Just The Beginning: The Sequel

by Vertigo



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"I've been a bad warrior"

The words played through Gabrielle's mind yet again. It had been two full days since she'd seen Xena. And 10 since she said those words. They traveled as usual, taking on the errant warlord wannabe or two, and helping the less fortunate. Sure they made love since that night. They christened at least half of the Grecian countryside. But they hadn't made love like THAT again. And Gabrielle was really feeling the need to control her warrior. But how was she going to initiate that? It had to be the right mood. She had to have her warrior at her mercy before she'd give in to submission. She wanted Xena to beg. How was she going to do that? The last two nights had been rough as Gabrielle dropped into the seediest of places and heard bits of nasty conversations that would make even Aphrodite blush. *Ok, talking dirty was one thing. I'd get a mouth full of soap if I said that!* The bard tried on all the latest leather in "Harlots R Us" *Nope. I feel like Callisto!* (She did buy a lovely little harness though.) She tried everything she could think of. She was about to give up. Sitting down in Cyrene's inn, she waited for her lover to return. She was due any time now. Cyrene had sent Xena on some sort of a quest for a particular food two or three towns away. To be honest, Gabrielle hadn't been paying much attention to anyone lately as her desires kept her very busy. She could hear Argo approaching and her heart began to race. *Ok bard, do your thing.*

Nearing Amphipolis, Xena's anticipation peaked. She had wanted nothing more than to be alone in the inn with her bard. Naked would be good. All she was able to think about was Gabrielle. Gabrielle in the kitchen, Gabrielle in the woods, Gabrielle against a tree. That particular memory made her pulse race even higher. She walked in loaded down with sacks. Dropping them in the kitchen, Cyrene pulled her back from her beeline to the bard.

"Xena, Gabrielle has not been herself lately. Something is keeping her pre-occupied. Would you know what it is?"

Xena peeked out the door at the bard. If the look in her eyes meant anything, then yes, she knew exactly what was plaguing Gabrielle. It was the same thing that caused her to walk into a wall yesterday. Need. It was like a drug. Xena actually made a huggy pillow out of the bards blanket to sleep last night. Sleeping with the scent of Gabrielle and sex made for some interesting dreams. All of which she would like to try right now. She told her mom that she'll take care of it and strode out the door. Xena stopped in her tracks and sighed. Gabrielle was surrounded by a bunch of kids all eager for her to finish her story - one that Gabrielle tried desperately to avoid. Xena wiggled her way in and plopped herself down on the seat next to her bard. Gabrielle dropped her hand under the table and gently ran her fingers up and down Xena's thigh. Getting closer to the heat she could feel pouring out of her warrior. Xena closed her eyes and breathed heavily out of her nose. She leaned her face next to the storyteller's ear and whispered, "I'll get you for this Gabrielle."

It looked like she hadn't heard anything. But the bard certainly did. She had her hopes on taming her warrior, but having her so close now, and feeling her breath... *No, I am going to do this.* Determined, she continued to tease Xena under the table. Barely able to concentrate, let alone speak, Gabrielle began the game.

Xena on the other hand, was getting to the point where this table might be a very good place to ravish the woman. Her breeches were soaked. They had been the whole day. Gabrielle's fingers were making her stomach clench, and THAT'S not a good thing. She removed the questing fingers and held them tightly to her leg. Breathing a sigh of relief, she closed her eyes and rested her head against the wall. It felt like Gabrielle was breathing in her ear. *Gods what she does to me*

"I want you warrior"

Xena's eyes shot open and she banged her head on the wall, startling the children. She smiled sheepishly at the bunch and closed her eyes again.

"I want to make you beg"

There it was again. Was she really saying this? Or was this what she wanted to hear. She peeked at Gabrielle and saw the flush of embarrassment at her own words. *Oh yeah. She's playing tonight* thought Xena. *Ok my bard, give me all you got* She squeezed Gabrielle's hand in encouragement.

"What do you want Xena. What makes you scream take me?'

Oh this was working very well. Gabrielle could see her warrior's nostrils flare. Dividing her attention between the children and Xena was getting very difficult.

"Should I taste you...or touch you?"

Judging by the breathing sounds next to her, Gabrielle had minimal time to end her story and get into Xena's bedroom. She finished with a flourish and turned to her warrior, who was oblivious to the fact they were alone.

"Xena, I want to fuck you as soon as I can ...and as hard as I can."

Xena's inner muscles tensed and Gabrielle could see her squeeze her thighs together in need. *Ok Warrior Princess, you are mine*

"Is that what you want. To feel me inside you?"

Xena whimpered her response and squeezed her legs together tightly. She remembered, if she doesn't answer, she doesn't get. She really tried to talk, but only groaned. Her hand was led up under Gabrielle's skirt and she felt the leather straps, and what they were holding. Her pulse doubled when she realized it was for her. Releasing the object, and grabbing a hand she dragged Gabrielle into the room.

Once inside, Xena backed up against the door and took a deep breath. Gabrielle's words alone had put her in this condition. She needed to remain in control of herself if she wanted what she felt a moment ago. There was something on her calf, working its way up. Submission was going to be harder than she thought.

The bard was completely naked, except for her present. On her knees, tasting her way up her rigid warrior. Feeling the power behind the tense thighs made her palms sweat. The battle skirt was on the floor. She stood up to remove the armor and saw Xena's eyes closed tight, fighting for composure. When the armor hit the floor, Xena took in a ragged breath. Gabrielle feared she pushed too far and backed away a step. Relieved blue eyes pinned her. The bard shook in the gaze.

"Is this what you want?" she whispered

"Please don't touch me yet, just talk."

"Tell you what I want to do to you?" she asked

"Anything. I want to feel your voice."

Xena took another breath and watched her lover's mouth twist into an evil grin. She knew that feeling well. The one where you know you are in complete control. The one that made her smile with all her teeth while in battle. She loved that feeling. There was nothing else that made her feel that rush of adrenaline. Except for the one she had now. Gabrielle stood by the bed and patted the mattress.

"Come, take your leather off and lay on your stomach." Xena did. The bard straddled waiting body and leaned down to her ear. Never once touching skin.

"I know you don't want me to touch you, but I can smell you." She brought her face between Xena's shoulders and inhaled her way down until she reached the small of her back.

"I am going to taste you. Do you think you can control yourself?"

Xena nodded and tensed her body, not knowing where she would be tasted. "Good. It would be a shame if I had to use this on myself" Gabrielle poked the phallus between Xena's legs. The warrior jumped and groaned. Xena felt the wet tongue go from her shoulder blades down to the cleft in her cheeks. From there it went down further and she held her breath as it ever so lightly licked the length of her sex. She pushed her hips down into the bed.

"Do I have to put you on your knees warrior?"

*MMMM, yeah* Xena wanted to be on her knees. "Yes, my Queen."

Gabrielle lay on top of the twitching back and wrapped her arms underneath. With a jerk of her hips, the toy banged hard into Xena and she lifted them both up with a grunt. Gabrielle felt an almost painful sting of arousal. She draped herself over the warrior and began to grind her hips, smearing her present in the abundant juices. Xena shoved her face into the mattress and screamed. She could come right now.

"Is this what you want Xena? You want me to take you like this?"

"YES! Gods please keep talking."

"Do you want it inside of you? Would you like me to fuck you with it?"

"YES!! Please...please Gabrielle"

Gabrielle was flying so high, the inn could crash down around them and she wouldn't know, or care. She was going to take Xena. She begged. Twice. She was lying down on her face with her ass in the air and she was begging. The bard was in control. And out of control. "Here it comes Xena," she warned, drawing back and positioning herself. With one forceful plunge, she growled and buried it all the way inside her warrior.

Xena bit the sheet and bucked backwards. The hands on her shoulders grabbed both of her breasts. Holding onto them for leverage. She felt them being pulled as Gabrielle exited, and squeezed as she entered. *Overload* she thought between cries. *Please don't talk now my bard.*

Gabrielle buried her face in the warrior's neck. The harness pressing into her a little less at this angle. Still driving her crazy. She was grunting and groaning into Xena's ear. She heard the whimper and lost control again.

"I'm fucking you Xena. How does it feel?"

Xena whined and bit her lip. She wanted to scream her reply but continued to whine. Gabrielle was starting to shake.

"I can make you come over and over if I want to. Come for me now."

And she did. Xena pushed hard into Gabrielle and shook all over with her pleasure. But the bard didn't stop. She stilled her hips momentarily with her own orgasm but was lost in the power of control. She thought Xena was beautiful when she came. And she had to see it this time. She slapped a limp thigh and said, "Turn over sexy. I'm not done yet."

Xena raised up on shaky arms and turned herself over. The bard never withdrew and didn't change her position. This made the object touch places inside that made the warrior gasp. *I'm good to go* she thought. *Bring it on my Queen*

Gabrielle was breathless from the beauty of it all. Xena looked so hot, so edible, and so damned sexy right now. Her hair was stuck to her face, her eyes burning with passion, her legs spread wide, and her breasts moving rapidly as she caught her breath.

"I love you so much Xena."

"I love you more My Queen."

Gabrielle lifted Xena's leg and placed it over her shoulder, licking behind the knee in the process. She then leaned in close until their mounds touched. Xena drew a sharp breath at the contact. The bard started to rock gently into her love. Xena reached up and traced the red lips above her. Gabrielle licked and sucked it until she was pulled down by her neck in a hot kiss. She melted into the kiss for a second before she realized what just happened. Breaking away, she pulled back and out, causing Xena to moan at the loss.

"You forget who's in charge warrior?"

Xena mentally kicked herself at her mistake.

"Forgive me. I was wrong." She watched Gabrielle take hold of the phallus and bring it nearer to where she needed it. Afraid to speak, she looked into dark green and pleaded with her eyes. The phallus touched the tip of her clit. She tried to stay still, but failed. She felt the hardness travel up and down her sex.

"Oh Xena, you are so wet. You want this."

Gabrielle circled the opening painfully slow, watching the muscles respond to her teasing. Xena groaned loudly and her hip rocked to make more contact. The phallus was glistening and Gabrielle wrapped her hand around it. Bringing the tasty fingers to her mouth she licked each one as if it were her last meal. Xena's eyes fluttered closed.

"Open up. Taste yourself."

Xena sucked on the offering and soon found her mouth covered in a heated kiss. She tentatively touched the bard's hip, and lifted her own sending a signal of need.

Gabrielle entered Xena swiftly and sucked her tongue into her mouth swallowing the cries of her warrior. The leg over her shoulder squeezed her tightly. She loved having Xena like this. Open and willing. She pumped faster. Xena was so responsive when she spoke. She vowed to talk more often. The warrior was grabbing at the bedsheets now. She pumped faster. She heard a strangled breath.

Xena looked down at their sweat-slicked bodies, writhing sensuously against each other. She wanted to feel Gabrielle inside of her. She met the thrusting hips harder. She wanted to have the whole of her inside. She wrapped her other leg around her Queen's back and pulled her in tight, their flesh meeting with an audible smack. The strength behind them threatening to knock her off the bed, she grabbed on to the sheets with both hands.

"Look at me warrior. Don't come until I say."

Gabrielle was playing with fire and she knew it. She wasn't going to last much longer herself. The sweat was dripping off her onto Xena's chest. The way their bodies were slamming together, she felt like she was going to pass out. She looked between them at her curls meeting black ones and at the phallus going in and out. *Oh dear gods don't look at that* she stopped herself - but not for long.

"Gabrielle...?" Xena panted

"Don't you dare..."

Xena could feel her inner muscles grabbing at the invasion. She willed herself not to come. She breathed deeply in and out trying to make it go away. It wasn't working. All she could think about was the pounding pressure between her legs. Then it happened....

"...I'm not done fucking you."

Lights exploded behind Xena's eyes and she let loose a groan from the bottom of her soul. She wrapped her arms around her bard and held on tight. Gabrielle stilled their movements but the way Xena's body was convulsing it didn't matter. The warrior's series of orgasms shot into the bard and soon she was screaming Xena's name. Gabrielle couldn't take the sensations and was soon begging hoarsely for Xena to let go of her. As soon as Xena let go of the bard, they were able to calm down. Xena rolled over onto her stomach and wouldn't let Gabrielle touch her for a while. The aftershocks were making the whole bed move. This was fine with Gabrielle. If Xena so much as looked at her right now, she would faint dead away.

Later, when they awoke in each other's arms, Xena sat up with a painful groan. Gabrielle looked questioningly at her lover. Xena flopped back on her back and grimaced.

"Baby, I don't think I'll be a bad warrior again."

"EVER?" Gabrielle panicked

"Well maybe not ever." Xena kissed her sweetly. "You, however," she continued, "are a very...bad...bard"

"Oh?" She gulped. "Xena? What happens to very bad bards?"

"Use your imagination..." She smirked.

"That's what I was afraid of." The bard mumbled

"Be afraid Gabrielle, be very afraid." She purred.

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