourself fighting her like you did the other

“ Because she was wrong, and I was determined to show her just how wrong she
was, and how I didn’t appreciate what she did.”

“ But Diana if she was the old Xena then she could have either torn you apart
or had her soldiers arrest you.”

“ But the fact of the matter is that she is NOT the old Xena, and she would
never try to kill me, Gabrielle I don’t even know why we’re talking about
this, Gabrielle if Xena heard this conversation she would be so hurt to think
you didn’t trust her, or even worse that you were suggesting that I

“ I don’t mean for this to sound like that, I truly do love her, sometimes I
look at all the things that has happened to you both and I can’t but help
thinking of what use to be, it is amazing how much she has changed, and yet
not...you know what I mean?”

“ hahaha....yes Gabrielle I do know what you mean.”

“ She’s mellowed so much from the dictator she use to be, to the responsive
ruler she is today, I know it’s all because of you?”

“ Your right ...it is because of me, that was the challenge , that was why I
agreed to come here, well that and I was so incredibly drawn to her. Gods!
Gabrielle just thinking about her thrills me. Gabrielle tell me you trust her,
I don’t know what I would do if you said you didn’t, I would be so torn, I
would stay with her, but I would be heartbroken to think that you didn’t trust
her after all of this time.”

Gabrielle got up and walked to the chair Diana was siting in and placing her
hand on Diana’s shoulder and looking her in the eyes she said in the most
reassuring voice she knew how.

“ I trust Lord Xena with my Life and most of all your life.”

Diana smiled up into Gabrielle’s smiling face and placed her own hand over top
of Gabrielle’s.

“ Thank you sis for believing in her and in me.”

“ Anytime.”

Gabrielle then said,

“ sooo....what do you want to do with your free time?”

Diana smirked at the meaning and then said,

“ let’s go somewhere.”

“ Where?”

“ To one of the surrounding villages, let’s go shopping and have lunch or
whatever at one of the Inns.”

“ Diana I don’t think Xena would like you going anywhere outside of this

“ We’ll use the traveller, that way we want be but a moment away, and I will
send her a message before we leave.”

“ Diana are you sure..... I mean after all of the stuff that Happened with

“ even more reason why there’s no reason to worry, everyone has Xena’s words
burned into their minds especially right now being only a few days after.
Besides I won’t to see someone.”

“ Who?”

“ Nebula.”

“ Nebula?! Diana I know that is not a good Idea! Xena’s already told her to
stay away from you.”

“ All I’m going to do is talk to her about something. This has nothing to do
with Nebula wanting me.”

“ But Diana?”

“ Gabrielle you don’t have to go if you don’t want to.....but I thought we
could make a day of it until I found Nebula?”

“ Diana I don’t want Xena to get upset with us, mainly you.”

“ She won’t.”

Diana and Gabrielle left the palace after leaving Xena a note as to where they
were going and when they would be back. After they had been gone for a
candlemark or so, the message arrived to Xena’s hands, but at the time she was
distracted by one of the seamstress, fitting her into her bonding gown.

Diana and Gabrielle were having a wonderful day and after a few candlemarks
Diana ran into Nebula.

“ Diana? Gabrielle. what are you doing here? Where’s The Conqueror ?”

“ We were out spending the day together, and she’s not here.”

Diana said.

“ Oh that’s nice. “

“ what are you doing here?”

“ I was recruiting for the voyage.”

“ really?”

“ hmmm....maybe we can go and sit and talk about this voyage?”

“ Really?”

“ yes, I would love to hear more about it.”

“ Great!”

Nebula said with excitement registering in her voice. Gabrielle was a little
uneasy about Diana talking with Nebula but she figured Diana knew Xena better
than anyone.

“ Diana I think I am going to head back and go and study some more?”

“ Ok, sis, I’ll see you later then....I had a great day with you, thank you.”

“ I did too, we have to do this more often.”

“ I agree, I’ll see you soon, I’ll be back in a bit ok?”

“ Ok.”

Gabrielle said as she and Diana gave each other a hug and a kiss.

Diana gave Gabrielle one of the Travellers and Gabrielle waited to use it
until she was out of the village. she appeared back at the palace and went
back to the library.

Diana and Nebula in the meantime went to the dining hall in the Inn to sit and
talk about what Nebula’s excursion was about and why she wanted to do it and
why she wanted Diana to do it with her.

The two women talked about many things and how to make them work.

“ I think these are perfect, I’m quite pleased with them.”

“ Thank you My Lord, we hoped you would like them the staff worked hard to
design and make them.”

“ Well they out did themselves, I am pleased.”

The seamstress then bowed and after being excused turned her attention to one
of the younger seamstress who was having a problem with one of the ladies in
waiting's gown.

Xena then left and headed for the library.

“ My Lord?”

Gabrielle said slightly startled By The Conqueror appearing out of all places
in the library where Diana was not.

“ Gabrielle. “

Xena said suspiciously due to Gabrielle’s reaction to seeing her, and the
increase signs of nervousness. Xena casually scanned the library and using her
body as well to tell her where Diana was she did not hear or feel anything.

Xena then looked back over at Gabrielle who was trying to look as though she
were deep into her reading. Xena then walked purposefully over to where
Gabrielle was sitting.

“ Gabrielle?”

“ Yes...Yes My Lord?”

Xena narrowed her eyes as Gabrielle’s eyes became locked on hers.

“ Where’s Diana?”

“ She....she’s not here.”

Gabrielle said hoping but knowing that this would not satisfy Xena.

“ I can see that, where is she?”

“ She’s....she’s in the village of Lotamia.”

“ She’s what?”

“ She said she would be back soon, she sent you a note to tell you where she
was, didn’t you get it?”

“ yes, I just didn’t have time to read it. But she knows better?! Damnit!”

“ Xena then turned on her heels and going to her Chamber she got her armor and
weapons and putting on her Cloak due to the chill in the air, she mounted her
horse and taking one of the Travellers with her she appeared in Lomatia within

She rode her horse now at an easy gait and looked around the town as she rode
into it , scanning for Diana, or feeling her. As Xena came to the Inn she felt
her abdomen tighten, she dismounted off of her horse and having one of the
stable hands take hold of the reins, she told him in no uncertain terms.

“ Stand here and wait for me to return!”

The Conqueror then turned on her heels and headed into the Inn. Striding up to
the Innkeeper, The Conqueror made her presents known.

“ Where is Lady Diana?”

“ My Lord She is in the dining hall.”

Xena then turned on her heels and headed for the dining hall. Once there she
heard all the conversations that were going on, including a familiar voice.
The people in the dining hall all stopped talking and held their breaths as
they stared in awe at the powerful stoic looking figure standing in the

Diana and Nebula both heard the deadly silence and Diana looking towards the
door she saw what the cause of it was. Xena stood glaring at her, and then she
leveled her eyes on the person sitting with her Consort. Diana ‘s eyes
followed Xena’s and she feared for Nebula due to the look that came into
Xena’s eyes.

Diana immediately came out of her chair as she saw Xena start her stride
towards the table, Diana met Xena half way between.

“ Xena...calm down...it’s not her fault......I came here looking for her.”

“ Consort I don’t care if you sent every soldier in my army out to find her
for you.....I told her what would happen if I caught her near you again. Now

“ Xena No.....It’s entirely my fault...please don’t hurt her?”

“ Xena looked down into the pleading eyes of her Consort and then back up at
the wide eyes of Nebula. Xena then scowled and looking back to Diana she
raised a brow at her and said in a voice that sent shudders running down
Diana’s spine.

“ third time you left without my permission Consort, it won’t happen again.”

“ My Lord I thought it would be ok.”

“ It’s not!”

Xena said sharply, then she looked up to see Nebula had not moved from her

“ Come here.”

“ Xena?”

“Silence Consort.”

Xena said cutting her eyes to Diana, and then back to the approaching Pirate.

“ My Lord?”

Nebula spoke respectfully, bowing her head. Diana stood watching and hoping
Xena would not hurt her, of course Diana would stop her if she started to, or
at least try.

“ You seem to not hear very well?”

Xena said sarcastically.

“ My Lord I....”

“ Silence! Listen. I don’t want to ever see, hear, or even think! that you are
anywhere near Diana, if I do...then I will do to you what I did to others who
have disobeyed me. Do I Make Myself Crystal Clear?”

Xena said emphasizing her words. Nebula swallowed hard and then answered.

“ It will not happen again My Lord.”

“ Good. Come Consort!”

Xena said turning on her heels, Diana made her apologies to Nebula and then
turned and offering a smile she caught up with Xena. Xena sat astride her
horse and when Diana came out of the inn she levered a look at her and then
offering her arm helped Diana up onto the horse in front of her.

Xena wrapped an arm around Diana’s waist and they rode out of the village in
silence, Xena tossed the traveller and they came out in front of the palace.
The stable hand took the reins and lead Xena’s war horse back into the stables
while Xena and Diana went inside the Palace.

“ Xena?”

Diana started until Xena stopped without looking back at Diana, but making it
clear that she didn’t want to hear it right now. Diana went silent and Xena
continued their walk back to their chambers.

Xena stripped out of her armor with the help of Dancea, and then she went into
the bed chambers and put her weapons away. Xena went and sat in one of the
chairs at the table and picking up one of many scrolls that were laying on the
table she proceeded to read over it, completely ignoring Diana as it would

“ Your not going to talk to me?”

Xena didn’t speak or even look up, she just pursed her lips and continued her
reading. Diana sat on the bed and watched Xena for a few minutes to see if she
was even going to look at her.

When Xena finished one scroll she picked another up. Diana watched Xena do
this 3 times before Diana finally got up and walked over to where Xena sat.
She stood in front of her and waited for Xena to look up at her.

Xena finally put the scroll down and looked up at Diana with both anger and
hurt showing in them. Diana was taken aback by it, she was fully ready to
argue with Xena, and here Xena sat quiet and withdrawn.

“ Xena?”

Diana said as she sat in one of the chairs, with concern etched across her
face. Xena didn’t answer she only raised a brow at Diana and then she stood up
and walked out of the bedchamber and out of their chamber.

Diana turned to call Xena but then she turned back after she heard the outer
door open and close, she brought her hand up to her chin and mouth area as she
became nervous about what was going on with Xena and why Xena would just stop
talking to her.

Diana tried to figure out why Xena would be so upset at Nebula and her for
just talking, it didn't make sense to Diana but the fact that Xena was hurting
was all that mattered to her.

Xena was escorted to the Royal library by her Royal Sentries, and once there
they took their place outside the library guarding it as they did with any
place that The Conqueror went to.

Xena went into the library and headed straight to her private library. She
entered and then closed the door behind her, Gabrielle was still there reading
, she saw how Xena looked, the expression on her face, Gabrielle went to
knock on the door of Xena’s library.

Xena didn’t answer at first, but then after a moment she spoke and said,

“ Gabrielle, I really don’t feel like talking.”

“ My Lord I just thought I could lend you my ear if you needed to get
somethings off of your chest?”

Silence....then Xena opened the door and came out and the door closed
automatically behind her. Xena Looked at Gabrielle for long moments and then
she decided to sit and tell Gabrielle what was bothering her.

“ Gabrielle I don’t understand it. I’ve told Diana many times how I feel about
her leaving and going anywhere without my permission....I mean everyone else
seems to understand me when I give them orders, I love Diana with all that is
me and their are no “buts” to that . I’m just .......”

“ Hurt?”

Gabrielle offered as she noticed Xena having a hard time expressing her
feelings of such weakness to her. Xena looked at Gabrielle for a moment and
then she spoke again.

“ Yes....I am so hurt that Diana doesn’t seem to take my feeling about such
things into consideration, I only tell her things that I know can be
dangerous, she’s not from here and there are so many people out there who
would hurt her just to get to me, I would be destroyed if anything ever
happened to her...but damnit Gabrielle, I can’t protect her if she doesn’t
listen to me! I’m not trying to be mean or controlling I just want her to
understand that I have feelings and it hurts to think she just disregards them
whenever she wants to just to do what she wants to do. I won’t allow her to
hurt herself because of her hardheadness, even if I have to redden her behind

Gabrielle sat and listened to Xena’s emotional outpouring and she actually
understood what Xena was saying, Gabrielle found herself getting upset with
Diana, for her behavior, although Gabrielle knew just like Xena knew Diana
would never intentionally do anything to hurt any ones feelings especially

“ My Lord....I don’t think Diana did it to be mean or disrespectful of you or
even to hurt your feelings. Diana is so use to being rebellious against orders
and rules, because of her other Chosen, that I think she is just stretching
her wings to see how far you will allow her to go without them being clipped

“ Your telling me she’s just testing her limits with me?”

“ Yes.”

“Gabrielle that’s obvious, but the problem is I’ve told her time and time
again that this is one thing I will not allow for her to do without My
Permission. “

“ My Lord I really think if you told Diana this she would tell you why she did

“ Oh I plan on it, but right now.....I’m just to hurt by this, anyway thanks
for listening.”

“ Your welcome My Lord anytime.”

“ Oh and Gabrielle.....that gift you wanted, I will do it for you.”


Gabrielle said almost falling out of the chair she was sitting in as she went
to go stand to where Xena was now standing.

“ Yes.”

“ What about Diana? I know she won’t be happy about this.”

“ No she won’t but I will handle Diana.”

Xena said as she lifted Gabrielle’s chin with her hand and then said in a
factual voice.

“ I want you to pull the Amazon scrolls about coming out and read them and
learn them. Then tell me if you still want to do this.”

“ Ok, but I can tell you now I will!”

“ I won’t do it if you can’t answer the questions I have for you.”

“ Ok, WOW! Thank you My Lord! Thank You!”

“ Your welcome.”

Xena then headed back to her private library and once again started writing
her private thoughts. Later she went to take care of some of her Royal duties.
Diana in the meantime was pacing in the room waiting for Xena to come back, it
had been over 6 candlemarks since she left the room. Diana was worried about
Xena’s state of mind, she wasn’t worried about her doing something stupid, but
it wasn’t like Xena.

It was now full moon and Xena still had not come back. Diana decided to wait
up for Xena, she thought many times to go and find and talk to Xena but then
she thought maybe Xena needed some time to herself. But this was getting to
be a little much. But Diana didn’t follow, she decided just to wait for Xena
to come back.

After another 2 candlemarks Diana heard Xena coming up the stairs, and then
into the outer room and finally into the bedchamber. Diana stayed on the bed
lying on her side and then raised up to her elbow when Xena came in.

Xena scanned the room quickly to locate Diana and once she saw she was still
where she had left her, Xena turned and strided into the bath, after cleaning
up, she came out and got into bed. Diana waited for her to say something but
Xena simply leaned over gave Diana a kiss and rolled over to go to sleep.

“ Xena, I know your upset with me, but you know I have a hard time dealing
with your silent treatment, please talk to me?”

Xena didn’t answer, although she heard every word, she remained on her side
facing away from Diana. Diana waited for a moment, and then laid back on her
pillow. Diana stayed awake the rest of the night just looking up at the
ceiling and thinking.

The next day was much the same, with Xena not speaking to Diana, barely
looking at her, even though Diana was by Xena’s side the whole time. Xena
spoke to everyone she had to.... but Diana.

Xena went to work out and Diana being by her side was not invited to
participate. Diana watched Xena’s workout and afterwards Diana went to offer
Xena a towel to wipe her brow, but Xena accepted the towel from one of her

Diana looked at the servant and then at Xena who did not spare Diana a glance
as she wiped her brows and handed the towel back to the servant. The Servant
saw Diana flinch but only shrugged her shoulders, and mouth the words I’m

Diana turned to face Xena, and Xena turned on her heels and headed out of the
practice chamber. Diana followed after Xena and finally when they arrived back
in their chambers Diana once again tried to talk with Xena.

“ Xena this is ridiculous, please talk to me?”

Xena stood looking at Diana only while her armor was being removed by Dancea.
Diana decided to take advantage of it.

“ Gods Xena Please? Can’t we talk about whatever is bothering you, I’m pretty
sure it’s about my going into town.”

Dancea finished removing Xena’s armor and Xena immediately turned and walked
into the other room. Diana took a deep breath of frustration and looking
around the room as if hoping to find some inspiration she headed in behind

Xena had gotten cleaned up using the standing apparatus, and was changing into
one of her Royal robes. Diana watched and waited, and then when Xena turned
and headed for the door once again Diana stepped in her way.

Xena stopped and looked at Diana with the same eyes that she originally saw
when they first came back. Diana swallowed hard trying not to let the tears
she felt forming fall.

“ Xena I’m sorry.”

Xena narrowed her gaze and then with anger and hurt in her tone she spoke .

“ NO! Your not! Now move...”

Diana’s mouth drop open at Xena’s accusation, and then she said in a
determined voice.

“ Xena I would not say it if I didn’t mean it, you think I like you upset with
me, you think I like to see you hurting, Xena I would give anything to take
that look out of those beautiful eyes.”

Xena inhaled deeply and then she turned and walked back towards the middle of
the room.

“ Diana....if you were truly sorry then you would not have left the Palace
grounds without my Permission!”

“ Xena I left you a note telling you where I would be and when I would be

“ Not good enough! You know you are to talk to Me before you go anywhere off
of the grounds. I’ve told you time and time again, and yet you keep doing it,
it’s like you don’t even take my feelings into consideration, you just do what
you want and damn what I say! Well Diana it hurts! And I won’t put up with it,
you will not go ANYWHERE in or out the palace without asking me first. I had
some great plans for us.....but now.......I don’t know...?”

Diana stood stunned and hurt that she had caused Xena to hurt like she
obviously was. Diana went to sit next to Xena on the bed and taking a moment
to calm her racing heart, she spoke from her heart to the woman she never knew
she would ever fall in love with, but had fallen ...and hard.

“ Xena....I would never do anything to purposely hurt you, you are the most
important person in my life.....I always consider your feelings before I do

“ Then why do you do what you know I forbid you to do.When you know How I feel
about you doing these type of things...explain that to me, because I don’t
understand how you can say what you just did?”

“ Xena I don’t know why I do what I do, I can tell you I NEVER do it to hurt
you or disobey you.....I can only say that it must have something to do with
some part of me that was changed when I was changed as an infant. Xena please
don’t hate me, I ......try to do what you ask and yet I keep messing up. It’s
like.....knowing whats right and expected, and yet not integrating it. Xena I
am truly sorry for the hurt . I never meant to do that. Please ......forgive

Diana had tears rolling down her face unhindered as she poured her heart out
to her love. Xena’s expression soften as a result of Diana’s words and she too
let her tears fall.

Xena opened her arms too her hurting Consort and Diana fell into to them and
buried her head in them. and wracking sobs shook her frame.

“ Shhh....it’s ok kitten....I forgive you....we’ll find out why this happens.”

Diana’s sobs eased at Xena’s words of forgiveness and offer of help. Xena held
Diana for a few minutes and then she said with regret in her voice.

“ I have to go and take care of some things, but I will be back soon, ok?”

Diana raised her head to look into Xena’s eyes and giving a shy smile she
nodded her head and then said,

“ ok.”

Xena smiled back with both a smile of love and warmth, but also with a concern
hidden with in. Xena lifted Diana’s chin and asked just before she kissed her
to leave.

“ Are you going to be ok kitten?”

“ yes...now.”

Xena chuckled a little and then placed a warming kiss on Diana’s tender lips.

“ mmm....”

Diana moaned as she melted from it. Xena broke the kiss and answered the
question also.

“ we’ll finish this when I get back.”

Diana blushed and Xena smirked and slid her hand out from under Diana’s chin
as she stood, and winked, and then walked out of the room leaving Diana
smiling after her.

Xena headed for her throne room where she handled some unexpected business
with some of the delegates from The Western Province. Xena informed the
delegates that one of her Royal Magistrates would handle the Province until
she placed another Regent.

end of part 22
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