By D.virtue

“ Oh, Kiara was wondering if she should ask to use your powder room or not?”

“ Oh, of course you may, it’s a little ways from here, but I can have one of
my guards show you how to get to it, otherwise you could be lost for a while
in this place.”

“ Oh, that won’t be necessary, I think I can manage, just tell me how to get
to it and I’ll be fine.”

“ Alright, you go back down the hall make a left then another left, then a
right, go straight until you come to the library, then go past it, and make a
right, then you’ll past the living room, then make a left and go halfway
around and the powder room is on the right.”

Kiara looked at Tracina, and then at Gabrielle and Renna and then back at
Tracina and said casually, “ No problem.” She then turned to leave and as she
did she gave Gabrielle a look of, “can you believe that?”

“ Gabrielle smiled and then turned to pretend as though she was once again
interested in the Jewels, Tracina soon turned as well to assist Gabrielle in
understanding what she was looking at.

Kiara made her way through the hall and as she did she delivered karate type
blows to the unsuspecting guards, and they dropped like stones, she then
removed them from the area and hid them in empty spaces. Kiara had taken out
ten guards before she was grabbed by the ear and pulled out of the hallway she
was in. She was ready to swing, but her hand went down when she saw who had
her by her ear.

“ Xena? Do you mind letting go of my ear?”

Xena’s eyes were narrowed and she was glaring at Kiara as she continued to
hold her ear.

“ I see your upset, but I took out ten guards.” Kiara said in defense of her

“ Didn’t I tell you I would take care of the guards, and the three of you were
to keep Tracina distracted until I arrived?”

“ Yes, but... Ow! Let go Xena.”

“ No buts, I don’t have time to go into this with you right now, but we will
talk about this later, believe me. Now get back there and DO what I told you
to do!”

“ But Xena?”

“ GO!” Xena scolded as she let go of Kiara’s ear.

Kiara pursed her lips and then said in frustration, “ I was just trying to
help you.”

“ GO!”

“ Fine! “ Kiara then turned and looked around the corner, to make sure the
hallway was still clear, she then stepped out into the hall, and looking back
at Xena who was still glaring at her, she turned to look ahead and went back
down the hall. Eventually she found her way back to the vault and went inside.
Xena then back tracked over the area where Kiara had been and waking the
guards she then put the touch on them also.

“ Aha, you made it back, it took you a bit?”

“ Yes, I got turned around with one of the lefts.”

“ Well if that’s all, then you did great, now, is there anything else you
would like to see in here before we go back to the living room?”

“ Hmm....may I see that one over there again, I really like the style of it,
but I don’t know if I like it better than the one Xena has in mind?”

“ Certainly.”

After about another fifteen minutes Xena walked into the chamber.

“ Hello Ladies.”

“ Xena? You made it, but what’s with the outfit we thought you were at work?”
Gabrielle asked the question already knowing the answer.

“ I was, but then I went home to change into something more comfortable, then
I had a cab drop me off here.”

“ Oh, it’s nice, leather looks wonderful on you Xena, I’m glad you could
come.” Tracina practically purred at Xena.

Gabrielle and Kiara both cringed at the sound, but said nothing.

“ It’s nice to see you as well Tracina, so....has my ladies found anything
they liked?”

“ No, I don’t think they have, I think Kiara wants the one you have in mind?”

“ I think my jewel will love the one I have in mind, especially when she
behaves.” Xena said as she casted a glance at Kiara.

Kiara swallowed hard, but maintained the smile despite the dubious gaze Xena
was casting at her. Gabrielle saw it, and she knew immediately what was going

“ Well, shall we go to the living room for a drink?”

“ Actually Tracina, I need to talk to you about something, Gabrielle Kiara,
Renna, will you three be okay on your own, I need to discuss something with

“ Sure, is it about my jewel?” Kiara asked still playing the game.

“ Yes, among other things.” Xena answered.

“ Of course Xena, anything you want.” Tracina now purring at Xena.

Xena smirked at the sound and then Tracina said to the other three young
women, “ You’ll be okay, right? You can take a tour of the place if you like,
just don’t go where you see private signs and you’ll be okay.”

Gabrielle, and Renna, and Kiara all looked at each other knowing that that’s
exactly where they would start.

“ No Problem, you and Xena talk, we’ll be okay.” Gabrielle answered for all of
them and then turning they all headed out of the vault.

Xena stood watching them go, and when she turned her attention back to
Tracina, she had to smirk at the pure lust shining in the woman’s eyes. Then
she pretended like she didn’t notice.

“ Tracina, you said the last time we were here that you work for someone else,
who?” Xena asked as she walked up close to the woman and stroking her fingers
across the woman’s cheek, and Tracina leaned into the touch.

“ Well I....I, really shouldn’t.....” Xena then leaned down as she brought
Tracina’s chin up and placing a light kiss on her lips she begun a calculated
effort to interrogate the woman, using the woman’s own desires against her.

“ What’s your bosses name?” Xena said as she delivered another kiss to
Tracina’s lips.

“ Um...Xena, he’ll get upset with me if I tell you.” Tracina said as Xena
again place a longer kiss on the woman’s lips.

Tracina leaned in for more of the provocative kiss, but Xena pulled away
slightly, and hearing the groan emitted from Tracina, she knew she would get
the information she wanted.

“ Let’s go somewhere where we can have some privacy Tracina, one of the many
rooms of this place?” Xena whispered near Tracina’s ear.

“ O.k...” Tracina managed as she lead the way to the nearest bedroom.

Once inside Xena saw how Tracina became nervous all of a sudden. Xena knew
from experience when she was a warlord that people tended to become nervous
around her, especially those whom she cast her gaze on for sexual satisfaction
especially. With that thought Xena decided to play the role she knew so well.

“ Well Tracina, how about if we finish our conversation, shall we?” Xena said
as she moved slowly towards the woman, and caressing her cheek, once again,
Xena then lifted the woman’s chin with her fingers and leaning in close and
looking hard into the woman’s eyes, she saw the fear within. “ Are you afraid
of me Tracina?”

“ Um.....”

“ If you lie then I’ll leave.”

“ Yes.”

“ should be, I want to know who your boss is, and I want to know!” Xena said sharply as she suddenly turned the woman around and
held her in one arm around her waist while she stroked the woman’s flushing
cheek, and kissed her ear and teasing it with her tongue enough to make
Tracina moan and lean into Xena’s strong embrace.

“ Xena....?”

“ Tell me what I want to know and I’ll render you unconscious with my MANY
skills.” Xena purred against Tracina’s cheek.

“ His name is Delam Sanant! Tracina exclaimed, Xena then kissed her thoroughly
and the woman moaned and felt weak, Xena then broke the kiss and asked her
next question.

“ Where?”

“ MMmmm.... three miles off the coast.”

“ Same setup you have here with all of the guards and things?” Xena asked as
she kissed along Tracina’s flushed neck.

“, he has fewer guards because the one’s he has are expertly trained
in the Marshal arts, I think some of them are Ninja’s, but I don’t know for
sure, anyway there’s no way to get to the place except by boat, and that’s
part of the other reason why he doesn’t have but a handful of guards, they see
everyone who comes.”

Xena continued to kiss along Tracina’s neck and she brought one of her hands
up to her breast and lightly ran her hands over it, and she felt the shiver
radiate through Tracina.

“ Does he have other security that he uses to protect himself?’ Xena asked as
she caught hold of one of the breast and kneaded it through Tracina’s clothes.

Tracina was leaning heavily into Xena as she moaned from the touches.

“ No, just the handful.”

Xena then lifted the woman up in her arms and carried her to the bed where she
climbed next to the women and begun slowly undoing her blouse, Tracina was
ready and so she tried to just rip the blouse off, but Xena caught her hands
and held them and then continued what she was doing.

“ Xena take me, I want you so badly it hurts.”

“ Tell me what I want to know and I want make you wait.”

“ Anything.” Tracina gasped as Xena slipped her hand into the blouse and took
hold of one of Tracina’s nipples, which became stone hard, immediately.

“ Has he done traveling lately where he acquired any particular thing?”

“ Yes, a stone, he said it had some type of power, but he wasn’t sure what, he
said he would have to test it first, before he decided what he was going to do
with it.” Tracina said completely under Xena’s spell.

Xena continued caressing and manipulating Tracina’s nipples as she was told
what she wanted to know by the delirious woman.

“ Does he keep it at the estate where he is?”

“ Yes. In a vault in his bedroom.”

“ Have you ever had to go into it by yourself?”

“ Yes.....Xena please?”

“ Patiences, we’re almost done.” Xena purred into Tracina’s ear, then catching
the lobe in her mouth she teased it with her tongue. Tracina was moaning and
her own hand after being let go begun making it’s way down her stomach heading
for her womanhood, but again Xena caught them and this time she held onto them
with one hand as she continued her interrogation. “ Do you know the

“ Yes, may I have it?” Xena asked as her hand now headed south towards
Tracina’s womanhood.

“ 5c4a3m”

“ Is that all?” Xena asked as she continued watching the woman for any lies,
and kissing her at times on the lips, just to keep her under.

“ Yes, now please Xena, I want you?”

“ And you shall have me, Xena said as she laid a thorough kiss on the woman
and continued to kiss her until she put the touch on the woman sending her
into a deep forgetful sleep, and the only sound the woman made was a deep
moan, and then she was out.

Xena then quickly jumped up out of the bed and undressing the woman
completely, then she laid her under the covers and covered her, she messed the
woman’s hair up completely, and then messed the bed covers up so it looked
like heavy activity had taken place. Xena then immediately turned and left to
go and find Gabrielle and the others.

After locating them they all left the estate and went back home to figure out
a plan to get to the island. When they arrived back at home, the first thing
Xena did was grab Kiara by the arm and pulled her into the other room to talk
to her, or scold her.

“ Now what did you think you were doing?!”

“ Xena I told you I was just trying to help you.”

“ Didn’t I tell all of you what I wanted you to do while I was taking care of
the guards, you almost ruined things Kiara by not listening to me, when I tell
you or Gabrielle to do something, that’s exactly what I expect for you too

“ Xena I think your blowing this way out of proportion, how could I have
almost ruined what you were doing, I don’t think that is a fair statement?”

“ Well it is a fair statement because it’s true. You were simply knocking the
guards out, therefore they would wake up and know that something was wrong,
whereas the way I was putting them down, they would wake up and not realize
anything had happened to them. I had to go back and take care of the guards
you had knocked out, so that they would not realize what had happened. Now do
you understand why it was important for you to do what I told you to do?” Xena
stood waiting for an answer with her arms crossed over her chest.

“ I see I was wrong, it won’t happen again Xena, I just didn’t like the odds
against you and I was scared for you, that’s all, will you forgive me?”

“ Yes. Just do what I say, alright? I just don’t want anything to happen to my
jewel, okay?” Xena said more gently as she lifted Kiara’s head up higher and
looking into her eyes, she leaned down and kissed the woman, and wrapping her
arms around the woman she pulled her close and the two kissed for a few
minutes, then Xena leaned back and said in a smooth yet warning voice. “ Now
be behave my little jewel.”

“ I will, if you give me another kiss?” Kiara said as she raised a brow at
Xena who then raised a brow at her and then with a small smirk, she leaned
back in and kissed the woman again.

The two women then returned to the other room, and both Gabrielle and Renna
knew exactly what had happened between the two women.

“ Everything ...okay?” Gabrielle asked cautiously.

“ Yes. Now we need to talk about getting that stone back.”

“ We I didn’t find anything helpful.” Gabrielle said.

“ Me either.” Renna added.

“ And you know what I was doing.”

“ Yes, well that’s okay, I found out everything we need to know.”

“ Really???!!!” the three women asked in unison.

“ Yes really! Don’t sound so surprised. Anyway, a guy name Delam Sanant has
the Kronos Stone, the island that was destroyed was simply a test of the power
of the stone, anyway, we have to get it back and now.”

“ Okay, that won’t be hard right?”

Xena looked at Gabrielle and then at Kiara and Renna.

“ No, we just have to get to the island he lives on and then past his elite
guards, and into his personal bedroom, and into his vault. Nothing much.”

“ It’s never easy.” Gabrielle said with frustration.

“ Anyway, I think it’s best if I go alone to the house itself, you three can
wait for me on the other side until I get the stone, and take care of Delam.”

“ First what do you mean by take care of Delam?” Gabrielle asked with concern.

Xena gave her a look that after years of being with Xena she knew what it

“ Xena? Your not saying your going to....”

“ That’s exactly what I’m saying Gabrielle, I have to make sure he does not
come after the stone again, and this time he may disappear for good, except
for those times when he surfaces to destroy something.” Xena answered flatly.

“ Xena do you have to kill him?”

“ Can you think of some other way Gabrielle?”

“ Give me some time and I will think of something, maybe?”

“That’s just it, we have no time.”

“ But Xena?”

“ Gabrielle drop it, we have to think about the greater good, this man has
already killed ten’s of thousands of people, just for the heck of it, and he’s
threaten more, and what do you want me to do, just let him live so he can go
after the stone again, and this time maybe use it on Greece, and then come
back here and destroy again?”

“ Xena, I know what your saying, but can’t we just arrest him?”

“ No Gabrielle, someone like him will only escape.”

“ Why can’t the Gods protect the stone from him and anyone else? I mean for
Zeus sakes, they are Gods?!”

“ That would be good if they could protect it as their suppose to be able to,
but the fact of the matter is the stone was given to them to look after for
some reason, and we’re here to return it to them, and that’s what we’re going
to do with it.”

“ Well, I just thought their was another way?”

“ It doesn’t sound like it Gabrielle, and I think your being a little naive
about this killer.”

“ I agree with Kiara Gabrielle, your looking through some very rosy colored
glasses, I mean we all understand the compassionate soul you have for all
life, but their are some lives that really aren’t worth wasting the time on,
and this guy is one of those.”

“ Okay, but I had to say how I felt.”

“ Okay, but I already knew how you would feel about this, but I’m glad you got
it off of your chest.”

“ Now over the next two days we shall iron out our plans. Any questions?”

“ No.”

“ No.”

“ No questions about this, but I do need to talk to you alone about something
Xena.” Renna said as she took on a solemn look.

Xena’s brows knitted as a result.

“ Okay, Gabrielle, you and Kiara go and make something for us to eat, I know
Gabrielle’s got to be starved by now, it’s hours past lunch, almost time for
dinner, so you might as well make dinner?”

“ We get it, a brick don’t have to fall on us.” Gabrielle said somewhat with a
sarcastic yet playful tone.

“ I don’t know? Your still here?” Xena shot back in the same tone.

“ We’re leaving. Oh, and Xena we are going to have to talk about how you got
your information from Tracina, we want to know everything in detail what

“ Leave.”

“ Alright, but remember that.”

“ I can’t help but to, especially with two of you nagging me about it. Now

The two women both pinched their lips and then raising their brows at Xena,
they turned and went to go and make early dinner. Xena watched them go and a
smile came to her face at the thought of two beautiful women both wanting to
do nothing but love her and have her love them. Xena sighed quietly to herself
at her thoughts.

Renna in the meantime became even more solemn after witnessing the connection
between the three. Xena turned to see what Renna had on her mind and she saw
the expression in her eyes.

“ Renna, what is it?”

“ Xena, I’m going to get right to the point, I don’t see any reason to beat
around the bush with this.”

“ Like your doing right now?” Xena stated factually, but with a smile.

Renna returned the smile, but half hearted.

“ Okay, what’s going on Renna?”

“ Xena how much do you care about Kiara?”

“ I love her.”

“ Hmm....well then that’s going to make what I have to say harder.”

“ Renna spit it out!” Xena said now impatient.

“ Xena, do you realize that the moment you have the stone and kill Delam, that
you and Gabrielle will instantly be transported back to your time, you from
Delam’s estate, and Gabrielle from the other side of the waters?”

“ You mean eventually we’ll go back?”

“ No, the moment you have succeeded in your assignment, the Gods will take you
both back home, so as to get the stone back, and also to keep time from

“ Changing time? What are you talking about, the Gods made sure that time was
not interrupted.”

“ The Gods didn’t tell you about the time line that activates regarding the
stone if it were used in this time.”

“ Time line?” Xena asked now becoming irritated by what she thought she was
about to be told.

“ Yes, because the stone was used today, in less than four days, time will
change if the stone is still here at that time.”

“ So your telling me that in less than a week we will be back in our time
whether we want to or not?”

“ Yes.”

Xena looked at Renna with irritation and asked.

“ Why didn’t you tell us this?”

“ it wasn’t my place to tell you at the time, and I’m really not suppose to be
telling you this right now, but seeing what’s happened since the last time I
was here, I thought you at least needed to know, you can tell the others if
you want, but I just thought you needed to know.”

Xena cursed to herself for a moment, and then looking over to the door where
the two women had left through, she then took a deep frustrated breath and
shaking her head she then looking back at Renna, she said, I’m going to take a
bath and soak for a while, I need to think.” Xena then turned to leave, but
then stopped and looked back at Renna who was shaking her own head as she
looked in the opposite direction.

Xena walked back to where Renna stood, and Renna looked up at her.

“ Thank you for telling me, I’m not upset with you, you have been a great

“ I’m so sorry Xena.”

“ I know, so am I.” Xena then hugged the woman and they held each other for a
moment, and then Xena broke the embrace and turned and strided out the door
and went up to the powder room and ran herself a soapy bath.

Xena climbed into the bath and laying back in the water, she closed her eyes
and thought about what she and Renna had just spoke about and the meaning as a
result for Kiara. Xena again cursed and hit the water with her fist, sending a
bunch of water flying out of the bath and onto the floor and walls.

“ Okay, dinner will be ready soon.” Gabrielle announced to Renna and she
thought Xena also, but then looking around and not seeing Xena, she became
curious. “ Where’s Xena?”

“ Oh, she went to take a bath.” Renna said as she stood by the window looking

“ A bath? This early in the evening, that’s not like her, something's going
on, I think I need to go and talk to her?”

“ Gabrielle....I think Xena needs some time alone to think about something her
and I were discussing?”

“ Oh, well okay, but she’s alright right?”

“ I’m sure she’ll let you know what’s going on. Where’s Kiara?”

“ She went to the guest bedroom to change into something more comfortable, I
was going to do the same.”

“ Hm...well go ahead, I’ll be fine here until you return, I may go to the
family room and watch some TV?”

“ Okay, I’ll be right back.”

“ Alright.”

Gabrielle then turned and headed for her room to change her clothes. Xena
returned to the living room, but heard someone in the family room, so she went
in there to sit with whoever was there and wait for dinner to get done.

“ Xena? Are you okay?”

“ No. How am I going to tell Kiara?”

“ Tell me what?”

“ Damnit!” Xena cursed to herself, for not listening for her’s or Gabrielle’s

“ Kiara, I think I will leave you and Xena alone to talk, I’ll go and see if
Gabrielle needs some help with something.”

Xena watched her go with her eyes only, but did not move from where she had
went to sit on the plush sofa.

“ So...what is it you need to talk to me about Xena? It’s not about what I did
at Tracina’s is it? I thought we worked that out?”

“ We did, it’s not about that.”

“ Oh, okay, so what is it about?”

“ Us.” Xena said simply.

Kiara saw the serious look expressed across Xena’s face and suddenly a cold
chill ran up her spine, which made her visibly shudder.

“ Us?” Kiara asked quietly.

“ Yes.”

“ Wh....what about us? Did I do something else to upset you?”

“ No Kiara, I’m not upset with you at all.”

“ Then what about us Xena? I thought this was working?”

“ It was, I mean it is, but there’s something I have to tell you that is going
to change all of this.”

Kiara still had not taken a seat, but instead stood by the fireplace looking
at Xena intermittently, and then at the fire that Renna had started in the

“ What is it Xena?”

“ Kiara....” Xena said as she now sat forward on the sofa and moving her hair
back out of her face, more out of frustration than need. “ Kiara I’m going to
tell you straight. Renna just told me that the moment Delam is taken care of
and the stone is retrieved, Gabrielle and I will immediately be wisped back to
our time.”

“ You’ll be taken instantly?” Kiara asked as she now turned to look Xena
straight on.

“ Yes.”

“ less than 48 hours you’ll both be gone....just like that?”

“ Yes.”

“ So, I’ll never see you again?”

Xena started to try to answer, but she had no words for her.

“ Will you forget about me?” Kiara asked as the tears now ran down her face.

Xena came to her feet and went over to hold the young woman.

“ Never!”

Kiara wrapped her arms around Xena’s waist as she buried her head in Xena’s
embracing arms, and sobbed. Xena held the woman and she let her own tears of
pain run down her cheeks, to fall upon Kiara’s head. Xena placed tender kisses
to the top of Kiara’s head, and they stood holding each other for a long time.
Then Kiara lifted her head and in a soft voice she asked Xena to do something
for her.

“ Xena did you sleep with Tracina?”

“ No. I never even touched her there, I had gotten all the information I
needed before I had to go there with her, then I rendered her unconscious, the
same way I did with the guards.”

Kiara smiled a small smile, and then leaning back into Xena’s embrace, she
sighed and the tears ran once again.

“ Will you make love to me?”

“ Of course Kiara, remember you are one of my lovers?”

“ I know, but I mean truly make love to me?” Kiara asked as she continued to
lean against Xena.

Xena sighed slightly, and then said out of concern.

“ Kiara, are you sure about that? I mean, what if you meet someone else whom
you want to be with, won’t you regret not having THAT gift to give to them?”

“ No I won’t regret anything we’ve had, Xena I want you to be the one to
receive my gift, because that’s what you have been to me, a gift, and I love
you Xena, I’m just sad that we don’t have more time, I’m going to miss you and
Gabrielle so much, it already hurts to think about it.” Kiara hugged Xena
tighter and Xena tighten her own embrace of the woman.

“ I know, I’m sorry we didn’t have more time together.” Xena then leaned back
to look Kiara in the eyes. “ I love you Kiara.”

Kiara’s eyes now were full with nothing but love and tears, as she once again
buried her head in Xena’s arm. Gabrielle then came into the room along with

“ What’s going on?”

Xena wiped her eyes, and then looked back at Gabrielle and Renna.

“ Um...Kiara and I were just talking about something.” Xena admitted.

“ Kiara? Are you alright? What’s wrong? Why are you crying?”

Kiara couldn’t answer for herself, so Xena asked her if she wanted her to tell
her. Kiara just gave a slight nod of her head. Xena then told Gabrielle what
was going on.

“ By the Gods! Kiara I am so sorry, I know how much Xena means to you and you
to her, and I like to think we’re friends as well?” Gabrielle said as her own
eyes teared up, with empathy for what Kiara was feeling.

Xena opened her arms for Gabrielle and she went into it and the three of them
embraced as their tears mingled with one another. Renna stood with her arms
wrapped around herself as she watched the three. After a bit, Xena suggested
they eat, and they could talk about things more over dinner.

“ Renna is there any way that our going back could be delayed?’ Gabrielle
asked as she took a bite of meat.

“ No. From the moment he used the stone, the time line was activated, and that
means that if the stone is still here in four days, then all of history will
be changed, which means that you and Xena may not have met, and if you did,
Xena could still be the warlord or something worst?”

“ Worst?”

“ Yes, she could become The Conqueror, and then only the fates know what would
happen. No offense Xena, but you have to admit you were one of the most
ruthless Warlords ever, and for you to become a Conqueror, well, the known
world would do a collective shudder.”

Xena smirked at the statement, but she knew it was true.

“ Well....that’s incentive enough to make sure we get it back, but does that
mean both of us has to go back, and take it, couldn’t one of us stay here?”

“ No. It’s all related now that the stone has been used.”

“ Why didn’t Zeus tell us about this?” Gabrielle asked now upset at the

“ Because he knew that no matter what, Xena would do what she came here for
and return the stone, although the Gods didn’t foresee Xena falling in love
with someone from here, but despite that, Xena understands the ramifications
if she doesn’t return the stone, right Xena?”

“ Yes.”

“ It’s alright, I understand, you’ll get the stone and the two of you will
return home, I’ll miss both of you, and Gabrielle, I do consider us to be very
good friends, now if you’ll all excuse me, I think I will head back to my
place for the night, I need to be alone.” Kiara then stood and left the table
and headed for the door.

“ Kiara....” Xena called after her and then wet to catch up with her.

“ Xena I’ll be alright, really?”

“ I want you to stay here with me until we go back.”

“ Xena?”

“ Come with me Kiara?” Xena said as she reached her hand out for Kiara, and
Kiara slowly put her hand in Xena and Xena closed her hand around Kiara’s and
pulled her to her, and then strided with Kiara up to her bedroom, where she
slowly began to make love to Kiara’s mind, body and soul.

“ don’t have to do this?”

“ I want to, I’ve been wanting to, but I didn’t want to have you hurt because
of it,especially knowing that I was going to have to leave you sooner or
later. Xena said as she laid light kissed to Kiara’s face.

Xena had Kiara pushed up against the back of the door as she kissed her way
down to Kiara’s mouth, where she ravaged the sweet mouth. Kiara moaned as she
wrapped her arms around Xena’s neck and held her close as they kissed for what
seemed like forever, when they finally broke, both women were breathing hard,
Kiara a lot more so.

Xena then slowly kissed her way to Kiara’s neck, as she whispered to her.

“ Your so beautiful Kiara, just like a jewel, so precious.”

Kiara’s legs were going weak from Xena’s attention and Xena noticed and before
Kiara could say anything, Xena had swept her up in her arms and carried her to
the bed and laid her gently down on it. Xena then slowly begun undressing
Kiara and Kiara undressed Xena.

Soon the two women were stripped and both were exploring and getting to know
each other in ways that they had only touched on before. Both women were
delighting in the taste of each other, until they felt the blissful ecstasy
claim them.

Both rested for a few minutes, but once Xena had caught her breath she then
proceeded to caress along Kiara’s still heaving chest, with her hands, and
soon she was sliding through Kiara’s slicked down soft hairs, and Kiara’s hips
inadvertently pushed against the strong sensual fingers, and her breathing
once again became more like a pant, as her moaning sent electrical shockwaves
coursing up Xena’s spine.

Xena has always loved being the first to deflower her lover, she felt the same
excitement and exhilaration now as she did when she first received Gabrielle’s
gift. Xena captured Kiara’s lips and kissed her heart filled, as her fingers
continued to tease at the hidden peak, that was saturated from the multiple
orgasms they had both experienced.

Kiara was weak, but her body seemed to have a mind of it’s own as Xena
continued with her sensual lovemaking. Then Xena slowly left the peak and slid
her fingers down towards Kiara’s virgin canal, slipping in slowly, Xena talked
to Kiara the whole time.

“ Your soo...tight Kiara, yet slick, I love the feel of you, thank you for
choosing me as your true lover.” Xena said as she kissed Kiara once again.
Xena heard a sobbing sound from against her mouth and when she opened her eyes
she saw Kiara had her eyes closed as if she were asleep, but yet tears were
rolling down her cheeks.

Xena knew what Kiara was feeling, but she wanted to make sure.

“ Kiara, are you sure?”

Kiara’s eyes opened and a gentle loving smile crossed her lips, while her eyes
glittered the love she was feeling.

“ Yes Xena.”

Xena smiled back at her a tender smile, and then Xena once again covered
Kiara’s lips with her own. Xena’s finger moved further into Kiara’s virgin
canal. with every move Xena could feel Kiara’s heartbeat against the palm of
her hand as it rested against the now throbbing peak.

Finally Xena’s finger touched on the Hymen, and in so doing, Kiara’s body
jerked, Xena realized that she would have to hold the woman’s hips in some way
to prevent her from jerking anymore, so she covered Kiara’s leg with her
powerful thigh, and then she slowly begun moving against the shield.

Kiara’s opened her mouth to gasp and possible scream out from the pain, but
Xena covered her mouth with her own and ravaging the woman’s mouth as she
slowly pushed against the hymen, Kiara was using her other leg and foot to try
to push away from the pain, but Xena held her tightly and then......

Xena went through and Kiara screamed into Xena’s mouth as Xena then begun
pumping into Kiara’s now deflowered canal, and Kiara’s emotions were
everywhere, profoundly happy, as well as profoundly sad at the thought of soon
losing Xena forever, Xena took her time bring Kiara to a final orgasm, and
when Kiara finally went over, her whole body responded. Xena peaked as a
result of Kiara’s tremendous release, and when both their orgasms had ended,
they both collapsed, but Xena was kissing and hugging Kiara tightly to her as
she listened to the woman sob and thank her for loving her.

Xena’s own tears fell within the dark mane of Kiara’s hair, and eventually the
two drifted off to sleep. The next morning Xena awoke, but rather than getting
up to prepare for the day, she laid in the bed and held Kiara until Kiara
finally woke up.

“ Good morning.” Xena whispered to the stretching and flinching young woman.

“ Mmmm....Xena, good morning.”

“ How do you feel?” Xena asked as she caressed Kiara nude belly under the

“ Sore. But wonderful, despite how sad I am about losing you soon, I will at
least have something to remember you by for the rest of my life and for that I
am soooo....happy, thank you for a wonderful night Xena. I told Tracina
correctly when I told her you were an attentive lover, so gentle and patient
with me. I just love you so much Xena, and I wish you could stay here with me
forever...” Xena said as tears formed in her eyes once again, but she held
them back as she took a deep breath and continued. “ But I understand why you
and Gabrielle have to leave, who knows, maybe one day you’ll be allowed to
come back and see me?”

“ I wouldn’t count on it Kiara.”

“ I know you wouldn’t, but I like the idea of seeing you again, even if it’s
in my dreams, which I will dream of you daily.”

“ Kiara you are one of the most wonderful people I have ever met in my life,
and I will never forget you for as long as I live, I love you Kiara.”

Kiara snuggled into Xena’s arms and the two remained in bed for a while
longer, and then Kiara said out of concern.

“ Xena you have to get up and get going, no telling what will happen when you
get inside the house, hopefully things will go as smoothly as you’ve planned.”

“ Kiara aren’t you going to come with us?”

“ I don’t think I could handle it.”

“ Kiara, I wish you would come, I want to be able to see you one last time
before we’re parted, and I know Gabrielle would be so hurt if you didn’t come,
she really has come to have an affection for you.”

“ I feel the same way about her also. But Xena to know that the instant things
are lined up, you and Gabrielle are going to just disappear, it’s just so hard
to accept.”

“ Kiara, I want you to promise me something?”

“ What?”

“ When Gabrielle and I are gone, you won’t become so sad that you stop living
your life as a young vibrate woman, let others have a chance to love you?”

“ I’ll try not to become a hermit, but I can’t promise you that i will let
anyone else close to me. My life has been hard, but you’ve erased all of that
pain that I carried inside, with your complete and honest love of me, and for
that I don’t want to take a chance that I will end up with some jerk, I mean I
have to be honest, the only way left to go after you is down...haha, it’s sort
of ironic in a way if you think about it?”

“ What way?”

“ Just the fact that here I am willing to do anything to stay in your life,
and Gabrielle at one time actually chose to let you go,’s funny in
a strange way to say the least. But, Gabrielle obviously saw the error of that
decision, and now soon it will be just the two of you once again loving each
other, and I....I will become a distant memory, but you both will always be
clear and bright in my own heart, as if it were yesterday.”

“ Kiara you will never be a distant memory to me, NEVER.”

Kiara smiled at Xena and Xena then asked again.

“ Will you come with us, please?”

Kiara looked up at Xena and then she smiled again and said with confidence,
that belied the fear she was feeling inside at the coming lost. “ Yes.”

Xena then rose up off of the bed and reached down for Kiara’s hand, then they
both were up and cleaning up to go and talk with Gabrielle and Renna.

“ Good morning ladies.” Xena said as she strolled down the stairs with Kiara
right next to her.

“ Good morning you two, I hope you slept.....well?” Gabrielle said with humor
in her eyes.

“ Very, wouldn’t you say Kiara?” Xena asked as she glanced over at the now
blushing woman. “ Sorry, didn’t mean to embarrass my jewel.” Kiara blushed
more as a result and Xena smirked and then pulled Kiara into her arms and
kissed her thoroughly. Gabrielle blushed from the passion, and Renna just

Finally Xena allowed the woman to catch her breath, and Kiara immediately took
in a deep gulp of air as she staggered for a moment, and then straighten.

“ I’m a little hungry, do we have time to eat first?” Kiara asked as she eased
out of Xena’s embrace and went to go and see if their was any food made.


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