The Sirens Calls Pt 1a

by D. virtue

1. The Characters of Xena Warrior Princess, and Hercules The Legendary
Journey. ALL belong to I only Borrowed them for a little while. No
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2. Sex: This story contains scenes of two women making love as well as those
of men and women making love/having sex. If you are under 18, or this is
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trouble. It's not worth it. This is only a story. It also contains explicit
sexual encounters.
3. Violence: This story contains scenes of graphic violence, at least I think
it's graphic, as well as the possibility of sexual violence.
4. And just in case I forgot to Disclaim something. I Disclaim everything that
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5. This is for the most part an alternative piece of writing


Hello All and thanks for continuing with me, for those of you who are joining
me for the first time, this story is part of a series and therefore should be
read in order to understand the characters, and who they are.Starting with The
Chosen 1 and 2, Home, Discoveries 1 and 2 and now The Sirens Calls.

“ I can’t believe you were quiet for that long, I would have blew it a long
time ago, obviously Xena’s pleased?” Gabrielle stated, noticing Diana was
speaking again.

“ Very.”

“ Well I heard Questra talking to Xena when they thought I was asleep, she
told Xena that the two of you were acting like newly weds, she said she was
very envious of the way the two of you worked though everything, and you
adjusted to all of the changes that Xena had enacted. You have adjusted to it?
And not just pretending, right?” Gabrielle asked not quite sure, but

“ Yes Gabrielle I have adjusted to it, and to be honest, I really don’t miss
it as much as I thought I would.”

“ Oh yeah, right? You don’t miss working out with your....well you know what?”

“ Well that I will admit I do miss, sometimes, mainly when Xena goes to
workout, but....I have found a way to workout also without breaking any of
Xena’s rules.”

“ Really? How?”

“ I had the forger make me some weights, of different weights, I still use my
skills and movements to exercise, and rather than using one type of thing to
stay fit and trim, I use my weights.”

“ How does Xena feel about them?”

“ She loves them, she’s worked out with me many times using them, almost more
than she does with her things.We have a great time while we do.”

“ Well I can see that your full of life and the two of you look to be so much
closer. Can I ask you something?”

“ Of course Gabrielle, anything.”

“ Do you think Xena was too hard on you?”

Diana looked at Gabrielle thoughtfully, and then she said, “ yes, at first, I
mean I felt as though my identity was being taken away from me, but then I
realized, despite what Xena did, I still was me, I mean, yes I miss those
things, but I have many talents, and skills, and yes I was very good at what I
did, but I still have lots of things that I am involved in, Xena just took one
small part away, at least that’s how I see it now, I don’t think I would have
seen that before.”

“ You mean you don’t miss the...warrior thing?” Gabrielle asked whispering the
last part.

“ No, I mean Xena and I sat down and we had a long talk about it.”

“ You trying to tell me you two didn’t argue, and more than that, Xena didn’t
go off?” Gabrielle asked with some disbelief.

“ Actually Xena was quite understanding, I mean she got upset, but she didn’t
lose her temper, and eventually she came to understand. But she pointed
something out to me that I didn’t realize.”

“ What’s that?”

“ She asked me if that is the only way I saw myself?”

“ Saw yourself?”

“ Yes, did I only see myself as a warrior, or am I more than that, she said I
was a lot more than that, and that she has always seen me as more than that,
and for some reason she couldn’t get me to see it, not until now, now I
understand what she has been saying all of this time.”

“ Really? What?”

“ Gabrielle I have been identifying myself as a warrior first, and then
everything else was incidental, but Xena was trying to get me to see that
first I am a young woman who has a mate who wants her to think about that
first, and then think about duty things later. And then when I do, she wants
me thinking about my other skills other than those of death and war and
battles, she thinks enough about those things for the both of us, she just
wants to be able to just melt into me, just rest from all of that, but with me
preoccupied with being a warrior, she can’t really do that. Gabrielle, if it
were anyone else telling me this, I would just think they were trying to
pacify me, but Xena’s not that type of person, she’s always been honest with
me, about her feeling for me.”

“ So of course you believe her?”

“ Yes. I told Xena when we bonded that I hoped I would be her comfort when she
needed, well....she just told me that that is what she needs from me, and I
will be there for her always. And I truly am having a great time, I mean we’re
closer than ever. And I don’t really miss those things, as much. sometime I
think about it, but not like I use to. Gods I love that woman!!” Diana
exclaimed as she thought about the conversation.

Gabrielle placed her hand over top of Diana’s as it rested on her knee, and
with a bright smile she said, “ Actually I can see the joy in your eyes.”

“ And I can see it in yours as well Gabrielle. You and Lord Questra are
looking a lot like Xena and me, in that you too are always cuddling and
whispering and completely focused on each other, you look like love struck
puppies.” Diana said with a knowing smile.

Gabrielle blushed slightly and then said, “ Yes, it’s true, I feel
soo.....relaxed and at home with her. Does that make sense?”

“ Completely. That’s exactly how Xena and I feel, like we’re at home, our
souls are perfectly matched end to end, and we see that with you and Lord

“ She is my soul mate isn’t she?”

“ I think so, but that’s for you to decide.”

“ I have already. “ I cant wait until we bond.” Gabrielle said longingly.

“ Gabrielle, I need to ask you something.”

“ What?”

“ How do you think Lila and them will take the news of you bonding with

“ What do you mean?”

“ Gabrielle, you have to realize what it means to bond with a woman?”

“ I’ve thought about it, I realize that there are things that will never
happen as a result, but I can live with that, all I want is to be with
Questra.” Gabrielle stated honestly.

Diana gave her a thoughtful gaze and then she said in a supportive tone.

“ Well, just because you bond with a woman, doesn’t mean things have to be
limited, who knows what could happen?”

“ Right, who knows.”

“ Come on, we better get back before they think we’ve run off somewhere?”

“ Ok.”

“ Where are you suppose to meet Questra?”

“ In the Hall Of Music. Where’s Xena?”

“ She said she would meet me at the main entrance to the Palace.”

“ Why there?”

“ She’s going into town to make a visit, it has been a while since she has
done any Royal visits, speaking of which, I have to get changed, come on.”

Diana and Gabrielle made it back to the palace and Diana immediately went and
changed and met Xena where she was suppose to.

“ I was wondering if you were going to be late kitten.”

“ Why? Have I ever been late?”

“ I can think of at least once.”

“ Well not recently, thank you very much.”

“ No, not recently kitten. Come on and get in.” Xena said as she made room for
Diana to get into the carriage.

Diana went to settle herself by the other window so as to be able to look at
the scenery, but Xena had other ideas. Once the carriage door was closed and
they were on the move, Xena looked back at where Diana had sat and with a
raised brow she informed Diana of where she wanted her.

“ What are you doing way over there? Get over here.”

“ Oh...but Xena I just wanted to look at the scenery.”

“ I have other plans kitten, now come over here.”

Diana moved over to where Xena sat and with a little pout on her lips Xena
couldn’t resist it, and so she claimed Diana’s lips with relished passion.
Xena abruptly broke the embrace when Diana moaned weakly in her throat.

“ I couldn’t resist those lips, and that little pouting, your adorable
kitten.” Xena explained as Diana now laid weakly against Xena, smiling.

The ride to town would take a full three days without the use of the
traveller, which is how Xena wanted it, she wanted to spend some time with
Diana away from the Palace, and she was actually thinking about staying in
town for a few days after they finished their Royal visit, or maybe even
travel to some of the other cities with Diana.

During the long ride Xena and Diana talked about many things, but mostly about
how they felt about each other and Xena told Diana how pleased she was with
her behavior of late.

They made love a few times during the trip and by the time they arrived it was
just falling into night, so the tour would start tomorrow after morning meal.

“ Welcome to Gabrielle My Lord, Welcome your Highness, your room is ready.
Shall I have your meals sent up to you in your chamber?” The Innkeeper greeted
Xena and Diana at the door of the inn as was customary for the owner to always
be the one to welcome The Conqueror and her entourage.

“ Thank you, you have kept the inn up very well, I am pleased to see that

“ Thank you My Lord, I have the floors scrubbed by hand daily, and washed
almost every other candlemark, it’s cleaned from top to bottom on a continuous
bases. Her Highness told me how to maintain the Inn in perfect condition when
it was first being built, and I have tried to hold to that.”

“ Well you’ve done a beautiful job Innkeeper.” Diana added with a smile.

“ Thank you your Majesty. I’ll have you shown to your chamber My Lord?”

“ Yes, I am somewhat....drained.” Xena stated dubiously as she rendered a
knowing gaze to Diana, then she finished her statement. “ But I will regain my
energy quite quickly after I partake of some nice sweet wine, and cream for
the fruit I want brought up with our meal.”

Diana blushed fiercely at Xena’s bold confession of her plans for her. Xena
saw the blush and her eyes filled with a desire that made Diana’s heart beat
wildly against her chest, as she tried to break the gaze Xena had over her.

“ Your taste is always wonderful My Lord, I’m sure you will thoroughly enjoy
your meal?”

Diana looked at the man in complete disbelief at what she thought he was
saying, but when she looked back at Xena, she saw Xena had cut her eyes to the
man in amused delight at the statement, and then she slowly brought them back
around to rest on Diana once again with a brow raised telling Diana she agreed
with him. Then Xena sent Diana a thought.

“ And he has no idea of just how true his statement is.”

Diana was breathing hard, but trying to control it as she turned one way, then
turned the other to try and hide the blush. She then strided away and headed
up the stairs following the servants to their chamber. Xena smirked and headed
up the stairs with her guards as her eyes burned a hole in Diana’s clothes.
After they were left alone in the room, Diana turned to speak to Xena about
her teasing.

“ Xe....!!” Was all Diana managed before Xena caught her around her waist and
smothered her with a kiss that turned Diana’s eyes.

After long passionate moments, Xena finally broke the kiss, and her own eyes
were lit. And as Diana laid in her arms completely at her mercy, with her eyes
sparkling her complete desire, Xena whispered huskily in her ears.

“ I am completely yours.”

Diana through her fog heard Xena’s words, and with effort, she focused her
eyes on her as a diamond tear rolled Down Xena’s cheek.

“ Ahh!!” Diana’s managed as the breath caught in her throat and she caught the
single teardrop.

Diana eased up and came to stand up straight, as she gazed into Xena’s loving

“ Xena?”

Xena stood up straight as Diana then lead her to a sofa chair and sat her down
in it.

“ Xena? What’s going on? Did I do something?” Diana asked concerned by Xena’s
unexpected admission, although she has always known Xena was hers, and maybe
that’s why she was concerned by the statement.

Xena caressed Diana’s face, and then looking into her worried eyes, Xena
answered Diana’s.

“ No kitten, you didn’t do anything, I am just so pleased with you, the way
you’ve adjusted to everything, I will do anything to continue to help you.”

“ Xena! Are you being sentimental??” Diana asked completely amazed by the

“ You sound like your surprised?”

“ Well, to be honest with you, I am. I mean, it’s quite a sight to see you
like this.”

“ Does it bother you?” Xena asked somewhat defensively.

“ Yes.” Diana stated.

“ Really?” Xena said as she started to look away from Diana.

Diana caught Xena’s chin with her hand and turned her face back around to look
at her as she finished her statement.

“ It bothers me only in the way that it completely turns me on love, By The
Gods I love you woman!!” Diana stated with love, and wanton desire, as a
bright smile came to her face and eyes.

Xena studied Diana for a moment and seeing the sincerity in her eyes, Xena
caught Diana once again and this time she lowered the two of them to the floor
as they kissed with all the love and passion within the two of them. By the
time their meal was ready and brought to them, Diana had to be sat up against
the front of the sofa as Xena staggered to the bed and got a blanket to cover
Diana and one to cover herself as she then sat back down on the floor and laid
Diana’s head in her lap, and ordered the servants to set the food up by her.

Once the food was placed, Xena picked up a Kwik slice and running it across
Diana’s soft lips letting the juice drip into her mouth, Diana opened her eyes
and gazing up at Xena she saw the playfulness in them, she lifted slightly to
take the fruit into her mouth, but.....of course Xena moved it away.

“ Everytime I give you something to eat, then you have to give me something in
return, ok?”

Diana’s eyes now took on the playful look, as she answered.

“ I can give you whatever I want, right?”

Xena cocked her head for a moment, thinking about what was running through
Diana’s head, but then a smirk came to her face.

“ A.l.r.i.g.h.t....” Xena purred as Diana then repositioned herself so that
she was lying on her side propped up on her elbow acrossed Xena’s lap facing

Xena then placed the fruit against Diana’s mouth and Diana opened her mouth
and Xena slipped the fruit inside, Diana sucked on Xena’s finger for a moment
before she let go, and then she chewed part of the fruit and swallowed that
part, but the other part she held in her mouth.

Xena however didn’t know that Diana had only swallowed half of the fruit, so
when she waited to see what Diana was going to give her in return, Diana drew
Xena’s head to her, as she placed a sweet kiss and then when Xena opened her
mouth Diana pushed the fruit she had in her mouth into Xena’s and then broke
the kiss.

Xena sucked the fruit, and then chewed it and swallowed it, and a smile as
only Xena could smile lit her face, and Diana’s heart.

“ Very provocative kitten.” Xena admitted.

“ So you liked it?”

“ Yes, but you are a natural seducer. If you can seduce me, then you can
seduce anyone kitten. Not that I would allow you to do that.” Xena said as she
offered Diana another piece of fruit, and Diana returned half of it the same
way, and the rest of the meal they fed each other that way.

The only thing that they did not drink was any of the drinks that was brought
up, instead Xena quenched her thirst with Diana’s sweet breast, as Diana did
the same with Xena’s. The two made love way into the night and then finally
settled into contented sleep.

The next morning both Xena and Diana were up and dressed and eating morning
meal and Diana was talking almost incessantly, as she told Xena about some of
the things she should check while they were there.

“ Xena you should also go to the market to see if they have kept things
separated they way it should be so that the food is safe to eat. Oh! and we
should go to the hospice to see the sick and make sure that the patients
aren’t being neglected. Oh, and we should go by the jails to check on how
conditions are within the cells as prisoners wait to be taken to the Palace
for their trial appearance. Oh, and also.....”

“ Kitten, kitten, take a breath, we’ll go by all of those, and then some,

“ Okay, sorry, I was just rambling wasn’t I?”

“ No, you made complete sense. It’s just that you haven’t eaten anything since
you’ve been talking, and you know how I feel abut you not eating?” Xena said
with a playful raise of her brow.

Diana blushed and then lowered her eyes to her plate and begun to eat.

“ That’s better.” Xena stated as she lifted some of Diana’s ebony mane and let
it fall through her fingers.

After they finished eating, Xena and Diana and the entourage begun the Royal
visit and inspection. They went to all of the places that Diana had mention,
saving the market for last.

While they were there Diana and Xena separated for a few minutes, but Xena
always knew where Diana was, and Diana made sure not to get out of Xena’s
sight as they talked to different merchants about their wares and things.
While Diana was examining some of the fruit with the royal agricultures, and a
merchant, Nebula came up behind her and was about to touch her shoulder when
Diana caught her hand.

“ Nebula!” Diana exclaimed as she turned and hugged the woman.

“ Diana! it’s wonderful to see you, I was going to drop by the palace today to
talk to you.”

“ Really? About what? Or would it have been just a social call?” Diana teased
as she let go of Nebula.

“ Both actually, but mainly to talk to you to see if you had made up your mind

“ Made up my mind? About what?” Diana asked with knitted brows.

“ About the trip, you were suppose to decide whether you could go with me,
knowing how I felt about you?”

“ OH......yes, that’s right, well to be honest with you, I haven’t really had
time to think about it, but I can tell you now, I won’t have a problem with
how you feel about me, I think it’s very nice, and besides, maybe we can find
someone for you, now that Shatara and Ephiny are involved with each other.”

“ Really? Wow, things certainly have been going on since I’ve been gone?”

“ Yes, but they are so cute together, although I honestly thought maybe you
and Shatara would hit it off?”

“ Is that right? Look at you, you’ve been trying to set me up all this time?”

“ Well, someone has to.” Diana said in defense.

“ Well....just leave it alone, I’m sure if someone comes along I’m sure I can
handle myself.” Nebula stated as she poked Diana in the shoulder.

Diana laughed and then the two hugged each other again. Meantime, Xena watched
the whole thing and saw the sadness come into Nebula’s eyes while she held
Diana, and when the embrace was broken, she would put a bright smile on her

Xena headed for the two, but was distracted by a merchant who wanted to show
her something. Xena was a little frustrated by the distraction, but
remembering that, that was why they were there, she went with the merchant,
but she kept her eyes on Diana, as Diana and Nebula talked.

“ So, are you going to go with me?” Nebula asked as they walked with Diana’s
arm around her waist and her arm resting on Diana’s shoulder.

“ Well as far as I’m concerned the answer is yes, but I have to ask Xena, but
I don’t see a problem with it.”

“ I heard there are some new laws regarding you?”

“ Yes.”

“ Well, they don’t seem to be so bad, it just seems like they apply to
anything dealing with things of war. So it shouldn’t really affect you that
much, I mean you are so much more than just that, matter of fact, I couldn’t
understand how and why Xena saw you as that in the first place?”

“ Actually she never did, and now I understand why, we are closer than ever.”
Diana beamed as she gave another squeeze to Nebula.

“ That’s wonderful Diana.” Nebula said as she looked ahead of them and that
same sadness came to her eyes for a brief moment.

“ So, shall I ask her or you?” Nebula asked as they got closer to where Xena
was suppose to be.

“ You.” I think it will be better, but I will offer whatever support I can,
ok?” Diana stated somewhat solemnly as she thought about Xena’s possible
answers and why.

“ Okay.”

Xena saw the two coming but she acted as though she didn’t until they were
right upon her.

“ My Lord?” Diana called after Xena finished talking with the merchant.

“ Yes Consort?”

“ Look who I ran into?”

Xena turned and saw Nebula.

“ My Lord.” Nebula said as she bowed.

“ Nebula, what brings you here?”

“ I wanted to get some things, plus I was going to stop by the palace and talk
with you and her Majesty.”

“ Oh? About what?” Xena asked.

“ Well, I wanted to know whether her Majesty will be allowed to go with me on
the next voyage?”

“ No. Her Majesty will not be joining you on this or any other voyage Princess
Nebula.” Xena stated without hesitation.

Both Diana and Nebula were caught off guard By Xena’s answer, so much so that
Nebula had to ask again.

“ You don’t mean ANY voyage, do you My Lord?”

“ Yes I do.”

“ But..?” Nebula started, but Diana interrupted.

“ Nebula, can I get back with you later, I’d like to talk with My Lord?”

“ Ye..yes, of course Your Majesty, By Your leave My Lord?”

“ Goodbye Princess Nebula.” Xena said dismissing her.

Nebula turned and strided away, only looking back for a moment and then
turning and heading back to her ship. Meanwhile Diana turned back to Xena who
once again was being spoken to by the Merchant.

“ Excuse us for a moment will you?” Diana asked of the merchant, as she took
hold of Xena’s arm and slightly pulled her away.

“ What is it kitten?”

“ Xena how could you just say no like that? I mean no discussion or anything,
just NO. Why? You said I could decide if I could handle the fact that Nebula
had feelings for me? You said so Xena, and now you’ve changed your mind about
it. Why?” Diana asked with knitted brows.

“ Because things have changed.”

“ What things Xena?”

“ Have you forgotten about my laws?”

“ Of course not, but I don’t see how those laws effect me and this voyage?”

“ Because you will have to have weapons.”

Diana thought about what Xena was saying and then she turned back to Xena.

“ Xena I don’t need any weapons, you can send all the soldiers you want with
me, I won’t argue, I’ll accept any and everything that you want.”

“ No kitten.”

“ Xena please?”

“ Diana you can not go, but I will not completely forbid you from dealing with
that issue.”

“ Xena please?”

Xena then placed her hand on Diana’s shoulder and Diana covered it with her
own as she gazed into Xena’s eyes.

“ Kitten I will make a deal with you, you can continue as the developer that
you are so good at, but you have to find another way to do it that does not
require you to have to go to the site?”

“ But Xena how is that possible, I have to see the lay of the land to see
where the best places are to put different things, you know that.”

“ Do I? I think there are other ways, and you have the creative mind to come
up with them.”

“ No I don’t.” Diana said with a pout.

Xena smirked and then she pulled Diana into her arms in the middle of the
market and kissed her with passion.When Diana was lowered to her feet, she
looked up at Xena and with a reluctant smile she then chuckled slightly, and
then she leaned into Xena and hugged her, and then leaning away she looked
back up at her and said in a determined voice.

“ Your right, I am creative, and since you have made a challenge of me to find
a way, then I shall meet this challenge My Love.”

“ I know you will.” Xena stated knowingly.

Diana smiled brightly at her confidence in her, and once again she hugged Xena
tightly to her, and Xena held her tightly and kissed her on the top of her

“ So, what else do you want to do Xena?” Diana asked after they finished their
Royal tour.

“ would you like to go to some of the other cities and just spend
some time together?”

“ Just the two of us?”

“ Well I thought that would be nice?”

“ Your right, it will be wonderful to just spend sometime with you love.”
Diana sighed as she took hold of Xena’s hand and lead her back to the Inn so
they could get their things.

Xena smiled at the lightness in Diana’s eyes and she delighted in her
playfulness. Xena and Diana went from city to city and stayed for two to three
days in each just enjoying their time alone, away from everyone and
everything. In the meantime, back at the palace Gabrielle and Questra were
hearing about some disturbing news, that would get worst before it got better.

“ When did this happen?” Gabrielle asked of the four Amazons who had come to
tell them the news that Ephiny had disappeared.

“ We just discovered the Queen missing when her entourage came back without

“ What did they tell you happened?” Questra asked as she questioned the four,
and Gabrielle sat listening and distressed by the news.

“ They said that the Queen had turned in for the night and the guards were
posted as they always are outside of the chamber she was in. They said they
didn’t hear anything inside so they just stood their post until the next

“ Then what?”

“ They went inside and found her gone. They called the Mistress of the home to
the chamber and an immediate search was launched.”

“ I take it they didn’t find anything?”

“ Well actually they did, it seems as though their was quite a few other
people missing as well from the household as well as from amongst the people.”

“ Really? How long were these people missing? This just happened last night,
we used the traveller Her Majesty gave to Queen Ephiny, who had her Royal
guards hold it, and they used it to get back to the Nation to tell everyone
about what had happened, and we used it to come here to tell The Princess.”

“ I see, well has anyone been back to Queen Ephiny’s chambers, or that of
Katis’s household where Ephiny was visiting?”

“ They only checked the room initially when Queen Ephiny was first discovered

“ Around what time was that?”

“ It was a few candlemarks before dawn.”

“ Hmm...” Questra sighed thoughtfully at the answer.

“ What?” Gabrielle asked anxiously at the look Questra’s face took on.

“ Just a moment Gabrielle. Solari, has this happened anywhere else that you’ve
heard of, I mean other Amazon territories?”

“ No, not that I’ve heard.”

“ Hmm...”

Suddenly the throne room chamber doors flew open.

“ Lord Questra, I realize Our Lord Xena has left you in charge in her and her
Majesty’s absence, but I think it would be wise to send for them?”

“ Why is that Advisor Draco?”

“ Because we just received news from Greece that some of the people’s loved
ones are being discovered this morning.....”

“ Unconscious?” Questra finished for him.

“ Yes. How did you know?” Draco started to ask, but was cutoff by an order
from Questra.

“ Never mind that, I agree with you , we need to get Lord Xena and her Majesty
back here, this is their Realm and it would not be appropriate for them to not
know about what’s going on. Send for them immediately.”

“ What is it Questra?’ Gabrielle asked now holding Questra’s hand tightly, as
she saw the tension in Questra’s brows.

Questra gave Gabrielle a concerned look and then she covered Gabrielle’s hand
and told her what she suspected.

“ Gabrielle...I think the Sirens have made it to Greece, and possibly

“ WHAT?! But how is that possible, they were so far from here?”

“ It’s obvious that they needed new people for the Seductress and had to come
farther to find more people.”

“ So what does that mean for Greece?”

“ It means that there’s going to be fear and accusations and chaos, so all of
us will have to bring our skills to bear to handle things.”

Gabrielle looked at Questra for a moment and then Questra cut her eyes to the
four Amazons discreetly, but just enough for Gabrielle to see, and then she
raised a brow at Gabrielle. Gabrielle didn’t catch the sign at first, but then
when Questra did it again, her eyes widen for a moment and then she discreetly
nodded her head in understanding.

“ Solari, Eponin, Elain, Charli, tell the Amazons that their Princess has been
notified of the situation with Our Queen and that I will coordinate things
here with Our Lord to discover who has done this and why, and together we will
find and bring home Our Queen safe and sound.”

“ YES Princess!!” The four women exclaimed, confidence shining in their eyes
at their Princess and her Ruler Lover. The four women started to leave, but
then Questra called after them.

“ Wait! Before you go I need you to do something the minute you get back, and
depending on what you find, I won’t you to report back to us immediately.”

“ What is it Lord Questra?”

“ I won’t you to go to Queen Ephiny’s chambers in both places and see if she
has returned and if she has what is her condition.”

“ Very well, it will be done Lord Questra as you have ordered. Let’s go
Amazons.” Solari called as the four women stepped into the traveller and
disappeared back to the Nation, and then Elain and Charli were sent to go back
to Katis’s Castle and see if Ephiny had been returned.

“ Queen Katis, we are sorry to show up unannounced like this, but we were sent
here by Lord Questra, and Amazon Princess Gabrielle to recheck Queen Ephiny’s
sleeping quarters, unless you have done that again this morning?”

“ It is not a problem, you are always welcomed here, and no we have not re-
searched the chamber, but you are more than welcomed to do so.” Queen Katis
said as she lead them back to the chamber and inside the room.

“ By The Goddess Artemis!” Katis exclaimed as the three women discovered
Ephiny laying in the bed as if she were asleep.

“ Queen Ephiny? Queen Ephiny, wake up, wake up!” Elain called as she shook
Ephiny vigorously.

“ She’s not waking up, she’s....unconscious.” Elain stated as she turned to
look at her lover and then at Queen Katis.

“ What’s happened to her?” The Queen asked as she stared in shock that
something like that had happened at her castle, and what was worse was that it
happened to a dear friend of her’s.

Elain and Charli looked at each other as if in wonder to tell her what they
suspected. They decided not to, just in case they were wrong.

“ We don’t know, but hopefully with the help of Lord Xena and Queen Diana,
our Princess and Lord Questra will find out.”

“ I hope so, I feel horrible that this has happened to Ephiny, and here of all
places.” Katis sighed.

“ This is not your fault your Majesty, so please don’t blame yourself. But we
will need help getting Queen Ephiny back to the Amazons?”

“ Oh, of course, Guards!”

“ Yes Your Majesty?”

“ Assist Queen Ephiny’s Royal guards in returning her to her home.”

“ Yes Your Majesty, right away.” The guard said as he called to a few of the
other soldiers to help him.

After Ephiny was returned to the Nation, Solari sent Elain and Charli to go
and tell their Princess of where and how she was found.

“ Princess, we have news of Queen Ephiny.”

“ What is it?”

“ We have found Queen.”

“ What state?” Questra asked following up on her commands.

“ Unconscious Lord Questra.”

“ Unconscious??” Gabrielle asked with concern registering in her eyes.

“ Yes Princess, do you think....”

“ Do I think what Elain?”

“ Do you think it’s the Sirens Lord Questra told us of in her story?”

“ I don’t know, maybe, but I don’t know for sure, therefore I don’t want
anything said until it is announced as fact by Lord Xena, is that clear?”

“ Yes Princess. Have they found Lord Xena and Queen Diana yet?”

“ No, not yet, but I know they will find them soon, but in the meantime, we
will get as much information as we can.” Questra stated, Then she called for
the other advisors and the advocates to the people to stand by to present
themselves to Lord Xena when she returned with all information that they
accumulated in the meantime.

“ Xena that’s not fair, you always get to go first.” Diana bemoaned.

“ That’s because I am The Conqueror.” Xena stated factually.

“ True, but I am your lover, and if you expect for me to let you The Conqueror
have me tonight, then I suggest you let me go first?” Diana said with a
seductiveness to her tone that sent shivers down Xena’s spine.

Xena pinched her lips together as she leveled a look of we’ll see. But then
Diana ran her hand down Xena’s neck to her chest and on to her cleavage.
Diana then slipped her hand into Xena’s blouse where she caught hold of her
nipple and squeezed it.

Xena’s breath caught and then she caught Diana around the waist and pulled her
to her.

“ Careful Consort, you may start something that you won’t be able to handle,
especially out here?” Xena warned with desire in her eyes.

“ Gods I love you! Diana exclaimed as she felt her desire flame. Then she laid
a passionate kiss on Xena in which Xena soon turned around on her and before
Diana knew it Xena had pulled her into a deserted ally and going behind the
building Xena took Diana, while at the same time covering Diana’s mouth with
her own to prevent Diana’s loud pleasure sounds from alerting anyone to what
they were doing. Afterwards Xena and Diana headed to one of the specialty
shops, although Diana was somewhat weaker from their previous events.

“ Thank the Gods! We found you My Lord.” Miki Exclaimed when she saw Xena and
Diana heading towards them.

“ Miki? What is it?” Xena asked.

“ Lord Questra sent us to find you and her Highness, she said to tell you it
was urgent that you come back tot he Palace with us.”

“ Why What’s going on?” Xena now asked in a business like matter.

“ She told us to tell you she would tell you what was going on, but it
involves the Amazons, and the Realm My Lord.” Miki said giving the necessary
information that she knew would be important to Xena.

Xena and Diana headed back to the palace right then and there, they used the
traveller and leaving Miki and the other soldiers back where they had just
left so that they could get Diana’s and Xena’s things, while The Ruler and her
Consort could go back to the palace and see what was going on, that Ephiny
sent the Royal guards out to find them.

“ Xena what do you think it is going on?” Diana asked of Xena just as they
came out of the traveller and both strided, stride for stride towards the
throne room where she figured Questra would be, since that’s where Xena would
be dealing with the problem.

“ I don’t know kitten, but we’ll find out soon enough.” Xena stated as the
Guards bowed and then opened the throne doors for Xena The Conqueror and her

“ Announcing Our Lord Xena The Conqueror, and Her Majesty, Queen Diana.” The
Throne room Guard called to everyone who was gather in the chamber so that
they would render the proper respect to the Ruler and her Consort.

“ Lord Xena, Queen Diana, it is good that you have returned.” Questra stated
as she and Gabrielle met Xena and Diana at the other end of the chamber and as
they walked Questra explained things to Xena. By the time they made it to the
throne, both Xena and Diana were pretty much up to date on things.

“ Has anyone else come up missing since Queen Ephiny and the others?”

“ Yes Lord Xena, it seems like our Guest have decided this to be a fertile
place to call on, if you know what I mean?” Questra stated with a knowing
glance to Xena.

“ So it would seem. What’s been done to find the people responsible for the

“ I’ve sent word to all of the Provinces in Greece as well as Xenadia, and My
kingdom’s provinces. To have the Regents in all of the places have the
soldiers begin watches around the clock, alternating times, around the
perimeters of all of the Provinces.”

“ Good. Consort, Princess Gabrielle, I won’t the two of you to leave.” Xena
stated to Diana and Gabrielle.

“ But My Lord?” Diana called somewhat surprised by the statement.

“ I need to speak with my war advisors.” Xena said explaining her command of
the two.

Xena held Diana’s gaze for a few moments and then raising a brow, Diana then
stood up and giving a slight bow, she honored Xena’s command.

“ By Your Leave My Lord?”

“ Go.” Xena said as she dismissed her Consort and her sister from the

Diana bowed to Lord Questra as did Gabrielle bow to the two and they both
strided out of the chamber, but just as Diana made it to the door, Xena sent
her a thought.

“ I’ll show you how pleased I am with your response to my command kitten

Diana stopped at the door and discreetly smirked, then she sent back her
response. Whenever your ready love, whenever your ready.” Diana then went out
the door and it was closed behind her.

The next few candlemarks Xena and Questra spent with the advisors and those
who would be involved in implementing Xena’s orders. Meanwhile Diana and
Gabrielle went to see Shatara and see how she was doing. They found her with
the Amazons, at Ephiny’s bedside.

“ Shatara? Diana called to the distraught woman.

Shatara looked up at the two women at the chamber door. She wiped her eyes and
then as Diana walked towards her, she stood up and went over to them.

“ Shatara, we are so sorry, but we’re going to do everything we can to get
Ephiny and the others back.”

“ I know, I’m just so...” Shatara managed before the she could finish.

Diana and Gabrielle knew what she was trying to say, and Diana took Shatara
into her arms and held her as Shatara broke down again and sobbed.

After a while Shatara quieted and they left the chamber and left Solari and
Eponin with Ephiny while they went to get something to eat and talk.

“ Diana how are we going to catch the person’s doing this? I mean their like
thieves in the night stealing in and taking people and then escaping and
returning people even before they are discovered missing.”

“ I know, but Xena and Questra are working on it.”

“ Why aren’t you two there?”

“ Because it turned into a war counsel meeting.” Diana answered.

“ Oh, I see, so who do you think the people are who did this?”

“ Well, we’re not sure Shatara, but we think it is The Sirens.”

“ The Sirens? You mean the one’s from that story Lord Questra told us about?”

Shatara asked Gabrielle in disbelief.

“ Yes.”

“ Well it does sound like it could be.” Shatara sighed, but that would mean
Ephiny will never wake up?”

“ We’re not going to let that happen, we’ll get her back.”

“ Hmm....I don’t know Diana, Lord Xena and Lord Questra may not allow you and
Gabrielle to go?”

“ I think I’ll be able to go.” Diana stated without hesitation. Then she
thought again and realizing that Xena being in a meeting with her war advisors
more than likely meant that she probably would be told to wait. Diana took a
deep sighing breath at the thought, and Gabrielle and Shatara heard her.

“ Are you okay Diana?” Gabrielle asked noticing Diana’s distant gaze.

“ Yes, I’m fine. Shatara I’m sure no matter what happens, Xena will find out
who did this, and she will stop them.” Diana stated affirming what she thought
to be true.

“ I hope so, thank you for coming to check on me, but I should be getting back
to Ephiny?”

“ Ok, we understand, but Shatara, you know your like family, so if you need
anything just let us know, okay?” Gabrielle said as she hugged Shatara, and
then Diana did the same.

“ I know, thank you for being here.”

“ Anytime.” Diana said as they walked Shatara back to the chamber and then
they left and headed back to the Palace to see where things stood.

“ Where have you two been?!” Xena asked sharply, when Diana and Gabrielle
walked into Xena’s and Diana’s chambers.

“ We just went to see how Shatara was doing and check on Ephiny. We thought
rather than sit here and do nothing, we might as well do that.” Diana stated
somewhat defensively.

Xena walked over to where Diana stood and lifted her chin and leaning down
close to Diana’s lips she whispered to her.

“ We’ll talk about that defensiveness of yours later Consort.” Then she kissed
her and then broke it and let go of her chin.

“ Anyway, Questra and I have already sent scouts out to the different
Provinces where people had disappeared and reappeared unconscious. Depending
on what the reports are then Questra and Myself will either head out to see if
we can track these people down, or if we have to, then we will wait until the
next time it happens.”

“ But Xena why risk anyone else?”

“ Kitten, let me finish.”

“ Sorry.”

“ Alright. Anyway, we’ll wait until the next time it happens when the people
are first called.”

“ Okay, but how will that help us find the people doing this? I mean if it is
the Sirens, aren’t they able to call their victims without being anywhere

“ Yes, but they have to be close enough to take the people back to their land,
it’s not like them calling the men of the sea, their dealing with people on
land and therefore they have to come here to get them.” Xena explained as she
told them what she had once been told by the young girl who had escaped.

Diana realized Xena was remembering the young girl and her story, by the
thoughtful look that came into her eyes.

“ Hmm....okay that sounds like a plan. Questra can I ask you something?”

“ Of Course Diana.”

“ You never told us how the young girl escaped?”

“ True, I didn’t.”

“ Well?”

“ I don’t know, all I know is that the young girl had help from The Siren who
called her, and another mortal person, who it is said exchanged a year of
their life. People believed the person did it to save the young girl, but
others believe , the person did it to gain more knowledge. But like I said, I
don’t really know.”

“ Wow, this story just gets better and better.” Gabrielle said with

“ Yes, but people’s souls are being stolen from them, it’s not right, and they
have to be stopped.” Diana stated, as she looked thoughtfully out towards the
balcony and the setting sun.

“ What are you thinking about kitten?” Xena asked noticing the gaze.

“ Hmm.....I was just wondering how many people will have lost their souls come
the dawn of tomorrow?” Diana then looked back at the three women who had all
now taken on thoughtful looks. She then stepped out onto the balcony and stood
by the rail and continued to look out.

Xena walked out onto the balcony and standing behind Diana, she then wrapped
her arms around her and rested her chin on top of Diana’s head as they both
looked out at the coming night.

Questra and Gabrielle stepped out a moment or so later and Questra and
Gabrielle went to watch the sun disappear, and embracing Gabrielle in her
arms, they all stood and thought about what Diana had spoken.

The next day was a flurry of activity, Xena and Diana were engaged in some
early morning activity candlemarks before dawn by one of the sentries posted
outside their chamber doors calling for Xena.

“ My Lord! My Lord!”

“ Come!” Xena called back from hers and Diana’s bed.

The Sentry entered the chamber and found Xena laying on her side facing Diana,
both women’s faces were flushed from their raging passions, but Xena was
controlling her’s better than Diana, as Diana was still trying to control her

“ My Lord Forgive the intrusion? But I know you wanted to know if there were
anyone who had seen anything suspicious.”

“ Yes, so what is it?” Xena asked as she sat up in her bed and Diana went to
sit up as well, but Xena held her down. “ Stay there, I not through with you
yet Consort.”

The Sentry blushed from the obvious statement, and then shook his head and
went on to speak.

“ There is a young boy here who said he saw where the Sirens wait for people
that they call.”

“ Where is he?” Xena asked as she came out from under the covers and grabbing
her robe at the same time the Guard went to go and get the young boy.

“ Go get cleaned up kitten, it looks like I’ll have to finish with my pre-
breakfast, later.”

Diana rose out of the bed and slightly unsteadily and was about to make her
way to the bath chamber , when Xena grabbed her and whipping her around she
kissed her thoroughly, and then after a moment or so let go of Diana who
almost fell to the floor had it not been for Xena’s quick hands.

“ That’s so you won’t forget where we left off kitten, now go and get cleaned
up.” Xena purred as she steadied Diana and then turned her towards the chamber
and giving her behind a light swat, Diana was sent on her way.

Meanwhile the sentry returned with the young boy in tow to the outer area of
the chamber in the sitting chamber.

“ My Lord, This is Ilsan.”

“ Ilsan, so, my guard tells me you’ve seen something?”

“ Yes My Lord, I was down by the sea playing, when I saw a flash of bright
light, and then when I turned to see where it had come from I saw this
beautiful woman step out of some type of.....well I don’t know what it was,
but once she was out she waved her hand and it disappeared.”

“ How long ago?”

“ About half a candlemark now.”

“ How far from here is the area where you saw her?”

“ About 20 minutes.”

“ What did she do?”

“ She started singing.”

“ Wait here.” Xena ordered and then she disappeared back into her bedchamber
and cleaning up using the mirror apparatus, she dressed in her leathers and
weapons and Diana had dressed and was out in the sitting area now talking with
the young boy.

Diana sent the sentry to go and get Lord Questra and Princess Gabrielle to
meet herself and Lord Xena at the main courtyard.

Xena came out of the bedchamber fully dressed and she strided over to the
young boy and said in a gentle voice, yet commanding tone.

“ Show me where you saw this woman.”

“ Where are we going?”

“ To see where this woman was exactly. But your not going.”

“ Xena this isn’t a battle or anything like that right now, it’s just seeing
where this person showed up.” Diana said trying to reason with Xena.

“ There maybe weapons of some sort, other than the obvious one.” Xena came
back with.

“ Did you see any weapons on this woman?”

“ No Your Majesty, she just sung.”

“ See Xena, none. May I please go with you?” Diana asked respectfully.

Xena looked at her for long moments and sighing she said, with warning in her

“ Ok, you may accompany me Consort, but if I tell you to leave, I don’t expect
to hear anything other than you leaving, is that clear?”

“ Yes, crystal.” Diana said excitedly as she took hold of the little boys hand
and she and him headed out the chamber and Xena stood for a moment and shaking
her head, she then strided out after them.

“ Lord Questra? Gabrielle? What are you doing up so early?” Xena asked
somewhat surprised to find them dressed, and Questra in her leathers and
weapons as well.

“ Diana told us to meet you here, Although I must admit Lord Xena, I am a
little surprised that you wanted Gabrielle and Diana to go with us?”

“ Yes, well, I think it will be alright right now, if anything comes up then
I’ll send them back.”

“ Ok, well, who’s the little one?”

“ This is Ilsan, he’s going to show us where he saw one of the Sirens.”

“ He saw a Siren? You saw a Siren?” Gabrielle asked excited.

“ yes! she was soo...beautiful, I thought it was the Goddess Aphrodite.” The
boy exclaimed responding to Gabrielle’s excitedness.

“ Really?!”

“ Yeah, I’ve only seen very few people who I think are goddess like

“ Tell me!” Gabrielle asked forgetting the purpose of the little boys

“ You can tell her after you show us where you saw her. Now let’s go.” Xena
commanded and the group headed out.

“ I saw her over that way.” The little boy said as he pointed around the

They started to head in that direction, but then Xena stopped.

“ Wait! You hear that?” Xena asked of the others.

“ Yes, it’s coming from over there.” Diana stated as she pointed in the same
the little boy had said the Siren appeared.

The five of them rounded the bend and came to a deed stop when they saw all of
the other Women singing and the number of people who were coming to the shore
as a result of their call.

“ Stay here you three.” Xena ordered.

Diana thought to say something but then she decided not to seeing how she had
told Xena she would not argue with her. Xena looked at Diana saw that she had
not made any moves to follow her.

“ What are you going to do Xena?” Diana asked.

“ See if we can steal our way to their land.”

“ What?!” What are you talking about, you can’t go there, how are you suppose
to get back? What happens if your caught? What if your taken as prisoners, and
they just decide to kill you for the sake of getting rid of you two? And how
are we suppose to know if something happens to you two, especially seeing how
you weren’t call by them, it’s not like they would take the time to return two
people who they didn’t even call for? Xena it doesn’t make sense, and I won’t
allow you to risk yourselves!” Diana stated with conviction.

Xena and Questra both stood up from their crouched positions behind a large
sand dune to their full height, and looked back at Diana in an ironic type
way, and then Xena stepped back to where Diana was and raising a brow at her,
she asked, “ You won’t allow us? Consort have you forgotten who’s who, or must
I remind you?”

“ No Xena I haven’t forgotten, but I’m just trying to tell you that I don’t
feel good about the idea of you and Lord Questra stealing your way back to
their land, I just don’t want anything to happen, and I especially don’t want
it to happen and us not know something has happened, please understand?”

Xena leaned down and whispered into Diana’s ear.

“ I do understand kitten. “ Then she stood up and looking back at the people
as they continued to arrive at the shore. “ Okay , I’ll make a deal with you
and Gabrielle, if Lord Questra or myself do not return within three days, then
you and Gabrielle can assume that we have been captured, okay?”

“ But how is that going to help anything, I don’t want you to get caught?”
Diana said with knitted brows.

“ We don’t plan on getting caught Consort.” Xena returned.

“ Well I know that, but I just don’t want to be assuming anything. Wait a
minute, wait right here! Diana called as she turned around and threw a
traveller she had brought with her, just in case. She threw it in the
direction of the palace and and then she flew through it.

Everyone stood with their mouths open, and just as Gabrielle was about to ask
where Diana had gone, although they all assumed she had returned to the palace
but the question was why. Diana suddenly reappeared.

“ Here, put these on around your necks.”

“ Earrings kitten?”

“ Yes.”

“ Diana how are these tiny head of a pin size diamonds useful?” Xena asked not
sure of the revelance.

“ I told you I don’t want to assume anything, I’d rather....Know, if you know
what I mean My Lord and fellow traveller?”

Xena’s brows furrowed for a moment in thought, and then it dawned on her and
her eyes lit up at Diana’s thinking, and all of the things she had in that
same saddlebag.

“ I know what you mean Consort, and I am very pleased.” Xena then leaned down
and kissed Diana’s sweet lips and then whispered, “ And I still plan on
finishing what we started this morning when this is all over.”

Xena felt the resulting shudder echo through Diana’s body. Then with a smirk
she stood up and asked, “ Is everything set with it ?”

“ Yes, just speak and act normal and we’ll see everything and hear everything,
and only you two will be able to hear us if we speak to you. Now put them on
and get going.” Diana ordered and then she stepped up to Xena once again and
taking her cheeks in her hands she went to her toes and looking Xena in the
eyes she said in a loving voice.

“ Come back to me safe and sound love, okay?”

“ Okay kitten, I’ll see you soon.” Xena answered back in the same voice, then
she leaned down and kissed Diana passionately.

Gabrielle wrapped her arms around Questra’s neck and pulled her down to her,
and just before they kissed she whispered to her. “ You have to come back so
you can ask me to bond with you again.”

“ I have to ask you again My Bard?”

“ Yes.”

“ Alright then, when I return, and all of this is over, I will do just that.”
Questra whispered and then pulled Gabrielle closer and kissed her until she
heard Gabrielle moan, then she broke the embrace and with a final peck she
turned and handing her sword to the young boy who also held Xena’s she and
Xena then stole away to join the people who were still arriving.


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