By D.virtue

Xena and Gabrielle and Kiara all sat down on the large white sofa that faced
the large plate glass window, that overlooked a sparkling blue pool that
matched the sparkling blue lake right under it.

Gabrielle stood back up to go and look out the window, and when she saw the
beautiful sight, her breath caught and she looked back at Xena and Kiara and
told them they had to come and look.

“ It’s beautiful, you have to see this.”

“ Kiara you go ahead.” Xena said as Kiara went to her feet and walked over to
the window and gazed out.

“ Wow! Xena it’s absolutely beautiful, you have got to come and see it.”

Xena stood up and strided over to the window and looked out.

“ It is nice.” She said, and simply turned and walked back to the sofa and sat
down, and casually looked around the room, locating all of the camera’s, and
then the recorders. They were placed in areas where the whole person, or at
the least their upper half of their bodies could be seen.

Microphones were hidden in the armrest of the sofas, as well as the large
flowering vases that were scattered through the room. Meanwhile, Tracina was
speaking with her head security guard.

“ Travis, I want you to run a make on the three of them and let me know what
you find out about them, especially the tall one.”

“ Alright.”

“ I hope their who they appear to be, it would be a waste to eradicate such a
beautiful woman, well all of them, but especially the tall one.” Tracina
stated as she studied the image of Xena sitting on the sofa with her long legs
stretched out before her, casually watching the two other women who were
admiring their surroundings.

“ Find out soon.” Tracina ordered and then she left to return to the three

“ Dinner will be ready in a bit, I hope your comfortable?” Tracina said as she
entered back into the room.

Gabrielle and Kiara, both returned to sit by Xena, while Xena kept her arms
stretched out along the back of the sofa, thereby allowing both women to have
an arm to lean on if they chose.

“ Fine.” Xena answered, then continued to get right to the point, noticing
Tracina’s appreciation of the two women’s affection for the taller woman. “
So, you said that you could possibly help me locate that....special jewel for
my jewel here?” Xena said as she let her one arm come down off of the back of
the sofa to wrap around Kiara’s shoulder and pulled her to her.

Kiara responded to the embrace and moved closer to Xena and turning her body
slightly in the direction of Xena’s body so that she could get more
comfortable against Xena. Tracina watched and her eyes were locked on the
gentle caresses Xena’s fingers were doing on Kiara’s bare shoulder and neck.

Gabrielle moved, and Tracina’s gaze broke to look at why she had moved, and
she discovered that Xena had now wrapped her arm around Gabrielle and pulled
her to her as well on the other side. Gabrielle laid her back against Xena’s
arm resting in the curve of her arm. Once again Tracina’s eyes found Xena’s
fingers caressing the bare neck and chest of Gabrielle, as both of the younger
women were caressing different areas of Xena, Gabrielle caressing the arm that
was around her, and Kiara doing the same to the thigh that was near her hands.
All were done casually, as if it were nothing new to the three, although the
whole situation was new to them.

“ Well?” Xena finally asked after letting Tracina drool for a bit, before
returning to her previous question.

“ Oh.... Oh, I’m sorry, I was little distracted.” Tracina said as she
pretended to move her hair out of her face, when in fact she was covering the
blush she felt to her cheeks.

“ So I could see. So Can you help me or not?”

“ Yes, I’m sure I can, I have access to some of the most rarest jewels.”

“ Are they here?” Xena asked for informational reasons.

“ Some are, but not the most rarest and precious. But I can get them if I want

“ Hmm...I see.”

“ Green is Kiara’s favorite color. So I think any green jewel will be
perfect.” Gabrielle said to Xena, who looked at her and smiled.

“ Your right, I think an Emerald will be the perfect jewel. Don’t you Kiara?”

“ Yes. Emerald will be wonderful, great idea Gabrielle.”

“ Thanks.” Gabrielle replied back to Kiara as they gave each other a smile and
then returned their attention back to Tracina.

“ Emerald? Yes, of course, I’m sure I can find just the right one for you,

“ Great.” Kiara replied and then Tracina’s curiosity could not stay quiet.

“ Xena? Do you mind if I ask you a....well a personal question?”

“ Depends on what it is, but go ahead.”

“ Are the two of them your...”

“ Lovers?”

“ Yes.”

“ Why don’t you ask them?”

Tracina looked to Kiara and then Gabrielle, and it was Gabrielle who answered.

“ Yes. The three of us are lovers and have been for a while.”

“ And she’s able to...satisfy the two of you?”

“ To exhaustion, on our part.” Gabrielle purred as she leaned closer to Xena
as Xena’s hand now found a large soft breast and was casually kneading it.

Gabrielle’s cheeks flushed from the provocative caressing, and then Kiara
spoke as Xena continued to watch Tracina, who was watching Xena’s skilled
hands and fingers work their magic on Gabrielle.

“ Yes, Xena is quite the attentive lover, she knows what we want and is
proficient and thorough in providing it.”

Xena leaned her head back and pulled Kiara to her to place a searing kiss on
her. Xena and Tracina both heard the moaning coming from the two women, and
after a few more heated moments, Tracina exclaimed huskily.

“ XENA! May I talk to you alone for a moment?!”

Xena heard the breathlessness of the woman, and with a final kiss Xena
abruptly broke the kiss and stopped caressing Gabrielle’s breast, and both of
the young women leaned against Xena heavily, as they begun to compose

“ Certainly.” Xena said smoothly.

Tracina stood up to lead Xena to where she wanted to talk to her alone at, and
Xena glanced at both Kiara and Gabrielle and with a loving smile for both of
them, and they returning the smile, and leaning heavily against the back of
the sofa they were on, and trying to compose themselves so that they could
continue in their plans. “ Don’t be long Xena, you’ve started something and
you have to finish it as soon as possible.” Gabrielle whispered into Xena’s

Xena’s cheeks pinken from the vibration that suddenly ran down her back, and
she gave a meaningful kiss to Gabrielle’s lips, and receiving the moan she was
going for, she broke the kiss and gave a toothy grin and then stood up and
headed to walk with Tracina.

Xena made it to the door and stopped and then turned around.

“ Ladies, be good.” Xena warned, meaning for them not to go wandering.

They both nodded and watched Xena turn and stride out the door with Tracina
following behind her. They went into another room right next door, but when
Xena scanned the room she noticed that their were no Camera’s or microphones
hidden in the room.

“ So, what did you need to talk to me about in private?”

“ I wanted to talk about the little exchange with spoke about when we were at
the restaurant.”

“ What about it?”

“ Well, I believe I can help you locate that special jewel you want for Kiara,
in exchange for.....some of your....time?” Tracina said slightly breathless.

A brow raised on Xena as she did a casual scan of the woman standing across
from her, obviously in lust. Xena knew the woman’s eyes were locked on her
every move, so she purposely, but casually let her tongue slip out and licking
her lips enough to wet them, she then brought her indigo gaze back up and
leveled on Tracina.

“ What makes you think you can do anything for me? I mean, I do have two very
beautiful and very passionate women, who I’m quite pleased with.”

“ I know, and I also see how affectionate they are towards you, I’m not asking
for anything so binding just a little of your time and skills. Besides, I’ve
been told I have some ability.”

“ “ Well that’s all nice to know, but what purpose is there for me to accept
this little proposal of yours?”

“ Well like I said I can probably help you find what your looking for with a

“ I see. Let me make you a counter offer, if you can find that special jewel,
then I will think about taking you up on your proposal.”

“ Hmm.....well let’s see how the evening progresses, but in the meantime....”
Tracina said as she wrapped her arms around Xena’s neck and laid a lust filled
kiss on Xena.

Tracina thought she was in control, but Xena caught her around her waist and
showed her what was in store for her if she could fulfill her task. Xena then
pulled back and after Tracina steadied Xena let her go and watched the
fiercely blushing woman. Xena then turned and called over her shoulder.

“ That’s not even a fraction of my skills. But no matter what, I will have to
speak to Gabrielle and Kiara about any such thing, and depending on what they
think, even if you find the Jewel for my Kiara, they may not agree to me
bedding another person.” Xena then walked out the room and left the woman to
think about what lay in wait for her if she was able to fulfill the bargain.

Tracina followed Xena after a moment to compose herself, and they entered back
into the lounge area where Gabrielle and Kiara were sitting on the sofa

“ Xena? You took so long, is everything alright?” Gabrielle asked as she and
Kiara rose from the sofa and took Xena’s arms, and looked back at Tracina who
was now entering the room.

“ Fine, I’ll talk to you about it later.” Xena said as she looked at both of
the women holding each of her arms. Still somewhat surprised by their actions.

“ Madam?”

“ Yes Eliza?”

“ Dinner is served Madam.”

“ Thank you Eliza.”

“ Ladies, dinner is served, if you will come with me?”

Gabrielle and Kiara let go of Xena’s arms as they all walked towards the
dining room, but Tracina let Eliza lead them to the room while she dropped
back to talk with Gabrielle.

“ Gabrielle?”

“ Yes?”

“ I was watching you and Kiara with Xena, and it seems like you seem to know
her better than Kiara?”

“ What makes you think that?”

“ Just the way she was caressing you, and how you seem to be more comfortable
with her, your eyes linger on her longer, and your touch stays a moment after
Kiara’s ends. Xena seems to show both of you the same attention, but there’s
something about the way she looks at you.”

“ Tracina what is this about?”

“ Hm...your very smart Gabrielle, that’s why I wanted to talk to you.”

“ About What?”

“ Xena?”

“ What about Xe.....” Gabrielle started to ask, when they were interrupted by
Xena’s voice.

“ Gabrielle come and sit here.” Xena said instructing Gabrielle to sit by her
on her right, while Kiara stood waiting to sit on Xena’s left, and Xena went
to sit at the head.

Tracina, sat at the other end of the table after having had many of the large
leafs of the table removed for the purpose of making the dinner more
intimate. Gabrielle moved to where Xena asked her to and they all sat down and
Gabrielle’s eyes raked over all of the food, and her nose hummed at the
wonderful smells.

“ I hope all of you are hungry?” Tracina asked.

Gabrielle’s stomach answered for all of them, and Xena smirked and made light
of Gabrielle’s talking stomach.

“ I guess that answers your question?”

“ Yes, very much so.” Tracina stated as she glanced over at Gabrielle who was
blushed in her cheeks from embarrassment.

“ Xena?” Gabrielle said slightly irritated and giving Xena’s thigh a mild swat
to tell her to stop teasing her.

Xena smirked at Gabrielle and then smiled.

“ Can we eat yet?” Kiara asked looking over the colorful plateful of food that
was set in front of her.

“ Please be my guest, enjoy.” Tracina said as she took a bite of her food
thereby giving the signal for the guest to begin.

Gabrielle and Kiara immediately begun eating, while Xena simply took a sip of
her wine and casually glanced at the two young women, and then she turned her
focus on Tracina, whom she knew had her eyes on her.

“ So when can you get some jewels for us to see?”

“ I have some here, so after dinner we can go and look at those, unless you
have a particular shape or size in mind?”

“ Yes like that of a Solstice tree in shape, but the size of my hand would be
nice?” Xena said giving a general idea, so as not to appear to be looking for
The Kronos stone, just in case the guy who stole it was indeed Tracina’s boss.

“ Hmm....can’t say I’ve seen anything like that here, but I’m sure the person
I work for may have something like that, who knows? Anyway, I will check it
out for you,if......if you allow me some of your time?” Tracina said bringing
the conversation back to her’s and Xena’s earlier conversation.

“ We’ll see.”

“ Great, well I will get right on trying to locate that jewel you want for
Kiara, give me about a week, and I think I may be able to come up with
something for you?”

“ That’s fine, I will be looking forward to hearing from you.” Xena said as
she wiped her mouth of any lingering food that maybe on it.

“ Tracina?”

“ Yes Kiara?”

“ How did you get into this business?”

“ The person I work for got me into it, he lured me with money and power, and
other.......PERKS, if you know what I mean?”

“ I see.”

“ But is that all you want from life is money and power?” Gabrielle asked
curious about the woman.

“ No, not all, I would one day like to find the right person and who knows,
maybe marry and have a family, but right now is not the right time, my life is
too busy, and it can be dangerous at times.”

“ How is that? I mean, you deal in antiques?” Gabrielle knitting her brows
perplexed by the statement.

“ Gabrielle, the types of antiques I deal in are very rare, and with that type
of rarity, comes risk in obtaining them.”

“ Really? Have you had any adventures recently?” Gabrielle slyly asked hoping
to gain information for their quest.

“ Yes, as a matter of fact, I had a very interesting adventure, well actually
my boss did, and it just spilled over onto me.”

“ What was it?”

“ He traveled.....somewhere, that he said would be his greatest conquest, he
said that it involved confiscating something that the Gods themselves would be
left in awe at. His egotism is amazing. Imagine how full of one’s self one
would have to be to say something like that? But he’s good at what he does.”

“ So you said he...confiscated......?”

“ Gabrielle, it really isn’t our business what he confiscated, and I think
it’s getting a little late, I think we really should be going? Besides we have
some things to talk about the three of us.” Xena interjected cutting off the
rest of what Gabrielle was saying so as not to arouse suspicion in the woman.

“ Oh, alright, I guess your right. Tracina it has been very nice meeting you.”

“ You two Gabrielle.”

“ Tracina I hope we hear from you soon about my Jewel, I really want it?”

“ I will be in touch with Xena as soon as I have some stones that meet with
Xena’s specifications.”

“ Wonderful, well thank you for dinner.”

“ Your welcome Kiara, it was a pleasure meeting you as well, although I must
admit, I am a little surprised at the amount of food Gabrielle can put away in
that petite body of hers?”

“ We are all still amazed by that feat.” Xena answered as she glanced over at
Gabrielle who was once again blushing.

“ I was hungry, I hadn’t had any lunch.” She said defending her appetite.

Smiling Tracina walked all of them to the door, and opened it.

“ Gabrielle, Kiara, will you wait for me in the car, I’ll be right there?”
Xena asked glancing at the two young women.

“ Alright, but don’t be long, remember you wanted to talk to us about
something?” Gabrielle said instructing Xena.

“ I won’t.”

“ Great. Tracina, again, it has been very nice to meet you, thank you for

“ Your welcome again.”

Gabrielle and Kiara both turned and walked out to the car, while Xena watched
them for a moment and then turned her attention back to Tracina.

“ Xena, I hope we will be able to spend some time together?”

“ We’ll see, but I am curious about something?”

“ What’s that?”

“ If my partners don’t want me to spend.....time with you, will you still
locate me my jewel?”

“ I don’t know, you know what they scratch my back and I will
scratch yours?”

“ That’s what I thought. Well we’ll see, goodbye Tracina, I’ll be waiting to
hear from you, oh, and it would go a long way with me if you could locate me
that special jewel and then I would have more reason to give to them that they
should accept our spending sometime together, if only for one.....DAY.” Xena
stated suggestively.

“ I’ll think about that Xena, it is a tempting offer to say the least, I will
get back to you in a few days one way or the other. I look forward to our time
together Xena.” Tracina said as she wrapped her arms around Xena’s neck and
once again kissed her greedily.

Xena broke the kiss and raising a brow at the blushing woman she simply said,
“ I’ll only wait for a short time, and then I will look else where. How a nice
evening Tracina.”

Xena then turned and strided down the stairs to the driveway, where she walked
around to the driver’s side of the car and getting in and heading out of the
driveway, she let her window down and threw a wave in Tracina’s direction.
Then they made the circle and then drove out of the estate and headed home.

Xena noticed that both Gabrielle and Kiara were quiet and glancing over at
Gabrielle and looking in the rearview at Kiara she saw they were both staring
at her.

“ What’s going on you two?”

“ What do you mean?”

“ Those looks, like your upset about something?”

“ Why would we be upset Xena, why would it bother us in the least that you
were kissing some strange woman? Right Kiara, it doesn’t bother us in the
least, does it?”

“ No, why should it, let’s just add another person into our lives, no big deal

“ I see, first of all before you two work yourselves up, I was not kissing
her, she was kissing me for the second time, that’s one of the things we need
to talk about.”

“ So your not interested in her at all? I mean she is very good-looking?”
Gabrielle asked for her and Kiara.

“ No! How could I possibly have any interest in any other woman, when I have
two very beautiful women right here with me? But I need to talk to you two
about that when we get home, along with some other things we three need to
talk about.”

Xena heard a collective sigh from both Gabrielle and Kiara after hearing what
had happened with the kiss. Xena smiled and resting her head on her left hand
as she drove with her right, they arrived home and all three went inside and
made themselves comfortable so they could talk.

“ Okay Xena, what’s up?”

“ I believe Tracina has access to what we’re here for, and I think she will be
able to get it for us if we give her something in return?”

“ What does she want?”

Xena inhaled deeply and then crossing her long legs and stretching them out in
front of her as both Gabrielle and Kiara both stole glances at the muscular,
yet shapely limbs. Xena casually glanced over at the two women and she had to
smile at the thought of both women in her life, but then a settled concern
shadowed over her brows as she thought about the impetuous decision the two
young women made about this new relationship they were all entering.

“ She wants me to bed her, at least once.” Xena stated flatly, as her gaze
fell on the two women once again.

“ Excuse us? “ Kiara asked questionably.

“ That’s what she wants in exchange for the jewel.” Xena answered.

“ Really? Well it’s not going to happen, we’ll just have to come up with
another plan to get our hands on that jewel. I will not allow for you to bed
anyone else other than Gabrielle and myself, I think I speak for Gabrielle
when I say.... No.”

“ I agree with you Kiara. Xena you can not bed this woman, we won’t allow it.”

Xena sat and listened to the two women and everytime either one of them said
allow, her brow rose, but outside of that, she understood their protest. But
Xena was a warrior who was use to during whatever was necessary to achieve her
assignment, although she didn’t fantasy the idea of bedding anyone other than
her two lovers, although she had not even bedded one of her lovers in truth,
Kiara was still a virgin and it would be harder to explain it to her that she
needed to do what was necessary with some stranger, when she had not even been
with her own lover in that way yet.

“ Kiara, Gabrielle, if this woman has the Kronos stone and can possibly get it
for us, so that we can save this world, I will do whatever is necessary to
achieve that goal. I understand both of your protest and if another way
presents itself, then I will jump on it so as not to bed this woman, but right
now there is no other way that I can see. Now if one or both of you can come
up with another way, I will gladly consider it, if I think it will work.
Gabrielle you’ve known me long enough to know that I don’t accept defeat of
any sort, and I will not accept one now. So if I have to bed this woman I
will, remember what I’ve always told you Gabrielle, if it’s for the greater
good, then sacrifices are worth it.”

“ Xena I understand what your saying, but I how am I suppose to feel? I mean
we’re suppose to be in a relationship and yet you have not even gotten to know
me in that way completely, and here you are talking about bedding some other

“ Kiara I understand your feelings, but this is bigger than just us, it’s
about the world, literally.”

“ Xena I’m not so self absorbed that I can’t see that, but whatever we decide
to do, I want to be with you first, and Gabrielle this is nothing against you
or the relationship that we’re all in, but when that time comes, I would like
for it to be just Xena and I, I hope you understand?”

Gabrielle touched Kiara’s shoulder and with a smile she gave her an answer.

“ Kiara, I understand completely and I would feel the same way if it were me,
I remember the first time Xena and I were together, she made it so special, it
was as if she called on the Gods themselves to make our first time as special
as possible by calling in the favors they all owe her. was the most
incredible evening of my life and I felt my heart touch the heavens themselves
when she told me for the first time that she loved me, and took my gift that
was hers to claim, just as she had claimed my heart the first time I laid eyes
on her. This tall dark powerful and beautiful woman whom I inserted myself
into her lift against her better judgment, but the day she was told to leave
after saving my village was the same day I begged her to take me with her, but
despite what I saw in her, she saw a little girl who talked too much, and was
hero worshiping someone whom was just excited at meeting a Warrior, and a
woman one at that. So she told me no and then warned me not to follow her, but
I did, and Thank the Gods I did, because we became friends and it developed
into this relationship that was deeper than family, and for a while that was
all I dared hoped for, I mean to think a warrior such as Xena would not only
become my friend, but trust me, a peasant from some little unknown village,
and then when she told me she had been in love with me for a long time, but
because I was a child when we first met and she thought I was to young and
naive to deal with a relationship with a passionate widely traveled older
woman, so she let me discover the world a little before even saying anything
to me about her feelings. Kiara that first night we were together will always
stay with me, I was a fool to let Xena go, and I will live with that mistake
for the rest of my life, and although I can’t have Xena to myself anymore the
way we use to be, I am happy to have her back this new relationship my heart
is full from just having her back and loving me once again.” Gabrielle then
lost her ability to speak due to the lump that had formed in her throat, but
she glanced over at Xena shyly and then when she saw the moisture in Xena’s
eyes, she choked more, and Kiara couldn’t help the closeness she felt to
Gabrielle for understanding her wanting to be alone with Xena, but then to
share her feelings with her so openly just choked her up, so when Gabrielle
looked back at her she covered Gabrielle’s hand with her hand and then she and
Gabrielle hugged each other.

“ Thank you Gabrielle.” Kiara whispered and Gabrielle hugged her tighter.

Xena sat watching the two young women and then after a few moments she cleared
her throat. Gabrielle and Kiara composed themselves and breaking their
embrace, they smiled at each other and then looked over at Xena.

“ If you two are done talking about me as if I’m not in the room, I need to
discuss some things with you both about our rather interesting relationship.
First of all have you two given this any thought as to the meaning of us all
being together?”

“ Of course we have, and we’ve made our decision about it, we’re perfectly
comfortable with it.” Gabrielle answered for the two of them.

“ Hmm....well let me play the devils advocate for a moment okay?” Xena said in
all seriousness. with skepticism in her voice.

“ Okay, go for it Xena, ask anything you want.” Kiara challenged.

Xena raised a brow at her and then cast her gaze to Gabrielle and begun
throwing a barrage of questions and scenarios at the two.

“ I suppose you two have thought about quality time?”

“ Yes.”

“ And how will that work? I mean what if both of you want me at the same
time, who gets me?”

“ You can choose who you want.”

“ I see, so I’m to decide which one of you to disappoint each time that comes
up, is that what your telling me?”

Gabrielle and Kiara both looked at Xena for a few minutes and then glanced at
each other and trying not to show that they hadn’t thought about that, they
spoke to each other for a few minutes, while Xena went and pour them something
to drink and brought it and set it on the connecting table of the sofa they
were all sitting on. Then she went back to watching the two.

“ Well, we decided we can talk about that later.”

“ Is that right? I think you need to talk about it before it comes up, but in
the meantime, let me ask you this, you two don’t plan on being intimate with
each other when I’m not around do you?”

“ Xena??!!” Both women exclaimed in surprise by the question.

Xena simply raised a brow at them, and then asked, “ you have thought about
the possibly of us all being together at the same time right?” Xena said
looking at the two with casual questioning in her eyes.

“ we haven’t, but it’s not about us being together so much as it is
about being with you.”

“ I see. Okay, what about those times when my passion is high and I decide
that one of you is better able to handle it, would the other be hurt by that,
or feel inadequate as a result?”

“ No, I wouldn’t think so, would you Kiara?”

“ No....I don’t think so?”

“ So you two haven’t thought about that in other words right?”

“ Okay Xena we haven’t thought about some things, but we’re willing to try, we
both want you in our lives, and it was the best compromise we could come up
with, besides it should be fun?”

“ Hm....Gabrielle, Kiara, how can hurt feelings be fun in anyway?”

“ Well Xena what do you want us to do, just accept you not being in one of our
lives and move on? Remember, I tried that since we’ve been here, and it
doesn’t work. So what do you want us to do?” Gabrielle asked with concern in
her voice.

“ Gabrielle, I’m not saying I don’t want one of you, to the contrary, I told
you both that I was in love with both of you and I wanted you both in my life,
I am very flattered that you two would be willing to do this for me, but I
can’t allow you to delude yourselves, you have to be honest with yourselves
about what you two can and cannot deal with in a relationship such as this. I
mean think about it? How will the other feel if she walked in on me and the
other while we’re making love, how will that one feel to see that? “

“ Xena we realize there will be adjustments that we will have to make, but
we’re willing to try.” Kiara said understanding Xena’s point, but not willing
to accept the idea that they couldn’t make it work.

“ I just don’t know if the two of you can handle it. What happens if I get
upset with one of you, are you going to feel hurt and like an outcast, just
because it seems like I’m spending more time with the other, because I’m upset
with the you and don’t feel like talking to you. Are you going to blame the
other inappropriately for it? And what about if i want to spend time by myself
for some space, will you both understand? Also, what happens if you two get
upset with the other, about something that has nothing to do with us, but of
some annoyance, am I going to be expected to solve the problem between you?
Furthermore what will happen if one of you begin feeling amorous and can’t
wait to be alone, are you going to feel embarrassed, or jealous with the sight
of me bedding the other? And what about if you both get upset with me, are you
going to deny me? And Kiara, you don’t know this about me, but I am a very
jealous person, and I won’t tolerate wandering eyes, also I can be very
physical at times, meaning that if I think you need it, I will pull you over
my lap, just like I did with Gabrielle the other day. So this question is for
you, can you handle that idea?”

“ Xena I honestly can’t answer that right now, I mean I did get upset with you
when I found out about that, I mean we are all grown here, and I just don’t
see why you should have the right to whip either of us, I mean we’re not
children, and I am more than capable of making decisions for myself.”

“ I can respect that, but I can tell you this, it takes a lot to get me to
that point, the only time it wouldn’t would be if you did something that I
have told you not to because of knowing how dangerous something is and you
risking yourself or us by doing it again. Anyway, we’ll play it by ear.”

“ That’s fine.”

“ Okay, anyway, have you two thought about arguments we may have, am I going
to have to put up with both of you against me? Not that I can’t handle it, but
it can irritate me if I’m trying to make a point to one of you and the other
keeps getting involved.”

“ Okay Xena, I think we get your point, it’s obvious we need to come up with
some ground rules for this relationship, so what do you suggest?”

“ Uh, uh, you two will come up with these rules for yourselves, that way I
won’t have to put up with resentment, or constantly hearing that we didn’t
agree to these things so why should we have to live by them, so in order to
avoid that headache, you two will sit and discuss what rules you can live with
and what things you can’t as well. “

“ And what are you going to be doing?”

“ I’m going to soak in the hot tub for a while, and then I’m going to bed, I
have to go to the embassy tomorrow. Kiara, don’t you have to go to work

“ Yes.”

“ Okay, then you two need to get started so you can get some rest, and
Gabrielle don’t you have to be at the Nursing home tomorrow?”

“ No, actually I’m going to talk with a publisher tomorrow.”

“ A publisher for what?”

“ To have a story I wrote turned into a hardback book, she thinks it can go
right to the top of the bestselling list.”

“ Really? Well that’s wonderful, I’m sure that any story you write would make
that list Gabrielle, your an excellent writer.” Xena praised.

“ Thank you Xena.”

“ Your welcome, by the way what is the story about?”

“ Two women who travel through time experiencing different adventures.”

“ Hmm...fiction, well that’s good.”

“ Well actually it’s based on some truths, but for the most part it is

“ Well that’s fine. I know it’ll be great. Well I’m off to soak, see you two
later.” Xena then rose to her feet and headed for the door to leave the family

“ You know has been a long day, and a nice relaxing soak in a
hot tub would be just the thing to help us relax as we come up with our ground
rules, what do you think?”

“ I think it’s a wonderful idea, but rather than you having to get relaxed and
then have to drive yourself home, why don’t you just stay here in the room you
stayed in the last time, you have a full uniform here?”

“ That makes sense to me.”

“ Okay, let’s go?”

The two young women rose from the sofa and strided up to their respective
sleeping areas and changing into a robe and slippers, they both headed for the
hot tub Xena was soaking in. Gabrielle had a scroll and quill and an inkwell
to write down the agreed upon ground rules.

When they arrived in the room where the hot tub was, Xena heard them coming
down the hall, but she didn’t realize why they were coming, so when they came
in she asked.

“ What’s up? ” Without looking back at the two.

“ Nothing, we just decided that this would be a great place to come up with
our rules.” Gabrielle answered as they both came to stand on opposite sides of
the tub, and without saying anything else, they both let their robes fall to
the floor and stood nude before Xena.

“ What? Xena asked as she let her gaze rake over both nude women.

Kiara and Gabrielle then stepped into the comfortably hot water and sighed as
a result of it.

“ Wow, this is what I needed.” Gabrielle sighed as she closed her eyes for a
moment soaking up the rejuvenating water and bubbles.

“ Hmmm.....this feels wonderful...” Kiara sighed as she too leaned back
against the wall of the tub and closed her eyes letting the feel of the water
soak away the stress of the day.

Xena sat and just watched the two women with knitted brows and a tightness
suddenly settled in the lower area of her abdomen. Xena then closed her eyes
to meditate to calm herself so that she could enjoy the hot tub.

“ So aren’t you two suppose to be working?” Xena asked with her eyes still

“ Oh, yes, okay then Gabrielle, so where do you want to start?”

“ How about the Questions Xena asked?”

“ Okay, let’s see, the first one was about Quality time.”

“ Right.”

“ Okay, I think the best way to handle that one is we make a schedule.”

“ Okay, how about we take turns? We can have three days each with her and the
seventh she can have for herself?”

“ That’s good, okay, but how will the three days work, do you want them to be
in a row, or every other day?”

“ What do you think?”

“ I think....I think every other day would be better, that way it won’t seem
so long in between?”

“ I like that. Now as far as that time itself, what will it be based around?”

“ What do you mean?”

“ Well, what will define quality time, is it that we are alone with Xena for
the most part of the day, or will it be based around intimate time?”

“ Hmm....I think it should be based on the premise that the day belongs to
whose ever turn it is, meaning that at night the primary of that day will
sleep with Xena, but during the day it’s alright to spend the day with the
other, but we would have to agree that the days events will pretty much be up
to that person as far as time with Xena.”

“ Okay, let me make sure I understand this, your saying that the quality time
will be based on the intimate time, but since we will be together all of the
time, then if it’s your day to be with Xena then you would have first choice
as to what you want to do with Xena for that day, like if you want to go
swimming and I want to go shopping, if it’s your day, then your choice would
be considered by Xena first, with me not having any hard feelings about
it,because it is your day with Xena, right?”

“ Right.”

“ Okay, I think that is fair. Okay, now what about the next question?”

“ Hmm the one about if we want her at the same time?”

“ Yes, but I think we answered that one with the first rule?”

“ I agree. Okay we move on.”

“ Alright, well the next question was would we spend intimate time with each
other while she was away?”

“ Well....” Gabrielle started, but Xena answered it for her.

“ No.” Xena said still not opening her eyes but listening to the conversation.

“ But Xena?”

“ I said no.” Xena said opening one eye to look at both women, and when she
saw both of them nod at her, she then closed her eye and went back to

“ Okay, I guess that answers that one?”

“ Yes, alright what’s the next question?”

“ The one about her passion being high and choosing one of us over the other,
and whether the one not chosen would have hurt feelings, or feel inadequate as
a result?”

“ Well, I think we have to consider two things here, what happens if it’s on
the other person’s day, and she wants to be with the other instead, and what
about exchanging a day to make up for that day?”

“ Well, as far as having to exchange a whole day for a few hours, I don’t
think it’s necessary, but if it is throughout the day, then the exchange of a
day would be fair. As far as hurt feelings and feelings of inadequacies, I
think that is just a matter of both of us realizing that we each have our own
talents and skills, that we may be stronger in than the other, and not look at
Xena choosing the other as a shun or anything like that, I mean she loves both
of us, and we love her, so we should realize that she would never do anything
to hurt either of us, right?”

“ Right, ok, we’ll go with that. If Xena wants to be with one of us when it is
not our day, then if it’s a matter of a few hours then we’ll just let that go,
but if it’s throughout the whole day, then we’ll just switch, no matter what
the other one may have had planned for the day that the other person chooses,
, unless they agree to choose another day?”

“ Okay.”

“ Alright the next was, how will the other feel if she walked in on the other
person while they were with Xena intimately, how will that make the other

“ I don’t think a big deal should be made out of it, I mean accidents like
that are bound to happen, I think the best way to handle it would be for the
other person to just ease out without making her presence known?”

“ Yes, I think it is the only way to handle that.” Gabrielle didn’t elaborate
on it, but Xena knew that Gabrielle had felt hurt when she accidentally walked
in on Kiara and her, so she called Gabrielle on it.

“ Gabrielle how would you feel, now that things are different?”

Gabrielle looked at Xena, who still had not opened her eyes, but she could
tell Xena was listening, by the raised brow.

“ Well....I think now that things are different, and your back in my life as
well as Kiara’s I think I won’t have a problem with it.”

“ Hmm...okay, continue.” Xena said with a wave of her hand.

“ Okay, so anyway, the next question was a lot of questions at once. What
happens if she gets upset with one of us, and gives us the silent treatment ,
how will we feel, hurt and like an outcast, because she’s not talking to one
of us because she’s upset with us, and as a result are we going to blame the
other inappropriately for it? And what about if she wants to spend time by
herself for some space, will we understand? Also, what happens if we get
upset with the other, about something that has nothing to do with the three of
us, are we going to ask her to intervene to solve it?Furthermore what will
happen if one of us begin feeling amorous and can’t wait to be alone, are we
going to feel embarrassed, or jealous with the sight of her making love to the
other in open? And what about if we get upset with her, are we going to deny
her? And...

“ Okay before you go any further, let’s deal with these questions first. I
don’t think we have any right to get upset with the other, if she gets upset
with one of us for something that has nothing to do with us, but rather
something between her and I, or you and her. Besides, I don’t think either one
of us will put up with misplaced anger?”

“ Your right, okay, and....”

“ Well as far as her getting silent with the one she’s upset with, then I
think it only makes sense that whom ever she is upset with, they try to work
it out the two of them, but if she doesn’t want to let it go right away, then
it’s only right to allow her her space away from that person, and it only
make sense that a person would want to be around someone who doesn’t cause
them to feel uncomfortable, and to be forced to be with someone you don’t feel
very friendly towards at the moment would go against what’s natural for a
person to feel, so I say, we should understand and not feel like she doesn’t
want either of us in her life anymore as a result of having our disagreements,
and as a result we should also realize that it will have some effect on our
schedule, because of the disagreement between Xena and one of us.”


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