By D.virtue

“ True, I think the fair thing to do about that would be for the one whom is
at odds with Xena to accept the lost of time with Xena as a consequences of
being upset with her or her with us?”

“ Hmm....without expecting the other person to give up days to the other to
make up for the lost time?”

“ Okay, I can deal with that.”

“ So can I.”

“ Good, it should also be an incentive to not upset me?” Xena casually

“ Very funny Xena, now be quiet, this does not concern you.” Gabrielle said

Xena opened an eye and raised her brow at the contradicting statement and then
she smiled and closed her eyes once again.

“ Okay, now as far as space and time for herself, I think we already answered
that by setting a day for her to have for herself?”

“ Yes, okay, now as far as getting upset with each other and dragging her into
it, I think it wouldn’t be fair to her, and plus we may not like the answer
she comes up with?”

“ I agree with you on that Gabrielle, but we have to try to work it out
between us first?”

“ Right. But I can tell you that if we aren’t able to work it out, Xena is not
known for her patiences and I can see her getting involved in our
disagreements, especially if we are arguing back and forth with each other
when she is either thinking or trying to relax or something like that.”

“ Okay, we’ll always try to work it out between us first, and hopefully in a
timely matter?”

“ Hhahahaha, right. Okay now if we get upset with her, are we going to deny
her our affections? I think that answer is pretty much like the same as when
she’s upset with one of us, I think we have the right to refuse to sleep with
her if we choose?” Kiara said cutting her eyes to Xena, only to see Xena
looking at her with a raised brow, which made Kiara look away.

“ I....I agree with you, I mean it is our body right?”

“ Right.”

“ Okay, we go with that. Now I have a question to add to this one...”

“ What’s that?”

“ If we both get upset with her are we going to double team her?”

“ Well.....I think that would depend?”

“ Depend?? On what??!” Xena asked now staring at Kiara.

“ Now don’t get upset Xena, I’m just saying that if you upset both of us about
the same thing, then I think Gabrielle and I could make a formidable team
against you, I mean you are bigger than the both of us, and can probably
handle both of us separately without any problems, but as a team, I think we
could take you.”

“ hahahahaha.” Gabrielle chuckled at Xena’s look of complete shock and
bewilderment. Until Xena shot a look at her that made her go quiet.

“ Well Kiara....first let me say that I can take both of you separately or
together without any problems, but I also know how to divide and Conqueror, so
I would suggest you two don’t try to verbally double team me.” Xena said with
a glint of daring in her eyes.

Kiara shuddered at the look and Gabrielle empathized with the reaction and a
shiver ran through her.

“ Well....maybe we should play it by ear?”

“ Yes...I think that would be better.” Gabrielle agreed seeing the look.

“ O.k.a.y.... well what other question do we have left?”

“ Hmm, I can’t think of any right now, but if I do then we can talk about

“ Okay, because I can’t think of anymore either....except one?”

“ What’s that?”

“ It’s whether you are going to stay in your own home the way things are now,
or are you going to move in with us?”

“ I think I should stay where I am, I mean considering it allows us to have
privacy with Xena right now .”

“ I agree, okay, now that that’s out of the way, I just want to relax and
enjoy this hot tub.” Gabrielle said as she put her writing things away and
settled down in the water and closed her eyes and sighed at the comfort in it

“ I can relate.” Kiara said and she too closed her eyes and let the water
sooth her.

Xena opened her eyes and looked at both women and then smirking she slipped up
under the water and slid over to Gabrielle and coming up against Gabrielle’s
body, Gabrielle was ready to yelp out startled by the actions, but Xena
covered her mouth with her mouth and slowly caressing her way up Gabrielle’s
body, taking time to knead areas of Gabrielle’s body that sent gooseflesh
tracking after each touch.

Gabrielle moaned deep into Xena’s throat and Xena’s passion increased as a
result, Kiara heard Gabrielle but she didn’t open her eyes, she just
concentrated on the feel of the water and the bubbles that rested against her
upper body.

Meanwhile Xena wouldn’t allow Gabrielle to wiggle out of her grasp, but
instead slowly kissed her way down Gabrielle’s flushing cheeks and neck and
then easing Gabrielle over to the attached hot tub that only had the water and
not the bubbles, she lifted Gabrielle up and over into it, and she followed
quickly and picked up where she had left off.

Xena leaned Gabrielle’s flushed body back against the wall of the tub and she
slowly lowered her head to Gabrielle’s breast and once there she wrapped her
mouth around the soft pink peak and kissing and sucking on it lightly at
first, she felt it begin to harden and while it did she then begun sucking
harder on it, while tweaking the other peak with her fingers, as she kneaded
the flesh with her hand.

Gabrielle brought her hands up to take hold of Xena’s breast and once she had
them she begun caressing and twisting the peaks between her fingers. Xena
moaned as a result and then she closed her teeth lightly on the peak she held
captured in her mouth and letting her tongue enjoy itself, she slid one of her
hands down Gabrielle’s body and ending at her womanhood, that Xena knew all
too well, and because she knew Gabrielle so well, she knew Gabrielle would be
ready for her, and sure as she thought it, her fingers glided through the soft
hairs of Gabrielle’s womanhood and Xena stopped her ministrations of
Gabrielle’s breast and lifting her head to look into Gabrielle’s heavily
lidded eyes.

Xena then leaned in to whisper into Gabrielle’s ear.

“ It feels like a downpour today G.a.b.r.i.e.l.l.e.”

Gabrielle’s whole body vibrated from Xena’s smooth sultry voice and her body
blushed a deeper crimson, as a moan response escaped her lips. Xena smiled a
loving smile and then Xena’s face took on a focused expression and she once
again captured Gabrielle’s mouth and they kissed until Gabrielle was
breathless and gasping.

Xena’s fingers had been working their magic on Gabrielle’s hidden peak all the
while Xena was talking and kissing Gabrielle. Then her fingers slid down
further towards her goal, until she finally sunk two fingers deep inside of
Gabrielle’s receptive blossom.

Gabrielle’s breath caught in her throat, and Xena’s mouth absorbed the escaped
gasp with her mouth. Then she slowly begin to drive into Gabrielle’s slick
blossom, and Gabrielle’s hand had made it’s way down to Xena’s Womanhood where
she was able to bury four fingers deep inside of her.

The two women worked their way up to a state of no return Gabrielle could no
longer hold back, as Xena’s skilled fingers curled within Gabrielle, coaxing
her to release her sweet nectar.

Gabrielle’s breathing was labored and rapid as Xena begun feeling the initial
phrase of Gabrielle’s imminent release and she drove forcibly and with ardor
into Gabrielle’s blossom and Gabrielle’s head flew back and her body stiffen
as her ecstasy claimed her.

Xena’s body was tight, but she held on until she drew all of Gabrielle’s
nectar from her, as Gabrielle’s inner muscles tried to suck Xena’s long
powerful fingers in, and Xena continued curling and pulling as Gabrielle’s
body shook with her release.

Finally after a few minutes Gabrielle’s body went limp although her fingers
were still buried deep inside of Xena, and after a moment to compose herself
enough to bring Xena to ecstasy she went to work thrusting deep inside of Xena
who was leaning over her with one hand holding her up off of Gabrielle while
the other was still caressing Gabrielle’s hidden peak.

Soon Xena’s body stiffen and her head glided back as she closed her eyes and
let her ecstasy express itself over Gabrielle’s stimulating fingers., then
Xena leaned heavily against Gabrielle as she caught her breath, and after a
few moments Xena leaned back and looking into Gabrielle’s glittering eyes, she
leaned in and kissed her tenderly, and then whispered in her ear.

“ Next time I won’t miss the taste of you due to losing it to the water. You
were wonderful as always, it’s great to have you back.”

Gabrielle’s eyes moisten and she wrapped her arms around Xena’s neck and held
her tightly. Xena understood Gabrielle’s emotion and she held her until she
relaxed once again, and then motioning back towards the other side of the hot
tub where Kiara use to be, but had left after a while to let the two have some
private time together, plus the fact she was getting worked up listening to
the two of them. Xena asked Gabrielle if she wanted to stay for a while longer
or whether she was ready to get out.

“ I think I’m going to stay in here for a while, I feel so....light in my
heart that I just want to let this feeling last as long as possible.”

“ Hmm....well I understand, but you know, this is not just a one time thing
Gabrielle, this will happen for the rest of our lives?”

“ HMMMM!!!! I just love hearing you say those words, the rest of our lives,
wow, it’s like a dream that’s been answered. I love you so much Xena, and I
promise you I will never play such games with you again.” Gabrielle said with
a tightness forming in her throat. Then she wrapped her arms around Xena’s
neck and held her tightly once again as she whispered, “ Thank you for giving
me a second chance.”

Xena pulled Gabrielle to her tighter and hugged her as she whispered in
Gabrielle’s ear, “ I’m just happy to have you back in my life, the hole that
was there is now filled once again.”

Gabrielle leaned back to look Xena in the eyes and then with a smile at each
other they leaned in and kissed each other with love in their hearts.

“ So do you want me to stay here with you?”

“ Hmmm....if I say yes are you going to let me rest?”

“ No.”

Gabrielle smirked at Xena’s serious gaze, and then she answered.

“ Then no, I just want to think about our life together with this new

“ Okay, well I’m going to go and check on Kiara.”

“ Right? Check on her huh? we’ll see how you check on her Xena?”

“ ahahaha, well if you don’t see us later, then you’ll know you were right.”

“ Well, I don’t expect to see you later Xena.”

“ We’ll see?”

“ Hmm, we will see that I was right.”

“ Alright, well if I don’t see you later, I’ll stop in before I go to bed to
kiss you good night, even if your already asleep?”

“ Okay, see you tomorrow then.” Gabrielle said sticking to her belief.

Xena kissed Gabrielle once again and then just before she turned to head out
of the hot tub, she tweaked both of Gabrielle’s nipples, and felt them firm up
as a result.

“ Gabrielle? Are you trying to tell me something?” Xena purred as she raised a
brow at Gabrielle.

“ hahaha, very funny, well your going to have to make up for this you know?”

“ I’ll be glad to right now if you want?” Xena cooed as she leaned close to
Gabrielle’s now trembling lips.

“, that’s okay, I know if I say yes, then you may not let me get
ANY rest.”

“ Maybe? Try and see, you never know?”

“ No, I don’t think so, go and let me just glow.”

Xena smirked at Gabrielle’s choice of words and then giving her another tasty
kiss, she whispered in Gabrielle’s ear.

“ Your lost.” She then wrapped the towel around her head and padded towards
the door of the room to go and see how Kiara was doing.

Gabrielle watched Xena’s powerful figure with it’s perfect curves glide away
from her and Gabrielle smiled as she watched the sway of Xena’s powerful hips.
Then a blush came to her cheeks as she let out a large puff of air and closed
her eyes for a moment, then reopened them when she heard the door open, but
not close.

Gabrielle looked to the door and her eyes slowly raked up Xena’s back and
backside, and as her gaze floated upwards, her gaze fell on a whimsical smirk
on Xena’s lips, and Gabrielle’s brows knitted and when she looked up further
her eyes were met by Xena’s indigos locked on her.

“ You like what you see Gabrielle?”

Gabrielle blushed and Xena blinked to allow Gabrielle to look away. Gabrielle
heard a light chuckle from Xena as she went out the door and closed it behind
her nude body. Gabrielle sunk back down into the warm water and sighed again
at the love she felt form Xena, the renewed playfulness, the way she looked at
her with desiring eyes.

“ Mmmm....I really missed you Xena.” Gabrielle said out loud to herself.

Xena in the meantime had stopped by her room and grabbed a robe and then
strided down the hall to the bedroom where Kiara was going to be sleeping.
After knocking and being invited inside, Xena stepped through the door and
Kiara looked back at her and a confused look came over her face.

“ What is it Kiara?”

“ I.....I thought you were going to spend the rest of the night with

“ I wanted to come and see how you were doing?”

“ Oh, I’m fine, I just thought I would give you two some privacy.”

“ Hmm....well, that’s fine, but you know it wasn’t necessary, especially now
that there will be plenty of times where I will either be with you in front of
Gabrielle, or Gabrielle in front of you, I think from now on, if this
relationship of ours is going to work, it would better better for you to start
getting use to seeing me with Gabrielle, and I will tell her the same thing
about you?”

“ But Xena, I just didn’t.....”

“ No buts Kiara, you either do it, or this won’t work.” Xena stated with

“ Ok, your right, I will start getting use to seeing the two of you together,
not that I will stay and watch, But I won’t leave if you don’t want me to?”

“ Good.” Xena said as she walked around Kiara and came to stop behind her. “
Besides, you never know if I am still tight and need you or Gabrielle to help
relax me.” Xena purred into Kiara’s ear and then nipping at the lobe and
holding it between her teeth, Kiara shivered to her toes as a result, as a
gasp escaped her lips.

“ what are you doing?”

“ What does it feel like I’m doing Kiara?” Xena said whispering against
Kiara's cheek, as she kissed her way down and around until she came to Kiara’s
mouth, which Xena didn’t stop, she instead captured them and ravaged them, as
she turned Kiara towards her and then pulled her close in her arms.

Kiara wrapped her arms around Xena’s neck and returning the emotion, the two
moaned into each others throats as Xena backed towards the bed and turning
around she slowly lowered Kiara onto it as they continued kissing, after Xena
had her laying on the bed, she slowly begun opening Kiara’s robe and slipping
her hand inside she caressed the soft flesh and when her hand touched upon the
soft peaks that were now starting to harden under Xena’s skilled touch.

Xena begun kissing down Kiara’s neck to her chest and eventually to her
breast where she sucked around the breast and then flicking her tongue over
the harden peaks, she then sucked one into her mouth, while she twirled the
other with her fingers, pulling and rubbing over the taut peak.

Kiara moaned as her chest arched allowing Xena even greater contact with her
overstimulated breast and nipples. Xena slid one of her hands down between
them to caress the soft hairs of Kiara’s womanhood. Xena noticed how ready
Kiara was for her, but she had no intentions of taking the passionate woman
virginity at that time, but would save it for a special day she was planning
out in her head.

“ X.e.n.a..a.aa.....?” Kiara moaned, bringing Xena out of her revelry.

Xena lifted her mouth up off of Kiara’s nipple, and as she lowered herself
further she answered Kiara’s unasked Question.

“ No, Kiara, not yet.”

“ Aww....haaa....Xena....pleaseee....?”

“ N.o.” Xena said explicitly.

Kiara squirmed further up on the bed, and Xena followed the move, although
Kiara did it out of her frustration of being so turned on, and the
possibility of not having any relieve, although Xena had no intentions of
working the young woman up in such a way only to leave her, she had her plan.

Xena continued her descent downwards and finally she came to where her fingers
had been reveling, and flicking her tongue over the now exposed throbbing
peak, she caressed it with her tongue, and then covering it with her mouth,
she lavished the pulsing peak with her tongue.

Kiara was gripping at the blankets and then as Xena ravaged Kiara’s tulip,
Kiara being clawing at the covers with one hand as she caught hold of Xena’s
thick Raven mane and caressing begun caressing Xena’s head, but suddenly, when
Xena wrapped her arms around Kiara’s soft thighs, and pulled her closer to her
mouth, and holding her tightly in place, Xena’s tongue buried deep inside of
Kiara, and using the muscles of her tongue along with the tight space, Xena
sent numerous sensations coursing through Kiara’s body, all meeting in her
back and racing up her spine as shockwaves.

Kiara moaned and gasped and called Xena’s name and then Xena felt Kiara’s
peak begin pulsating and then throbbing and Kiara’s inner muscles begin
tightening around Xena’s tongue as Xena continued using her tongues muscle to
counter that of Kiara’s Inner muscles.

Kiara’s hands now flew to the bed and the muscles of Kiara’s body all tighten
and she would have lifted Xena up off of the bed when her back ached, but Xena
held her firmly in place as she feasted on Kiara’s sweet nectar. Kiara’s
breath had caught in her throat and her mouth was open just enough to allow
her to breath when her mind told her to, which would not be until after her ecstasy ended.

When Kiara’s orgasm finally ended she went limp on the bed taking in deep
gulps of air, trying to refill her depleted lungs. Xena in the meantime slowly
crawled back up Kiara’s body, taking time to suck on the two peaks that were
still hard, and trying to calm enough to go soft again.

Kiara gasped each time and begged Xena to let her catch her breath.

“ It seems I’m getting a lot of that tonight, well......I’ll let it go for
now, but there will come a time when I won’t, But for now, I’ll settle for
this.” Xena purred as she brought her fingers up to her mouth and begun
sucking each one clean, and then offering one to Kiara, She took it in her
mouth and sucked on the long powerful digit, hungrily.

Xena cocked her head to watch Kiara love her finger, and then she brought the
captured finger towards her, thus bring Kiara with her, and when they were
close, face to face, Xena slipped her finger from Kiara’s lips and replaced it
with her mouth.

Kiara was now pushing Xena back onto her back as she crawled overtop of Xena.
For the next few hours the two loved each other, and by the end, Kiara was
still a virgin, but completely sate and exhausted. Xena laid with Kiara for a
while, but when Kiara’s breathing became even and regular, Xena knew she had
drifted off to sleep form exhaustion and satisfaction, and so kissing Kiara
lightly on the lips, and then whispering in her ear words of love, she climbed
out of the bed and made the bed up nice and neat with Kiara in it, without
disturbing her, and then she left the room and went to go say good night to

Gabrielle was already in bed asleep when Xena came by, at first Xena just
stood looking down at the young woman curled up in the bed. Then Xena removed
her robe and pulling back the covers she climbed in behind Gabrielle and
pulled her close to her. Gabrielle stretched and yawn in her sleep, but she
resettled curled within Xena’s body, and soon she was once again sleeping

Xena smiled to herself at how wonderful it felt to have Gabrielle back in her
arms, but she also sighed at the thought of Kiara being in her life as well,
and the smile spread further. Xena soon came out of her revelry and kissing
the back of Gabrielle’s head, she settled close and held Gabrielle in her arms
as she finally let her sated state, and contentment claim her in rest.

The next morning Xena had gotten up early and had made breakfast for the two
women in her life, and leaving a note for both of them, she then left to go to
the Embassy. Kiara was the first one up between her and Gabrielle, and she
dressed in her uniform and then went to Xena’s room to say good morning, but
found it empty, she then went downstairs where she found the breakfast and the
note, She quickly read the note and a smile came to her face, then she put it
back down and went back up stairs to wake Gabrielle.

“ Gabrielle? time to get up.” Kiara called to Gabrielle from the foot of the

Gabrielle groaned and then rolled over onto her belly, onto the other pillow
where Xena had slept that night. Gabrielle’s nose picked up Xena’s scent on
the pillow and she sighed into it as she hugged the pillow. Then she heard
Kiara’s voice again and she lazily rolled over again, this time completely on
the side of the bed where Xena had slept.

“ Kiara?”

“ Yes Gabrielle, it’s time to get up. Xena asked me to make sure you got up so
that you could make it in time to your meeting with the Publisher, after you
ate breakfast, so......this is your wakeup call, now get up, by the time the
morning news starts I expect to see you downstairs dressed and ready to eat,
if your not, I’m going to tell Xena. ” Kiara stated sounding a lot like Xena
in her teasing yet firm tone.

Gabrielle grumbled, and then rolled out of the bed. Kiara then smiled and
turned and strided out of the room chuckling to herself at how much she
sounded like a teenager with the statement to Gabrielle how she was going to
tell on her.

Gabrielle finally finished dressing and she went downstairs to sit and eat
breakfast with Kiara, who had moved one of the small portable televisions into
the dining room and placed it on the table where both she and Gabrielle could
hear the news of the day.

“ Special report from the desk of Joseph Gorman.”

“ Hmm, a special report.” Kiara said to Gabrielle who was reaching for
another Cinnamon roll.

“ Good morning everyone, we have breaking news, from the White house
regarding the complete destruction of an island and it’s people off the coast
of Malaysia, and now here’s Kasmine Young , whitehouse Correspondent from the
grounds of the , whitehouse.”

“ Good morning Joseph, Good morning to all of you as well, about one hour ago,
the , White house chief of staff reported to us that an Island off of the
coast of Malaysia was completely destroyed, the one hundred thousand people
who lived or worked on the resort island have all been completely destroyed.
The Island is called Pulau Tioman, From what we know about it is that for
centuries, Pulau Tioman has been regarded as a jewel in the sea. One early
Malaysian legend claims Tioman to be a transformed dragon princess. Apparently
the beautiful princess stopped en route to Singapore from China to admire the
charms of this spot. So enraptured was she that she decided to discontinue her
journey, take the form of an island, and remain there as a place of shelter
and comfort to passing travellers. Tioman's beauty, from its towering dual
volcanic peak to its soft sands, swaying palms, and vibrant profusion of
tropical wildflowers, is such that it lends credence to the tale. “

“ Kasmine, is there any information as to how this happened?”

“Not really Joseph, but they already know how it didn’t happened. According to
the information we received from the Chief of staff, who received it from the
Intelligent community, that it was definitely not a bomb of any sort, nor any
other known weapon. We were told that witnesses from one of the other islands
saw a greenish glow around the island, and then a few seconds later the whole
Island imploded and was sucked under the water, volcanoes and all. The
President is suppose to come to make a statement about the incident. she is now Joseph, let’s see what she has to say.”

“ Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen, I know all of you have been told some of
what has happened so I’m here to tell you what is going on, I won’t have time
for any Questions, because of having to get to Switzerland for a meeting with
the UN, so I will get right to it. About an hour ago, the Island known as
Pulau Tioman, was completely and totally destroyed along with all of the
residents of the Island, and those who only worked on the island. At last
report there are no bodies, nor any sign that the island ever existed, the
waters around the site of where the island use to be are completely calm,
which is unusual in and of itself considering the way in which the island
disappeared after being destroyed. From what I’m told when anything that large
is sucked under a mass of water, the effects is usually a whirlpool affect,
which means that anything near it would also be sucked in, but in this case,
the island imploded and then was sucked under and after it was gone, the water
became calm and undisturbed. Now we’ve already spoken with the President of
Malaysia, and he told us that the island was small and only used as a tourist
attraction year round because of it’s beauty. I spoke with weapons expects and
I was told that in order to do anything like the implosion to an island of
it’s size would be impossible. Also to contain it to a specific location would
also be impossible, even if they could manage the implosion. The whirlpool
that would be created would send tidal waves to the other near islands around
it, and the whirlpool itself would suck everything in for miles. So this is
why there is a great concern, because whatever destroyed the island is
obviously capable of destroying other specific locales. The only clue we have
is that a letter was sent to the Malaysia government telling them that in two
weeks another island would be destroyed, and so on and so forth. So far it
appears that whoever has done this has no conscious and no concern for human
life, and although, the threat is directed to the Malaysia government right
now, the threat is obvious for all of us and this is the reason the
international community will be meeting in Switzerland to discuss what can be
done to stop whoever the people are who have done this and threatens to do it
again. Thank you all for being here, now I really must get going.”

The reporter who were all standing on the lawns of the White house tried to
call Questions to the President but she was wisped away surrounded by her
chief of staff and other high ranking officials.

“ So, Joseph as we heard from the President herself, she is headed to
Switzerland to meet with the U.N to discuss what has happened. Now back to you
in the studio Joseph.”

“ Thank you Kasmine. We will keep you up to date on all of the latest news.
Again one of the islands off of the coast of Malaysia has been completely
destroyed, along with the residences and tourist who were visiting the Island
of Pulau Tioman, we will break in with any updates, we now return you to your
your local stations programs. I’m Joseph Gorman.”

“ Oh My Goodness, I have to get to the Embassy to tell Xena what’s happened!”
Gabrielle exclaimed after hearing the report.

“ Gabrielle do you think the person who stole the stone used it on that
island?” Kiara asked not sure what to think about what she heard.

“ I don’t know, but because the news said it was a weapon unknown, I can’t
help but think that’s exactly what it was.” Gabrielle answered as she made
herself a sandwich to take with her.

“ Wait a minute Gabrielle, I’m going with you.” Kiara said as she went to the
phone and called the hospital to tell them that she would not be in today, and
would come in later and fill out a leave of absent form.

“ Kiara you don’t have to do that, I can go and talk to Xena about this, you
shouldn’t miss work?”

“ Gabrielle I think they’ll be okay without me for a while, I think this is
more important, especially now that we see how crazy this person is to use it
and kill so many people just because he wanted to, no telling what he will do
once he gets done there?”

Gabrielle looked at Kiara thoughtfully and then she smiled at her and said, “
Okay, let’s go.”

The two women headed for the door, but just as Gabrielle was about to open it,
Xena came through the door.

“ Xena??!!” Both women exclaimed at the sudden appearance of their lover.

“ Yes. We have work to do Gabrielle, Kiara.” Xena stated matter-of-factly.

“ We take it you heard what happened?” Gabrielle asked knowingly.

“ Of course, I work at an Embassy. I think you two should call work and the
publisher and tell them you won’t be in today?” Xena suggested.

“ I’ve already called the hospital, I’m going to take a leave of absent as
long as needed until we get that stone back from that maniac. By the way, what
do you think made him decide to use it?”

“ I don’t know, I think he just wanted to test it, and by throwing in the
threat he made sure that everyone is now sitting on the edge of their seats
waiting and wondering what will happen next.”

“ Do you think he’s crazy?”

“ No. I think he has a plan, and that’s going to make it harder for us to get
our hands on that jewel, especially now.” Xena said pursing her lips as she
looked at both women thoughtfully.

“ I’ll call the publisher.” Gabrielle said as she went to the phone and made
the call. “ Okay, I told him I would call him back when things calmed down.”

“ Okay, good, now I think we all need to go and change our clothes into
something easier to work in.”

Okay.” The three women then went and changed with Gabrielle leading Kiara a
top, and Xena giving her a pair of her pants due to Kiara’s long legs.

After they had finished dressing, they headed back down the stairs to make
their plans, but the doorbell rung, and Xena went to answer it.

“ Renna? I’m glad your here.” Xena said somewhat surprised to see their guide.

“ I thought you would need my help?”

“ Well you thought right, it seems that our thief has decided to test the
power he holds, and now that he see’s the destruction he can cause, I’m pretty
sure he will show more of that power if we don’t stop him, and now!” Xena
sneered through her teeth.

“ There she is.” Gabrielle said with excitement in her tone, at the sound and
look in Xena’s eyes, as she went into her warrior’s mode.

Xena was dressed in her leathers, except her armor. she did have her weapons
belt on, but she only carried her Chakram, and hidden things in the pouches of
the belt.

Xena Cut her eyes over at Gabrielle’s statement, and raising a questioning
brow at her, Gabrielle shivered from the intense studying gaze. A small curl
came to the corner of Xena’s lip when she recognized what was going on with

“ So how do we go about getting to this man?” Renna asked.

“ We go back and see Tracina.“

“ But Xena how is she going to help us, if she doesn’t even know whether she
can locate what we asked her for? And besides that, even if she did locate the
stone, or as we’re calling it the emerald jewel, how is she going to talk this
man out of it now that he has seen the power?” Kiara asked logically.

“ Your right, even if Tracina is able to locate it, he’s not going to give it
to her to sell, I don’t really believe he has ever even thought about selling
the stone.” Xena stated as she went and poured herself a drink of water. “
We’re going to go and see Tracina. All of you will keep her busy while talking
while I go and make our visit, unseen.”

“ Unseen?”

“ She means she’s going to take department out of commission.”
Gabrielle said explaining Xena’s meaning to Kiara.

Kiara’s brows knitted, and then her eyes lit with understanding.

“ Oh! Your going to take the guards out, who watch the camera’s?”

“ Yes.”

“ Great! I’ll help you.” Kiara said volunteering.

“ No you won’t, you three will stay together until I give you the signal that
it is okay to start searching.” Xena said disapproving of Kiara’s suggestion.

“ Xena if you're worried that I will get hurt....don’t, I can take care of
myself very well, besides, we’re going to have to subdue the guards inside the
house, right?”

“ Yes, but I can do that.”

“ Yes, I’m sure you can, but so can I, and this way you won’t have to tax
yourself so much, I am quite proficient in the arts.”

“ I’m sure you are, but I just don’t see the need for you to risk yourself,
when I can do this and I will, you three will distract Tracina.” Xena stated
with finality.

Kiara sighed and then said, “ We’ll play it by ear.”

“ We’ll play it the way I say, otherwise you stay here.” Xena stated firmly to

“ Alright! We’ll do it your way Xena.”

“ Good, now, like I was saying, you three will distract Tracina while I take
out the guards, then I’ll come and distract Tracina, while you three go and
search throughout the house for any clues. “

“ And just how do you plan on....distracting her?”

“ In whatever way is necessary.” Xena stated flatly.

“ X.e.n.a....”

“ Most likely it won’t go any further than heavy petting.” Xena said trying to
assure the two.

“ I still don’t like it.” Gabrielle pouted.

“ Me either.” Kiara said agreeing.

“ Well, who knows, it may not even come to that, but whatever happens, we all
have to remember the bigger picture.”

“ Alright, but I still don’t like it.” Gabrielle said as she started for the
door with Kiara walking with her, and the two of them conversating about what
was about to happen.

Renna looked at the two women, and then her eyes followed after them just as
Xena was moving to head for the door. Renna caught Xena’s arm and asked, “
What is that all about?”

“ their having a problem accepting the idea that I may have to bed someone
else other than the two of them.” Xena stated nonchalantly.

Renna’s eyes went wide but not for the reason one thought.

“ The three of you are together??”

“ Yes.” Xena said with a raised brow.

“ Wow have I missed a lot!!”

“ Yes you have, but we don’t have time for it right now, we have to get to

The four women drove to Tracina’s estate once again, but Xena got out of the
car a mile back, as the other three continued to the house. Xena stole her way
around the back of the estate, her plan was to take out the monitors first,
and then deal with the peripheral guards, especially seeing how those watching
the monitors would see the missing guards.

When Xena came up from the back of the estate, she scanned the area, looking
for all of the camera’s she was sure was around, along with the guards who
were crisscrossing the grounds. After locating what she wanted, she begun her
sneaking into the estate.

It took Xena about ten minutes to make it by all of the guards outside the
back area of the estate, once she was inside she begun making her way to the
surveillance room, at times eluding the guards inside of the house. Meanwhile
Gabrielle and Kiara and Renna were all invited inside where they met with
Tracina once again.

“ Ladies, what brings you back so soon? I thought I was going to call Xena and
let her know when I had some Jewels that she would be interested in? By the
way, where is Xena, and who is this?”

“ Hello Tracina, this is Renna, she is another of Xena’s....friends.”

“ Oh my, well.....isn’t Xena just the busy one?” Tracina said surprised by the
dubious statement, which she took to mean another lover.

Gabrielle and Kiara did not correct Tracina’s assumption, but instead let her
believe what she wanted.

“ Xena is at work, but she said she would meet us here, if that’s ok? Kiara
and Renna and I came back to see the jewels that you have here, I remember you
told Xena that you had some here in your home, and Kiara loves jewels so much,
she wanted to see the ones you have here, who knows, if she sees one she likes
she may talk Xena into getting it for her instead of some unseen, and possibly
nonexistent jewel?”

“ Hmmm....well although I don’t really like pop in guest, because it’s you,
then I will forget about it, and maybe Xena will even appreciate my welcoming
of you?”

“ I’m sure she would appreciate it.” Kiara stated factually.

Tracina grinned at the statement and then turning she said come on, I’ll show
you the Jewels I have here, mainly the Emeralds.”

“ Wonderful, lead the way.” Kiara said as they all followed Tracina to where
she kept her rarest Jewel, also where the guards were heavier in that area.

Renna and Tracina got into a conversation, more about Tracina trying to find
out more about the newest person, just to make sure she was who she was told
she was. Meanwhile Gabrielle were walking together and Kiara asked her, “ How
are we going to know if Xena was successful?”

“ I don’t know, but she’ll find a way to signal us that she was successful, I
can assure you of that.”

“ Hmm....I hope your right?”

“ I am.”

The four of them arrived at the walk in vault where the jewels were kept, and
after Tracina entered a code, the lock sounded and the door was opened by one
of the many guards who guarded the vault.

Xena meanwhile had made it to the security room, and staying out of sight
until a guard either left the room, or came to the room, so that the door
would be opened for her, seeing how there was a sophisticated locking system,
on top of the fact that the door was heavy metal, with no obvious indication
as to if it opened from the right or left, or upwards or down, it was to say
the least a door meant to keep uninvited people out.

Xena had to wait for almost fifteen minutes before someone came out the door,
the minute the door was open and the person was clear of the door, she made
her move. leaping and flipping over the man, she put one of her many touches
on him, and he went down like a stone, but Xena caught him and quickly pulled
him back inside of the closing door.

After she was inside with the man, she quickly scanned the setup and was
somewhat relieved that the door was not in anyone’s eye site, she assumed they
assumed that they would see anyone before they made it to the door to even
begin to try to get in, so once the door had closed, by sliding to the right,
Xena took her unconscious load and hid him in one of the large trash cans that
was underneath a counter.

Xena then eased her way around the room, looking at the setup once again and
counting the number of people within, she counted five in all. Xena made her
move to subdue all of the Guards. One by one she rendered them unconscious.
Once the final person was unconscious, she went to look at the monitors to see
where they were pointing. she instantly saw Gabrielle and the others all
talking and looking at jewels, except for the fact that Gabrielle was looking
around towards the camera and that gave Xena the idea.

Turning the camera that Gabrielle was casually looking at off, and then back
on. Gabrielle’s eyes went wide, as she looked away for a moment to make sure
Kiara and Renna had Tracina fully engaged, and she casually looked into the
glass of the case that held a round emerald. she then lifted her eyes back up
to look at the light of the camera once again and again it went off, and then
back on.

Gabrielle again looked casually around to make sure she wasn’t being watched
and lifting up her head just enough she mouth Xena’s name, and the camera went
off and on again. Gabrielle then let a small smile come to her mouth and Xena
saw it from where she was monitoring, and again it went off , but this time it
flashed on and off and on and off and on. Gabrielle acknowledged the message
with a smirk.

Xena then left the room after she had positioned everyone back in their
respective chairs, and the one who was leaving she took him out of the trash
can and leaned him up against on of the walls. Xena then did some cross wiring
of the camera’s so that they would show static rather than any pictures, as
well as cross wiring the recorders so that they would also give static as the

Xena then went to the door and after looking back at everything to make sure
things were as they should be, she then opened the door and left the room, the
guards would be out for the rest of the day. Meanwhile, Gabrielle had
distracted Kiara while Renna went to talk with Tracina.

“ Xena’s taken care of the camera’s and things in the surveillance room, now
she’s going to start taking out the guards within the house.”

“ Great, well I’m going to go and help her, while you and Renna keep Tracina

“ Kiara, no, Xena will be very upset , and I mean U.p.s.e.t....” Gabrielle

“ She’ll understand, Gabrielle we can’t let her take all of the Guards by
herself, can we?”

“ Well....normally she can take them and more, but I see what your saying,
just be careful.”

“ I will.”

“ Say you two, what’s going on?” Tracina asked of the two whispering women.


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