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By D.virtue

Diana arrived back at their chambers opening the door the smell of aromatic
incenses caught her attention. The sound of soft amazon drums seemed to
emaninate through the room....and her breath quickened as she entered the
candlelit chamber......in anticipation....of what lay within.

The smells of spices and aromatic candles softly assailed her nose.The flickering candles, magnified the shimmering moonlight sparkling in it's radiance,and highlighting the colors of the room.

Diana closed her eyes for a moment to delight in the smells of fresh fruit and
spices.Excitement surged through her as she wondered what Xena might have in
mind with such an exotic scene. Diana sensed the presence of Xena as the
music began to swell, it was melodic, and sensously erotic. Something caught
Diana’s eye,she turned and whispered....

“ Xena????”

Diana was mesmerized by what she was seeing.......a vision of her love
.....her whole body undulating to the beat of the music.....

Diana felt and saw a silk colorful veil glide across one of her shoulders,
and then trailed off the opposite side, and back to it’s dancing Mistress.

Xena wearing shimmering veils of blue,gold, yellow, and pastels, all silk and
all strategically placed,the brilliance of the colors seemed to sparkle from
the dancing candles and radiant moonlight.

Diana was breathless as Xena danced provocatively towards her. Her arms and
hands moving seductively on her own body as Diana felt the desire to move
towards her , but was paralyzed by the sight before her......Xena's eyes held
her captive as she glided Diana to the couch and softly laid her on
it......before Diana could move to reach for her....Xena danced just out of
her reach...the dance becoming more and more erotic.......the consort could
feel herself "tightening" up with desire...... as Xena’s arms moved with ease,
and grace to the hypotizing rhythm, her gaze locked on Diana s eyes, watching,
and Diana s eyes were locked on Xena and her dance.

Xena s gyrations along with her rotating hips were building a fire in Diana,
her moves graceful, and hypnotizing with the rhythm of the drums.

Releasing the veils one by one until only two were left......building a fire
in Diana as the Conqueror began to dance closer and closer with desire lust
and love in her eyes .

Xena caressed the veil covering her breasts and leaned towards Diana as she
tossed her the veil and let her swaying breasts just get close enough to tease
Diana's face before she moved again just out of her reach

Xena glided near Diana once again and this time she
drifted around so that her back was to the mesmerized young woman, Xena
seductively swayed her hips from side to side encouraging Diana to
remove the veil, as their eyes remained locked on one another.

Xena raised a brow at Diana who swallowed hard in response and with one of
her hands she extracted the silk veil to reveal Xena’s firm round behind,

Twirling one of the veils onto her hand she leisurely pulled it free of her
waist, Diana’s eyes were rivited onto Xena’s hands as Xena gyrated around and
then caressed one of the veils covering her jewel.

Flipping it a few times teasingly, she glided closer to Diana. Gyrating her
hips in front of Diana, Diana caught the hint, keeping her eyes locked on
Xena’s she pulled the silk free, Xena smiled and then slowly turned and glided
away from Diana.

Diana’s breath caught at the smile Xena gave her, her heart was beating wildly
, but now it was because of what Xena was doing, dancing for her, her heart
swelled and danced at the thought .

The seductive , yet erotic swaying of Xena’s body along with the beguiling
gaze of Xena’s eyes all served to captivate and charm Diana. Diana marvelled
at Xena’s contrasting abilities, to have such powerful hands and yet be as
gentle as a kitten. Diana watched in wonder the grace and profound
delicateness at which Xena adeptly removed veil after veil.

Xena danced within arms reach of Diana, as long legs glided up only to float
back to the floor, Xena used her hands to caress up one of her long legs, as
she bent forward swaying at her waist she let her hands follow the curves of
her leg and thigh and as she smoothly came back up to her full height she
pulled another of the veils along with her off of her now baring waist.

With one veil left covering her jewel , she spun away from Diana giving her
glimpses of her jewel as the breeze she made forced the sheer garments to
float up .

Xena made her body wave, with waving motions to match the alternating sounds
of the music, Xena glided near Diana once again and this time she drifted
around so that her jewel was to the mesmerized young woman.

Diana blushed when Xena waggled her brow at her, and Xena held back a smirk
as she once again fluttered away from Diana. Xena shifted her shoulders from
side to side as she swepted her Raven locks around with the rotating of her

Xena had only one veil left and that covered her jewel, the music was whining
down and so was Xena’s dance, Xena glided over away from Diana and then she
glided back to Diana just as the last few notes were playing, but rather than
letting Diana remove the last veil, or she herself removing it, the last notes
sounded and Xena glided to one knee, and moving her arms in a sinuous matter
she floated one hand out towards Diana...... and Diana giving a shy smile to
Xena she placed one of her hands in Xena’s outstretched one.

The last note sounded and Xena spoke for the first time since she started her

“ Be Mine?”

were the words that floated from Xena’s lips as she looked upon Diana with
both a confidence in their love and yet a fear of possible rejection, also
hid within them.

“ I am.”

Diana replied with a dubious look of confusion and love. Xena looked deeper
into Diana’s eyes hoping Diana would see in her eyes her meaning.

“ Bond with me.”

Xena purred. Diana’s ears buzzed from the roll, but she once again leveled the
same look on Xena and said even less sure,

“ I already am......”

But then.....Diana saw something, she saw a different look in Xena’s eyes, a
pleading of sorts..... at the same time Xena held Diana’s smaller hand tighter
in her own as if trying to maintain her balance while keeping her eyes locked
on Diana’s searching ones. Diana flinched slightly at what suddenly occurred
to her.....

“but that couldn’t be it.....could it?”

Diana thought as her brows knitted and her eyes begun to glaze as she asked
what she was thinking.

“ Is...is that like marrying???”

Xena repeated her words thinking, finally..... Diana had caught her meaning.

“ Bond with me?”

“ Wait.....wait....”

Diana’s breathing was increasing and her throat was tightening , but for some
reason her mind wasn’t processing Xena’s meaning and she had to know. Diana’s
free hand nervously moved as she spoke trying to focus things in her mind.

“ Xena....??? Are ....are you asking me ........to marry you???”

“ Yes. Marry me Diana.”

Diana’s emotions could not be held back any longer, tears of diamond rolled
down her face and the moons radiant light made her face glow even more
brilliant than it already did naturally. Diana was rendered speechless as she
sat gazing into Xena’s searching eyes.

“ I need an answer kitten.”

Xena whispered, both in needing an answer and because of her own constricting
throat. Diana could not speak despite the many attempts, so instead she
inclined her head slightly, while covering her lips with her free hand.

“ Yes..?? Your saying yes..?”

Diana inclined her head again this time with more zest as the tears now fell
from both of their eyes. Xena’s heart soared and raced and before she knew it
she was up swing Diana around in her arms holding her tightly against her .
Repeating the euphoric words.

Diana was holding Xena tightly around her neck as the two danced to the beat
of their own hearts. After a while of twirling around with Diana, Xena eased
her down so that she was now standing, still holding but now gazing into one
another's eyes.

“ I love you.”

Xena affirmed. Diana tried to speak once again, but still no words came out.
Xena’s brows knitted for a moment until Diana showed her what she was trying
to say.

Bringing her arms to her chest she pressed one of her balled hands into her
chest and then crossing her arms at her wrist and balling her hands once again
she pressed them to her chest and then released one hand to allow a slim
finger to point at Xena.

Xena’s tears as well as Diana’s were still rolling down their faces. Xena knew
instantly what Diana had said and with an acknowledgement of it Xena took one
of Diana’s small hands in her larger one and brought it to her own chest and
held it there as they gazed deeply into one another's eyes with all the love
that flowed through them for one another.

Xena then brought her other hand up and slid it against Diana’s cheeks, and
then under her chin, and although Xena’s hands were trembling and they both
felt and saw it, they also felt the peace that flowed over each of them from
the love that shined in their eyes.

Xena leaned down and bringing their lips together as if for the first time,
they both felt a bolt of energy run through them. They both moaned at the
sensation and they
floated to the plush covered floor and Xena planted feathery light kisses to
Diana’s face, as she removed Diana’s clothing with ease and swiftness without
losing a beat.

They melted into their lovemaking and when they both laid sated in the
afterglow of their loving, Xena absentmindedly ran her fingers over Diana’s
flushed abdomen and chest as she spoke to Diana in loving tones.

“ You have made me the happiest person in the world, and I shall never stop
showing my love for you, it has truly been quite unexpected. I never dreamed
that at our first meeting my life would change so drastically in relatively a
short period of time, compared to the time it took me to build all of this.”

Diana didn’t speak, she still was so emotional that the lump in he throat
seemed to have taken resident inside. So she just gazed into Xena’s eyes and
listened to her revelry about their first meeting, and the contrast of where
their lives were going.

“ I wonder sometimes what would have happened if you had continued to fight
against me, and you never escaped that first day?”

Xena looked into the eyes of Diana who was now knitting her brow with a smirk
on her face as though she was thinking of the answer.

“ What?”

Xena asked being curious as to what Diana thought. Of course Diana still could
not speak so she decided to show Xena. She sat up and pointed to one of the
dressers in the large room where she had packed some of her things from Rah’s

“ Go ahead.”

Xena realized as she gave Diana the permission she was seeking to go and get
what she wanted. Diana jumped out of the bed and ran over to the dresser, she
opened one of the drawers where she thought the items were located....finally
she found them and retrieving them she glided back over to the bed and took
her place back next to Xena.

Xena watched Diana in both confusion and curiosity at what she was doing.
Diana sat Indian style as she begun to draw on a sand like board. She drew
with a curved tool with no obvious ink or lead or quill, yet it made all the
colors she needed.

Xena was enthralled by what she was seeing , she had never seen this tool
before, despite all of her travels. Xena watched as Diana drew the whole scene
of that first day they met, including Indite in the tree, and the young girl
dressed in green with blonde hair running to her parents arms and apparently

Xena reasoned it must have been the first thing Diana saw when she awoke in
this time. Xena smiled at the insight the picture was giving into Diana’s
first few minutes in this time. But she didn’t see how this was answering her
question so despite the fact she didn’t want Diana to stop she had to ask.

“ Sooo...how is this answering my question kitten?”

Diana held up her hand with on finger raised to indicate that Xena should wait
a few minutes more and she would see. Xena understood so despite her inpatient
history, she sat and watched and waited for Diana to finish her drawing.

Xena was amazed at the details of Diana’s drawing, and yet she was not
surprised by her skills. Diana was so much like herself it only made sense
that she would want to marry her, having like skills and yet being so
different in how she saw the world, with a child’s eyes , despite all of the
things she has been through, and seen, she still was able to maintain her
innocence. Xena was quite happy with that , but also concerned because she
knew it was those very qualities that made Diana vulnerable to hurt. Her
naivete, was what lead her to trust and because of it she would continue to
get hurt by others. Xena’s brows furrowed at the thought of others hurting
Diana. Diana happened t look up at the very moment Xena’s brows furrowed and
she knitted her own brow at the expression on Xena’s face. She touched Xena’s
arm to get her attention and Xena blinked and then looked up at Diana and
instantly knew that Diana must have saw her expression. So taking Diana’s hand
in her hand she kissed the palm and smiled and said,

“I was just thinking about something, it was nothing, honestly.”

Xena smiled and Diana looked a moment more and then inclining her head to
indicate are you sure, Xena answered with a firm .

“ Yes.”

Diana mouth,


Then lifting the drawing she handed it to Xena. Xena looked at the detailed
drawing of the whole first day up to the point of Diana being pinned against
the door inside of Xena’s chamber and Xena kissing her. Xena knitted her brows
at the editing of the drawing and looked up into Diana’s smiling eyes.

“ I don’t understand kitten?”

“You will Diana mouth.”

and with those mouth words she turned the drawing tool around so the curved
area was now against the drawing. Diana put it at the end of where she ended
her drawing and using the curved end of the tool she drew a twisted arrow, it
looked like a straighten out pretzel with a point on the end.

Diana then pressed into the arrow and had Xena do the same, and before Xena
knew it and to her utter amazement the picture begun to move, showing all of
the images Diana had drawn along with the sounds, and then at the end of
Diana’s drawing Diana took the picture and placed in on the floor leaning
against the wall and with another touch to a particular area the picture grew
and projected itself onto the wall.

Xena sat amazed, and kept looking between Diana and the image on the wall and
finally she said what she was thinking.

“ Amazing.”

Diana rendered a large smile on Xena who raised a brow at Diana for appearing
to taunt her at being surprised.

“ Come over here and sit down.”

Diana strided back over to the bed and sat next to Xena as they watch the
scene play out . it was just leaving the part where Xena had Diana pinned
against the wall. It was now about to show them what their lives would have
been like had Diana not escaped that first day.

“ So little one, we’re going to have a wonderful time , or at least I am, you
however may find it a bit .....well painful if you don’t do Exactly as I say.
Or if you break your oath.”

“ So I’m to be your SEX slave?”

“ Yes, and I am going to enjoy you.”

“ How do you know that?”

“ Let’s just say ....I can feel it.”

“ I see.”

“ No. I don’t think you do.”

“ Oh... but I do, you would be surprised at just how much I see.”

“ Is that right?”

“ yes, it is.”

“Your sooo..impudent for one so young. That could get you into a lot of
painful trouble with me.”

“ As if being kissed by you isn’t painful enough?”

“ hahahaha.......well your going to have a problem then if you think my kisses
are painful, I plan on taking you as often as the feeling hits me. Hmmm...now
that was interesting?”

“ What?”

“ You shivered just then, just as I said my plans for you.”

“ Because I’m disgusted by the thought of you on top of me.”

“ Nooo.....that’s not true, your eyes are quite easy to read, the thought of
me taking you actually excited you?”

“ You’ve lost your mind.”

“ Look at me and tell me that my touch doesn’t do anything for you....but
before you say anything, know that if you lie to me again I will punish you
for the next week hourly, using a leather strap, soooo. you either tell me the
truth or suffer for your lying, to which I have no patience for.”

“ I...”

“ You ...what?”

“ fine! Yes your touch does stir something in me, something unknown to me! But
it’s more like a curiosity than a longing of any sort. So don’t go thinking I
want you or some craziness.”

“ But you do want me enough to want to feel this....”

“ Ah! I don’t want to do this.”

“ Sure you do, at least a part of you does.”

Xena and Diana sat watching themselves and what their relationship would have
been like had it not gone the way it had. They watched as the Xena image
kissed and bit at the Diana image’s neck and ran her free hand over Diana’s
leathers at the chest area, they watched as Xena removed with some struggle
from Diana her armor and leather top.

Both Xena’s inhaled at the site of Diana’s nipples even though Xena of Diana’s
present had seen Diana’s nipples thousands of times. Diana looked over at Xena
as she saw Xena engrossed in what she was seeing, obviously turned on by it.

Diana watched both Xena’s responses as well as her images response, and she
could see herself responding exactly like what she was seeing. They sat and
watched Xena the image take ahold of Diana’s images breast with her free hand
and kneading it in her hand she moved her mouth over the taut peak.

Sucking hard, and greedily on the tantalizing nipple, she listened to the
sounds her sex slave was making and realized she was enjoying it despite
herself. Xena sat entranced by what she was seeing and the responsiveness of
Diana even as the slave.

Xena’s heartbeat increased as did her breathing and a flush made it’s way up
to her cheeks as she watched. Diana felt Xena’s increasing arousal, as her
abdomen begun to tighten in response to Xena’s body igniting it’s passion.

Diana didn’t move she sat and watched both Xena’s and her image’s actions.
They watched as Diana’s image appeared to be struggling between enjoying what
she was feeling or fighting against it.

“ You don’t know what you want to do, do you little one? Your really liking
what your feeling, what I’m making you feel. You can’t deny it, your body
tells me all I need to know, and it does excite me to know that your
attracted to me despite all of your bravado about how much you despise me.
Hahahaha.......your mine and you refuse to believe it. Funny how life works
isn’t it little one?”

“ I......I would appreciate it if you would let go of my arms.”

“ Sure....there how is that?”

“ Better....thank you.”

Both Diana and Xena noticed how breathless Diana’s image was as she tried to
compose herself in Xena’s presences. They watched as the Xena image turned and
walked away leaving Diana standing by the door.

They watched Xena tell Diana to come to her, and how Diana’s brows furrowed at
the order as well as how she chewed her lips as she walked slowly over to the
reclining Xena.

they watched Xena order Diana to strip and how Diana hesitated at first and
was then told to raise her skirt just above her thigh, and in so doing Xena
landed a solid smack to Diana’s thigh, causing Diana to jump at the acuity of
the pain that shot up her.

“ Now take it off.”


The two women sat and was riveted at what they were seeing and what Xena’s
reaction to Diana’s raised voice would be. The watched as Xena stood up and
circling around Diana as Diana tracked her with her eyes, and Xena came to
stop just behind her, they watched as Xena leaned forward and whispered into
Diana’s ears.

“ I think your trying to walk a line with me? I don’t like such things, I
expect for you to adhere to your oath to the letter, and just to remind you of
that I think this might help.”

The two women watched as Diana turned to defend herself only to have Xena land
a touch to her neck, They watched Diana fall to her knees as tears rolled from
her eyes and Xena sat back down on the sofa and reclined back as she waited
for Diana to apologize.

“ i’ll remove it the minute you apologize for raising your voice at Me The
Conqueror....it’s quite disrespectful, and I will have respect from you and
anyone else, but especially you little girl!”

“ I....I'm sorry....”

“ And.....?”

“ and it won’t happen agai...again .”

“ And???”

“ Gods! Forgive me?”

“ That’s better.”

They then saw Xena lean forward and retouch where she had touched only moments
before. Diana collapsed back onto her heels as she gasped for air. Xena then
ordered Diana once again to strip. This time Diana did as she was told and
Xena motioned for her to come and sit on the sofa beside her. Diana did as she
was told all the while obviously thinking of how to get away from Xena.

Xena immediately grabbed Diana by her hair and bent her back so as t have
Diana’s breast right at her mouths level. She seized the nipple and once again
begun to feast on it greedily, Diana once again found herself melting into the
sensations and it wasn’t until Xena begun to make dangerous moves towards her
flower that Diana decided to act.

the two women watched as the screen women performed. they watched how Diana
just as Xena was about to slid her fingers into her flower pushed Xena back
and jumped up and headed for the door yelling how she couldn’t. Both women
sat glued to the scene they were watching.

Just as Diana was about to reach the door Xena leaped off the sofa and grabbed
Diana’s long trailing hair and snatched her back from the door just as her
hand went to touch it. Xena tossed Diana back across the room by her hair and
stormed towards the stunned woman as she tried to shake off the unexpected
pull on her hair and head, as well as hitting her head on the wall she was
sitting against.

They watched as Diana struggled to get to her feet just as Xena came up on her
and grabbing her hair once again and pulling her head back to look up into
Xena’s scowling face.

“ You have No Choice slave! And if you ever do that again I promise I’ll make
your life a living hell. Do I make myself clear?!”

“ I just need sometime to adjust to all of this, I didn’t mean to offend you.”

“ Really?”

“ Yes. Give me a little time to adjust to this....before you take me, and who

“ Oh, I know, you’ll try to escape again?”

“ no...I won’t.”

“ I have your word on that?”

“ yes.”

‘ Prove it.”

“ how?”

“ kiss me.”

Diana tilted her head to do as she was told and thus their lips meant in yet
another unexpected pleasuring sensation to Diana. The Xena broke the kiss and
then whispered in Diana’s ear.

“ I will allow you time to adjust before I take your flower from you, but It
will cost you something.”

‘ What?”

“ If I allow you this time, then you must give yourself to me willingly?
Whenever I want ?”

“ Three months, give me that time to get use to this and to get to know you ?”

“ Too long! 1 month.”

“ two months and I am no longer considered your slave?”

“ Hmmm...you are ambitious aren’t you? I’ll compromise, you willingly come to
me and offer yourself to me in a month and a half , and swear that you will
NEVER leave me unless I say it’s ok, and you will fight for me as a warrior
honor bound to defend Me to the death, then I will grant you your freedom from
being My slave right now and allow you the freedom to get to know me. But you
will still do exactly what I say....deal?”

Both Diana and Xena sat holding their breaths as they waited for Diana’s image
to give her answer.

“ Deal.”

“ YES!

“ YES!”

Both Xena’s exclaimed as Diana looked at the real Xena with a look of what
does that mean? Xena blushed at her response and then told Diana to turn it
off for now.
Diana did as she was asked and then returned to the bed and sat down facing
the still blushing Xena.

“ You want to know why I said that, don’t you?”

Diana nodded her head and Xena smiled and then laughed out loud.

“ Don’t you get it kitten?”

Diana shook her head side to side and Xena found herself charmed by the fact
that diana was still so emotional over her proposal, which served to make
Xena’s heart fly once again.

“ Everything we’ve been told and everything we’ve felt since we first met all
point to the same thing.”

Diana raised her brows as she waited for Xena’s answer.

“ It was indeed fated or destiny that we met and got together, even with the
change in some aspects of our alternate selves we still found a way to agree
to try a relationship, which I assumed we would have gotten to this point

Diana smiled at Xena’s conclusion and wrapped her arms around her neck and
planted a sensual kiss on her. Xena moaned at the thrill it sent through her
body. She smiled into their kiss, and soon they were once again making love.

end of part 24
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