A Trip in Time
Part 6

by Ri

See Part 1 for disclaimers.

Xena had just finished breast feeding Eve and now she was cuddling her little girl.
"Your Grandmother just doesn't know when to shut up. Why does everyone, including strangers from another time period have to know about Mommies past..."

"Because that's why we are here." Said Deanna as she quietly entered the room. She gracefully sat down in a chair across from mother and daughter.

"What?" Xena asked her face a mixture of anger and confusion.

Deanna smiled sweetly and nodded, "Captain Picard found Gabrielle's scroll and it fascinated him enough to come here and do a little research. Of course we never expected to meet the Warrior Princess, especially not the way we did meet you, in action."

Xena grinned wickedly, "Yea, I did ruin your plans to quietly observe me, didn't I?"

Deanna's smile broadened and she nodded again, They were smiled at each other for a minute as they thought about the irony of it all. "You know Xena in my world its part of my job to help the crew with their personal problems...I could...."

"No...Thanks Deanna, But I work out my own problems. I appreciate the offer. It took me a long time to open up to Gabrielle and I trust her completely. I...I just can't...Well not to a complete stranger..."
She buries her face into Eve's neck trying to hide the tears that were flowing from her eyes.

"Ok, but the offer stands if you need me. Anytime that you want me, I'm here for you, Ok?"
Deanna said as she got up and left the mother and child in peace.

"Thanks, but no thanks." Xena replied to the empty room.


Picard and Gabrielle walked silently after Gabrielle had finished her tales of Ares.

"How does Ares think I can help him get out of this time?"

"I'm a God, remember?" Ares replied with a huge smile on his face leaning against a
tree slightly ahead of them.

"Ares, Would you just..." Gabrielle started as her face flushed with anger.

"Gabrielle would you mind your own damn business. I want to speak with the Captain alone..."

"This is my business..."

"No, It is not..."

"Excuse me," Interrupted the Captain of the Enterprise. The two verbal combatants looked at the Captain as if startled that he was there. "I believe I'm the one you wish to speak with Ares? Let me explain something to you. I am not going to interfere anymore then I already have accidentally done so. I certainly will not remove a being from this time period. And that includes so called Gods. If you are a God as you claim why can't you just put your self into the future?"

Ares face showed several fleeting emotions. "I am a God. There are rules even for us. I...Oh forget it!" He said angrily and vanished in display of angry sparks.

"Gladly," Said Gabrielle as she led the Captain back to the inn. "Let's get back to Xena before he
changes his mind."


Deanna was standing on the back porch her arms resting on the back of chair as she reflected on the conversation she just had with Xena.


Deanna turned to se Riker leaning against the door to the porch.

"Hi yourself." She replied in a sad little voice.

"What's up?"

"Nothing. Why? What should be up?"

"Deanna, You can't hide stuff from me. Remember me? I think I know you way too well for that, huh? What's wrong?"

"It will sound childish."

"I highly doubt that. What?"

"I want to help Xena and she won't let me."

Riker smiled. He understood the Warrior very well. He was the same way. There were very few people he would open up to. Deanna was one of his chosen few. "You are not Gabrielle..."

"No, I'm not. I am a trained therapist and I thought that maybe she liked me enough to trust me..."

"I think she does like you, Deanna. She is a military person. We are a rather different breed you know. We pick and choose who we trust with our hearts. Xena has already chosen Gabrielle its just as simple as that."

Deanna looked at Riker surprised. "Do you still choose me?"

"Yes, Imazadi and I always will."

"Imzadi, huh?" Deanna asked with a small smile. Riker nodded as he slowly walked toward her. He enfolded her in his arms and gave her a deep passionate kiss. Deanna was surprised but found herself falling into the kiss with equal passion. She still loved him and needed him so she let herself go...


Eve was bathed and in her bed. Xena was rocking in chair and singing a sweet sad song. She was in a sad mood. She wanted Gabrielle and she wanted her right now.

"Hi." Said a quiet Cyrene.

Xena looked up through her bangs and replied quietly, "Hello Mother."

"Are you still mad at me?"

"No...Why is my past so important to everyone? I've tried so hard to bury it...to make up for it. Will Eve have to always suffer because of me?" Silent unwanted tears slowly fell from Xena's eyes.

Cyrene went to her child and embraced her, stroking her hair and said softly in the Xena's ear,
"Darling, I'm so proud of you. You haven't buried your past you have overcome it. I wish you could see your life the way I see it. Xena I am so proud of all you and Gabrielle have achieved...."

"Really?" Xena asked like a little girl who just got her first compliment from her Mother.

"Of course, I've told you that before. You and Gabrielle have been an inspiration to so many. You're both so special..."

"We think your special too." Said Gabrielle quietly from the doorway. She was all alone and there was a sweet smile on her face. She crossed the room and put an arm around each woman's shoulders. "We love you too, You have been so supportive of us all these years."

"Thank you," Said Cyrene her voice choked from emotion.

They were silent for a while as they hugged each other in love and support. Gabrielle took a breath and looked at her love, "Xena, you know how special you are. Why do you suddenly need reassurance?"

Xena shrugged, "I guess with all that's been happening lately I'm feeling... alone. Gabrielle, I need to speak to you." She had a look in her eyes that the bard knew well.

"I need to discuss something first. Ares interrupted my talk with Captain Picard he may try something. Picard seemed to kind of insult him and he's very angry."

Xena rolled her eyes. "Great. That's just great. That's all we need is a pissed off God of War."

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