Just The Beginning

by Vertigo



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"Hurry up Gabrielle. It's getting dark and I know you want to finish that scroll."

"Ok. Almost done"

Xena looked over her shoulder towards the lake. She wanted nothing more than to stand there and watch her bard bathe. But for the last few days all she heard about was that gods forsaken scroll. She shivered as a chilly breeze blew by. "C'mon" she yelled behind her, "the weather is turning"

"In a minute. Could you get me my hair tie? It’s in my pack"

Xena rummaged through the bag. *Tartarus! What ISN'T in here?* she thought. Frustrated and shivering, she unceremoniously dumped the contents in the dirt. *Aha! There it is* While she was shoving everything back inside, a stiff wind picked up the dirt around her. Xena wiped the last bit of dust out of her eyes in time to see Gabrielle's treasured work in progress taken by the wind, and hovering dangerously near the fire. She started after it only to watch as it dropped right into the flames. *Damn, damn, damn!* She ran back to the bag, cramming the scattered belongings inside just in time.

"Xena! What did you do? There must be two handfuls of dirt in there now!"

"Well, it WAS way on the bottom." She offered up the leather thong, looking quite guilty. "You get dried off. I'm going to check around"

"Great. I think I'll have enough light to finish my scroll tonight. "Gabrielle said excitedly. When she turned to fetch the parchment, she stepped smack into armor. "Zeus Xena! I hate when you do that!" She stepped left, Xena stepped left. She tried the right... same thing. "Uh, Xena, I can't get to my bag." Again she tried to no avail. "Xena... if you'd rather dance..."

"You know Gabrielle..." Xena faked a yawn, "...woo, am I beat...yes sir..." I'm betting that you must be really tired too. What with all that walking..."

She tried not to, but it really is contagious. Gabrielle yawned.

"I'm surprised you can stand up at all..." Xena continued. "C'mon, lets call it an early night."

"Xena," the bard eyed her over emoting lover suspiciously, "what’s wrong with you?"

"Nothings wrong. Can't I be tired? Besides I know you want to cuddle. You know that spot right here" she pointed to the space between her left breast and shoulder, "where your head fits so perfectly."

It was very tempting. Shaking her head Gabrielle sat on her heels next to her now reclining lover. "What are you up to warrior?" she asked curiously.

"I said nothing is wrong with me. Can't we just cuddle?" Xena sat up on her knees in an attempt to pull her bard down, but she had saw and heard enough.

"OK Xena, what in Tartarus is going on?!" she demanded. "You're exhausted...?" she gestured at Xena who was now leaning backwards a bit. "…You want to cuddle!? We just spent the last 4 days at an inn doing nothing but relaxing and..." *Uh oh* Xena winced . She saw the finger coming and was already bent over backwards at an uncomfortable angle, "...CUDDLING!" Xena fell over onto her back, her legs trapped painfully underneath. When she finally righted herself, she saw Gabrielle rooting through her pack mumbling. In a heartbeat, Xena swept the bard off her feet planting a very passionate kiss on her mouth.

The bag dropped to the dirt. Slightly distracted, but not fooled, Gabrielle broke the kiss and was about to pull away when a pair of soft lips found a very sensitive spot on her neck She leaned into the sensation and wrapped her legs around her warriors waist.

"Xena, mmm, what's gotten into you tonight?" The lips were working their way across her throat.

"You've gotten into me my love."

Now a hot tongue was winding its way around Gabrielle's ear. She shivered from the heat against her cold skin. *Something’s definitely up* she thought, *this is one great big cover up. But for what?* She shuddered again from the wet mouth now on her shoulder.

Xena didn't want to lie. But she really didn't want to tell the truth either. She sighed inwardly. *Ok. Better get this over with* She was about to speak when a rather sensuous moan breathed sooo close to her ear changed her mind completely. Slowly she lowered them to the blankets, pulling one up over

Gabrielle's shoulders. She licked and nipped her way down between the beautiful breasts. The blanket surrounded her upper body. Xena was in Elysia. There she was, her face buried in the sweet flesh she worshipped, strong legs wrapped tightly around her back, and the warmth from her lover’s center pressing rhythmically into her stomach. She could feel her own wetness start to flow.

"Gods I want you Gabrielle" Xena breathed against a very tight nipple.

Gabrielle was at war with her body. A first, she was going to use Xena's passion to her own advantage. She purposely wrapped the blanket around Xena, so she wouldn't be tempted to see the warrior make love to her breasts. Xena worshipped them. And Gabrielle loved to watch. Reaching orgasm at times from the sight and sounds alone. Now she needed a clear head. She knew Xena's own ability to think clearly diminished with every groan. And by now she was quite far gone.

"Oh Xena...so good."

The bard reached down wrapping her fingers in wet hair, urging her on with an arched back. Xena grunted, She pushed her hand down over a muscled abdomen. As much as she wanted to continue relishing the nipple she was licking, it was becoming hard to breathe under the thick blanket and she was really beginning to sweat. She lowered Gabrielle down on her back. She felt the hands grip her hair tighter. Crouching down, she lifted the bard's sleep shift up over her hips inhaling deeply. The scent making her lightheaded.

"Gods, you smell so good."

She ran her hands up Gabrielle's thighs and bent her head down for a taste. Her tongue touched the wet curls, And then lower. As she was just about to taste what she was desiring she was dragged up out of the blanket...by her ears.

Xena's tongue was still hanging out and the chilly air caused steam to rise off of her overheated body. Gabrielle almost felt sorry for her. She wrapped the blankets around her stunned partner.

Xena had just remembered to close her mouth when...

"No, keep it out." Gabrielle flashed a seductive grin. "You want a taste?"

Xena shook her head. She watched as the bard's hand disappeared between them. She closed her eyes and groaned when the fingers touched her tongue.

"You like?.... Want more?" Xena shook her head furiously. If she had to admit it, she *liked* this little game. "Okay, first you have to tell me what you're hiding from me…" The hand disappeared and came back glistening "...then I decide if you get more."

The scent of the bard was beginning to make Xena's mouth water and if there's one thing the former Destroyer of Nations does not do...its drool. She closed her mouth to swallow and found out soon enough that was not in the rules.

Gabrielle yanked Xena's head to face and spoke right into her ear. "You didn't answer me, AND I didn't say you could swallow yet."

With the first tug on her hair, Xena felt herself get even wetter. *This is new* she thought, *Go with it* And she played along like a good little warrior. Xena lowered her head and closed her eyes.

"Good girl. Now, do you have something to tell me?" Xena shook her head no. She felt the grip tighten in her hair and her head jerked back.

Gabrielle trailed her wet fingers along Xena's lips. She tried to catch them with her tongue. "Uh uh uh" she teased, "you haven't earned it yet."

Xena whimpered. She really, really liked this game. Aroused beyond belief with the bard’s role of dominance, She decided to be bad.

Gabrielle noticed the defiant smirk and it made her shiver. *How does she DO that? * She wondered.

"On your knees, warrior."

Xena obeyed.

"Hands behind your back, and don't move a muscle."

Gabrielle drank in the sight before her. Her gorgeous Xena kneeling naked on the ground, head bowed and hands behind her back. She was stunned at the submission displayed to her, yet incredibly turned on knowing that she could do just about anything she desired. Oh and she desired. So much so, that she hadn't even realized that she was touching herself until she heard the strangled groan from the warrior.

Xena thought she might explode. She watched as Gabrielle stood up and ogled her. Raising her eyes she was looking right into wet red curls. When she saw the bard’s fingers absently stroking herself, she heard the blood rushing to her head.

"Oh, you like that do you?" teased the bard, moving closer to Xena's face, " I didn't know you liked to watch..." She pushed down between Xena's shoulders until she was on all fours. "Here, now you have a better view." She lay down and brought her knees up so her sex was on display.

Xena watched as Gabrielle took her left hand and opened herself up and her right hand snake around her leg lightly stroking from top to bottom. She whimpered like a dog. She was being tormented, and gods help her, loving it. The way Gabrielle positioned her hands, Xena had a clear view of everything. She saw the wetness seeping out and watched as Gabrielle slowly teased herself. Around, above and below, but never touched her clit. Xena could see it twitch in time with her own. She groaned again.

"Xena, pay attention..." her breathing was getting labored. "I can see your arms shaking.." she circled two fingers around her opening,"…You want to touch me ...inside me.." she slowly inserted her fingers to the second knuckle, "…oooh...you wish this was your tongue...mmm, tasting me .." Gabrielle had never

felt a rush like this in her life! She swore that she could feel Xena's eyes as they bore into her. Xena's legs were shaking now too.

"Oh yes... all the way inside..." she pushed the fingers all the way in lifting her hips high. With her shoulders on the ground she started to pump slowly in and out.

If she stuck out her tongue, Xena could touch Gabrielle's clit with it. That’s how close she was. Gabrielle had been avoiding it so she could prolong her pleasure. But it was killing Xena. (She just knew that this sight would pop into her head at the worst times.) Xena breathed out a long shaky breath, causing Gabrielle to jump. "Oh Xena..." she began fucking herself faster. Xena willed all her strength not to lunge forward and devour.

"…Yes...gods...oh..." Gabrielle began thrusting her hips harder and higher each time her fingers filled her.

Xena lost her mind. Unable to just watch anymore, she stuck out her tongue. It was like electricity shot through the bard and into her mouth. Gabrielle's eyes flew open and fixed on Xena's. "AAHH!... OH GODS.."

Xena wrapped her lips around the ignored bit of flesh and sucked it in.

"...YES...XENA!" Gabrielle screamed and came, shaking violently.

Xena backed off and tried to look as innocently as possible. On the edge of orgasm herself, she tried breathing as normal as possible. When Gabrielle stopped spasming enough to sit up, she pushed Xena back on her heels.

Amazed that Xena was still going along with this, Gabrielle flashed a wicked little grin.

Xena on the other hand, had to stare at the dirt in fear. If she closed her eyes, well, she knew what she'd see. If she looked up and so much as SAW that pretty little pink tongue, it would be game over. This was all new to her. Who knew Gabrielle had it in her? *And who knew I'd like it THIS much?* Xena peeked between her own legs and saw just how much she did like it, and shuddered.

"...Warrior...I'm talking to you."

"I'm sorry"

"I asked if you think you earned that taste you stole"

Xena looked sheepishly at her queen and unconsciously licked her lips.

"Well I see you enjoyed it anyway. Gabrielle got on her knees behind Xena and pressed her naked body up against the trembling warrior. She rubbed her cheek between the tight shoulders taking little tastes here and there. She whispered into Xena's ear "Don't move." She then slowly stood up rubbing her breasts along the spots she just tasted, until she was able to grab that blanket. Wrapping it around the both of them, she spoke again. "Tell me what you want."

Xena groaned. She couldn't tell her what she wanted.

Gabrielle backed up, breaking contact. "Then show me, like I showed you."

She wanted this power over Xena to last but she was still afraid that Xena didn't want to be taken. At least the way she wanted to take her.

Xena reached behind her for the bard’s hands and brought them around to her breasts. She wrapped her hands around the smaller ones and pushed them hard into her sensitive nipples, moaning loud.

Gabrielle bit her bottom lip to stop from screaming. This is unbelievable! She was living out her fantasy and Xena wanted it! She pulled roughly at the hard nipples and bit firmly on the neck in front of her. She never dreamed Xena would allow herself to be claimed in this way. Gabrielle sucked on the flesh in her mouth drawing a gasp from her warrior. Her fingertips burned as Xena guided her left hand down her body.

Every part of Xena's body that Gabrielle touched was twitching in anticipation. Her right hand left the breast she was grasping and grabbed a handful of sweat soaked hair, pulling Xena's head sideways Xena grunted and pushed herself harder into the body behind her. Gabrielle started biting and sucking a path down the exposed neck. She paused.

"You want it Xena...?" There was a whimper and she felt her left hand being pressed into a river of wetness. "...You have to tell me what you want..." Gabrielle needed to hear it. She pulled her left hand away and tightened the grip in her right.

"NO!" Xena begged

"Then tell me Xena.." she demanded, "tell me what you want.."

"Fuck me Gabrielle.." she half groaned, "please... I need you"

The bard stopped breathing. Xena was begging HER, to fuck her. Her heart was pounding. She started a slow grind into Xena's backside. Gabrielle let Xena take control of her left hand again, feeling it enveloped in liquid fire. She rubbed it back and forth across the bundle of nerves causing Xena to rock her hips hard, thus increasing the pleasure on her own center. Gabrielle positioned three fingers just outside of where Xena wanted it most. She needed to look into those eyes. Twisting fingers in the long black locks to turn Xena's face towards her own, she gasped. The view was magnificent. She could see clear down the gorgeous body writhing against her. Xena was pulling and twisting her own nipples and sweat trickled down her torso. Gabrielle looked into the pleading deep blue eyes of her warrior. "Tell me again." She wiggled her fingers. Xena inhaled sharply.

"Fuck me Gabrielle"

Xena's eyes rolled and she cried out as three fingers plunged deep inside her. Her head slammed back into Gabrielle's shoulder and a strong arm wrapped around and grabbed her head.


The bard struggled to to hold the dead weight of her warrior against her. She wanted to burn the sight and sounds of this moment in her mind. Looking down along the length of their bodies made her rub her sex up and down Xena's flexing cheeks faster. It was positively carnal.

"Oh Xena...yes...feel me fuck you.."

Xena was past ecstasy. She pulled Gabrielle down for a kiss. Her mouth conveyed the same urgency as her body. She could feel the heat radiating from her core travel all over her body. She couldn't control her whimpers and moans and had no idea what this was doing to her lover.

Both women picked up their pace. Gabrielle could feel Xena's muscles start to twitch. Her own body trembling with anticipation. She threw her head back in pleasure. They were grunt for groan and each fed off the others need for release.

"Gabrielle...look, ...look at me...." As Xena's body began to tense and shake she grasped at red hair and fell into her lover’s eyes. With the most languid of groans, and with startling force, the warrior succumbed to the breathtaking orgasm she so needed.

Gabrielle drowned in the depths of emotion Xena wanted to share. Staring into her eyes right then was like feeling her release. She was well into her own climax when Xena let go the most sensual groan, sending her into another shuddering release before the first one was even done.

Xena turned and gathered her bard to her chest. They lay down in each other’s arms and savored the afterglow. After a long while, Gabrielle propped herself up on her elbow and just watched her warrior breathe.

"Thank you", she whispered.

"Me?? I should be thanking you." Xena turned to look at her bard. "Its just...wow. I never thought you had it in you." She chuckled at Gabrielle's blush.

"Neither did I. I think I liked it though. I know you did." she wiggled her eyebrows.

"Yeah well it was certainly new. But I don't know if I can live through another one of those." Xena flopped herself back down. "I think my heart stopped." she pulled Gabrielle down on her shoulder and covered them up snug.

The bard nestled in that spot she fits in so perfectly. They both sighed contentedly.

"Xena, by the way, what made you act like that in the first place?"

Xena swallowed hard. "Uh, yeah, that. See you know that scroll you were working on?"

"Go on..."

"Well was it really so important because..."

"What do you mean *was*?"

"Well it accidentally flew into the fire…"

Gabrielle was up in a flash and digging in the saddlebags for the scroll. "Xena I can't believe you..." There it was, just where she left it. Puzzled, she looked at her personal pack and giggled. Xena watched as the shopping list burned. Xena sat up as the bard returned to her side.

"Gabrielle sweetie, I'm really sorry. I'll make it up to you."

Gabrielle tried to explain. "Xena, you don't have to apologize..."

"No I was wrong for spilling your belongings all over in the first place. I'll do whatever you want. Anything"

*Anything?* the bard thought. *Whoa, this is a good thing* she grinned

"Ok Xena. I'll just have to think about it."

"About what?" Xena looked sideways at her.

"About the many ways you'll make it up to me."

Xena shivered at the thought. She was about to protest when she felt a familiar tingle.

"You're right Gabrielle, I've been a bad warrior."

The bard narrowed her eyes at her lover. An evil little glint shone in Xena's eye. Gabrielle grinned wide. This was only the beginning.

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