By D.virtue

Gabrielle knitted her brow at her reaction and Kiara saw it and figured
Gabrielle thought she was laughing at her.

“ Gabrielle....I’m sorry, I’m not laughing at you, or your suggestion.”

“ Really? Then what’s so funny?”

“ The fact that I came over here to make that same suggestion to you.”

“ Really?”

“ Yes. I figured that the only way to have Xena in my life, is to involve the
other half of her heart, and I realized that you are that other half, if not
more. Besides, I was thinking, even when you two return to your old homes,
then I could come and visit both of you, and we could pickup where we left
off, and maybe I can even move there, I mean if that’s not being too

“ not intrusive at all, I think it would be wonderful except.....”

“ Except what Gabrielle?”

“ Except.....Kiara I need to tell you something, and it will probably blow you
away and you will probably think I’m just making it up, but I swear to you,
I’m not, and what I’m going to tell you is the truth. Xena and I aren’t from

“ You mean time Zone, right?”

“ No, I mean TIME, Xena and I are from the past, we came here to retrieve a
stone that was stolen from the Olympic Gods, and has to be returned to them,
otherwise this planet and everything on it could be destroyed, or chosen
things or people could be destroyed. Kiara I shouldn’t be telling you this,
but I think you have to know what Xena means when she ways going home. I know
it sounds like some fantastically made up story, but it is the truth.”

Kiara looked at Gabrielle in amazement, but then after a few minutes to absorb
everything, she stood up and looked as if she were outraged that Gabrielle
would tell her such a lie.

“ Kiara? Please say something?”

“ That’s why Xena kept stressing that she wants to go home, that’s why you
kept saying Goddess, and being from Greece, the Goddess is Aphrodite, right?”

“ Right.”

“ I can’t believe this!! It’s like a time traveller type movie, WOW!!” Kiara
exclaimed as she sat hard on the sofa, and just stared at Gabrielle in

“ Then your not mad, and you believe me?”

“ I have got to be loony to believe such a story or just desperate, but either
way, what have I got to lose in believing you? Yes I believe you, and no, I’m
not mad. Wow, so what time period are you from?”

“ Before the Renaissance.”

“ Man! I can’t believe this, I’m just floored by the very idea that there are
tow people here from another TIME, and I’m sitting here talking about a three
way relationship with one of them, OH MY GOODNESS, if I were the type to
faint, you would truly be picking me up off of the floor right now, WOW!! I
just don’t know what to say....But I have a thousand plus questions, like what
do you and Xena do back there, I mean as women?”

“ We travel around and battle bad people, who try to oppress the helpless or

“ That must be such a rush for you both?!!”

“ Actually, I think Xena gets more of a rush out of it, but it is part of the
reason why I fell in love with her.”

“ Really? How did you two meet?”

“ She saved my village from a warlord, and after she rested fro a few days, I
was in her face everytime she took a breath asking her to take me with her, I
was this young, completely naive, pesky little girl who had such a hero
worship thing going on, and I saw this powerful, beautiful warrior, who was
not only able to take care of herself, but had time to help my little village,
I wanted to learn everything she knew, I come from a very small village and my
parents wanted me to marry some very nice guy, but he was such a boring guy, I
couldn’t see myself as a wife in a typical family way, but when Xena left, she
told me not to follow her, and her last words to me were, “ You don’t want to
make me mad now do you?” By The Gods! those simple words did more for me than
all the words my intended had ever said to me, or could ever say to me. I had
to be with her, it was my destiny, and I wanted to be an adventurer, and I saw
my opportunity to do just that, and truly discover who I really was, but it
was going to be by her side. Xena has saved me so many times, I’ve lost count,
but I have saved her a few times as well, our techniques are as different as
our outlooks, she’s physical, and I’m the talker, I’m actually a bard, and I
keep record of Xena’s adventures, whether by way of being right there with
her, or her telling me about them.”

“ Wow....She’s a warrior, like a sword wielding warrior?”

“ The best.”

“ So what did Xena do, before you two met?”

“ She use to be a warlord, one of the most renowned warlord there ever was.
Her campaigns were legendary to say the least, she could have gone on to
become The Conqueror of all of the Known world if she had not made a change in
her life, anyway, the woman whose here with me now is here to get The Kronos
stone back and return it to it’s rightful keepers. Now Kiara I’m sure I don’t
have to tell you how important this is that no one else knows we’re here,
otherwise the person who we are looking for may actually hear about it and
destroy things as a result, you understand?”

“ Gabrielle don’t let it even trouble your mind a moment more, everything you
have told me stops in this house, I won’t even speak to myself about it, I
will think about it every moment, but I will never say anything about it, I

“ Great, I knew you wouldn’t tell anyone, but I had to say it, now....”

“ What?”

“ How do I tell Xena that I told you about us and everything? She’s going to

“ Why?”

“ Because she thought I would eventually get too comfortable with someone and
let my mouth take over before I knew what was being said. Kiara I think your
going to see a little of the old warlord I was telling you about, I told Xena
she didn’t have to worry about it, and she warned me if I said anything, then
she would deal with me in rapid order and then listen to what happened that
made me spill my guts. Kiara I don’t know if you should be here when Xena gets
home, I mean she’s going to be very upset with me, and it may spill over on
you as a result of the fall out?”

“ Alright, but I come by and check on you tomorrow, okay?”

“ Alright, thanks, we can finish our conversation later, it’s actually nice to
be able to talk to someone about things.”

“ I’m just flattered that you trust me, this is just too incredible.” Kiara
exclaimed as she hugged Gabrielle and Gabrielle hugged her back.

“ What’s this?” Xena asked startling the two younger women.

“ Uh....” Was the initial responses from both of the startled women.

“ Xena?! What are you doing here?” Gabrielle asked finding her voice.

“ I live here. What’s going on?”

“ Um....nothing, Kiara and I were just talking and resolved some issues
between us.”

“ Yes, that’s right, and I was just leaving.” Kiara honed in as she and
Gabrielle came to their feet and Kiara moved towards the doorway where Xena
stood with narrowed eyes, studying the two women.

Just as Kiara was about to step around Xena, Xena stepped in front of her, and
raising a brow at her, and seeing the fierce blush light both Kiara’
s face and Gabrielle’s, Xena’s instinct told her something was up and up in a
big way, and she wasn’t going to allow anyone to leave the room without her
getting to the truth.

“ Xena?” Kiara asked quietly, and somewhat intimidated by the sudden move.

“ Go sit back down Kiara, you too Gabrielle, I think you two are keeping
something from me, and I’m not the type who appreciates lies, so....until I
get the truth from both of you, then I think we will all just stay right here
in this house. So. Who wants to tell me?” Xena asked as she sat on the edge of
the sofa chair that faced the large sofa, that the two women sat on, looking
as guilty as they were.

“ Xena....your just letting your imagination play with your mind.” Gabrielle
stated with no hint of conviction in what she was saying.

“ you remember what I told you I would do if you
misbehaved again?” Xena asked, as her piercing gaze watched Gabrielle flush
once again, this time Kiara saw it and her brows knitted.

“ But Xena, we told you the truth, really.” Gabrielle said hoping that Xena
would let it go at that.

“ Okay for the sake of things, let’s just say I believe you.”

“ Great.” Gabrielle said as she came to her feet once again, followed by

Xena watched the two and then she knew for sure, there was something else.

“ Sit down.” Xena simply commanded.

Both women simply sat down and waited.

“ I believe you have told me HALF the truth, now I want the full truth, what’s
going on? And why are you looking at me like that Kiara?”

“ Like what?”

“ Like you can’t believe that I’m here, as
if.....G.A.B.R.I.E.L.L.E.E.E.E.....Tell me what I’m thinking is not what it
is?! Tell me now, or by The Gods, you will experience it!”

Gabrielle was blushing fiercely from both fear and excitement, but at the
moment she couldn’t tell which was which.

“ Xena....Gabrielle didn’t mean to.....”

“ Enough! I’ll deal with you in a moment, right now, I need to speak to
Gabrielle in private.”

“ Xena I’m not some child you can just deal with, I am a grown woman and will
be treated as such.” Kiara said as she came to her feet.

Xena’s eyes simply narrowed more as she leveled flashing indigo eyes on Kiara.
Kiara took a deep breath and then trying to show she wasn’t as scared as she
felt, she said, “ But I will wait here until you come back, because I want to,
not because you told me to.” Kiara then sat back down and glancing over at
Gabrielle who let out the breath she was holding.

“ I’m glad you decided to not push it Kiara.” Gabrielle whispered.

“ Gabrielle!!” Xena called, and startled the two once again. “ Join me in the
den....will you?” Xena said as she stood up and strided over to the door and
waited for Gabrielle.

Gabrielle stood up and moving slowly towards the door with the towering woman,
who was glaring at her, her breathing started to increase with every step.
Gabrielle looked back at Kiara, who couldn’t take her eyes off of Xena.

“ Any day now Gabrielle?” Xena said sarcastically.

“ Xena....? Your not serious about this are you?”

“ The den Now.” Xena stated.

“ What if I just said I wasn’t going to go there, then what would you do?”

“ Are you telling me your not going to go to the den on your own?”

“ Xena this is ridiculous, I just told one person.”

“ Are you going to go or not?” Xena said focused.

“ No.” Gabrielle said stopping in mid stride and crossing her arms in defiance
of Xena.

Xena simply raised a brow and strided over to where Gabrielle stood and
picking her up and throwing her over her shoulder, she glanced at Kiara and
said, “ We’ll be back in a few minutes.”

Gabrielle in the meantime was struggling unsuccessfully against Xena’s
powerful hold.

“ Xena? Xena....please?” Gabrielle pleaded as Xena carried her to the den.

Once there she went to one of the solid chairs, and bringing Gabrielle down
from her shoulder, she lowered her and then laid her over her lap and flipped
her skirt. Gabrielle’s hands immediately went to protect her backside from
Xena’s hand.

Xena caught hold of Gabrielle’s wrist and penned them between her thighs and
Gabrielle’s own body. She then held Gabrielle down and despite Gabrielle’s
pleads and apologies, Xena begun to deliver 10 very painful swats to
Gabrielle’s backside, by the time she was through, Gabrielle’s behind was red
and hot, and Xena noticed that Gabrielle was also turned on by the experience,
which only served to make Xena remain in the mode she was in at the moment.

Xena stood the sobbing young woman up and then asked her what happen.
Gabrielle told Xena how she had felt that she could trust Kiara to not tell
anyone and things like that, but she did not tell Xena about the agreement the
two of them had come to, she thought it would be better to tell her later.

“ Fine! What’s done is done and there’s no changing it now, but Gabrielle,
this is the exact thing I was telling you not to do, and look what you did.
Come on, I want to find out what all you have told her, because it’s obvious
to me you told her something more than just the fact that we are from a
different time, the way she was staring at me.”

Xena then turned and headed back to the living room, and after a few minutes
Gabrielle made it back as well, more flushed and moving slower.

“ Is everything alright” Kiara asked when she saw the slow moving Gabrielle.

“ Yes. “ Gabrielle answered as she went and stood by the sofa, rather than sit
down on it.

“ Aren’t you going to sit down Gabrielle?”

“ think I’ll be more comfortable standing.” Gabrielle said as
she chanced a glance over at Xena, who was studying the two women again as she
now sat in the sofa chair, leaning slightly to the side and her long legs
crossed out in front of her, and one of her hands balancing her chin.

Kiara looked at Gabrielle for a moment longer, and then she looked over to
Where Xena sat, and then it hit her, her eyes went wide and she looked back at
Gabrielle and then down where her hands were discreetly rubbing.

“ She....YOU...Spanked her?!! And you let her?!!” Kiara asked completely
stunned by what she figured out.

“ How was I suppose to stop her? I mean look at her? She’s much bigger than I
am, far stronger, and use to physical confrontations, How was I going to stop

“ You could have told her no I would think?”

“ Oh, yeah right, like I did you mean, you saw where that got me, thrown over
her shoulder as if I weighted nothing. Yeah, right, well if you think you
could do better, than be my guess my dear Kiara?” Gabrielle said challenging
Kiara to tell Xena she was wrong.

Kiara looked at Gabrielle in disbelief that she would let another woman spank
her, although it had some intriguing qualities, it was still something Kiara
was not use to.

“ Xena I can’t believe you did that too her?”

“ Believe it.” Xena said as her position and gaze never changed.

“ Xena, I think you old Gabrielle an apology?”

“ I think not, and if you don’t leave it alone, I can arrange for you to
experience the same.” Xena said warning.

Kiara flinched slightly at the thought, for dual reasons, one of which was her
outrage, and the other at the thrill that shot threw her.

“ You wouldn’t dare?” Kiara said as she looked Xena in the eyes.

“ Leave it alone Kiara. The two people I love the most lied to me, by not
telling me the whole truth, and one of them knew she was not suppose to say
anything to anyone, and now your sitting here pushing something that you don’t
know what the end result will be.” Xena stated as she stared Kiara down.

“ Okay, your right, we should have been up front with you from the start, but
you surprised us.”

“ That’s no excuse.”

“ Your right again, but....but...Gabrielle knew that you would be upset,
so....that’s why we we’re forthright with you.”

“ No excuse.”

“ Is that all your going to say?”

“ For now.”

“ Funny.”

“ Not at all, this is very serious, and the sooner you and Gabrielle realize
just how serious, the sooner I will get over being upset.”

“ Xena all I did was tell someone your in love with about who we really were,
how can that be so serious?”

Xena came to her feet and stormed over to where the two women were, and
getting right in Gabrielle’s face she said through her teeth.

“ By telling anyone Gabrielle, you possibly have altered the future of things,
do you understand?”

“ Oh.” Gabrielle said as she relaxed a bit when Xena moved back out of her
face. “ I didn’t realize that.”

“ OBVIOUSLY!!” Xena exclaimed as she turned and begun pacing.

“ Xena I’m sorry?”

Xena looked at Gabrielle and saw the tears starting to form again, so she
sighed and then went back over to her and taking Gabrielle in her arms she
held her.

“ I know Gabrielle, don’t worry, we’ll figure out something, we always do,

“ really?” Gabrielle asked from her warm position.

“ Yes. I’m sorry I had to spank you, but that’s for not listening to me,

“ Alright.”

“ Okay, are you alright now?”

“ Yes.”

“ Good, we have to go to the restaurant tonight, so you need to go and get
changed Gabrielle.”

“ Where are you going?”

“ We have to go and try to meet someone so that we can find the stone we came
here for.”

“ Can I go and help?”

“ No, I don’t want you to get hurt, this could be dangerous.” Xena said to

“ Please let me go, I’ll be careful?”

“ Kiara, Gabrielle and I are going to be playing a role, that may make you
uncomfortable, I don’t think you should go with us on this.”

“ Whatever role you play will be fine with me, I understand what your going to
be trying to do, you want to get someone’s attention hoping that they will
either lead you directly to the stone or to the person who has it, I won’t
spoil it, I promise, let me help, please?”

Xena stood looking at Kiara, and not wanting to make her feel left out, she
finally sighed and nodded her head.

“ Great! You won’t be sorry Xena, I promise. So I need to go home and get
changed, I assume the dress is evening wear?”

“ Yes.”

“ Okay, what time will we be leaving?”

“ As soon as you get back.”

“ Okay, I’ll be about an hour and a half, I’ll see you both in a little while,
thanks for letting me help.”

“ Your welcome.” Xena said as Kiara stood and at first she hesitated and then
she just went for it. She gave Xena a light kiss and then turned and left the

Kiara returned when she said she would and Xena and Gabrielle were both
dressed and waiting for her. Kiara’s mouth fell open at how beautiful the two
women were, especially Xena.

“ Wow, you to look great.” Kiara complimented.

Xena was practically staring at Kiara and how she looked.

“ Kiara we can say the same about you as well, Wow, that’s......that’s a very
provocative dress.” Xena said admiringly, and then she caught herself and
shook her head, and became serious. “Okay, we have to get going, Kiara are you
sure your up to this?”

“ Yes, I’m sure, now let’s go, shall we?”

“ Alright, let’s go, after you two.” Xena said as she let the two women go out
the door first.

Gabrielle and Kiara sat in the backseat while Xena drove and explained things
about the house to Kiara and reminded Gabrielle, so that they did not go
wandering around, if they indeed did get the attention of the right person.

After a bit, Xena went quiet and just drove, while Gabrielle and Kiara
whispered to each other and at times would say something to Xena.

“ Do you think she will get upset with the change of her plans, as far as
including me as one of her lovers?”

“ No, I think it will surprise the heck out of her, but I also think it will
be quite and aphrodisiac for her, plus it’s the perfect way to get use to the
idea of the three of us.” Gabrielle replied in quiet tones.

“ What are you two back there whispering about?”

“ Nothing really, just how we hope things will work out.”

“ I see, well we’ll soon find out, because we’re here.”

“ Wonderful.” Kiara said as she unfastened her belt.

“ Okay this is going to be great.”

“ Oh, Gabrielle, did you bring the scroll with you?” Kiara asked.

“ Scroll?” Xena asked.

“ Yes, Gabrielle told me the purpose was to pretend that we are out looking
for rare antiques, so I thought the best way to make that more believable was
for Gabrielle to start writing something fake in one of her blank scrolls,
that way when and if this person shows up, after making sure it’s the person
we’re looking for, then Gabrielle could casually pull out the scroll and
continue to write in it, and someone who deals with rare things will instantly
recognize it as a rare antique and will believe the story that that’s why
we’re out, looking for other rare antiques, does that sound alright? I mean if
you don’t think it will work, then I fully understand, and we’ll stick to your
plan Xena.”

Xena turned and looked back at the two, and then with a bright smile leveled
at them, but mainly Kiara, she said, “ it’s brilliant, I’m surprised that I
didn’t think of it. Good job ladies, especially you Kiara, it seems you two
work well together, I’m am very pleased with that. Okay, let’s go.”

The three women got out of the car and headed into the Restaurant as their car
was being parked. The restaurant was moderately busy, but the Maitre’d asked
if they had reservations, and Xena told him they did. The Maitre”d found their
names and then he gestured for someone to come and seat them.

They were seated in a quieter area with their own booth. Xena let the two
women get in first and she sat across from them on the circular seat. The
waitress came over to take thier drink orders first and then told them she
would return in a few minutes to take their order for dinner.

In the meantime, Xena decided to leave the two alone for a few minutes to go
to the powder room, and see if there was anyone in there.

“ So, what do you think about our plan for Xena?”

“ I think it will be wonderful. Did you see how everyone was staring when we
were being brought to our seats?” Gabrielle asked, as she noticed one
particular table as they past, with Xena having dropped back a bit to observe
everyone as they watched the two women in front of her.

“ Yes, but how could they help themselves, three beautiful women, dressed to
the nines, they had no control of their eyeballs.

“ Hahahhahahaha, you know your right. Oh, here comes a man, he’s looking over
here, okay this maybe it, you ready?” Gabrielle said noticing the approaching

“ I’m ready, let’s just keep talking, act like we don’t see him.”

“ Alright, he’s almost here.” Gabrielle whispered as she focused her eyes on

“ I think this is the start of.....”

“ Hello Ladies.”

“ Hello.”

“ Excuse the interruption, but someone would like to know if you two are here

“ Why?”

“ She would like to invite you over to her table.”

“ Well that’s very nice of her, but we are here with someone else, but thank
her for the invitation.”

“ I shall.” The man then turned and headed back to the table where he had come
from, and leaning over and whispering to the woman who obviously was within
the booth, he glanced back at Kiara and Gabrielle’s table.

A few minutes later, a woman headed over to the table.

“ Hello ladies, my name is Tracina Reez, and your names are?”

“ I’m Gabrielle, and this is Kiara.”

“ Well Gabrielle and Kiara, you are two very good looking women, I’m told your
here with someone and that’s why you refused my invitation?”

“ True, but we hope you were not offended, it’s just that the person we’re
here with is somewhat of the jealous type.”

“ Oh, well I’m sure they have nothing to worry about.”

“ Excuse me?” Xena asked startling the three women with her sudden appearance,
although Xena had watched the whole interaction and listened from where she
stood by the powder room.

“ Oh, hello, I was just talking to the two young women, I invited them to join
me at my table, but they said they were waiting for the one’s they came here
with, and who are you?”

Xena looked at the woman for a moment and then looked at Gabrielle.

“ Stand up.” Gabrielle slid out and stood up and Xena caressed her face and
then slipped in and pulled Gabrielle in behind her.

Tracina’s eye’s went wide, but then they went wider when Kiara moved next to
the talk woman.

“ Xena you were gone for so long, we missed you.” Kiara purred as she Caressed
Xena’s cheek and then leaned in and kissed her passionately, and then, when
she leaned back after a few minutes, Gabrielle honed in.

“ Yes, it get’s quite lonely without you here with us.” Gabrielle purred as
she then leaned in and laid a passionate kiss on Xena as well.

Xena then grabbed Gabrielle’s hair and Kiara’s and leaned them in close and in
low tones she asked.

“ What’s going on?”

“ Can’t you tell lover, we just missed you.” The two women said huskily as
they both leaned forward and kissed each of Xena’s cheeks.

Xena looked at both women with a raised brow and then smirked and said in a
sexy voice, “ We’ll talk later.

Xena then let go of both of the women’s hair and rested her arms on the back
of the chairs behind both women.

“ Your....both their lover?”

“ I don’t think that’s any of your business. Anyway, we only came in here to
get something to eat and be on our way.” Xena said bring their plan to bear.

Gabrielle took that as her clue to pull out her scroll and quill and ink.

“ Well while we’re waiting for our waitress to come back to take our order, I
think I will write a little.

“ that a real scroll?” Tracina exclaimed when she saw it.

“ Why?” Gabrielle asked.

“ Because......may I feel it?”

“ Well, just don’t read what I wrote.” Gabrielle said as she handed the scroll
to the woman and she begun examining it with her fingers and bringing it to
her nose she smelled it and a big smile came to her face. “ Would you be
interested in selling this?”

“ No.” Gabrielle said feigning offense. “ This was a gift from Xena, I would
never sell anything she’s given me, especially my scrolls, she knows how much
I love these.”

“ I understand, but how can you write on it, it’s worth so much, you could be
rich beyond your dreams? How can you allow her to write on it?”

“ It makes her happy, and I would do anything to make my two women happy,
besides, she knows I it makes me happy to see her happy. But you seem to know
a bit about antiques, how is that?”

“ Oh, well I sort of deal in antiques.”

“ Really, well maybe you can help us, it is the reason why we’re out this
evening, we were visiting different antique shops because I am looking for a
rare jewel for my other jewel here..” Xena stated as she brought her hand that
was behind Kiara, and pulled her in to her and planted a searing kiss on the
woman, so much so that Kiara moaned and slipped one of her legs over Xena’s

Xena broke the kiss and gazed into Kiara’s eyes and was surprised to see love
shining back at her. Xena caressed Kiara’s cheek and then glanced at Gabrielle
who was pretending to be into her scroll for Tracina’s benefit. Xena then
looked back at the woman.

“ Oh, your a collector?”

“ Only for things that will make them smile. I bought the scrolls for
Gabrielle, because I know how much she likes to write, and I know how much
Kiara likes the jeweled pieces, so that’s what I’m looking for, a rare

“ Maybe I can help you, do you mind if I have a seat?”

“ Please, sit.” Xena invited.

“ Xena.....I’m really hungry.” Gabrielle sighed as she rolled her scroll up
and put it back in the pouch.

“ How about if you ladies join me for dinner at my place, then we can kill two
birds with one stone?”

“ How do I know you can really help us, you don’t even know what type of jewel
I’m looking for?”

“ I have access to every rare jewel there ever was, and because it doesn’t
seem like money is a problem?”

“ too good for these two. Fine we’ll go with you.”

“ Wonderful, we’ll take my car?”

“ No, I’d rather drive my own, we’ll follow you.” Xena stated.

“ Very well, maybe we can do something for each other, you and I?”

Xena raised a brow at the woman and then Tracina stood up and headed for the
door, Xena and Gabrielle and Kiara all stood up as well and headed for the
door, and Gabrielle whispered to Xena, “ I think she wants you?”

“ You think? And speaking of want, I want an explanation from the two of you
when we get in the car.” Xena scolded gently as she pushed the two women ahead
of her.

Xena once again drove, while Kiara and Gabrielle once again sat in the back.

“ So...what’s going on?”

“ We don’t know what you mean, we’re just playing the role you laid out.”

“ No....the plan was for you and I to pretend to be in a relationship.”

“ We know, but we had t think of a role for Kiara, and she and I thought it
would be more impressive if you not only had one woman, but two, who shared
your attention, so do you like our idea?”

Xena looked in the rearview mirror at both women, and then looking ahead to
make sure she was not falling behind while following Tracina’s car.

“ You’ll never know just how much.” Xena said quietly to herself and then said
,” Yes.” for the benefit of Gabrielle and Kiara to hear her.

Xena once again went quiet the rest of the way to the woman’s home. They came
to stop in front of a mansion. The three got out of the car and a valet asked
for Xena’s keys to go and park the car. Xena handed the man a valet key and
then she walked up the stairs to the front door of the mansion, where
Gabrielle and Kiara waited for her and once she arrived, they each took an arm
and wrapped their arms around it and the three of them followed Tracina into a

“ Please, have a seat, I need to go and speak to my chef, Eliza, please offer
our guest something to drink.”

“ Yes Madam.”

Tracina then turned and left the parlor and went to talk with not only her
chef, but also with her security personnel.


The end of part 2
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