Time Flies

Part 3

by Ri

        Laura was alone in the forest. She wondered where Sarah was but kept pushing on in the hope she would find her in the clearing that she saw up ahead.

        She had the feeling it wasn't Sarah as she came to the edge of the light so she pulled her guns from their holsters. She was in a shooting stance as she came face to face with a figure calmly sitting on a log.

        A deep sexy purr of a voice said quietly, "You can lower your weapons I'm not here to harm you."

        Lara slowly lowered her arm as her eyes were met by amused sky blue ones. "Those are weapons, aren't they? They look very efficient," Said the beautiful warrior as continued to sharpen her sword.

        "Your Xena...what are..."

        "Shh, It's ok. Sit down please." Xena said calmly putting her sword in its scabbard and the sharpening stone in her saddlebag at her feet. Lara stared at the warrior for a minute and then she lowered herself to sit by her ancestor on the log.

        "I don't understand. How can you be here? Where's Sarah?"

        "You're the one that's a bit displaced right now. You're in what I can only describe as another dimension. It allows us to meet. To Sarah it will appear that you are off in a daydream. I needed to have a short talk with you and I do confess I really wanted to see and touch you. You are my granddaughter after all."


        Xena chuckled, "Well there are several greats in there it's just easier to say granddaughter in casual conversation."

        Lara slowly smiled and nodded. Xena reached over and gently brushed some stray hair out of the younger woman's eyes. Lara felt an immediate affection for this woman and she caught the large capable hand in her own and brought it against her cheek, "What can I do for you Grandmother?"

        Xena snorted and said, "I don't fit that image do I? Lara, you are a lot like I was at your age. Smart and formidable. You were very luck though, you had your father who loved and protected you. Then Henry who gently guided you with affection and support. You had a lot of love in your life so you never fell to the dark side like I did. You have been on the brink but the memory of your father kept you safe from that fall. Now you have the purity of Sarah who will guide you to your true destiny. Sarah is a lot like her grandmother, My Gabrielle."

        She sighed and gently pulled her hand away. She got up and started to pace as she continued, "Lara, I need to ask you to protect her. Please do a better job then I did. I can't stand the thought of Sarah suffering like Gabrielle did. I allowed my own agenda and demons to distract and my poor love suffered for it. It caused such torment that it burnt her soul, she was so pure and I failed her. Please don't allow yourself to do that with Sarah."

        Lara was amazed there were tears in the worried blue eyes. She could see that Xena was sincerely worried about it. "Don't worry I won't...I couldn't. Xena...I think...I already feel such a need to protect her and I hardly know her."

        Xena was leaning against a tree across from her. She smiled slightly and nodded her head, "When you meet your soul mate it's like being hit by lightning. It's so fast and shocking."

        Lara smiled and shrugged, "What else do you need me to do?"

        Xena smiled back and walked to the log sitting down next to the younger woman she said, "This time you will have to combine that great brain with your heart. It is very important that you find our tomb but it's not a race. Each marker you come to is extremely important. Follow the path with your heart and don't be impatient."

        Lara nodded, She had already figured that out.

        Xena's smile widened she reached out and gently cupped her cheek, "To find the first marker go north east for two days. Follow your heart, Lara and listen to your Sarah..."

        Xena's voice faded and she found that a familiar hand was shaking her shoulder in a frantic gesture. She was staring at the fire and it was very dark around her.

        "Lara...Lara..." It was Sarah's voice that was now high pitched in worry.

        Lara blinked her eyes and looked into Sarah's scared expression.

        "I'm ok, Sarah."

        "I've been trying to break you out of that trance for fifteen minutes. Is that some weird form of meditation?"

        "Um, you could say that. It seems it was the only way my ancestor could have a little chat with me," she said with a smirk.


        "Yep, My beloved ancestor wanted to tell us where to go for the first marker..." she hesitated for a moment evaluating the green eyes in front of her and then pushed on, "She also wanted to tell me I needed to protect you no matter what..."

        "Why? I mean I wouldn't want to put you into any danger. Maybe I should head back..." said Sarah backing away from Lara suddenly upset. She was sure she would be an obstruction to the great adventurer.

        Lara gently grabbed her wrist and pulled her next to her on her blanket and sleeping mat. "Calm down, Sarah and sit here beside me." Sarah sat down lowering her head and studied the pattern on Lara's blanket. "Good girl, Now please listen to me. I really didn't need her to tell me to protect you it was already a priority for me. My instinct told me that I not only wanted you on this mission that I needed you. You are as important to it as I am. I will protect you because I care, ok?" Asked Lara lifting the little chin.

        Sarah's eyes met Lara's and she shyly nodded.

        Lara pulled the smaller woman even closer into a warm embrace, "Great Grandmother also told me to follow my heart and to listen openly to yours."


        "Yep, She said to be very patient that this was not a race. She also told me that each marker was important." Their bodies were now quite close; their faces were almost touching their lips were barely a breath apart.


        "Sarah, what are you feeling right now?"


        "Describe it."

        "My heart is racing and my stomach feels funny and...I....I..."


        "I think I want to kiss you..." She stuttered very unsure and trying to break away because she was so sure of Lara's rejection.

        Lara's arms tightened around her shoulders and she said in a deep breathy voice, "That's very good my Angel, because that's what I want to do more then anything else on earth."

She brought the soft lips to hers and kissed her gently. The sweet lips were causing flames to shoot through but she moved very slowly. She caressed Sarah's teeth with her tongue causing Sarah to open her mouth wide. Lara's tongue hungrily entered reaching out to capture Sarah's. They explored each other till they ran out of breath. When they pulled slightly back Sarah was about to say something when Lara gently covered her lips with a long finger and whispered in her ear, "Shh, My Angel I hear someone coming."

        ***                ***                ***                ***

        Lara pulled the smaller woman with her and practically carried up a near by tree. She had the foresight to also grab Sarah's knapsack with all their research in it. By the time the intruders entered their campsite they were safely situated on a large branch over looking it. She held tightly onto Sarah around the waist as she listened to the intruders beneath them.

        "Where the hell did they go!"

        "According to this bio-scan they were here..."

        ""Were" being the operative word. And that's not good enough!"

        That's Milton Whickam! Lara thought angrily to herself. She hugged Sarah even closer rubbing her cheek against Sarah gently kissing her neck and giving her a reassuring smile when she lifted her head again.

        "We've searched the entire surrounding area and they are no where to be seen."

        "Well they couldn't have vanished now could they? Look at this place they were obviously here moments before we arrived the fires still going. Keep looking. Peterson!"

        A tall attractive woman with cruel face appeared next to the rugged looking older man. "Yes Milton?"

        "Lara is good but you told me that this girl she is with is not in the business. How could they both have disappeared?"

        "Fairy dust?"

        Sarah quickly covered her mouth with her hand stopping a giggle that was about to break free. Lara raised the blonde head so she could look into the mirth filled eyes with her own amused ones and winked at her. She gently rubbed her belly with the hand around her stomach and rubbed her cheek against Sarah's soft cheek.

        "Cute," replied Milton, "She is after something important I can feel it in my bones. She wouldn't be wandering in the forest with some amateur unless the girl knew something. My boss want to get the girl so he can get his hands on what ever Lara is after."

        Over your dead body, Milton old boy. You will not lay a finger on my Sarah. Thought Lara as she held her angel closer still. Sarah was frightened by what the man had said but Lara's reassuring squeeze made her feel better. Lara watched critically as they searched her camp relieved that the logs and their research were safely on her back.

        "They are no where to be seen, Sir."

        Milton growled at the unfortunate man, "Shit! Ok Landis lets try tracking in the forest around this glade." He led the men out of the camp and into the woods.

        When she was sure that they were far enough away that they would be safe, Lara grabbed a nearby vine and tied it around both their waists and gracefully slid them back down to the clearing.

        Then as she untied Sarah she whispered, "Gather all our stuff we need to find a new place to set up camp...Then we will continue our discussion," she told the smaller woman with a wicked smile.

        ****                ***                 *** *****

        They walked side by side with Lara keeping her eyes peeled for any sign of trouble. She spotted a strange formation of trees by a hillside following her instincts she found a well-hidden cave.

        "This will be a perfect campsite." She said quietly as she led Sarah inside.

        Sarah nodded and smiled, "Yes, This is like one of the network of caves Xena had all over Greece."

        "Really?" Asked Lara as they walked in finding a nice large area to set up their camp in.

        "Yes, When Xena was a warlord she used it as a hideaway for herself or a refuge for her wounded men. After she reformed she used to surprise Gabrielle with them. Each one had some hidden treasure she knew the bard would love." Said Sarah with huge smile as she set up their sleeping mats and blankets and pillows.

        "A hidden treasure? Like what?" Asked Lara curiously as she set up the heater and inspected the cave to see if she could spot such a treasure.

        "All kinds of things, mineral baths, natural saunas even a miniature waterfall. All kinds of lovely luxuries."

        Lara looked at Sarah who was getting the food ready to be cooked. "So Gabrielle liked her luxuries, huh?"

        Sarah innocently nodded her head as she started placing the dried meat and bread in two plates. Lara walked over to the mat Sarah was on and sat down next to her. She gently took the plates and put them to the side. Then she embraced the smaller woman bringing her close.

        "And is that something you share with your ancestor?"

        "No, I never have anyway." Sarah admitted shyly laying her head on Lara's strong shoulder.

        "Hmm, I'll have to see what luxuries I can introduce you to then. Can you come closer, please?"

        Sarah snuggled closer still and looked into the passionate eyes that were inches from her. She swallowed twice and said very quietly, "Lara...Um I...never...um...."

        Lara kissed her cheek and softly stroked the soft blonde hair, "Shh that's ok. We will go nice and slow. It will be gentle and beautiful. Don't be scared Angel I just want to love you."

        "I know that." Sarah whispered back.

        Their lips met in a passion filled kiss this time Lara skillfully began to remove Sarah's clothes. Sarah moaned as cool hands made contact with her hot skin. They continued down to Sarah's pants as Lara whispered in the little ear, "Take my shirt off, Angel. I want to feel your little hands against my flesh."

        Hesitantly following directions Sarah's shaking hands slowly unbuttoned Lara shirt. Then pulled off her sports bra to reveal the dark woman's amazing breasts to hungry eyes.

        "Stand up please my Angel," Said Lara as she nibbled on her little ear.

        The two women got up so they could remove the rest of their unwanted clothes. Now standing and slightly separated they admired each other's naked bodies. Sarah's skin was tinged an appealing shade of red that Lara knew wasn't from the heater.

        "Your beautiful Sarah..."

        "No Lara, you're the one who is beautiful."

        Lara stepped closer and once again embracing the smaller woman luxuriating in the skin on skin contact. She kissed her passionately while her hands scooped her up and so she could settle them both on sleeping mat. Then her hand slipped down to beautiful breasts she was aching to touch and kiss and taste.

        Sarah was now beyond thinking and allowed Lara to lead her into her first experience since she really had no idea what to do. She floated out on the pink cloud of bliss that Lara's kisses and caresses had sent her out on happily relishing each new sensation.

        Lara's busy hands moved south and gently started to play with the soft hair at Sarah's apex. She was holding back and moving slow instead eating up every inch of the beautiful woman as her passion demanded that she do. This was her Angel's first time and she didn't want to scare her. She wanted it to be beautiful.

        Lara enjoyed suckling the beautiful breast like hungry puppy while her hand busily readied Sarah for what was to come. When she felt Sarah jutting against her teasing hand she started to kiss her way down to meet that hand. When she reached the belly button she couldn't resist tasting her little one. Sarah's reaction was very satisfying as she moaned and shuddered.

        Lara smiled and continued down to the piece de resistance. Lara tongue now entered Sarah's very wet center. She caressed the piece of flesh that protected her clit with an efficient tongue. She pulled out and looked at Sarah's face, her finger was now stroking the clit as Sarah moaned and pushed Lara toward her center not knowing what she wanted but knowing that she needed it now. Lara saw how close she was as she licked Sarah's sweet ambrosia like a hungry kitten. As she enjoyed the sweet taste she knew it was time to penetrate the wall of protection. She very quickly pushed her finger through and then pumped till Sarah yelled Lara's name fell over the edge in a quivering mass. Lara slowly removed her finger as she lapped every bit Sarah's nectar like it was precious gift.

        Then she crawled up the sweating, quivering little body and cuddled close kissing her face till the glazed eyes opened.

        "Are you all right Angel?"

        Sarah nodded not quite back from where ever Lara had just sent her. Then she blinked and she was herself again. She looked lovingly into Lara's eyes and brushed back the hair that always seemed to fall into them.

        "Why do you call me Angel?"

        "Because you are," said Lara sweetly as she brought the smaller woman very close kissing her cheek.

        "Are you all right?" Sarah asked quietly.

        "Of course, I'm very, very happy."

        "No, I don't mean that. I...um I...how about you...um....?"

        Lara smiled realizing what she meant and nodded her head, "Yep I'm fine. Don't worry about that."

        "Lara if you would help me I could...I want to please you..."

        "You already do please me and we need to get some sleep. Tomorrow is going to be a very long day."

        "Angel, How about this, You get to do whatever you want with me tomorrow?"

        "How will you sleep?"

        Good question, Lara thought ironically to herself. She smiled at Sarah and kissed her deeply. Then when she pulled back she said, "I'm really fine."



        Lara cuddled with her and waited till she drifted off to sleep. Then she gently slipped out of Sarah's arms and went just outside the cave opening that was hidden from the woods by high thick trees. She satisfied her needs muffling her cried into her own arm and then she went back and snuggled into the smaller woman's embrace. She had a huge smile on her face as she thought; Tomorrow is going to be a hell of a day. She kissed Sarah's cheek and snuggled contentedly against her as her body finally drifted off into an exhausted sleep.

Part 4

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