Home Part 23
By D.virtue

After the meeting Xena went to one of her other private chambers and once
there she called for Indite.

“ Yes Lord Xena?”

“ Indite..can you tell me what is going on with Diana? I mean she seems to

“ I know Xena, Diana seems to repeat things that she knows you don’t like.
and you thought it was because she wasn’t considering your feelings?”

“ Right. But she just told me that it may have something o do with the change
her body went through because of Rah?”

“ She guessed right, I told you Diana knows things without realizing it, and
that is why you are The Chosen for her, no one else could ever hope to tame
such a spirit, with both love and firmness. Lord Xena Diana does not do these
things to hurt or even annoy you, she desperately wants to please you, she has
seen the change in you and her heart leaps with joy EVERYTIME she senses you
near. She literally thrills at your very presence, I have never seen such
devotion in a person in all my years and it’s been many .....more than yours.
Lord Xena Diana knows exactly what is right and wrong, and what is expected of
her. But although she knows these things there is a part in her that fights
against it .”

“ Why?”

“ Because of her own unspoken fears.”

“ what fears, I mean I think I know all of her fears and I can’t see how any
of them would be the cause?”

“ Lord Xena Diana has told you on many occasions how she feels about yours and
hers relationship, she has also told you at those and other times how she
would never leave you.”

“ Yes and I believe her...but sometimes I do wonder why she loves me so much?”

“ Well...I won’t tell you all of the answers to that one ...you’ll have to
find out over the years, but I will tell you this. She would never leave you,
but in her own heart even knowing how much you love her she does have her own
doubts about things....?”

Indite said with a raise of her brow trying to get Xena to understand what she
was saying. Xena’s brows knitted together at the gesture and the words.

“ What doubts? Doubts about how I feel about her?”

“ Lord Xena Diana is perfectly secure about how she feels about you, but you
have to realize she is a young woman who has been through a lot in her life,
as a result of what King Rah did to her as a baby. While she is naive, she
truly believes in her heart that she trusts you, but the fact of the matter is
she’s still learning about you. something in her IS testing you, she doesn’t
even realize it herself, and yes it is because of what Rah did. She has been
hurt so deeply by those she trusted, how could she not have doubts, Xena she
wants to believe you will always be here for her, but she doesn’t know, she
has nothing to base it on except your word.”

“ But why isn’t that enough for her?”

“Look at what her other Chosen did to her, do you really have to ask that?”

“ No. I guess I didn’t, but I have been thinking about how I could show Diana
exactly how I feel about her.”

Indite smiled. Xena’s brows knitted and then it hit her.

“ You know, don’t you?”

“ Yes Xena, and it is exactly what you should be doing, I knew you would find
the answer, you’ve been planning it for a while now, and I can tell you now it
will make a huge differences in how Diana behaves.”

“ You mean she won’t disobey me any more?”

“ No Xena, she’ll still disobey you, but it won’t be for the reasons we just
discussed, it will be because of some other reason related to the situation.
Lord Xena You are moving the three of you in the direction you and I had spoke
about, you three belong together, but you and Diana WILL be ONE, you will be
the strength and power .You with your vast exposure you will be the wise
one,although Diana herself is quite wise and she doesn’t realize that either.
You will be the practical one and Diana will be the one to bring out your
sensitivities, your feelings...Your playful side, she will be your comfort and
you hers , she’s already started, your quite playful with her,something you’ve
never been with anyone. As I have told you before, you shall be great but it
will be based off of yours and Diana’s action, off of how you handle your

“ I think I understand, thank you Indite.”

“ Your welcome Lord Xena, if you need me again just call, but for now I have
to write this down.”

Indite then faded out of view. Xena turned and headed out of the library and
back to her chambers where Diana was waiting. Xena entered into the chamber
and then scanning quickly she located Diana out on the balcony sitting on the
recliner chair with her arms behind her head.

Xena went into the bedchamber and changed her clothes, putting on a robe.Then
she went out onto the balcony. Xena was surprise to see Diana asleep. Xena sat
on the other side of the chair stretching her long legs, and turning on her
side so that she was facing the sleeping young woman.

Xena studied the sleeping form, looking at her innocent face that was just as
innocent looking when she was awake. Xena’s heart swelled at the thought of
her’s and Indites conversation, and she actually grinned at how much she was
looking forward to giving Diana the gift she had planned for her. Xena sat and
thought about what Diana’s reaction would be when she asked her.

Xena couldn’t help the smile that crossed her face, she brought her hand up to
Diana’s face and with a feathery touch she caressed the sleeping Consorts
cheek, even asleep Diana was in tuned to Xena and upon the touch Diana curled
into Xena. Xena wrapped her arms around the sleeping girl and held her
tightly, as she too closed her eyes and drifted into Morpheus’s arms.

The next morning found the two still asleep on the balcony , with Xena awaking
first and feeling the chill of the morning she got up and lifting the sleeping
woman into her arms without so much as a flinch, she went into the chamber and
into the bedchambers and laid Diana down on the bed after pulling the covers

She then covered her and climbing in herself to rewarm she slid in behind
Diana and curled her long body around Diana’s. They fit perfectly together
with Diana’s body curved at just the right spots to match those of Xena’s.

Xena smiled at the fit and then once again closed her eyes and went back to
sleep holding Diana in her arm. Xena awoke again about a candlemark later to
find Diana watching her.

“ What are you doing kitten?”

“ nothing, just looking, admiring, feeling.”

“ Oh...I see...nothing huh?”

Xena teased, as she raised to one elbow.

“ Why?”

“ Because I thrill at seeing, hearing, touching. smelling, tasting....just
everything about you. I can’t help letting all of that just wash over me
....again and again, it’s such a rush.”

Xena smiled and then she made a decision about something, but she had to make
the plans for it, so with some regret as to what she and Diana could do she
gave Diana a quick peck to her lips and then rolled out of the bed. Diana was
surprised and asked .

“ Where are you going?”

“ We have to discuss something, and I think it would be better if we got
dressed to do it?”

“ Why? Is it about what we talked about yesterday?”

Diana said somewhat apprehensively, Xena heard the apprehension and smiled at

“No, I know how to deal with that, but this I think is something I need to
talk to you about.”

“ What is it about?”

“ Get dressed and we can talk about it over morning meal.”

“ ok.”

Diana got up and dressed as Xena had asked her too, and then went out to the
sitting room to join Xena at the table for breakfast. Xena was just putting a
piece of kiwi into her mouth when Diana came out of the room. Xena watched
Diana stride over to her and waited for Diana to greet her again with a
morning kiss.

Diana leaned down and placing her lips against Xena’s she let Xena dictate the
type of kiss she wanted. Finally Xena broke their kiss and motioned for Diana
to sit.

Diana took a slice of a peeled orange and biting into the juicy fruit, some of
it ran down her chin, she was about to wipe it with her linen napkin, but Xena
caught her hand and instead wiped it with her finger.

Diana blushed at the tender gesture and Xena cocked her head in wonder as to
how long the moment would last before they argued. Xena took a deep breath and
prepared herself for the argument she knew would come with her next few words.

“ What is it Xena?”

Xena took a long drink from her glass of milk that she always had with her
morning meal. Then wiping her mouth with her napkin she begun. As she leveled
her gaze on Diana.

“ Diana....a while ago Gabrielle approached me with a request that at first I
thought was not a good idea, because of her inexperience in the ways of
certain things. But I decided that her request was not necessarily a bad

Xena paused as she let Diana process the information she had given her, then
after a moment and another drink of her milk she continued.

“ You know Gabrielle’s birthday is coming up and she will be 18?”

“ Yes...isn’t that wonderful, she will be a young woman?”

“ Yes it is, and it’s because of that change in her life that she made a
request of me.”

“ Ok, I think it’s wonderful that Gabrielle feels comfortable with you to come
to you with what seems to be a personal thing, don’t you?”

“ Yes, I do think it’s wonderful. Diana I need you to let me finish before you
say anything else ok?”

“ Ok, sorry.”

“ It’s alright. Anyway, Gabrielle has really .......strong feelings for me.”

Diana’s brows instantly knitted, but she remained silent. Xena was relieved by
Diana’s obedience. She wanted to get it all said before Diana erupted.

“ She told me that she loved me, but she would never do anything to hurt you,
or put me in any uncomfortable position, she wanted to recognize her feelings
and express them to me, but her telling me was for a reason....she didn’t want
me to feel like I was.....using her if I decided to grant her her request.”

Diana searched Xena’s eyes looking for the joke she was sure would be there,
but she found none. Xena was feeling Diana’s emotions, so she decided to come
straight out with it.

“Kitten....Gabrielle has asked me to bring her in to womanhood . Now before
you go off, I told her that she had to study the scrolls of the Amazons and
what it entails, as well as answer some very specific questions about what she
read, as well as some of my own. I told her if she was not able to answer any
of them then I would not grant her her request.”

Xena then went silent as she waited for Diana to realize she was finished for
the moment. It didn’t take Diana long to realize it.

“ Gabrielle asked you to ...welcome her into womanhood by giving you her gift
of virginity, and you told her you would do it? Is that what your telling me?”

Xena gave a thoughtful look at Diana and then she spoke.

“ Yes.”

Diana stood up abruptly as she stormed away from the table and over to the
sofa where she stood with her back to Xena, who was watching Diana’s reaction
and waiting for her to continue.

“ I thought you said you wouldn’t do this again? Actually you promised!”

Diana said as she turned to face Xena.

“ I don’t want you to do it.”

Diana said simply. Xena sucked her teeth for a moment and then looking back
over to Diana she stood up and walked over to her, placing her hands on each
of Diana’s shoulders she looked deep into Diana’s eyes.

“ Kitten, I have thought about this for a long time, I know what I told you
and I meant it, I will never bed another woman for my own purposes, but this
is Not for my purpose, but rather for your sister’s. Diana.... Gabrielle told
me that if I didn’t grant her request she would understand, but would never
give herself to anyone in that way. I know you don’t like the idea of me with
anyone in that way, but I also know you wouldn’t want to deny Gabrielle a life
of happiness just because I refused her request.

“ Xena it’s not fair that you would tell me this having already made up your
mind about it.”

“ Kitten I will tell Gabrielle I decided not to grant it because of how
important your feelings are to me, if that’s what you want me to do......but
you should have seen her face light up when I told her that I would, she
reminded me of you. The innocence in her face, the trust, the love, Diana it
would break her heart, if I changed my mind and didn’t do this for her. I
think she was only putting on a brave face when I first said no, but I see it
in her eyes, how much this would mean to her....but on the other hand I did
tell her what the emotional impact of something like this was, and that’s why
I sent her to read the Scrolls.”

Diana shifted restlessly on her feet as she tried to separate the request from
the emotion, as well as her own feelings about the whole thing. Diana abruptly
turned and then just as she was about to walk away from Xena while in her
thoughtful mode, she turned back and said with a distracted tone of voice.

“ I....I have to think about it.”

She spared Xena a quick glance and then turning slowly she went back into the
bed chambers. Xena tracked Diana with her eyes as Diana disappeared into
their bed chambers.

“ Whew! “

Xena exhaled as she finally let out the breath she was holding during her
explanation of why she decided to do it for Gabrielle.After a bit Diana came
out of the room to find Xena out on the balcony watching her soldiers drill.

Diana walked out onto the balcony and went to stand next to Xena. Xena heard
Diana open the doors but she waited to see what Diana would do, so she
continued to look out at her soldiers.

Diana stood next to Xena and looked out at the soldiers as well, and after a
bit she turned to face Xena, who saw Diana turn and so she turned herself in
like form to face Diana.

“ Yes kitten?”

Xena asked as she noticed Diana was uncertain whether to get into it again.

“ I ....I still haven’t made up my mind, but I need to know something.”

“ Anything.”

Diana smiled at Xena’s unguarded response.

“ I know you told Gabrielle about the emotional ramifications of going through
this with someone she claims to love, but ......what about yourself, I mean
how will you feel about Gabrielle after all is done and said?”

“ I will obviously feel closer to her.”

Xena said matter-of-factly. Diana now not sure if she wanted to continue
because of what it sounded like Xena was saying. Lowering her head as she
played nervously with her fingers. Xena saw the insecurity in Diana as clear
as the day was, and so to alleviate Diana’s minds as to what Xena meant about
being closer to Gabrielle, Xena lifted Diana’s chin and giving her an earnest
look, she said.

“ I will feel closer to Gabrielle because of the very nature of the act, but
Gabrielle could never replace you in my life. I am doing a favor for the
sister of the woman I am devoted to, nothing more. I will always have special
feelings for Gabrielle, but that is the least I could do for her, for
wanting to give me such a gift, I don’t think it would be right to just
dismiss it as a simple act and call it a day, I think it would devastate her,
and I know you wouldn’t want that to happen. But despite those feelings they
would be nothing more than a deeper friendship type bond that I would have
with Gabrielle, I could never love anyone the way I love you...you are filling
to me in all ways, there is no space for any other, not even your sister.”

Diana cocked her head on Xena’s fingers and then she said in a somewhat shy
and unsure tone.

“ Really? You wouldn’t fall in love with My sister....I mean it is such a
deeply emotional thing, I wouldn’t want You or Gabrielle to be hurt by an act
offered as a gift to be misconstrued away from it’s true purpose. Xena you
know if you do this you have to handle Gabrielle with kid gloves afterwards
until she can regain her balance and steady her many emotions she will
obviously go through?”

“ I know kitten, that’s why I told her to read the scrolls, it tells of not
only the act, but also tells stories of others responses to the ceremony it’s

“ it sounds like you’ve thought about this?”

“I have kitten, that’s why I’m telling you, because I think it is a good
decision.But I need to know that you will be ok by it, otherwise there is no
way I will do this.”

“ Really? If I decide that I don’t want you to do this, then you won’t do it?”

“ Yes.”

“ And you won’t be upset with me? Or disappointed?”

Xena smiled a warm smile at her little kitten.

“ No kitten I won’t, I would just explain it to Gabrielle and she will have to
accept it.”

Diana smiled and then turned to look out over the balcony once again, seeming
to have dropped the subject, Xena started to turn and look back out, but
stopped halfway when she heard Diana’s soft spoken words.

“ do it Xena.”

Diana said as she looked over to Xena who was now turning back to face Diana
once again. Diana turned back also to face Xena.

“ It’s ok with you kitten?”

“ Yes.”

“ Really?”

Xena said slightly unsure if she should believe what she was hearing.

“ Yes, I’ll be fine.”

Xena smiled and then pulled Diana into her arms and hugged her tightly. Then
Diana finished her statement.

“ But.....I want you to tell me right here and now that from now on before you
give your word to anyone about something like this you talk to me first?”

“ I promise kitten. But I don’t think we will ever have another conversation
like this one.”

“ I hope not.”

Xena then took Diana’s lips and kissed her softly, and then she slowly undid
Diana’s blouse and moved her head to take one of Diana’s taut nipples into her
mouth. Diana moaned at the tenderness and the sensations Xena was sending
through her.

Diana now had her back to the training soldiers as Xena begun to suck harder
on the peak.

“ Xena? What about them?”

“ What about them?”

Xena said with a devious look in her eyes. Diana blushed harder out of what
she was thinking, thereby causing her nipples to become even firmer.

“ You wouldn’t?”

“ Wouldn’t I?”

Xena said as she removed Diana’s skirt, thus leaving her nude from the waist
down, Diana was happy that she was not visible below her waist to the
soldiers, but none the less Xena was making it obvious what they were doing as
she slowly sucked one of Diana’s nipples into her mouth and to it’s juncture,
causing Diana to shudder visibly, and gasped.

“ AHHH! Gods Xena!”

“ You better keep it down my sweet Consort, otherwise you’ll have an

Diana blushed once again at the thought and looking quickly over her shoulder
to see if anyone had heard her , she was relieved for the moment that no one
had. When Diana blushed again Xena felt Diana’s nipple become more taut, and
she bit down on it at the same time and sucked hard on it.

Diana covered her mouth of the shriek that came from her mouth at the
sensation, and Xena chuckled at Diana’s attempt to keep her passion sounds
down, but Xena was determined to hear them so she begun a concerted effort to
make Diana moan her pleasure.

Xena slid her hands over Diana’s hips as she leaned Diana back over the rail
of the balcony, taking her pleasure of Diana’s producing breast and nipple.
Diana shivered at Xena’s strong hands on her hips and she pushed against Xena,
thereby bring her flower against Xena’s thigh.

“ Ohhh...kitten....I like how you stay ready for me....”

“ mmmm....ooooo...Xenaaa ...Godssss....your sooo strong.”

Xena then came off of Diana’s nipple and bringing her mouth level with Diana’s
ear she said in a purring voice.

“ and you my kitten, are sooo very delicious......”

Diana’s body quivered in response to Xena’s voice, and she turned her head to
the sound and was meant with a passionate kiss from Xena.

“ You do that more often kitten and I will surprise you with all kinds of

“ you keep whispering in my ears and I will let you do whatever you want to

Xena’s eyes narrowed in contemplation at what Diana was offering her.

Diana’s brows waggled at the game and Xena once again leveled her lips at
Diana’s ear and whispered.

“ Your on kitten.”

Xena then flicked her tongue over Diana’s earlobe and then nipped at it. Diana
trembled at the sensation and once again turned her head towards Xena. Xena
smiled and once again took Diana’s lips in a passionate kiss.

They soon melted into their passions, by the time they had sated themselves,
The soldiers that were practicing now were watching and listening to the
sounds of the two women making love. When it was over the troops went at each
other in zest trying to burn off their own inflamed passions.

“ I have to go take care of some things kitten.”

Xena kissed Diana and then arose to get dressed.

“ So what are your plans while I’m dealing with some of the Duties of My

“ I think I will go and read some of the scrolls in the library.”

“ Will you be there all day?’

“ Xena are you wondering whether or not I have plans to leave the palace?”

“ Well?”

“ No, not without your permission My Lord.”

Diana said sincerely. Xena smiled and then leaned down once again and kissed
Diana earnestly.

“ Good girl. I will send for you later.”

“ Ok. See you later love.”

Xena turned and was walking out the room when she heard Diana’s words and she
called over her shoulder,

“ yes you will love.”

Xena made the final arrangements for her plans for Diana, not sure yet whether
to do it that night or tomorrow, she planned to have the setup outside of
their balcony just below it where there was a pre made setup for those times
when they were needed to entertain the troops without being seen by the

“ Cancel all practices on the west side of the Palace until you hear
differently from me.”

“ Yes My Lord.”

The Lt went to carry out Xena’s orders after being dismissed. Xena then called
for her Advisors to present themselves before her. The day went quickly with
Xena putting Regent Amie in charge of The Western Province, she was one of
the original soldiers from Xena’s army when they went up against Cortese.

She had worked her way up the ranks by impressing Xena with what she wanted at
that time, she had mellowed a few years before and was therefore the perfect
person for the position.

Xena wrote out the proclamation that would make it happen. Then she dismissed
everyone and went to go and write a little before returning to their Quarters
and calling for Diana.

When Xena arrived at the library she went to open it herself only to hear
Diana’s voice. Xena opened the door further to see where and to whom Diana was
talking to, but she did not see her, she was behind one of the large
separators that divided the scroll area so as to allow people to walk down
between and also provide more space for scrolls.

Xena went towards the divider that Diana was behind with the intentions of
making her presence known, but then she heard who Diana was talking to.

“ Gabrielle I know you didn’t ask Xena to do this because you were trying to
hurt me or come between us, I just didn’t know why you chose Xena to do this
rather than wait until you met someone special in your life?”

“ Diana I will tell Xena that I changed my mind if you want?”

“ No Gabrielle that’s not what I’m saying, I agreed to let Xena give this gift
to you as you have chosen to give Xena your gift, both are priceless, my only
concern is that this is such an emotional thing. I mean.... to give your
flower to anyone, yet alone someone you love makes it a very bonding thing. To
deny that bond would be to deny one’s self, Gabrielle I just don’t want to see
you get hurt. I mean I trust Xena to take care of your heart so that you will
not feel rejected after it is over and Xena returns to my bed. Gabrielle I
know you think you are ready for this, but all I ask is that you take the
time to really think hard about how you will feel after, because Gabrielle you
will surely feel the difference when Xena leaves your bed.”

Diana said as an unexpected shiver shot through her. Gabrielle saw it and
covered her mouth as she held back a laugh.

“ Gabrielle I’m serious.”

“ I know, it’s just that I’m just amazed at how you react to just saying her

Diana smiled and then said with a finality.

“ Promise me you will really think about this?”

“ I promise, I take this very serious, I mean it is my Virginity we’re talking

“ I know.”

“ Sooo...tell me?”

Diana knitted her brow at the question and Gabrielle grinned.

“ Tell you what Gabrielle?”

“ Tell me why you react the way you do?”

“ Gabrielle...”

“ No...seriously.”

Diana chuckled at Gabrielle’s request and the anticipation of the story in her

“ Ok, I react the way I do because it’s how deeply Xena affects me. I
mean....Gabrielle out of all of my Chosen none have ever touched me to my very
core, I mean I loved them, all except Rah that is, anyway, the very thought of
Xena sends all kinds of thrills coursing through me. I am just soooo......much
in love with her, I would do anything for her, you know Gabrielle sometimes I
sit back and just watch her move, she just radiates sensuality, she’s
everything anyone would want in their lives, my life with her is filled with
excitement both in and out of the bedroom. Sometimes I wonder why she puts up
with me.”

“ Because she loves you.”

Gabrielle interjected into Diana’s revelry.

“ I know, but she’s sooo....deep. When she lays those beautiful sapphires on
me, whether with joy or anger, I melt at her gaze, I become like jelly , just
weak. Sis I tell you the truth, when Xena touches me with ANY part of her body
I become breathless, I find I have to consciously tell myself that she’s just
making a point about something, Ahh....Gabrielle when she holds me in her
arms and runs those strong hands down my body....welll all I can say is GODS!
I need some water.”

Diana said through her breathless state, while fanning herself with her hands.
Gabrielle giggled at Diana’s revelry, and the fact that Diana was getting
turned on.

“ Are you ok?”

“ Yes. I’m fine, I just lost it there for a moment, anyway so now do you
understand why I am so into Xena, I want to give her so much, I just want to
make her happy.”

“ I understand, All I know is that Xena is the luckiest person alive to have
such a wonderful person as you in her life.”

“ Thanks Gabrielle, I really appreciate that.”

“ No problem, it’s obvious how much you two love each other.”

Xena heard the conversation and she quietly backed out of the library and
headed for their chambers, her heart was so full that she felt as though she
would burst. She decided she would give her gift to Diana tonight.

After Xena had everything set, she sent her Royal guard to inform Diana that
she wanted to talk to Diana in their chamber and she would meet her there.

“ Lady Diana.”

“ Yes?”

“ Our Lord would like you to return to your chambers and she will meet you
there directly.”

“ Oh ok, thank you. Gabrielle I will see you tomorrow....or maybe in a few

“ Hahaha, now that sounds more like it. Love you sis, thank you for letting
Xena do this for me.”

“ Your welcome, but remember what I told you.”

“ I will , I promise.”

Diana then gave Gabrielle a kiss to her forehead and then turned and headed
for her quarters.

end of part 23
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