By D.virtue


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3. Violence: This story contains scenes of graphic violence, at least I think
it's graphic, as well as the possibility of sexual violence.
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5. This is for the most part an alternative piece of writing


“ Yes Lisa, I can see how you could feel that way, but that doesn’t mean you
should just let it go? You shouldn’t just give it up, just because your
husband wants you two to have children, you can always have the children and
stay home and raise them until they are ready for school, and then return to
your career, or maybe he could take off and stay with the children, where does
it say it has to be the woman who does?”

“ Your right Xena, but I know he wouldn’t want to do that, he’s sort of
a.....well, I don’t have your boldness about things, he’s so verbal

“ Lisa I’ve never met your husband before, but I’m sure he would be reasonable
about the idea of him staying home, especially since it was his idea in the
first place to have children, and for one of you to stay home?”

“ Yes, but he didn’t exactly say one of us, he sort of”

“ What?”

“ Well the whole Idea of children was his idea, I told him I didn’t want any
but he wants them so badly.”

Xena sat back in her chair as she studied the young woman in front of her, she
still had times where she thought about how she had come to be in the future,
working as a Dr. in her own Cardiology Practice, with others who had join her
in her practice.

One minute she was talking with Gabrielle in one of Greece's taverns about
some of the places they had been since they had met, then the maiden fate
appeared and summoned her to step outside along with Gabrielle so they could
speak alone.

“ Your the Maiden aren’t you?” Xena asked of the young girl.

“ Yes.”

“ What do you want?”

“ Your help.”

“ My help, why?”

“ Because it is part of your destiny.”

“ My Destiny?” Xena said with sarcasm in her voice. “ I don’t like this

“ It is not for you to like, but to do. If you don’t help your destiny will be
forever changed.”

“ Well, it can’t get any worse than what I’ve already been through in my

“ It can and it will if you do not help.”

“ I make my own destiny.” Xena stated willfully.

“ No, you choose your fate, the universe sets your destiny.”

“ Xena maybe we should listen to her, I mean what harm could it do, I remember
you told me once that they granted you the gift to go home and have your
brother back, but because of me, you lost it all once again, I don’t think she
means us any harm?”

“ Well....alright we’ll listen, but we’re not promising anything.”

“ Very well. I will tell the Gods that you are willing to listen.” The Maiden
said as she faded from their view.

“ Wow! Xena, this is exciting, imagine, The Gods wants our help. What do you
think it is about?”

“ I don’t know, but I don’t think both of us will like it.” Xena stated

“ Xena.” Gabrielle said with a sigh.

“ Well, that’s the feeling I have.” Xena stated somewhat defensively, at the
attitude Gabrielle now took on.

Xena noticed that Gabrielle had become irritated more easily by her
pessimistic outlook, and she knew it was one of the reasons why she and
Gabrielle had backed off of the direction their relationship was going, and
although Xena was hurt by it, she didn’t say anything, she actually understood
Gabrielle’s feelings, but she also knew herself, and her outlook on life was
based more on reality than on optimism and trust of others.

The time while Gabrielle and her were together, Xena was tender and loving,
and gentle with her, but it was her outlook that always came between them and
one day Gabrielle came to her with tears in her eyes. She told her that night
that while she loved her, and she knew she loved her as well, she couldn’t
continue in their relationship because of her constant pessimism.

That night they consoled each other, but the next day was different for them,
and had been different for the last year, but they overcame the pain, and were
able to continue as great friends.

“ So what do you think The Gods want?”

“ I don’t know, but I wish they would hurry up and tell us so we can get on
with our lives, I hate waiting around for others, especially The Gods.” Xena
said with frustration, as she finished pouring herself some more tea by the
campfire they were camped out by.

“ Well I have to admit, so am I. When do you think they’ll tell us?”

“ I don’t know, but it better be soon.”

That night when they were settling down, Gabrielle writing in her scroll, and
Xena honing her sword as they always did before turning in for the night,
although Xena would make one more check around their campsite before going to
sleep, they were into their routine and as they were, Aphrodite suddenly
appeared in their campsite.

“ Well babes what’s up?”

Xena felt her coming before she appeared and she just looked up over her
brows, despite Gabrielle’s startled response to her appearance.

“ Aphrodite. What do you want?”

“ I’ve come to take you to see Zeus.”

“ Zeus?!! Really? The King Of The Gods?! Hercules father? Your Father?!!”
Gabrielle exclaimed excitedly as she came to her feet.

“ Yes, take a chill hon. Ready?”

“ YES!” Gabrielle a little less excited.

“ It’s about time.” Xena sighed.

The two women were taken from their camp and they all reappeared in front of
Zeus, along with many of the other Gods.

“ Welcome ladies.”

“ Yea,yea,yea, hello, now what do you want?” Xena wasted no time getting right
to the point.

“ Hmm...okay, I can see your not one for talk, so I will get right to the

“ Good.”

“ The other day the Kronos stone was taken by a visitor to Mt Olympus.”

“ So, it’s not the first time you lost that stone, and we all had to risk our
lives to get it back. This time I have no interest, so if that’s all, we’ll
just be going.”

“ No that’s not all Xena. This time it’s not the Titans we have to worry
about, it’s all of creation.”

“ Creation? Your exaggerating just to get us to help you, right?” Gabrielle
asked hoping he was.

“ No.”

“ Then why don’t you Gods go after it?” Xena asked with sarcasm.

“ Because the person who took it has the hinds blood with them.”

“ So your scared.”

“ Xena we are Gods who have our responsibilities here, if something happens to
anyone of us, the aftereffects will be felt by every mortal in one way or

“ So why ask us, why not your son?”

“ Because he doesn’t believe that The Gods are needed, and we don’t have time
to convince him.”

“ What makes you think I don’t agree with him?”

“ Because, despite the fact that my NEPHEW has been a constant thorn in your
side, I know you don’t believe we are useless.”

“ So where is the person who stole the stone?” Xena asked practically.

“ He went into the future.”

“ Where?”

“ We don’t know, all we know is that he is in some city in the America’s”

“ So how long do I have to find him?”

“ You mean we?” Gabrielle interjected.

Xena gave her a look, and then she nodded her head.

“ As long as it takes.”

“ So I take it he has not made any direct threat?” Xena reasoned based off of
Zeus answer to her question of time.

“ No, but he knows he holds the key to destroying everything and everyone.”

“ So.” Gabrielle added not understanding the urgency, if no threat were made.

“ Gabrielle, to know you hold the key to destroying all, is a great
temptation, especially if one is able to focus the effects of the Stone so
that it only destroys what one chooses, thereby making it a very dangerous
weapon in anyone’s hands other than whom it was entrusted to.” Xena explained.

Gabrielle looked at her and then she looked thoughtfully at The Gods who were
all gathered, then she said, “ Ok, then we have to get it back.”

Xena placed her hand on Gabrielle’s shoulder and gave a squeeze and then
turned her attention back to the Gods.

“ So how are we suppose to find this person?”

“ You have to integrate into the society there.”

“ What? How long do you think we’ll be there?”

“ We don’t know, it could be weeks, or it could be years, but no matter what
the time, you can not go there looking like this, you have to find a niche to
hide out in until you can find him.”

“ A niche?” Gabrielle asked with knitted brows.

“ A job.” Artemis chimed in to her Princess.

“ A job? What type of job?”

“ Whatever your good at it’s up to you two, once you have decided what you
want to do, we will provide you with those credentials.”

“ You mean you can make us whatever we want to be?”

“ We can only enhance what you already possess.”

“ So money will be an issue on top of trying to find this guy?” Xena asked
with even more distaste, although they could make it without any money, but
why should they just make it.

“ No, money will not be a question, you will have whatever you want, but, I
suggest you make yourselves at home as much as possible.”

“ Fine.” Xena stated in agreement to the suggestion.

“ Xena?”

“ Yes Ares?”

“ I think you should be a military leader in the Marines, I think that is the
term they use for their elite servicemen and women? And your little side kick
could become a...oh, I don’t know, some type of do-gooder.”

“ No, I think Xena should do something with her healing skills, and Gabrielle
could become a teacher of writing or a volunteer of some sort, or maybe a
writer there as well?”

“ I agree with that Xena?”

“ Fine, whatever.” Xena said with some restlessness.

“ Is there something wrong Xena?”

“ I just want to get this over with, and get back home.”

“ We understand, you’ll leave as soon as you decide what you want to do?”

“ I like the volunteer thing.” Gabrielle said without hesitation.

“ And I’ll do the Healer thing, now can we go?”

“ Awww...the healer? I’m so disappointed Xena.”

“ Good, that makes me feel a little better about all of this.” Xena stated

“ Ok, when you wake up tomorrow morning you will be in the time that is as
different from this one as night is to day, the weapons are more dangerous and
more deadly. As far as getting around, Well I will give you both the ability
to use the transportation system, whether it be by car or whatever, the things
that you will need to function in that time you will have those abilities to
pickup quickly.”

Xena was ready to say something to that, but she was cut off before she could.

“ Don’t worry, nothing will happen to the two of you while your there, at
least nothing that one or both of you won’t be able to handle.”

Xena nodded her head in understanding to the statement Zeus made.

“ Alright Xena, you will become what is called a Dr. and you Gabrielle will be
a volunteer at one of the hospitals. Is that acceptable?”

“ It’s fine let’s just do this ok?!” Xena said now out of patiences.

“ So be it.” Zeus said and with a wave of his hands the two women disappeared
from their presents.

That night the two of them hardly spoke, but was in deep thought about what
they were in for. The next morning when they awoke, they found themselves in
an abandon building.

“ Oh! This is nice.” Gabrielle stated in a huff as she looked around the
building they woke up in.

“ Gabrielle, this is not where we’re going to stay, it’s just where Zeus
decided to put us so that we’re not conspicuous. Here, here are the clothes
we’re to wear, their nice I must admit.”

“ Well I would think so, considering who were suppose to be, mainly the type
of life we’re suppose to have.

“ Yea, well we’ll see, but you have to remember why we’re here, we want to get
back to our time as soon as possible. But first let’s start at the beginning
and find a place to live and see what the transportation is like around here.”

“ Excuse me ladies? Are you Xena and Gabrielle?”

Both Xena and Gabrielle turned to look at the man dressed in some sort of tan
colored uniform.

“ Yes, why?”

“ I was told to take you to your hotel, and then take you to your office where
you will work out of , and then to the hospital where you will also put in
time. I am also to take you to the car dealership where you can buy a car or

“ It seems like Zeus covered all the bases to make it an easy transition for
us.” Gabrielle whispered to Xena.

“ So it would seem.” Xena answered back.

“ Are you ready?”

“ Yes we’ll meet you outside in a moment.” Xena stated.

After the man stepped out, they changed their clothes.

“ WOW! You look...Great!” Gabrielle gasped when she saw Xena step into view in
the outfit that was given her. “ It shows the curves of your body wonderfully,
what is it, silk?”

“ Yes, it is nice, although I can guess who the two people were involved in
designing it.” Xena stated knowingly.

“ Yes, I would have to agree.”

“ Yours is very nice as well Gabrielle, it fits you like a glove.”

“ You mean the way it makes me look innocent, don’t you?”

“ Yes.”

“ Well, what if I don’t want to look innocent? What if I want to look wild?”

“ Well you can look anyway you want to if it gets us out that door, and about
the business of why we’re here.” Xena said refocusing on their reason for
being there.

“ Okay, I’m ready, let’s go.”

“ Good.”

Then they went outside to meet the man who would take them to the different
places. They found him standing in front of a long silver car, waiting for

“ Wow! Look at that, I guess that’s called a car, huh?”

“ Yes.” Xena said as she gave Gabrielle a slight push.

The first place they went to was a Hotel called the Embassy. Gabrielle’s
excitement showed in her eyes, while Xena was typical Xena, alert aware and
suspicious, and focused.

“ Why is it called the Embassy? Gabrielle asked.

“ It’s where people from all over the world come, including Dignitaries.”

“ You couldn’t guess that Gabrielle?’ Xena asked somewhat surprised.

“ Well....did you know that?”

“ Yes.”

“ would. Anyway, let’s go inside.”

“ That’s why we’re here isn’t it?” Xena said as and after remark as they
walked into the building.

They stood just to the right of the door they had just entered, and looked
around the lobby area of the hotel, as they were looking around, a woman
walked up to them.

“ Hello, are you Xena and Gabrielle?”

“ Yes.” Xena said furrowing her brows.

“ Great, I am Renna, I was told I am to tutor you in the things that you will
be doing on your job Xena.”

“ What types of things?”

“ Well to name a few , The names of every drug and what the purpose and action
of it is, as well as everything that goes along with that, I will also tutor
you in whatever else you need to know, like working as a partner with others.”

“ Partners?!! Zeus said nothing about having other partners!” Xena hissed.

“ He said you would be upset by the news, that’s why he wanted me to tell you
in a public place.”

“ Ha! Figures!” Xena sneered as she stormed away still cursing to herself.

Renna and Gabrielle caught up with her, and Renna spoke with the woman behind
the counter.

“ Room 2020 please?”

“ Here you are ma'am, I hope your stay with us will be pleasurable.”

“ Thank you. Little ladies, if you will follow me?”

“ Let’s get something straight right now, There is nothing LITTLE about me, so
if you don’t want to have any problems I suggest you remember who you are
speaking to, clear?” Xena sneered.

“ Ye...yes, very.” The woman stuttered, and then waited for Xena to break the
eye contact.

They took the elevator to their room and was taken inside. Gabrielle
immediately went running around excited by everything within the double room,
as well as the balcony that was off of it.

Xena in the meantime went straight to work.

“ Okay so start tutoring.”

Gabrielle heard her and just peaking her head in from the bedroom she was in,
she said, “ I just have one question. How are you suppose to learn All the
drugs of this time in a short time?”

Xena looked at the Renna and she answered the question for both of them.

“ Zeus has accelerated your natural abilities, so rather than something taking
you days or years to learn, you’ll learn it all in one night.”

“ Hm..” Xena said simply.

“ Oh.” Gabrielle said and ducked her head back into the room she was looking
around. and once again Xena heard the ah’s and OO’s echoing from the excited
woman in the other room.

“ I guess she likes it, anyway, let’s get started, tomorrow I won’t to do all
of the other things, and then I want to start looking for the guy.”

“ I understand, okay we’ll start with the medications, and the type of DR. you
will be and all of that.”

“ Fine.”

The woman gave Xena the books and she read them within a matter of hours and
remembered all of it. While Xena was reading, Gabrielle would pop in at times
and ask different questions about something Xena was reading, thereby she
would remember as well.

Renna showed Gabrielle different things that a volunteer at a hospital would
do, and where in the hospital she could volunteer her time, while Xena was
working. She also introduced Gabrielle to room service.

“ Are you hungry?”

“ Yes, I’m starved. “

“ Okay, what about you Xena?”

“ I’ll take a little something, I’m almost done with this book.”

“ Okay, I’ll order something, Gabrielle let me show you how to do this, that
way when your here you and Xena can get what you want.”

“ You mean I can order anything I want and someone will bring it to me?”

“ Yes.”

“ Xena did you hear that?”

“ Yes I did, and I think they better have a backup to their supply of food.”
Xena teased, as she picked up another book and begun reading.

“ Xena?!” Gabrielle said indignantly.

“ Well, I’m just stating what I feel.” Xena said with a glance back at

“ Well whatever, anyway Renna, go ahead, don’t pay any attention to her, she’s
just moody, because she’s irked about being here.”

“ Hmm, is that right Gabrielle?” Xena asked with a slight mock to her tone.

“ Yes. Now go back to work.”

“ hahahaha.” Xena chuckled as she did just that.

Later that night Xena and Gabrielle were about to turn in for the night, but
Gabrielle did not feel comfortable sleeping in another room away from Xena,
when Xena was around, so she made a suggestion to Xena, while Xena was
finishing up with her sword.

“ Xena?”

“ Yes Gabrielle?”

“ Well....I’m not real comfortable being here yet, and I thought.....if it was
ok with you......well.....if I ......could possibly.......well....”

“ Gabrielle do you want to sleep in the bed in here with me?” Xena asked
knowing how it took Gabrielle time to feel at ease in a strange place.

“ Yes.”

“ Of course you can, why would you think you couldn’t?”

“ Well I just thought since you and I.....”

“ Gabrielle, we have been sleeping in the same bedroll whenever we needed to,
long after you and me.”

“ I know, but I just thought this was different?”

“ Why?”

“ Because of there being two rooms, and beds.”

“ Gabrielle I know how it takes time for you to get comfortable in a new
place, I would never make you handle something I know I can help you with. You
know that right?”

“ If I didn’t before, I do now, thank you.”

“ Anytime, I figured something was wrong the fact that you had not gone to bed
a longtime ago.” Xena said as she got under the covers and turned out the lamp
on her side of the bed.

Gabrielle crawled in on the other side and leaning over she kissed her cheek
and said, “ good night Xena.” Then she rolled back and turned out her light.

“ Good night Gabrielle.” Xena whispered back as she now felt a little strange
lying in bed with Gabrielle, especially from the vibes she was getting from

Xena thought about the results of Gabrielle’s possible renewing feelings, and
the consequences of those results, especially if they pursued anything, and
while it probably would work here, she knew it would most likely end the same
way, only more painful when they returned to their time, Xena decided at that
moment that it was not going to happen, she for one thing couldn’t take the
pain again. and she surely didn’t want to put Gabrielle through it again,
besides, it had been over a year since they were together in that way.

Xena resolved that she would keep things the way they were between her and
Gabrielle, so with that thought, she went to sleep. The next day was a busy
one for the both of them, they went by the car Dealership and Renna asked them
which one they like.

“ It doesn’t matter to me, just pick something that will get us where we want
to go.” Xena said impatiently.

“ Well actually you’ll need two, so you have to pick one and Gabrielle has to
pick one.”

“ Well fine, That one.” Xena said pointing to a Lexus, and Gabrielle pointing
to the same type, but a different color.

“ Okay, that was easy, now let’s go look for a house for you two to live in
while your here.”

“ A house?”

“ Yes, a home.”

“ I know what you meant, but I’m just wondering if we really need to go that

“ Well, no telling how long you will be here, so I thought it would be best to
get everything that you possibly will need right off the bat, and then when
you leave you can donate it as a shelter for those in need or put it up for
sale and sell it, and donate the money to charity?”

When it’s time for us to go, I don’t want anything like a house to sale
holding us back.” Xena stated matter-of-factly.

“ Oh, don’t worry, I’ll handle everything, you won’t have to wait around if
you don’t want to. I’ll do what you want done with it.”

“ Xena, I think it’s a great idea.”

Xena looked at Gabrielle, and seeing how she saw she really wanted to do this,
she gave her consent.

“ Alright, but I don’t want to spend all day on this, just a couple of
candlemarks, a few at the most?”

“ That won’t be a problem, I have a few sites that I thought you would like.”

“ Well, I hope it’s not some massive place?” Xena stated with some

“ No, they all either have three to four bedrooms, bathrooms for each.”

“ Bathrooms, like the one in the hotel?”

“ Yes Gabrielle.”

“ Oh, okay. What else?”

“ living room, dining room, formal and informal family room, recreational
room, double garage, and a bunch of other amenities, plus 2 acres of nice
flat land, that will be fenced in once you make your choice where.” Renna said
as they drove to the first place, in the limo. Their cars would be brought to
whichever house they chose.

“ I have another question, with a house, and that much land we have to get
furnishings,as well as do something with the lawn, and I don’t want to spend
all that time on something like that, knowing that there is a man out here
somewhere who could possibly be thinking about destroying something or

“ Don’t worry, I have already hired an interior decorator, to furnish the
place, you won’t have to do a thing, just concentrate on why your here. I also
hired a young lawn man to mow the lawn and do the upkeep of it.”

“ Well, I don’t know if I’ll need him for that, it maybe a way to keep in

“ She has to practice.” Gabrielle chimed in.

“ So do you, just because we’re here doesn’t mean we don’t practice and keep
our skills up.” Xena stated with a knowing eye to Gabrielle.

“ Yes, I know.”

“ Alright.” Xena said as she settled back on the seat and waited.

“ Here it the first one.” Renna called as they drove into the driveway.

Gabrielle looked out at the house and although it was a nice house, it was
Xena who made it known that she did not like it.

“ I don’t like it. Next.”

“ But Xena, we should at least go inside?”

“ Why, I’m not going to change my mind, look at the way the cracks at the base
of the house, with the standing water, it’s obvious that there is a drainage

Renna looked where Xena was pointing and then she looked back at her and said,
“ Your right, the agent said it was some of the kids in the neighborhood who
had come over to the place and was using the water.”

“ Your talking about that water spigot?”

“ Yes.”

“ Well it’s obvious he lied, the spigots on the opposite side of where the
standing water is.”

“ Okay, let’s go to the next place.” Gabrielle said disappointed but

After going to four more places, Xena finally approved of one and they went
through and looked around and then looked out back to and around the sides of
the house as it sat at the front of the 2 acres of land.

“ It’s fine, now can we go to the hospital or wherever and see the place, and
exactly where I will be working?”

“ Yes, of course, actually I thought I would take you to your office first, so
that you could meet the people who would be working for you, you will not be
working full time as a dr, because of why your here, so you’ll work like 16
hours, but you can go to work anytime you want to, those who are working for
you will do the primary work, you’ll be more like a consultant to them.”

“ Consultant? That doesn’t sound to good.”

“ Well, their all relatively new to the field of medicine, they have finished
their internships, you hired them as residents, and one of your partners will
do all of the primary handling of them, they will only come to you if he can’t
answer some question, or is off.”

“ Fine.”

They arrived at the office where Xena would be working out of, when she was
not in the hospital. They walked into an office full of patients, and Xena
looked casually around at each of them, while Gabrielle looked around with
obvious interest.

Renna took them through a door that lead to the back area of the office where
there were many examination rooms, and further back were offices, and finally
they arrived at her office, it was large with a large picture window, the desk
was Mahogony colored, with a comfortable rolling chair. the office looked more
like a home away from home, with a sofa and other such furnishings, it was all
on the elegantly tastefully side of things, stoic over all. Perfect for Xena.

“ This is nice Xena, it’s comfortable, yet dignified, it has a quiet yet
serious overtone to it.”

“ Yes, well it’ll do.” Xena said simply as she went and sat down in the chair
and immediately leaned back and put her feet up on the large desk, and resting
her head on her hands that was now behind her head, she smirked, as she nodded
her head.

“ She likes it.” Gabrielle said with a smile.

Xena’s phone rang and Renna hit a speaker button on it, and answered it.

“ Yes?”

“ Dr. The other Dr.s are all waiting for you to call them in one at a time
when your ready to meet them.”

“ Thank you Tina, send in Dr. Parson please?”

“ Yes ma'am.”

Renna then hung up the phone the same way she had answered it, and Xena made
sure to notice it.

“ Okay, Patricia Parson is a year into her residency, she’s not sure she wants
to really work in the specialty of Cardiology, but she will be a very good Dr.
one day, but right now she has a little problem with confidence, she’s in her
late twenties, her parents were pretty instrumental in her career, they pushed
her into medicine, and because of their status in society they paid her way
into medical school, she is somewhat reserve as a result.” Renna stopped when
she heard the knock on the door.

“ Okay, ready?”

“ yes.” Xena stated simply.

“ Hello Patricia, it is good to see you again, please, come in, I won’t you to
meet the woman who hired you, as well as her friend Gabrielle?”

“ Thank you Ms. Harrington.” Patricia said as she came into the Office, and
saying hello to Gabrielle and receiving a greeting back, she was then lead
over to the desk where Xena had come to her feet to greet the young woman.

“ Hello Ms. Parson, I understand you have the potential to be a very good Dr?”

“ Hello Dr. First let me say how honored I am that you chose me to come and
work with your office, I didn’t think I had a chance with all the other
residents who wanted to work with you.”

“ Is that right? Please sit.” Xena invited as she looked at Renna about the
last comment the young woman had made.

“ Thank you, yes, we were told that the Doctors who had worked with you in
Greece had gone on to become Well Known and Well respected in their fields,
some had won awards for their research and others for their innovations in the
field of Cardiology, and still others have become Professors, when we all
heard it, of course we wanted to come and work with you, but none of us
thought we had a chance, especially me.” The woman said with a slight

Xena ran her hand over her face to cover her irritation at the complexity of
the position and all she was suppose to have accomplished. Then with a subtle
glance to Renna, she sighed and played it off.

“ Well, that’s all nice and things, but I want to know why you became a Dr.?”

“ Oh, well, it’s not really anything noble like I wanted to heal the world or
anything. I became a Dr. because of my parents, they have always wanted one of
their children to be a Dr., and one a Lawyer, and one to go into politics, and
not necessarily in that order, especially considering I’m the youngest.”

“ I see, so now that your here, what are your plans?”

“ Well, I’m not sure, I guess do my best, but I’m not sure if I even want to
be a cardiac MD.”

“ Then why did you apply to my office for one of the positions?”

“ Well, I wasn’t sure what type of MD I wanted to be, but my father and mother
can be somewhat....aggressive about me going into this field so, when they
told me to apply for the Cardiac position with your office, I did.”

“ To make them happy?”

“ Yes. But please I hope you don’t think I don’t appreciate the opportunity or
anything, because I do, if I’m going to be a DR., I might as well be one of
the best, right?”

“ Right? Well Dr. Parson, it has been nice to meet you.”

“ Thank you Dr.” Patricia said as she came out of her seat to shake Xena’s
hand once again, and then she left the office.

After she was gone, Xena turned an angry gaze on Renna.

“ What was that?! How Am I suppose to remain private, with such a record out
there about how great I am?! I knew I should have told them exactly what I
wanted, Damnit!”

“ Xena, calm down, maybe it can still work?”

“ How?! How can it work with me being so well known in this field? All they
had to do was something simple, but noo....they have to get carried away.
Maybe it would have been better to be a warrior here as well, I can tell I am
not going to like this at all.” Xena fumed.

Gabrielle and Renna both held their tongues until the phone rung.

“ Yes?”

“ Dr. Karie is ready to meet you?”

“ Fine, send her back.” Renna said as she turned to tell Xena about this DR.

“ This is Dr. Karie Furie, she is in her mid thirties, she is very driven, she
wants to be the best and therefore she wanted to learn from the best. She
feels that her colleagues of the opposite sex are against her, so she can be a
little blunt about things.” Again Renna stopped at the sound of a knock on the

“ Hello Karie, please come in, I would like to introduce you to the Dr. who
hired you, and her friend Gabrielle, who will be working at the hospital as

“ Thank you Ms. Harrington. Hello Gabrielle?”

“ Hello.”

“ So you will be working at the hospital as well?”

“ Yes.”

“ So your a DR?”

“ No, I will be working as a volunteer.”

“ Oh, I see, well that’s nice.” Karie said with some disdain in her voice.

Renna and Xena felt the shun, and Xena’s eyes narrowed as a result of the
unneeded remark. Gabrielle just gave a forced half smile and turned and went
and sat back down, after a quick glance to Xena and a raised brow.

“ Karie, let me introduce you to Your Boss.”

Xena came to her feet once again and with a all business like look she shook
the woman’s hand and greeted her as she did.

“ Hello, Have a seat.”

“ Thank you DR.”

“ So, why did you want to become a Dr? And even more than that, why did you
want to come and work with me in my practice?”

“ I wanted to be a DR. as long as I can remember, I come from a middle class
family, who didn’t support me at all, and I told myself one day people would
have to depend on me to help them, and then I will have my choice whether I
want to help or not, by choosing my clients. I wanted to come and work with
you because your the best in the field. I was the top of my class, I’ve
written papers that I have received accolades for, I expect to make a lot of

“ Well, it sounds like your out to make people pay for not lack of support
your parents didn’t give you?” Xena stated bluntly.

“ Why not? Isn’t that why most people become DR’s? To make lots of money and
get away from a bad environment?”

“ Well maybe, but as long as your working in this practice, I expect for you
to treat the Clients a people first, I can see your very driven, but let me
make it clear to you, don’t drive over the patients, because the one thing
that is inevitable, is that we all need the help of someone someday. It was
interesting meeting you.” Xena said ending the meeting.

“ Thank you Dr. It was a pleasure to meet you as well.”

“ I didn’t say it was a pleasure Ms. Furie, I said it was interesting.” Xena
said clarifying herself to the woman.

Karie gave a half smile and then turned and walked out of the office. Xena cut
her eyes to Renna, and then back to the door. Gabrielle saw Xena’s temper
trying to come out.

“ Xena, so she’s a jerk, there was bound to be at least one. There is just the
one right?” Gabrielle said focusing the last of the statement at Renna.

“ Yes. Dr. Johnston has a big ego, he’s good, but he misses things as a result
of him not listening to his patients. “

“ Great! What about the other.”

“ Dr. Hern, he’s friendly and outgoing, he’s an excellent young DR., he has
many patients who refer others to the practice, he’s helpful, but sometimes he
gets a little overwhelmed, because he gets to close to his patients, so he can
be very moody as a result.

“ Wonderful, we have a noncommittal,aggressive, egotistical, Manic Depressant,
group of Doctors. You picked these people?”

“ Well, yes, but Xena they were all the top in their classes, they went
through the training and made it, they are actually the best.”

“ Fine! Who is the Dr. That will be responsible for them?”

“ Oh, that’s DR. Coleman, he’s a very kind man, he’s reserve, but
approachable, he’s been a DR. for 10 years. He was a teacher at one time and
chose to go back to school because he wanted to make a difference.”

“ Well, at least he sounds nice.” Gabrielle said with a smile.

“ I’d just be happy if he’s stable.” Xena sighed.

Gabrielle and Renna both chuckled, until Xena gave them a look.

“ Sorry.” Gabrielle offered.

Just then Dr. Johnston knocked and was welcomed and greeted by Xena and

“ Are you a DR. also Gabrielle?”

“ No, a volunteer.”

“ Oh, sorry.” Marcus said as he turned his gaze to Xena.

Gabrielle raised her arms in exasperation, and went and sat down. Xena
actually chuckled, but then she became serious again.

“ Hello DR. It’s nice of you to take the time to meet with us, I know we all
have very busy schedules, so I’ll get right to the point. You probably want to
know what my Achievements are, and why I didn’t take the pro basketball offer,
or why I turned down an offer to travel around the world with my parents
paying all of the expenses?”

Xena simply raised a brow and let the man go on for a few minutes as he told
her everything he had spoken about. Then Xena asked a simple question.

“ Are you through?”

“ Well, I’ve answered all of your questions right? I’m sure I have, but it’s
only polite to make sure.”

“ Hmmm....well I’ll tell you, you’ve told me a LOT of things, that I think
helps explain that ego of yours, but you have NOT answered the Questions I

“ Oh, really?”

“ Yes. All I wanted to know was why you became a DR? And why you chose here to
cover with that ego of yours?”

Xena said sarcastically.

“ Uh-Well, I know I can make a difference, And I know I can help this practice
to grow with my presence, and.....”

“ Enough! Your blocking the sun with your ego, please. It experience
to meet you Marcus.” Xena said as she leaned back in her chair and motioned
for the stunned man to leave as she turned her chair to look out the window
behind her.

Gabrielle walked over to where Xena sat shaking her head in disgust, and then
cocking her head she said in a supportive voice.

“ Well, look at it like this, at least you don’t have to deal with them all of
the time, only when DR. Coleman can’t answer something?”

“ Yes, well, if this gets to be to complicated and it interferes with our
mission, then I will end it and do things My way.” Xena hissed, as she threw
her head back into the chair and closed her eyes for a moment, and then Dr.
Thomas Hern knocked.

“Come!” Xena ordered.

“ Hello Dr. I’m Dr. Thomas Hern, it is such a pleasure to meet you, Your
career is almost legendary. “ Thomas walked over and shook Xena’s hand
vigorously, and Xena had to jerk her hand back away from him. Then he turned
to greet Gabrielle.

“ And you are?”

“ Nobody important.” Gabrielle said gun shy by the other responses she

“ You must be somebody, because I see a body and everything?” Thomas said with
humor in his voice and sincerity obvious.

Gabrielle smiled slightly and shook his hand and introduced herself.

“ I’m Gabrielle.”

“ Well It’s a pleasure to meet you Gabrielle, are you a DR?”

“ No, I’m a volunteer.”

“ That’s.....That’s....”

Gabrielle held her breath at the intense look in the man’s face, she knew she
was about to receive another putdown.

“ That’s absolutely......well let me just say it this way.” Thomas then
wrapped his arms around Gabrielle and lifted her up off of the floor as he
swung her around.

“ That’s WONDERFUL!! Absolutely, undeniably wonderful! This world needs more
people like you and other volunteers, I think your guys are a countries
greatest treasure. Thank you for making a difference in my patients lives.”
Thomas said as he gave a slight bow to Gabrielle.

Gabrielle was blushing fiercely by the reaction, and Thomas noticed and
apologized for causing her to be embarrassed.

“ I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to embarrass you, it’s just so nice to have people
like you around, I get a little carried away, I hope I didn’t hurt you?”

“ No, no, don’t apologize, it’s a wonderful response, I needed it, thank you>”
Gabrielle said with a bright smile for him. and he smiled back.

“ Hello to you too, please sit.”

“ Thank you.”

“ I just have two questions for you and then you can get back to what you were

“ Okay.”

“ Why did you become a DR., and why did you apply to come and work here?”

“ Because I love people, I want to become good enough so that I can go to
third world countries and help those who have no access to medical care, I’ve
watched Documentaries about other Dr.s who have done that, and I’ve met a few
of them, but I was a little disturbed by the one’s that I met, they were
either the best in their field, but they were doing it all for the wrong

“ What reason?”

“ Well....don’t tell the others but Marcus and Karie seem to be the type who
went to those places, but they went so that their colleagues would look up to
them and say things like, Wow look at them, they really love their work, they
even go to other countries to help, but yet they really don’t want to touch
any of the people they have the other Dr.s who live there do all of the gross
work, while they make the recommendations to them, but when the camera comes
on they suddenly become fixtures in the middle of everything, it’s funny
really, how people could use the sick to further their own greed or egos, it
really is a sad commentary for those of us who truly want to just help. So
sad, tsk,tsk,tsk.” Thomas said as his mood went from up to that of somberness.

“ Well, your right it is sad when healers are only doing it for selfish
reasons, I can see you really have a love for your work.”

“ Oh, yes, definitely, It’s all I wanted to do, well this and maybe a
comedian, ha... Oh, as far as your other Question , I wanted to come here
because I respected everything you have done and why you did it, quite noble

“ Well, it definitely was a pleasure to meet you, I’ll let you get back to

“ Thank you DR. and Again, thank you for giving me this opportunity to work
with such a person as yourself.”

“ Your welcome.” Xena said dismissing the young man.

After he had left Xena stood up and stretched her muscles and then asked, “
Where is Dr. Coleman?”

“ He’s over at the hospital where he’s checking on all of their patiences
first, then their going to head over there after the office closes for their
rounds, we set the office up so that there is a consistent time for rounds to
be made, at least twice a day, the office is open on Mondays and Wednesdays
and Fridays, closed Saturdays and Sundays and all holidays, there is an urgent
care clinic for any of our patients that is within the hospital itself.”

“ Okay, so are we finished here?”

“ Yes, I want to take you over to the hospital to see where your office is
over there, and also to show you around, and to get Gabrielle setup with her
job at the hospital. Where do you want to work Gabrielle? With the elderly, or
with children? Or do you want to work in the Nursing home that is attached to
the Hospital.

“ The Nursing home.” Gabrielle said excitedly.”

“ I thought you would choose that, that’s why I had them setup a mini stage.”

“ Stage?”

“ Yes, that way you can tell some of your stories, you are a bard, right?”

“ Well, yes, but?”

“ Great I think your going to have a blast, the clients over there are very
nice. Of course there are some who are a little grumpy, but with your
personality you’ll win them over the first day.”

“Okay, the flattery works for me, let’s go.” Gabrielle said with a smile.

As they arrived on the grounds of the hospital they saw the people coming and
going, and as they past them Xena received many appreciative gazes, she simply
raise a brow at it and continued walking.

Once they were inside, they were lead to Xena’s other office, which they only
stayed long enough for Xena to say she liked it, and to meet the secretary who
worked for her specifically. They then walked over to the nursing home where
Gabrielle was introduced to the young woman who would orient her to the
Nursing home, as well as the hospital, seeing how a lot of their clients were
also patients of some of the Doctors in the hospital.

“ Hello Gabrielle, it’s nice to have you come to volunteer here, I’ve been
volunteering here for four years, I’m also in school studying business.”

“ Hello Orina, it’s nice to meet you as well, this is Xena, she is a Dr. here,
at the hospital, well she will be starting next Monday.”

“ Hello DR. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“ It’s nice to meet you as well.”

“ Thank you.” Orina said as she shook Xena’s hand and then turned and
whispered to Gabrielle, “ Wow! She should have been a model, she’s beautiful.”

“ Yes, she is.” Gabrielle said agreeing.

“ Is she single?”

“ Why?”

“ Because she is going to get hit on at every turn.”

“ Really?” Gabrielle said somewhat uneasy about that idea, but then she
thought about who they were talking about and how Xena was not one for people
coming on to her in an obvious matter.

“ Gabrielle are you okay being left here in Orina’s care while I show Xena
around the rest of the place?”

“ Oh, yes, we’ll be fine, I’ll see you guys later.”

“ Alright, if you need us, just page me overhead and we’ll call you back at
the number to where you are, ok? Renna said, informing Gabrielle of how to get
in touch with Xena and her.

“ Alright, bye. “

“ See you soon Gabrielle, be good.”

“ I’m always good Xena. Okay Orina, where do we start?” Gabrielle replied and
then turned her attention to the young woman who was going to be her guide.

Xena and Renna turned and headed back for the Hospital, and as they went Renna
pointed out the different departments.

“ Okay, now let’s head to the telemetry unit and the Cardiac Care unit, that’s
where your partners in your practice patients will be, as well as the few you
take on from time to time if you choose to.”

“ Okay.”

They arrived in the CCU first where Xena was introduced to the staff there as
well as the DR.’S who were there.

“ Dr. Grant, this is DR. Xena, she’s a cardiologist, I’m sure you’ve heard of

“ Oh, yes, Dr. It’s a pleasure to meet you, my Colleagues and myself have
great respect for you.”

“ Hm...well thank you, but I’d rather not get into all of that, I’m pretty
much just letting my partners handle things these days, I’m doing more of the
office work.”

“ We understand, one day we’ll be able to retire from this field, but we’re
not fortunate like yourself to be doing it at such a young and healthy age to
actually enjoy it.”

“ Well, just lucky.” Xena said quite uncomfortable with all of the credentials
that were given her.

“ Well, we wish we had such luck, but as it is we don’t. “ Dr. Grant said as
he took Xena’s hand and held it longer than necessary.

“ It was nice to meet you.” Xena said as she took her hand back and walked to
meet the other DR’s.”

“ Orina said it straight, I am being hit on at every turn, even though they’re
subtle, they’re still as obvious as a stain on a white wall.”

Renna smiled and then lead Xena to the Telemetry unit.

“ This is where patients who have cardiac problems come when they are
discharged from CCU, or any patient with a cardiac history that maybe effected
by their illness. The nurses on the unit are very nice, well at least most of
them are, there was a new nurse that was just recently higher who is a
spitfire, They call her the Advocate.”

“ The Advocate? How long has she been here?”

“ She just started four days ago.”

“ And she’s already been labeled? Hmm...she must be something, maybe she needs
to be reined in?”

“ Well if she does, no one here is going to do it, they don’t know how they
feel about her, but they all seem to not want to get on her bad side.” Who
knows maybe you and her will hit it off?”

“ Hm, I don’t think so.” Xena said assuming that the woman was like Marcus in
her behavior.

Renna introduced Xena to other physicians as well as the nurses, and despite
everything she either received obvious compliments on her looks or had people
discreetly eyeing her. Xena and Renna had gotten into a conversation with one
of the Dr.s and as they were talking they heard a beeper go off.

“ Kiara, Dr. Zuraski is on the phone for you about Terrance.”

“ Thank you.”

“ That’s her Xena.” Renna said giving Xena a slight nudge to get her

Xena casually glanced over at the young woman, and a raised brow was the
result of what she saw. Then she looked away and then back to the Dr. who was
sitting by her looking up and down her, thinking he was being discreet.

“ Listen to me Dr. You don’t know me like that!, I suggest you rein in that
temper of yours and speak to me in a professional matter the same way in which
I have been speaking to you, Because I am not your child or your wife, and I’m
certainly not your pet. Now! You better get in here asap to see this patient,
no I am not a Dr! But I am a nurse who is telling my patients Dr. that the
patient is going bad and needs to be transferred to the CCU, all of the test
results show she is in an crises state and needs immediate intubation, and
possibly transfer to one of the other hospitals for a specialty evaluation.
Dr. Zuraski, get your but in here NOW! I’m calling the medical director to get
the order to transfer the patient to the unit, you get in here and do your
job!” S.L.A.M!!! The woman then told the charge nurse who was sitting at one
of the desk taking orders off of one of her charts.

“ Just so that you know what’s going on, I’m calling the supervisor and then
I’m calling the Medical Director to get an order to transfer this 35 year old
patient to the unit before she codes for no good reason.”

“ That’s...that’s fine Kiara, you do what you need to.”

“ I was, but your charge so I had to tell you.” Kiara then picked up the phone
and called the supervisor, and told her what was going on with the patient and
the supervisor said she would call the medical Director and get the order.

“ Whatever, I’m calling CCU when I get off the phone to get a bed, and as soon
as you call this patient will be on her way to the unit. Right, bye.” Kiara
then made the call, and got the bed, then after hanging up the phone she
called to two of the aids. “ Terrie is it?”

“ Yes Ma'am.”

“ Drop the ma'am, call me Kiara, anyway, please pack up Ms.Terrance’s things
and have her ready to move within five minutes. Leslie, I won’t you to monitor
her pulse ox and vital signs while she is here, and hook her up to the life
pak so we can move her when I’m ready, I’ll be down in just a moment, if her
vitals are anything less than this....” Kiara said as she wrote down all of
them and handed it to the woman, then she said, “ I’ll probably be there long
before, but just in case.”

“ Yes certainly.”

“ Thank you.” Kiara said with a smile, that showed her tender side as much as
her assertive side showed her strength.

“ Wow, she is a pistol, here only four days and she has some of these Doctors.
jumping through hoops. Well I wish she would speak to me like that.”

“ You think she was wrong?” Xena asked with curiosity.

“ Of Course, I don’t care how many patients go bad, if I say the patients fine
then that’s it.”

“ Even though you may not be here to see what she’s seeing?”


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