The Sirens Calls Pt 1b

by D. virtue

“ Ready?”

“ Yes, let’s do this.”

Xena and Questra then walked out of the thick forest in front of where the
Sirens were and they blended in the middle of the group so as not to be
obvious. Diana and Gabrielle and the young boy, who was about 14 all watched
as Xena and Questra got closer and closer to when they had arrived at the
entrance Xena sent Diana a final thought.

“ I love you kitten, see you real soon.”

“ I love you too Love. Please be careful?”

“ I will, we will.”

Gabrielle then sent a thought to Xena as a surprise.

“ I love you Xena, please tell Questra I’ll be waiting?”

Gabrielle and Diana both saw Xena stop for a moment and then she continued and
with a discreet glance over to where they stood she sent a thought back.

“ We have to talk when we get back, you me and Diana. And yes I will tell her.
I love you too Gabrielle.”

Xena then stepped through the portal of sorts and she and the rest all
disappeared. Diana and Gabrielle then stood up from their crouched positions.

“ Be careful.” Diana whispered and then she and Gabrielle and the young boy
all turned and walked into the traveller and arrived back at the palace.

The little boy was sent to his home under escort to make sure he made it
alright. Diana and Gabrielle went to Diana’s and Xena’s chamber to see what
was going on.

“ Ok sit down, we might as well get comfortable it’s going to be a while, wish
I had some popcorn.” Diana said as she and Gabrielle made themselves
comfortable in the room and Diana ran her finger over a small item in her hand
and suddenly there was Xena and Questra each showing the other and everything
around them.

“ What’s that flashing arrow?” Gabrielle asked as she noticed the arrow and
then she looked closer and saw the word east. “ East?”

“ Yes, their east of here.” Diana answered with a smile on her face.

Gabrielle’s eyes went wide, and then she asked, “ You didn’t tell Xena it was
a tracker also?”

“ No, and if she finds out then she’s going to be a little upset.”

“ So are we going to go after them?” Gabrielle asked without a second thought.

“ No. You saw what happen the last time we did that? I have no intentions of
pissing Xena or Questra off, Xena would probably resort to a physical
punishment, which now that I think about it, it is the penalty for breaking
the law, and the law is that we’re not to go there after being told not
to....Although Xena did leave an opening, by saying we can do something about
it after three days, right?”

“ Right.”

“ Okay, so if they don’t return after three days, we go after them.” Diana

“ Right.” Gabrielle agreed, and then she turned her attention fully to what
they were seeing on the wall in front of them, thanks to Diana’s item from
Rah’s planet.

“ Xena look at this land, it’s magnificent.”

“ Yes it is, at least we know the story is true.” Xena said with some
amusement as they followed the group.

They were taken to a large chamber that had beds on both sides of it, and
there was a thin wall that divided it up, men on one side and women on the
other. The Sirens walked to the opposite end of the chamber and finished their
songs, then another woman stepped forward but she she was different, she was
able to speak without singing.

“ Welcome to all of you. You are all probably wondering why your here? Well,
that is why I am here.”

“ Who are you, and how is it that your able to speak, while the others sing?”

“ I am Rasia, I was gifted with the voice that you hear because it was found
that it was easier to communicate with people like yourselves, where as before
it was more difficult.”

“ So why are we here?” Xena asked from the middle of the crowd.

“ Your here because we want to give one of you a wonderful gift.”

“ So what are the rest of us doing here if you only need one of us?” Questra

“ We don’t know which one of you it will be that, so you are all needed.”

“ What if we don’t want your gift? What if we just want to go home?”

“I’m afraid going home is not possible without our help, and we will not help
you until you help us. We just want to be friends with you.”

“ Really? If that’s true then why lure us away in the dead of night when
everyone is asleep?”

“ It is how we have always done.”

“ Well if you ask me, your like thieves in the night, coming to our homes and
stealing us away from our loved ones.”

“ With friends like you, why would we want ANY gift from you people?”

“ Because it’s a wondrous gift, none like it. “

“ And how is this gift obtained?”

“ It’s a contest of sorts.”

Suddenly the room was filled restless and nervous activity and noise. The
Sirens then stepped forward and let their voices be heard once again to
silence the people. Afterwards they stepped back and Xena then continued,
although she knew the answer she wanted to hear it for herself, and find out
if anything had changed.

“ What sort of Contest?”

“ Don’t worry it is no weapons or violence, matter of face it is about love or
at least the seduction of it.”

“ Seduction? Now that’s an interesting term to use?”

“ Why is that?”

“ Because of the fact that I know you are aware that everyone in this room
probably has heard the stories.”

“ Stories?”

“ Yes stories, you say you want to be friends, well here is your chance to
prove it.”

“ How?”

“ Tell us the truth.”

“ I have.”

“ To a point, but answer me this? what happens if we are unable to meet this
challenge of yours?”

“ You are returned to your homes.”

“ Unharmed right?” Questra asked skeptically, knowing the answer already.

“ Of course, we will not render any harm on your bodies.” Rasia answered

“ Right no harm to the body, just the soul.” Questra whispered to Xena, who
simply raised a brow and gave a half smirk in agreement.

“ Now, I suggest you all get some sleep, you will be told more tomorrow.”

Xena and Questra eased out of the chamber before the Sirens made their rounds
to make sure that all of their....guest was there. They stole their way out,
so that they could scout the land and see if there were any way to free the
people, or those souls.

Xena covered her necklace with her hand and Questra saw it and did the same.

“ We have to go to a particular mountain where the entrance is hidden in the
bark of a tree.” Xena said as they skulked around the land.

Questra stopped for a moment and just looked at Xena and then she asked.

“ It was you wasn’t it?”

“ Yes.”

“ And I take it Diana doesn’t know this?”

“ No, and there’s really no need for her to know.”

“ But if you knew who did this and that there was the possibility that the
person would do it again, why didn’t you just kill them?”

“ Because at the time I was using her for my own benefit. I saw the power she
held over people. How she used her whole body to draw them to her, and hold
them. I saw how people willingly gave themselves and their souls to her, She
also had the power to take their souls as she chose. I wanted to learn how to
hold people that way, I wanted that power, the depth of her passion was
amazing, but The Sirens use to be able to keep it in check.”

“ So what happened?”

“ I don’t know. But I know she has to be stopped somehow.”

“ Do you have any ideas as to how to stop her?”

“ No. But we have to get inside that mountain so we can see what’s going on,
maybe that might help us figure out how to stop her?” Xena suggested as their
first course of action.

The two women then uncovered the necklaces and proceeded to the mountain.
Meanwhile back at the Palace Diana was just waking up, Gabrielle was still
asleep so Diana decided not to wake her. They both stayed in Diana’s and
Xena’s chamber as Xena and Questra had told them to do. Diana turned to look
at the wall and saw their two lovers stealing their way through the dense

Diana watched as they ran silently throughout the woods, and she saw how they
took to the trees at other times to avoid the Siren Guards that were posted.
Diana watched everything, taking notes on everything, in her mind, so that
when she and Gabrielle went she would know the routine to make it to Xena and

“ There it is, now the trigger to open it is in one of those near trees.” Xena
then covered her necklace and Questra did the same and then Xena went on. “ I
don’t know which one, because it looks like they have planted more since the
last time I was here.”

“ Then we’ll check them all until we find it.” Questra stated. “

“ Okay, the trigger is near the center underneath the bark, their is a stone
that is found on the ground near it that has the shape of a sand glass. It’s
about the size of the palm of an average man’s hand.”

“ Okay, well that’s the challenge then isn’t it, to find the stone within the
masses of stones that makeup the area surrounding all of the trees?”

“ Yes. It may help to know it’s the only one like it?”

“ Well....that helps, not much, but it helps.” Questra sighed, and then she
smirked and both women once again uncovered their necklaces and headed for the

There were no guards posted near the mountains opening due to no one usually
making it that far. Xena and Questra looked for days, before they finally
found the key. They had found the tree, the first day, but had to hide each
day, from the Sirens as they brought people to the mountain.

Xena and Questra watched the Sirens find the key and use it on the tree they
had discovered, and once they had opened the entrance, the people were moved
in, the two women tried to watch where the key was put, but they discovered
that it was casually thrown amongst the crowd of people moving into the

“ Why don’t we go while it’s open?”

“ Because of the force that is within it.”

Questra automatically covered her necklace once again and Xena followed suit
and went on to explain.

“ Because of who is within there, the energy that she releases is great,
that’s why she is within the mountain rather than on top. She is able to lock
on to those passions that she thinks is the persons essences.”

“ You mean, if someone has a special quality about themselves, then she is
able to identify that and that’s what she uses to seduce the person to her?”

“ Yes, but even more than that, she can intensify that passion, so sometimes
it can get pretty silly, depending on what she identifies as that person’s
quality.” Xena noticed the questioning brow on Questra’s face and she
explained it further.

“ Some people’s passions are those of dance, singing and others telling
stories, and still others having sex, The Sirens only bring people here that
they believe will be able to satisfy The Seductress’s need. There’s no telling
what that need is, she doesn’t even know, but even if one discovers what the
need is, whether it’s hearing a story, or a song, or providing relief in other
ways, there’s still the fact that she has to be seduced, so you know what that

“ Yes, it means that the odds of anyone seducing The Seductress is virtually

“ Yes, so she will continue to collect souls, and use them as her hand

“ Alright, but answer me this, how is it possible that you were able to get

“ I have many skills.” Xena stated flatly as she moved around the ground
trying to locate the stone.

Questra however had stopped moving and stood looking after Xena for a few
minutes in amused, yet stunned surprise.

“ Well, do you think you could use those...Skills again?”

“ I don’t know.”

“ What did you do to seduce her?”

“ Can we talk about this later, my hand is tired of holding this necklace, I
think if we don’t uncover it, then our two little woman are going to get
really suspicious.”

“ Oh, okay, but I want to hear how you did it, and I know Diana would love to
hear it?”

“ She may, but she won’t.” Xena stated with some firmness to her tone.

“ Alright Lord Xena, I’ll let it go.....for now.” Questra said with a smirk.

“ Good, because here’s the key.” Xena called as she took it and placed it in
the tree the way it was suppose to go.

The mountainside opened up and Xena and Questra headed for it. But after they
had only gone a few feet into the cave, they suddenly found themselves
surrounded. Xena and Questra both went into their warrior modes, but with no
weapons, other than Xena’s Chakram, and them completely surrounded by the
Sirens, they decided to not fight at the moment.

Rasia then stepped forward and confronted the two.

“ Xena The Destroyer The Seductress knew you were here the moment you entered
the mountain, she remembers you and she wonders why you have returned? She
also feels your passion and your friends.”

“ I wish to speak with her?”

“ And she wants to speak with you as well. Bring them.” Rasia ordered of the

Xena and Questra moved along with the Sirens, although there were no weapons
used to make them, Xena and Questra both realized that they could use their
voices as weapons if they chose, and although they would be able to get to
some of them they would not be able to get to all of them before they would
have to succumb to them, so they went without a fight.

The two were brought to a different chamber than the one used to test the
people, so Xena was more relaxed by it. They were told to sit by Rasia, after
which she went to a wall and lightly touching a spot on the wall, it slid
completely open and within sat The Seductress.

“ By The Gods Xena, she’s breathtaking?” Questra expressed somewhat

“ I know, but try to control yourself Questra.”

“ Don’t worry, I maybe like a fly to her, but I see the chamber for what it is
and the spider within.”

“ Good, because that’s what it’s like. Brace yourself, her voice is just the

“ Thanks for the warning.”

The woman stood up and glided over to where the two women stood and she gazed
at Questra first and running her hand lightly over Questra’s body, without
touching her, she smiled, while Questra begun perspiring from trying to
control her body from the pull of the woman in front of her.

“ Hmm...quite powerful....who are you....?” The Seductress asked with a
reverbating singsong voice that vibrated through both the women’s body’s and
they both gasped

“ Que...Questra.” Questra finally managed through her labored breathing.

The Seductress then came to stand to her side and turning her head she
whispered in her ear.

“ Well....Q.u.e.s.t.r.a.....I love what I feel from you, but....there’s a
darkness to you that is like my dear Xena, that I can no longer accept, it is
no good for me, so for now I will just have to accept what I feel from you,
rather than take you or your passion, I can see you have a lot of the same
strengths as X.e.n.a...., making your likeness even more apparent, but yet
your very different, your darkness is not so close to the surface as
X.e.n.a...., but it is still close enough.”

By the time The Seductress finished speaking to Questra, Questra’s strength
was gone and she went to her knees breathing hard and laborious. Xena watched
Questra go to her knees, but she did not see the trembling that she had once
experienced, it was as if The Seductress new her limits and just took her to
that point and let her go.

The Seductress noticed Xena’s concerned eyes and she knitted her own brows in
confusion. Then she glided to Xena and came to stand in front of her. Xena
looked up into the woman’s eyes, and The Seductress asked.

“ You care about her X.e.n.a.??”

“ Y.e.s..”

“ W.h.y.??”

“ B.e.c.a.u.s.e.. she’s my f.r.i.e.n.d.”

“ F.r.i.e.n.d...??” The Seductress purred at Xena.

“ Y.e.s.”

The Seductress then became more curious about Xena and maybe she would be able
to use her after all. She ran her hands around Xena’s body and although she
felt what she initially expected, she also felt the darkness and she
immediately stopped and stepped back.

“ Y.o.u. are still capable, but your darkness I can not abide now.
W.h.y....have you returned?”

“ To ask you to let the people go?”

“ I know that.”

“ What.....your wrong.” Xena gasped as her strength was failing

“ W.r.o.n.g.? it wrong now, but not then, X.e.n.a..??”

“ Be....Be....because I now see clearly, that it is not right to take people
from their loved ones despite the need, the people are being returned to their
homes where they remain unconscious for the remained of their days, it’s not
right.” Xena gasped and then fell to her knees.”

“ Y.o.u...have grown stronger my dear X.e.n.a...”

“ S.o....what is your point?”

“ My point X.e.n.a.. is that I know your in love, and your satisfied in all
ways in that love, therefore it might be prudent for me to find out who has
won and sustained your passions, and your friend is also in love and because
her passion is like your own, but not as intense, then I think it is also
prudent that I find out who her love is as well? So My dear X.e.n.a....will
you tell me who they are, or shall I have to resort to other means?” The
Seductress purred as she caressed both Xena’s and Questra’s cheeks thus
sending them into tremors that made their teeth rattle.

“” Xena pleaded.

“ I w.i.l.l....not hurt them.” The Seductress said with honesty in her eyes.

Xena saw it, and she knew if there was one thing about The Seductress that she
remembered it was that she was not a liar.

“ W.h.a.t....are their names X.e.n.a...?? Q.u.e.s.t.r.a....??”

“” Xena managed as she and Questra soon fell unconscious,
from the overstimulation that The Seductress let loose on them as a result of
their refusal.

“ Will you take their souls Great one?” Rasia asked, assuming the The
Seductress would.

“ No....not yet, the energy that the two of them release is quite wonderful
feeling to me, they both have many qualities that can calm me if I am unable
to have their loves.”

“ Are they the same type of energies?”

“ No, the Questra one seems to have a gift for stories on top of her sensuous
energy. While X.e.n.a’ her will first, and then her sensualistic
aspect. But X.e.n.a... still has the gift of many skills.”

“ Is that the reason why you won’t make them your hand servants?”

“ No, I just want their love one’s, find them for me, or I will make a
thousand of your Sirens pay.” The Seductress then turned and headed back into
the chamber she had come from, but then she called over her shoulder.

“ Take those two and put each in a private chamber here in the mountain, and
chain them down on the beds stripped to only their underclothing. I can enjoy
the feelings they emit as I wait for you to return with thier love ones.”

“ What shall I do with them when I bring them back?”

“ Bring them here first, then afterwards I want you to take them to their
respective love ones and lock them in the rooms.”

“ Yes Great One, we will not fail.” Rasia stated as she bowed.

“ Fail and I shall have a thousand Sirens’s voices, and you know what that
means for a Siren to be silenced?” The Seductress warned again and then went
and stood by a scenic looking window.

Rasia, bowed again and then left out of the chamber and closed the sliding
doors. Then she called to the Sirens and they physically lifted the two women
and carried them to two of the chamber rooms within the mountain and they then
stripped the two down to their underwear and then chained them down on the
beds as they had been told to do.

The Sirens then left the two rooms and locked the doors and handed the keys to
Rasia. She then ordered them to go and find the two loves of the women’s

The Sirens didn’t know that Diana and Gabrielle were already on their land, so
when they appeared back on Xenadia with their voices calling to the Palace for
the two women, they were surprised to find they did not receive any response.

The Sirens called for the two for three days and finally Rasia called to them
from their land to return home. The Sirens related what they had done and
where they had tried and how none of the places gave up the two women.

“ Well we must find them, otherwise we will be the one’s to pay....with our
lives.” Rasia said with distress obvious in her voice.

Rasia sent them to different lands and they called. Months had gone by in The
Sirens’s time, but it was only a few weeks in the four women’s time.

Rasia then went back to The Seductress to inform her that they had failed.

“ Great One, we have looked throughout the lands, and have been unable to find
the two people that are the love ones of Xena and Questra, forgive us please?”

“ I....f.o.r.g.i.v.e...y.o.u....R.a.s.i.a.....’ The Seductress purred as she
glided over to the woman and caressed her cheeks, and then she looked her in
the eyes and with a deep contralto voice she commanded of the Siren.

“ Three days, you will present me with one thousand Sirens, unless you find
the two people.”

“ Yes Great One.

Rasia then bowed and backed out the door she had entered and closed it. The
Seductress then turned and glided out of the chamber through another doorway
and went to pay a visit upon Xena and Questra.

“ X.e.n.a....I do hope you are comfortable?”

“ A.s....m.u.c.h....a.s.....p.o.s.s.i.b.l.e.” Xena managed through her weaken

“ Hmmm....the energy your emitting is still a wonderful sensation for me, but
I can not claim you because of that darkness, but I suspect your lover is a
good soul, with maybe a hint of darkness, but nothing that would cause me any


“ I won’t hurt them, if that’s what you are worried about?”

“ I...I.....” Was all Xena managed before she fell unconscious once again.

The Seductress glided out of Xena’s chamber and into Questra’s and there she
asked questions to get a lead on the two people.

“ Q.u.e.s.t.r.a....what is the name of the two people you and Xena are soo in
love with?”

“ I...I.....I...I...will....never....tell.” Questra managed.

“ The Seductress then leaned over her and coming close to her lips she asked

“P.l.e.a.s.e.eeee....I only wish to speak with them...I’ll even give you a
special gift, something like I gave Xena a longtime ago, here’s a taste of it.
The Seductress purred and then she kissed Questra who as a result of all of
the energy The Seductress let emit from her, Questra begun trying to break her
chains to take hold of the woman, then The Seductress let her go and just
looked her in the eyes and asked again.

“ N.a.m.e.s...”

“ G.a.b.r.i.e.l.l.e....”

“ Women? Oh...too, perfect, what is the name of the other one, and which one
is yours and which is Xena’s?”

“ D.i.a.n.a... X.e.n.a.’.s....” Questra gasped breathlessly and then The

Seductress overstimulated her and she fell unconscious once again as a result.

The Seductress then called Rasia to her and told her the names and who they
were looking for. Meanwhile while they were talking Diana and Gabrielle had
scouted the land throughout getting to know the area and the prisoners, and
alluding the Sirens daily and nightly, and then they finally had enough
information, at least they thought, about the mountain, and how things worked
once a person was brought before The Seductress.

Diana and Gabrielle now had watched the Sirens when they opened the mountain
side and Diana focused squarely on the Siren with the keystone in her hands
and she tracked the stone as it was thrown casually from her hand and amongst
the slew of people walking into the mountain.

Gabrielle was ready to say something to Diana, but Diana stopped her with a
raise of her hand.

“ Wait.”

All of the people had gone inside and Diana then jumped from the tree and ran
to where she saw the key last. She looked around for a moment and then she
went still and closed her eyes and just let her mind show her where it would

Diana opened her eyes and looked down, and there it was the key.

“ YES!!” Diana exclaimed and then motioned for Gabrielle to come down out of
the tree.

“ I can’t believe you found that?” Gabrielle said with some disbelief.

“ I just watched the one with it and I tracked it with my eyes and my mind,
and then once my eyes lost track of it, I let my mind continue to follow the
obvious track of it.”

“ Wow Diana, there is so many things about you that I find to be amazing, it’s
like you discover something knew about yourself almost all the time?”

Diana looked at Gabrielle with a thoughtful gaze, and then she smiled and
said, “ You know....your right, I think it’s exactly like that, and if it
weren’t for Xena in my life I would never have discovered a lot of things.
Wow, it’s amazing, the more I think I can not appreciate Xena anymore than I
already do, you go and show me that I can, thanks a lot, now I owe Xena.”
Diana stated with a feigned distaste at the thought of owing Xena.

Gabrielle laughed out loud, and then she remembered where they were and
covered her mouth as her eyes showed the merriment in them. Diana laughed
slightly as a result and then she hugged Gabrielle who returned the sentiment.

“ Okay, that’s enough of that, let’s go.” Diana said as she broke their
embrace, and then turned and walked to the tree, she then placed the key in
the spot it was suppose to go to open the mountainside and once it was placed
the mountain opened and Diana and Gabrielle took the key out and threw it back
to the ground as they ran inside the mountain.

The Seductress had gone back to talk with Xena and Questra at the same time,
by having the wall of the rooms that separated them slid back and out of the
way so that she could talk to both of them.

The Seductress stopped the energy she normally released, so that she could
talk to the two women in a more coherent fashion.

“ Is that better?” The Seductress asked of Xena and Questra.

“ Yes.” Why are we chained down like this?” Xena asked noticing Questra was
done the same way.

“ Because I hope to have a gift for the two of you real soon, thanks to
Q.u.e.s.t.r.a... She finally broke down and told me the names of the two women
you are in love with.”

“ What?!” Xena asked shocked.

“ Oh, X.e.n.a....don’t blame her, there was no way for her not to, I could
have made you tell me, but she is less dark than you are, so I thought it best
to ask her in my special way.”

Questra shuddered at the memory of the encounter. Xena saw the response and
realized The Seductress spoke the truth.

“ I know, but please don’t seduce them? They are young and naive. “ Xena
pleaded, not wanting to tell The Seductress the real reason.

“ D.e.a.r.....X.e.n.a... I think there is something your not telling me, what
is it?”

Xena pinched her lips together in disgust and defiance at the thought of
telling her.

Suddenly The Seductress’s eyes glowed.

“ AHHHHHHHH!!!! W..h.o....i.s...t.h.a.t....???” The Seductress purred as she
came to her feet in a catlike move and headed out of the chambers, but just
before she left, she turned back to Xena and Questra and said, “ There is
someone here who’s natural energy is delicious, I’ve never felt anyone like
this visitor, I’m drawn to her because of the passion in her submission, it’s
like she’s made for people like us....Ahhh...I must go and greet this person.
But wait, there is another, her passion is her innocence. Ahhhh....wonderful!
I will see you two soon.” The Seductress cooed as she raised her hand and the
wall between returned.

“ Questra?!!”

“ Yes Xena?”

“ You thinking what I’m thinking?”

“ That it’s Gabrielle and Diana?”

“ Yes?”

“ Yes.”

“ Can you get loose?”

“ No. You?”

“ No. Damnit!”

“ Xena?”

“ Yes?”

“ Why is it she can feel them, but especially Diana, I assume that’s who she
was talking about?”

“ yes it was. Have you ever heard me say that Diana was made to be made love

“ Yes, but I just thought that was your way of teasing Diana?”

“ Well, partly, but the fact of the matter is that is exactly why Diana was
changed, so that she would be the ultimate lover for anyone she chose, but
mainly for Her Chosen.”

“ So what will happen if The Seductress gets a hold of her?”

“ It will be like Jobind in her effect on Diana, only not lethal, just a
constant state of need.”

“ But that’s pretty much how you and Diana are already?”

“ Yes, but not to the degree that The Seductress will cause.”

“ You mean she can end up with Diana?”

“ Yes. But even more than that, it will be like to seducers constantly
seducing the other.”

“ Xena I know the idea of Diana with anyone else disturbs you to no end, but I
have to ask, how does Gabrielle fit into all of this?”

“ Gabrielle’s natural gift of being an innocent, both in both and how she
looks at life, always seeing the optimistic side of things is a natural draw
for The Seductress as well.”

“ Why?”

“ Because, you heard what she said as to why she couldn't take us, because of
the darkness to our souls, but Gabrielle doesn’t have any darkness, and
therefore it’s as powerful a draw for the Seductress as is Diana’s natural

“ We have got to get out of these chains!!” Questra exclaimed at the thought
that The Seductress would deflower Gabrielle.

“ I agree. But the question remains, how?”

Meanwhile, Gabrielle and Diana were stealing their way further into the
Mountain, when suddenly they were surrounded.

“ Welcome, please do not try to resist , otherwise we will have to resort to
other means.” Rasia said as she greeted Diana and Gabrielle, not realizing
that’s who she was speaking to. Diana looked around her quickly gauging the
number of Sirens that surrounded them and then she glanced at Gabrielle and
realized that if she did try something, Gabrielle could end up getting hurt,
so she did nothing.

They followed the women to the same chamber where Xena and Questra had first
been taken and then stood in the same place a they waited. Once the doors slid
back The Seductress glided out.

“ By The Gods!! Diana, she’s as beautiful as you and Xena and Questra, but
mainly you!” Gabrielle exclaimed at the site of the woman.

The Seductress held her energy in as she glided straight to Diana and came to
stand within inches of her face. About the height of Xena and Questra.

“ OOOOoooo....w.h.o.....a.r.e....y.o.u....l.i.t.t.l.e....o.n.e.s.....” The
Seductress purred at Diana as she gazed over Diana like she was a delicious
meal just waiting to be devoured.

“ I....I’m....Diana...and this is my sister.....Gabrielle. And You are?” Diana
asked somewhat uncomfortable with the woman so close to her and her eyes
glowing like the sun itself.

“ Y.o.u....a.r.e....D.i.a.n.a...and G.a.b.r.i.e.l.l.e...??”

“ Yes.”

“ I s.e.e... Y.o.u...d.o...n.o.t....k.n.o.w...m.e.?”

“ No, should I?” Diana asked now agitated at the closeness of the woman. “ Do
you mind stepping back?”

“ N.o....l.i.t.t.l.e...o.n.e..But as I do, let me introduce myself to you. I
am The Seductress!” And with those words she let her natural energy release
and it hit Diana like a boulder. So much so that it caused a physical

“ GODSS!!!! Diana screamed as she flew back to the wall and hit it with a loud

“ Diana!!” Gabrielle screamed as she raced to where Diana landed and begun
trying to awaken Diana. “ Diana? Diana? wake up please?” Gabrielle then turned
accusing eyes upon the woman. “ What did you do to her??!!”

“ I introduced myself little one, but don’t worry little one, she will awaken
in a moment, but in the meantime let me introduce myself to you.....” The
Seductress then ran a caressing hand over Gabrielle’s cheeks and released a
different energy towards her.

“ Ahh!” Gabrielle cried as she bent over as is something was stressing her
Maiden Head.

“ are truly an innocent, The Seductress then ran a hand over
Gabrielle’s head and touching her light she closed her eyes and felt the
depths of passion of Gabrielle’s innocents within her mind as well as her

Gabrielle was now crying from the pain of the stress and The Seductress
stopped and released her and she fell over onto her side in a fetal position.
But she was still awake and she noticed that Diana was arousing.

“ Ahhh....she’s waking up.” The Seductress purred as she refocused on Diana.

Diana moaned and then she groan, and then she moaned again as she awoke.
Gabrielle and The Seductress waited for Diana to open her eyes. Diana slowly
sat up and then shaking her head she then in a dilatory fashion opened her

“ By The Gods!! Diana?” Gabrielle said aghast at the sight of the Sapphire
eyes and the way they gazed upwards to come to rest on those of The

“ W.h.o...a.r.e...y.o.u...?” Diana purred as she glided to her feet and came
to stand in front of The Seductress.

The Seductress’s eyes were glowing evening more than they initially were when
she first felt Diana and Gabrielle. The Seductress leaned down and bringing
her lips within inches of Diana’s she whispered who she was again.

“ I a.m....c.a.l.l.e.d...T.h.e..S.e.d.u.c.t.r.e.s.s..” She cooed.

Diana cocked her head at the woman and then she brought her hand up to the
woman’s face and with a feathery light touch she caressed the soft skin of the
woman’s cheeks and the woman moaned and Diana smiled and then the woman
leaned in and kissed Diana.

Diana maintained her composure although she and the woman were kissing with
passion, suddenly the woman pulled back and as a result of the energy she felt
from Diana she was unsteadied and she stumbled back, and then she cocked her
own head at Diana, the two looked at each other as if there was a challenge

Both women smiled, and they both licked their lips, Then The Seductress spoke

“ I won’t you to visit with some people I think would love to see you two
right about now?” The Seductress then had Diana and Gabrielle taken to their
respective loves.

The Seductress had purposely released her energy so that Xena and Questra were
both impassioned so that when the two women arrived they would have to do
something to calm their respective loves.

Diana was told to go inside she looked over at Gabrielle and asked, despite
the need within her.

“ You won’t hurt her?”

“ No harm will come to her or you, that is The Great Ones commands.” Rasia
answered as she motioned for Diana and Gabrielle to enter their respective

Diana nodded to Gabrielle and then they both walked inside of the chamber.
Diana immediately felt her passion flare and she turned to see Xena writhing
on the bed, chained, but yet struggling to get free.

Diana’s eyes locked on Xena, and with a hunger look in her eyes she strolled
over to the bed and Xena’s eyes suddenly locked on Diana’s.

“ K.i.t.t.e.n...?!!’ Xena gasped through her breathless state and Diana let
her gaze take in all of Xena and then she brought her eyes back to her eyes
and with a slight curve to her mouth she sat down on the bed and leaned over
and kissed Xena hard and Passionately.

The two women feasted on the other, and Diana ripped Xena’s underclothes off
and she attacked upon the exposed nipples and feasted as Xena moaned and
called her name. Diana bit hard on one then the other and then she would suck
hard on one then the other, she brought Xena to orgasm from just what she was
doing to her breast.

Xena’s breast begun producing for Diana and Diana sucked until it was
literally dry, she then did the same to the other.

Xena was delirious but in just as much need and passion, so she gasped out
through her panting.

“ Off! Clothes!!”

Diana immediately stripped of her clothes and climbed atop of Xena. She then
slid downwards to her next target, but Xena managed to stop her.

“ No..turn!” Came the order and Diana did as she was told and turned so that
she was astride Xena’s waiting mouth.

The two women dove in and begun feasting as if it were their only hope at not
being consumed by their raging fires. They moaned, Diana screamed when Xena’s
tongue only slow momentarily before it pushed through her shield.

Both women let their hands take hold of the others breast and they fondled and
pinched and pulled at the taut nipples, and both moaned with delirious delight
as they orgasmed again and again.

The Seductress was watching the whole scene in discreet and everytime the two
of them reached ecstasy so did she. She had meant to watch Gabrielle and
Questra as well later that night, but by the time Diana and Xena finally
exhausted one another it was days later, and she was just as exhausted. So
much so that she decided to keep them asleep for a while until she had
finished assessing Gabrielle and Questra, from the sounds she had managed to
hear days ago, she knew they would be just as filling.

She let her energy go and Gabrielle and Questra were at it like two love
starved lovers. Gabrielle ravished Questra’s body as she kissed her with such
arden that Questra forgot that she was not suppose to try to deflower
Gabrielle, luckily for them both that Questra’s hands were restrained so all
she could do was take what Gabrielle gave her, which was almost everything.

Questra caught one of Gabrielle’s nipples in her mouth and she locked down on
it and suckled it until Gabrielle released, and then Questra moved her mouth
to the other taut pink peak and once again she latched onto it and sucked and
nipped quite hard on it, to the point that Gabrielle pleaded at times for her
to let go, and eventually she did, but it did not dampen either one’s fire, in
fact it only fanned it. Gabrielle squeezed Questra’s nipple hard, but instead
of getting Questra to let go of her nipple, She bit down on Gabrielle’s.

Gabrielle yelped in response and a wicked curl came to the corner one side of
Questra’s mouth. Finally after a few moments Questra let go of the
overstimulated peak and gasped through her teeth.

“ Up.”

Gabrielle moaned and then positioned herself so that she and Questra could
taste of each other. Questra could only manage to take hold of Gabrielle’s
lower thigh area and so when she caught hold of her thigh, she held it tightly
as she ravished Gabrielle’s chaste aperture, she used her tongue trying to
reach Gabrielle’s divider, but she was unable to so she just ravished every
area she could reach as well as withdrawing to suckle the pulsating peak.

Gabrielle and Questra experienced more ecstasies than they normally did and
Gabrielle eventually fell unconscious in Questra’s arms, while Questra was
still impassioned.

“ Gabrielle? Ohh....” Questra sighed with frustration evident in her voice as
she tried to concentrate to calm herself, but with The Seductress’s energy
focused on her and Gabrielle, she couldn’t.

The Seductress saw it and took pity on Questra and she sent a different energy
to Questra which put her to sleep. The Seductress then went to visit Diana and

“ are the two of you feeling this morning?”

Diana immediately lifted her head to look at The Seductress, who was letting
her natural energy freely flow, she knew that Diana would react, and she was
hoping she would.

Xena saw the looks and despite the energy, she voiced her anger.

“ Your Mine Consort!” Xena hissed at Diana, who immediately refocused her eyes
on Xena and with a look of contriteness in her eyes she lowered her head back
down on Xena’s shoulder

“ But X.e.n.a....I’m sure we can come to some type of agreement that will be
pleasurable and appealing to the both of us?” The Seductress purred and Diana
took hold of Xena’s nipple in her mouth to keep her mind focused where it was
suppose to be.

Xena’s breath caught as as result of it, and The Seductress’s breath also
caught as a result of the feelings she was sensing from the two.

“ No, she is my Bonded Consort.” Xena stated.

“ Bonded? Well actually I can understand that, she is a treasure. What can I
offer you in exchange for her?”

“ She is not a slave, and therefore she is not for sale.”

“ What would it take to change your mind?”

“ There is nothing you can offer me that would make me let Diana go. “

“ O.h...b..u.t..X.e.n.a....there is always something to gain.”

“ That maybe true, but the lost is too great, I am in love with Diana, and she
with me.”

“ I can see that, but that still has nothing to do with what I am asking of
the two of you.”

“ Then what are you ASKING? “ Xena said through her teeth trying to maintain
control over her racing desires and her rage at the idea that The Seductress
would even think to try and take Diana from her.

Diana in the meantime was becoming more and more impassioned, although she
knew Xena needed to be able to concentrate, but The Seductress and herself
were true opposites, but yet the same, like magnets that draw. Just like Xena
was to Diana, only The Seductress’s pull was stronger just because it was her
natural essences, where as Xena willed herself to be such a force. But despite
all of that Diana was now stealing kisses as Xena tried to talk to The woman.

“ I’m just asking you to let her come to me just for a while?”

“ No.” Xena simply asked.

“ Xena you can either willingly let her come to me, and I have what i need to
sustain me for another century or so, or I take her against your will, I will
give you anything you ask for Xena, or whatever she wants. D.i.a.n.a....what
is it that you would like?” The Seductress purred at Diana, and Diana stopped
what she was doing to Xena and with her eyes lit Sapphire, she raised a brow
at the woman.

Xena could do nothing but watch the scene as it played out, Diana rose out of
the bed off of Xena and came to stand nude in front of The Seductress. The
woman took in all of Diana’s beautiful body and her eyes immediately begun to

“ Stop it Seductra!!” Xena sneered.

“ What makes you think it is just me X.e.n.a.??”

“ Consort come back over here!” Xena commanded, and despite Diana’s feelings
about things she heard Xena and went and sat on the bed and turning her head
to look at Xena for a moment she cocked her head when she saw the worry in
Xena’s eyes.

“ W.h.y...a.r.e...y.o.u...w.o.r.r.i.e.d...L.o.v.e...?” Diana purred at Xena.

“ Because she is trying to seduce you away from me kitten.” Xena said with
fear in her eyes.

Diana saw it and she leaned down and placing little pecks to Xena’s face and
then her mouth Diana sent a message to Xena with her mind, “ You’ve always
said I was a natural seducer love, trust me to get us out of this, Although it
may mean me ......letting her have my physical body, you need to know she does
not have my mind or soul, and more importantly, my love, only you can command
those things.”

“ I know what your saying and my logic tells me your absolutely right, but my
heart can not allow it, I won’t allow you to break your vow to me, just to
satisfy a need that is so ancient, that only remains satisfied for a brief
time and then it needs again. No Kitten, you are not allowed to do this, I
forbid it.” Xena said with her mind as well but the tone and command was not

Diana broke the kiss and looking Xena in the eyes, she said, “alright, I’ll
abide by your words love.”

Xena sighed audibly, and then she said, “ thank you kitten.”

“ Your welcome, I hope you have another plan?” Diana said with her mind.

Then The Seductress chimed in. “ have not answered my that you would like?”

Diana went back to her feet and The Seductress looked at her over her brows,
as she licked her lips at the look Diana was rendering on her. The Seductress
brought her lips within inches of Diana’s, and then she released more of her
energy and Diana inhaled, and then let the breath out slowly. Xena felt the
increase stimulation, and she too inhaled, through her teeth.

The Seductress then leaned in and kissed Diana. Xena’s eyes locked on The
woman, but then when she saw both women becoming more and more arden in their
passion, Xena’s eyes narrowed and she called to Diana.

“ Consort!”

Diana casually broke the kiss and with a smirk on her face at the unsteadiness
of The Seductress for the second time, She Grabbed her and kissed her with
such passion that Xena actually moaned as she watched and felt the intensity.

Diana broke the kiss and turned away and called over her shoulder at the
staggering woman Called The Seductress, “ Leave us.”

The woman blinked a few times, but she did not move at first, not until Diana
turned her head enough to look the woman in the eyes, she smirked and wetting
her lips with her tongue, the woman cocked her head and then she turned and
glided unsteadily out of the chamber.

Diana turned her attention back to Xena and without saying anything she
positioned herself over Xena’s flower and leaning down she whispered, “ I need
my love.”

Xena gazed at Diana for a few moments and motioning for Diana to come closer,
she lifted her head up, and glaring into Diana’s eyes with her brilliant
Sapphires lit brightly for many reasons, she whispered back.

“I see what your doing, and I am impressed, but you still are not allowed to
go there,clear?”

“ Yes love.”

“ Good girl, now you may have me.” Xena said as she formed the appendage and
Diana and Xena rode there way to oblivion. Leaving Xena with just enough
strength to make it return to her normal body. Then she joined Diana.

The Seductress had once again watched and experienced it with the two of them.
After Diana and Xena awoke, The Seductress had Xena and Questra both untied
from the beds and lead to the chamber where all of the people came who were
called were brought to try to achieve the gift that was offered in return.

“ How will you please?” The Seductress asked of a young man, just as Diana and
all of them were brought in and sat down in the back of the room.

“ A song.”

The Seductress gave a nod of her head for the man to proceed, and he did.
Everyone listened and although he sounded okay, Xena and Questra and Diana
knew he was not anywhere near being good enough. when the man finished, The
Seductress simply said, “ I am not pleased, and a moment later he fell down

A Siren stepped forward and and let her voice sound and the young man rose up
and he walked out,as if he were awake. Everyone gasped except the three of the
four women, Gabrielle was shocked to see it and tears came to her eyes.

Questra held her in her arms and comforted her. The Siren then called for the
next person to come forward. A young woman came forward and Gabrielle’s heart
went out.

“ Questra we have to help her.”

Questra didn’t have and answer for her so all she could do was continue to
hold her. Xena in the mean time was angry about what The Seductress was doing,
but she had no intentions of changing her mind.

“ I am not pleased.”

The woman collapsed and she too rose and walked out. The Seductress continued
for candlemarks on end. Every now and then The Seductress would glance over at
the four women, and simply cocked her head as if to say, “ how many more?”
Xena just glared at her but she had her hand on her Chakram.

Diana saw where Xena’s hand was and she glanced over and saw Questra had a
hand on her boot, as it was crossed over her knee. Diana then whispered to

“ Will that work Xena?”

Xena looked at Diana with a raised brow, and then she answered.

“ No, but I’ll feel better.” Xena sneered.

“ Xena please let me and Gabrielle stop this?”

“ No.”

“ Your thinking with your heart love, and I understand that, but these people
don’t deserve to live a life in a state of unconsciousness, you know that, and
I can feel that your hurting to see that it is happening to them. Please

“ No.” Xena said without looking at Diana.

“ Xena look at me.”

Xena turned her head to look at Diana, but she had a set look on her face.

“ Xena Love.....” Diana started but then was cut off when she heard Gabrielle.

They all looked up at her and saw where she was looking. All of their eyes
went wide for a moment and then Questra’s narrowed as did Xena’s, but
Gabrielle got a determined look in her eyes and Diana saw it.

“ Wait Gabrielle!” Diana said with her mind to Gabrielle.

“ We have to stop this, we can’t let this happen to her.”

“ We won’t let it, but wait ok?”

“ Alright, but hurry up.”

“ Xena please?”

“ Diana I won’t leave you here.”

“ Leave me?”

“ yes, that’s what the prize is if you, or should I say when you please her,
you will have to stay here for one year.”

“ Stay....a year? And do what?” Diana asked now unsure of her original plan.

“ What do you think?”

“ Your kidding.” Diana said hoping she was, but knowing in her heart she

Xena raised an irritated eye at Diana, and Diana lowered her eyes as a result.
Diana then sent a thought to Gabrielle.

“ Gabrielle if we succeed in this plan of ours, then we will have to stay
here....for a year.” Diana said forthrightly to Gabrielle with her mind.

“ Stay here? A year?” Gabrielle now said with uncertainty. “ What do you think
we should do?”

Diana thought for a moment without lifting her eyes, and then when she did she
looked up to see The Seductress looking at her. Diana raised a brow and cocked
her head at her, and The Seductress returned the look in the same fashion, and
then slightly shook her head.

Diana turned her eyes away, and went back to thinking. Then she said, to
Gabrielle with her mind. “ Gabrielle, I’ll leave the decision up to you, I
have a plan, but just in case it doesn’t work, you need to be comfortable with
your decision to stay here for a year?”

“ A year, I had planned on bonding with Questra within a few weeks. I don’t
want to leave her.”

“ I know, I don’t know how I will survive without Xena, but I am willing to
sacrifice a year of my life, to save all of these people, especially our
friends, Ephiny, and now Elain, I can only imagine the anger that will face us
if we walk away from here, knowing that only we can save all of these people,
as well as The Sirens. I especially can’t stand the idea that the people who
have come to love and respect Xena, as well as accepted Questra, for the
people to ridicule them that they are selfish and only thought about their
happiness, above and beyond that of the people that rule over. There’s an old
saying that says, “ Women and children first, the captain goes down with the
ship.” Well, Xena and Questra are the captains, and the people are the women
and children, hypothetically speaking, and it is up to us to do what we can to
save them. Gabrielle I can probably do this on my own, but I know she wants
you as well.”

“ But why?”

“ She seems to crave stories, as much as she craves the other thing.”

“ But Diana, once again your sacrificing yourself to save others, and if your
willing to do that for others, then I am not going to let you go through this
one alone this time, I’m with you, I’ll miss Questra and Xena so much, but
we’ll see them soon enough right?”

“ Right. Well, at least we won’t be alone, we’ll have each other right?”

“ Right, so the time will go by fast. But?”

“ But what Gabrielle?”

“ But you’ll have to.....well you know? While all I have to do is tell
stories, once again Diana your giving up way more than any person would.”

“ Yeah, well, it’s just my body, it’s not my heart, besides, from what I feel
from her, she’s not evil or anything, her needs are the same as food is to

“ She’s a Goddess of sorts.”

“ She is a Goddess, but this is her vice in that life, like Hades is having to
be the judge for the underworld, I know he would love to give that up, but
that’s his vice. Aphrodites is that of being looked upon as flighty, although
she’s very intelligent, it hurts her sometimes for people to only see her
physically and not ever bother to see that she has a mind, anyway, The
Seductress’s vice is her needs, but her’s is more destructive, although that
is not how she wants it to be, it’s just the way it is. So, I will do this for
all who can benefit, so that they don’t have to suffer the lost of a love one.
One or Two sacrificed, and only for one year, verses those of the world for a
lifetime. I will do this, but I will not force you or pressure you in this,
the decision is yours sister.” Diana finished with her mind and a glance up at

“ Let’s go.” Came the simple answer.

“ Ok.” Diana answered and then she raised her eyes and just in time to hear
The Seductress.

“ How will you please?”

“ Wait!!” Diana called as she and Gabrielle came to their feet and headed to
go and stand in front of The Seductress by the young woman who now stood
before her.

“ NO!!” Xena and Questra shouted as they too came to their feet, and caught
both Diana’s and Gabrielle’s arms, and both spoke with panic in their voices.
“ What are you doing?!!” Xena shouted.

“ Where are you going Gabrielle?!!” Questra asked.

“ Xena, Questra, we have to do this.”

“ NO!! YOU WILL NOT DO THIS!!! You are My Bonded Mate, I will not allow you to
break your vows too me, NO!” Xena shouted as she shook Diana trying to get
through to her.

The Seductress saw and heard what was going on, and despite the fact that she
seemed to be getting what she needed, she was sadden to see the conflict. She
motioned with her hand for the Sirens to empty the chamber of everyone else so
that they could speak freely. The Sirens were about to lead everyone out, but
Diana caught Elain by the arm and told the Siren she wanted her to stay,
despite Xena speaking to her.

The Siren looked back at The Seductress and received a nod of approval. Elain
was lead to a chair where she was sat down and told to stay there, meanwhile
Xena and Questra continued.

“ If your through, I want to know if you heard me?!” Xena shouted.

Diana took a deep breath and then hearing Questra shouting at Gabrielle with
tears in her eyes as she did, Diana decided she needed to get through to Xena
regardless of the consequences. Diana jerked her arms free of Xena, and then
she stepped back and spoke.

“ Xena! I know what your feeling, and I understand that, and I will do nothing
or say nothing to diminish those feelings, but I have to get you to understand

“ I will not leave you.” Xena stated through her teeth.

Diana stepped up to Xena and taking her face in her hands she brought her own
face within inches of her and through her own teeth Diana responded back.

“ YOUR NOT! Your Here!” Diana said pointing to her mind, “ and Here! “ Diana
continued as she pointed to her heart, “ And in here!” pointing to her eyes,
the window to her soul. “ Your not leaving me.” Diana said her voice softening
and her eyes showing her love for Xena. You and Questra are our lives, our
homes. Please Xena understand this is not about any of that.”

“ Your mine.” Xena stated with moisture forming in her eyes.

“ Yes.” Diana answered the statement as if it were a question, just
reaffirming it for her.

Xena searched Diana’s eyes, Diana saw it, and she continued. Stepping back
away from Xena to include Questra in her statement, she went on.

“ Gabrielle and I are not doing this on an impulse, we had talked about this
long before we came here, we didn’t know that she would be attracted to us the
way she is, but we had discussed the fact that if it came down to it, if one
or both of us could succeed, then we would do what we had to do. Xena,
Questra, what is our lives worth if we are not allowed to help when we can?”

“ You answer me this Diana, how many of these people’s families would allow
their spouse or love ones to leave them and come here and give up their lives?
How many?”

“ Xena I can’t answer that.”

“ Of course you can’t, because you know most of them would not think twice
about saying NO, while the others would just pretend that they didn’t hear the
question! So how is it that you and Gabrielle expect us to just say fine, we
understand, we will allow you to leave us, and give yourselves to this woman?
How can you ask me to allow it, we’re bonded for Gaia sakes? We made vows to
each other?”

Diana started to answer and then seeing the determined look in Xena’s and
Questra’s eyes, and not understanding, Diana got upset.

“ Damnit Xena! Do you and Questra think Gabrielle and I want to do this, that
we want to be away from you, Do YOU XENA THINK I want to bed another person!
IS THAT WHAT YOU TWO THINK?!! Well Let me clear it up for the both of you. OF
Course we don’t!! We’d rather walk out of here and act as though this place
never existed. But it does! And those people who’s loved one’s would allow
their loved ones to do this, and those who would develop selective deafness,
they won’t have to worry about making that decision, Xena, Questra this is not
just about the four of us, and our family, this is about the right of people
to live without fear of loosing their loved ones to an awful existence. Xena
if everything we’ve seen, and heard and experienced since we’ve come here
tells us anything, it should at the very least tell us that this is and will
continue to happen to people around the world. Xena, Questra it is only for a
short period of time out of our lives, to save millions possibly from the fate
that has befallen our friend Ephiny, and possible Elain, how can we in good
conscientious just let this happen? Questra you once said that I was being
selfish for risking Gabrielle. Well I didn’t intend for that to happen, but it
did, and I should have realized that it would happen, that Gabrielle is
influenced by me, so this time I have left the decision completely up to her,
and she has chosen that it is the right thing to do. Xena, Questra, it is the
only thing to do. “

“ But?”

“ Xena, I will not allow people to criticize you, our You Lord Questra, we
have come through so much, the people have come to love and respect you once
again, after those dark days Xena, they have come to love and accept you
Questra, they trust both of you to do what is right for the good of them. You
are both Rulers, you know you have to put the needs of the people ahead of
your own.”

“ But that does not mean sacrificing our mates, I know no one would expect for
us to do that!” Xena stated with certainty.

“ That maybe true Xena...” Gabrielle chimed in. “ But that’s what makes it
even more wonderful, they will see that the two greatest Rulers to EVER walk
the planet gave up their greatest treasures to save not only our people, but
people from all over the world, and who knows? Maybe from other times, we
don’t know. But what we do know, although we would be happy with just staying
with you two, we could never forgive ourselves. Life is too short for most
people as it is, why suffer if you don’t have to? Questra I won’t more than
anything to bond with you and spend the rest of our lives loving each other,
but I need to do this, but not only for other people, but because I refuse to
allow Diana to sacrifice herself once again for all of us, this time I can
help, and I will...gladly. She is my sister, and I don’t won’t let her go
through this alone this time. Although I realize Diana will still have the
worst of this, at least she won’t be alone, that more than anything hurts to
think about, so all I can do is hope that you understand, and will support me
in this.”

Questra’s tears were rolling down her cheeks as she looked Gabrielle in the
eyes as Gabrielle held her cheeks in her hands, trying to will Questra to

“ Questra I have a plan, but just in case it doesn’t work Gabrielle needs your
support in this, I think it would make it much easier for her to deal with,
try not to think about this as a lose, it’s not, just a temporary relocation.”
Diana said with a small smile, and gentle eyes.

“ Alright I’ll go along with this, if Xena does.” Questra stated as she left
the ultimate decision up to Xena.

Xena’s had a determined look on her face once again, but Diana did not let
that stop her, she went ahead and stated her case to Xena.

“ Xena I can see your still not convinced.”

“ No I’m not, and you want to know why?”

“ Yes.”

“ Because, Gabrielle said it right, once again your sacrificing yourself for
others, it’s a noble quality, but I won’t let anyone have your body.”

“ Xena...Love, I understand that, but this is only a body, it is not what
makes me who I am and How I feel about you.”

“ Diana it is exactly what makes you who you are. If you had not been
changed, then you would not be here now, your destiny would not have been
here, your body does make you who you are, not all, but a great deal, enough
to change destinies, your, mine, Gabrielle’s, Questra’s, and the people you
have come in contact with, Including Seductra’s. So I don’t buy that.” Xena
stated with conviction.

“ Okay, your right, I can not argue with that, my body is an intrigue part of
who I am, I guess I have never taken the time to think about it that way, but
you are right, but Xena my feelings are not wrapped around my body, except
with you, but no one can claim my heart, my soul, my love for you, we are one
and will always be one, but Xena I know you are not a selfish person, I have
seen you give such wondrous things to others, I’ve seen you cry in the privacy
of our chamber when you heard of the death of a child of one of the servants,
Xena I know your heart is as precious as gold in the depth that you will give
to protect your people, as well as strangers. Xena I know that you secretly
blamed Questra for what happened to me, I know you had your doubts about her
at one time during the whole thing, but because you loved Gabrielle and me,
you set those doubts and suspicions aside, you held your tongue when there
were stressful days that I was not myself, you even trusted her with me,
despite the suspicions, you trusted someone who you thought was in cohorts
with the woman who brought so much pain into all of our lives, yet you gave
your trust to her. You gave something that scared you to someone who scared
you because of the connection you thought existed. But like you said once, It
was worth the trust. Well love....we’re back to that, it’s worth the trust,
the trust that we will be alright, that we are not scared that we are going to
be hurt, I don’t feel that type of energy coming from her,and I know you feel
it as well, Trust me and Gabrielle, let us use our natural gifts to help all,
us. Xena I think you know she will continue this just because she has to, not
because she wants to, I even believe that If we don’t do this, then she will
continue to try to get me, or Gabrielle, and that my love is worst than seeing
it coming, you know? Xena please let us do this?”

“ What.....what happens if.....if you fall....” Xena choked on her words.

Diana’s brows knitted as did Questra’s and Gabrielle’s, and then Diana’s eyes
changed to shock and conviction.

“ NO XENA! Never! I could Never Love anyone the way I love you, I WON’T ALLOW
THAT TO HAPPEN, this is complete business to me, no feelings, well not those
type of feelings.”

“ How can you be so sure?”

“ Because if I’m never sure about anything else in my life, there is one thing
that is constant, and that is the love I have for you, when I look at you the
sun could be no brighter, when I hear your voice, the thunder could be no
louder within my heart, when I taste these sweet lips, honey has no taste to
me, life.” Diana stated with the devotion shining in her
eyes and her hand over her heart for emphasis. “ I love you and only you,
until the day we die, and even in the afterlife if we have our way.” Diana
said as she moved into Xena’s arms and wrapping her hands around her neck she
pulled her in and kissed her, at first it was a kiss of statement, that of
love, then it became one of devotion, and it grew to a kiss of souls
embracing. their kiss went through all and then some and when they finally
broke it, they kept their heads together and let their tears fall and merge
together, as their tears touch the floor together, they changed to different
precious stones.

“ Kitten.”

“ Xena, I’m not dying this time, I’m just away from home exploring the world
for a brief time, I’ll be back before you know it, I promise.”

“ I love you kitten.”

“ I know. Are we okay?”

“ Yes.”

Diana smiled and then hugged Xena, and as she did she whispered, “ Trust me to
continue to love you.”

Xena hugged Diana tighter and caressed her hair.

“ You better.” Xena whispered back and Diana chuckled through her tears while
still being embraced by Xena.

Questra held Gabrielle in her arms and they too whispered their own words of
devotion, then they all switched and was embraced by the other. Diana and
Gabrielle then stepped back and with final wishes of love to Xena and Questra,
they turned and headed to the closed chamber door of where The Seductress had
gone, allowing the four of them their privacy.

Rasia opened the door and The Seductress turned to see the two young girls. A
smile came to her face for a moment, and then when she looked past the two
girls she saw the pain in the two older women’s eyes, and pain came to her own
as a result.

The Seductress glided over to the two girls, and she looked at both of them,
and said,

“ Thank you.” She then glided past them and went to speak with Questra and
Xena. “ I know this is hard for both of you, and I know I can’t say anything
to take that pain away, but I hope it helps to know that no harm will come to
either one?”

“ Xena and Questra didn’t say anything they just looked at her with anger in
their eyes, and pain.

“ I understand, but I will give you all a gift each for the great gift you are
giving to me. Whatever you want, within reason, I will give you.”

“ I don’t want them to remember any of this when it is over.” Questra stated.

Xena looked at her, and then she looked back at The Seductress, then she
stated. “ I don’t want them to experience any pain or hurt while they are

“ Granted.” The Seductress said without hesitation, and Xena and Questra both
inhaled deeply and then let out a sigh of some satisfaction.

The Seductress then turned to face Gabrielle and Diana.

“ I want all of these people let go.” Gabrielle said without a second thought.

“ Granted. And what is it you want.”

“ I want three things.”

“ Three?”

“ Yes.” Diana said with determination.

The Seductress looked at her and then cocking her head she asked, “ A.n.d.
w.h.y.....should I?”

“ Because of what you expect from me.” Diana stated without blinking an eye.

The Seductress let her gaze take in Diana’s whole body, and then she looked
Diana in the eyes and with a slight smile she said, “ Very well.”

“ Good. Before I say anything I want to know how long this is to last? And how
long will the effects last on you? And what will you do at that time?”

“ One year, three Centuries. Then I will have to come again.”

“ Ok, then this is what I want. I want all of the souls you have taken over
the years returned to their bodies, I want you to come for me if I am still

“ Diana?!!” Xena called aghast at the idea that Diana would volunteer

“ Are you sure?”

“ You said you would give me what I asked for?”

“ Okay, granted. And what is your third?”

“ Well before I tell you, I want to know is does these count as THE GIFT that
you were going to give to whoever pleased you?”

“ No, they don’t.”

“ Good. Then the final thing I want is.....” Diana stopped for a moment and
looked at all of the women in the room and then she stated to Xena Questra and
Gabrielle and Elain, “ I love you all so very much.”

Xena’s eyes narrowed, as did Questra’s, Gabrielle just took on a knitted brow
look and a slight smile like she didn’t understand why Diana said it to her
since she was going to be with her.

“ D.i.a.n.a.....?” Xena called with concern in her voice.

“ I want you to let Gabrielle return with Xena and everyone else and don’t let
her remember that I am here and that I sent her away, and take Xena’s and
Questra’s away as well. Let them all think that I am back in my time helping
my other sisters.” Until I return to them, and let it be that way everytime.”

“ NO!!!! They all shouted as the horror struck them like a boulder landing on
them after falling from the sky.

“ What are You doing?!” Gabrielle screamed.

“ Showing my love for you all, you need to stay with them, Xena will need you,
Questra of course needs you all the time. I will be fine, I’ll see everything
that you guys do.” Diana said with no tears in her eyes, just joy, and love.

“ How could you do this to me, I don’t want to forget that your here, you have
no right to do this to me Diana.” Xena said with some resentment in her voice.

The Seductress heard it, but she said nothing except, “ Granted.”

“ I love you Xena.”

“ And I love you Diana, but I won’t forgive you if you do this to me, I have
no right to be happy when my heart is suffering, and yet you would put that
upon me?”

Diana lowered her eyes, and said, this is my way to protect you this time My

“ I gave you my trust to hold to your word that you would not leave me, but if
you take my memory that your here, then that’s exactly how I will feel, when I
do remember.”

Diana and Xena’s eyes continued to gaze at each other, and then Diana turned
her head to The Seductress and the Seductress said without looking back at the
four women behind her. I grant the change, and then they disappeared from
within the chamber and was returned to Xenadia. Everyone sort of looked around
and then Xena spoke to give them a reason for being near the dining hall.

“ Well, what are we waiting for, let’s eat?” Xena said with a lightness in her
voice that belied the pain in her heart.

“ Yes, I’m starved.” Gabrielle exclaimed as she lead the way into the dining

Everyone followed, Xena brought up the rear and a tear rolled down her cheek
unexpectedly as she thought about Diana, but she walked in as she wiped the
tear away, and putting on a mask she engaged in the conversation that was
going on at the table.

While they were sitting at the table waiting for their food to come, Charli
came running into the palace followed by Miki, and Solari and Eponin.

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