To Love, To Need, To Desire: Part 3c
By D.virtue

Xena asked as a cold chill swept upon her and she shivered. Diana saw it and
added more cover to Xena’s body.

“ Thank you. Now answer my question. Do you believe me to still be evil?”

“ No. Not at all, in fact I am very proud of you for the changes that you have
made in your life, it’s a compliment to the King and the people of his
province to have such a good person among them.” Diana stated honestly.

“ So your saying your not seeing me as Questra’s cohort?” Xena asked as she
shivered among the two blankets.

“ Yes. It’s just that.....” Diana said pausing to glance at Xena as she spoke
to her. “ It’s just that I just thought about the first time you two showed
up, and a passing feeling went through me.”

“ What? Hate?”

Diana looked at Xena for a moment, and then she lowered her eyes and thought
for a moment to herself.

“ Xena you need to get some rest, I can see how tired you are, your fighting
to stay awake, you need to rest, we can talk about this later, okay?” Diana
stated as she changed the subject.

“ I am tired, but your right, we will talk about this later.” Xena then closed
her eyes and after a few minutes she drifted off.

The next few days had Xena coming in and out of lucidness, the times that she
was lucid, Diana made sure to to keep the conversation on things about what
Xena has done since moving to the city she was living in, they talked about
many things, they laughed about a lot, Xena said things at times that made
Diana blush, and at other times she found herself looking at the clone Xena,
and seeing her Xena in her.

Whenever the conversation went to Questra the clone, Diana would get quiet,
but Xena made her talk about it, Xena knew that she had to get Diana to talk
about it, to let out the pain and the rage she was feeling towards the clone

One day while they were sitting next to each other and Xena was going through
one of her shivering moments, she looked at Diana and asked, “ So tell me
Diana, you were having feelings of hate towards me, why? I mean considering
you said you loved me?”

Diana looked away from Xena and holding her own blanket around her, she
glanced up at Xena, only to discover she was looking steadily at her.

“ Xena......I have to tell you something....”

“ What? “ Xena asked with her eyes narrowing slightly.

Diana saw it, and she suddenly felt the need to move away from Xena. She moved
to the fire and poked at it for a moment, and then after it was blazing the
way she wanted it, she turned back around and rested back on her heels. Xena
just sat waiting for Diana to finish.

Diana chewed her lips when she saw the expression on Xena’s face, one of
studied intensity.

“ Back when you first asked me if I loved you, I was not......quite honest
with you, in fact I lied.” Diana looked up at Xena and saw that her jaw had
tighten, and despite the cold, Diana felt the burn of Xena’s eyes on her.

“ Why?” Xena asked through her shivering teeth.

“ Because, at that time, Xena saw something in you that I didn’t, that I
refused to allow myself to see, she saw the possibilities in you, all I saw
was an evil creature that I hated, all I wanted to see was your blood pouring
from your heart, but being who you were, that was not possible, so I was
willing to settle for you being banished to that place where you would never
be able to escape, you or Questra, I wanted you to suffer with your need of
me, I wanted to believe that you would be there doubled over unable to move
because of the pain of your need, I wanted you to suffer, I hated you with
such an intensity that I thought I was going to be consumed by it, I would
have told you back then, I wanted to tell you, but Xena told me not to, she
commanded me not to, so I told you a half truth, I did love you, but not
because of you, I loved you when I thought you were my Xena, and that was the
only time at that time that I loved you. I’m sorry for the lie.” Diana
finished as she then sat on her behind and crossed her legs in Indian fashion,
as she looked over her brows.

Xena sat glaring at Diana, both in shock, and in anger.

“ So what about when we were talking at the school, did you lie then?” Xena
asked pointedly.

“ Yes. But now, my feelings for you have really changed, I no longer hold
those feelings.” Diana said quickly.

“ Really?” Xena said with a growl as she looked away from Diana with disgust.

Diana sat feeling bad about her deception of Xena.

Diana moved over to the shivering woman.

“ We have to get you warm, here? I’ll wrap you in this blanket and I’ll sit by
the fire to stay warm.” Diana said as she started to unwrap herself out of the
blanket, to give to Xena.

“ Keep it.” Xena hissed as she held her blankets tighter around herself.

“ Xena, you need to get warm.” Diana said trying to show her contriteness.

“ I said NO!” Xena snarled as she glared at Diana.

Diana moved back away from her and sat across from the now angry woman.

“ Xena, you have to know that what you did was just as wrong as what I did?”

“ And that makes it alright?” Xena said tightly.

“ no. But I would hope you understand how and why I felt the way I did?”

“ Oh, I understand, you didn’t want me to cause a problem, you wanted me to go
away peacefully, and I did, because of what I believed about your feelings for
me, but now I see it was all a lie! Clever little girl.” Xena smirked

“ Listen Xena, I know what I did was wrong, and I am truly sorry for it, but
you did start it, you should have never tried to deceive me, you were just as
wrong!” Diana shot back, Xena now came out of her blanket and was on top of
Diana in a flash, which shocked Diana, considering how weak Xena had been.

“ Yes Diana I was wrong, wrong to think that you cared about me, wrong to
think that I could change, wrong to think that you would or could be honest
with me, why should you?! I’m just a clone, a no body, fine, I’ll be a nobody!
But I can assure you, you won’t like it.” Xena then got off of Diana and moved
back over to her place and rewrapping herself up she then sat and scowled at

Diana shakily sat back up and then recovered herself with her blanket.

“ Get me some soup little girl.” Xena growled at Diana.

Diana looked at her, tears balancing to fall, she moved to rewarm the soup, as
it was warming she let her tears fall, while her back was to Xena, she wiped
her eyes every now and then, and Xena knew what she was doing, and despite her
anger, she still felt for Diana, she rolled her eyes at the thoughts, and then
looked back at Diana.

“ Any day now.” she called.

Diana wiped her eyes once again, and then she moved to take the soup off of
the heat. she poured some in the bowl and then she made her way back to Xena
and handed it to her, as she glanced up at her.

Xena didn’t break her expression, she just looked at Diana with anger. Diana
then lowered her hands back to her lap and was going to sit where she was, but
Xena spoke to her.

“ You sleep over there from now on, until we leave here.”

“ But Xena, you need to be tended to.”

“ By who? You? Why? I can take care of myself, now get over there!” Xena

Diana looked at her with hurt in her eyes, and she then lifted the blanket out
of the way and stormed over to the other side of the fire. She then sat and
crossing her arms over her chest she looked at Xena and she pouted. She then
remembered how Xena felt about that and she turned away.

Xena sat looking at the young girl, and despite how she use to feel about
Diana’s pouting, she actually found herself amused by it. The day passed with
tension in the cave, but, the only talking was Xena ordering Diana to do
something, outside of that she didn’t speak to her, Diana tried a few times to
talk to Xena, but was silenced by certain looks from Xena.

By the time the night came, Xena had been sleep for about a candlemark. Diana
had restoked the fire before she went to lay down, but she looked over at Xena
and saw her shaking. Diana walked over to where Xena was laying and kneeling
down, she touched Xena’s forehead tentatively, not sure if Xena would wake up
and knock her across to the other side.

“ Xena, your freezing.” Diana gasped as she felt how icy cold Xena’s skin was
despite being wrapped in two of the blankets and lying near the fire.

Diana looked around the cave, trying to find a way to make Xena warmer, then
it came to her. “ Body heat.” she said to herself as she glanced at Xena and
seeing how her chilling was making her body shake, she then made up her mind.

Diana unwrapped herself out of the blanket she had around herself, and
covering Xena with it, she then climbed her nude body under the blankets with
Xena’s nude body, Diana jumped at how freezing cold Xena’s body was, but then
she wrapped her arms around Xena, as she wrapped her body around Xena’s cold

Diana then closed her eyes and went to sleep, Xena woke up the next day,
feeling much better, when she opened her eyes, she realized she felt a light
weight on her, when she looked back she was shocked to find it was Diana,
laying against her, both of them naked, she knitted her brows trying to figure
out what happened, that brought Diana to her, like this.

“ Diana.” Xena called as she rolled over in Diana’s arms and Diana’s arms now
rested against her abdomen, Diana snuggled closer to Xena, obviously only
moving to make sure Xena stayed warm, but not realizing Xena was now awake and
aware. “ Diana.” Xena called again, now on her side looking down at Diana.

“ Mmm... ?” Diana asked with her eyes still closed as she stretched her body.

“ What are you doing?”

“ Diana’s eyes now shot wide open and she went to sit up but Xena caught her
and held her where she was.

“, you were freezing, so I had to find a way to warm you up,
this was the only way I found that worked. I’ll move.” Diana said as she again
tried to sit up.

“ You did this despite how you feel about me, and how I’ve treated you?”

“ Xena, I no longer feel that way about you, I told you that, I told you that
I was very proud of you, that’s why I had to tell you the truth, I wanted our
friendship based on honesty and trust, and I couldn’t continue with that lie,
not after all you did to prove yourself, it was wrong to continue in that lie,
I hope you will be able to forgive me for it, although I will understand if
your not able to, but at least you know.”

“ So, are you saying you love me now Diana?”

“ As a dear friend.....yes. I have so much admiration of you, that my heart
jumps for joy everytime I think about how much you have changed. You have done
yourself proud.” Diana said with sincerity and honesty flowing like water from
her lips.

Xena smiled down at her, and then with a different look in her eyes, she
leaned down, and placed a kiss on Diana’s lips. At first it was just that, a
kiss of forgiveness, but once their lips touched, Diana felt her body tighten
at the thought of her Xena, and when Xena felt it, her defenses dropped and
the energy of her passion flooded over her, and crashed into Diana.

“ AHH!!!” Diana gasped as she felt the physical force of Xena’s pent up

Xena covered Diana’s mouth again and this time Diana responded to it, and the
two son were kissing as if they were lovers. Xena’s hands ran over Diana’s
body and she caressed and kneaded Diana’s breast and taut nipples.

Diana moaned as she felt so tight she didn’t know if she would be able to calm
down. Xena covered Diana’s nipple with her mouth and she sucked hungrily on
it. The two sated their raging passion, Xena moaned and growled at times
during the intense needful releases she experienced with Diana, time and time

Finally, by the end of the day, the two laid unconscious up until the next
day. When the two woke up that morning, they both felt relaxed although Diana
had fear in her eyes.

“ What is it Diana?” Xena asked with concern in her own eyes at the thought
that Diana now regretted what they had done.

“ I was just thinking.”

“ Are you sorry for letting me take you?”

“ No. I needed you as much as you wanted and needed me. I needed to feel
Xena’s arms around me, I wanted to feel safe, and you were the perfect person
to allow that need to be temporarily filled.” Diana smiled sheepishly at her

“ I see, well I guess I can live with the idea that you USED me.” Xena said
with a teasing derisiveness in her voice.

Diana was now looking at her thoughtfully.

“ So what were you thinking about?”

“ Xena, and how she’s going to take this news that I willingly slept with
someone else, especially you.”

“ Your going to tell her?!” Xena asked stunned.

“ Yes, I can’t let her find out by accident, it would hurt her so deeply, but
if I tell her, then she’ll get pissed, and she’ll probably punish me, and who
knows what else, but she’ll forgive me, and we can then put it behind us, and
I’ll do whatever I have to to make it up to her for the pain I know she will
go through everytime she looks at me.” Diana said as her eyes took on a
faraway gaze.

“ Well I understand that.” Xena said bring Diana back to the moment. “ But I
don’t think you should tell her right off, I think you should wait a bit to
let things settle back down to some sense of normalcy, that way she won’t feel
so out of control, I can tell you now, if you were to tell me something like
that, after everything that has happened, I would probably hurt you, that’s
only speaking from the knowledge of how Xena will react. I mean I am her
clone, therefore I know how she thinks, and will think.”

Diana looked at Xena thoughtfully as her brows knitted, and then with a small
smile, she said, “ Okay, I won’t tell her right away.”

“ Good, now I think we should get going, it’s been almost a week, I know Xena
and all of them are beside themselves with grief over what might have happened
to you.’

“ Yes, it’s been almost 6 months since Xena kidnapped me.”

“ By the way....” Xena started as she quickly dressed in her clothes, but she
gave her blouse to Diana, and she only wore the vest to cover her breast. “
Why did Questra kidnap you, and how did she get her hands on you?”

“ She killed my sister.” Diana said with pain and hate shining in her eyes.

“ GABRIELLE??!!” Xena gasped.

“ No, my other sister from my time, she threw her dagger into her back and
pinned her against a wall, she then ripped the dagger from her back and let
her fall to the floor. She let her lay there, she didn’t even look back at
her, and all we could do was just watch it, it was like slow motion. “ Diana
said as she once again took on a faraway gaze.

“ Diana I am sorry.” I know how much you love your family, I wish I could do
something to take that pain away.”

“ There’s nothing you can do, it’ll be with me until the day I die, just Like
my other sister’s death is still just as painful as if it were yesterday. She
also killed some of my Ex-Chosen, and she did it all so that she could get her
hands on me and use me as her sex toy, such a waste.’ Diana said as she
couldn't hold back the tears, and she covered her face and cried. Xena kneeled
back down next to Diana and took her in her arms and held her as Diana sobbed.

After a while the two were headed to the town where Xena had left her carriage
a week ago. It took them weeks to make it back to the town, and then from
there they headed to the Palace.

“ Two people on horseback approaches!!” Came the call from one of the sentries
on the wall.

“ WHO?” Came the question from Draco.

“ Unknown, they are too far away to tell, but it’s two women.”

“ Open the gates!” Draco ordered.

The gates immediately begun to open, and when the two women got closer, they
slowed their horses and galloped to the entrance.

“ IT’S HER HIGHEST!!! Along with someone who looks like Lord Xena!!”

“ Send word to Lord Xena That Her Highest has returned, also to her sister and
Lord Questra.” Draco ordered as he moved to greet the returning Queen.

“ Your Majesty, it’s wonderful to see you unharmed, Lord Xena will be elated
by the news.” Draco gushed as he helped Diana down off of the horse.

“ Thank you Advisor Draco. You remember Lady Xena?”

“ Yes, hello Lady Xena, if it is your doing that has brought us back our Queen
safely to us, then I am honored to welcome you into the home of Xena The
Conqueror, and I know she will be just as grateful, as will the people.”

Suddenly Xena flew out the doors of the palace and after a moment to locate
and absorb the fact that it was indeed Diana, she flew to her and swept her up
in her arms and held her tightly to her.

“ Oh Kitten it is you, your alright, your back, I’ve missed you so painfully
much, I thought I wouldn’t make it day to day, but I had to I had to keep the
searches on, OhHH...kitten, Oh....your home, I promise I will make this up to
you, I will NEVER let anyone take you from me again, never let anyone hurt my
kitten, OH....Kitten, I’m so sorry, please forgive me?” Xena gushed as her
anguish and relief and pain, and everything she had felt now came out.

Diana just held Xena tightly, just feeling the protective arms, the love the
bliss of being back home. After a while Diana leaned back, and bringing her
arms up to Xena’s cheeks to hold her head up, she then said in a loving voice.

“ There is absolutely nothing for you to be sorry for, there is no blame in me
towards my I feel nothing but comfort, security, and love for
you and about you. Questra used my body. But that’s over, my soul is at peace,
and my love for you is stronger because of it. You My Love are my strength,
and I shall never hold a negative thought about you. I can’t, my love for My
Goddess is beyond any time or place. Thank you.” Diana finished as she kissed
Xena’s trembling lips and then she wrapped her arms around Xena once again and
just held on to her for a while longer.

Xena buried her head in Diana’s tresses as she let her tears roll. Diana then
gave a final squeeze to Xena and leaning back she remembered who was

“ Oh, Xena, I want you to meet the person who rescued me from Questra, and was
injured and came down with a fever, and was very sick, because of all of it?”

“ Whoever it is, will have whatever their heart desires....other than you.”
Xena said giving her oath.

Diana smiled at her, and then she turned her around to see the woman.

“ Xena? You? You saved Diana?” Xena asked in shock.

“ Yes, I saw Lirra, and I followed her to where Questra was hidden, I then
took Diana, and we escaped.”

“ Don’t forget to tell her about Lirra?” Diana interjected excitedly, which
caused Xena to look down at Diana, and then back over at Xena with inquisitive

“ I killed her, when she called out to Questra to warn her that I had Diana.”
Xena the clone said with a bit of a smirk on her face at Diana’s reaction.

Xena smirked back and gave a slight nod of her head as she acknowledged the
importance of having killed Lirra.

Xena then strolled over to where Xena the clone stood, and Xena bowed her head
in respect and when she lifted it back up, Xena stood studying her for a
moment, and then she she lifted her hand out to give a warriors grasp. Xena
the clone raised her own hand and caught Xena’s arms, while the two continued
to look at each other.

Suddenly Xena smiled and pulled the other Xena to her and gave her a hug.

“ Thank you so very much, whatever you want, it’s yours, along with my
friendship for as long as you want.” Xena whispered to the clone.

When Xena let her go, Diana walked up and wrapped her arms around Xena’s
waist, as Xena wrapped her arm around Diana’s shoulder and they stood looking
at Xena the clone trying to keep her tears at bay, but now they just rolled

She wiped her eyes quickly, and then she said with a tight throat. “ I only
wanted to make sure Diana was safe, I expect nothing, I would do it all again,
with all of the other things, as long as Diana could be happy.” Xena the clone
said as she raised a hand to Diana’s cheek and caressed it down to the chin,
and then she lowered it when Diana smiled at her.

“ Thank you for the offer, but it is not necessary at all Lord Xena, you know
how much I care for Diana. Well, I better get going, I know King Jensen will
be fearing my whereabouts, as well as the children. Diana, take care of
yourself. Lord Xena, I’m happy to have been the one to return her to you, I
know it hurt to think of what all could be happening to her, I know when I
found out, I feared all the worst. I’ll see you both later. Bye Diana, Lord
Xena. “

“ Thank you.” Xena said with tears in her eyes.

“ No need, she means the world to all of us.” Xena the clone said as she
turned to leave.

“ Xena?!!” Diana called as she looked at her Xena and Xena nodded her head.
Diana ran into Xena’s arms and wrapped her own around Xena and hugged her
tightly. “ Thank you, thank you, thank you.” Diana sobbed as Xena held her
tightly and whispered in her ears.

“ I love you.”

Diana gave her another squeeze and then she let go and said in response.

“ And I am so proud of you.”

Xena gave another caress to Diana’s cheek as she smiled a happy yet, sad
smile. she then turned and remounted her horse and once again she said goodbye
and then turning her horse she rode out of the open gate heading back to King
Jensen’s Province, and away from the pain of losing Diana once again.

Diana stood where she was just watching her go, as she held herself, and Xena
stepped up next to her and wrapped her arm over Diana’s shoulder as she too
watched the woman go.

“ Are you okay kitten?”

“ I’m home, in your arms, I can’t be anything else but. “ Diana said as she
smiled up at Xena, who then turned them and headed inside the palace.

“ Diana?!!!” Gabrielle squealed with utter joy.

“ Gabrielle!!!” Diana returned as the two wrapped their arms around each other
and hugged tightly.

“ Diana?!” Questra called, although there was an unsureness in her voice.

Diana heard it, and she walked up to Questra and without saying a word she
wrapped her arms around her and hugged her with her sincere love flowing
through her.

“ Haa!” Was all Questra could manage as she wrapped her arms around Diana and
held her. Tears rolling down both of their faces.

“ I am so sorry Ques....” Diana started.

“ No, there is nothing for you to apologize for, and if you try to again, I’ll
be very upset. Your safe return home is all that matters to me.” Questra said
looking Diana hard in the eyes.

Diana smiled and hugged her once again. The next few weeks were spent with all
of them talking about things, and helping Diana whenever they thought she
needed anything. Soon everything was back to normal and it was coming upon the
winter Solstice.

“ Diana I want to ask you something?”

“ Yes Love.” Diana answered as she turned on her back and floated in the large

Xena smirked at the view Diana was giving her, but she had something serious
on her mind so she tried to ignore Diana’s apparent seductive taunting.

“ What do you think about us cloning you?”

Diana lost her concentration and she sank under the water only to come back up
sputtering water.

“ Where did that come from?”

“ I think a gift like that would be perfect to show Xena our appreciation. I
mean I could not find you, she did. No telling what Questra had planned for
you after she....well you know what?”

“ Yes, well to be honest with you, I was thinking about it also.” Diana

“ Did the two of you talk about it at all?”

“ No, our conversation was about other things, and people and I told her the
truth about how I actually had hated her and wanted to see her dead.”

“ You what?!” Xena shouted.

Diana waded out of the bath and picking up her towel she begun drying herself.
Xena followed her, and did the same thing, they both put their robes on and
headed into the bed chamber. Diana then turned and sat on the bed while Xena
stood looking down at her in curiosity.

“ Yes, I told her, she got upset, she wouldn’t talk to me except to order me
to do something, like bring her soup or something else like that. Eventually,
after a few days of that, she was sleeping and I noticed she was shivering, so
I went to check on her, despite knowing she had told me to stay over on the
other side of the fire, I felt her forehead and she was freezing, I then felt
more of her skin and Xena she needed to be warmed up, and the only way I found
that worked was body heat.” Diana said as she stopped to look up at Xena.

“ Okay, you warmed her with your body, you had no choice.” Xena stated

“ Right, and when she woke up the next day she was pretty much back to
herself, she was unreadable when she discovered me holding her, but
eventually, we worked it out, and then.....” Diana said as she again stopped
to look up at Xena, who now was looking at her with studying eyes.

“ What?”

“ she kissed me, and my mind raced at how alike she was to you, I needed you,
I wanted to feel safe in your arms, you weren’t there, so I used her, and she
used me to fill her need of me.”

Xena’s mouth twitched, and she turned away, for a moment, and then when she
turned back she laid a slap to Diana’s cheek that sent her flying further onto
the bed.

“ I’m sorry, it was not about love or anything like that with her, it was just
a need, her’s and mines. I know your hurt by this, and I will take whatever
punishment you want to give me, but I wanted you to know, I was wrong, but I
needed you, I was scared.”

“ I’ll forgive you Diana, but I will have to come up with a way to keep an eye
on you.”

“ Are you saying you can’t trust me?”

“ No, I trust you, I understand, and I forgive you. But I am warning you. If
you EVER, bed anyone else, or her again, I will beat your behind until it is
blood red, do you understand?”

“ Perfectly, it will never happen again, I promise.”

“ Come here.” Xena said as she stood where she was.

Diana moved back to the edge of the bed and stood up. Xena lifted her head up
and cocking her head she then raised a brow as an ideal came to her. Diana saw
it and her brows knitted.

“ What?”

“ You’ll see, in the meantime, we need to go and talk with Shatara, oh, and
we’ll need one of these.” Xena said as she pulled two of Diana’s strands of
hair from her head.

“ OWW!! That hurt, my hair is not like most people’s you know?”

“ I know, that’s why I did it.”

“ hahaha, very funny, man, that hurt. Diana said as she rubbed her scalp.

“ lay with anyone else and your behind will hurt more.” Xena warned again as
she headed for the door of the bed chamber to leave and go see Shatara.

Diana stopped in her tracks, as she followed at the second warning.

“ No problem, it won’t happen again. Thank you for not getting pissed with

“ Oh, I’m pissed, but I’m just more happy that your back home with me for me
to get upset with, where you can try to make it up to me.” Xena smirked as she
glanced over her shoulder at the open mouth young girl. “ Close your mouth and
come on.” Xena ordered.

Diana’s mouth snapped shut and she strided to catch up with Xena. They arrived
in Shatara’s lab, and after they told her what they wanted to do, Shatara
smiled and said, “ Little beauty, you can wait out there until we’re finished.

“ Why? It’s me that your cloning, I should if anyone be the one in here.”
Diana stated put off by the ideal of being sent out the room, while they
perform a Frankenstein like procedure.

“ You’ll wait out there, until we’re finished.” Xena commanded.

“ But Xena, I can do this?”

“ I know, but it’s way to close to you for you to do, that’s why Shatara will
help me, now go.”

“ But Xena?” Diana said trying again to get Xena to allow her to stay.

Xena simply raised her brow at Diana and Diana finally turned and stormed out,
in a pout.

“ Okay Shatara, let’s get to work, but first I want you to make me a belt for

“ A belt?”

“ Yes, of sorts, actually I want to have a way of pulling Diana to me no
matter where she is, or what she is doing.” Xena explained.

“ Oh, I know what you want, well I can make create it for you, but it won’t be
a belt, it will be based more off of you summoning her with a signal.”

“ A signal?”

“ Yes, like a gesture of your hand, or fingers, or finger, or a thought, along
with a gesture. I think this one would be the better of the two, that way if
your just making idle movements with your hand or fingers or whatever, you
won’t summon her when you really didn’t mean to.”

“ Okay, that’s fine, make it so that when I do this....” Xena made a gesture
with her finger indicating the signal that would activate things.

“ Okay, and what thought will you use.

“ come.” Xena said simply.

“ Okay, I have to admit, you were never one for a lot of unnecessary words.”
Shatara said with an amused chuckle.

Shatara went to work on it, and when she finished it she handed a physical
belt to Xena. Xena inspected it, and although it was made out of a light
material, Shatara assured her of it’s effectiveness.

“ Plus, once you put it on her, it will dissolve into her, and it won’t have
any physical effect on her, it’ll be as if it’s not there, but anytime you
signal for her, she will be on her way to you.”

“ Wonderful, now let’s get to work on the other project.” Xena said as the two
of them went about cloning Diana, removing the genes that Xena wanted. Xena
even changed one of them.

Diana was in the hall for a while, at first she sat and pouted for a bit, then
she stood and walked around going back and forth. She would knock on the door
at times, only to be told to sit down and wait.

Finally, Shatara came out of the door with a large grin on her face.

“ What?! Well?!” Diana asked excitedly, and anxiously.

“ Lord Xena wants you.” Shatara said with a smirk.

“ Shatara?!”

“ Consort, get in here.” Xena’s commanding voice called.

“ Shatara, I’ll get you for this.” Diana warned as she turned to go into the

“ I know, but it’s worth it.” Shatara called after her.

“ Well Xena? Where is she?”

“ First, open your blouse.” Xena commanded.

“ Why?” Diana asked as she opened her blouse.

Xena then put the belt around Diana’s waist, and locked it.

“ What’s this?” Diana asked with confusion.

“ You’ll see. Close your blouse up.” Xena said as she watched Diana’s brows
knit, but once Diana had refastened her blouse she then said, okay, now, I
want you to meet someone.”

“ Ok, ok. Diana said anxiously.

Diana this is Noor, Noor, this is Her majesty, Diana.” Xena said in
introduction as she stepped aside and Noor stepped out.

“ Hello Your majesty.” The clone of Diana said greeting Diana.

Diana’s mouth almost dropped open had it not been for Xena’s hand coming to
her chin to catch it. Diana looked up at Xena and then back at the clone.

“ Well?” Xena asked.

“ Oh, yes, hello Noor?” Diana asked.

“ I thought it would be a better name for the purpose?”

“ Oh?”

“ Yes, because of the meaning of it.” Xena stated.

Diana thought about it for moment and then a smile came to her face.

“ Oh, yes that is the perfect name.” Diana said knowingly.

“ Well I figure the solstice is in a few days, and since Gabrielle and Questra
are going to be away visiting Gabrielle’s sister and them for this holiday,
then we could, take a trip to King Jensen's Province?” Xena said raising a
brow, and waggling it at Diana.

“ Your soooo...bad.” Diana chided lovingly as she wrapped her arms around
Xena’s neck and kissed her thoroughly.

“ Um...excuse me?”

Noor said interrupting.

“ Oh, Noor, sorry.” Diana said as she let go of Xena.

“ Well rather than waiting for the Solstice, I would like to go and meet Lady
Xena, and see if there is any other connection between us besides the obvious

“ You told her?” Diana asked Xena.

“ No.” Xena said just as surprised.

“ Remember Your Majesty, I have some of the memories about her that you had?”

“ Aha, that’s right, well Xena, what do you say?”

“ I think it’s a great idea, besides, if they hit it off then they may want to
spend the Solstice alone?”

Noor blushed at the thought, and Xena’s brows raised.

“ Hmmm....she’s going to love you.” Xena stated factually.

“ You think so?”

“ I know so, you blush the same way Diana does.”

“ Well with those eyes, I’m surprised Her majesty is ever without a blush,
when you cast them on her?”

Diana now blushed at the statement, and the following glance from Xena.

“ Let’s go.” Diana said as she turned and headed out the door.

Xena laughed and Noor was a little concerned.

“ I hope I haven’t offended her highness?”

“ Nope, you just caught her off guard. This is going to be so much fun.” Xena
chuckled as she took Noor’s hand and pulled her out the door with her.

Once the three arrived in the Province, using the traveller, Xena and Diana
pointed out the school where Xena would be just closing up for the day.

“ She’s in there.” Xena pointed out to Noor.

“ Okay, where will you two be?”

“ we’ll be around if you need us, otherwise we’ll just be watching .”

“ Okay. see you later?”

“ Yes, if you want to?” Xena said.

“ Always.” Noor said sounding just like Diana.

Xena smiled and then caressed Noor's cheek and when she saw the blush she
smiled brightly.

“ Go.” Xena ordered, and Noor smiled and then she turned and headed for the

Noor knocked on the door of the classroom where Xena was inside cleaning up.

“ Yes, who is it?” Xena called to the person behind the door.

When the person did not answer, but knocked again, Xena went to the door to
open it, not being one to repeat herself.

“ Yes.” She asked.”

“ Lady Xena?”

“ Diana? Hi, what are you doing here? Is Lord Xena with you?”

“ Your beautiful.” Noor gushed out as she stared at the woman.

“ Excuse me? Diana are you alright?”

“ I’m fine, and I’m not Diana, my name is Noor. Her Majesty and Lord Xena told
me where to find you.” Noor explained as she watched the woman go from a regal
composed woman, to a woman in complete shock.

“ Your....Your...” Xena tried to say, but was unable to get past the shock.

“ Yes. They thought I could brighten the Winter Solstice for you, and maybe
the two of us could hit it off.”

“ BY THE GODS ABOVE!!!! “ Xena finally exclaimed as she lifted Noor into the
air and swung her around while hugging her tightly.

“ Lady Xena....” Noor finally called out.

“ Oh, yes, I’m sorry, I’m just so... Xena said now with tears rolling down her

“ I know. You know, I see that you are a very passionate woman, and I know
it’s hard for you to show your feelings, yet along your emotions, and to a
stranger like myself, despite how much I look like Her Majesty, and how much
you look like Lord Xena, I am not Her Majesty, and you are not Lord Xena, and
therefore, I will choose whether I want to be in a relationship with you.”

“ And if you do choose too, then what?”

“ Then I will let you rule as the master of our home, if I choose not too,
then we will only maintain a physical relationship, but not an emotional one.”

“ If you decide to go into a relationship with me, it will be for life, you
will be mine, and mine along, I will treat you with the utmost respect and
love, but I will punish you if I feel it is necessary, alright?”

“ Hmm....alright.” Noor said with a smile. She then leaned in and up and
placed a tender kiss on Xena’s lips.

A shiver ran through the two of them.

“ Whew! Okay, I think we’ll have to avoid any physical relationship, until we
determine our other relationship, and whether or not we will be in a
relationship of the heart?” Diana suggested.

“ yes, everything accept kissing.”

“ But Lady Xena....” Noor started.

“ Please? just that one exception, Xena asked with sincere intentions.

Noor smiled brightly at the contrast she already saw in this behavior and that
of Lord Xena.

“ Okay, since you asked so sweetly.” Noor smirked as she placed her hand on
Xena’s waist and gave it a pat.

Xena smiled brightly back at her, and Noor almost melted in her arms.

“ Promise me one thing Lady Xena?”

“ Anything?”

Noor smiled again, and then said while looking deeply into Xena’s sapphires.

“ Promise me you’ll always shine that smile on me?”

Xena smirked, and then she blushed at the heartfelt compliment.

“ I promise.” She said charmingly.

“ Wonderful.” Noor said as she then changed the subject, due to the study look
Xena was now rendering on her. “ So, how was the school day?” She asked as she
begun picking up the folders from the front tables.

“ Hmm..... It was fine, Onea, was a little anxious today, but after I found
out what was bothering her, she was fine.”

“ Aha, well if anyone can get the children to open up to them, it’s you.” Noor
praised as she placed the folders neatly inside of Xena’s pouch.

Xena smiled and then handed Noor the folders she had collected. Noor took them
and smiled, and then she placed them inside the folder. She then went and
begun blowing out the lanterns that were lit.

Once all of them were out, Xena opened the door for Noor to go out, Noor
smiled and walked out the door. Xena locked the door quickly and then followed
Noor out the door of the school.

“So, Noor, will you join me for evening meal?” Xena asked.

“ I would like that.” Noor said as she turned in the direction of Xena’s home.

They walked down the street, each stealing glances at the other and both
blushing when they were caught. They talked as they walked, Xena didn’t touch
Noor, the whole time. The two of them would laugh at times during the walk,
and at other times they would just enjoy the others company.

When they finally arrived back at the house, Xena felt how Noor was feeling
about her, and her heart leapt with joy, but she didn’t say anything, she just
let the feelings wash over her.

“ I will go and put these things away, and then I’ll go and start evening
meal. It’ll take me a few minutes, I want to get cleaned up before I start
making dinner.”

“ That’s fine, I’ll just look around, and admire your taste, it really is
quite impressive.” Noor said demurely as she caressed a figurine, while gazing
at Xena.

Xena stood just studying Noor, with an inquisitive look in her eyes, one that
hid some doubt as to whether this was all real,or a cruel joke.

“ Thank you, I’ll be right back.” Xena said as she turned and strided up the
stairs leaving Noor to her own amusement for a bit.

Xena was only gone for a moment, when Noor came up with an idea to surprise

“ Xena, do you mind if I look around the kitchen?”

“ No, be my guest, I’ll be there in a bit. Just make yourself at home.” Xena
called back. Then she whispered to herself. “ I hope you’ll stay forever.”

Meanwhile, Noor went into the kitchen and quickly looking around inside of the
shelves, she located everything she would need to make a wonderful meal, and
she recognized that it was all of Xena’s favorite foods. Noor quickly seasoned
and prepared the meat, and then she put the prepared meat into the oven, and
then she prepared the bread which was banana bread, while the dough was
rising, Noor prepared the rice, and while she was, Xena came down and smelled
the food cooking.

“ What are you doing Noor?” She asked with a silky drawl.

“ I....I thought I would surprise you with a the meal being started, I mean
you did work all day, the least I could do and make dinner?” Noor said with an
alluring smile.

Xena smirked and then walked over to the counter that Noor stood behind, with
flour dusted across the bridge of her nose and her brows. Xena raised a hand
to dust the flour off of Noor, but when she went to remove her hand, Noor
caught it and held it against her cheek, and she smiled for the thousandth
time, at Xena, and Xena back at her.

Xena then reluctantly, removed her hand from the silky skin, but she was
trying to control her need, and longing of the woman in front of her. She then
looked to see what was left to be done, and she picked up the vegetables and
begun chopping them to make a vegetable soup.

After the meal was prepared, Noor set the table and then called for Xena to
take a seat and she would serve.


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