Taking Her Home
part 1

by lynka
May 2001


Disclaimers: This story is written without the consent or knowledge of TPTB. We all know who our heroines belong to. although I cannot claim the characters as mine, I do lay claim to the story in which I place them.

In Addition: this story is about two women very much in love and will contain explicit love scenes. that's all the warnings...

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Chapter One

“Come on, Xena, let me do it this time,” Gabrielle pleaded.

With a raised eyebrow, Xena blew out a held breath knowing she would give in sooner then later but didn't want the bard to know it just yet.

“Please,” Gabrielle said looking up at her warrior riding high on top of Argo.

That one word was all it took to make the warrior crumble. Shaking her head she thought to herself, 'Some big, bad warrior you are. You're nothing but a damn mushball.' “Oh… all right,” Xena relented. “Let's see what you've learned.”

Gabrielle knew that a well-placed 'please' always brought down the destroyer of nations. “Let's see. Since you've never let me pick out a place to camp before, I think we'll head in that direction,” Gabrielle said pointing to the west.

“Now remember, it's not just about a pretty spot to camp....”

Xena was cut off, “I know. It's about the availiability of food, safety and privacy. Got it,” the bard said looking around for a suitable spot.

“Lead on, oh masterful one,” Xena teased while bending at the waist extending her arm in their present direction. “Come on, Argo, we both know we would follow her to the ends of the world,” the warrior princess whispered to her patient mare who just snorted her response.

Gabrielle knew she needed to find a spot soon as she could all ready see Xena smirking as daylight was ending. The bard knew to stay around along the side of the stream only fifty paces to their right and eventually the perfect campsite would present itself. A smile grew on the bard's lips as she hopped just passed a line of brush. “This will do nicely,” Gabrielle said standing tall with one hand on her hip and the other clutching her staff. The area seemed perfect to the Amazon Queen. She stood in a clearing of soft grass shielded by a rock out cropping covered by numerous large, old bushes, a line of trees to the south and the stream only thirty paces to the north.

Xena dismounted from Argo and passed by the brush looking around the chosen site. The warrior caught the Bard's smile from the corner of her eye, but maintained a stoic look although she was rather pleased with her companion. Xena stood crossing her arms across her chest, “I don't know. There's a cave behind those bushes,” she said nodding in the direction directly behind the bard.

“Huh, ....I knew that,” Gabrielle said turning looking at the rock base. “Uh, Xena. Where?”

Xena chuckled as she watched Gabrielle turning to look in the direction she pointed. “Right behind those bushes. Don't worry though, I think it's okay.” She continued, “It doesn't look like anything or anyone has been in or out of there in a very long time.” The warrior studied the rock face. “I think we should move the camp over just a bit. I don't like the look of those rocks up there. I'm sure it's nothing but let's not take a chance.”

“Yeah, you're right,” the bard agreed looking at the rocks piled on the out crop. “I guess I just never noticed that. Guess I didn't do that good. I should have done better.”

Xena walked to the blonde-haired woman and put her strong arms around her, “You did a good job for your first time. I just couldn't let you get away that easy. It's a beautiful camp site… just like you are.”

“But, I should of noticed the cave and the rocks. You would have,” the bard said looking at Xena.

“I've been doing this a lot longer,” Xena said as she continued her hold on Gabrielle. “How about if I get a fire started and get us something to eat?”

“I've a better idea, you take care of Argo and I'll get camp set up,” Gabrielle said beaming at her beloved.

“Your wish is my command oh...mighty one,” Xena said just before pressing her lips against the softness of the bard's.

“My wish. Mmm...” Gabrielle said as a wicked smile crossed her lips.

“Oh. Oh..,” Xena mumbled wondering what she might have just gotten herself into.

“Argo all settled for the night?” Gabrielle asked innocently.

“Ah, yeah. She'll be fine,” Xena said raising an eyebrow at the unusual question.

“Good my dear, warrior princess.” Gabrielle smiled at her raising and lowering her eyebrows.

“Gabrielle…” the warrior started in a near growl.

“Dinner first or a swim?” Gabrielle diverted the warrior's attention away from her previous statement.

“Ah. I think maybe a swim. I'd like to get the dust off.”

“My thoughts exactly,” Gabrielle said steering Xena past the camp to keep her from looking under the white linen lying next to their bedroll.

“Here, let me do that,” Gabrielle said slapping Xena's hands away from her armor then gently sliding the straps off the warrior's shoulders.

Xena reached over cupping the bard's cheeks in her hands. “Do you know that I love you?” she asked before brushing her lips across Gabrielle's. It didn't take long before the little kiss became a deep, passionate, prologue expression of their love.

Gabrielle pulled back and was the first to catch her breath. “Yes,” she said. Her head was still fuzzy as she managed to stutter, “Uh.. Turn around so I can undo the laces.”

Breathless, Xena did as she was asked. Seconds later her leathers dropped to the ground as she stepped out of them. Turning Xena looked at her lover as her bard watched every movement the long, sleek body made. “My turn,” Xena said reaching to undo the lace that held the bard's top in place. Slowly, she slipped the straps of the top off her shoulders and down her arms all the while watching the bard's nipples harden under her stare. Oh, how she loved how quickly the bard's body responded to her. Slipping her thumbs under the belt and the top of the skirt, Xena added them to the pile of clothes that gathered on the ground along with their boots and under garments.

Xena bent down scooping the bard up in her strong arms and carrying her over to the edge of the stream. Walking slowly so she wouldn't slip on the wet moss that covered the rocks, Xena sat down in the deepest part holding Gabrielle on her lap. As soon as the water touched the bard's skin she jumped out of the warrior's grasp, “You never told me it was cold!” she exclaimed.

Xena just shrugged, “You didn't ask,” she said lifting her eyebrows to her partner.

“Oh .. are ..you.. going.. to.. get it,” Gabrielle teased taking a step back then splashing the warrior.

Tap...tap...Gabrielle spun around and the warrior was standing behind her. “How....” Gabrielle looked at the grinning warrior then back to the rock where she used to be sitting.

“One of my many skills,” she said dunking the bard.

Spitting and sputtering Gabrielle surfaced from the cold water. “Hey,” she complained lunging at the warrior who let her take her under. She loved playing like this with the bard.

Moments later they were both sitting on a rock letting the stress from the last few days wear off. Xena looked over at a shuddering Gabrielle. “Why didn't you tell me you were cold?”

“I guess I didn't realize it until now.” She said moving closer to her soul mate.

“Come on, let's get you dried off and over by the fire.” Xena quickly scanned the area. “Uh, Gabrielle, where's the towels?”

“I guess I forgot to bring them with me,” the bard said shrugging one shoulder and smiling.

Xena simply raised an eyebrow and scooped the bard up in her arms, holding her close as she walked back the campfire. She set her precious bundle down on the bedroll then covered her with a warm blanket before kissing the smaller woman's forehead. “I'll go get our clothes. Be right back”

“Xena.” Gabrielle caught the warrior's attention.

“Humm.” Xena turned around and just stared at the naked bard as her eyes sparkled.

Gabrielle had pulled the cover back exposing her lean, trim body to the watchful eye of her lover then pulled back the linen cloth beside her displaying an assortment of fruits, dried meat and cheese, and a couple of sweet cakes she had purchased in the village they had just left that morning. Raising her eyebrows in a suggestive way the bard simply said, “I'll be waiting.”

Frozen to her spot Xena could only nod. She was having trouble remembering what it was she was supposed to do. She could only think about where she wanted to be. Xena reasoned that whatever it was could wait as she slowly walked back to the bard and knelt beside her. Her long fingers grazed the finely toned abdominal muscles laid out before her. She could feel the muscles tighten as she continued the tormenting tickle across her lover's stomach. Gently the warrior bent down claiming the soul of her bard with a kiss that let their passions rise beyond the limits of Mount Olympus. Xena moved her body on top of the waiting bard.

Lying in the peaceful arms of her lover, Xena allowed the moment to lure her to sleep. Gabrielle, on the other hand, felt energized and wide-awake. The bard tried to let the gentle night sounds relax her mind. She kept thinking about the cave and her inability to notice such things. I really should have noticed the cave. And how could I have missed those rocks? Gabrielle could hear Argo snorting in the night air. She sounded louder than usual causing Gabrielle to lean up slightly and look around. The moon light bounced off what she would swear was two eyes looking at her from the cave. Moving at a snail's pace, she slowly extracted herself from her sleeping lover. Retrieving their clothes from back by the stream, Gabrielle quietly dressed then placed Xena's clothes by the sleeping warrior.

Quietly, she moved over to the entrance of the cave and lit a hand made torch. Xena would shoot me with a crossbow if she knew what I was doing. Maybe I shouldn't go. She tried to reason with herself while moving enough of the bush aside to step behind it. “She'll just kid me for at least a fortnight if there's nothing here. I'll be back before she misses me.” She stepped into the mouth of the cave. Well, I'm here now so… her thoughts trailed off as she tried to listen carefully for any noise.

Gabrielle held her torch high as she traveled through the long corridor of the cave. She could see the cave walls narrowed a little further down and she stopped. She glanced back to the opening for a moment before continuing inward. Suddenly she felt a wave of air hit her as she stepped forward. The sound of her step echoed around her. From the dim light of the torch, Gabrielle saw what seemed to be torches lining part of the wall of the cave. She attempted to light the first one, but with no avail. As the flame of her torch touched the second hanging wick on the wall, it caught fire. With the light of the two torches as a guide she was able to light the remaining lamps placed around the chamber.

Gabrielle looked around the large chamber rather proud of herself. Wait til Xena sees this! Toward the back of the chamber, a glitter of light caught the bard's attention. With torch in hand, Gabrielle moved toward the light. Wow! I've never seen a rock like this one. Gabrielle reached out to touch the rock. “So smooth,” she said out loud. With her hand on the surface of the rock, she walked around it surveying the surface. She was halfway around it the second time when she thought she felt it move beneath her fingertips. It moved! It couldn't have. Could it? Curiosity got the better of her as she continued around the rock. Suddenly, the rock cracked beneath her hand. Gabrielle's heart skipped a beat as she jumped back away from the rock. “It's not a rock! It's an egg!” she said looking at it stunned. Backing up she covered her mouth with her hand as a large piece of the eggshell fell to the ground. “It's alive” she commented to herself. Another piece fell and she could see two very dark colored eyes and a hand breaking away the shell. Finally the rest of the shell broke in half falling to the ground. All it left was a piece that remained on the creature's head.

Gabrielle suppressed the urge to scream. She wasn't sure if bolting for the entrance or screaming for Xena would be a good idea. She wasn't sure if scaring the creature was a good idea. Then again, the creature just sat looking at the bard. It made no attempt to move towards her. I guess if you wanted to eat me, you would have by now. Slowly, Gabrielle felt more comfortable with the creature. It was 8 feet tall if it was an inch, the bard thought, light green in color with a pinkish colored stomach and nose. One of it's ears stood straight up while the other bent in the middle causing the egg shell to tottle a little bit.
Now that's a site the mighty warrior should see. What is that on your back? They almost look like… wings! What are you? It just sat looking curiously at her, clutching its tail to its chest and raising its eyebrows in the center. It looked sad, scared and alone. The bard's heart melted.

Suddenly another thought hit the bard. Where is your mother? Gabrielle quickly moved in a circle looking for any signs of another creature. She completely forgot about not making any sudden movements until the ground trembled. She turned around toward the creature once again in time to see it leap back against the cave wall as its mother stepped into the opening at the back of the chamber. With a rumble rocks started to fall throughout the cave. Oh Hades!

Xena instinctively went to cover her lover when she heard the rumble of the rocks. When her arms grabbed nothingness, the warrior's senses were in high alert. “GABRIELLE!” she shouted frantically while her eyes searched for the bard. Jumping to her feet, she quickly surveyed the area as the rocks continued to fall. “GABRIELLE…ANSWER ME,” she yelled again looking everywhere. When she couldn't hear an answer, she looked down and saw the bard's footprints in the dirt leading to the cave. “Oh gods, Gabrielle, please be alright.” Xena pleaded as she grabbed her leathers.

Chapter Two

Gabrielle moved toward the entrance of the cave holding her torch up to the pathway. Dust was the only thing visible and she could see the entrance was blocked. Oh boy, Xena's going to get me for this one. I can hear her now. 'Can't leave you alone for an instance…' She moved back to the chamber where she left her new found friend. The back of the cave had been completely covered with rocks. The creature's mother has certainly perished in the cave in. The baby creature was still clutching its tail against its chest on the other side of the chamber unaware that its mother was ever there to protect it against the human intruder. “It's okay… I'm not going to hurt you,” she cooed trying to sooth the creature. Slowly she approached it again and extended her hand out to touch it. “There…see…I…won't hurt you.” Her soft voice drew the baby creature to her as it took a step in her direction then stopped again waiting to see what happened. She said again in a soft voice as the baby creature reached out and touched the bard's hand. Gabrielle was amazed at the softness of the skin. Finally stepping closer she laid herself against the baby as the baby's arms went around the bard. “We're going to be great friends,” she cooed rubbing the creature's belly.

Outside Xena leaped to the top of the rock pile throwing rocks to the side. “DON”T WORRY,” She yelled, “I'LL GET YOU OUTTA THERE,” She said as a tear fell. “She has to be all right” she continued. 'She has to be,” another tear fell. Come on now Xena, get a grip. You would know it if she was hurt. She took a deep breath and continued moving the rocks.

“There now,” Gabrielle kept talking to the creature softly. “I can't leave you here so we need to get to the other end of this tunnel and dig our way out. Come on follow me,” the bard said coaxing her companion with her hands. “Come on, yeah, that's it. Over here,” she continued.

Standing in front of the tunnel with the creature just behind her, Gabrielle looked up at her new friend then back at the height of the opening she crawled through. “I guess your going to have to crawl through there. Okay, lets back up a bit.” She pushed on the baby creature's belly gently forcing it to take a couple of steps backwards. “Back… Yeah, that's it. Good girl,” Gabrielle said smiling at her new friend.

“Okay, down…like this.” Gabrielle got down on her hands and knees to show the creature what to do. “Down…” she said moving her hand towards the ground. “Down…yeah… That's it. Okay…” Gabrielle said patting the creature on its leg.

“Now…we have to crawl like this.” Gabrielle demonstrated her crawling technique. The creature looked at her and tilted its head to one side. “Humm…….” The bard thought about it for a moment then stood and put her hands on one leg helping the creature move it forward then she moved to the other side and showed her again. After showing her a half dozen times the creature started to move on its own. “Yeah…that's it,” an excited bard said as she leapt up in a short celebration hop. “Come on…this way,” Gabrielle nodded in the direction she wanted to creature to follow her.

Gabrielle crawled in front of the creature as she continued to talk. Her thoughts went to her partner. Oh boy is Xena ever going to get me for this one. She smiled. I know she's all right out there. I would feel it if she wasn't.

Gabrielle heard a small sound behind her. When she turned she asked “What's wrong?”

Another small sound from her companion. “Ohh…” she said. “You're stuck,” she chuckled trying not to laugh.

“It's okay,” she smoothed rubbing the creature's nose. “Let's back up a bit…okay. You remember back?” she asked pushing gently backwards.

“Okay, we need to get this end of you a little lower,” Gabrielle pushed down on the creature's hindquarters. “Lower…just a little more. That should do it.”

Staying behind the creature this time she got her moving into the tunnel again. Gabrielle leaned her back against the baby creature's backside pushing as the creature moved slowly through the tunnel. Without any warning the creature moved too fast and Gabrielle ended up on her backside. “Ouch…” she complained as she stood rubbing her rear. “Well, at least you're through,” she said to the peering creature.

“Wow!” she muttered looking at the rockslide. Climbing to the top she started throwing rocks to the side watching where she was tossing them so she wouldn't hit the baby creature.

“GABRIELLE!” Xena yelled again at the top of her lungs. “CAN YOU HEAR ME?”

Gabrielle covered her mouth with her hand trying unsuccessfully to stop the tears that welled up in her eyes. “XENA, I CAN HEAR YOU!” she shouted back.

A very relieved warrior yelled, “ARE YOU OKAY?”

“YES…. ARE YOU?” the bard asked.

“I AM NOW!” the warrior said wiping away a tear that threatened to fall for some time now.

Soon a small hand was reaching out to the warrior. Xena grabbed it and kissed her palm. “I'll have you out of there before……..”

“XENA, LOOK OUT!” Gabrielle barely had the time to shout out the warning before she saw the creature lift a rock and turn the way it had seen Gabrielle do just moments before. Only the baby creature had a lot more force to its turn hitting the rocks with its tail in the process scattering the rock pile out into the camp.

“XENA!” Gabrielle scrambled to her feet and ran outside to find her soulmate.

“Xena…you okay?” the bard blurted out when she reached her warrior.

The bard started to dust the warrior off. “Humm…yeah. What in Hades was… GABRIELLE, LOOK OUT!” The warrior instinctively grabbed the bard pushing her behind the warrior's tall statue when she spotted the creature peeking out from the cave. Xena drew her sword holding it out in front of her pointing towards the creature.

Gabrielle jumped in front of her, “Xena, no. It's only a baby.” The warrior narrowed her eyes and looked at the creature while Gabrielle gently pushed the blade of the sword to the ground. The creature sat down and grabbed its tail. Shaking with fear it eyed the menacing warrior, tilting her head to one side. “It won't hurt us. It would have all ready if it was going to.” Gabrielle moved to the baby creature soothing its fear by rubbing its belly. “It's just a baby, Xena. I saw it hatch like a chicken from an egg.”

“Where is its mother, Gabrielle? If this is a newborn…”

“Its mother was killed in the cave in. I don't even think it saw its mother at all. Otherwise I don't think it would have followed me out of the cave so easily. She was just coming back by the back of the chamber when the rocks started to fall.”

Xena relaxed and shook her head. “Got something you want to tell me….Hmm?” the warrior asked.

Gabrielle giggled that little nervous giggle of hers. “Well after you fell asleep I thought I heard Argo snorting but it was really loud…” When the bard acted out the part of teaching the creature to crawl, the warrior couldn't help herself and burst out laughing. “Xena, what is it?”

“I've only heard stories when I was young about mythical, flying creatures called 'dragons'. The stories say they would swoop down on villages eating the children and burning the buildings with firebreath. I thought they were just make believe.”

“So she's a dragon.”

“She. How do you know it's a she?”

“Well, we can't keep calling her a 'it'. We got to get it someplace safe, Xena. We can't just leave her here,” Gabrielle pleaded.

“We'll take her someplace safe but I refuse to rub her belly,” Xena growled turning towards the camp and stomping off.

She heard a soft giggle behind her and raised an eyebrow. She knew as well as the bard did that she would do anything her bard asked her to do and yes, that included rubbing the baby dragon's belly if it made her lover happy. You big ol' mush ball she chastised herself.

“It's been a long day. What do you say we camp here again tonight and well head out in the morning,” Xena turned to the bard for approval.

“Yeah, I would like that,” Gabrielle answered her with a big smile. “Besides it will give us a chance to get to know her.” Gabrielle nodded towards the dragon. “We got to name her. We can't just keep calling her 'it',” the bard reasoned. “Humm…” she said walking around her. “Let's see… How about Suzy?” the bard asked.

“Oh, I don't know… she looks like a Jen to me,” Xena said sitting down leaning against the rock that was tossed over to the camp by the dragon's tail.

The bard thought about it for a few minutes. “I got it…How about Suje?”

A chuckle from the warrior. “Combining the names is a great idea. I'll go get us some dinner,” Xena said heading off to the stream.

“Xena,” Gabrielle called to her, “What do dragons eat?”

Turning around she looked at the dragon puzzled. Shrugging her shoulders “I don't know. Can't say I ever fed one before. I'll think about it,” the warrior said continuing on her way.

Removing her boots and stepping into the stream she was thinking about Gabrielle's question. The more she thought about it she remembered that the only other dragon she encountered ate from the trees. Better keep that story to myself for now. Looking around she saw just what she needed - a tree full of red berries. That will be perfect.

As the warrior entered the campsite she was entertained by the site of the bard trying to explain to Argo who their new companion standing in the campsite was. She smiled as she noticed that although Argo seemed nervous and skittish, she also seemed to be listening to the bard. Xena tossed the catch of the day into the pan by the fire before walking over her mare. “It's all right, Argo, “ the warrior soothed while rubbing her nose. “We have to take her home.”

“Xena?” the bard said. “Do you know where her home is?”

“Ah… Yeah. I think so.”

Gabrielle stood with her hands on her hips trying to mimic the warrior, “Is there something you haven't told me?”

Walking over to the bard she circled her arm around her shoulders and pulled her close. “I'll tell you all about it after dinner.” She said walking back to the fire where she laid the fish down and began cleaning them.

Gabrielle did her usual magic to the fish using an assortment of herbs and frying some potatoes with it.

Rubbing her own belly the warrior leaned back “Hmm that was good. We haven't eaten all day.”

“What about her?” Gabrielle nodded towards a staring Suje.

“Yeah, I saw just what she needed over here.”

“Come on, Suje,” the warrior said without thinking. After hearing a soft giggle behind her she just shook her head. “Gabrielle, bring your friend over here by this tree.”

“She's going to eat the tree?”

“The berries, Gabrielle. Dragons like berries.”

“Okay Suje… like this,” Gabrielle jumped up trying to reach the berries while Xena watched with a large grin on her face. Suje followed the bard's lead and jumped up and down under the tree causing the earth to shake again. “Suje! No! Stop!” Gabrielle placed both of her hands up trying to get the dragon to stop jumping. “Xena?”

“Okay here, I'll boost you up and you pick the berries instead of you just jumping up and down. Maybe she'll understand she needs to pick the berries.

“Hum…good point,” the bard agreed.

“Suje…. Suje…. Watch me,” the bard yelled at the dragon trying to get her attention. “Like this,” Gabrielle said reaching up picking a handful of berries and eating a few. The bard demonstrated again as Xena boosted her up again. Suje turned her head watching the bard and appeared to understand. “Okay. You try it,” Gabrielle said motioning the dragon forward.

Suje padded forward towards the warrior and lifted her foot. Gabrielle could do nothing more then laugh at the scene before her. The warrior turned and raised her eyebrow at the bard and that only caused her to laugh harder. “Ah… I don't think so. You're just a little too heavy,” Xena said putting her hands on her hips and looking at the dragon. “Gabrielle, I think it would just be easier if we picked the berries for her this time.” Before she got the sentence finished, she vaulted up landing on a large branch. She cut a bunch of branches full of berries with her sword then dropped them in front of Suje. Gabrielle collected the branches of berries off the ground.

Xena and Gabrielle brought Suje back to the campsite. Gabrielle brought the berries to Suje showing her how to eat them. Suje finally got the hang of it, eating all the berries. When she was done, Suje found a clearing of soft grass near the edge of the campfire next to Argo and just fell backwards landing with a thud in a sitting position.

“Seems she had a tiring first day,” Gabrielle noted.

Settling down by the fire Gabrielle sat next to her waiting warrior. Xena draped an arm around her and pulled her close. Nuzzling her earlobe she whispered, “Have I told you today how beautiful you are?”

Gabrielle turned, her eyes glistening as she saw that very familiar twinkle in the warrior's eyes. She twined her fingers with Xena's and squeezed in a knowing jester as they both sighed. Sitting quietly for a moment just enjoying the closeness of the other. Gabrielle was the first to break the silence. “Tell me about the dragons,” she asked watching Suje and Argo in the clearing amazed at how two completely different creatures could be side by side.

“Well…” Xena started. “Several years ago I heard that a magnificent creature had been captured in a village to the north. It would be put up for auction and sold to the highest bidder. I had to see it for myself. So I traveled the distance to Tigert. I arrived on the day of the auction. At the end of the village was this huge, green, winged creature bound by large chains. It's wings were bound by chain mail and its nose and mouth were covered with leather. As I approached to inspect it before bidding, it whispered to me.”

“It could talk?” the bard questioned.

A soft chuckle from the warrior and she continued, “That one could. She told me that I had been sent to help her. Of course I didn't believe her at the time. She told me that I was planning to free her so I could sell her myself.”

“Were you going to do that?”


“How did she know?”

“I don't know, Gabrielle. She told me about things I've done. Things that I would do. I was intrigued so I killed the guards and freed her. She was still injured badly so she couldn't fly. We had to travel on foot through the mountains. I found a cave where we hid til I could heal her wounds. By then the warlord, Gettson, had found us. Electra, the dragon, rose up spreading her wings fully. I never saw anyone take off running so quickly. Amazingly, Electra let them go. She didn't even want revenge for what they had done to her. She told me to climb on top and flew me to her home. No one, not one single human had ever set foot on their land before. Her elders let me stay for a moon. They told me a tale of a raven-haired warrior, a friend of the dragons, who would save one of them from a certain death. This warrior would learn of the magik of life then leave to find her own path. This warrior would find the light within before returning to them once more to complete the circle. Their home is amazing, Gabrielle. Never had I found so much peace and tranquillity in my life, until you, my love.”

“So you were that raven-haired warrior. I guess taking her home will complete the circle.”

“They are unique creatures.”

Gabrielle hugged her and softly kissed the hand she was holding. “Where do they live? What was the valley like? Do you think Electra is still alive? Will she remember you?”

“Whoa,” the warrior said putting her hand up. “Let me finish and see if it answers the million questions you have.”

“Sorry, I guess I do ask to many questions sometimes,” Gabrielle said snuggling closer.

“I wouldn't have you any other way my inquisitive bard,” Xena said leaning forward to kiss the top of her head. Gabrielle had moved to sit between Xena's legs and lean up against her warrior. They often sat like this at their campfires however it was usually Gabrielle telling the stories.

“Their valley is a magical place. You can't see it unless they want you too.” Xena put her arms around her lover and pulled her closer. “The colors are very bright and bold. It is filled with tall trees, flowers, and grass so soft you think you're walking on feathers, and the water is the deepest aqua color I have ever seen. Peace and tranquility are around you. It folds around you. It's… It's...” Xena tried to put it into words. “It's like the way your love folds around me, so soft, so warm, so…” Xena stopped. She couldn't find the words.

“So perfect, like the Elysian Fields?” the bard added.

A moment had passed then another. Gabrielle looked up at her warrior who was deep in thought. Finally she said “Yeah, just like that.” She held the bard tighter against her and whispered into her ear, “I love you Gabrielle.”

The bard turned and kneeled in front of her reaching out to touch her cheek. Her eyes soften as she leaned forward touching her lips to the warrior's. Sucking in her bottom lip and tasting the warrior's mouth, Gabrielle deepened the kiss lighting a desire in both of them. As they both moaned loudly, she laid the bard back on the bedroll. In record time Xena had Gabrielle's top off and was sucking on a delicious nipple. Gabrielle let out another moan. As Xena moved her hand under Gabrielle's shirt, she felt Gabrielle pushing against her shoulders. Pulling away she opened her eyes to see an amused look on her lover's face. Gabrielle nodded in the direction over the warrior's shoulder. Xena turned her head slightly only to come face to face with Suje, who was standing over them with a comical, quizzical look on her face. Neither of the women could help but laugh as Xena rolled off the bard.

Gabrielle stood up and patted the dragon. “It's okay. That's what grown ups do sometimes. You see Xena and I love each other very, very much and we express that love…”

Xena cut in, “Gabrielle, do you really think she understands any of that?”

“Well no. But why take chances,” she smiled up at the dragon. “Come on. You are going to sleep over here by Argo.” She coaxed the dragon forward. “Now, lay down, like this,” the bard got on the ground and lay on her side. “Come on. You'll be much more comfortable this way.”

Xena sat watching her lover trying to teach a dragon to lay down. Nobody would ever believe this. I hardly do and I'm standing here watching her.

Finally Suje laid down and Gabrielle took a moment to rub her belly and scratch her nose. “Good night Suje and don't worry, we'll get you home,” the bard softly kissed her on the nose. “Good night Argo. Take care of her tonight.” The mare shook her head and moved closer to Suje.

“Got everybody settled over there?” the warrior asked amused.

“Yeah I think so. Now,” Gabrielle raised her eyebrows several times, “Where were we?”

A small laugh escaped from the warrior as she pulled her bard closer.


Part 2

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