To Love, To Need, To Desire: Part 3b
By D.virtue

Questra turned and walked into the bed chamber and lifting Gabrielle up out of
the bed, she carried her back out and headed for the door. When she came out
Diana had her teeth bared at her, but she made no move towards her. Questra
left the chamber and took Gabrielle back to their chamber, where she undressed
Gabrielle and then she laid her in bed and then undressed herself and crawled
in next to her.

“ Come on Diana, let’s get ready for bed, you need to rest, it’s been a
terrible day, and I know your exhausted, whether you admit it or not.” Xena
said as she walked with Diana in her arms into their bed chamber where Xena
undressed Diana and then making her get in bed while she went and stepped
through the apparatus to get cleaned up, she then got into bed with Diana and
pulled her close to her while Diana rested her head on the hollow area of
Xena’s neck.

The two laid in bed quiet for the most part, each just thinking about the
lost, finally Xena decided she needed to talk to Diana about things.

“ Kitten I don’t know what to say, it seems that once again I’ve let you down,
I have no way of getting to Questra to punish her for what she has done, but I
hope you know my heart is hurting for you and the lost of one of your sisters.
I know how close you were to her and all of them, Diana I know it doesn’t look
like it right now, and it will be a while before we get over this lost, but it
will stop hurting one day, I promise you that, and then you will be able to
see all of the wonderful times you’ve had together, I am so sorry.” Xena said
finishing her thoughts as tears ran down her face and she kissed Diana’s
forehead, and let the tears fall into Diana’s thick tresses.

Diana laid sobbing quietly as Xena spoke, her heart breaking for more than
just the lost of her sister and ex-chosen, but also for the weight Xena was
carrying on her broad shoulders. Diana never thought once that any of this was
Xena’s fault and never would, she believed with her very being that if Xena
had not been there for her, she would be lost to the darkness and probably
never come out.

Diana thought of how Xena was so willing to take the blame for any and all
failures that resulted in either herself or Gabrielle getting into trouble,
and she having to either bail them out or suffer with the knowledge that she
couldn’t, Diana wanted to tell Xena how much she loved her for her ever
enduring desire to shield her from any cruel pain, but at the moment Diana
could only move her body closer to try to let Xena know her feelings for her,
despite her pain.

Xena wrapped her arms tighter around Diana, although the hurt that was eating
away at her over her belief that Diana did in think Xena had failed her was
almost suffocating to Xena, but she couldn’t blame Diana for her feelings,
especially seeing how she shared them. Xena kissed Diana again and after a
while Diana finally drifted off, and then Xena soon followed, both slept

The next few days were tense for everyone, not knowing when Questra would send
them another message, and what terrible news would she bring with her. It was
also very dangerous for Questra, whenever she was alone, Diana made attempts
on her. Finally after a particular attempt where Questra was cut, and out of
instinct she slapped Diana across the face that sent her flying backwards,
Questra was on her before Diana could come back to her feet to try another

Questra bound Diana’s hands behind her back as well as her feet, and then
turned Diana over and sat her up against a tree. Then she tended to her wound
and after dressing it, she covered her arm and then turned her attention to
the fuming young girl.

“ Diana, I’m sorry about hitting you, but it was just my warrior instinct ,
Diana I’m not The Clone Questra, it’s me, can’t you see that, I know how much
pain your in at the lost of your sister, but I Didn’t do it, I would never
hurt you in such a way, I only want to help you, but I can’t allow you to keep
trying to attack me, I’m going to have to talk to Xena about this, I thought I
could handle it, that I could talk to you, but you either don’t want to listen
to me, or you can’t get past the fact that The Clone Questra is a result of
me, and since you can’t get to her, you’ve displaced your anger towards me, I
understand you being angry and wanting to blame someone, and I realize that
you see me as the person who hurt you, but Diana it wasn’t me. Do you

“ You killed my sister!” Diana hissed as she struggled to get to her feet
despite being bounded. Questra kneeled down to hold Diana against the tree so
that she wouldn’t hurt herself scratching her back against it, but
unfortunately Xena happen to be outside walking and talking with one of her
advisors about things that were happening, when the advisor looked over and
saw the two women.

“ What’s going on over there?”

Xena followed the advisors line of sight and when she saw Questra pushing
Diana back against the tree, not knowing the reason for the action, Xena’s
anger came to bear and she flew over and when Questra looked up to greet her,
Xena laid a punch to Questra’s cheek that sent her flying away from Diana.

Xena immediately broke the ties that bound Diana, and Diana played it up.

“ Are you okay kitten?” Xena asked with real concern in her tone.

Diana didn’t answer at first, she just wrapped her arms around Xena’s neck and
hugged tightly to her as she sobbed into the hollow of Xena’s neck. Xena stood
up and was holding Diana to her when Questra staggered to her feet and
throwing caution to the wind she walked back over to where Xena stood glaring
at her.

“ What did you think you were doing?! Has this child been through enough,
without the people she trust turning on her? What’s wrong with you Questra?!”
Xena growled.

“ Lord Xena, I would never hurt Diana, you have to know that?!”

“ How am I suppose to believe you? I saw what you were doing, you had her tied
up, and you were pushing her against the tree, WHY?!!”

“ Xena there’s something I need to tell you that’s been going on for a while,
I thought I could handle it, but after today, I see I have to tell you, it’s
the only way to help Diana.”

“ What are you talking about?!”

“ Diana, she’s been.....”

“ Xena?” Diana interrupt with a shaky voice.

“ Yes kitten?”

“ I want to go to our room, please? I don’t want to be around her, I also
don’t trust her around Gabrielle, I mean if she’s willing to hurt me, I can
only imagine what she may be doing to Gabrielle, and I can’t handle the idea
that she may hurt her, please?”

“ Okay kitten, we’ll go back to our chamber.”

“ Xena, we need to talk.” Questra said factually.

“ We’ll talk later, but right now I need to take care of Diana, and I suggest
you stay away from Gabrielle for a while.”

“ Xena, I can understand you needing to take care of Diana, and wanting to
ease her pain, but I will not allow her or YOU interfere with Gabrielle’s and
my relationship. I recognize Diana is hurting as is all of us, but of course
her more, but I love Diana just as much as any of you do but Gabrielle is my
business, and I wasn’t hurting Diana a moment ago, I was trying to keep her
from hurting herself.” Questra affirmed.

Xena’s mouth twitched, but all she said in a tight voice.

“ We’ll talk later.” Then she whipped herself and Diana around and she and
Diana headed back to the palace.

Meanwhile Questra went to assessing her jaw from the blow she took from Xena,
luckily it was not crushed with the power behind the blow.

“ Lord Questra, I know you probably don’t want to talk to me about what’s
going on, but I am a good listener, even Princess Gabrielle say so.” The
Advisor said with a smile on her face.

Questra looked at the woman for a moment studying her, and wondering if she
could be of any help, she decided she couldn’t help with dealing with Xena,
but she could help with having someone to talk to.

“ Fine.” She said as she located a comfortable area of grass and sat down
against the same tree that Diana had been sitting against. The advisor sat
down by her and Questra begun telling her story to the woman.

“ My Goodness, how come you didn’t tell Lord Xena sooner?”

“ Because I figured that I could talk to Diana and things would be fine, but
today Diana was able to get a blade on me and that bothers me, especially if
she happens to get another one on me using a different blade.”

“ She cut you?”

“ Yes, but it’s alright, it’ll heal without a problem, I’m just so concerned
about Diana’s behavior, it’s like she has a split personality, one side is the
Diana we all know, but when she’s alone with me, she full of this darkness,
she’s conniving and deceitful, she’s manipulative, and relentless.” Questra
said thoughtfully, as her looked took on a faraway gaze.

“ Lord Questra, I think you really need to speak with Lord Xena about what’s
going on with her Consort?”

“ I am, we’re suppose to get together later. Damn this hurts, that woman
carries a powerful punch.” Questra stated as she rubbed her jaw once again,
amazed by the pain shooting through it.

Later that day, while Questra was sitting in the dining hall waiting for
Gabrielle to join her for evening meal, Xena strided into the dining hall and
everyone went silent due to the look in her eyes and the fact that it was The
Conqueror. Questra saw her coming and she continued to sip from her goblet as
she waited for Xena.

“ Lord Xena.” Questra said greeting Xena.

“ Come with me.” Xena commanded of Questra, and at first Questra remained
where she was, as the two women studied each other. “ Now!” Xena commanded,
and with some agitation at being commanded by anyone, Questra went ahead and
conceded and motioning to the servant she told her to inform the Princess that
she would catch up with her later, she then stood up and followed Xena out of
the Dining hall.

They went to one of the counsel chambers and once inside Xena went around the
desk and sat in her chair, as Questra took a seat on the other side.

“ So Lord Questra, tell me why you were hurting MY Consort?”

“ Lord Xena, I realize your hurting because of the guilt you have, I am also,
and that’s why I thought I should be the one to handle what was happening with
Diana, especially since it was being directed towards me?”

“ What are you talking about?”

“ Xena.....Diana has been trying to attack me.” Questra said pausing for a
moment to gauge Xena’s reaction.

“ What do you mean she’s been attacking you? Why would she attack you unless
you have been doing something to her?!” Xena said with accusation pouring form
her lips.

“ Xena I swear to you Have done nothing to Diana but try to help her through
this painful time.”

“ HOW? By tying her up and slamming her against a tree?!” Xena asked

“ Xena, I was holding Diana so that she didn’t keep struggling trying to get
up to attack me again!”

“ You keep saying she’s been attacking you, why should I believe that? If
anything I think you were attacking her.” Xena stated with her teeth baring.

“ Why would I lie?” Questra shot back.

“ I don’t know, why would you?” Xena said turning the question back around.

“ Look Xena, it doesn’t make sense for us to be at each others throat about a
misunderstanding, I have nothing but love for Diana, and I think if it weren’t
for all of this pain, then you would know that in your heart, I was not trying
to hurt her, I only wanted to get her under control so that I could try for
the hundredth time to talk to her without her trying to cut my throat.”
Questra said standing up and going to lean on the desk facing Xena.

“ Xena smirked at Questra’s description of what Diana was supposedly trying to
do. Then her expression went back to being set.

“ So your telling me that Diana is trying to kill you?”

“ Yes.”

“ Why?”

“ Because of her hate and anger at The Clone.”

Xena’s eyes took on a thoughtful look although she never took her eyes off of

“ Xena Please?! For Goddess sake! Why would I want to hurt that child?! All
the damn things she has been through! All the pain she has suffered, I would
have to be a monster to want to add to that pain, I.....” Questra’s throat
constricted with hurt that her friend didn’t believe her. She stood up and
turned her back to Xena trying to compose herself, as tears escaped from her

Xena studied the woman for a moment and then inhaling and letting it out in
the sound of a sigh, she spoke once again.

“ Questra, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you feel bad, it’s just that the
site of Diana tied up and you pushing her against the tree, well, it struck a
nerve with me, she has been through a lot, and you have been nothing but
family to her.”

Questra swiped at her eyes with her hand and then lifting her head she turned
back to see Xena smirking at her.

“ Your forgiven.” Questra said with her own Commanding way.

Xena chuckled and Questra saw that she was sincerely amused.

“ Okay Questra, you were saying?’ Xena asked more respectfully of her friend.

“ I believe Diana has substituted me for the clone, because she can not get to
the clone, and she needs to let out the rage and pain that she is feeling,
Xena it’s like she has a dual personality. When she’s is with all of us she
appears fine, but she waits until you and Gabrielle are not looking at her and
she gives me this look of sheer hate, her eyes are filled with a darkness that
really bothers me, Xena whenever I’m alone somewhere, she tries to attack me,
it’s happened nine times already, and everytime I try to talk to her, but
someone comes along and she either runs off, or if it’s you she switches to
the soft loving, hurting young girl, Lord Xena, if Diana ever wanted to become
a dramatic performer, I think you should let her?”

“ Questra if Diana has being doing this to you why didn’t you come to me and
tell me sooner?”

“ Like I said, I thought I could handle her, but today was close, and I need
your help, not necessarily for me, but for her, Xena you know what would
happen if Diana hurt me, and Gabrielle found out about it, she would be so
confused, and I don’t want those two on the outs because of Diana’s grief, it
would only add more to it, and soon one or both of them would begin to resent
the other, We can’t let That Clone do this! So that’s why I’m telling you now,
no telling what she will do now that she figures you know about it, maybe I
should send Gabrielle to stay with the Amazons for a bit, maybe that will help
her see that I am not the person she believes me to be?”

“ Well let’s hold off on that for right now, I want to know what you meant
about today being close and that’s what prompted you to tell me?”

“ She was able to get a blade on me, I was able to move in time to prevent it
from embedding in my chest, but she caught me on my arm.”

“ Your arm?” Xena asked scanning for the injury.

Questra saw and raised her sleeve to show Xena the dressing over her arm,then
she removed the dressing and saw the scar that was present but the wound had
healed. She then left the dressing off and they both watched the scar
disappear after a few minute. Xena knew then that Questra had told her the

Xena then stood up and begun pacing trying to think of how to get through to
Diana, but then she thought of the more immediate threat to Questra.

“ Questra you have to make sure your not alone, and even when we are all
together you still need to be careful, Diana is just as deadly as you and I
are when she’s taken in by darkness.”

“ I know, she is relentless in her attempts, and she’s not just trying to hurt
me, she IS trying to kill me.” Questra stated firmly.

“ Come on let’s go have a talk with her.” Xena said as she headed for the
door, and the two of them went to the chamber, where Gabrielle was with Diana,
and the two of them were talking about Diana’s other sister, as well as the

When Xena walked in the door she made sure she and Questra had some distances
between their entrance into the chamber.

“ Xena!” Diana said excited to see her. Diana went into her arms and hugged
her, and asked her how she was doing. “ I’m okay, Gabrielle and I were just
talking about the type of person my sister was. I was telling her how much
they had in common.” Diana said with a sad smile.

“ Well that’s wonderful kitten, that is a beautiful way to remember her.” Xena
said with a squeeze and a hug to Diana.

Then Xena let go of Diana and she told Diana she wanted something to drink.

“ I’ll get it for you Xena.” Diana offered.

“ Thank you kitten.” Diana walked off to go and get the drink for Xena, and
when she turned to take it back over to Xena Questra came into the chamber.

Diana stopped in her tracks and she quickly glanced at Xena and Gabrielle to
see if they were looking at her, when she saw Xena had engaged Gabrielle in
conversation, she then cut her eyes back to Questra who was standing by the
door looking at her with knitted brows.

Diana’s eyes stormed once again, but this time Xena was watching, and when
Xena called to Diana she saw the instant change.

“ Kitten are you coming with my drink?”

“ Oh, yes, of course Xena, here you go.”

“ Everything okay?”

“ Yes, fine.” Diana said handing the drink to Xena and then being pulled into
Xena’s lap.

“ Good, the clone hasn’t contacted the two of you has she?” Xena asked wanting
to make sure that she really hadn’t.

“ No. “ Gabrielle supplied.

Diana glared at Questra but when she looked at Xena her gaze was soft.

“ No.”

Questra sat in a chair right across from Diana and Xena and Diana’s eyes
raged. Xena was using her body to tell what Diana was feeling, and when she
felt the intensity of the rage she was bothered by it.

Xena and Questra talked most of the time, and then Diana excused herself and
went into the bed chamber to lie down, the conversations had brought
everything back up as clear as day.

The three women allowed Diana to go and rest, and they spent the day just
talking about things, none of them realized how vivid things were in Diana,
Diana was once again staring, but this time she was looking up towards the
ceiling, the rage inside of her eating her up. When Diana heard Questra’s
voice and heard her say she was going to go lie down for a while, she heard
her tell Gabrielle she could stay and talk with Xena and she would see her

“ Okay. I love you.” Was Gabrielle’s words to her Lord as she kissed her, and
saw Questra to the door.

“ Love you too. See you later.”

“ Yes.”

Questra then went to her chamber and after reading for a while, she then went
to lie down on her bed and after a bit of thinking about how Xena would handle
the information, and whether or not she should tell Gabrielle about it, she
finally allowed her mind to clear enough for her to close her eyes.

After only twenty minutes after Questra had drifted off, Diana was heard by
Xena , moving around in the bed chamber, and when she went to check on her she
found her gone. Xena did a quick scan of the chamber and saw one of her
daggers was gone.

Xena flew out of the bed chamber and out the door of the chamber and Gabrielle
barely had time to see who it was flying past her.

“ Xena?!” What’s going on?!” Gabrielle called after Xena and then went to run
after her.

Xena made it to Questra’s chamber in a matter of moments, and when she did she
flew into the bed chamber just in time to see Time standing over Questra’s
sleeping form holding the dagger above her ready to strike.

“ Kitten?! Put the dagger down.” Xena ordered, and Diana’s eyes turned to look
at Xena, both pain, hurt and disappointment showing in her eyes.

Diana cocked her head at Xena and then she turned back to Questra and the rage
return and all she said was, “ You killed my sister!” Diana screamed just as
Questra’s eyes shot open and she stabbed at Questra but she was able to move
in time, but rather than Diana letting the miss go she stabbed repeatedly into
the bed, while screaming her anguish at the substitute target.

Xena stood with one hand covering her mouth as she watched her Diana finally
let out all of the rage and anguish that had been pent up inside of her.
Questra stood wanting to comfort Diana, but she knew she needed to let Diana
express all of the anger, hurt and rage.

Gabrielle arrived in the chamber a moment after Diana begun the attack on the
bed and she stood shaking at the sight of Diana ripping their bed to shreds,
while screaming her pain. Finally after what seemed like forever Diana finally
stopped, she was breathless from the exertion, her skin blushed with the rage,
her eyes seeing but not.

Xena went to move to collect Diana, but Diana stood up and with a look of
disgust she walked towards the door.

“ By The Gods sis.” Gabrielle said opening her arms to Diana.

“ NO!!” Diana shouted at her.

Gabrielle flinched and stepped back as a result of the unexpected tone.
Diana’s eyes now bore into Gabrielle’s wide ones.

“ THE GREEK GODS BE DAMNED!! ALL OF THEM!! “ Diana shouted scornfully.

“ Diana?!” Xena called to Diana.

Diana cut her eyes to Xena and then back at Gabrielle who was shaking like at
leaf in a storm. Diana then turned to Xena and cocking her head slightly she
said in a deceivingly calm voice.

“ Well....not all of them....MY GODDESS..... BUT ALL THE REST BE DAMNED TO
TARTARUS!! When we went through the purification ritual, we chose certain
one’s of them as our Protectors, WHAT IN TARTARUS HAVE THEY PROTECTED, if
anything they’ve instigated!! ARRGH!!! Diana screamed as she stormed past Xena
and then went into a quick stride that soon turned into a full run. Xena took
off after Diana, followed by Questra and Gabrielle. Diana ran to her workout
chamber and once there she immediately begun throwing the heavy weights
against the walls, shattering the weights to small fragments. Xena and the
others arrived to see shards of metal flying around Diana as they exploded
against the walls.

The whole time Diana cursed the Gods, taunted them and scorned them, she even
acknowledged that Ares was probably the better and smartest God in Greece, out
of all of them, screaming that at least he’s able to come up with plans that
actually have the chance to work for what his plans were. In between her
traide she would shake with the intensity of the rage that was coursing
through her, and then throw another weight while at the same time letting
another string of curses spill from her lips.

By the time Diana had finished she had destroyed everyone of her weights,
except one, and some of the metal fragments had cut her face and arms and
other parts of her body. Diana finally stopped, and her arms dropped to her
side as she stood breathing hard once again, shaking her head from side to
side, in utter disgust.

Suddenly she turned and launched the heavy weight at Questra. Both Xena and
Questra’s hands went up to stop it. Xena caught it with her hands, just before
it touched Questra’s hands. Diana then flew at Questra and tackling her she
begun throwing a series of blows at her, Questra blocked those that she could,
but found that Diana was able to land some, she tossed Diana off of her and
turning just in time to see Diana take a swipe at her with her nails extended,
while Gabrielle screamed for Diana to stop and Xena went into action and
coming up behind Diana, she rendered her unconscious, with the touch.

Diana sighed and went to fall, but Xena caught her and lifted her into her

“ Are you okay Questra?” Xena asked somewhat overwhelmed by everything that
was happening to Diana, in what seemed like all the same moment.

“ I’m fine Xena, don’t worry about me, we have to do something about Diana, we
have to find a way to help her.” Questra said holding her side, where Diana
caught her slightly with her nails.

“ I know.” Xena said simply as she looked at Gabrielle who was truly
overwhelmed by what she had seen, and was feeling.

Xena then turned and carried Diana back to their bed chamber and after
cleaning her up, and then tying Diana down in the bed, she then kissed her and
then undid her touch, and Diana’s eyes shot open to find Xena looking down at
her with pain in her eyes. Diana swallowed and then closing her eyes, she
turned her head to avoid looking into the eyes she thought was disappointed in

“ I love you kitten, and I’ll help you in whatever way I can, I promise.” Xena
then laid her head on Diana’s shoulder and laid with her until Diana drifted

Xena then got up and went out of the chamber and went to the library, leaving
instructions for the servants to send for her if Diana awoke. Questra and
Gabrielle went to the healer’s chamber where the healer Mai-chi sutured
Questra’s injury, and then dressed it.

Meanwhile, while Diana was sleeping, exhausted from all of her exertion
suddenly a form crystallized in the chamber.

“ Well, well, well, I thought you would never be left alone.” The voice

Diana opened her eyes to find Questra looking down at her. Diana once again
came to life and she begun to struggle to get loose of the ties, but found she

“ Yes Diana, I think you realize it is me, from there to here, you know....”
Questra said sitting down on the bed next to Diana, and running her fingers
lightly over Diana’s gown covered body. “ I finally get hold of one of my
desires, I thought you would never be left alone long enough for me to come
and get you.”

“ What are you saying?!” Diana seethe.

“ I’m saying that everything I did, I did for one reason, for you, my desire
for you is unsatiable, and the only way to quench it is to satisfy that

“ I thought you were using my sister for that?”

“ No, I only used her to keep me from tightening up to much, but she’s no YOU,
or Gabrielle, but I don’t think after this, that they will let her out of
their sight, not even for a moment, looks like it’s you and me again
Consort, only this time, I’m afraid you won’t be able to use your hands.
You’ll remain tied down, but on a different bed.”

“ You did all of this, you killed my ex, my SISTER! So you could bed ME?!”
Diana asked astonished at the news.

“ Yes.” Questra the clone said simply.

Diana’s mouth fell open, and then she screamed for the thousandth time. The
Palace once again was startled and Xena and Questra and Gabrielle all flew
from where they were in time to see Questra, and hear her parting words.

“ She’s mine now Xena, bye.” And Questra the clone vanished with Diana.

Xena now shouted to the heavens as she fell to her knees and holding her head
devastated by the thoughts of what Questra had planned for Diana. Questra then
motioned for Gabrielle to tend to Xena, while she went to go and see a man.


“ Lord Questra, It’s been a while since I’ve heard from you, is there a
problem?” Ares purred.

“ Your behind this aren’t you?”

“ What makes you think that?”

“ Because it all fits together! The War, the time traveling, and now this last
stunt by Questra, taking Diana and DISAPPEARING, it had to be a God behind it,
she didn’t have the ability to vanish in thin air. All I want to know is why?
And where are they?” Questra demanded.

“ Well.....your right, it was me, wasn’t it just played out so perfectly, you
know Diana is right, I am the smarter of the Gods.”

“ Ares....w.h.e.r.e. a.r.e...t.h.e.y?”

“ Now why would I tell you that? Besides I gave her my word that if she gave
me a nice little war, I would grant her request.”

“ Which was?”

“ To have Diana, what else? That’s what everyone wants, whether they admit it
or not, she is a rare commodity.”

“ I thought you were suppose to have feelings for The Conqueror?”

“ Oh I do, but she’s gone so soft, I mean when was the last time she raided

“ Ares you owe her,she did your bidding all of those years to become The
Conqueror, and now when she’s at the point where she can truly enjoy it, you
take the one person from her, who makes up her soul, and you hand her over to
a demented woman who will more than likely torture her, Why?! I know you
yourself have lusted after Diana, so what now, you and Questra take turns with
her, hasn’t that girl been through enough already? Why can’t you and all of
the rest of the Gods stay out of all of our lives? But that would be too great
a challenge for you.” Questra snarled at the God of war.

“ Mmmm, you know your beautiful when your angry?”

“ ARES! Where?!!”

“ I’ll tell you this, she can’t go back to the future, she is somewhere in
this time.”

“ Where?”

“ That’s all I can tell you about that, but I will tell you this also, I
allowed all of this because I want My Conqueror back, and what better way than
to rip her heart out, hmmmm? Besides this was Questra’s plan the whole time,
all she wanted was Diana, everything else was just to distract.” Ares then

Questra turned and went to speak with Miki, the head of Xena’s Royal army.

“ I want every land from here to the farthest lands searched, every house,
hovel, Palace, castle, tavern, Inn, anywhere that a person can hide, I want it
searched, starting with this Palace and it’s surrounding grounds, and then my
Palace, and then Shatara’s old castle!” Questra commanded.

“ Yes Lord Questra it will be done.”

“ Go, and I want updated reports.”

“ Yes Lord Questra.”

Questra then dismissed the Lt, and the Captains. She then headed back to go
and check on Xena and Gabrielle. When she arrived back at the chamber she
found Xena had composed herself, and was sitting at the table in the bed
chamber caressing with her fingers, inattentively, over a necklace of Diana’s,
that had been set on the table. Xena gaze was faraway as she thought about
what was happening to Diana, the weight of her guilt washing over her again
and again, at having failed Diana once more.

Gabrielle wasn’t doing much better, she was sitting on the bed, just watching
Xena, and knowing the pain she was feeling, but she was not able to cry, her
eyes were moist, but the tears only teetered on the edge, she felt helpless.

When Questra had come into the chamber, Gabrielle simply looked over at her,
and then with a slight shake of her head to answer Questra’s unasked question,
yet her eyes asked. Gabrielle then lowered her eyes to her hands and she took
on a faraway gaze, as she inattentively played with her fingers.

Questra walked over to the table and sat down at it across from Xena, for a
moment she just watched her, and then she placed her hand over top of Xena’s
moving hand, and Xena stopped and looked over at her, her eyes angry, yet the
anguish was obvious.

“ I found out from Ares, that Questra is somewhere in this time, he said she
couldn’t go back to that other time, I assumed that meant it was a one time
deal? Anyway, he said this was her plan from the start. Xena I’ve sent out
search parties to every land, to search any and everywhere a person could
live. Xena we will find her, I know it.” Questra said reassuringly.

“ But how will we find her? Broken, hurt, disfigured, half dead, dead, how?”
Xena asked distraught over the thoughts.

Questra wiped her eyes, and then sat back in her chair, and with her hand
still on top of Xena’s she too now let her gaze drift, as she thought about
the probability of what Xena had just said. The three of them stayed like that
for a long time, each hoping within their hearts that Diana would be alright,
but all unwilling to accept that she wouldn’t, but realizing, they had no
choice in the matter, all they could do was search.

Meanwhile, in a cave under the earth, Questra had retied Diana down, only this
time she was on her bed, Diana struggled to get free, but the binders held her
firmly in place. The cave was lavishly made up. It looked like a Palace
without the obvious building of one.

The ground was covered with thick furs, the walls hand paintings, it was a
home for all intent and purpose.

“ You might as well stop struggling little one, you can not break those?”

“ What do you want from me?” Diana shouted at the woman sitting on the bed
watching her.

“ You. That’s it.”

“ All of those people died, just so you could have me?!”

“ Yes. Isn’t that something, you actually broke Helen of Troy’s record, only
it wasn’t ships.”

“ Your crazy.”

“ Maybe, but it was your own craziness that got you tied down in the first
place, thereby opening the door for me to walk right in and take you.”

Diana looked away. Defying the woman warrior.

“ Look at me.” Questra said calmly.

Diana kept her eyes averted.

“ Little one, you know what I am capable of, do you really want to try my
nonexisting patiences?”

Diana’s expression took on a thoughtful gaze, and then she slowly looked back
and at the warrior. Questra smiled a satisfied type of smile, then said in a
settled voice.

“ Good little girl, keep doing what your told, and I won’t Break anything.”

Diana instinctively looked down towards her legs, although she could not see
them, the memory of having had it broken was still very vivid in her mind.

“ I see you remember, good, that should keep you behaving yourself. Now, to
get to work, you have a lot of catching up to do, my little Consort.” Questra
taunted as she began undoing the gown Diana was wearing.

Diana once again begin to struggle, trying to fight free of Questra’s now busy
hands. Questra gasped when she saw Diana’s breast and the glowing bronze
colored nipples.

“ Hmmm....those look to good to waste.” Questra then covered one with her the
palm of her hand and the other with her mouth as she begun feasting on them.

Diana screamed for her to stop, but it only fed her appetite, especially when
she felt the peaks tighten, she knew being a Chosen she would be able to get
Diana’s body to respond to her touch whether she wanted it to or not.

Questra drunk deeply from the port producing nipples, and then after candle
marks of just enjoying them, and Diana peaking along with her a few times, she
then lowered herself to Diana’s flower where she didn’t waste time teasing,
she was hungry for her taste, and she immediately buried her tongue deep
inside Diana, and connecting to her core Diana was dazed form the multiple
orgasms she had had, and now Questra was building Diana up once again this
time so as to feast on her essence, which is what she did, until Diana was
rendered unconscious.

Questra wiped her mouth with her fingers and slipped them into her mouth to
clean them of the last bit of Diana’s essences.

“ Ahhh.....that’s better.” She sighed, as she rolled off the bed and covering
Diana up enough to where Diana’s nipples were the only thing showing.

“ Sooooo......I see your enjoying yourself already?” Ares voice echoed in the

“ Ares, very much so. I desire is being fed, and I can feed it as often as I
want to.” Questra said as she finished tying her robe on.

“ are your accommodations acceptable?”

“ Yes, perfect. Who would ever think to look deep inside the earth in a cave?
Plus the decorations are not bad either, a little much, but comfortable.”

“ Great, so how’s she doing?”

“ She’s out, but that won’t be unusual, she’ll be out a lot.”

Ares walked over to the sleeping young girl and found her all the more
beautiful, he caressed her face and then he heard Questra’s voice behind him,
as she massaged his shoulders.

“ You want some don’t you Ares? Well...go ahead, you had a lot to do with me
having her here, although this will be a onetime thing Ares.”

“ Ares grinned evilly at the thought of having Diana, finally after all of the
years, but then just as he was about to caress over Diana’s breast, an image
appeared in his head.

“ If any of you Gods ever touch what is mine, I will hunt you down myself and
use my Dagger on you, and you know what that would mean.”

Ares hand suddenly jerked away from Diana’s breast as if he had been burned.

“ What is it?”

“ Nothing, she is for you to enjoy, so enjoy.”

“ Are you sure?”

“ Yes I’m sure, oh by the way, they know your still here, and there is a
massive search going on up there, the reward is HUGE.” Ares stated as he stood
up and walked to one of the comfortable swing chairs, and sat down.

“ I expected no less, I mean she is like the rare jewel of the world, and for
her to be taken would cause chaos. But, that does not concern me, I have what
I want, and I shall have her anytime I want to.”

“ But you realize you will have to go out at times to get food and water?”

“ Yes I realize that, but Lirra will handle those duties.”

“ Alright, well, I have to go, there’s an uprising that I need to fuel a
little to get it raging.”

“ Enjoy.” Questra purred as she headed back over to the bed and just as she
removed her robe, Ares called back to her.

“ You too.”

She gave him a look of intent, and then said in a lustful voice.

“ I will.” Then she crawled in the bed next to the sleeping woman and lying on
her side she took one of Diana’s nipples in her mouth and begun sucking on it
as she closed her eyes and a smile came to her lips as she felt Ares’s eyes
upon her and Diana.

Questra drifted off to sleep sucking on Diana’s taut nipple, and when the next
morning came, both she and Diana woke with a tightness.

“ Ahhh!” Diana exclaimed at the sensation in her belly.

“ Morning.” Questra’s voice rang from below. “ I’ve been waiting for you to
wake up, and now that you have, shall we get to work?” Questra then buried her
tongue deep inside Diana once again and again she feasted on her essence, but
rather than rendering her unconscious, she crawled back up Diana’s body and
placed a bruising kiss to her lips, then she slid her hands down into the
moist area of Diana’s flower and without prelude she thrusted into Diana’s
flower and begun pumping without mercy.

She brought Diana and herself to the peak numerous times, and each time she
drank deeply. The next few weeks were tearing to Diana’s soul, as it was to
Xena and Questra and Gabrielle. Diana was not concerned with her body being
used for Questra’s desires, it was the fact that her body was responding to
that use.

Afterwards Questra collasped over top of Diana, and then after catching her
breath she then rolled off of her and begun relishing the feel of Diana’s hot

“ are quite a lover little girl, I see why it’s hard to to control
one’s self with you. But I don’t have to control myself, I can have you as
often as I like, whenever I like, and I you can do is respond. What a ironic
benefit. As much as you hate me, you respond to me as if you were my willing
lover, well that and the fact that if you did anything I disapproved of, then
I would hurt you.”

Diana didn’t answer she just tried to turn her head to look away from Questra
but Questra held her cheeks so that she had to stay facing her. When she tried
to look away with her eyes, Questra scolded her and told her to look at her
when she was speaking to her. Diana reluctantly looked at her as she spoke to

“ That’s better. I wonder if you know?” Questra asked looking into Diana’s
eyes to see if she was curious, Diana maintained her flat gaze at Questra, and
Questra shrugged her shoulders and continued anyway.

“ Anyway, I know for a fact that My Xena, well use to be my Xena, has great
feelings for you. I see why she wants you physically, but I don’t know why she
would want to deal with that willful nature of yours everyday. I don’t
understand why anyone would want to. I mean you are without a doubt THE most
beautiful woman. I see nothing endearing about that willful nature at all, in
fact it only makes me want to hurt you. Questra said as she grabbed a handful
of Diana’s hair and held her head up so that her face was within inches of her
own face.

“ So I suggest you lose this attitude of yours right now, before I lose my

“ What do you want from me?! You have my body, you can do anything you want
with it, and I have no choice but to respond. What else do you want from me,
who are you trying to hurt? Me, Xena and them, all of us, Xena the Clone, who?
Why?” Diana asked with defiance in her tone.

“ Hahahaha, aren’t you something, and here I thought you were on the way to
being broken?”

“ Broken?”

“ Yes. I want to break you, I want to be able to take these restraints off of
you and have you so in fear of moving without my say so that I can leave you
here by yourself if I chose to and return to find you where I left you. But I
can’t do that at the moment, at least not until I break you.”

Diana jerked her hair from Questra’s loosen grip and turned her head, trying
to hide the tears that were forming. Questra in the meantime covered one of
Diana’s nipples with her mouth and begun sucking greedily on it, as her hand
moved Down Diana’s body and then disappeared in Diana’s soft hairs and then
buried deeply into Diana’s flower once again. This time by the time Questra
the clone finished with Diana, she left her unconscious, and then she left to
go and give some orders to Lirra.

Lirra then left the hidden cave as Ares appeared at the beckoning of Questra.
Meanwhile, Xena the clone was told that Diana had been taken away by Questra
the clone, and that there was no leads as to where she had taken her.

“ Lady Xena, The Palace of Xena The Conqueror is in an uproar about what’s
happened to Queen Diana, and the people search whenever they get a spare
moment, the soldiers are spread throughout the Realm, as well as further, I
told Lord Xena that I would send out my own soldiers to search for Queen Diana
as well.”

“ How is Lord Xena holding up?” Xena the clone asked.

“ She’s in shock, yet she continues to try to keep her mind busy with plans as
to where the soldiers should look for Diana, after they are unable to find her
in one place, she also continues to handle her Royal duties, but Lord Questra
has been able to get Xena to allow her to handle the searching details.”

“ Maybe I should go and offer my help?”

“ No, Lord Questra has sent word throughout the different provinces that while
the Royal household appreciates the outpouring of concern and the many offers
to join in the search, she has asked that people just keep their eyes open,
and report anything or anyone suspicious.”

“ Oh, well, I can’t just sit by and do nothing, I think I will go into town to
see if I can find out anything else.”

“ Oh, very well, I think you should cancel classes for a few days out of
respect for Queen Diana?”

“ I understand what your saying King Jensen, I think the people would like to
do something to help in their own way.”

“ Thank you for understanding.”

“ No need to thank me, I was planning on canceling classes myself.” Xena said
with a smirk, and then she stood up and excused herself as she left to go to
the town, after talking with some of the locals she then left town in one of
the carriages and went to visit some of the surrounding towns. Over the next
few weeks, people settled back into their routines, but everyone kept their
eyes out for Queen Diana. The only one’s still searching was The armies.

One day Xena the clone was out in one of the towns outside of King Jensen
province. She was there to buy a few things for her classes, after she had
ordered what she wanted she then left the store to go to the tavern to get
something to cool her off, when as she was heading for the tavern, she saw
someone, whom she had not seen for a while, at least since she and Questra the
clone went their own way.

“ Lirra? She watched Lirra go into one of the merchant stores and come out
with a pouchful of food, and supplies.

Xena’s brows knitted, and she watched Lirra, and became suspicious by the way
she looked around, and then headed off in the direction towards the woods.
Xena looked up into the sky and saw the dark clouds rolling it, she knew there
was a bad storm coming, and since it was near Solstice time of year it was
already cold. Xena the clone went into her warriors mode and begun following
her, she followed her for quite a while before Lirra finally arrived back at
the underground cave.

Lirra looked around once again to make sure she had not been followed and once
she was sure she hadn’t been, she then stepped into the solid looking wall and
begun her track to the living area, which was deep down. Xena the clone stole
her way into the cave and listened and then followed Lirra to the living area.

Lirra arrived back just in time to hear Questra sigh and then see her roll off
of Diana.

“ My Lord, I’ve returned.”

“ Oh....Lirra, I’ll be there in a bit, I need to catch my breath.”

“ Yes My Lord, I’ll wait for you in the other area.”

Questra just nodded her head and laid back down, and closed her eyes to rest.
Meanwhile Xena had made it into the cave and was now hiding, and listening
with rage in her eyes that Questra was using Diana the way she was, and from
where she was hiding she could see that Diana’s cheeks were a little red, both
her behind and her face, where it was obvious Questra had lost her temper with
Diana a few times, and she punished her.

Xena gazed at how lovely Diana looked and how sad she looked also, her heart
broke for her.

Xena sent a shielded thought to Diana.

“ Diana, I’m going to get you out of here, okay? Don’t answer me, she’ll read
your thoughts, just know that I’m here.”

Diana let the tears she had been trying to keep from rolling again, fall
freely, as she turned her head towards the direction she thought Xena was in,
and when she saw Xena moved a glass slightly with her mind on the table she
was floating above, hidden in the dark recess area of the cave.

When Questra finally rose and came out of the bed area and went to talk to
Lirra, and see what all she brought back for them, Xena slipped around inside
the bed area and immediately went to freeing Diana.

“ Your not Xena?”

“ No Diana, I’m the other one. But we don’t have time to talk, we have to get
out of here, can you walk?”

“ No, I am complete drained of energy, My Legs feel like jelly, she’s taken me
almost every moment of the day for the last few weeks, I have no strength.”
Diana said embarrassed by her circumstances.

Xena smirked at her and then said with an understanding smile.

“ No problem, I’ll carry you, it’s not like you weight anything?” She then let
one of her nails extend slightly out and she placed it inside the lock of the
shackles and made them form into the shape of the lock, she then opened it and
once she had opened all of them, she gathered up Diana and a few blankets in
her arms and then floated herself and Diana back up and she eased them around
the crevices of the dark areas of the cave and then over and past Questra.
She then lifted the pack of food Lirra had just bought, and covered them with
the blankets that covered Diana.

Just as she had made it out of the living area and had lowered them to the
ground she begun running with Diana, but Lirra happen to see her land and she
called to Questra.

“ My Lord It’s Lord Xena, she has Diana!!”

Xena pulled one of her Daggers she had hidden on her person and launched it
back at Lirra, catching her in the chest. Lirra flew backwards into Questra,
who was running after them, therefore it knocked her backwards and Xena turned
and continued to run with Diana.

Questra grabbed the knife and threw it back at Xena, but Xena was on an
incline, and so when it struck it did not catch her in the back as it was
intended to, but instead it caught her in the thigh, and she buckled for a
moment, but then steadied herself and readjusting Diana, she ignored the pain
and continued to run, now going on adrenalin, she could have chose to fight
Questra, but knowing Questra she would take out her frustration on Diana.

Xena made it to the entrance of the cave and she saw how it was pouring down
rain, she covered Diana up tightly and then flew threw the rain, she ran until
her legs were about to collapse out from under her, she had lost a lot of
blood, and the knife was still embedded in her thigh, and she had been running
for what seem like days in the cold rain, she was weaken from the blood lost
and therefore she became susceptible to the cold.

“ Xena we have to find shelter, you can’t keep going, please?” Diana begged of
the struggling woman.

“ No, we have to get you back home.”

“ Xena....listen to me, home is almost a weeks journey from here, please? Plus
I’m really cold.” Diana said using herself as the excuse to allow Xena to

“ Okay, I know of someplace we can hide until this rain passes.”

“ Or until we’re decide to move on again.” Diana interjected.

Xena looked up and over towards a cliff, and she saw a indention in the wall
of it.

“ There, if we can make it to that we’ll be able to rest.” Xena pointed

“ But how are we going to get up there? Your in no shape to climb, and I know
I’m not?”

“ Then we’ll float, but I need your help, okay?”

“ Okay.”

Diana and Xena then used their minds to lift them up to the indention in the
wall of the cliff which Diana discovered it was another cave. They went
inside, and Xena formed a wall that extended out over the ledge so that it no
longer showed as an indention, but more like a side of the cliff that had a
outcropping of stones.

Xena quickly set Diana down and begun gathering wood to make a fire, after a
bit she had a roaring fire going. She then removed the wet outer blankets from
around Diana and hung them in a way so that they would dry, and then the two
she left on Diana, they were wet also, but not as much, so she decided to
leave them on her. She then sat herself down and pulling out the dagger, she
cleaned the wound and then dressed it, and then checking on Diana once more,
she then sat down and let her exhaustion over take her.

Diana had been asking her to take the dagger out before she did anything else,
but she acted as though she did not hear her and just continued to fix things.
When she finally sat down she had some cloth and her dagger was in the fire
the blade part heating, so she could cauterize the wound after she pulled the
dagger out.

She picked up the dagger and then pulling the dagger that was embedded in her
thigh out she quickly and smoothly inserted the heated Dagger. She flinched at
the pain but she did not scream out from it, she then pulled out the dagger
after it had stopped bleeding and she cleaned it and then dressed it.

By the time she was exhausted. After checking on Diana once more who could
only watch her, due to how completely drained of energy she was, Xena then
wrapped Diana up tightly in the damp blanket and she then laid herself down
behind her, and closing her eyes she said, “ everything would be alright,” and
then she drifted off.

The next morning Diana awoke, her strength back for the most part, she rolled
out of Xena’s arms and then she started to unwrapped herself out of the
blanket, because it was freezing, but she discovered that it was even more
cold without it. She rewrapped herself. She then went to check on Xena, but
she was surprised Xena’s skin as hot as fire, she was moaning in her sleep.

“ For Gaia sakes Xena, your burning up.” Diana said to the feverish woman, who
was shivering despite her fever.

Diana went to her feet she went about restarting the fire, she then got the
pack and looking inside she found some herbs and other things as well as food,
and she brought the herbs out and finding the ones she wanted she then pulled
out a bowl of sorts and crushing the herds she then heated them and made a
soup out of them, she then let it simmer over the fire while she went to
undress Xena out of her still wet clothes, only now they were like ice on her
hot body.

Diana undressed her and getting one of the blankets that had rewarmed due to
the fire it was hanging over, she warmed Xena in it and then she got the soup
and setting it off to the side for a moment she then positioned herself
against a large stone, and taking Xena’s head in her lap, she lifted her up
slightly and then she called her.

“ Xena? Xena.....can you hear me?”

Xena groaned at the discomfort she felt in her body, but after Diana called
her a few more times, she deliriously opened her eyes.

“ Xena, you have a fever, we have to get it down, so I need for you to drink
this.” Diana said to the blurry eyes woman. Diana lifted the bowl to Xena’s
mouth and she tried to take hold of the bowl but found her arms and things
were not working the way they needed to to grip the bowl, so she let Diana
hold it as she drunk it, some dripped down Xena’ neck, but she had drunk most
of it, so Diana was not concern with the few drips lost.

Diana then resettled Xena down on the ground but now she had unwrapped herself
out of the blanket she was in and made a pallet so as to lay Xena on it. Then
she went and got the other blanket that was now rewarmed and wrapped herself
up in it, she then made herself something to eat and then cleaned everything
up, and then she heated up the soup for Xena’s fever once again and throughout
the day she fed it to her, and the day past slowly with Diana tending to Xena,
on the third day, Xena finally awoke on her own, although she was dazed, she
at least was able to focus her eyes.

“ Diana.” She said weakly.

“ Xena? How are you feeling?” Diana answered back as she came over to where
Xena was trying to sit herself up but not being very successful. Here, let me
help you.” Diana offered and she placed the soup down and helped Xena sit up
and get comfortable, she then replaced Xena’s cooled blanket with a warm one
and hung the cool one over the fire to warm.

Diana then settled down on her knees resting on her heels as she offered the
soup to Xena, after touching her head.

“ Your fever has been bouncing around, so I’ve been giving you the herbs to
help take it away, it’s working, but you have a little ways to go. How are you

“ Tired, but better.” Xena the clone said as she rendered a half smile to

Xena drunk the soup, and then watched Diana as she tended to her wound and
then made sure she was wrapped up warmly in the blankets.

“ Is that okay?” Diana asked as she moved damp hair out of Xena’s face.

“ Yes, thank you.”

Diana leaned back on her heels and gave a polite smile and then turned to
restoke the fire.

Xena watched her, studying her, and her curiosity got the better of her.

“ Diana?”

“ Yes?” she answered without stopping what she was doing but looking over her
shoulder to let Xena know she was listening to her, and to continue.

“ Why are you doing this?”

“ What?” Diana asked still finishing what she was doing, and then dusting her
hands off she turned and went to face Xena.

“ All of this?”

“ Why do you think?” Diana asked with knitted brows.

“ I’m not sure.”

“ Well it’s not anything profound or anything. because you risked yourself to
save me from Questra, and was injured as a result of it, and came down with a
fever from the weather and the large amount of blood you lost. I really don’t
see how I could do any less, I mean I do consider us to be friends, right?”

“ Yes.”

“ Well then, there’s your answer, I did it for a friend.” Diana said matter of

Xena heard a tone to Diana’s voice and her brows knitted.

“ Diana?”

“ Yes?” Diana asked as she rewrapped herself more warmly.

“ What’s wrong?”

“ What do you mean?”

“ I mean, I sense that you are uncomfortable with me for some reason, did I do

“ No.” Diana said somewhat curtly.

“ Diana tell me?”

“ Tell you what?” Diana stalled.

“ Diana I’m not up to trying to pull it from you, please tell me, maybe I can
alleviated your discomfort with me?” Xena said as she tried to lay herself
back down.

Diana went to help her, and once she had settled her down, and made sure she
was comfortable she then turned herself to sit against the stone, as she
watched Xena out the corner of her eyes. Xena saw it and then she asked again.

“ Are you going to tell me?”

“ Tell you what?”

Xena finally picked up what was bothering Diana.

“ Aha.... your uncomfortable because I’m a clone, and your having a little
problem with separating me from Questra?”

“ That’s ridiculous.” Diana said.

“ Is it? I don’t think so, your seeing Questra in me because of us both being
a clone. Do you still believe me to be evil Diana, after everything you’ve


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