By D.virtue

“ It doesn’t matter, what we DR’S say is law, and everything else is

“ Really? Well I hope you don’t tell your patients that their just
INCIDENTALS.” Xena stated as she came to her feet and strided away from the
arrogant boastful man.

Renna said a quick goodbye and went off after Xena. The man sat stunned that
he was just dismissed as if he didn’t even exist.

“ Xena you were a bit hard on him, he’s new to medicine, he still has all of
these Godly thoughts about what he is.”

“ Well that’s no excuse for what he said about the patients, he needs to be
taken back to school and taut the true meaning of what it is to be a healer.”

“ So I take it you think the Kiara was right? Yes, she was. I probably would
have handle it the same way myself if I had been her.”

Xena and Renna moved quickly out of the way as the woman and her patient came
around the corner.

“Her breathing is becoming more labored.” Kiara said as she and the women who
were helping her, moved rapidly down the hall to the unit. Xena didn’t wait
to be invited to help she just took hold of one side of the bed and pushed.

Kiara looked up at the woman and Xena looked down at her and said, “ I thought
you could use the help?”

“ Thank you, always.” Kiara said as a small smile came to her face, and Xena
smirked and raised a brow at the woman.

Kiara then return her attention back to what she was doing. They arrived in
the unit and Ms. Terrance was immediately place in the CCU bed and hooked up
to a monitor, all the while The Medical Director was there and he was
intubating the woman so that she could be put on the vent.

“ Here’s her families telephone number Dr Jefferies, you’ll need to call them
to let them know that she’s been moved to the unit and why.”

“ Thank you Kiara.”

“ Your welcome, thank you for responding to the needs of the patient, I’m sure
her family will appreciate it.” Kiara said still the advocate.

Kiara then turned to leave the unit, but just as she did she saw Xena going
out the doors, and by the time she could make it to the door, Xena was gone.
Kiara turned to one of the nurses and asked about her.

“ Who was that Dr. who was pushing the bed?”

“ Oh, that’s the renowned Dr. Xena.”

“ Really? Hmm....I’ve always thought she was some old man who just happened to
have a strange last name. Well I’m glad to see I was wrong.”

“ Well Xena, I think you’ve made a new friend?” Renna said as she wink at

Xena narrowed her eyes at the woman and then said in a serious tone.

“ I have no time for friends, I just want to get on with why we’re here.
Speaking of which, are we done yet?”

“ Yes, for the rest of this week, you and Gabrielle have the rest of this time
to start your search.”

“ Great, let’s go get her and head back to the hotel.”

“ Well actually, we’ll be heading to your new home, Everything should be done
now, I mean it has been a whole day.” Renna said as she grinned at Xena’s
response and then they went and got Gabrielle and headed for the front lobby
to get into their car.

“ Excuse me DR?” Came a voice from behind them as they stood in the lobby of
the hospital waiting for their car.

Gabrielle and Renna, both looked around, but Xena was not interested in
anything other than getting home and getting into a nice relaxing bath.

“ Xena, I think it’s for you?” Renna said as she gestured with her head for
Xena to look.

Gabrielle turned and looked the woman up and down discreetly, soon Xena sighed
and turned and straighten when she saw who it was. She waited for the woman to
speak or walk over to her or something. Finally the woman did just that.

“ I’m sorry to bother you, I can see you were about to leave, I just wanted to
say thank you for your help today.” Kiara said quickly, not sure of why she
needed to find this woman and tell her that.

“ Your welcome, it wasn’t any problem.” Xena said with a slight smile.

The woman smiled back and then said, “ Well, that’s all I wanted to say,
goodbye.” She then turned to leave, and just as Xena and Gabrielle and Renna
had turned to head out the door to get in their car, Kiara turned and caught
up with Xena once again.

“ Excuse me, I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be a bother, but, I’m new to this area
and I really don’t know anyone that I found I want to be around long enough to
get to know them, until today, I would like to get together with you, I heard
your new to the area as well, maybe we can discover things together? I
understand there are some wonderful restaurants around. If you want to? If
not, I’ll understand, I mean I am being somewhat bold about this, I’m usually
just the opposite of this around people I don’t know.”

Xena raised a brow at the woman and then a studied look came to her eyes.

“ I think that will be fine, but rather than going out to some place we don’t
know, how about if you come by the house on say....tomorrow for lunch, that
way we can get to know each other without all of the distractions?”

Kiara smiled and then said somewhat softly.

“ Okay. ”

“ Kiara?”

“ Yes?”

“ Here’s the address and phone number, and this is my friend Gabrielle.”

“ Oh, thank you. Hello Gabrielle, I’m Kiara.”

” Hi, nice to meet you.”

“ And this is Renna.”

“ Hello Renna.”

“ Hello Kiara.”

“ Well...I’ll see you tomorrow Dr. Xena?”

“ Xena.” Xena said inviting the woman to use her first name without the DR.

“ Xena.” Kiara then turned and practically skipped away. Which made Xena even
more intrigued by her.

“ Hmm....interesting.” Xena said outloud, but not realizing it really, then
she turned and strided to the car.

Gabrielle and Renna both looked at each other and then followed Xena with
their eyes at first and then they caught up with her and got into the waiting
car. The whole way back to their new house, Xena was quiet.

“ Xena?”

“ Hmm...” Xena answered without breaking her train of thought.

“ Are you okay?”

“ Fine.”

“ Hmmm....” Gabrielle said as she watched Xena but did not say anything else
at the moment, she wanted to wait until they were along to say anything else,
especially about what was on her mind suddenly.

They arrived back at their new house and because it was near dusk, they did
not take another tour around the outside, but instead went straight inside.
The House had now been turned into a home, their was nice comfortable looking
furniture, yet elegant in it’s look. They went through all of the rooms,
although Xena was only interested in one, but Gabrielle insisted and so she
did it for her.

“ Okay, can I go and get cleaned up now?” Xena said patiently.

“ Yes, and when you get done, dinner will be ready okay?”

“ Alright Gabrielle, thank you.” Xena then went up the stairs and into her
bedroom and stripping out of her clothes she went and ran the water, and added
some bubbles, then she got in and practically melted into the soothing water.
She hit the jetts and the water became a Jacuzzi.

Xena stretched her arms out along the length of the edge of the bath and
closed her eyes and let her muscle be massaged by the water. She stayed in the
bath for over and hour and a half and then she rose up out of it and
stretching her now relaxed muscles, she dressed in a night shirt and a plush
robe, and put on the matching slippers.

“ Very nice.” Xena said with appreciation for the warmth of the robe, despite
the fact that she usually just wore her shift around when they were inside of
a room at an inn back in their time, or a silk robe that Gabrielle bought for
her one Solstice eve.

She went downstairs after she had dressed, and she found the table already set
for the two of them. She smiled at the peaceful look of all of it, and
Gabrielle came out of the kitchen with an apron she had located, holding a
container of brown rice.

“ Enjoy your bath?”

“ Hmmm, yes, it was very nice, thank you. If you want to go and get cleaned up
I’ll finish the meal and set the rest of the table?”

“ Are you sure?”

“ Go.” Xena pointed, and Gabrielle smiled brightly.

“ I’ll be back in a little bit.”

“ Take your time, I’m sure I can keep the food warm if your not back before
it’s done? Enjoy your bath.”

“ Okay.” Gabrielle said and then she ran up the stairs to her room and
stripped and went to run her water, but found that the bath was already
filled, and her favorite bath oil was sitting on the side, and there were
candles lit around the sides as well.

Gabrielle smiled a contented smile at Xena’s continued thoughtfulness, despite
everything, and then she climbed into the bath and let her tired muscles
relax. After she finished she dressed in the same type of robe as Xena had,
but she had a nightgown on underneath hers.

By the time she made it back downstairs, Xena had everything ready and on the
table, and she had lit some candles as well for the table.

“ Wow Xena, that looks so nice.”

“ Well, I thought we both could use some quiet time. Have a seat, let’s eat, I
know you have got to be near starved after such a day?” Xena teased as she sat
down at the head of the table and Gabrielle sat at the other end of the table
that was made for eight, but was collapsed down to accommodate four, with the
removal of the leaf from the center.

“ I am.” Gabrielle said as she lifted her plate up to her nose and inhaled
deeply. “ Hmm...this smells wonderful.”

“ Well, I’m glad you like it.”

“ I do, you’ve become a great cook Xena.”

“ I’m glad you finally noticed.” Xena said with a smirk as she took a bite of

“ Oh, I noticed a long time ago, I just never said anything, I didn’t want you
to get a big head.” Gabrielle said through a mouthful of her food.

“ I see. So how was your day today?”

“ Oh, it was wonderful, I enjoy myself completely, I got to tell a number of
stories, and the seniors really like them, one man, I think he was the grumpy
one Renna told us about, he came up to me afterwards and he took me by the arm
and said...” Bravo for that warrior, it’s good to hear she doesn’t take any
stuff from any man. Great story little girl.” He was sooo...cute Xena, I could
have just squeezed him in my arms.”

“ Gabrielle, Renna told you that it would be easy for you to win over any of

“ Yes, well, you know me?”

“ Yes, that’s why I never had a doubt.” Xena said knowingly.

“ Well, enough abut me, how was your day?”

“ Interesting to say the least, but all and all it was long, I mean all we did
all day was meet people, and they were just like the people back in our time.”

“ I bet they were all trying to get your attention?”

“ Gabrielle, I don’t know why you think people are so interested in me?”

“ Because it’s true.”

“ Really? And why do you think that?”

“ Because it only makes sense, I mean look at you, your gorgeous, your smart,
your deadly, yet it’s not obvious, there’s a mystery to you that is so sexy, I
know it’s what drew me to you.”

“ Really?”

“ Hmm, I see.” Xena said with a smirk.

After dinner, the two went into their family room and made themselves
comfortable as they continued their conversation.

“ So...who is Kiara?”

Xena glanced at Gabrielle over her brows, but then she answered.

“ She’s just one of the Nurses on the floor where the cardiac patients will be
sent to.”

“ that it?”

“ What do you mean is that it? Gabrielle, I just met the girl.”

“ Yes, but she seem to have taken a liking to you.”

“ So?”

“ So, I just want to know why?”

“ Probably because I helped her take a patient to the CCU, I don’t know.”

“ Is that it?”

“ Gabrielle, what are you asking me?”

“ Nothing, I just wanted to know who Kiara was and why she was so desperate to
introduce herself to you?”

“ Does it matter?”

“ No, I was just curious.”

“ Well there’s no reason to be.” Xena said as she stretched out on the couch
she had sat on.

“ Okay, then why did you invite her over here for lunch tomorrow?”

Xena sighed and then put her hands behind her back and looked up at the
ceiling and shook her head slightly.

“ Gabrielle, you heard what she said, she’s new to the area and doesn’t know
the area or anyone, so I thought it would be nice to invite her for a nice

“ But Xena I thought you were anxious to get through with this mission so that
we could get back to our time?”

“ I am, and speaking of which, we need to plan how we are going to go about
this. I mean, I think we should search starting this week, and then search
every day after we get off?”

“ Okay.”

“ I think we should start by going someplace where they deal in antiquities.”

“ I agree, but wouldn’t that be an obvious place for someone to hide something
like that?”

“ Yes, but that’s why we’re going to start there, because it is the last place
he would expect.”

“ Alright, but what if we don’t find any leads there?”

“ Then we will look in every novelty and stores in this city as well outside
of it.”

“ Well I guess it does make sense for us to have a home and things while we’re
here, seeing how it looks like we’re going to be here for a while?”

“ Right, but I may have to make some changes in this healer thing, it seems

like Zeus has made me some famous healer.”

“ Well Xena, you are brilliant in your healing skills as well as your surgical
skills. I can see this as being the way your life and legacy would be.”
Gabrielle stated honestly.

“ Thank you Gabrielle, that’s very sweet of you.”

“ Well, just because we’re not together anymore, doesn’t mean I can’t keep
being honest with you about my feelings and thinking about you?”

“ No, it doesn’t.” Xena said as she cocked her head at Gabrielle trying to
figure out why the sudden conversation about their past.

The next day when Renna came , Gabrielle was very restless, and Renna noticed
it almost instantly, so she asked.

“ What’s going on Gabrielle?”

“ What do you mean?”

“ You seem to be unable to sit still?”

“ Oh, I just have some things on my mind, plus it looks like it’s going to

“ Well actually it’s going to do more than rain, the news is saying that it is
going to be sleeting rain, that turns to ice around 6 this evening. What else
are you thinking about?”

Gabrielle was ready to say something until Xena came back into the room.

“ Nothing.”

Renna looked at Gabrielle and then over at Xena and she realized there was
some type tension about Xena.

“ So Renna, tell me where we can find places that deal in antiquities?”

“ Well you can go to any museum, or any of the specialty houses that hold

“ Good, what time do they open?”

“ The museums usually open around 11 or 12, the houses around 10, but they
will all closed about 6 tonight.”

“ Hmmm....alright then, Gabrielle and I will go after lunch.”

“ Well Xena, why don’t we cancel lunch and go as soon as it opens?” Gabrielle

“ Because the nurse is coming over for lunch today, it would be rude to cancel
at the last minute.”

“ Well you could cancel lunch but invite her for dinner if you think that
would keep her from being offended?”

“ But I invited her for lunch, I’m not one to go back on my word.” Xena said
slight put off by the conversation.

“ Don’t worry Xena, I don’t think Kiara will have a problem coming over for
dinner, most people prefer it.”

“ Fine, I’ll go and call her.” Xena said as she went to turn and go and make
the call, but then she realized, she didn’t have her number.

“ I can’t call her, I don’t have her phone number.”

“ Don’t worry, I have it, I’ll call her for you, I’ll just tell her something
came up?”

“ Whatever.”

Renna went and made the phone call and when Kiara answered she told her.

“ Kiara, hello. Yes, it is a little early, were you asleep? No, you were
working out, oh, okay, well I’ll let you get back to it before you cool down,
I’m calling on behalf of Dr. Xena, she has to go out and take care of some
things this morning and she won’t be back in time to have lunch with, she’s not trying to find a nice way of blowing you off.”

“ “ See, see, now she thinks I was just being polite?” Xena whispered to
Gabrielle as they both listened.

“ No Kiara, in fact, Xena asked me to ask you if you wouldn’t mind making it
Dinner this evening? Yes I’m serious, so you’ll be here? Yes, great, I know
that will please her. What? hahahhaha....I will be sure to tell her, she’ll
see you this even then? Okay, well I’ll let you go so you can get back to your
workout, alright, goodbye, your welcome, bye.” Renna then hung up the phone,
and chuckled to herself for a moment before she turned to tell Xena.

“ So is she alright?” Xena asked.

“ Yes. She’ll be here this evening about 5.”

“ Well good, I’m glad her feelings weren’t hurt?”

“ At first it sounded like they were going to be, but after I told her about
the dinner invitation, she....well let’s just say is looking forward to this
evening. Oh, Gabrielle may I have a glass of water please?”

“ Of Course, I’ll go and get it for you.”

“ Thank you.” Renna waited for Gabrielle to go up the stairs, then she turned
back to face Xena.

Xena knew Renna had sent Gabrielle away for a reason, but she couldn’t figure
out the reason why.

“ Xena, I didn’t want Gabrielle to hear this, she seems to be a little worried
about something for some reason, anyway, Kiara wanted me to tell you she is
really looking forward to spending time with you.”

“ Okay. So why did you need to send Gabrielle away?”

“ She also said there’s something special about you and she wants to know what
it is.”

“ Hmm...I still don’t get it.” Xena said raising and then dropping her hands.

“ Well I think she just really wants to be your friend, I think it’s a matter
of because you were a DR. and even though you weren’t even on the clock yet,
and you have all of these credentials, you took the time to help her, even
though she really did not need your help, since she had the aids with her, but
I guess you touched a chord in her that touched her enough to make her feel
like she wanted to get to know you, maybe it’s an obligatory thing, maybe she
feels she has to reach out to you, since you are new to the area, and offer
friendship to you?”

“ Well it was no big deal, I just helped her with a patient.” Xena said with a
dismissing type shrug of her shoulders.

Later that day Xena and Gabrielle headed out to begin their search for the
Stone, they started by going to the museums.

“ So no one has come to you with anything that looks like this?”

“ No Ma'am. You said that it’s the largest emerald?”

“ Yes. If you see or hear of this stone I want you to call me.” Xena said as
she handed the man a card that Renna had made-up for her.

“ Should I tell whoever brings it that your looking for them?”

“, just call me and I’ll come and talk with them myself.” Xena said
feigning indifference.

“ Alright then miss Brulee, I’ll contact you immediately if I hear of anything
coming into the museums possession.”

“ Very well then, I will speak with you later. Thank you for your time.”

“ Your welcome, sorry I couldn’t be of more help to you.”

“ Just knowing you will inform me is enough, have a nice day.” Xena said as
she and Gabrielle turned and left the first museum, and their driver took them
to the others and waited outside for them.

Finally after checking all of the museums and leaving a card with each of
them, Xena and Gabrielle finally headed back to their house. Xena wanted to
get things ready for dinner tonight. Plus it looked to Xena like they were in
for some bad weather.

When they arrived back Xena went to start things for Dinner and told Gabrielle
to go ahead and get cleaned up and then she would go and get cleaned up after
she got Dinner started.

“ Renna your welcome to stay, I think it would help to take the tension away?”
Xena admitted. She was a little concerned about the way Gabrielle had been
acting and the conversation they had last night.

“ Thank you, I was sort of hoping you would offer.”

“ Good, now I need to go and get things started. “

“ I’ll set the table if you like?”

“ Okay, but put the center piece back in, and make sure I’m nearest the solid
wall.” Xena called over her shoulder as she headed off into the kitchen.

“ I know Xena.” Renna called back over her own shoulder as she went to get the
piece and put it back in.

After Xena got dinner started she came out of the kitchen to see how Renna was
coming along.

“ I’m impressed Renna, the tables beautiful.” Xena praised.

“ Well I have had some experience in setting a table.”

“ Well it shows. By the way, you’ll want to get cleaned up for Dinner as

“ Yes, but I live about an hour from here.”

“ Oh, don’t worry, you can clean up here, and I know we have clothes here that
you can fit, seeing how you and Gabrielle are about the same size, actually I
think you two are the exact same size, 7 right?”

“ Yes.”

“ And your shoe size is about the same, I think you won’t have any problems,
plus you bought the clothes so you know what you like?”

“ Well thank you, Xena, I’ll talk to Gabrielle.”

“ Talk to me about what?”

“ About whether I can borrow something to wear for dinner tonight, seeing how
I don’t have any of my clothes here?”

“ Oh sure, come on, you can pick out what you want.”

“ By the way Gabrielle, you look wonderful.” Xena called to her room mate.

Gabrielle smiled and then said, “ Thank you.”

“ Well while you two are there, I will go and get cleaned up.” Xena then
disappeared up the stairs into her room, where last night Gabrielle slept in
the bed with Xena once again, and would probably do it again for the next few
nights until she got use to being in the house.

After they were all dressed and Gabrielle and Renna finally managed to take
their eyes off of Xena, after Xena told them to stop staring, Kiara knocked at
the door.

Gabrielle went to answer it.

“ Hello Kiara, come in please?”

“ Hello Gabrielle.” Kiara said somewhat surprised to see her there.

“ You look a little surprised to see me?’ Gabrielle said noticing the look.

“ Well to be honest....I am a little, I didn’t realize....well it doesn’t
matter, I brought some wine for dinner.”

“ Oh, that’s wonderful, thank you, I don’t drink, but Xena and Renna both do,
I know they will enjoy it.” Gabrielle said as she took the wine and lead Kiara
into the formal living room.

Kiara glanced around the house as they walked and commented on how beautiful
things were.

“ Xena has wonderful taste.”

“ Yes she does.” Gabrielle said as they came to the living room where Xena and
Renna were talking.

“Xena, Renna our guess has arrived. She brought some wine for dinner so I will
take this and put it on ice until we’re ready for it. Kiara, dinner will be a
bit longer, but please make yourself at home.”

“ Thank you Gabrielle.” Kiara said with her brows knitting more at why
Gabrielle would be telling her to make herself at home in someone elses house.

Renna walked over to where Kiara stood, and spoke to her.

“ Hello Kiara, we’re glad you could make it.” Renna noticed the perplexed look
on Kiara’s face and she had to ask.

“ What is it Kiara, you seem a little uneasy?”

“ I....I guess I am...a little, I didn’t realize you and Gabrielle were going
to be here?”

“ Oh.... I see, well let me explain....” Renna started, but Xena interrupted.

“ No, let me. Kiara I’m glad you could make it, please come in and have a

Kiara stood for a moment with her mouth open, and then she realized it was
opened and she clamped it shut and said a quick thank you and went to sit
down. Xena smirked and then turned and went to sit next to her.

“ The reason why Gabrielle is here is because she lives here with me.”

“ She lives here? “

“ Yes, I told you she was my best friend remember?”

“ Oh, yes, I just thought the two of you had your own separate places?”

“ No, this is it. “

“ Does Renna live here as well?”

“ No. I invited her to stay for dinner, since we had gotten into a
conversation about some things, and it was getting late.”

“ Oh, I understand, I hope your not offended Renna, I hope you don’t think I
don’t want your company or anything?”

“ No I’m not offended, actually it maybe my fault, I did say you and Xena.”

“ Well....that’s ok, maybe I just heard what I wanted to hear?” Kiara replied
as she turned her focus from Renna to Xena.

Xena actually blinked at the gaze, and then running her hand through her hair
as she went to her feet, she told the young woman she would be right back.

“ Excuse me Kiara, I need to tell Renna something, can I bring you something
to drink?”

“ A glass of sprite please?’

“ certainly, I’ll have Gabrielle bring it to you, excuse us for a moment.”
Xena then turned and catching Renna by the arm she practically lifted her and
pulled her with her.

After Xena told Gabrielle what Kiara wanted and sent her out to talk with her,
Xena turned to Renna.

“ I don’t know if this is a good idea after all?”

“ What?”

“ This dinner thing, I mean, I think Kiara’s feelings for me are more than
those of just wanting a friendship?”

“ What else is there?”

Xena raised a brow at Renna and then after a moment Renna laughed out loud.
But Xena now glared at her, and Renna quieted down, and then after a moment
composed herself.

“ Oh, I’m sorry Xena, but after I caught on to what you were saying, something
came back to me that now makes sense.”

“ What’s that?”

“ On the phone earlier, Kiara had made a comment about you, and at the time I
didn’t think much f it, because of the way people were responding to you at
the hospital yesterday, the stares and ogles by....everyone, it didn’t hit me
until just now why she said what she did.”

“ And what did she say Renna?” Xena asked impatiently.”

“ She said she thought you were the sexiest person she had ever seen and met.
Hmmm...looks like you maybe right about her having more than just friendly
feeling towards you? Does that bother you?”

“ What?” Xena said somewhat distracted by the thought.

“ That a woman is interested in you?”

“ No.” Xena answered simply.

“ So you understand what this could lead to right?”

“ Renna, I am not some young and naive child, I have been with women before,
that’s not what bothers me.”

“ Then what is it?”

“ It’s just that I think she’s.....intriguing.” Xena said as she cut her eyes
to catch Renna’s response.

“ Xena? Are you telling me that you may have some feelings for this woman?”

Xena gave a studied look at Renna, and then running her tongue along the
inside of her teeth, and a slight smirk she answered her.

“ We’ll see.” Xena then stood up and strided back into the living room to join
Gabrielle and Kiara.

“ So...what have you two been talking about?” Xena asked ready to engage in
the evening.

“ You.” Gabrielle said simply.

“ Me?” Xena asked cutting her eyes to Kiara and cocking her head.

“ Yes, I was just telling Gabrielle about how much I respect the work you’ve
done for people, and that she is lucky to have such a caring friend as you in
her life.” Kiara replied as she nervously played with her glass of sprite in
her hand.

“ Well that’s all nice and things, but I rather not spend the evening talking
about work things, alright?”

“ Alright.” Kiara rapidly agreed.

“ Good, so Kiara where are you from?”

“ Oregon, and you two?”

“ Greece.” Xena said honestly.

“ Greece, where at in Greece?”

“ I may tell you later exactly where.”

“ Oh, ok.”

The four of them talked until dinner was ready and then they all went into the
dining room to eat. Xena sat at the head of the table closet to the walk, and
Gabrielle sat at the other end and Renna sat in the middle on one side, and
Kiara on the other, but slightly off center closer to Xena.

During the dinner Xena and Kiara seem to be more engaged with each other,
although Xena made sure to try and keep it where everyone was involved in the
conversation. At one point during the meal, Kiara reached her hand under the
table and placed it on Xena’s bare thigh.

Xena didn’t jump, she simply licked her lips subtly of the liquid and then
slowly let her gaze turn to Kiara who was blushing.

“ I think we should go into the living room to have our tea?” Xena suggested.

“ I agree.” Gabrielle replied.

“ Ok, well I am going to clear the table and things and clean up the kitchen
of the dishes, then I will join all of you in the living room.”

Kiara thought she offended Xena until Xena stood up and said, “ Kiara, do you
mind helping me?”

Kiara beamed and then said, “ of course not, it would be my pleasure.”

“ Xena I could help you with that?” Gabrielle offered.

“ No, that’s alright, you and Renna go ahead to the living room, we’ll join
you in a little bit.”

“ Oh, ok, but if you change your mind, just ask?”

“ Alright, now go.” Xena then turned her attention to the dishes on the table
and it took her a matter of moments to completely clear the table.

While the two of them were in the kitchen and Kiara had offered to wash and
Xena dry the dishes, Xena took the opportunity to step behind Kiara while
Kiara was washing a dish.

“ So Kiara, I get the feeling you want me?” Xena whispered in the woman’s ear
as she ran her hand along Kiara’s arms and down into the water.

“ I....” Was all Kiara could manage.

“ Am I wrong?” Xena purred as she flicked her tongue over Kiara’s ear.

“ AH!” She gasped as a shiver raced through her.

“ How do you know you want me? I mean I am very impatient, and I have a
temper, albeit not usually towards a good lover. Are you a good lover Kiara?”
Xena asked as she took the lobe of Kiara’s ear in her mouth and sucked on it,
before letting it go.

Kiara moaned and her fist were clenched in the soapy water as Xena stroked

“ Ye....yes.” Kiara gasped again, only now her breathing was becoming more and
more labored.

“ G.o.o.d.....” Xena purred and then she whipped Kiara around and looking deep
into her eyes she watched Kiara’s eyes close the closer Xena got to her mouth.

Xena felt Kiara’s labored breathing against her lips, and it only searched to
increase Xena’s passion. Just before Xena took Kiara’s lips, she whispered, “
It’s been a long time since I’ve been with anyone I wanted so badly.”

“ Meee....t.o.o...” Kiara breathe as she could no longer wait for Xena to kiss
her, she lifted herself upward and locked her lips on Xena’s, and then the two
of them kissed for as long as they could hold their breaths, only Xena was
better at it and therefore by the time Xena broke the embrace, Kiara was
completely out of breath and she could only lean heavily against the sink.

Xena’s eyes showed her desire, but she knew that if they didn’t hurry and join
Gabrielle and Renna, then Gabrielle would come to check on them, so Xena back
away from Kiara and said, “ We need to finish up in here.” She then returned
to where she had originally stood while drying the dishes, and Kiara managed
to turn back around and after a few minutes she was composed enough to
renewing her washing.

The whole time Xena kept watching her, and Kiara could only glance up every
now and then and blush.

“ I feel like a schoolgirl.” Kiara said as she gave a shy glance to Xena who
was still watching her.

“ Well, there’s nothing wrong with that, I can teach you a few things I
think.” Xena said raising a brow at Kiara.

Kiara swallowed with some difficulty, as she handed the last of the dishes to
Xena to dry. Xena dried it quickly, and then closing the cabinet, she then
said, “ So are you ready to go back to join the others?”

Kiara smiled and with a nod of her head she started to head out the kitchen,
but Xena caught her at the doorway and pushing her up against the jam of the
doorway, Xena planted another kiss on her and the woman moaned into Xena’s
throat and Xena soon let her hands glide down Kiara’s body to grip her hips as
she pulled her closer to her.

Kiara’s arms wrapped around Xena’s neck and she returned the stirring embrace.
When Xena and her broke the kiss once again, Kiara gasped, “
M.Y..G.o.o.d.n.e.s.s...!! That was wonderful.”

“ I’m glad you think so, maybe I’ll get the chance to show you more of
my....SKILLS.” Xena purred and then with a last studied gaze into the woman’s
eyes, she opened the door and Kiara glanced out and then back at Xena and
letting a smile come to her face she eased out of Xena’s arms, and headed for
the living room. As they went she straightened herself and her lipstick back
up, and moving her hair out of her face she then entered into the room.

Xena simply used a napkin to remove the lipstick off of her lips, seeing how
she never wore any, although not much of Kiara’s lipstick had come off, it was
just the intensity of the kiss that made what little did come off, come off.

Then Xena entered into the room.

“ I was just thinking about coming to find you two, we thought maybe you got
involved into something heavy and maybe we could help?” Gabrielle said as she
handed Xena a cup of tea.

“ That’s what I thought, so we just finished up what we were doing and came

“ Oh, ok. “ Gabrielle said as she looked at Xena for a moment longer. “ Xena?”
Gabrielle whispered.

“ Yes.” Xena replied the same.

“ Your cheeks are a little flushed, are you okay?”

Xena pinched her lips and then a faint smile broke through and she said in a
humor filled voice.

“ Yes Gabrielle, I’m fine, but thank you for asking.”

“ Well I just don’t want you coming down with anything?”

“ I’m not, I promise.”

“ Okay.”

“ Xena come over here and sit here, I want to tell you something?” Kiara
called to Xena from the fireplace.

“ Come on Gabrielle, let’s go join our guess.” Xena said as she headed for
where Kiara sat near the fireplace.

Kiara then whispered something to Xena that made Xena chuckle and then level a
gaze on her. Gabrielle in the meantime saw the behavior, and it made her feel
a bit jealous of the attention Xena seemed to be paying to the young woman. It
wasn’t until Xena moved a stray strand of hair out of Kiara’s face that
Gabrielle came to her feet.

“ Xena?”

“ Yes Gabrielle?”

“ May I speak to you for a moment, in the other room please?”

Xena heard a tone that only she would, knowing Gabrielle as well as she did,
so she turned her head and looked at Gabrielle with some confusion as to why
she was hearing it.

“ Of Course, Kiara excuse me for a moment, Renna why don’t you two get to know
each other a little better?”



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